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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. rescues continue in texas amid record rainfall. harvey has made its third landfall this time in western louisiana. the death toll is feared to rise when the floodwaters recede. i'm matt o'donnell. and the big story is harvey dumping more rain in the south and the deluge has lasted five straight days and some shelters are now starting to take on water. rescuers are still plucking people from rooftops and flooded out homes. 13,000 people have been rescue
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in the houston area alone. maggie joins us live once again in houston. >> reporter: harvey may have moved on but the storm left behind more than 100 trillion gallons of water and in houston we are only beginning to see the damage. harvey made the third and final landfall this morning. dumping rain in louisiana before moving northeast. flooding from tennessee to florida. the storm floods neighborhoods around the gust coast. floodwaters rush into a shelter rised to people sleeping in their cots. >> you have infants and kids walking in the water. they have all kinds of insects and makes in the water.
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they moved us to the bleachers but that is not helping. >> fema is promising help. >> not just mass care but medical care. houston still under water, rescues continuing around the clock. the helicopters came over the house, it came up high, and i was not able to bring anything. it was enough room for me to go in the bask and for all the kids to sit. neighbors springing in action. using everything from big rigs to boats and jet skis, to answer the desperate calls for help. more than 13,000 people stayed in houston and around the areas and most are opening up their doors to their neighbors. bonding through devastation. here in houston we see the community pulled together. furniture stores offering up
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sofas and a taco truck riding in neighborhoods to offer free food. back to you guys. >> more help is headed to the region from new jersey, task force one is preparing to send a second group for harvey relief efforts near houston and a 40 person crew will deploy to texas or louisiana and 12 army season national guard members from new jersey are bringing two helicopters and other equipment to texas. they are expected to arrive by the end of the week. >> we know you want to help people devastated by the storm. abc is hosting a nationwide day of giving all proceed goes to the american red cross. tomorrow starting at 4:00 p.m. right here on "action news." >> we have expanded coverage at with slideshows and live streams from our sister station in houston and important information on how you can give and help those in need.
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harvey is thankfully done lashing houston itself but not done lashing the gulf coast and its remnants can impact our weather this weekend. david murphy is in the weather center to say where harvey is now. >> harvey is escaping and still rotating to areas to the north, eastern texas and western louisiana picking up rain from the high cloud tops and more lines of showers and thunderstorms. and tornadoes possible in and around new orleans. the storm has not changed strength, 45 miles per hour gusting to 60 enough to cause a little bit of havoc and the real problem is rain and look agent more flooding in texas and louisiana. and probably starting to get bad in other states as well. louisiana and texas especially areas around the borer an add isal 3 to 6 inches and isolated
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spots 0 inches, mississippi and arkansas feeling the effects of this with flooding rainfall and possible tornadoes it looks like this part of the country this rain ends around friday and between now and then more issues and flooding and the flooding continues after the rain is over. i want to widen out and show an area of cloud cover in the western portion of the gulf of mexico. accuweather has a concern of low pressure forming here making a move to the north and bringing another round of rain in parts of texas and parts of mexico and parts of southern texas. there is an outside chance that this becomes a tropical feature and pushes up in this direction. hope in addition we have tropical storm irma was this was to be the name of yesterday's rain maker and it does not reach tropical status and the name is available. this sought in the atlantic off
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the coast of africa, it looks over the next five or six days and grows into the hurricane and makes its way into the leeward islands and perhaps areas closer to the u.s. after that. we'll keep our eyes on it. too soon to say if it's a u.s. affecting storm. >> too soon but people are worried. >> two senior citizens died when their home caught fire in bucks county and the fire was so intensive crews had to back away. >> katherine scott is following the story from kings lane in bensalem. >> reporter: these flames are very quick and moved quickly you see what is left of the home the windows are broken out and the structure is charred and the homeowners are long time residents here both in their 80s they were pronounced dead early this morning. the viewer video shows the fierce flames tearing through this bensalem home on the 800
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block of kings lane and the fire broke out at 4:30 a.m. multiple fire companies and ems respond. >> it was fully engulfed in fire and attempted to gain entry, they went to an exterior tact. >> it took about an hour to place the fire under control and firefighters located the couple in the living room where investigators believe the fire began. they had already perished. the victims are albert and his wife eileen. there was a power outage earlier this the evening and a neighbor told investigators that the homeowners had a candle burning inside and they believe that the fire was accidental. it's unclear if the smoke detectors worked. >> they say there was smoke detectors they didn't know if they were working but they had them in the home. >> neighbors say they lived here
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for decades and had a large family and everyone knew them and albert would have turned 90 this week. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police say that a shooting victim was trying to get to the hospital when he crashed into an off-duty police officer in west philadelphia. this was the scene at 54th and walnut street at 1:00 this morning. a mile away from where the victim was shot inside of his car. he was taken from the crash scene to the hospital in critical condition. the officer suffered bumps and bruises. police in camden county has taken a suspected tire slasher into custody arrested edward holmes iii and accusing him of slashing tires on police vehicles early sunday morning. police say that holmes had gone to the police the night before the crime to report a stolen bike. a south jersey campus is celebrating a big boost in enrollment this noon, a pep
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rally was held on rutgers camden this morning and they greeted the incoming class and the raptor welcome ceremony kicks off a day of events for students. they are going to get acquainted with the campus. the class of 2021 is the largest ever. a live report from sent steer as they celebrate the souls arena bowl championship. altering course passengers on board a cruise ship spend extra time at sea thanks to harvey. and more information on president trump's preelection dealings with russia. you shop around.
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just like your credit card. nobody gets my number, unless i know they should have it. to protect your identity, new medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year. visit stay sharp people! philadelphia has a pro team in town with back to back championships. in fact, you may say they are the heart and soul of the city right now. a celebration from the arena bowl champions going on right now in center city. jeff skversky is in the middle of it all. hey jeff -- >> reporter: hey matt, the philadelphia soul won back to back championships and right now honored here at city hall in the
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courtyard. mayor jim kenney declared this soul world champions day. they won back to back championships. and this soul team is being honored as the owners take the microphone in front of this crowd here. celebrating the third in team history. they are the winningest sports team in philadelphia since 2004. that is right they have won three. ron jaworsky will be among the owners that will speak at the rally at city hall. and the plargss will be entruced as well. the quarterback among the players expected to talk today. to this soul fan base that is thrilled to win another championship. live at city hall, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thanks jeff. other news in noon a spokesperson for russian president, vladimir putin,
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confirms his office did receive an email last year regarding i trump tower project in moscow, however the kremlin never replied because it was not their issue. and they added the project was never discussed with putin himself and don't know trump's attorney or his associate on the project. >> and trump's company later abandoned those plans. and during a trip to springfield, missouri, the president will explain his vision by creating jobs and cutting tax rates. but no specifics will be made yet. because there is no details proposal. james mattis is creating a panel to try to carry out president trump's ban on transgender personnel in the military. they will develop a plan that will promote military readiness
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and unit cohesion. until there is a plant all current transgender members of the military can continue to serve. >> former white house press secretary, sean spicer got his chance to meet pope francis. he long wanted to shake hands with the pope. however, president trump did not invite spicer along with him to meet the pontiff efrlier this year. he was able to get the meeting he wanted this week during a trip to italy. ♪
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recovering from the massive destruction from harvey will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars and homeowners could be left to pay the massive repair bills on their own. experts say that 80% that live in the path of harvey don't have flood insurance. homeowners typically covered wind but not flooding. that is reserved for them that live along the beach and flood areas. most homeowners typically forego the extra flood insurance. breaking medical news, the fd a-okayed the first gene therapy in the u.s. it's call the car t cell therapy. penn is at the forefront of of the development and relines the
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cells to fight cancer. >> and it may not be the fat in your diet that raises the risk of your premature death. it could be the carbohydrates. a study from pure looks at several countries and found that eating carbohydrates especially refined and processed foods is particularly bad for you and eating fruits and vegetables can lower your risk of of dying prematurely with the recommendation of of three or four servings per day. and a researcher in sydney australia says that eating fruits and vegetables changes the way you smell. women preferred the smell of men that ate lots of them. and women that ate lots of pasta and carbohydrates gave off a
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smell that was less appealing. from face masks to supplements more and more people are turning to activated charcoal for a quick detox. is the weather safe to use it on your skin and body. we look at the trend in what's the deal. accuweather is next at noon. david murphy has the seven day and the track of harvey and much more next.
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harvey is forced a cruise ship to change course. the royal caribbean of the sea was due to dock in galveston, texas. they were brought to miami instead. the ship has set sail again and is expected to arrive in galveston on friday. david joins us and i see in houston, thankfully it has not been raining for a couple of hours now. >> that is good, but the like around here, you have heavy rain, and you have runoff and rising water. but not raining anymore that is an improvement. stormtracker 6 live double scan we don't have any rain, nice picture on sky 6 hd in center
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city a breeze blowing through and you see old glory whipping in the wind and sun mixing with high, cumulative cloud cover. cumulous is what i meant to say. dew point 56 and not all that humid out there whatsoever. winds from the west northwest at 9 and the ocean temperature clocking in at 71 off a.c., 71 is the air temperature in allentown and similar numbers on the i-95 corridor and cape may sitting on 70 at the noon hour. earlier cloud cover really filtering away. and one is not showing up on satellite is the fair weather cumulous cloud cover. it's looking pretty bright. and down the shore clouds and sun and a good looking day on the beach but for the third straight day we have a high risk of rip currents it's not a good day to be in the water. this may get better tomorrow and you may have to wait until the weekend for things to get less
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than moderately risky. but today dangerous for swimmers. in the lehigh valley, clouds and sun warmer 77 degrees and low humidity today and in philadelphia clouds and sun and warmer in the city as well with a high of 78 degrees a little bit after i breeze as we saw on sky 6 hd. phillies just started about 20 minutes ago they started a double header, they got rained out last night and they are playing all day. first pitch temperature 4-at noon and expect to be at 76 at dinner time tonight when the second game should be wrapping up around the vicinity of dinner time assuming we don't go 16 innings. 65 and partly cloudy and comfortable overnight and tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun through the day and a chance of a shower or thunderstorm popping up. largely in the northern and western suburbs but the model wants to bring this down to philadelphia. that is the 5:00 p.m. view, then we see that taper off for the
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most part in the evening. a spotty bit of precipitation, tropical storm harvey is over land and it pull as way taking the rain with it flew memphis, and then to areas near cincinnati, ohio by saturday morning however the shield of rain is going to extend well to the east of that area of low pressure, and we are looking at saturday and then into sunday morning. as a potential showery period now because of harvey's latest update. clouds and sun and 83 and a spotty shower and more cloud as head of the remnants of harvey on friday and cooler 71 and it looks like a gloomy day on saturday, with a lot of clouds and at times showers popping through and may be centered in the afternoon and nighttime and stick with us with that. there could be a change in timing and potential of a little rain on sunday. but the second half of the holiday weekend is looking good
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and drying on sunday afternoon and labor day monday, we are going sunny and warmer, if that is the day you got your plans no problem. >> take what you can get thank you. a driver is scratching his head trying to figure out how a small kitten hitched a ride under the hood of his car and survived a 100 mile trip. he hung out from massachusetts to connecticut. there is the cat map right there. he had no idea until he arrived and took his vehicle in for an oil change and the kitten is okay and they named the cat, tacoma after the truck. more ahead in the next half hour of "action news." including the bitter sweet song for the victims of houston. a band makes a heartfelt performance and promises to never play it live again. >> and a pair offers free
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sight. more people are rescued in texas. and more on a school bus accident on a maryland interstate. and gearing up for the big concert series, made in america. the death toll is climbing as more rainfalls along the texas and louisiana gulf coast from harvery still a tropical storm. and more than 18 people died and they fear the number will climb fast. many more people have been rescued from their homes and there are more than 10,000 rescues from the houston area alone. >> we were on the roof sunday and monday. that water was coming in so fast and we got rescued on that bridge and they told us that that bridge clapped since and i know it's nothing but god. >> harvey made a third landfall


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