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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  September 9, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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cuba last night and set its sights on florida. it had regained category five status, but dropped back to category four early this morning with winds 155 miles per hour. irma is expected to hit the florida keys tomorrow morning and slam into the state's southwest coast. there was a mass exodus yesterday, but people were told to be out by midnight or stay put. the governor of florida gave an ominous warning to those who did not evacuate. he said they would have to ride out the storm at their own risk. long lines stretched for blocks as thousands of people in miami looked for shelter from hurricane irma. there are 40 shelters open right now, seven were at capacity yesterday. boats were tied down in an effort to keep them from blowing away. irma has left a devastating impact on the carribean at least 20 people were killed. thousands are homeless on the
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resort island of barbuda is in ruins. stephanie ramos live in florida with the latest. >> reporter: this morning there are people trying to make a mass exodus out of florida as the monster storm raging closer to the coast and grows stronger. irma is inching closer to south florida with winds 160 miles per hour. the storm shifting farther west the eye of the storm on keys in florida. nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. >> we're running out of time, the storm is almost here, if you're in an evacuation zone you need to go now. >> reporter: more than 5.6 million people have been asked to evacuate, many living in low-lying coastal areas. as time runs out, people are trying to escape the storm. traffic so bad on the three main
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routes out of south florida, some people abandoned their cars because they have run out of gas. those trying to get out by air finding themselves stuck, fort lauderdale airport closed. miami international spending all flights. those trying to get in hoping to get a last minute ticket stranded. >> we spent hours trying to find a flight. it's been awful. we have not slept. >> reporter: some miami beach residents are counting on their storm resistant structures and staying put. >> we are going to ride it out. we have back up electricity. we have hurricane built building with cement. >> reporter: the winds have pick up, we're starting to feel the outer rain bands of irma expected to reach south florida tomorrow morning. abc news, back to you. >> we turn attention to
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meteorologist chris sowers who is tracking the latest on hurricane irma's track, chris, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: we have a few changes first the track has shifted to the west and the wind speeds have come down a little bit. it had winds up to 160 miles per hour now it's down to 155. it's a powerful category four storm. havana sits here, the bahama islands are over my shoulder, florida straits, florida keys, this is everglades national park in naples area. the storm will move like this. we thought it was going fob eastern florida, now western florida will take the hit. the first hit sugarloaf key and the second hit fort meyers beach and naples florida. storm tracker 6 live you can see the outer edges, let's try that
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again. you can see the outer edges, the feeder bands starting to progress to the west. southern florida, look at the reds, the across, the oranges, heavy rains shifting to the west/northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. conditions will rapidly deteriorate across southern florida over the next 6 to 10 hours. it will be very, very bad for the southern keys and the western tip of southern florida. we're looking at tropical storm force winds across the keys. as the eye wall makes its landfall, key west, 127 miles per hour. those are winds gusts that could be higher than that. the secondary area along fort meyers beach. winds over 100 miles per hour that's sunday night. into monday morning, it starts to lose steam and weakens into a tropical storm, but we're seeing forecasted wind speeds in the 70 to 90-mile an hour range in parts of the area.
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spaghetti plots, each line represents a different tropical forecast model, they all target western florida at this point sometime early tomorrow morning. when i come back we'll focus on the storm surge and which areas will get hit worse and our forecast. >> this is the arrival board at philadelphia international airport, the final flight from orlando arrived last night. the flight from fort lauderdale was supposed to arrived at 10:56 that was canceled. they are removing all canceled passengers to shelters. >> it was chaotic. >> the airport was very crowd crowded. everybody was trying to get out. >> everybody is worried. >> reporter: trying to escape the wrath of hurricane irma has been a massive exodus.
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>> i've traveling to orlando for ten years and never seen anything like this before. >> we booked and got a flight in the nick of time. >> reporter: do you feel lucky? >> definitely. >> reporter: others were not as lucky. james and laura arrived in florida on monday, and ended up scrambling to get out of there. >> we got canceled and so we booked a train. >> reporter: they ended up catching the last train from miami. >> it took 0 hours to get -- 30 hours to get here. they booked a train to pay paoli just to get out of florida. >> we didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> reporter: meanwhile, some who got out, there was a feeling of
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guilty for those who stayed behind. >> because of my age, my son is down there, insisted that i come home. rose anne's family said they urge her to come here for her sister's 60th birthday while they stayed behind. >> i'm happy, but i'm sad because i'm worried about them. i'm leaving everybody there i don't know what i am going back to. all i can do is hope and pray and leave them in god's hands. >> for many escaping the wrath of hurricane irma they are hoping and praying for the best. at philadelphia international, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> this morning the national guard unit from cape may is on the its way to florida. the 253rd transportation company left yesterday morning. chopper 6 hd was overhead as the convoy drove over the delaware memorial bridge there. the guards men are not sure yet where they will be helping out. they say they are raised to stay
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no matter long as it takes. >> brian taff is in fort lauderdale florida, we'll have a live report from him and throughout the weekend as hurricane irma bears down on the sunshine state. we're tracking the path of hurricane irma with the 6abc app. you can get the latest from our team of meteorologists on any possible impact to our area. the 6abc app, of course, a free download for your mobile device. we're tracking breaking news from the lehigh valley. authorities in white hall township said a police officer was shot. this happened along the 47 let you -- 4700 block of main street. police say the officer was shot in the leg responding to some sort of call. the officer signaled for help. the gunman was arrested at the scene. we're waiting this morning on the information about the officer's condition we'll keep you posted. this morning the country
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music industry is grieving the loss of troy gentry following a helicopter crash in medford, new jersey. he died from injuries in the crash. police responded to a call of a helicopter in distress at 12:40 p.m. yesterday. the helicopter crashed 20 minutes later while on its way to the flying w airport and resort. 50-year-old gentry was pulled from the wreckage, but later died. yards away from the crash site gentry was scheduled to perform last night. >> i cried, i burst out crying, it's like it's so sad. >> heartbreaking story, the pilot 30-year-old james robison of medford was pronounced dead at the scene. ntsb is investigating the crash. down the shore the
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contestants in miss america competition will take part in the show me your shoes parade. it will be the final time the ladies get to greet the public tomorrow night at boardwalk hall. the show me your shoes parade steps off at 5:00 p.m. on the ac boardwalk. you can see who takes the crown during the finale tomorrow night beginning at 9:00 p.m. catch it right here on 6abc. eagles get ready for the season opener in the nation's capitol ahead, like the fine wine, two men make sure their whiskey is perfection. we'll tell you the story of how they went from fraternity brothers to entrepreneurs. prayers for those not path of hurricane irma. >> reporter: we'll have the latest on hurricane irma the projected path and the projected wind speeds. take a look at the weather here back home across the delaware and lehigh valleys. normally we should be around 83.
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today we're forecasting a high of 73. we have cooler numbers to talk about in the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next.
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>> pope francis made a plea to the faithful to pray for the victims of the earthquake in mexico and those in the path of hurricane irma. the pontiff made his remarks at the end of the mass in columbia yesterday. he said he was praying for those who lost loved ones or their homes. the visit was intended to be a celebration of the country's step forward toward peace, the natural disasters dampened the mood. this is a live picture from naples florida as we monitor hurricane irma. the winds are picking up, the palm trees are blowing in the wind. you can see a person on the beach. this is all going to change for the worst in a matter of hours as hurricane irma slams into florida. chris sowers is tracking the system. the question become also because naples isen 0 the gulf side of
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florida at sea level. how bad is the storm surge going to be there. because they sit three feet above sea level. the track will shift to the west, the surge will come over the western tip of florida. they could see a storm surge in excess of ten feet. i've seen storm surges travel 8 to 10 miles per hour him they are looking at a tremendous amount of water that will barrel through over the next 1 to 24 -- 12 to 24 hours. hurricane irma category four storm, gust 185, 190 miles per hour. pressure is has come up 930 mill ibars. when irma hit cuba was a category five storm. now it's a category four.
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it may increase to a cot gory five again -- category five again as it crosses over the florida keys. let's look at the enfrom-- infrd shot. the reds showing up around the center of the circulation which is coming off the coast of cuba. florida straits getting into the florida keys. it will make a right-hand side turn shortly, probably win the next 12 hours or so, which would put the worst part of the had -- hurricane on the western tip of florida notion the eastern tip. a tremendous storm surge expected in that part of florida. marathon, key west, key largo seeing heavy rains. the latest traffic moving west/northwest 12 miles per hour. it will make the right hand turn
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shortly. around the naples area or marko island. this area here landfall expected tomorrow morning between 2 and 5:00 a.m. as a category four storm with winds 150 miles per hour as the storm moves over land getting close to tampa, it weakens dramatically as it loses its fuel source which is the warm waters of the atlantic and the gulf. tuesday and wednesday it weakens into a tropical storm or tropical low. we're seeing good concensus between the forecast models. we have a couple of outliers which brings it over the gulf which will be good news for people in southern florida but terrible news for the folks up here. the track is who will get hit
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hardest. looks like it's naples. rainfall totals range anywhere from 6 to 12 inches when all is said and done. we'll see winds 150 miles per hour for a brief period of time. this wall of water approaches ten feet from the coast fort meyers beach into the everglades national park. these areas are close to sea level ranging 3 to 8 feet above sea level. that wall of water will push i understand land over the next few hours. florida keys 90 to 120 miles per hour winds. naples, 125 miles per hour winds, 6 to 12 inches of rain. storm surge of 6 to 12 feet. for our area it's pleasant, 73 degrees, hour by hour, 1:00 p.m., 72.
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and 4:00 p.m., 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, yes, we'll see remnant rains from irma you- but they won't occur until tuesday into wednesday. 74 tomorrow, monday looks great, 78. >> in art of aging, two entrepreneurs are looking to recapture the golden days of rye ris key in pennsylvania -- whiskey in pennsylvania. >> reporter: herman and john were frat brothers at penn and friends ever since. her man's family owned a bar in western pennsylvania. looking to downsize from their corporate careers they research and plunged into the world of craft spirits and dad's hat whiskey was born. >> we looked at recipe that were practiced 100 years ago in
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pennsylvania. >> we want to make rye risk to taste like it did before pro --. they are selling their ingredients worldwide. >> between facebook and instagram we have a lot of followers. the dad's hat is a tribute to herman's father. the partners want the name to represent the values, as well. >> we took care about the products we make, we make everything here. >> reporter: until recently it was a two man operation, the success and family has enable toed them to higher staff, but tasting is left to the experts. >> whoever is buying that is a lucky person. a few blocks from the septa station in bristol, dad's hat offers private tours.
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if gravity's your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. >> welcome back everyone, 7:25 a.m., part of the reason why irma is not traveling up the eastern seaboard like other hurricanes like floyd, gloria is because of of the huge area of high pressure closing the northern door if you will skirting along the u.s./canadian border. it will travel like this. as it does so it will force irma this way into the deep dixie south. as it gets off the coast next week, it will spin the storm a little bit and the remnant rains
7:26 am
will move into the mid atlantic and the delaware valley. it will spin out, and the results could be showers or brief period of rain. the high works controversy -- over top, the storm goes that way. 73 today. 74 tomorrow, lots of sunshine, very comfortable low humidity levels. >> turning to sports, the eagles are gearing up for their season opener in washington. the phillies are in the nation's capitol where they are hoping to turn things around. here's ducis rogers with all your saturday morning sports. hello, again, they are healthy and hungry and ready. the eagles season opener is tomorrow at washington. carson wentz is anxious to use his brand new weapons. story smith was brought in for speed and alshawn jeffrey for size and hands. eagles can't wait to see them in
7:27 am
action. jeffrey feels the same way. >> i can't wait to get started. >> we'll know he will get his touches and receptions, we're not overly excited, but we know he can do it. >> phillies and nats no score the first inning. nick williams, 24th birthday. 3-run homer, 3-0 phils. bases loaded, completely misplaces a fly ball, it goes to the wall, it's an inside the park grand slam. wow. 3-3. in the 7th. , 10-3. next inning, four run deficit, 3-run blast, phils are back within one. the nats bring in sean doolittle he strikes out 3 batters.
7:28 am
college football, penn state hosts pit at 3:30 p.m. on 6abc. temple hosting villanova at the linc. as for the cats they know this is a huge challenge. each side has respect for the other. >> you step up to an spf team, temple is no different. >> how dangerous can this opponent be. the second you turn on the tape they have nine return starters on offense. we have a healthy respect for one. the second the game was over at notre dame, leon johnson came up to me and villanova. >> that's sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific day.
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bracing for a direct hit from hurricane irma. the powerful storm regained strength to a category five, but is back to category four. this as the governor of the sunshine state sends an ominous warning to his residents. long lines stretched on florida highways, as people began to leave home and seek out safer places to ride out the storm. rick scott told those who did
7:31 am
not evacuate by midnight last night to stay put and prepare. the governor said he did not want people on the roads once irma's outer bands begin lashing the state. >> we care about your safety, you've got to get prepared, if you're in an evacuation zone you need to get out now and get either to a friend, family, a hotel, a shelter, but get where you to need to go and do not wait. >> supplies like bottled water and plywood are difficult to find. many communities have shelters up and running they are welcome be residents who have not evacuated. meteorologist chris sowers closely monitoring the storm. joins us live with a look at where irma is heading right now. >> reporter: all right, it's making a direct beeline toward the florida keys and southwestern florida, gray. right now it's a category four. it weaken a little bit at 5:00 a.m., the winds down 155 miles per hour. slowly grazing it is islandful cuba.
7:32 am
had ahavana is here, florida st, florida keys. it's drifting to the northwest like this it will make the right hand turn and come onshore around sugarloaf in the florida keys and second impact around the naples fort meyers beach. landfall, sugarloaf key in through here, fort meyers beach in the naples area around here. hurricane warning in effect for southern florida. there's going to be a huge wall of water that comes onshore as the center of circulation approaches the western tip of florida. storm surge of ten feet is expected for florida keys and fort meyers and naples him onshore winds in west palm beach and miami could see a storm surge above five feet for the normal high tide leaves. you have to remember the wynfield, the counter clockwise
7:33 am
wynfield wrapping around the huge storm. as it is situated here, winds out of the east east coast you're piling the water on, 3 to 5 feet. on the opposite side wind out west, wind flow like this you're bringing water off the gulf in areas like tampa to the south, again 2 to 35 feet. monday, monday night and tuesday storm passes over the pan handle of florida and georgia and starts to weaken as it loses its fuel source. remnant rains may affect our area tuesday night into wednesday. i'll be back in a just a few minutes, we'll focus on the timing and the impact of the storm and the hourly and local forecast. >> many people have left the coastal area in southern florida, seeking refuge from the raft of hurricane irma. brian taff travel to for the
7:34 am
lauderdale florida north of the miami. he filed this report. >> reporter: there's a sense ever unease in fort lauderdale, florida. there's a sentiment shared by those back home who have relatives in florida. some of the concern is mitigated by the fact that the storm has a changing westward course that will take miami and fort lauderdale out of the bulls eye. that could changen 0 -- on a dime. . >> it's like a convoy, i don't know if you've ever driven in a convoy of military, but the one after the other. >> reporter: steve was one in the seemingly endless stream of cars with a common destination. out of irma's path. >> that's a 600 home community, 400 homes are gone. >> reporter: from the moment we arrived, the norms -- enormous
7:35 am
exodus were a parent. flight after flight delayed. drone 6 shows the traffic on the grounds. these lines not waiting for flights, but fuel. >> evacuation mandatory, please evacuate. >> reporter: the rush to flee was not all self driven, mandatory evacuations underway and several of florida's southern most cities. a florida highway patrol officer told us so far so good. >> they need been in good spirits. we've had a few here and there, for the most part everyone has been cooperative. we're keeping an orderly fashion to keep the traffic from backing out on the main line. we're keeping it open. it's been success. , but there's times when its come close. >> reporter: a delaware county
7:36 am
family was heading in determined to take their vacation in the midst of irma. >> i hope everybody will be safe and turns out all right no damage where we're at. that would be nice. >> reporter: some bad news for you for the family, disney world will shut down at noon, it will be closed tomorrow and monday, possibly longer. officials say it's a very smart move businesses should not keep their doors open in the face of cat trafficker -- catastrophic storm. after the staff channel 6 "action news." >> the last -- brian taff, channel 6 "action news." >> the last flight out of fort lauderdale that was supposed to land in philadelphia around 11:00 p.m. that was canceled. a problem many evacuees are running into. the majority of people were fleeing the sunshine state, others were heading into the storm zone.
7:37 am
"action news" caught up with several passengers on the last frontier flight to for the laundry from trenton, mercer airport in ewing. >> i want to batten town the hatches because my two daughters live in davenport. i have to take care of them. >> the reason i'm going now, it's $49 to go now, if my house blows away i don't know how i would get there after it was all said and done. >> reporter: flights to florida are suspended to tuesday. we're tracking irma in the 6abc app we'll alert you as the storm progresses. you can get the latest from our team of meteorologists as the possible impact to our area. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. philadelphia police investigating the gruesome discovery, a body of a man found inside a home on the 7500 block
7:38 am
of overbrook avenue in overbrook park. firefighters were called to the reports of the home burning. crews put the fire out quickly. the body of the man was found in the basement. the pennsylvania house of representatives is about to return to session amid lengthen ing budget stalemate. the house will ravine after seven week row as he is on monday. -- recess on monday. they need to fill a $2.2 billion budget deficit. winds are picking up in southern florida as the sunshine state perhaps for a direct hit from hurricane irma. a live report next. buildings crumble in mexico after a powerful earthquake rattles that country. we have the latest information. back here at home outside live looking center city.
7:39 am
meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we can expect 70s over the next several days. "action news" saturday morning continues afortsdz. what if there was a paint... ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter... ...even smarter than that... if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
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they must first learn before tto stand out. tall... get everything they need to shine, for less. this week at staples, shop our fifty cent deals. staples. it's pro time. >> 7:41 a.m., live picture, west palm beach florida. you can see the sun peeking out from the clouds. that picture will change over the next several hours as florida braces for a direct hit from hurricane irma. meteorologist chris sowers tracking the system all morning long and all weekend long.
7:42 am
our brian taff in fort lauderdale, florida will have reports throughout the weekend. folks needed to pack their pairvets -- patience as they heeded the advice to get out of the sunshine state. one resident had a message for the powerful storm a mural that reads you don't scare me, irma. stephanie ramos live in florida with the latest conditions in miami. what are conditions like we can see the wind blowing in in your hair. >> reporter: gray, just this morning there were a few people still trying to make their way out of florida. others are choosing to stay here and looking for shelters, some of them have been filled to capacity, but the cities and counties are opening up new shelters today accommodating those folks who are choosing to stay here and may not have a choice. this deadly storm is raging
7:43 am
toward the coast. today hurricane irma is inching closer to south florida with winds 160 miles per hour. the storm shifting significantly further west. the eye of the storm with its sights on the florida keys and tampa. the national weather service tweeting this is as real as it gets. no area in the keys is safe. >> we're running out of time. the storm is almost here. >> reporter: more than 5.6 million people have been asked to evacuate. many living in low-lying coastal areas. as time runs out people are trying to escape the storm. traffic so bad on the three main routes out of south florida, some people abandoned their cars, because they have run out of gas. those trying to get out by air finding themselves stuck. fort lauderdale airport closed. miami international suspending
7:44 am
all flights. those trying to get in to get a last-minute ticket stranded. >> it's hours to find a flight. it's awful we have not slept. >> reporter: some residents are cowct on -- counting on their storm-resistant structures. >> we're going to ride it out. we have hurricane proof housing, brand new built building with cement. >> reporter: here in miami we're starting to feel the outer rain bands of irma which is expected to reach south florida by tomorrow morning. reporting live in miami, stephanie ramos. >> thank you for the update. we wish you safe travels. our brian taff is there, we want all the crews to stay safe. chris you've been tracking this monster system it's expected to hit by sunday morning. i was looking at the latest buoy reports where stephanie is
7:45 am
reporting from. we're seeing winds 25 to 35 miles per hour. it's not too 30u68 -- powerful yet, the conditions will deteriorate over the next 12 hours. hurricane irma approaching the south florida coast, miami seeing heavy rains, the florida keys, the florida straits, the island chain of the bahamas seeing heavy rain. the feeders bands the outer edges of hurricane irma. these are the outer edges working i understand -- inland. maximum stained wind 155 miles per hour. it's down from 160. it come down a little bit. it's a category four storm. there are indications as it crosses over the warm waters of the florida straits it could increase up to 160 miles per hour. the track from the hurricane center, it's situated 175 miles
7:46 am
per hour south of southeastern miami florida. looks like it will make two landfalls in the united states around sugarloaf keys in the florida keys and second landfall around the naples and fort meyers beach area early tomorrow morning. that will be happening as a category four storm or weak category five depending on the exact track. it travels to the north an northwest, it rains itself out by the time we get into tuesday night and wednesday, loses it's tropical characteristics and it becomes an ordinary area of low pressure. the rains could push northeastward into the mid atlantic states. we could see showers or brief rain here in the lehigh valley but not until next week. sustained winds, hurricane force winds, 175 miles per hour. some areas will see wind gusts over 100 from fort meyers to
7:47 am
naples, the keys you're included in this. the hurricane wind field will stay to the west or southwest of miami, we'll fine tune that over the next few hours. i took key largo, the gfs model putting out 15 inches. nam, foot. rpm over 12 inches. rain. we'll see a tremendous amount of water coming inland, as well, a storm surge, this red area this is a nine to 12-foot wall of water coming ashore as the eye wall comes inland. naples, marko island in the wall of water. 6 to 9 feet for key lagro and key west and meyers.
7:48 am
for naples more specifically this is what we're expecting as we head into tomorrow and tomorrow night, winds 95 to 125 miles per hour. 6 to 12 inches of rain. storm surge anywhere from 9 to 12 feet. damage is expected to be very severe in that part of florida. for us back home, sun and clouds, gorgeous, pleasant, high temperatures in the low 70s. allentown, 70. philadelphia, 73. atlantic city the brigantine area 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we keep the winning streak going. the next three days look nice. mostly sunny skies or combination of sun and clouds all three days, high temperatures in the low to mid 70s. 74 degrees sunday. monday, sun along with clouds high of 78. some remnants rains or showers for wednesday and thursday, friday looks good, 78 degrees. no 90s on the seven-day
7:49 am
forecast. >> i'm not complaining chris. >> reporter: me neither. >> superstar sinker beyounce returned to houston texas where she is helping out victims of hurricane harvey. she hosted and catered a dinner for those act -- affected by the storm. she donated sneakers and made financial donations over the years she has made donations to her home church's nonprofit. ♪
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no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, 7:51 a.m., what you're looking at live on your screen, a live picture from naples, florida. >> was we track the -- of course as we continue to track hurricane irma. it will hit florida sunday morning. brian taff will be monitoring the conditions and watching the system all weekend long. get the latest on air and our website the number of dead from one of the most powerful earthquakes
7:52 am
ever recorded in mexico has climbed to 61. the 8.1 quake struck off the southern coast thursday night. it was strong enough to shake buildings 650 miles per hour away in the nation's capitol. hundreds of buildings fell sending people fleeing into the streets in the middle of the night. in "healthcheck" this morning if you are suffering from heartburn give the mediterranean indict a -- a try out. it's good for heartburn. it's heavy on fruits, vegetables and fish and nuts. eating those foods are as effective as the popular as i ad reflux drugs. the american academy of pediatrics released recommendations for staying
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>> final check on the forecast before we say goodbye, meteorologist chris sowers irma the big story. >> reporter: irma should come onshore sometime early sunday
7:56 am
morning. for us back home. look at this weekend it could be a top five weekend 73 degrees, fall-like. tomorrow, 74. we keep the winning streak going tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 73 today, 74 tomorrow. monday, sun and passing clouds, it's a warmer day, but nice, specially for the beginning and middle of september, 78. tuesday into wednesday we could see the remnant rains or showers from irma. high temperatures in the 70s. next friday, partly sunny and 78 degrees. >> looks good. >> thank you so much. it's 7:56 a.m., we're just a few minutes away from saying "good morning america" to "good morning america." here's paula ferris with a preview. >> reporter: good morning, gray, hello philadelphia. hurricane irma is barreling toward florida as a strong data category four. it is shifting and heading thwart the western part of the
7:57 am
state. 6 million evacuated, some sticking it out in shelters. rick scott joins us this morning and we'll have full team coverage on the ground as the state perhaps for absolute worst. hope to see you soon, philadelphia. >> "action news" is back here at 9:00 a.m. rescued from hurricane harvey how a local shelter helped animals caught in the storm's path. we get a take on the team and ruins a perfectly good cheese steak that's on this week's temple football playbook. now from chris sowers and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. the breaking news overnight, hurricane irma slamming the bahamas and cuba. this deadly monster storm devastating the caribbean. now setting its sights on southwest florida. >> its new track and the new major cities right in the bull's-eye. >> this, folks, is the big one. >> the national weather service issuing a dire warning, nowhere in the florida keys will be safe. a mass exodus leaving highways jammed and gas pumps dry. >> get where you need to go and do not wait. >> racing the clock to find a safe place to ride out the storm. will everyone be able to get out in time? >> new shelters opening overnight. >> they're saying don't stress. don't worry but how can you not? >> as thousands seek refuge ahead of the storm expected to be a powerful category


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