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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 6, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> we begin at 12:30 with the latest on hurricane irma. the powerful category five storm made landfall in the caribbean. this is one of the first looks at some of the destruction. this video captured in saint martin, a shot from the balcony from the beach plaza hotel. looking across the road to the marina. most of the vehicles under water there and every boat in the marina appears to have been destroyed. >> hurricane irma is the strongest atlantic ocean hurricane ever reported. the french islands of saint martin and saint barts have no electricity right now. now irma is heading on a path toward puerto rico and other islands, the hurricane could
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make a direct hit on south florida. lets go to maggie she s&p live with the latest on the damage done so far and how florida residents are preparing. >> reporter: -- rick and sara, the national hurricane center calling irma potentially cat trough. what we have seen so far out of the caribbean has baseball devastating. hurricane irma tearing through the caribbean as a powerful category five and showing no signs of slowing down. saint barts, guadeloupe, caught up in the devastating path and bearing down on saint martins, battering the tourist hot spots with winds of 185 winds and gusts even higher.
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>> we are literally inside three doorways in and this is what you can hear. >> the u.s. now bracing for impact. puerto rico is preparing for a catastrophe vent with 700 people already in shelters. >> no one is every ready for a category five hurricane. >> and florida is sitting directly in the path. >> this is serious and we cannot take chances. the florida keys under mandatory evacuations. >> if you are told to evacuate get out quickly. we can rebuild your home but not your life. >> station after station out of gas. >> critical supplies running short. >> crazy. >> hundreds of people waiting in line for water in miami. >> costco is sold out of water -- >> residents boarding up their windows to protect against wind speeds of up to 45 miles per hour. and the president declared a
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state of emergency in florida, the virgin islands and puerto rico. the latest path for irma shows it approaching florida saturday afternoon hitting miami as a category four hurricane and skirting up the eastern coast as a category three and the wins still at 125 miles per hour. in new york, channel 6 "action news." >> maggie thank you. as we head florida residents are asked to evacuate and we were at philadelphia international airport where we talked to several people that came here to stay with family or friends before the hurricane hits. >> i'm from puerto rico, and i know it's hitting my family in puerto rico and my family here
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in florida. >> i pray, it's coming right at us down there. >> one resident says that irma's approach reminds her of hurricane ivan, that storm killed 125 people. >> lets get the latest on the track of irma and when it's expected to hit florida. >> reporter: it's pull ago way from the northern and lesser antilles, places like -- and puerto rico is right about here and it looks like the center of the storm will miss that and probably also stay to the north of hispaniola, and haiti. boy they don't need storms in haiti. but the turks and caicos looking like ground zero and it could be a category five as it pushes in that direction in the next couple of days.
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we heard 185 miles per hour winds. hurricane irma has hit a record for that track. and north of cuba, it does still look as though with this latest track we'll see a possible hurricane category four come ashore in miamiment i have a brother-in-law that drove down there a couple of days ago and now they are evacuating and driving back up. >> and could be a category three when it heads towards jacksonville but it could be in the wide cone. if it moves to the east winds would diminish and then the carolinas and georgia will be more concerned about the approach p a historic storm with the 185 miles per hour winds. the strongest in the atlantic, but not the strongest ever, allen back in 1980 reached 190 miles per hour wins but after it left the atlantic and went into the gulf.
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t the national weather service is calling this a possible catastrophic storm. it's a tightly wrapped profile for the strongest winds only 50 miles per hour from the center and all directions so the dominican republican and puerto rico will probably miss out on that. we have precipitation around here. not nearly as bad but some shower activity. and some could be heavy at times and i'll take another look at this when we come back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right david thank you. meanwhile, 41 members of the pennsylvania task force are making their way down south ahead of irma. they heeded out on a bus this morning. 19 people are with the philadelphia fire department and will meet up in alabama with other members of the task force sent to texas to help with harvey. we are also tracking the path of hurricane irma in the 6
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abc app. we'll alert you to updates and get the latest from the team of meteorologists for impact here. the 6 abc app is a free download for the mobile device. >> immigrants and activists are fighting to dismantle the action against doca. it protects hundreds of thousands of one people brought into the country illegally from importation. president trump says it will be phased out and gives congress six months to come up with new legislation. this is the picture from outside of the office of pat meehan in delaware county. this is one of several rallies taking place this noon. walter perez is live in read where another group is gathering to defend doca. >> as you see approximately two
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dozen people have gathered here outside of the local office of ryan costello here in wyomissing. there are protests all over the country since the announcement of the repeal of doca. >> these people are gathered outside of the office of costello. it's a grass roots organization dedicated to helping latinos. and rescinding doca without a reform policy is irresponsible. >> we are out here today because at announcement yesterday was devastating for 800,000 immigrant youth across the country that have immigrant status. to stand up and denounce what happened and fight for the doca minute and giving them hell for as long as it takes. >> over the past 24 hours,
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congressman costello released a statement. congress must provide a humane and permanent solution for children that are brought to the u.s. at no fault of their own and remain under doca a program that was meant to be temporary. even that statement highlights the fact that at this point there is no comprehensive plan for doca. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the suspect arrested for the murder of a man in haverford township in july will be formerly charged and arraignd this afternoon. derek rollins is facing charges for the shooting death of john lee. rollins is also accused of firing a gun at people in the overbrook park section on the same day of the murder. a pickup and dart bus
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collided in newcastle, delaware, where route 73 and east edinboro drive intersect. a third vehicle then hit the pickup. and two passengers on the bus and the driver was hurt. and the driver of the truck was also injured. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, the dancers have been revealed. we know who will be competing for the mirror ball trophy in the new season of "dancing with the stars."
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police in southern california are looking for the suspect that truck a man with an axe several times. surveillance video captured the disturbing attack outside of a 7 7-eleven in west hollywood. he saw him and offered to pay for his items that is when brown attacked him. he is expected to survive. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, we investigate
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splash parks and could it be hiding a dirty secret. ali gorman teamed up with a lab to test the parks across the city. what she found may surprise you. find out the test results and who is responsible for keeping the water safe. a health check investigate tonight at 11:00. the battle in the ballroom is back on abc. today they revealed the cast of celebrities competing this fall for the mirror ball trophy. ♪ ♪ that is how david murphy dances. >> the announcement was made on "good morning america." it celebrate 25 seasons on the air. former philadelphia eagle, terrell owens and derek fisher
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and debbie gibson: p drew scott and nicky bella. and sasha petersa. franky munoz and victoria arlynn. and singer and actor jordan fisher and lindsay sterling and a couple showdown, singer nick lachey and his wife, tv personality, vanessa lachey. >> camden leaders welcomed people back to school. we were there as people sent their loved ones to school. katherine scott shares their first day of excitement. >> lots of excitement surrounding the first day of school in camden and this year the district is trying a new initiative to boost attendance. >> we woke up early and got
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ourselves dressed and went right to school. >> the first day in the camden city school district. students were brimming with enthusiasm with a few nerves. >> you get a new teacher. >> camden officials including the superintendant and mayor welcomed families as they arrived. >> it takes a village to raise a child and we want to be the village and community support for the young people. >> a giant poster board nearby. children sign the board making their perfect attendance pledge. missing just to days a month could put a child at risk of of falling behind and even dropping out. many children know the importance of showing up. >> other kids that are absent, sometimes they don't know too much. when the kids are learning more. >> those that make the pledge
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receive incentives like free back to school haircuts and a chance to win tickets to the sixers game. >> they see the different benefits coming from it and they think i can do it tooment if that person can do, we can inspire the whole school to do it. >> a commitment to put their best foot forward. >> a new initiative but part of the district's ongoing effort to tackle chronic absenteeism. once again this year the district is holding a perfect attendance carnival for the kids that miss one day or less. at the end of the year. channel 6 "action news." >> here is a look at some of your children's first day of school photos. we are collecting them and sharing them online.
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david is back with another check of the accuweather forecast. the radar looks active out there. >> it has been and all morning long and in the afternoon. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we have clusters of rain and as we take a closer look at the two dimensional look some stuff is plowing up from the south and south jersey. and cumberland county and salem county and parts of gloucester county now seeing this and more stuff over the delaware bay up from the south. if i start this up and show the movement. you see those of you getting a break right now in parts of cumberland and cape may county may be in the rain again were not too much longer. and the wider view up to the north shows them blanketed with rainfall and heavier stuff out
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there to the north and west of of allentown. there is wilmington and that is one of the many spots looking gloomy with rain socking everyone in. winds from the north at 12 and ocean temperature 73. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 3:00 it's more of the same sometimes you'll have rain and some of it could be heavy and may hear a rumble of thunder and other times it's the gray stuff above. and we get to 6:00 and the new model run has a dying out of the rain and something for 6:00 and later in the evening another chunk on the way. and a sprinkle left over for the early morning body craft and that should not last long. we knocked that down to 70. and the clouds and rain out of play. 6 by 2:00, and 69 by 4:00 and
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simlaffer number by 6:00. slowly sliding to 62 by 10:00 and not raining all the time, just about any time we could see a shower. down to the tropics, hurricane irma fired up into a strong category five hurricane with 185 miles per hour winds, this makes a new record for hurricanes since we are recording the hurricanes in the atlantic. and it maintains that through the turks and cake owes and probably misses cuba and that should allow the storm to maintain category four status into miami. that will be a major storm with 145 miles per hour winds and decent amount of rain and a big storm surge as well and this shifts to the east and still a category 3 towards jacksonville.
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and chance of tropical storm force winds it looks like the dominican and haiti misses out on that. but miami is in the center of the action there. tropical storm jose is possibly a hurricane category one this afternoon and into a two and probably curves to the north before it contacts the eastern united states. we'll keep our eyes on it and tropical storm katia, earlier this morning will not make a run at houston but probably a hurricane one hurricane before going into mexico this weekend. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a lot happening in the tropics and high of 68 to 70 and cool ever and periods of rain off and on and clouds break after that and we end up with a nice afternoon with a high of 74. then 73 degrees for your high on friday, nice day there. for the weekend 71 on saturday and 72 lots of sun on sunday. and if we do get rain from irma, the possibly tuesday and
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wednesday as things look now. but a lot could change with that storm. >> thank you. class is back in session and young sisters are diving into new subjects but some children have vision problems. >> mackenzie is anxious for her new fourth grade class all summer and even working on math all summer. >> i'm going to grow up and being a teacher. >> some get new backpacks for school and they also need thorough vision exams. >> 80% of what they learn is from their eyes and one in four have an undiagnosed vision issue. >> they screen tore acuity. and an exam from a doctor goes further. they can diagnose things like
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lazy eye. >> and it looks at the overall health no matter the age. >> diabetes, and as you get older a precursor to understand what is going on with stress and high cholesterol. >> a child turning the head to the side to look at something in front of them could be a stigmatism. and a short attention span, they may shy away from tests that use their eyes for a long period of time. and avoiding reading and other activities. >> make sure the vision is clear and more importantly nothing else is going on. >> the earlier you find the vision problems the better off they will be in and out of school. channel 6 "action news."
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closing in on 1:00.
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one last check of the accuweather forecast with david murphy. >> cloudy season damp in the northern and western suburbs. the farther south you go the better chance of warming up and some of are you getting close to the mid-70s. periods of rain in the forecast and right now stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you a lot of it in the northern and western suburbs. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> have a great afternoon. >> see you tonight.
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