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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 16, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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action news, delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ i think there is blame on both
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sides. you look at both sides. >> no that was not saturday when president trump caught so much flack for his response to the violence in charlottesville. it was trump this afternoon and once again he is at the center of a fire storm that threatens to careen out of control it's tuesday night and the big story on action news is president instrument for going in a pretense of restraint at a news conference at trump tower today. the president walked back yesterday's acknowledgment that it was the kkk white nationalists and neo nazis who were responsible for the horrific racial confrontations that caused death, injury and a stain on the nation. today trump said the counter protesters who he called the alt left were just as responsible. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. and nobody wants to say that. but i'll say it right now. >> reporter: the counter
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protesters did include members of an antifascist group and only trump and clan leader david duke are publically holding the counter protesters at least equally responsible and duke posted this tweet thank you president trump for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about charlottesville and condemn the leftist terrorists and he seemed to validate the protest of taking down the statute of robert e lee asking who is next george washington, thomas jefferson what about their statutes. >> how about thomas jefferson what do you think of him do you like him? good are we going to take down the statute because he was a major slave owner and are we going to take down his statute so do you know what it's fine you are changing history you are changing culture. >> reporter: reaction from other republicans lehigh congressman potus must stop the moral
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equavilency and house peeker paul ryan white supremacy is repickr repickr repickup -- repulsive and no moral ambiguity and christie ileto is in the garden of reflection where people held a vigil for charlottesville and what was the reaction there to what president trump had to say today? >> well jim it was one of sadness but also anger many residents who attended here today saying this is 2017 and no one should be turning a blind eye or acsensing to that type of behavior including the president. ♪ gathered in song dozens of bucks county residents rallied at the 9/11 garden of reflection for a common cause. ♪ this gathering today is to give voice to people who are all feeling very angry right now and very afraid of what we are
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seeing and we are really here to say we stand up for community, for love. >> reporter: the attacks in charlottesville led by white supremacists have tugged at the nation's conscience. >> i was in disbelief, i was totally disgusted. >> reporter: president donald trump opening the conversation that both sides are to blame for the weekend violence. what do you think of the fact that he called counter protesters the alt left? . that is what i was just saying, that is what he did instead of saying it was alt right that caused the violence. >> it was the fact he didn't fully denounce it. >> african/american being in a country when this is constantly happening it makes it difficult. difficult to digest that this form of hate is flourishing in 2017, would you ever think you would have to explain something like this in 2017 to your 14-year-old child? . i would say i'm sad but we are more angry than sad and we are more committed to what can we do to challenge it. >> reporter: now one of the ways
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organizers say change happens is at the polls and tomorrow clergy in philadelphia will be planning another rally to denounce the violence that unfolded in virginia live if bucks county christie ileto channel six action news jim. >> christie thank you philadelphia police are investigating whether somebody vandalized the frank rizzo statute outside the municipal services building outside of city hall and marks could be potentially damage from paint balls the former mayor's controversial tenure that some critics describe as racist has led to recent protests and calls for the statute's removal. tonight current mayor jim kenney released a statement saying quote we need to figure out the proper forum for that conversation and in a serious structured way but now he says is the right time. new at 11:00 tonight the man suspected of urinating on a northeast philadelphia synagogue has turned himself in to police
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tonight. authorities are not releasing his name while they question him and until charges are filed investigators say the surveillance video clearly shows this was an intentional act sunday as the man makes an obscene gesture to the camera before desecrating congregation beth solomon, police made a potential breakthrough in the probe of a deadly hit-and-run in center city philadelphia that was august 6th, they think they have located the vehicle and more. action news reporter dann cuellar is live with the police investigation dann what is the update here? >> well jim it was a tip that led police and a jeep and owner a man who has addresses in brookhaven and potstown and claims he was not behind the wheel, police say there were three other men in the jeep on the night of the hit-and-run. the scene of the collingdale police garage as they scoured the 2017 high end jeep wrangler rubicon and police say it had damage to the right side fender
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and a substance resembling human tissue in the right side wheel well and swabbing for evidence and looking for hair fibers and fingerprints and killed was ann broderick causing the street and they were captured on surveillance footage near the scene of the hit-and-run accident back on august 6 in 1300 race before 3:30 in the morning the man who police suspected is driving is the man in the picture he and three others were captured on pictures getting something to eat at jade harbor restaurant on 10 and race on the night of the accident a tipster says the owner of the jeep owns an electrical service in the 500 block of pusey in collingdale and that is where they found the jeep and appears there has not been much of any electrical business going on at the establishment. now the 33-year-old owner of the jeep was being questioned police
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say they also want to question the three other men who were in the jeep live at the accident investigation division of the philadelphia police i'm dann cuellar channel six jim. >> thank you a 15,000 reward is now being offered to catch the suspect in the attempted arson of philadelphia city vehicles, this new surveillance video shows the man entering the city garage at 65 and wood land in southwest philadelphia a total of six times last wednesday. the facilities shared by the 12 police district and fire and the philadelphia streets department. investigators say the man tried to use a sheet and fuel to set vehicles ablaze but failed. police in allentown continue the search for three men part of a deadly robbery attempt on sunday morning it happened in the 1300 block of lyndon street. four armed intruders burst in and before it was over 39-year-old jermaine taylor was fatally shot in front of his
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8-year-old daughter. police have tracked bloody footprints to the home of isaac navara on arrested an alligator in the pool of an atlantic city inn being cared for tonight at the cape may county zoo, the three foot long reptile was found during an overnight raid at the bay view inn and suites on albany avenue and looking for 25-year-old jamal compost alleged drug dealer arrested and charged with causing a deadly overdose last year, police also arrested six other people on unrelated warrants. officials condemned the bay view property forcing 33 residents to find a new place to live tonight. we are going back to warmer and sunny weather tomorrow nobody is complaining, metrologist cecily tynan has the first look at accuweather tonight cecily. >> nice to see the sunshine tomorrow after today's gloomy weather but double scan live showing the rain has moved out
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and how much rain you got really depended on your location. philadelphia only about a tenth of an inch of rain but if you look to the south near millville more than 3" of rain and we even had some flood advisories there. now the rain is out of here but there is plenty of moisture in the air. you can see this with the dew points especially along i-95 corridor areas south and east and dew points in the 70s that is tropical and with dew points in the 70s with calm winds and with the fact that the ground has a lot of moisture from today's rain we are getting some fog developing, millville a third of a mile visibility the same in trenton and wilmington, lancaster reporting less than a quarter mile visibility this likely will cause some problems for your morning commute more details on that and when to expect your next chance of storms in the accuweather seven-day forecast jim. >> thanks cecily a drag net out for the gunman who shot four men in manchua and the most seriously wounded a former high
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school basketball star action news reporter annie mccormick is live at penn presbyterian hospital annie. >> reporter: and jim 18-year-old jerad was set to go next monday to the university on a full basketball scholarship, his going away party was set for this weekend and he is in critical condition at penn presbyterian hospital after he was shot multiple times. this is all-star high school basketball player jerad seen here wearing number to playing his last season at la sale college high school. tonight his high school coach joe dempsey is one of many pulling for the team by his bedside. >> my understanding is he is stable and you know he has a long road ahead. he is a fighter. >> reporter: late sunday night he was one of four shot after a gathering of teens and young adults at 39 and melon got out of hand when word spread on social media. >> two people pulled guns out firing at least 31 shots with two separate guns a 40 caliber
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and nine millimeter. >> reporter: he was shot multiple times and police were there working to disburse the crowd when gunfire erupted and think he was an incents bystander and doesn't know the other men shot and are standing by to see if the shooting victims were the intended targets. >> we have close to 200 people out there and know people saw something and we need to identify the two people that were out there shooting to get this kid some justice. >> he had you know 25 former players you know all texting me or all upset and he is a likable kid a leader two time all catholic, tough philadelphia league guard. >> reporter: the 18-year-old from germantown was set to begin at the university on a full basketball scholarship right now his coach says he has two families throwing support behind him from both on-and-off the court. >> to see somebody so young with so much life ahead of him with tubes and wires and ivs coming
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out of his body. >> reporter: and jim tonight the coach telling us there was some progress today, the teenager was able to open his eyes. police are looking through surveillance video of course they are looking for any leads or tips 215-686-tips is the number to call outside of penn presbyterian hospital annie mccormick and back to you. >> a stomach turning discovery in a fast-food sandwich from bucks county plus the health danger discovered later in life for children who regularly get too little sleep and a philadelphia firefighter who is in hot water after taking pictures with the confederate symbol and a tiki torch and looking at carson wentz from his rookie season and cecily tynan has the seven day accuweather forecast when action news continues tonight.
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the south philadelphia daycare owner accused of sexually assaulting two children is due back in court at the end of the month, that follows a judge postponing the preliminary hearing today for duncan round, round maintains his innocence, his lawyer says he passed a polygraph test prosecutors alleged he abused a five-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl with the daycare on nine and south streets a bucks county woman says she found a dead mouse in her chick-fil-a sandwich and is now suing and the pictures may be disturbing and according to the complaint ellen manfaluti had a friend grab her a sandwich on chick-fil-a in november and eating it when she felt something funny that is when she noticed a dead rodent baked into the bun. she was treated at the hospital
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for extreme nausea, and she is seeking more than 50,000 for physical and psychological injuries. the city of philadelphia and the police union have reached a three year contract agreement under the deal police officers will increase pension contributions, officers will also get 10.5% raises over the three year term of the contract and keep their benefit plan. police operations will be changed to control over time costs. the new officers must still live in the city for the first five years of their employment. a veteran member of the philadelphia fire department is in hot water over this facebook photo it shows don deluisi wearing a confederate flag hat and holding a tiki torch and caption says heading to virginia the head of the firefighters union says he condemns the highly insensitive remark and adds it was meant as a joke for a fellow firefighter. >> it was over the weekend and
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on the back deck with neighbors having a few drinks and everything and he was sending messages bacack and forth with friend of his who is an african/american. >> reporter: according to marks the friend was not offended but the mayor and fire commissioner did not find it funny and investigation is now underway. bill cosby is asking for more time to get new lawyers and a second attorney wants to quick his team and angela agrusa filed documents in montgomery court seeking to withdraw before the retrial begins in november. lead attorney brian mcmonagle already requested to drop out the judge was set to consider that motion next tuesday but agrusa is asking to delay the hearing until september 11 to give cosby more time. montgomery county da says he will challenge any effort to delay. on health check at 11:00 tonight a new study finds that children who get less sleep may have a higher risk for type two diabetes. the researchers found that children who averaged just one
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hour less per night than their peers had higher levels of blood sugar in the morning higher insulin resistance and higher weight to height ratios and research were not surprised and other studies found the same diabetes from sleep deprivation in adults and recommend 9-10 hours for school age children and minimum 8 hours for teenagers and new jersey congressman and frank palone and representative bonnie watson attended a by partisan town hall in lawrenceville and invited to discuss and inquire about major issues facing the military and the country. the town hall was hosted by the national guard association and enlisted association of new jersey. seven day accuweather begins with better news come tomorrow. >> skies bright entomorrow i think we will like that and tomorrow sky six taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge
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and still have some cloud cover and there is still a lot of moisture in the air in the form of higher dew points and still pretty humid out there but we did get a break in the clouds around sunset and bruce new man who works at channel six sent me the photo of the center city skyline the sunsetting at 7:57 and seeing peeks of sun between the buildings as the sun was setting and the clouds were breaking. now it's warm and it's humid currently the temperature is 74 degrees, hour high today only 78 but the dew point is 72 so the relative humidity is 91%. the air is practically saturated, winds are pretty light only at 6 miles per hour. that is why we will likely see some fog developing pressure is holding steady but will be rising tomorrow as high pressure builds in and as it does tomorrow the sunshine will be back mixing in with some high clouds at times, it will be warm but not as tropical as today. dew points dropping into the 60s so a little on the humid side and more comfortable and 11:00,
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81 and 5:00, 87 and reaching a high of 94. satellite and action radar showing we are seeing some clearing but again it will take a while, there is a lot of low level moisture and what this is doing is creating patchy dense fog some could be around four your morning commute and temperatures not dropping much from where they are now philadelphia 74 degrees, allentown 68, cape may 75, wilmington and trenton 72 so the morning commute forecast may rule out a little extra time and patchy fog some of it could be dense and still on the humid side at 6:00, 71, by 8:00, 76 degrees but as we head through the day the air will mix bring down slightly lower dew points so it's going to be hot but again not as humid as today, kind of a tradeoff and philadelphia 90 allentown 87 cape may 83 and wilmington 88 degrees. on thursday we could get a spotty storm late in the day as
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the warm front moves in 86 degrees more humid and that cold front moves through late on friday and that will bring us more widespread activity. if you are down the shore tomorrow mixture of sun and clouds and warm and temperatures in the mid 80s and the jersey beach is the same and delaware beaches be careful with hurricane girt spinning off shore there is moderate risk of rip currents and for the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the sunshine is back tomorrow and it's hot with a high around 90, thursday more humid 86 spotty thunderstorm possible and think we have more widespread activity late on friday and friday night as a cold front slips through and it will be steamy and feeling like 95 with a heat index and saturday a chance of a thunderstorm not as widespread and 88 then we begin to dry things outs on sunday 88 and monday partly sunny pretty good conditions for the eclipse 89 degrees and tuesday hot and humid with a high of 90 and of course david murphy will have details on the fog tomorrow on action news beginning at 4:30. coming up, on accuweather
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news phillies and eagles and
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the football season is finally underway for the lower perk longhorns in montgomery county. the boys took the time before their first practice to welcome back the coach and several members of the upper providence little league and they won the state championship and their baseball success resulted in a football season being put on hold for a little bit but it's back in the pads in the long horn's 55th season. this is the eagles what season, we have to figure that one out. >> a while to count that before you know it it's going to be the six preseason game. >> easier. coming up, thursday against the buffalo bills at home and starts and ends with the quarterback and for the eagles is carson wentz and how much he has ground
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from year one to year two jamie apody takes a longer look. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes last year carson wentz was an injured third string quarterback and not dreaming how the final season would play out. >> i'm healthy this year and again the difference a year makes is pretty crazy. >> reporter: last week was perfect and 0 for 4 and 56 yards and a touchdown against green bay but teammates say off the field is where it is expotential. >> and he knows who to expect and last year he was thrown in the fire. he had the whole off season to prepare instead of eight days last year he had to prepare as a starter so yeah you can see the confidence in him, not cocky but just you know he is a franchise guy now and that is the way we treat him. >> reporter: coach pederson will play like he did last week the first series or two and the quarterback cannot wait to get
2:05 am
out in preseason action on the lync on thursday night. >> preseason game never know what to expect but this is philly and hungry and ready for it. >> reporter: unlike last year at this time carson wentz is also ready for anything in south philadelphia jamie apody channel six action news. ryan hath matthews is the street and they cut him this morning after to seasons in gangrene and saves the birds 4 million in cap space and elliot said his punishment is a little too much and nfl players association appeals the cow boys running back six weeks suspension and following an investigation for domestic claims made against him by a former girlfriend and a hearing will be held on
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the phillies west coast road trip continues and remain in san diego where they dropped the opener last night and pete mackanin is all smiles not for long and junior has control issues and fourth inning and corey a solely bond and driven in three runs already in the game and it's 4-0 san diego at this point. how about later in the inning check out nick williams in center field the dive for the grab and hit a two run homer to break up a no hitter and phillies trail 4-2 we are in the fifth inning. the semi finals of the little league softball world series league is over and the team from bear delaware facing a team from
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texas and breaks a 3-all tie in the fifth inning and the hit gives them a lead and texas wins 5-3. finally tonight kids of all ages in upper dar by treated to fun under the stars and upper dar by police hosted a movie night at the playground and enjoyed the lego batman movie and enjoyed the snacks and others working up a sweat on the basketball court and upper dar by jimmy kimmel followed by night line and floyd weather junior and charles gould and we continue with pamela edwards and matt o'donnell and karen rogers and dave murphy and ducis rodgers who found it will be the eagles 84th season and the entire action news team i'm jim gardner.
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