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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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skilled rescue team headed south to help out. we begin with adam joseph with the latest track. >> we look at hurricane irma, still a powerful category five maintaining the 185 winds. the eye is circular and showing the power of the storm now passing by the british virgin islands. and scraping saints johns and st. thomas. and as we zoom out it has the perfect structure a category five hurricane. and there is the dominican republic and haiti. and here is the wind field. puerto rico is spared by hurricane force winds and they will see tropical storm force winds and the same thing for the dominican republic and haiti. just getting scraped but up next is the turks and caicos to take
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a direct hit with the eye wall and after the turks and caicos as we get into the latter part of the week and weekend. temperatures in the upper 80s in the bahamas, that is a core of warm air it will feed off of that not really allowing irma to weaken whatsoever. and in fact, as we look at the latest track here, it shows north of cuba on saturday morning a category four hurricane and yesterday that was over the keys and today it's more likely over miami. but i do not want you to look just at the actual direct path because you need to look at the entire cone of uncertainty. it's a 225 mile wide zone this far out so the actual track once did gets close to florida it could be anywhere within the 225 miles needs to watch the cone. a dangerous storm no matter what.
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we'll look at this as well as our local forecast. >> thank you adamment of course hurricane irma, just as adam mentioned causing a lot of damage in the caribbean. the four considered the most structurally sound on the island of saint martin are destroyed according to the french interior minister. the dominican republic will be hit next. seeing wind and rain and this is part of blunt language from governor of florida today. saying it could be worse than hurricane andrew that devastated florida 25 years ago. >> the storm is bigger, faster and stronger than hurricane andrew. we are being aggressive for our preparation for the storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. >> people are waiting in long lines to get sandbags to protect their homes and city leaders
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announced plans to open shelters to help victims. it's nearly impossible to get a flight out of florida they are all nearly soldout. and those with seats left are charging top dollar. sara bloomquist is live at the philadelphia international airport. a lot of people are coming to our area to get out of the path of this storm. >> we talked to travelers here at philadelphia international airport and at the atlantic city airport today. they did make it out of the path but wonder when and how they will get back and what they will find? >> we are waiting now for a hurricane to come. >> they are not waiting in florida for hurricane irma to arrive but they made it out on flights and landed in our area today. glad they made it out before the monster storm comes there. >> it's scary, i'm suppose to go back to work on friday but i feel like it will be scary i'm not there with my family.
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>> as they arrived they brought with them stories of the preparations underway as many in the path plan to sit tight and ride it out. >> based on one of the strongest and people prepared down there since tuesday. they went out and started to put out plywood and all the stuff they need for the storm. when we left it was beautiful but everybody is buttoning up and moving out and running out of water gas lines are high. >> when i was leaving walgreens and wal-mart, they are out of water. there is no water at all. >> many wonder when and how they will get home. >> they don't know what to expect. we are actually suppose to go back on sunday and we are not sure what is will happen. >> lillian's daughter convinced her to evacuate and she spent $600 to go one way and is not sure what she will find when she goes home. >> i can only pray when i get
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home -- it's coming right at us down there. >> american airlines is starting to cancer sell flights as early as friday in miami and running through the weekend. airlines here expanded their exchange fee waivers to include florida airports over the coming days. and many cruise lines are now changing routes and dates or canceling cruises all together in advance of irma. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. irma has people on the professional. let talk about harvey though. the $7.9 billion aid package is makes its way through capitol hill. shortly after that president trump announced a deal with democrats in both chambers that speeds up the money and funds the government for the next three months. the lawmakers pushed for the
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deal while meeting with the president at the white house. >> the president doesn't want people in irma's path to be concerned about getting federal help but are concerned about getting help. in texas they have transitioned on focusing on the long-term recovery. homeland security secretary urged people to follow evacuation orders. and philadelphia is sending a team. along the way they meet up with their colleagues that responded to hurricane harvey. they will be ready when irma finally strikes. vernon odom was there when they picked up this morning. vernon is joining us with mr. on their mission. >> reporter: sharrie, it is a 17 hour bus ride from here to maxwell air force base in alabama where the team from task force one from pennsylvania will
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meet up with their colleagues and go together into florida. after hurricane irma kicks that state in the teeth. 41 members of pennsylvania task force one loaded up to head to alabama to rendezvous with the pennsylvania task force team that "action news" caught up with in texas doing work after hurricane harvey. they will stand by in alabama and wait to be deployed to florida had is expected to be devastated when hurricane irma barrels into the sunshine state. the bulk comes from the philadelphia fire department. >> i'm in special operations, all types of rescues, i was trained well by the fire department and also a hazmat specialist and a driver for the engine. >> i am dealing with hurricanes my entire career, this is unprecedented. when you hear people say that, it's no joke.
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>> the pennsylvania task force is sending all sorts of expertise to florida. just like the crew from texas. including four search and rescue k-9. >> they can smell out live human scent. someone in a collapsed building or in the wilderness area, our dogs are able to locate them with the location of their smell. >> not knowing yet what the devastation of rains and water will rain down on florida. they can only wait and anticipate. >> i guess search and rescue and rapid water rescue, whatever they need from us. >> reporter: brian, pennsylvania task force one has three tractor trailers full of supplies following them including a bathroom and food supplies, their mission will be a grueling one. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> and a critical one at that too.
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thank you. >> meanwhile it's not just the experts that sought the help in the wake of harvey. philadelphia's mayor took the opportunity to remind every day citizens how they can continue to help. >> cash donations is the best and most effective way to help survivors because it gives charitable organizations. >> mayor kenney reminded people to deal with a reputable one like the red cross and the outpouring of generosity continues to be overwhelming. we'll alert you to updates on our app and get the latest from our meteorologists on possible impact here. a free download for your mobile device. new at 4:00 today. a man has been formerly charged with murder in haverford township. derek rollins was arraigned for the shooting death of john lee at an apartment complex on haverford road.
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after a weeks long manhunt they captured rollins in georgia and is held now without bail. officers are trying to determine the motive behind lee's murder. >> we can't even begin to imagine why he killed that innocent man who was just heading to his friends house. >> rollins accused of firing a gun at an occupied car in philadelphia the very same day as the haverford township murder. delaware county prosecutors are handling both of those cases. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we were getting used to everybody being back to work and back to school and today damp roadways and puddles, it's a tricky ride home. we are watching volume on the schuylkill expressway westbound lanes approaching conshohocken and you see about a 10 minute
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delay on the westbound travel time. we have seen worse but already a slow go. same is true on 95 penned landing just 9 miles per hour as the crowd builds in there toward girard avenue. and bigger fish to fry, a major crash is shutting down the i-78 in allentown unon the westbound side with a gaper delay. it's not going to be a great ride on 22, but at this point that is the better bet. acrude 78 in allentown because of that crash. in pottstown a crash taking out the left lane northbound side of 100 at kings street and gloucester county word of an overturned vehicle crash temporarily blocking the ramp to depford. if you are trying to get to the mall you can't use the ramp off 55. and a crash off newcastle, route 9 at boston wood avenue.
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and an object on the roadway by the betsy ross bridge and allegheny avenue. watch out for that too. the list keeps growing. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news," more than a dozen states including pennsylvania and delaware take action to protect young immigrants. plus a new jersey senator heads to trial. hear his message to voters today. and the newest cast members of dancing with the stars. we'll look at the famous faces. ♪
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organic free-range chickens, non-gmo, 100% vegetarian fed- raised with no antibiotics ever! we should post this. perdue. raising more organic chickens than anyone in america. hashtag organic. hashtag happy. hashtag... well, all the hashtags! president trump's decision to end certain protections for some young undocumented immigrants in this country is facing a legal battle and
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attorney generals from the delaware valley are on board to sue the administration. pennsylvania and delaware are part of a 15 state lawsuit to protect action for childhood arrivals or doca. they argued ending the program adrugly violates due process for some 800,000 immigrants. we'll have that story coming up in the next half hour. the corruption trial against new jersey senator, bob menendez is underway in newark, the prosecutors say he sold his office for a lifestyle he couldn't afford that he used his office to advance the interest of a major donor and he spoke to reporters fighting back tears at times before walking back into the courtroom. >> not once, not once have i dishonored my public office. i started my career fighting
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corruption, that is how i started and have always acted in accordance with the law. >> the donor in question here, dr. solomon is also on trial. he and menendez are facing fraud and bribery charges. the state of delaware is taking new steps to fight opioid abuse and the threat of overdoses. attorney general matt den released a nine point plan including funding for new treatment facilities and the expanded use of the overdose drug narcan. commissioned by delaware's department of justice. now, a look at the day's closing numbers on wall street. green arrows, the dow recovering after a major slump. rising 54 points and the nasdaq up almost 18 points.
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and the battle on the ballroom is back on 6 abc. they have unveiled the cast competing for the mirror ball trophy. ♪ ♪ well think the announcement was made live this morning on "good morning america." and it's a big milestone for the show that celebrates 25 seasons on the air this month. former philadelphia eagle, terrell owens. and derek fisher, debbie gibson, and barbara corcoran. and property brothers cohost, drew scott and nicky bella, and sasha petersa and new jersey native frankie nunez. and jordan fisher and lindsay
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sterling and rounding out the case it's a couple's showdown, nick lachey and his wife tv personality vanessa lachey. a powerhouse lineup with this 25th season. >> it never gets old to see people that cannot dance some how pull something impress i together. >> it's unpredictable. >> and another thing is this storm, hurricane irma, a beast no matter what. in the weather center you see what is the wave heights. and how large of an area it contains with 17 foot waves and up to 40 feet high, 20 to 33 feet. somewhere in the lower 48 will
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have to endure wherever that eye makes landfall. rainfall up to 20 inches and catastrophic wind damage with a cat four or five by the time it gets close to florida and then again it is targeting florida and also georgia, south carolina and north carolina. you can see it's now towards the east coast of florida, and models are are trying to keep it off the east coast of florida and that would aim it on the georgia south carolina border anywhere from north carolina in the outer banks down to the east and even west coast of florida, this is something that you will definitely continue to watch. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan back at home, we are dealing with our own nasty weather today. lots of clouds and chilly breeze and steady rain to the north and west and pop of heavy rain and
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all of this spreads to the east into the overnight hours. temperatures have not gotten out of the low 60s. a bit warmer at the shore temperatures in the 70s and rainfall over an inch of rain and parts of atlantic county with downpours and thunderstorms during the early afternoon hours. it's all along a stalled front. that is what brought severe weather this time yesterday. and putting on the brakes and energy arriving at 10:00 tonight and intensifies here with heavier downpours and not looking at severe weather given how cool it is there. and the atmosphere can't sustain storms likes that. and tomorrow morning the clouds fall apart and then a little bit around and into late tomorrow morning into the afternoon sunshine takes back over with some cloud cover here or there. and overall a decent thursday after we start a little bit on
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the cloudy side. west winds are breezy to 16 and temperatures only in the low and mid-70s. so a fall feeling for tomorrow. in fact that fall feeling continues in the four day forecast, friday partly sunny and 73 degrees, sun and clouds on saturday, only 71 degrees and sunday it is sunny and beautiful, with our temperatures still way below average. only 74 so quite a stretch for us locally. we'll have more on irma coming up in the next half hour. >> looking forward to that thanks. more "action news" coming up after this.
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politicians playing gameston while south jersey gets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? elect fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions,
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day for the school community. today marks 50 years since saint martha's opened its doors. and remember that "action news" wants to see your back to school photos, send us your pictures so we can feature them here on 6 abc. use the #6abcaction or email us at and manner college is debuting a new service for its students, leaders cut the ribbon on a food pantry called the bird feed. offeri offering items to students in need. pinera bread is helping out by donating left over baked goods every week and wawa gave a $500 donation to get the pantry started . two local basketball standouts were recognized with john wanamaker awards.
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john thainy took home the lifetime achievement award. and mayor jim kenney congratulates the recipients during the ceremony at the crystal tea room. >> great to see them share the stage. next on "action news" at 4:00, the latest on the growing backlash following president trump's decision to end doca. we are live where some of the protests took place today. if you are sick and tired of robo calls listen up. a new phone carrier has a way to block them for free.
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ripping strong buildings apart as it passed. the president of france expects many victims will discovered after the storm moves away and now the storm moves towards
4:30 pm
puerto rico. florida is also preparing for a possible direct hit at least 150,000 are under mandatory evacuation orders and president trump has declared a state of emergency for the sunshine state. and the storm could impact millions, lets get the latest on the track of this storm from meteorologist, adam joseph, to talk about where it is and wheres going. >> it's north of puerto rico working todays the british virgin islands. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see the brighter purples around the eye that is the stronger winds as it moves north of puerto rico, and thankfully it will only see tropical storm force winds with this hurricane as it stays far enough to the north. look at the watches and warnings
4:31 pm
with hurricane irma in the dominican republic, a tropical storm warning, winds sustained at 185 miles per hour. this should be updated within the next 25 minutes but as it goes across the turks and caicos taking a direct hit friday morning and north of cuba as a category four, it will aim towards miami, and then as it heads towards miami we'll have to watch where it goes on the southeast coast but there are the watches and warnings and the turks and caicos islands are up next with the storm and cuba under the hurricane watches. we'll talk about a seven-day forecast coming up that indicates a nice stretch for us but also much more on this hurricane guys in just a little bit. >> thank you. meanwhile, the backlash continued tonight one day after president trump ordered an end to the so-called doca program. this was the scene outside of brian fitzpatrick's office in langhorne, and outside of pat
4:32 pm
meehan's office in spring field county. those are two of the offices that pro tests gathered to protest the action that they call cruel. a similar scene in whitehall township. that is where we find walter per, and they are demanding that congress fix this. >> reporter: that is right. the hot potato that president trump dropped on congress is red hot across the country and in our area. >> there were protests and a few arrests outside of the office of primarily republican lawmaker. they showed up outside of the office of costello. including ram arrow, she is working toward a degree in health care education. and the first time she ever felt
4:33 pm
like a foreigner. >> consider myself an american and i know every doca people i know consider themselves american too because they grew up here. >> and they released a response reading in part. while it's clear that the obama administration abused executive authority implementing doca. it is up to congress to give clear regulations. and here we found another doca beneficiary named john hernandez who moved here with his family when he was 2. he says the worst part is the message it sends to is the white house. >> this is to make his base happy, a base that fears immigrants and officials and blames us for this country's problems. >> several rallies were organized by a grass root organizations that says make the
4:34 pm
road pennsylvania, dedicating their resources to appeal the -- of doca. >> for the immigrant youth across the country that have immigrant status, they have to either stand up and denounce what happened and fight for the doca minute, or giving them hell for as long as it takes. >> we can mention that congressman dent is a moderate republican, but doesn't like the fact that it was passed through executive order. he is work on legislation to bring it back working on that with lawmakers from florida. the handful of people arrested with were charged with trespassing. and have been processed and released. >> walter, thank you. of course you can follow the latest on the president' decision to phase out doca on the 6 abc app, and how this move impacts the dreamers and the
4:35 pm
local reaction. philadelphia police are asking the public to help them track down a gunman who shot a 60-year-old man during a robbery and investigators say that the man did not try to fight back. this is the surveillance video from north 53rd street early last friday. you see the gunman and young woman approach the victim as he walked down the block. the woman pushed the man down and tried to rob him and police say even though the victim complied the man shot him once in the stomach and he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. if you have physician contact southwest detectives. the burlington county prosecutors office is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in a double murder of a mother and child. 38-year-old and her 6-year-old boy were stabbed to death in their maple shade apartment in
4:36 pm
march. the victim's husband says she found their bodies and in addition to announcing a new reward they canvassed the apartment come problem imploreling potentialwities to come forward. a florida mother who admits to trying to join isis is going to federal prison. she plead guilty last year to one count of trying to provide support to a terrorist organization. she was plotting to go to syria to join a suicide mission. it has been nearly two weeks since hurricane harvey hit the gulf coast but drivers in the delaware valley are feeling the effects. rick williams is live now with more on that story today. >> thank you. that is right. if you had to gas up in the past week or two, you know what we are talking about. the average price of gas in the
4:37 pm
tri-state area is up between 35 and 40 cents in just one week's time. and it's a perfect storm of harvey's torrential rains and labor day. what experts are saying about the future of gas prices. also coming up at 5:00 in health check, chances are you heard about the health risks of sitting down all day but does that mean that standing is all that better. that and more in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. back to the studio and brian i'll go sit down. >> you are standing and i'll go sit. >> rick thanks. >> today marks the start of a busy year ahead for mass community charter schools. the first of the last day of high school for the seniors and last year at northeast regional center, the first to graduate
4:38 pm
under a dual enrollment program. by the end of the year they earn their high school diploma, and 60 college credits and associates degree in pcc. >> some younger kids headed back to class. students at trenton academy were given the royal treatment. police officers and others lined the halls to cheer them on with high fives and words of encouragement. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00. move over feathered brows, a new trend is making waves on social media and we mean that quite literally, we'll show you what we mean coming up. >> and if you have a cell phone, chances are you have a robo call recently and a new survey says that 60% of wireless customers get six or more per week. but you don't have to live with this anowance anymore.
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how to stop them in what's the deal. >> and did the red sox get called red handed. why the yankees have been claiming that boston uses an apple watch to cheat during the game.
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an accused shoplifter is charged for what she did after the arrest. this is luston in the back of a police cruiser, after her officer checked her bag. they slippedss out of the handcuffs and took the cruiser and led police on a 23 minute chase that reached speeds up to 103 miles per hour. until she lost control. they broke through the window and hauled her off it jail. health check today, if you are shopping for skin
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moisturizer, beware of a common pitch on the labels. you will pay more for dermatologist approved you won't get more than the cheaper versions. they tested 50 popular skin softeners, and they found that the cheaper brands had allergy reducing ingredients. avoid fragrances if you are sensitive. today's big talkers, beginning with a new twist in a century old sports rivalry. the new york yankees are accusing the boston red sox of using an apple watch to steal pitching signs. more surprising, the sox are not denying it. "the new york times" says that major league baseball officials have opened the investigation into sign stealing by the red sox, that is the practice of the decide -- the pitch signals for
4:43 pm
the push up next. a sox staff member would watch the games on a live feed and relay the catchers play to a train trainer directly in the dugout via a smart watch. when confronted the red sox admits to the using the system for weeks at fenway park and countered saying that the yankees were stealing signals by using a tv camera at yankee stadium. even with the alleged confession they could onlily only receive a slap on the wrist and possibly a fine. the mlb commissioner says that a team has never had to vacate a win over stolen signals, that is how baseball goes sometimes they say. >> finally from pencils in to plucked thin. they come and go for brows, but
4:44 pm
one makeup statement is changing that by quite literally making some waves. here is what we mean. look at this --. call it the squiggle brows, eyebrows and styled to look like something out of a dr. seuss book, whether thin or thick, the weird and wavy lines are blowing up on instagram. so much so they inspired a new trend. allow us to introduce you to squiggle lips. some makeup artists decided the brows were not bizarre enough so they morphed the lips as well. you can create a trend, and a look that may make you feel motion sick with the wave going there. >> impressionist art on your face. >> i highly doubt i will try that at work. >> you don't want that. >> lets get a check of the roads
4:45 pm
now. matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> looking a little adams familyesque. to me. good afternoon everybody we are outside live along 95 if you are wining your yea home on 95 you are winding up in a delay at penn's landing. from this point at the vine street expressway to girard avenue. normal afternoon stuff and some roads are damp and a few puddles, but overall normal fair. speeds in the 20s on the schuylkill. and in the neighborhoods accidents like one in rock ledge by the sunoco station at huntington park. and a couple in pottstown one along 100 northbound by kings street cleared but to take its place one along high street near hanover street near the brick house. and big issues in the lehigh valley. stay clear of i-78, eastbound
4:46 pm
side is blocked. a lane restriction single digit speeds both ways, and not a lot better on 22 eastbound and that is the way to go. stay local through allentown, 78 is not where you want to be. heading toward ft. dix an accident along the access highway and gloucester county an overturned vehicle 55 southbound from depford if you are trying to get to the mall that ramp is shut down but the crash in newcastle at route 9 and buttonwood avenue is cleared up. >> thank you. how about a live look outside. sky 6 hd giving us the view of the dreary center city skyline this aof noon. meteorologist, adam joseph, coming up with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
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meteorologist, adam joseph, busy in the weather centers. trapping irma down south. >> and we are waiting for a 5 update that comes in just before 5:00 sometimes i'll let you foe if that happens. as we look at the weather center and looking at hurricane irma again, again a massive storm. still has the almost buzz saw type of shape. you have the perfect circle in the middle and the edged etches, the edge of it slowing out -- i'm trying to say here. moving north of puerto rico, san juan, winds sustained at 185 miles per hour. as of the 2:00 update. still awaiting the 5:00 update. the pressure 920 millibars and winds are gusting to 220 miles per hour. the next island that will take a
4:50 pm
direct hit will be the turks and caicos and after that, the late part of the weekend as it approaches the southeast coast of the united states, the cone of uncertainty at the beginning of that cone is 175 miles wide. basically what this means, you look at the track, you don't want to look at the exact track only but the entire cone, that means this hurricane could move as far east as this red, so florida, georgia, north carolina and south carolina have to prepare for a direct strike. as we look at the upper atmosphere steering this system a trough over the atlantic and northeast. if it was deeper to the south it would kick irma out to sea but that is not happening many we have high pressure building to the northeast and to the west. irma cannot bust into the walls
4:51 pm
it only have one place to go and that is between the high pressure center, somewhere between florida and the carolinas. so a strike could be florida or a district strike could be georgia, south carolina or even north carolina at this point. back at home we deal with the rain heavy at times, especially in chester county. a stalled front over our region and spreading from the south to north here and it continues to push to the east and more rain is coming down the pipeline of 95 heading down to south jersey tonight as well. temperatures are very cool, only in the 60s for philadelphia, allentown and 50s in the poconos and a big change from yesterday. close to 20 to 25 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. when we had the temperatures that were in the upper 80s. satellite and radar, there is the rain firing up down to the south working up to the boundary through the overnight hours and 9:00 heavy at times, that wave
4:52 pm
moves on and drys out later on tomorrow morning. and the sunshine returns tomorrow afternoon and thursday looking nice around here. and breezy from the west and highs in the low to mid-70s. cool for this time of year. look at this exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast almost late september and early october like with temperatures in the low to mid-70s from start to finish and a beautiful stretch of weather all the way through next monday. it starts to turn cloudy on tuesday and if we see any sort of rain from irma, it would be wednesday of next week, and at this point. the high is over us, it would rip irma apart. and maybe just some light rain by the middle of next week. >> thanks adam. we are helping you put an end to the annoying robo calls coming up after the break. keep finding new waysse t
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to join you so nothing gets in your way. because no matter where it is you're going, or whatever stage of life you're in. we believe that when it comes to health. you don't join us. we join you.
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well, back in june a federal judge ordered dish network to pay $280 million in fines for making illegal calls to those on the national registry. here is nydia han with more. >> some of us get bombarded with calls some straight to the cell phones. but there are things you can do to start them. >> carol get a lot of robo calls on her cell phone. >> i get five or six robo calls per week and the area codes are from all over the country. i have a baby. and i'm concerned it could be something about the baby. >> that 80% of at&t and verizon customers report four calls per week and some are getting more
4:56 pm
aggravating messages in their voice mail. >> where a call goes directly into the voice mailbox without the phone ringing. that could fill up your inbox and we think it's important to have protections against them. >> phone carriers are offering tools to help. at&t has a free happen for the customers that automatically blocked scam calls for 6 and higher. and t-mobile offers free scam blocking and sprint and verizon have apps that display on your screen for those not on your contacts list. and they made it easier to sign up for an app called no mo robo. >> and you can disclose physician on robo calls, look for conditions signing up. >> every time it happens i yell into the phone, unsubscribe.
4:57 pm
and that doesn't work. it's frustrating that i don't have a recourse to deal with the calls or make them stop. >> now she does have a recourse. report them to the ftc, to do that and more steps to protect yourself from robo calls, go to >> it's so annoying it's nice to get the power back thank you. >> that will do it tore "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join me tonight and every ni for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is next.
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plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it looks like it could be something that will be not good. >> today is the day where we pray for the best but we prepare for the worst. >> it's a state of emergency in the southeast. as hurricane irma barrels towards the u.s. one of the strongest storms to form in the atlantic is lashing the caribbean and officials in
5:00 pm
three states are putting residents on high alert ahead of irma's arrival. it's wednesday night and monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us. >> we have live team coverage tonight. cecily tynan is tracking where the storm may hit but first abc's maggie ruly in new york following the warnings and evacuations coming out of the southeast tonight. >> reporter: rick and sharrie, what we see out of the caribbean so far from irma so far are devastating and the category five storm has the u.s. set square in its path. hurricane irma barrelling on as a category five. one of the strongest the atlantic ocean has ever seen. the storm's bearing down on puerto rico, the island has not seen the storm of this mag toot in 100 years. >> i covered hurricanes for 25


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