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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 17, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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we are following breaking news of a suspect terrorist attack in barcelona, spain. police say that someone used a van to flowinto eye crowd of people and now they are hold up with hostages in a nearby restaurant. abc news confirm that victims have died and several others are injured. pictures and video from the popular tourist area shows victims strewn along the sidewalk. there are reports that two people ran from the van and those suspected terrorists have taken hostages inside of a turkish restaurant and negotiations are underway with police, and people are told to shelter in place. the street is wide mostly used by pedestrians but cars are able to use it as well.
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we'll continue to monitor the situation in barcelona spain, and bring you the news on closer to home in berks county, police are trying to find the suspect that viciously attack a driver, victims with a tacked while sitting in front of his young children and all over an illegally parked car. john rawlins joins us live from reading with the details. >> hi rick, the police investigation is going forward. being able to talk to the the victim. getting a better description of the assailant and the double parked car that the assailant was some how associated with. on a residential lane someone double parked here there is no going around and yesterday at 5:30, at least one car was double parked and then a 42-year-old driver of a suv with his young son behind me honked
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his horn so the car would move forward and instead someone associated with the double parked car came and flashed the victim. danny diaz did not see the incident but saw the aftermath. >> the noise was louder and i came out and the guy was bleeding from his faces was slashed on his cheek. >> he is also apparently stabbed in the abdomen but those injuries are not life-threatening and the victim is expected to be treated and released. police hope he can give a better trips of the asail able as well as the double parked car. >> thank you. a man accused of shooting and killing a teenager headed for college this fall during a road rage incidents this fall will be held for trial. it was a quick court appearance for david desper in westchester county this morning.
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he is charged with killing 18-year-old bianca roberson when both were trying to merge into a single lane, police say he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head killing her. he was in custody after waiving his right to a preliminary hearing. >> and now growing backlash to president trump's response to the violence in chartville, virginia. he took to twitter over the removal of confederate statues and monuments. >> and people gathered for a peaceful vigil in charlottesville after the hate and violence that erupted at a rally in the city over the weekend. >> reporter: well rick, the president tweeting this morning about the removal of confederate statues and monuments and taking aim at his own party. some of the republicans that called him out over his response
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to charlottesville. >> president trump back on twitter amid the controversy over his charlottesville comments. tweeting sad to see the history and culture of of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. robert e. lee and stone wall jackson? who is next. >> and the backlash is growing over president trump equating the neo nazis with those protesting their views. >> you had a group on one side and one on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and horrible. >> i think there is blame on both sides. >> you had bad people in this group and you had people that were very fine people. on both sides.
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>> those comments causing business leaders to turn their back on the businessman president. and some of the top ceos on the advisory council voting to disband a strong sign from pepsi, ge and wal-mart. and and another council a mass exodus of ceo's. trump wants to rewrite the story himself calling to end both councils. >> and president trump chief strategist called the so-called alt-right a fringe almost and added the debate over racism gives trump a political edge. >> we are having a problem with the audio. new jersey senator, cory booker, says he will introduce legislation to remove confederate statues from the capitol building he did not lay out a timeline for the proposal and the collection features a
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dozen monuments that honor confederate soldiers and politicians. turning to accuweather if you need a reason to play hooky today is the day to do it. looking live at the conditions in cape may, new jersey, a lot of blue umbrellas on the beach. sunshine is radiating across the lehigh valley and delaware valleys, and enjoy for now the humidity will soon be returning and so does the chance for precipitation. lets head outside to david murphy with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> nice and sunny now in philadelphia. a few clouds here or there. speaking of the beach i want to start with the rip current issue we had yesterday. yesterday we had red highlighted up and down the coastline of delaware and south jersey and a high risk of rip currents, it isn't as bad. and a moderate risk repeatedly comes up this summer. there is still a day down the
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beach you need to swim near the lifeguards and listen to the whistles and look at the flags on the beach. we are looking at sunny skies and not all that humid conditions. humidity higher in south in cape may and southern delaware. all things are considered pleasant and we likely maintain sun and clouds. 80 if allentown un80 in reading and 81 in trenton and everybody is trumping up there. millville 86 and 81 degrees stopping quick to what your high will be at the ocean. and the dew points are a factor but not as bad as yesterday. we are down to the low to mid-60s in the northern tier. we get farther south and that is more noticeably humid air. here is what is happening in philadelphia. 86 by 2:00. and a high of 88 at 3:00, down to 77 at 10:00.
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the eagles look good and there is that chance of an uptick in humidity after the game. and can't rule out a shower, maybe a sprinkle in philadelphia late this afternoon. more rain coming tomorrow at times it could be heavy downpours and strong storms i'll have more on that coming up. >> thank you david. this reminder you can get weather updates any time on your phone or tablet including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. in other news a philadelphia police officer avoided serious injury after his patrol car crashed into a parked car when he swerved to avoid another car. you see the damage to the front of the patrol car here on the 5100 block of baltimore avenue. police say that the officer hit a parked car in an efforts to avoid another vehicle after midnight. the airbags went off and the officer was not seriously hurt
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but was taken to presbyterian hospital to be checked out. >> crime scene tape parks off part of atwell street in delaware county last night. a man shot at 10:00 last evening. no word on the victim's condition and no word on a motive for the shooting. one victim injured at a delaware pumpkin launching competition file aid lawsuit. susan says she was left with severe and permanent injuries. at the time she was producing a television special for discovery science channel. the three hour special was canceled following the accident. allentown city council is making moves to force many mayor, ed pawlowski out of office. they hired an attorney to help oust the democrat. he was indicted last month on 54 criminal counts on charges he
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directed a pay to play scheme where city contracts were traded for donations. pawlowski pled not guilty refused to step down and is running for re-election. the power ball jackpot climbed to a new high worth an estimated $510 million. and there were no winners in last night's drawing. a convenience store in wyoming, sold a power play ticket that matched five of the ball that is worth $150,000. 9, 43, 60, 64, and the power ball was 4. you can see the numbers drawn on saturday during "action news" at 11:00. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, saved in the nick of time. how a kayaker was rescued from a dangerous situation during a birthday celebration. also check your calendar if you hold tickets to katy perry's
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concert at the wells fargo center. we have important information about a date change. detail as head when "action news" continues.
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we have an update from barcelona, spain. we know there is one person dead in the van crash and 20 others are are injured. it happened in a popular tourist area in barcelona. the suspects are holed up in a bar with hostages in a nearby restaurant. there are fatalities at that -- what is now being suspected of being a terrorist incident in barcelona, spain. the u.s. military says that an american soldier was killed and several others killed in eastern afghanistan. happening in the province. they gained a foot hold where
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they battle u.s. backed forces and the more established taliban there. this is coverage of the deadly mudslide in sierra leone. rescuers are digging through debris often with their bare hands, in victims were trapped in their homes and more rain is expected in the coming week threatening more mudslides. a man's first ever kayaking trip turned into a life-threatening struggle. here is the story. >> reporter: you're watching four minutes of panic. >> he is pinned. caught. >> 64-year-old daniel trapped over the weekend by an under water log while he was kayaking in hope alaska one of the most dangerous creeks. >> help.
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more help. people have died here before so strangers jumped in action moving in with a rope watch as he struggles to hold on the water pounding over his head and at times completely enveloped in water. and at minutes of water it appears he cannot hold on anymore and he goes under. that is when jenkins celebrating his birthday the only way to save him is jumping into the raging water. >> i immediately snapped into rescue mode many years of training and experience started rushing through my head faster than i could really decipher what to do next. after cpr he is telling his story. >> the water was so forceful i could not get myself out of it, the more i tried to extract myself the lower my head was and i was not able to breathe anymore. >> was in a recreational kayak
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made for other waters not this. and he is grateful to his rescuers. >> these are complete strangers there is a gentlemen that jumped into the regardless of his own safety. a canadian woman found her lost ring inside of a carrot. mary graham lost her engagement ring 14 years ago while weeding her garden and her granddaughter found the ring the carrot grew in and around the ring. >> it makes me kind of happy. >> graham says she never told her late husband she lost the ring but told her son, the ring
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still fits perfectly. >> still ahead another check of the forecast for you, sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport. meteorologist, david murphy, has your update from ac weather when "action news" comes right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a closer look at the forecast getting closer to the weekend and not a bad thursday. humid and not too bad many most of the region is dry and south of dover around the kent county sussex county board and more down toward lewes and that is it for now. looking outside the sky 6 hd view of wiggins parka cross from philadelphia and camden. and looking good someone needs to get the boats going. 84 degrees is the current temperature and your dew point is at 64 but in the upper 60s this morning, the humidity levels have dropped across most of the region and down south in
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cape may county and southern dover a different story and humid there. winds light at 7 and 77 degrees off a.c., in terms of precipitation the general idea is that areas to the west, the western half of the region seeing a pop-up shower and this model run has thunderstorms back in maryland. but as we go back to 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 maybe a break away sprinkle or light shower. and this is not a lot of precipitation today and this evening there season a sign of anything out there. as we look at high temperatures, everybody is warm. 86 in allentown and reading and 81 in cape may. we have the moderate risk of rip currents not as bad as yesterday's high risk but still a good day to swim near lifeguards and even in moderate rip current conditions you could have enough surf to knock you down to the water and give you a
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neck injury. swim near the lifeguards and don't overdo it. 88 is your high at 3:00 and then still in the 80s by 60s and down into the 70s by that. humidity is behaving itself for most of the day and rising a bit in the evening and overnight for the eagles the first preseason home game of the year bills in town 81 degree in the first quarter. 77 in the fourth quarter and likely dry you saw and may get muggier as the third and fourth quarter roll in or maybe as you walk across the parking lot to go on home. tomorrow from 6:00 until 9:00 the chance of a pop-up shower and isolated downpours and then into the mid-day period and probably dry. as an important gets close toward us, after 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon be on the lookout for another round of showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms that could produce a brief thumping wind gust and obviously heavy downpours are possible. the latest model run has a broken line and the one i had
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had it more defined coming from everywhere. and be prepared for a late afternoon and early evening shower. and by 11:00 getting off the coast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 88 degrees and sunny and warm and muggy. and ricky am tossing this back to you. we have a live update from barcelona. >> lets go to abc news right now. terror attack in the heart of barcelona, police tell us that a vanna apparently rammed into several people walking along one of their busiest areas. this is the fifth avenue of barcelona in the heart of the city. we are careful of the images because there are multiple victims that are laid out all across the floor. at this point we understand that multiple people have died and there are several other victims. one eyewitness say that this looked like the van came off
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speeding off a side street and plowed into several people for 50 yards basically plowing of them like corn and people when airborne and our chief correspondent is monitoring the developments and this is an active situation within we understand that the driver and one other person are holed up in a restaurant? >> reporter: that is right an on going fluid attack, a terror attack is what spanish police are calling the situation. first vanna tack in this packed popular with tourists area in downtown barcelona and now what is apparently a hostage situation, police sources confirming to abc news that two gunman are holed up in a restaurant nearby. apparently a turkish restaurant nearby near the van attack. and they are telling people in that district to shelter in place. and telling people not to stay away. and urging people not to share
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images of the carnage there because what is out there right now shows this is a very serious attack and don't wants to reveal two potential attackers. that place is now swarming with police up and down the streets as they secure the area and they believe they have cornered two gunman now holed up in a restaurant near the site of the vanna tack. >> you have a manger section of one of the biggest cities in a hospital an sitdation. what is normally a busy part of of barcelona, everybody was moving quickly away from the scene and the plaza right near where this ta tack took place is usually a busy part of the city, some consider it the center of the city. some people walking fast and some walking up the street and
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the topas restaurants along there normally open at this time were closing their doors asking people seated outside to go inside and hotel bell men were doing the same asking people to go inside and clear the streets. >> will is reporting from barcelona right now. if you are just joining us live we are following a terror attack that just occurred in barcelona, if they look familiar they are brand new but this attack feels familiar. car attacked are happening all over even here in the united states. brian, when you look at these pictures and the damage on that van and now the situation the hostage situation where the driver and possibly one other man are armed and holed up in a restaurant this looks and sounds familiar. >> that is right tom, there are no claims of responsibility and we don't know who might be responsible but all the trademarks of the attacks we
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have seen inspired by isis. isis sent out word to its followers use vehicles any way you can. 86 people were nice, france on bastille day when a truck ran down people there. and two separate attacks on london bridge and westminster bridge in london. the toll is huge in these attacks at least nine or ten major attacks said to be inspired by isis and they send out the water if you can kill anybody you can use a vehicle. >> it's 6:56 p.m. and an area full of tourists and full of people. and we hear that this van veered off the side street and ran into the pedestrian plaza. >> there is no barricades that we can see.
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they have begun to put up concrete barriers so it's not easy to come off a side street and plow into people. >> now the president is dealing with the international terror attack. lets go to cecelia traveling with the president now. >> we are told just a few minutes ago that president trump has been briefed and we are told by the white house the chief of staff, general john kelly is aware of the situation and keeping the president up to speed on what is happening there in spain. there is no word directly from the president himself yet but the first lady is the first one to offer public comments on what is happening there. s just tweeted saying thoughts and prayers to barcelona. and also, there is a warning from the state department this afternoon two american travelers in space, there right now heather the states department spokeswoman that the states department is monitoring events
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in barcelona and sending a word out to americans that are there to stay away. >> any time the terror attacks happen abroad and they happen here and we just had a car attack here over the weekend. and they set precautions. >> fbi d h s and new york city officials are monitoring this closely. typically the nypd will step up patrols and have heavily armed units out in a public display to deter an act of terrorism. every month or so they sent out notices to local law enforcement to be on guard and be prepared for these types of attacks. it's a growing concern here in the united states. we want to update you we are following a terror attack in the
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heart of of barcelona, police say that one person possibly two drove a van at full speed into a predstein plaza, we know that multiple people have diped and several others are injured and we are following the stories for the last two years, and even here at home the van attacks are a preferred method of attack for terrorists across the globe. we'll have a full update with our entire team on world news tonight with david muir. we now return to our scheduled programming. this has been a special report from abc news.
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