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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 6, 2017 2:05am-2:45am EDT

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that is participation trophy in my mind on paper we are better and have that not only depth but added some key components to the defense and we can say all the right things we can you know from having the greatest plans and we have to execute it. >> reporter: a trader upheld ezekiel elbow yet 16 suspension but cow boys running back is not sidelined and due to the ruling the nfl is allowing him to play in the opener sunday night against the giants and a federal judge is hearing arguments to issue a temporary injunction on elliot's behalf still ahead hear from temple and penn
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penn state moved up to fourth in the latest ap college football poll the school of highest ranking in nearly nine years saturday the lions will host pit. >> obviously it's an exciting game for the state we were the under dogs. everything that i saw and now this year come into our place obviously i think the environment is going to be great as well. >> reporter: how about temple and villanova will tangle saturday at the link and the owls were at practice today despite last week's 33 point loss rubbing at notre dame.
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>> it was embarrassing what happened on saturday but we are working on it and coming in and watching film like get more detail and we should be good. >> reporter: don't sleep on villanova and should be a good battle at the link on saturday. >> jimmy kimmel live next followed by night line and his guest is steve harvey and bill and music from anderson east action news continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards and matt o'donnell and karen rogers and dave murphy and for cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the rest of the action news news team i'm jim gardner. action news is brought by barbara on the boulevard where they do is discurrent
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> you're going to love this. >> there's a big surprise for his daughter under that car cover. >> she just passed her driving test. >> but see why dad is definitely taking her for a ride. >> i knew he was grinning a little bit too hard. a car is about to be lifted by a landslide. >> and shoved right off the mountain. >> the sheer power of nature caught on camera. he's bringing traffic to a stand still near yosemite. >> look at that bison just strutting its stuff. >> the grand marshal of his own
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parade. and braid pranksters turn the tables on the police. >> start writing a ticket. >> see the moment the law snaps back at them. >> did you see what you were do i think? >> we were just playing around, officer. sorry. you're going to love this. >> this is a big deal for this young lady passed her driving test. so what's her dad to do except surprise her with a brand new car? he's blindfolded her. >> sally, this is for you. >> i'm curious to see what it is. i'm thinking an old thunderbird or something. >> this could go either way. >> well, he's got a big surprise for her. so let's unveil this beautiful car. >> okay. >> oh, my goodness. you know what?
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i knew he was grinning a little bit too hard. he had that look that nick gets when he's got something up his sleeve. >> it's worse than i was even expecting. i thought it was going to be a rust bucket she was going to have to restore. teach the kid a lesson. you got to work for what you get. >> he got her a mobility scooter. >> where's the real car? >> there is no real car. >> where's the real car? >> no. gayle, no. there is no car. but the best part is that she cracks up and finds the humor in this. in fact, she actually gets on it and she starts riding her new little vehicle around. but she does get a good laugh out of it and we also get to see exactly how it is that they put this whole thing together and how they rigged it. as you could see with the help of little bro. >> keep it for a week and if you don't hit anything, then maybe the discussion of an actual car. >> she got to learn to stop it first. >> whoa whoa whoa! let go, let go!
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parts of india experiencing huge rainfall causing landslides. watch that again. 20 minutes before this video started rolling, people had noticed rocks and pebbles tumbling down that mountainside. so they closed the road off. people scattered and soon after, this happens. >> [ bleep ]. >> huge section of that mountainside comes crashing down right into the road. and into buildings on the other side. a number of different people capturing this same scene. now you can see that one white car right there. it basically gets shoved off the mountain. >> swept away. >> you can see how much is down on the buildings below. >> that's devastating damage. now that ground is so unstable. you can't make that your home anymore. you have to find a place to live. >> six vehicles destroyed and three buildings were damaged in that. let's head over to canada where
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we're in the middle of a structure fire. firefighters, police show up. they do their best to extinguish the fire in the garage which has the chemicals in there, gasoline, oil. the firefighters are aware of that, but about 14 minutes in, you can see lots of smoke pouring from that neighboring house and then finally you can see now that neighboring house has started to catch fire. the saddest part about that, it's a habitat for humanity house that was just dedicated to the family about two months ago. that family of five now has been displaced and a gofundme account has been set up to help them out. >> you're kidding. that is terrible luck. but hopefully the community comes together again for them just like they did when they first built the home. look at that pretty boy. look at that bison just strutting its stuff in yosemite
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national park. look at his couture. >> he's accessorized. >> yeah. he's got a nice branch because he's trying to attract females maybe. >> he's trying to branch out. >> he walks right by the guy shooting the video. >> that thing is awesome. >> majestic and beautiful. but why is that thing stuck on it? do we need to help it out? >> i think it'll be perfectly okay. check out this bison at the bison national reserve. there it is just laying there. kind of just posing like, yeah, i'm a pretty boy too. just look at me. and i love this because it starts rolling around in the dirt. something i didn't think a bison will do nap. >> a lot will take a dust bath to scrape their fur down. >> dang. that's a lot of dust. >> that is actually a majestic looking animal. it was posted by the sacred fire foundation. they say looking at this bison is like grandfather bison has a message for us. be in the moment.
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baby, it's cold outside. and well, lee knows that all too well. he left his keys under the mat for his fiance jen and now he's stuck. >> an hour and 20 minutes. >> it's 3:00 a.m. in england, chilly outside. >> up at the window. >> that window there is where his brother-in-law to be is sleeping. but do you think brother-in-law to be phil had heard him? >> phil! >> no. >> tried to climb in the kitchen window, but i can't fit through. i told the dog to go get them. >> the dog is supposed to be his best friend. after all, he feeds this dog treats and gives the dog food off his plate. do you think the dog has helped him out? >> [ bleep ]. >> nope.
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>> got embarrassed because waking the whole street up. >> he is defeated. >> phil! >> the window's open. >> phil! >> the stones are gone. what's next? >> resorted to throwing logs. >> but now he's all out. >> they're not going to make a sound. >> an hour later, lee decides to get a broom, hop on top of the trash bin, and he's going to get phil's attention. he starts sliding that broom back and forth through the window. >> phil? oh, my god. please let me in. >> he finally hears lee's calls and lets him in. >> oh, my god. i'm so cold. >> he was out there three and a half hours. >> get a spare key next time and hide it under the rock. >> oh, my god. it's the modern-day scare crow. >> this wolf has been built to
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closed captioning provided by -- gets you closer than nasacort because unlike antihistamines nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. phalloween is creeping up o us but this has nothing to do with the holiday. >> what does it have something to do with? because that thing is creepy. >> yeah. my skin is crawling. huh-uh. >> this ratchety looking wolf has been built to scare away wild boar.
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>> does it work in. >> so far they're just testing it out. this is the unveiling of the robot wolf. it's got that howl and weird glowing red eyes. when it senses move in the field, it turns on. the idea is it's supposed to scare away boar that are ruining the crops. it's just the modern day scare crow. that's all. this is the modern day ice cream man. throw about a dollar into this machine and this robot comes to life. >> see, this is my kind of bot right there. >> i know. it gives you ice cream. >> it's so fun to watch the process. check it out. you throw your coin in, push the button. and mr. ice cream man goes to work. mimicking everything. pulls the handle for the soft serve. serves up a perfect swirl. >> oh, my gosh. that is amazing. >> right? >> it is perfect. although, robot here is skimping out a little bit. that's a really small ice cream. >> well, maybe it was a single serve cone that they selected. >> okay. >> puts it in the holder. once in the holder, he opens the
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door for you to grab it. >> what happens when it malfunctions? >> if it means more ice cream, it's not a malfunction. >> yeah. it malfunctions, you call your bo buddies. do you guys remember those headsets? >> right. that's what we were looking at. >> i remember. >> do you, now? >> a very handsome timothy richardson was featured in this video by kingdom culture photography wearing some really cool headsets. >> the dude's body is like a chiselled piece of stone. >> and if you remember, he also shared with us he started a nonprofit organization called tice for change that assisted young men in having all the resources and learning how to be productive members of society. >> a lot of young man don't know how to tie a tie. and having a tie will really give you that -- >> confidence >> i'm ready to walk in and get that job. >> and he told us the reason he
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started the organization was because he didn't have a father that could help him get ready for an interview tie his tie. so he had to go seeking for help. and so he wanted to be that resource for a lot of younger kids. when we talked to him, he was on his way to new orleans to compete in the larger event. mr. united states 2017. so to tell us how that event went, we have timothy via skype "right this minute." welcome to the show. >> hey, hey. >> so you're wearing the sash, but how did it go? >> it went well. i'm proud to say that i'm mr. united states 2017. >> oh, no way. >> wow! >> where's the crown? >> oh! >> i love that they give men the bling too. >> thank you so much. >> i have the video of the moment he was named mr. united states. >> your 2017 mr. united states is mr. florida!
2:28 am
>> so timothy, what was that moment like for you? >> it was kind of surreal. it doesn't feel like you won until after the commotion dies down. i took a flag out on stage and it's actually my dad's flag. i kind of wrapped it around me. because it was like he was on stage with me. it was very special. >> so now what do you have to do as mr. united states? what does that mean? >> now we go on a national tour. i'll be hitting cities like los angeles, new york, chicago. but in the meantime, i'll be practicing for mr. universe which is in peru in february. >> hey. >> so now that you have this platform to speak from, how is that helping you with your project? >> anything i can do to put a smile on people's faces, that's what this job looks for. and i'm looking forward to it. >> step one, take off your shirt. he's being a show off. >> breathing flames out of his lamborghini. >> but see why his plan
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show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new promotional considerations provided by -- only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. breaking free from dandruff great... max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. there's a new challenge trending on social media, but this one i am here for. i love it. it's called the face dance challenge. >> oh, heck no. are you serious? >> oh, heck yeah. it is a lot of fun. it's an app that you can
2:32 am
downlo download. >> is this like guitar hero for your face? >> pretty much. it's like dance dance revolution or just dance for your face. it scans your face. then you have to mimic the face being made. that's how you score points. >> you end up looking like a fool. >> oh, of course. that's the whole point. >> it's trending online. >> this wouldn't be "right this minute" if we didn't try it for ourselves. >> oh! >> i've actually done it once, but i'm going to do it again just for the fun of things. so you line up your face kind of like snapchat. three, two, one. ♪ >> looks funny from this end. the next level is crazy time. and that's where you just --
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♪ it allows you to save it and that's how folks are then posting it on social media. let's see how well you do. ♪ >> hey, you got a perfect. >> crazy time. >> make a bunch of faces. rack up points. ♪ >> 1950! who knows how to make a stupid face? this guy. >> as you can see this game is a
2:34 am
lot of fun. see if you can top nick's score. then head over to our facebook page and show us what you came up with. i know you guys enjoy it when guys re their engines, race their cars to impress you. it's so cool. look at that green lamborghini zipping down. then to the right. whoa, whoa. slippery. slippery. slippery. >> yeah, that's really attractive, nick. >> here's the fun part about this video. the woman rofecording the video now was the target of the impressive behavior. apparently these two met at a bar. the chick didn't want anything to do with the guy, so the guy followed her out of the bar in his rented lamborghini. >> that is going to be broke after doing that. >> especially since he was found guilty of drinking and driving. the insurance isn't going to cover the damage. the woman was arrested as well.
2:35 am
police track her down and discovered she didn't even have a license to drive. next video, this dude trying to impress people. breathing flames out of his lamborghini. if you notice those blue flames licking at the front bumper of that other very cool mcclaren 625-c. burning the front bumper. >> oh. >> the mcclaren belonged to -- >> same guy? no? >> his fiance. >> oh! he's going to have to fix that and give her a bigger ring. their viewers submitted a new challenge, so they're going to -- >> issue citations. tickets. >> but instead of writing people
2:36 am
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ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. >> this is delicious. that's why everybody is going crazy over this thing on the internet. we're kind of used to seeing the guys playing around on those trampolines, stacking them high. we always say they're going to get hurt, they're going to get in trouble. they should have stuck to trampolines. >> i swear you guys are going to get me arrested some day. >> the viewer-submitted challenges are always good for a bits of trouble. today they're going to issue citations. tickets. instead of just writing people tickets -- >> can i have your license and registration please? okay. all right. see ya. >> okay. that's just bold. you don't go up to the police officer and do that. >> maybe officers have a sense of humor. >> he rides up on his skateboard
2:40 am
like is that police issued? >> hey, your meter seems to have run out. so i'm going to have to write you a citation. can i get your license and registration please? >> no. >> that officer is not having that. maybe the officer on the beach is having a better day. >> good afternoon, officer. how are you? >> the guys say at least this officer got a check l out of it. we're warming up. cool. now they find themselves in this parking lot and spot a bunch of cop cars backed in. and according to this guy, backing into a spot, illegal in their county. start writing tickets. the law's the law. >> we just noticed that you happened to back in and it's illegal to back in. >> however, that did get some attention from other officers. >> should i get out?
2:41 am
>> you guys all right? >> yeah. >> okay. what are you filming? >> just a youtube video. >> instead of them going up to the officers, now the officers are coming up to them. >> right. now, see, this is the difference between them and so many of us. i ain't trying to catch the police's attention. >> they picked a bad time and place too. >> this is actually a law enforcement conference here today so there's a bunch of cops around here. you balk up to me when i'm on vacation in a hotel parking lot looking like this, i'll probably snatch out your sneakers and beat your ass. >> well -- >> well, we were just playing around, officer. sorry. >> which one of you is in the suit on halloween scaring people? >> probably me. >> i was about ready to choke you out. i was going to sneak up on you and attack you. >> see. that's why you got to watch who you play with. >> prank's over. no citations issued, real ones thankfully. >> we need to stop so i can
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clean the poop out of my pants. that's some of the internet's best. thanks for watching. clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but will it stop this teen from being embarassed by her parents? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. tha...oh, burnt-on gravy?ie. ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade.
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your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect. 13 people, including a 11 week old spent three hours trapped on a 170-foot hightower in edge land. the coast guard was called in for the rescue at the jurassic skyline tower. it normally rotates to allow visitors a 360 degree view, but somehow it got stuck. everyone got off safely, but the tower is closed today while officials try to determine what happened. >> um, yeah.
2:44 am
i mean, just don't go on something like that in the first place, right? >> i'm sure it's a very enjoyable ride when it doesn't get stuck. >> really? >> you're not buying it? >> i mean, i'm just, ooh, no. no. not for me. north korea is promising more quote, gift packages for the united states. >> as the south is preparing for another intercontinental ballistic missile test. >> reporter: the south korean navy conducting live fire exercises. and president trump, after approving south korea's request for more powerful warheads on its own missiles signaled that more hardware's on its way to the region, tweeting, i am allowing japan and south korea to buy a substantially increased am of highly sophisticated
2:45 am
military equipment from the united states. north korea's response? a gleeful threat. an official describing that massive nuclear test as a gift package fort u.s. >> the u.s. will receive more gift packages. >> reporter: and hijacking nikki haley's words, saying it's the u.s. begging for war. many south koreans feel helpless. he says it's about family for koreans, not politics and sending an emotional message to the white house. >> translator: i plead with president trump, he says, to stop talking tough and work towards a peaceful resolution. >> reporter: both sides are urged to de-escalate. president putin says tough talk out of washington won't work. he says the north koreans will eat grass before they give up their nuclear program and the only way forward is dialog. terry moran, abc news, seoul, south korea.


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