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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 3, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, new reaction overnight to the trump administration's controversial immigration plan. it's a proposal that's already sparking some heated conversation. >> no, this is an amazing -- this is an amazing moment. this is an amazing moment. >> plus, overnight the president reacts to report that's called the white house a dump. we're live in washington. and point of clarification, those phone calls from the boy scouts and the president of mexico. president trump spoke about them in detail but both organizations and the country say they never made those calls. so did the president lie? we have new details this morning in a deadly school explosion. what investigators are saying as another body is pulled from the rubble. new this morning people trapped high above a fair after a bungee ride malfunctions.
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the reaction from those riders just in. we say good morning on this thursday. we are following several new developments this morning out of washington. first president trump hitting an all-time low in the polls. the latest results show the president's approval rating dipping to a record 33%. and more than 60% of americans say they disapprove of his performance. >> but the president will face a friendly crowd tonight. he's holding a rally in west virginia and after the president's twitter tirade sources say attorney general jeff sessions has been told that his job is safe. that assurance coming in a phone call from new white house chief of staff john kelly. the president is backing a new immigration reform bill that he says, quote, demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families. >> it would give priority to english speaking highly skilled workers. abc's maggie rulli joins us now
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with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the white house is calling this bill the most significant reform in half a century but it's already facing pushback from both democrats and republicans. following up on a campaign promise, president trump makes a surprise push to overhaul the nation's immigration system. >> this legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families. >> reporter: the president's endorsing a senate bill that will slash legal immigration in half by pushing skilled workers and english speakers to the front of the line while limiting admissions based on family connections. >> will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: the white house is promising and now having to defend these big changes. >> the statue of liberty says give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. doesn't say anything about speaking english or being able to be a computer programmer. >> i don't want to get off into a whole thing about history here
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but the statue of liberty is a symbol of enliglighting the wor. the poem was added later is not part of the orange statue of liberty. >> you're trying to engineer the ethnic flow of people into this country. >> that is one of the most outrageous, ignorant and foolish things you've ever said. for you that's still a really -- the notion that you think this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. >> reporter: the bill's already facing pushback in congress. democrats like california senator kamala harris are calling it an attack on our values. and even some republicans worry about how the bill will impact the agriculture tourism and service industries in their states. businesses that often rely on unskilled workers. >> so this idea of skewing the entire green card pool to one area of the economy, i think, is very misplaced. >> reporter: still in question, what's going to happen to undocumented immigrants brought
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here as children? known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. back in january the president said to expect an announcement soon but now 27 weeks later, diane and kendis, and we still have no answers. >> soon, of course, a relative term as we know. maggie rulli live from washington for us, thanks, maggie. the white house insists that the president did not lie when he claimed to have received two recent phone calls that never took place. >> the president said the head of the boy scouts called to praise his speech to the troops. but scout leadership said there was no such phone call. and he also said he got a call from mexico's president complimenting him on his work at the border but mexico said that call also never happened. press secretary sarah sanders offering up this explanation for the president's claims. >> on mexico he was referencing the conversation that they had had at the g20 summit in terms of the boy scouts multiple members of the boy scout leadership following his speech there that daikon great lated
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him, praised him. >> but the president specifically said he received a phone call from the president of mexico -- >> they were direct conversation, not actual phone calls. >> he lied. >> i wouldn't say it was a lie. that's pretty bold accusation. >> how would you -- >> the conversations took place. they simply didn't take place over a phone call. he had them in person. >> our cecilia vega there grilling sanders. the political tone to the boy scouts had angered so many people that scout leadership issued an apology. now, the president is also disputing a report that he called the white house a dump. he reportedly made the remark to members at his new jersey golf course to explain why he spends so many weekends at his own properties. the president issued a denial late last night tweeting i love the white house, one of the most beautiful buildings, homes i have ever seen. but fake news said i called it a dump. totally untrue. president trump has reluctantly signed off on new sanctions against russia calling the bill seriously flawed. the president approved the
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legislation behind closed doors but said those words saying that the bill encroaches on the executive branch's authority to negotiate. democrats and republicans overwhelmingly passed the bill for punishing russia for interfering in the election and it prevents the president from lifting the sanctions without consent from congress. well, the president is reportedly upset about u.s. progress in afghanistan. sources say he suggested firing the top u.s. commander there. that word comes as two more american soldiers were killed in action. military officials say a suicide bomber hit a convoy of international troops in cand kandahar. a private school was rocked by an explosion in minneapolis and caused a building collapse. construction crews may have ruptured a gas line triggering the blast. several people were also injured and four are still in the
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hospital this morning. some students were inside the school for summering tiffs but not injured. those killed were the school's receptionist and janitor. on wall street the dow kicks off trading this morning in record territory after climbing above the 22,000 mark for the first time ever. it was propelled by apple's robust iphone sales. some economists are calling the gains fragile but the president is touting them on twitter and the dow is up more than 3600 points since he was elected. now for a look at your weather. it'll be another day of record highs in the pacific northwest which is sweating through its hottest temperatures in nearly a decade. seattle could hit triple digits which has happened only three times in the past 123 years. now, officials there are warning of heatstroke, especially since only about 15% of homes there have air-conditioning. and cities farther south could hit all-time highs as well.
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107 degrees for portland, 109 for salem and 112 expected in medford, oregon. still ahead dozens of people sickened at a public pool. we have new details about what went wrong. overnight a rescue high above a fair. people stuck upside down when a bungee ride malfunctions. what the riders are saying after getting down. and news anchors on facebook live when an earthquake hits. we have their
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♪ when you step into summer, don't get caught with rough dry feet. try amopé pedi-perfect. it buffs away hard skin... ...after just one use... for smoothness you can see and feel for yourself. amopé. love every step. new video this morning of another mishap at a county fair. an apparent malfunction stranded three men on a bungee ride at the ventura county fair in california. firefighters rushed in with a ladder truck as you can see there. the cage carrying riders to the
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top had apparently stalled but one rider had already jumped and ended up being stuck, get this, upside down and for nearly 40 minutes. >> oh, yeah. >> he told me to call down. >> get a ladder up here. >> he had me hooked on to it for awhile. >> do you blame him? you hear him say i'm never jumping again. roger rodriguez told a ventura county star newspaper this was his third time bungee jumping but also his last. the two other men were able to safely rappel down to the ground. no one injured. upside down for 40 minutes. insane. a small town in western pennsylvania has been evacuated after a freight train carrying toxic chemicals derailed. tanker cars of propane and molten sulfur burst into flames. the csx train was heading from chicago to sell kirk, new york.
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officials say they have no idea how long the evacuation will last. and no word yet on what caused the accident. and dozens of people are recovering this morning from a chemical gas poisoning at a ymca swimming pool in durham, north carolina. 40 children ages 6 to 12 and at least 3 adults were sickened when disinfectant chemicals reacted with each other. most have been released from the hospital, however six of them, all children, were reported to be in serious condition. well, many of us don't hesitate to buckle up in the front seat of a car but there's apparently a false sense of security when we sit in the back. a new survey released shows adults are far less likely to wear seat belts in uber taxis or in the backseat of any vehicle but experts warn that unbelted passengers in the rear can fly forward injuring themselves as well as those in the front seat. drivers are twice as likely to be killed in a crash when the person behind them is not wearing a seat belt. well, when we come back the major science breakthrough.
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how we're one step closer to wiping out some genetic diseases. >> human chains forming in rushing waters. we'll show you this dramatic rescue caught on camera. for my constipation,
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oh! triscuit topped with yogurt, pomegranate and pistachios. yopomestachioscuit. well that rolls off the tongue. hard to say, easy to make. triscuit. make 'scuit happen. this was the scene in tyler, texas, as a small plane lost control before crashing onto a highway. now, the plane comes down just yards from a car with the dash cam running. that's how he got the video. two people were on board the plane. one in serious condition, the other has already been released from the hospital. now for a look at your morning road conditions. nearly half of the country will be blanketed by potentially flooded road conditions. >> if you're flying airport delays are possible in chicago, minneapolis and new orleans. after a very public meltdown kanye west is going after his insurance company. the rapper is suing his insurers for failing to pay out $10 million after he was forced to cancel his tour last year. >> kanye and the company are at odds over the cause of that
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cancellation. abc's linsey davis with more. >> reporter: kanye west is slapping an insurance company with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. the suit filed by the touring company for west, very good touring claims insurance company lloyds's of london failed to pay them nearly $10 million after the rapper's tour was canceled last year. last november west literally dropped the mic, abruptly ending this show and canceled more than 20 scheduled performances. two days after officially canceling the tour west was hospitalized for eight days in a neu neuropsychiatric hospital. in court documents very good touring said west's hospitalization was included in the accidental bodily injury or illness insurance it obtained for his tour. but the insurance company has yet to pay the claim. linsey davis, abc news, new york. a major health headline for you this morning. researchers may be one step closer to preventing inherited diseases.
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scientists in oregon say they safely repaired a disease-causing gene in human embryos. a medical first. they found they can help fix themselves if scientists jump start the process early enough but stress it's lab research only and nowhere near ready to try in an actual pregnancy. unsafe exposure to carbon monoxide is expected in another police crash. a police officer said he passed out behind the wheel and struck another vehicle and a stop sign ending up in a parking lot across the street. so the latest in a series of troubling incidents involving late model force police suvs and carbon monoxide. now, ford says it will inspect their vehicles and modifications will be made to them. well, this was the scene at zion national park in utah as hikers form a human chain to help each other cross raging flood-swollen river over the weekend. this video was captured by another hiker who happened to be passing by along with his
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nephew. he eventually put the camera down and stepped in to help. edmond, oklahoma, was rocked by a earthquake last night which hit just as local news anchors were getting ready to go on the air. the news anchors were also on facebook live at the time. check out their reaction. >> you sear h. >> ooh. are you guys feeling that earthquake? wow! -- >> luckily it did not cause major damage, at least not that's been reported but did knock out power to hundreds of customers. >> beat some of the reactions we've seen in the past. >> that's pretty calm. >> there's one famous online where an l.a. anchor hits the deck. he has not outlived that. >> espn is making it official. this season's first college gameday will be in atlanta where alabama takes on florida state on september 2nd. >> well, for yesterday's highlights here's our friends at
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espn. good morning -- >> america. >> america. he's larry, i'm neil. >> the marlins and nationals, christian yelicyelich, what a c to randon. full extension is what we call it in the fifth. got a better catch in the ninth. nationals trailing 7-0 but that's not the point here. brian goodwin a deep drive, giancarlo stanton robbed him and the marlins win it 7-0. dodgers, 20-2 since july 4th. both losses against the braves but cody bellinger goes big firecracker there. julio teheran and dodgers are up 1-0. in mike piazza's home run company. tyler flowers who is from georgia has georgia on his mind. pedro baez and the dodgers see
4:20 am
their nine-game win streak end to the braves and if the dodgers had to meet the braves in the playoffs, the dodger season would be done. that might be a little excessive. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> good-bye. >> all right. thanks, fellas. continuing it offline. a secret weapon to getting a date on a dating app. plus, new developments after a major american university mistakenly admitted hundreds of students. steve was born to move. over the course of 9 days he walks 26.2 miles, that's a marathon. because he chooses to walk whenever he can. and he does it with support from dr. scholl's. only dr. scholl's has massaging gel insoles that provide all-day comfort to keep him feeling more energized. so he even has the energy to take the long way home. keep it up, steve! dr. scholl's. born to move.
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overbooking. >> the chancellor now says the situation was handled poorly and admissions officials have reviewed the transcripts of the students involved and say most of them will be readmitted. >> ah. >> just kidding, guys. >> psych, no, psych. so you know on all these dating apps you try to figure out what photos will get the most likes. will have people saying, all right. >> i mean, no, i don't know. >> so hinge, one of the popular dating sites have figured out what sort of photos you need to put on there. apparently travel photos are popular. not just any travel photos. for women, photos of you in hawaii. >> oh. >> 60% more popular and more likely to get you a like. >> and it's maui specific. without knowing i nailed it. for men the most successful location munich, germany, gets the most likes. how did this work out for you. >> little did i know it would have that sort of impact. 200% more popular, photos from
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>> police fear there could more victims. >> this scene has a philadelphia police officer now on the other side of the law. and we're taking a live look at sky6 live hd, you can see how hazy, cloudy foggy it is out there this morning. accuweather is tracking the possibility of more storms today. meteorologist, david murphy has more. we have those stories and a check of traffic all next on "action news." is in a d. a couple surprising their daughters with a new baby-sitter. >> the special delivery took some time to arrive. our dallas affiliate has more.
4:28 am
>> reporter: in the pruitt home chaos comes in cute sizes. >> yikes. >> reporter: the sounds every parent understands. >> no, it does not. >> she likes it. >> reporter: even cherishes. >> it's almost like god spoke to her first and had to convince me later. >> reporter: to be blessed with five children, their first two biological, three adopted for their latest, the pruitts had waited since november to be matched with a birth mom. >> we were in the kitchen until last week. >> but not everyone knew. >> are you kidding me? >> what is that? >> reporter: if there was a noisy moment to capture it was this. >> what is that? >> reporter: it's genuine. >> reagan and harper two unsuspecting sisters. >> she said, your new baby sister and then i blew up. >> reporter: your mind blew up? what does that even look like?
4:29 am
>> pooo! >> reporter: the world's reaction to the video shared watched millions of times. but what a mother and father saw was genuine love. >> total perfect picture of their personalities, the younger one is feisty. >> are you kidding me? >> saying are you kidding me so her and our oldest daughter has such a sweet and compassionate heart. >> do you think she's beautiful? >> yeah. >> reporter: a family of six becomes seven. >> say hi to your sister. >> talk to her. >> with challenges, sure, but outweighed by these moments. >> maybe it's not for everyone but it's perfect for us. >> reporter: in the pruitt home. >> she's so tiny like this big. >> very beautiful moment for that entire family. they say it's almost like god spoke to her first. >> family of six. >> it's huge. that's what's making news in america this morning. send them some diapers.
4:30 am
>> gobltioned good morning, it is thursday august 3, matt o'donnell is off, alicia vitarelli is joining us. a day care owner is accused of sexually abusing children in his care. a delaware county homeowner goes downstairs to see why the power went out and comes face-to-face with an


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