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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 2, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. tonight, the ked deadly explosion. the school and the powerful blast. children and teachers inside. rescuers searching through the rubble for survivors. we're on the scene. the major headline from the white house tonight. the president now behind a plan to slash immigration, cutting it in half. and the fight from the podium today over what the statue of liberty really stands for. the train derailment and the evacuations. train cars slam into a home. the fireball caught on surveillance. our team is there tonight. the pool emergency. 37 children rushed to the hospital late today. several in serious condition tonight. authorities are now blaming a possible chemical leak. and tens of thousands of americans lining up today. the major jobs offer, and what many of them then told us. that it wasn't just the job they are looking for.
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good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night, and we begin with that deadly explosion at a school in minneapolis, ripping it in half, trapping people inside. contractors were working on the gas lines at the time. the blast near a central stairwell that connects all areas of the building. summer programs were under way. children, teachers and staff were inside. rescue crews immediately began searching through the rubble, and tonight there is word coming in now, the name of the first victim. abc's alex perez on the scene for us in minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, a huge section of this private school in minneapolis, reduced to a pile of rubble. >> we have windows that were blown out, flames and fire and a building collapse as well. >> reporter: the blast triggered by a natural gas leak. around 10:20am school administrators and several students inside minnehaha academy, basketball and cross country practice just wrapping up, when suddenly a massive explosion entirely guts the
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middle of the school building. >> there was a huge explosion, smoke went up and knocked most of us kind of back, knocked me off my feet and i fell back. >> reporter: the blast, officials say, triggered when a crew accidentally pierced a gas line. >> hey, you know, we're smelling gas. we need to get everybody out,' and it was literally seconds after that that there was an explosion. >> reporter: first responders rushing in. searching for survivors. a school custodian still missing. >> crews are working on extinguishing the fire at this time and also, searching for unaccounted people who may be trapped under the collapse. >> reporter: outside, horrified parents waiting for any word on their kids inside. another school janitor surviving the ordeal. his hand bandaged, reuniting with his wife. nine adults rushed to the hospital. the school receptionist, ruth berg, killed in the explosion. her fiance says their wedding
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invitations came in the mail today. >> this school is beloved, the people there are beloved and this is a big loss for the city today. >> >> reporter: eager to tackle a alex, first responders remain on the scene at this hour? >> reporter: that's right, david. authorities say they are working to make the scene as safe as possible for investigators. tonight, we are also learning that receptionist who was killed worked at the school for 17 years. officials say she always greeted everyone with a smile, and that she will be missed. david. >> alex perez leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. now to the major development from the white house today. president trump endorsing a new immigration plan that would ultimately cut legal immigration into this country in half. the measure also favors highly skilled workers. there was immediate reaction even from some republicans today, and from the white house podium today, a fierce debate over what the statue of liberty really stands for. abc's mary bruce on the hill again tonight. >> reporter: eager to tackle a key campaign promise, president trump today made a surprise push to overhaul the nation's
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immigration system. >> this legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families. >> reporter: standing with two republican senators, the president embraced their bill to slash legal immigration in half. the bill pushes skilled workers and english speakers to the front of the line, and limits admissions based on family connections. those senators today described the plan as modest and incremental, but today stephen miller, one of the president's top advisers called it a "sea change." >> what president trump has done today is one of the most important legislative moves that we've seen on this issue in many, many years. >> reporter: but miller was challenged on whether the bill lives up to american values. >> the statue of liberty says, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, doesn't say anything about speaking english or being able to be a computer programmer. >> i don't want to get off into a whole thing about history, but the statue of liberty is a
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symbol of liberty and lighting the world. it's a symbol of american liberty, and lighting the world. the poem that was added later is not a part of the original statue of liberty. >> reporter: and what about protections for dreamers, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children? the president told david in january, that announcement was coming soon. >> reporter: so mr. president, will they be allowed to stay? >> i'm gonna tell you over the next four weeks. >> reporter: today, 27 weeks later, the white house says they still don't have an answer. >> so let's get to mary bruce live on the hill for us tonight, and mary, the president endorsing this bill today, but give us a reality check as you often do. does it have enough support at this point to pass? >> reporter: david, tonight this bill doesn't seem to be going anywhere. it lacks support even from republicans. congress has a long to-do list up here, and right now, immigration reform isn't on the schedule, david. >> mary bruce live on the hill. thank you. also tonight, democrats and republicans sending that bill to president trump that had been sit ting on his desk. today, the president did sign it, but without cameras, and he
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did not sign it without blasting lawmakers and the bill itself. abc's senior white house correspondent, cecilia vega, tonight. >> reporter: president trump, so often criticized for being too soft on the kremlin, today reluctantly signed into law tough new sanctions on russia. but for someone who seems to so enjoy a signing ceremony, the white house kept this one behind closed doors away from the cameras. president calling the legislation "seriously flawed." and when we asked him about it -- >> reporter: mr. president why are the russian sanctions seriously flawed? no comment. congress had boxed the president into a corner, the bill passed by an overwhelming veto-proof majority, and it limits the president's ability to lift those sanctions. the president said he signed it "for the sake of national unity," but in written statements, he slammed lawmakers, saying they "included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions." adding, "i built a truly great company worth many billions of
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dollars, as president, i can make far better deals with foreign countries than congress." senator john mccain from arizona where he is undergoing cancer treatment saying, i hope the president will be as vocal about russia's aggressive behavior as he was about his concerns with this legislation. tonight, the president also facing tough questions about his own behavior after using a boy scouts jamboree to vent about politics. >> we won florida. we won south carolina. we won north carolina. we won pennsylvania. >> reporter: the president told "the wall street journal," the head of the boy scouts personally called him to say, it was the greatest speech that was ever made to them, and they were very thankful." but the political tone of the speech angered so many the boy scouts were actually forced to issue an apology. and today they said there was no phone call from scout leadership to the white house. the president also says he got a call from mexico's president, praising his work on the border.
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>> the president of mexico called me. they said their southern border, very few people are coming because they know they're not going to get through our border. >> reporter: but mexico says, nope. that call did not happen either. today we asked the white house, did president trump lie? >> no. on mexico, he was referencing the conversation that they had had at the g20 summit. in terms of the boy scouts, multiple members of the boy scout leadership, following his speech there that day, congratulated him, praised him. >> reporter: but the president specifically said that he received a phone call from the president of mexico and from the leader of the boy scouts. >> they were direct conversations, not phone calls. >> reporter: so he lied. he didn't receive that phone call? >> it wasn't a lie. that's pretty bold accusation. >> reporter: how would you characterize it? >> the conversations took place, they just simply didn't take place over a phone call he had in person. >> cecilia vega with us live from the white house tonight, and cecilia, the president is also taking some heat about comments he allegedly made about
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the white house itself? >> reporter: yeah. he reportedly, david, told members of his bedminster golf club that the white house is a real dump. as you can imagine, that prompted swift backlash. take a look at this picture from president obama's white house photographer. no stranger to slamming this president. pete sue south america, he said, no american should ever call this white house a dump. david, tonight a spokesperson for donald trump says that comment did not happen. >> cecilia vega with us again tonight. cecilia, thank you. we turn to a major train derailment we're following in the middle of a pennsylvania town. train cars crashing into homes, exploding into flames. tonight, evacuations under way, and abc's linzie janis on the scene for us. >> reporter: that massive freight train carrying hazardous chemicals careening off the tracks in this pennsylvania neighborhood. >> train derailment. with fire. >> reporter: tanks of propane and molten sulfur, bursting into flames. >> this is a heck of a way to be woken up at 5:00 a.m.
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>> reporter: the blast captured on this home security camera. kristina sutphin jolted out of bed when a train car hit her home. >> shook my whole house. it took my kitchen out and my stairwell so we had to climb out the window. i just yelled for my neighbors and they got a ladder and got me and my daughter down. >> reporter: the csx freight train traveling from chicago to selkirk, new york, crashing in the tiny town of hyndman, about 100 miles southeast of pittsburgh. the entire town, over 1,000 people evacuated. the red cross setting up a shelter. david, train cars are still burning at this hour. the ntsb is on the scene, and the department of health is sukting air pollution tests and thankfully, no one was injured. >> thanks to you as well. the u.s. military testing a long range missile amid rising tensions with north korea tonight. a test was scheduled. it was last night here, we reported that north korea's most recent missile test landed in
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the same area where an air france plane had flown through ten minutes earlier. more than 300 people on board that plane. to our troops overseas tonight. from afghanistan, the battle in that country claiming the lives of two more u.s. service members. the taliban taking responsibility saying a suicide bomber drove a truck bomb. nine americans have died supporting afghan forces so far this year. we turn next tonight to growing concern and what could be a new case of carbon mo new york side in a police cruiser. a police officers passing out behind the wheel. his cruiser, a ford explorer. the same type linked to other cases involving police vehicles, and here tonight, abc's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, another case of a police officer passing out at the wheel, and having an accident, allegedly after unsafe exposure to carbon monoxide. this crash happened in newport beach, california. the new case in auburn, massachusetts. >> he said that he had just been
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involved in an accident and he had passed out, he had hit another vehicle. >> reporter: the auburn officer lost control, struck a car at a stop sign and wound up in a church parking lot across the street. he's been hospitalized. so have two other officers who also tested positive for carbon monoxide exposure. it's the latest in a series of troubling incidents involving late model ford police suvs. the austin texas police department took nearly 400 vehicles off the streets after officers there reported getting sick from fumes. tonight ford says it is sending engineers to auburn "to inspect their vehicles and modifications made to them." ford says that the modifications made to police vehicles, may be the cause of the problem because they have to drill holes in order to install some of the equipment that police officers need. in any case, ford says it will fix all of the vehicles that are
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experiencing problems, david. >> david wright. thank you. next here to an historic heat wave in the pacific northwest we're watching. a haze of portland. that's smoke from the wildfires amid triple digit temperatures and some breaking records. in the east tonight, blinding rain and hail. this is from patterson, new jersey. we have a storm zone by the end of the week. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano live with us tonight along the westside highway in a darkened manhattan. >> reporter: hi, david. we'll start with the heat on west. it will be the hottest streak they see in nearly a decade. cheng it out in the pacific. that's hot air surging north. we have nevada, california, and west ward washington. tomorrow, portland and salem. that air quality with the smoke not good for the five cities there. meanwhile, thunderstorms from baltimore to boston. hefty rain, and lightning with these, and the severe storm will be in chicago and cleveland and
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pittsburgh, and the northeast on friday with some filler thunderstorms that can be potent like we're seeing tonight, david. >> just about every part of the country we're watching. our thanks to you. to the economy, and the stock market. the dow reaching another milestone. closing about 22,000 for the first time p gaining 52 points, and stocks have been surging, taking just 107 training days to go from 21,000 to 22,000. and it comes as tens of thousands of americans lined up today for jobs and they told us it's not just the job they need. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, from coast to coast, as many as 50,000 people have new job offers, standing in line for hours to get hired by online retail giant, amazon. >> i'm ready. i can do this. i'm gonna get a job today. >> reporter: marty has a part time job, and says he came here for the benefits. almost all of the jobs, 40,000 of them, are full time, he got an offer. >> i'm 56 years old. there aren't a lot of places that want to hire someone over 50.
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>> reporter: kerilyn houtman was a stay at home mom who now, needs to get back to work. you found out on the spot. >> i'm gonna go home and tell my husband. >> reporter: what do you think he's gonna say? >> he's gonna be happy, the extra income is gonna be beneficial, he's military so we don't make great pay. >> reporter: amazon's goal, to hire 100,000 people within the next year hosting these amazon job fairs across 12 states. the company's success causing concern for some. american malls, once packed, as the hubs of shopping and socializing, are now closing up shop. and losing ground. experts tell us that shift means 5 million traditional retail jobs could be gone in the next decade. and david, so many people here telling me they are most interested in jobs with benefits. especially health care. amazon says that kicks in on the first day they report to work, david. >> gio benitez. a lot of hope to find some jobs. thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the developing story at this hour. the pool emergency. nearly two dozen people rushed to the hospital late today. most of them children, and authorities now blaming a possible chemical leak. thousand this happened.
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look at this. the airport worker struck by lightning and surviving it. we have news on his condition tonight. there is news coming in this weaning about the close call at the airport. the pilot mistakenly trying to land on taxiway. four passenger planes were waiting to take off full of passengers. tonight, you learn just how close that plane came to colliding with the other planes. for my constipation,
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6:49 pm
>> reporter: six children are hospitalized. in serious condition tonight. in all, 40 children, ages 6 to 12 were affected. two adults were also hurt. authorities say the chemical that was spilled was hypochlorite, a disinfectant "used for everyday maintenance of swimming pools." first responders dressed in hazmat suits, were seen efferenting the building. the ymca is closed until further notice, and children from summer camps are being moved to other locations. david? >> steve osunsami, thank you, steve. when we come back here tonight, the close call at the airport. the passenger plane about to land where four planes full of passengers were waiting to take off, and tonight we learn how close it really was. also, the airport worker struck by lightning. his condition tonight. and the hbo cyberattack worse than first revealed. hackers not only stealing the script in "game of thrones." what else did they get? amd, he told me to look at this grid every day. and we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression,
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florida. the surveillance show a fast-moving storm as it moved in. 21-year-old austin dunn standing next to pa plane and the lightning hit the tail. electricity passing through his body, knock him to the ground. he suffered burns on his hands, feet and chest, and he is expected to survive. the close call at the airport. the air canada flight nearly landing on the taxiway instead of the runway. four passenger planes were on the ground, about 1,000 passengers in all in its path waiting to take off. the report revealing at its closest point, it was just 59 feet from the ground, and it was just 3 feet higher than the nearest plane. new developments in the hbo cyberattack. hackers stealing information from several programs. they also accessed internal documents. hbo is trying to scrub those
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he flipped into the bullpen. did he hang on? that's the only question at this point. >> he sure did. >> what a play by austin jackson! >> reporter: from the cleveland indians, austin jackson. at bat -- >> hanley ramirez is stunned. >> the catch even those red sox fans to their feet. just watch how determined he was to hold onto that ball. >> that's the greatest catch i have ever seen. >> reporter: and after the game, listen how calm and cool jackson was after his epic catch. >> that was awesome, but, you know, i was just so pumped up. i'm glad that i was able to hold onto it. you know, i saw it going over like that, and i could have easily dropped it. i was able to hold onto. >> i want calm and cool indeed. we love that face made by fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. let's meet today's contestants -- a sophomore from cupertino, california... a junior from north woodmere, new york... and an eighth grader from ocala, florida... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i can always rely on you to give me a good welcome here. as many of you know, this is the first time we have done the entire teen tournament here in washington, d.c. we brought the kids in early so we'd give them a chance to see some of the sights. we'll get a chance to talk to them about that in a little bit. but right now, i wish michael, alec, and leeyu good luck


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