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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  August 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wednesday night monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us and the big story is the emotional farewell for the victim of violence in charlottesville, virginia. this as the fallout continues over president trump's contentious news conference and now politicians from both side of the aisle are taking the president to task. renee norman has who on that story today. >> rick and sharrie business leaders are distancing themselves from the president and at the same time democrats and republicans are making it clear, they don't agree with president trump's claims that there are both sides to blame for the weekend violence in charlottesville. >> in baltimore, brooklyn and alabama more monuments and statues coming down and outrage pours in by president trump's comments after violence. >> i condemned neo nazis and
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many different groups but not all of those people were neo nazis. there were bad people in that group but you had people very fine people on both sides. >> in one of the most contentious news conferences the president angry and not backing down from the initial response that both sides were responsible for the deadly violence. >> what about the alt left that came charging as you say the alt-right. do they have guilt? they came charging swinging clubs. a group on one side bad and the group on the other side who was also very violent. >> the backlash was swift and widespread one group was loving the response. the so-called alt-right with kkk grand wizard david duke thanking the president for his honesty and courage. and republicans distancing
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themselves from the remarks and the hateful groups he is credited with emboldening him. >> there is no good neo nazi. we don't support you. we don't want your vote. >> leaders began to distance themselveses from president trump he tweeted that every ceo that drops out of the council i have many to take their place. one day later eight resigns including campbell ceo deborah morrison and the president decided to disband that council and one other council. back to you. >> thank you. well, the fallout from trump's comments is also hitting home. tonight local lawmakers a s ars speaking out fully condemning last week's violence. >> we have to be clear about what happened here. that one side seemed to start
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this violent behavior. i want the president to do and say the right thing here, he needs to be clear and forceful and condemning these white supremacists, . >> if philadelphia there are calls to remove the frank rizzo statue and right now a 25-year-old new jersey man is under arrest for egging the statue this morning. he was mayor from 1972 to 1980. members of the black lives matter, say they want it gone. >> he was a racist bigot and homoaphobe and i think his legacy is that in terms of how he interacted with black and brown people was violence. >> and supporters say of the statue that rizzo was not a racist and they claim he was tough on law breaks of all kinds and never targeted anyone group
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in philadelphia. and today marked the final farewell for one victim in the violence in virginia. heather heyer was killed when a driver plowed his car into a crowd of protesters and her mother said that heather's dem is a warning to all people. >> if are you not outraged you are not paying attention. i want you to pay attention find what is wrong, don't ignore it or look the other way -- >> leaders paid their respects to heyers family today and we'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. >> get the latest on the charlottesville violence, and its aftermath on the phone or tablet including videos and more the 6 abc app say free download for the mobile device. we are following breaking news here at 5:00, traffic troubles the images we see here blocked and the tractor trailer
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overturned. this is on route 55 near route 322 in harrison township. new jersey state police are on the scene doing their best to direct traffic around this and the truck driver is treated for minor injuries, a lane blocked on the southbound side because of the overturned it is traffic slowly moving by along the shoulder and we'll keep an eye on this and keep you updated. now the potential for rip concerns and rough seas up and down the jersey shore. because of a hurricane spinning off the coast. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in north wildwood keeping an eye on the surf as the storm continues to move. >> reporter: sharrie and rick we are talking about hurricane gert the surfers absolutely love it but it has created rough waves on the jersey shore behind me you see the gorgeous view of north wildwood.
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people are not out too far because beach patrol says things are dying down a bit these are watering you want to take serious for the next day or two. in sea isle city some waves were larger than grown men in the atlantic. today parents lightning erin says her eyes are on her kids. >> today is basically, one child. and the beach patrol says that is why the waters are turning up the roughest all season. >> the surf is dangerous today and that is why the lifeguards gathered up swimmers before they went out. especially body surfing. >> arms up above your head first. >> on top of the waves gert is causing rip currents up and down the shore. we spoke to beach patrol and they have one rescue today. >> i would expect in wildwood
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we'd have a few rescues and through south jersey. >> beach patrol says if you find yourself in a rip current. stay calm and don't exhaust yourself swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the rip concern and then try to make your way to shore but the easiest way is swim in south jersey at guarded beaches in front of the lifeguard stand when the lifeguards are on duty. >> that is key. swim in front of a lifeguard. no reports of major incidents today down at the shore. channel 6 "action news." >> safe it the key there thank you. now no meteorologist, adam joseph at the big board with more on the path of the storm causing the rip current threat. >> the storm is booking out to sea and moving northeast at 31 miles per hour. it is now a category two hurricane and winds sustained,
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100 miles per hour. southwest ofscotia. and wave heights are 36 feet but as you move away from the storm, and we are so far away from it. waves of 3 to 4 feet and all the bright colors will follow the storm as we go into the overnight hours tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. as we look at the forecast for the rip currents, a high risk through 9:00 tonight with seas three to four feet and as bob mentioned in his story listen to the lifeguards and do not swim. it will improve tomorrow and the national weather service has not put out a forecast whether they are high, moderate or low risk tomorrow and go to the beach and listen to the lifeguards they have the latest information, we'll have the complete accuweather forecast in just a
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little bit. >> thank you. >> a new campaign kicked off today preventing teenagers from playing the lottery in new jersey, officials for compulsionive gambling had a press conference at the acme in hamilton square. reminding residents that the state prohibits the lottery sales to anyone under the age of 18 and they issued brochures of the most common type of teen betting. and starting the school year there are full-time social workers at some schools. mayor jim kenney made the announcement alongside superintendant, william hite it begins at 22 schools across philadelphia the city is spending $1.2 million for the pilot program that officials hope will expand to more schools. >> if we don't pay attention to this stuff and push it aside.
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we'll deal with it again in a drug rehab. that is what we want to try to avoid. >> mayor kenney says the official workers will help the at risk children get attention and help. time for the "action news" traffic report. gina is live in for matt pellman. >> reporter: we start with the most pressing issue of the night that is your closure in grass bro on route 55 northbound past route 322, and we are seeing that overturned tractor trailer blocking all lanes. you are in the black here with single digit speeds, an alternate to use, if you travel take 56 a to 47 and take it to ellis and route 55. that is a good way to maneuver around. and if you travel to cherry hill. this is right on 70 westbound at haddonfield road and the two
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left lanes are blocked and a fire truck in the middle of the intersection. a lot going on traveling into new jersey. >> thank you gina. there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, and america's next solar eclipse just five days away and ahead in health check ali gorman spoke with the region's top eye experts about watching the sky high sight safely. >> a century old caboose is on the move in south jersey. and cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. i hope the animal is not rabid. >> ha, ha, ha. that is funny. this is a rabbit the biggest rabbit in the world. the brie. this is goliath a giant rabbit. they were bread in belgium originally as a source of meat but the problem is they eat so much it's not cost effective they need about 4 pounds of greens every day as well as
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flour. and pellets. and they are very trainable i am told. i will be in with those guys, it's emus and kangaroos live from the philadelphia zoo and stormy weather on the way when "action news" returns.
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health check tonight the solar eclipse is just five-day as way and we'll see a partial eclipse if the weather is clear. >> if you plan to watch you must use the solar eclipse approved glasses to protect your vision. ali gorman joins us at the big board with more on that. >> the issue is that you may be fooled to think you can stare at the sun because it doesn't feel as bright but if you stare too long it could damage your vision. jack is an ophthalmologist and a strong my buff. he is heading to a beach or charleston, south carolina to experience the total eclipse with family. the sun there will be 100% blocked by the moon. >> it's like midnight and happens in an instant and lasts
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two and a half minutes. >> here in our area we see a partial eclipse about 75%. dr. dougan warns it creates the potential for damage, typically you cannot stare at the sun it's painful. >> during an eclipse it may get dim enough where your eyes are comfortable staring up at the eclipsing sun. >> but doing so allows in haf harmful rays. >> ultra violet rays, they can damage your eyes. >> there are documented cases where people stare at the partial eclipse causing blurry vision to the bottom the eye that could be permanent. the best is nasa approves glasses. they should be completely black and you can see the sun and the glasses protect your eyes and enhance your view.
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>> during the eclipse you see a piece of the moon coming across the sun. >> now, we have the list of approved glasses on or you can look for this iso, 12312/2. just glance up on monday you are fine if you watch you need the special glasses, the wills eye emergency room will be on alert. if someone has a problem symptoms show up one to four hours exposure. "action news" will be right back.
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customer service is going high tech at one hotel in singapo singapore. meet ora the new room service robot at the hotel. if you need shampoo or soap ora can deliver. literally. there are morrow bottoms in the works one that can cook various types of eggs. don't expect them to replace employees, hotel officials say that will not happen. a century old caboose was on the move. they delivered the train car to the new home in tuckahoe.
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they made the big move to the the southern new jersey railroad museum. in the hay day it belonged to the train enthusiast. this is the sixth year for the team haines basketball academy it's run by kevin haines a sickleville native that plays now overseas, it is aimed to promote team work and sportsmanship and discipline. some children at the jersey shore suited up and hit the court with the world famous harlem globe trotters, players are offering clinics at the center through saturday. children work on their skills on the court and learn lessons off the court as well. the team is also hosting nightly games beginning at 7:00. still to come on "action news" tonight a check of the forecast for you. looking live at the ben franklin
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bridge, and the blue sky there and a bit of sunshine. accuweather is coming up.
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time now for the accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan is live at the philadelphia zoo. there she is. last segment she had a big hair
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hare and now a tortoise. i am with josephine a box turtle they are found in the wild they are found from southern maine to georgia and as far west as the mississippi. you see the box turtle by one thing they have the red eyes and the shell. it's hinged so when they feel threatened they can pull in their legs and their head and tail and close it up like a box. hence the name. josephine is a female not just from the name but look at the bottom of her shell. it's flat and she can hold eggs inside. and males are concave unless they are trying to cross the road or appear injured. leave them alone, people want to bring them into their bathtub and they are a protecting
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species and some states it's illegal. so just leave them alone. these guys like the heat and humidity and nice day to head to the saturday, 88 in philadelphia and the humidity not quite as high as yesterday. allentown 84 and reading 84 and trenton 85 and the boardwalk in atlantic city and beach haven currently 80 degrees. the dew points show you that it's much more oppressive areas to the south and dover the dew point 74 and areas north and west of the delaware river feels a lot better than yesterday and dew points drop down to the low to mid-60s and a little bit on the muggy side and not as tropical as yesterday. we have a good amount of sunshine earlier and now a few fair weather clouds popping up and high pressure is in control. tonight partly cloudy like last night we'll have patchy dense fog developing and allow extra time for the morning commute. a warm night 61 in the suburbs
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and 69 for center city. as we head through the day tomorrow a warm, humid day and we'll see a little bit of pop-up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon around 4:00, not that widespread the focus likely areas to the south especially over delaware, friday though ahead of a tron it gets active. a few showers in the morning and the main event waiting until late in the afternoon and friday evening and this shows around 4:00 a broken line of strong to severe storms moving across our northwest suburbs they squeak through in the overnight hours. the five-day at 5:00, seasonably warm and on the muggy side and high of 86 degrees. on friday we get back in the steam bath, dew points in the mid-70s, 85 degrees and thunderstorms that could be strong to severe. behind the system on saturday a hot day a mixture of sun and clouds 93 degrees and can't rule out the possibility of a stray
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pop-up thunderstorm and sunday less humid and 88 degrees and monday sun mixing with clouds and a nice forecast for the eclipse with a high of 89 degrees and the zoo is asking people to come to the zoo on monday afternoon and see how the animals react to the eclipse. we are less than 80% here so i think the animals won't even notice, i'll be there in the out back out post with the kangaroos and the emus in a few minutes.
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no father should have to do this -- >> but i love my daughter. >> an emotional plea from the father of heather heyer the woman killed in the protest in charlottesville. what he wants everyone to do to honor her memory. a video shows a man being shot on the city streets. do you recognize the shooter? and a local councilwoman is
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fighting a marijuana dispensary why she says it doesn't belong in her neighborhood. >> the reaction to what happened in charlottesville and trump comments continues to pour in and we hear from the victim's family encouraging everyone to take action. >> reporter: sharrie, it was an emotional memorial and the air was heavy but the theme from everyone there was one of unity. ♪ amazing grace >> more than a thousand people packed the paramount theater to capacity there to honor heather heyer. >> no father should have to do this. i loved my daughter, you loved her too. she was hard not to love. >> sometimes politically charged. if i child's famous facebook
5:32 pm
post was if are you not outrage, are you not paying attention. she paid attention and made a lot of us pay attention. >> their 32-year-old daughter allegedly rundown and killed by a white supremacist at the rally in charlottesville, virginia. >> they killed my daughter to shut her up. well guess what? you magnified her. >> president trump blamed many sides for the violence. >> on monday in a low key scripted statement he called racism evil. >> those that cause violence in its names are criminals and thugs, including the kkk and hate groups. >> he was back to blaming both sides. >> what about the alt left that came charging at the alt-right.
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>> he called her a special woman. >> this is just the beginning of heather's legacy. >> and funerals are planned later this week for the two virginia state police troopers that died when their helicopter crashed during the protest. >> thank you. one of president trump's aides will temporarily fill the role of white house communications director. however, hope hicks keeps her current role as a communications adviser. the 28-year-old worked with sigh van can a trump's fashion team and the director is empty after sant any square march was pushed out. >> no word for a permanent replacement. david muir has more on the changes at the white house as well as today's memorial honoring victim, heather heyer. police have released
5:34 pm
surveillance video of a man being killed execution-style in philadelphia's logan section, you see two men walk down the 200 block of roberts street on march 19th, when the intended target fell to the ground the killer stood over him and fired several more shots. the victim died at the hospital a short time later and the shooter escaped in a silver minivan, anyone with information is asked to can't philadelphia police. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause of a row home fire in the city's holmesburg section along the 3700 block of sheffield avenue after 2:00 a.m. everyone was able to get out safely and firefighters were able to contain the flames. >> not in our neighborhood that is what philadelphia's eighth district councilwoman is saying about a proposed medical
5:35 pm
marijuana dispensary that got the green light in her community. cindy bass along with several residents stood outside of the 8300 block of stenton avenue she said it should be near medical facilities and not in a neighborhood. >> you have a prevalence of alcohol and alcohol consumption and prevalence of people selling lucys and those dollar cigars and items of that type. it only happens in certain neighborhoods and now this, we don't need this. >> councilwoman bass is asking that the government revoke the specific license or find a new location for the dispensary. a group of national experts worked today to plot a path way out of poverty. "action news" was in center city as mayor jim kenney delivered the opening remarks at the week long neighboring conference. it brings together specialists
5:36 pm
from across the country to discuss the best way to grow successful communities. >> mayor kenney welcomed the group and pledged the city's cooperation with anti-poverty commission. and five kids are honored for their bravery after saving a complete stranger from her burning home. jeff spoke with the teenager and is live with more on that. >> reporter: a story of remarkable kids one was here at the playground playing when she noticed smoke billowing from a home behind the fence behind me and sha that is when she and her friends sprung into action. >> we started banging and kicking at the door. making sure nobody was in there. >> he recounted the moments they saved a woman from the house on fire. aliyah was at the playground by herself and first saw smoke.
5:37 pm
>> i saw the fire in the back of the house. so then i came back and got them and we ran back to the park. >> she ran to get her sister and several friends and aaron harris called 911 and they banged on the door to warn anyone inside. >> we said hurry get everything out of the house your house is on fire. >> kayla was sleeping in a second floor bedroom unaware that her house was burning. she praised the children. >> they are amazing, usually i was something i wouldn't be the first person to run over here. and they ran over here and said your house is on fire and they called the police before i got a chance to call the police they really saved me. >> they got this letter notifying them they would be honored at a meeting tonight. >> their reaction was to do to
5:38 pm
right thing. i'm raising them right. >> my mom said care about other people and respect other people and all of that stuff. and it's an horror to be like, getting this reward. >> the homeowner tells me that the fire marshall says another 5 or 10 minutes that house would have been destroyed. the cause is not determined at this point. the children will be honored at the regularly scheduled commissioners meeting at 7:30 tonight. >> thank you jeff. >> well deserved. time for the "action news" traffic report. gina is in for matt tonight in the "action news" traffic center. >> reporter: hello, i have an update traveling out into glassboro. the overturned tractor trailer blocking all lanes i am told now the shoulder is getting by. some movement in this area. 55 southbound past route 322, you are no longer in the black
5:39 pm
like you were. improvements but a slow go. if you look for an alternate take route 47 to ellis and then take that back to 55. if you head out into cherry hill this is a live look at 70 at haddonfield road a lot of tow trucks on the scene and it's in the process of wrapping up. but it is out there blocking the two left lanes, if you travel to cherry hill an area to watch yourself. >> and heading out into montgomery county on 202 southbound on nap road all lanes are blocked because of this accident out there. and on 95 at the vine street expressway look at this long waiting line if you travel out the vine itself. very crowded and both directions eastbound and a parking lot. see you later. >> thank you. it's figure is unmistakable and the style is more recognizable.
5:40 pm
but talk about silencing one of the most famous landmarks in the world. coming up why big ben may be going quiet for several years. and members of the philadelphia soul stopped by the newsroom to stir up trouble and have some fun. jaime apody has who on their big upcoming game. >> and cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo tonight making friends big and small. >> reporter: good day mates, a little shrimp on the barbie. scaring them now. i am live at the outback outpost a new exhibit we have kangaroos and very young emus and i'm live on facebook. and join our chat when i come back we'll feed these guys and we'll talk about stormy weather on the way in the accuweather forecast. back to you guys. >> okay mate. >> that is what i do when cecily
5:41 pm
cooks, hop around a bit and make sure it is safe. >> we'll have those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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british parliament officials will review plans to silence big
5:44 pm
ben for years for repairs. today prime minister, theresa may says it's not right for the clock tower to go silent for so long. it has sounded the time since 1859. and it's set to go silent for repairs until 2021 and they say the silencing is needed to ensure the safety of the workers. back here time for sports and jaime apody is sitting by. the phillies are in san diego playing right now. >> it looks nice out there not a cloud in the sky. >> it's beautiful. >> we see it here. okay the phillies trying to avoid a sweep they are not so fun to watch but the young guys giving us hope reece hopkins homered again and rick pinata gave us something to be excited
5:45 pm
about. he had 11 k's in five innings also allowed three runs in the fourth inning, this put the padres on the board and add another one later on the always exciting double steal watch this -- yes. right now the phillies are down 3-0 in sunny san diego in the seventh. one day away from the eagles preseason game in their lincoln financial field debut. and the birds have five former bills on the roster and buffalo four former birds and lesean mccoy and jordan matthews. it's not the same since shady left. he called five plays in the opener and a whopping 47 yards, last year he had carson wentz throw the ball over 600 times. the coach is looking to establish the run game tomorrow. >> you try to establish that in
5:46 pm
every game and it was unfortunate the way the game took off. you know, the plan would be to try to get this established a bit this week and you know see where it goes. i feel like we have a good offencive line that can handle that with the backs we have. >> the last time a professional football team won a championship in philadelphia 57 years ago. >> i was -- don't worry how old i was. >> the philadelphia soul would like to do the same hosting the arena bowl on saturday. how to get ready to be on top you take over the top television station in town. the soul invaded our studios giving away swag and getting everybody ready for the game. surprising rick williams and david murphy getting ready for the noon show and now the focus is on the big show for the second year in a row. >> what does it mean to be back
5:47 pm
in the arena bowl again. >> it's an amazing feeling and a tribute for the hard work during the offseason and extra film and extra weights and you put yourself in the position to accomplish your goal and excited we get to do it in front of our home crowd and one more step to get where we wanted to be six months ago when we started the journey. >> one guy safety, james romaine live on facebook and being taped by us at the same time. he stole the show and my microphone and david murphy's job too. >> we have rip currents in the ocean, if you go swimming be careful don't go out too far. it will pull you in and you get sucked in by the current, we don't want anybody drowning and we don't want parents crying and loved ones hurt. >> the forecast for august 26th,
5:48 pm
it will will he raining touch downs as the soul takes on miami you can watch the game here on channel 6. >> david loses his job and you may use your job. >> david murphy is learning how to play quarterback now. we should give a heads up to ron jaworsky too. >> love seeing him. quick break. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit
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to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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all right well the temperatures are not bad out there. how is the rest of the week shaping up? let head out to meteorologist, cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo to teen out the answer to that and see the friend she is making there. >> reporter: hi guys, these guys like the warm weather i'm here at the new out back out post here at the philadelphia zoo with obviously the kangaroos. kristin is here for her last live weather before she gives birth to twins. thank you for joining. >> thank you for having me. >> i find these guys fascinating. >> we have eight one male, dan, back there the largest of the kangaroos and seven female, five were born at the zoo. >> how can you tell? >> the males are typically red
5:52 pm
in color and the females are blueish gray, there are exceptions you'll notice that she has a reddish pattern and gray mixed in but that is the best way to tell them apart. >> they are so docile. they are famous for holding the joeys, the babies in the pouch. >> they start to hop out at 6 months old and when they are 8 months old they are out of the pouch. when they are born they are a marsupial and they have to make their way out side of the womb and crawl their way up into the pouch and they develop into a joey. >> i love these guy, i can feed them all day. move with us we have another animal here in the exhibit. come on guys. we have the emus here the tallest bird in the world. >> behind the ostrich they are the second tallest.
5:53 pm
>> these are new, new young animals that hatched in april and came to the zoo in the last three months. >> they are kind of freaky looking. the males and females they have different roles. >> the dads are extremely active and can be aggressive and very involved. they sit on the nest and protect the babes and known to adopt wayward chicks. >> they are really fast too. really quickly tuesday is educators day at the zoo. education day is august 22nd and preregister online, we are excited to invite teachers and rin pals to check out the zoo and check out the curriculum. >> thank you kristin, lets talk about the weather. it's a hot day, 89 degrees is the high in philadelphia. that is 3 degrees above normal. if you look at the temperatures it's still warm, 88 in philadelphia and millville 88 and allentown 84 and cape may 84
5:54 pm
degrees and dew point temperatures drop from the delaware river on northwest where dew points dropped into the 60s and yesterday in the 70s and still feeling tropical parts of delaware and south jersey with dew points in the 70s. we started the day with sunshine and these are fair weather clouds bubingle up and the other problem is the potential for fog. partly cloudy from fog again and a warm night. 61 in the suburbs and 69 in center city. tomorrow around 4:00 we see showers and thunderstorms developing but not all that widespread however, friday afternoon will be a lot more active ahead of a cold front any storms could be strong to severe. if you are down the shore tomorrow, be careful, hurricane gert a cat two is off the coast and moving quickly. listen to lifeguards, temperatures 80 degrees at the jersey beaches and low 80s in the delaware beaches.
5:55 pm
tomorrow warm and humid with a high of 86 degrees, and on friday steamy from thunderstorms late in the day and friday night. the weekend starts off warm on saturday 90 degrees and drop to 88 on sunday and monday for the eclipse looking pretty good a mixture of sun and clouds and high of 89 degrees and the temperatures start to spread higher on tuesday, hot and humid with a high of 90 and wednesday sunshine and also the threat of a thunderstorm with the high of 86 degrees. i need to come back and feed these guys. they run 30 miles per hour. want some dinner? they don't like my cooking. i'm getle a wrap there you go. back to you guys. >> nobody likes cecily's cooking not even an emu.
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"action news" is the 6:00 is next.
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good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers. meteorologist, cecily tynan. and jim gardner. wednesday night hurricane gert turns up a rip current threat at the jersey shore and a worker is sentenced for pushing a child down the stairs. >> and an adrug end of president trump's advisory councils after an exodus by corporate ceo. campbell based ceo denise mar son became the eighth to quit
6:00 pm
the manufacturing council after the first statement about charlottesville and trump just pulled the plug on both groups. here is trump's tweet. i am ending both thank you all. >> meanwhile more than 1,000 people packed a theater in charlottesville this morning to honor heather heyer the 32-year-old woman rundown and killed by a white supremacist driver during the protests on saturday. and this was her mother today. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what? you just magnified her. trump called heyer a beautiful and special woman and rem


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