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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 16, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a grandmother was alzheimer's gets a sweet surprise from her grandson. >> she starts crying telling him how much she loves him. >> find out the touching story behind his new tattoo. we're coming for you. >> a warning from a woman watching her truck -- >> swiped from her driveway. >> why she has more than one feeling of being ripped off. my husband managed to sneak a piano into our house. >> it's 21 questions with cindy
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crawford. how her look alike daughter proves funny. >> do you have any nicknames? >> not that we can say in front of her. and a prankster watching strangers to watch his stuff. >> and all these poor suspecting souls. >> watch them. >> your brain plays the biggest tricks on you. life is a collection of moments. memories that you store in your mind for all of your years. that is unless you are diagnosed with alzheimer's. so what do you do then? you can try what martinez did for his grandmother who was diagnosed with alzheimer's. he did not want one of their most special memories to be forgotten so he did this. he shows his grandmother a tattoo of a letter that she wrote him when he graduated high
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school. he transferred it onto his body. she recognizes the letters, the handwriting, and she starts crying. telling him how much she loves him. he does share a picture on facebook that shows you exactly what that letter looks like and the tattoo. >> wow. >> part of the reason this is such a special letter, she speaks of one of her favorite memories that she had when he was just a young boy. she and her daughter took him to get a picture. he was serious the whole time. he wouldn't smile. and then suddenly out of nowhere he clapped his hands and smiled just in time to take the picture that would be a magnet on their refrigerator. but the fact they could share an incredible moment is special. >> for an artist to put that mark in your mind. this is just as much healing for him as it is for her. >> especially when you consider he's been living with his grandmother in brazil for the last 18 years.
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so this is really special for them. that was one way they could hold that one memory forever. at first made you think we've got a really bad driver. >> we're coming for you, buddy. >> you can hear the woman behind the camera. >> we're coming for you! >> you can see that truck smash into stuff. then the white car goes speeding by. apparently that white pickup truck belonged to the woman behind the camera. she just watched her truck get swiped from her driveway. that little ute belongs to the suspects. police believe that's also stolen. this happened on the coast in australia. two days earlier, their house was robbed. >> that's when they got the keys. >> they have the keys now to the vehicles. her son's car was stolen at the time. police have since recovered that car. but they return to the scene of the crime to steal mom's car. >> in front of her face.
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how pompous and brazen can they be? >> yeah. they're real bold for that. it's good she recorded them and not go after them. >> here you see a still image of the guys from the security cameras. police were able to recover the car wi car, but it was pretty trashed. they're still looking for these guys. police still looking for this group of men in russia. >> whoa! >> did he come shoot them point blank? >> one guy walks up to two men there on a bench and unloads four rounds in that guy's face. then his buddies start beating on the man they just shot at. police report two things worked in this victim's favor. one, the guy had horrible aim. and two, the suspect was using a non-lethal weapon. a gun that shoots flares and rubber bullets. they think they were so old it shot out bits. that's why this guy and his friend on the bench suffered
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nothing but cuts and bruises. >> but why did they target them? >> no word. police aren't sure what sparked this fight. everyone, everybody at this table will be able to understand the magnitude of what's happening in this video be it from the perspective of parent or child. because it's happened to all of us. all of us. a couple of kids out in the ocean having fun. the story is described by what you see on screen. yes, you can play with my gopros. but please don't lose them. >> oh, famous last words. >> it got to the point that if any dad said don't lose it, i gave it back. >> you see it's dark and everything. we have the angle from the second gopro.
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the brother looking for the gopro. the sister saying i'm going to be in trouble too. goes over to try to help. no, no, no, no, no. but then sudden ly. look at the relief. >> there is a god! >> and they probably walked up to dad nonchalantly. we don't want to play with them anywhere. >> they have made the charity bailey realization. >> okay, i'm done. i'm done. >> i would love to know if they told dad or if dad just saw this video. >> dad knows. it's all put in the description. it was posted to his youtube channel. but we've all been there. dodged a bullet on that one, kids. >> okay, i'm done. i'm done. giving fans an up close and personal look at their favorite celebrities. it's a series called 73
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questions. this time it's with the one and only cindy crawford. >> thank you for this invitation. >> thanks for coming. >> and i'm still 21 years old apparently. >> yes. she looks amazing. and for the record she is 51 years old and slaying the crowds. >> you're trapped in a movie theater and can only see one movie for the rest of your life. what are you watching? >> anything with meryl streep. >> and you get a look at all of the intimate spaces of their life. >> what was your most memorable runway show? >> versace in '91 when we came down the runway lip-synching to george michael. >> what's your favorite thing about your kids? >> that we're amazing. >> kaiya, whose interview is this. >> sorry. ask her about her sense of humor. >> what's up with your sense of humor? >> everyone in my family thinks i have an inappropriate sense of humor at times. >> as the interview ends, they've got one last question.
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>> the last question is a personal request. but can you show me how cindy crawford drinks a pepsi. >> well, i'll sure try. >> that's never going to get old. ever. >> no. p iconic. and on that note, bye, cindy. >> that was so three crazy videos you got to see to believe. >> something's wrong on the front of that bus. >> there's somebody attached to it. >> seeing is believing next. it's a concert high in the sky and hanging on a line. >> oh, gosh. wait. >> what? what? >> see the music they're making next on "right this minute."
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the "rtm" videos app. now you can watch videos while you wait. it's the cure for boredom. download it now. if i were to describe just one of these videos to you, you'd never believe it. we'll start in china. we're in a highway in a car. keep an eye on this one here that decided at the last second, no, i want to go right. >> no. >> gosh, that's -- >> watch how lucky this passenger is to be alive. you see here? as the impact happens, that crash barrier goes through one door and bursts out the other one. you can see the lone passenger in the back seat has been thrown just out of the way so they don't become a human kebab. >> all they had to do is make it to the next exit, turn around, and come back. is it worth it? >> they must not have been wearing their seat belt. >> and yet completely unharmed. next video which you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it also from china. something's wrong on the front of that bus. >> there's somebody attached to
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it. >> is that a motorcycle or what? >> yes that's what you're seeing there. a motorcycle rider and a motorcycle stuck under the front of that bus just being driven away as the person holds on for dear life. this bus driver apparently completely unaware as to this happening continues driving down the road for what was reported to be a few hundred feet. but again, quite miraculously in this case, completely unharmed. and it continues for the third one in chile. >> going the wrong way. >> that looks like an entrance to the train subway. >> yeah, the person driving this car decided to turn towards it thinking it was the entrance to the car park. every time they move a bit, the car looks like it's going to fall down. somebody comes around to the other side. the woman inside is still there with one foot firmly on the brake. then suddenly moves out of the way and there goes your car smashing into the lobby.
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>> this one just like the other two, nobody was injured. who doesn't recognize this composition by wolfgang mozart? [ whistling ] and that is where the song takes a turn. because you've never seen it like this before. >> oh, cool. >> oh, gosh. that's real? i'm not looking at computer wizardry? that's real? >> this visual project is the work of photographer sebastian. he's been known for doing cool projects. and he worked with a team for weeks to set up this project. they cut out musical notes to the song known to us as a little serenade. sometimes referred to as a little night music. >> there's nothing little about this setup. >> no. it is so magnificent.
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but he does point out that the images he took have not been worked on with photoshop. they're single exposure shots he took, granted working very closely with the slack liner that went up there dressed as mozart to sit on this line with the notes underneath. >> isn't it fascinating that not only did mozart had v such an impression on n a musical sense that even hundreds of years later, a viral video is being formed where mozart is slack lining. what a fascinating thing to think about. >> he says he was inspired for his project by rock my armedeus. >> do we know how long this took to set up? >> 600 years. before my friend lee retired as a postman, he says he was bitten six times by dogs. but he says there were other
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instances where dogs waited patiently for him to arrive. that's what these dogs are doing in pasadena, texas. they're waiting for this mailman. >> hello, do you have letters for me? >> i don't know if he snuck them a treat or what, but right there he's out of treats but they still want love. >> they know him and like him a lot. >> i love how they're all waiting like it's that time. the mailman's here, yea. >> makes sure he has time to pet every one of them. this is the therapy that dogs and mail persons around the world need. they need to see this video as part of their training and realize everything's going to be okay. >> i love the service they provide. i would pay extra for postage if they walked my dog while i'm at work. >> that's first class service there. from that video we go to this. that is miley. miley is 6 years old. but she's about to get her first taste of jerky.
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>> that was the moment that the focus kicked in and to her slow motion was happening. it's one of those sichgs you want to draw out as long as possible. >> love at first sight, right? she's talking preschool and she's not impressed. >> but she's an independent thinker. >> so see what ms. independent thinks about the whole school thing next. and this guy is feeding a school of fish. >> he's like dink dink dink dink. just moving right along. >> fish dinner gone wrong coming up on "right this minute." i kept looking for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i was doing okay. then it hit me... managing was all i was doing. when i told my doctor, i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease even after trying other medications. in clinical studies, the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief
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smart relief. the brazen family was out on a boating trip. actually there's nothing little about this situation because their son is the man. >> we just hooked up to it. >> the caption on the video says this kid can catch anything. and i'm going to go ahead and agree with that. >> supposed to be fishing not a mammaling. >> getting close. humpback whales. >> they don't seem to be the least bit concerned. >> oh, they're not. because these kids are about that life. >> look at them. yeah. >> that's awesome. the kid got so excited he cursed. i think you get a pass for that. >> cool experience. these kids here were hanging out in taiwan.
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the friends are recording and he's like dink dink dink dink just moving right along. homie, you might want to watch out. >> oh. brained him on the side. he took that light pole out. >> yeah, he did. his friends are cracking up. the internet is also pretty amused. because it's gone viral. >> that was great. >> and you'll be happy to know they didn't charge him for the damage. it's that time of the year where kids are going back to school or just going to school for the first time. mila here is going to break down her experience. >> my mom had some news for me. she signed me up for preschool. >> cool. she's going to preschool. >> two-day notice? what's up with that? >> she had to plan. >> i her i want to go to school. what? >> makes sense. you are 2.
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maybe it's time for a little school. you can go play on the monkey bars. >> so we get to the place and i'm -- >> absolute day i don't say. >> but she's unindependent thinker. >> or she's just channelling charity bailey telling a story. that's a pretty reasonable thing. and that's where you find out that gayle bass was ahead of the curve. most of my days are solved in that time too. that mila, adorable.
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keep it u up, mate. this guy asks one question. watch my stuff. >> sure, dude. leave your stuff here. i got it. no worries. >> but then the prank. >> looking at the people's faces is incredible. >> see what happens next on "right this minute." (soft music)
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(giggling) ♪ ♪ a cold, a bug, a flu ♪ when school was back in session ♪ ♪ those germs were shared with you ♪ each year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. but lysol kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses. this is the watch my stuff social experiment. >> take a good look at dawson. he's got something up his
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sleeve. >> i'll be asking strangers to watch my belongings while my friend cody returns to get them wearing the same outfit. see if they notice the difference. >> your brain plays the biggest tricks on you. >> excuse me. toif run to the restroom. could you watch my bag? >> could you watch my stuff for a second? >> first he drops the bag off. all these nice unsuspected souls are like sure dude. well, here comes cody. >> thank you so much. >> she caught it. >> right. but her mind -- she's already questioning herself. >> the look on her face is like, wait a minute. that's some funny business. let's see what happens with the next wione. >> thank you so much. have a good day. >> she didn't even look up. >> thanks for watching it. >> trying to read the people's faces is incredible after. >> thanks, man. >> bro nev


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