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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  September 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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late this afternoon this massive storm, brought driving rain and wind speed of more than 100 miles an hour. all ready flooding, being reported on both coasts of the state. power of the storm is simply jaw dropping. this is a live picture from naples where eye passed through just a short time ago and rain is once again slamming that city. >> sunday night, the big story on "action news" is breaking news from florida where hurricane irma has arrived bringing witt extreme wind and pounding rain. >> at least 2 million people are without power tonight, that represents more than 20 percent of the customer across the state. >> we have team coverage of the irma. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the path of the storm christie ileto has first hand accounts from several survivors. >> but we will begin once again with "action news" anchor brian taff live from naples, florida where the brunt of the storm came through, brian? >> hey, walter, you said it, brunt of the storm came through last night, and, inch forward here to get you out of
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the win, brunt of the storm came through, about 45 minutes to an hour ago, that is when the eye wall crossed over the top of us. that gave way to a surreal several moments worth sky were blue. forgive us as we wiped off the camera lens as it gets socked with the rain as you see pelt ing in the back of me. irma's now 5 miles north of naples. so about 30 miles south/south east of fort myers. it is now a category two hurricane. it was every bit category three as it roared a shore sustain winds of 100 miles an hour. we have gust ted to 142 at one point and destruction has been widespread. a few moments ago when eye was above us and it had been calm, we took out drone six for just a couple minutes and try to launch it. lets roll that now and give you a sense of what we saw. this is on the front side of the hotel, the commercial corridor, route 41, known as the trail, not a lot of people live there, fortunately.
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destruction there limited to trees coming down here and there. not the case on the back side of the building. you can hear wind whipping around here. come back here live. this is the area where a lot of people live, mostly residential from this point forward to the beach. i want to show you a picture i took on my iphone before the storm really got started. this was the building behind me before the winds started to ripping. i believe it is a building, filled with condos. there were carports there. the roof was intact. now, come on back out here live once again, this is how that building looks right now. now the roofies gone. the carports have been torn apart. in fact, you can see one car there underneath, the twisted pieces of metal that irma just lifted up as though they were nothing. and the storm is whipping backup right now as you can tell, the calm is clearly done we're on the back side of the eye wall right now and then we quite frankly don't know what to expect as next hour or two unfolds. we know wind will continue to
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whip up. then comes that storm surge we have been talking about. it is up to 15 feet. we will document this, guys, we will be live on facebook when technology allows to us do it. follow me there as well. brian taff, live from naples florida, channel six "action news". >> brian, thank you. lets turn to meteorologist melissa magee who has been tracking this storm since it started. melissa, what is very latest. >> that is right, sarah there have been a couple land falls with irma. first one was at 9:10 with max sustain wind at 130 miles an hour, so made land fall in cud joe key florida in the lower florida keys as a category four hurricane. it is 102 years since we had two category four storms in the united states. first one was harvey, that battered southeastern coast of texas. then irma made a second land fall, this afternoon at 3:35 in marco island. and here's storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d and what brian was saying about naples, florida and
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essentially the extent of this hurricane is exactly right. he was within that eye wall, right now, center of circulation is over land. so as it moves to the north of naples, the winds pick up in intensity. right now, brian will start to feel, a bit of the increase, and southeasterly push of moisture coming off shore, with all that on shore wind pressing on the back side of the storm. hurricane irma right now is a category two storm encountering land so some friction on is taking place. winds sustained at 110 miles an hour, moving to the north at 14 miles an hour and it will continue that northerly jog for the rest of tonight, maintaining its hurricane status, across northern florida, before weakens over georgia into a tropical storm as we get into early this week as far as winds we have seen so far with this storm, marco island, 130 miles an hour wind gusts, big pine key 120 miles an hour, that is naples, airport 142 miles an hour gusts, when that storm was
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passing over. miami international you are on the eastern side of the state and gusts as high as 99 miles an hour. storm surge from five to 15 feet high, rainfall depending on your location 20820 inches. isolated spots higher then. that widespread inland flooding and severe weather threat on the eastern side of the storm with a couple tornadoes already reported. we have more details with the full, exclusive, accu weather forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. >> if you have any doubts about what a phenomenon this storm is, that is a bay where there is no water there the winds have pushed the water out of the more shallow bays and harbors, and thinks the view from downtown st. peters berg, and it was shot a little earlier this afternoon. officials say that when the wind shift directions, the water will come back, and it could come back, very fast. that is amazing. scary moments today as two high rise construction cranes toppled in downtown miami. up tense gust from his i am air being blamed, we are told those cranes were among two dozen oversized construction hazard in my aim.
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no injuries have been reported as a result of the collapse. city officials say moving those cranes would have taken two weeks. well, this is brand new video from boca raton florida where 2 million people are without power across southern florida. outage reports continue to pour in. this could be the reason y cameras were rolling this afternoon as a transformer exploded here in naples. this is happening all over the place. right now there are no reports of any injuries, due to the exploding power lines. now before irma hit florida the path of destruction in the caribbean. there are thousands of americans we're told stuck in saint martin unable to get out "action news" reporter christie ileto spoke to the mt. airy family who just got back, christie? >> reporter: well, walter, they just got back yesterday evening and still really has not sunk in that they survived hurricane irma. it was supposed to be a surprise vacation celebrating his wife who just became a registered nurse quickly
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became a fight for their lives >> we were scared we weren't coming back. we had, no idea of what was going to happen next. we just heard irma keep beating, and tearing down the building we were in. it was really devastating. >> reporter: michelle butler barge and her husband were staying at the great bay resort and spa in saint martin when mother nature reared a category five hurricane on top of the tiny island. the philadelphia couple's hotel room demolished by strong winds left vulnerable as looters ravaged what was left of the hotel. the barger's were eventually rescued by the national guard ... and michael of west chester was in saint thomas working at the regional medical center when irma re leashed its fury. >> i was in the hospital when it hit and then the fourth
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floor windows blew through. >> reporter: his cell service spotty as he shares stories of survival. >> taking all of the patients down to the third floor on mattresses. it was chaos. there was nobody, really, you know, understood what was happening and then before we know it, everybody was just chipping in, to get cases off the floor as quickly and as safely as we could do that. >> reporter: now very scary moments, michael told us he was able to make it from saint thomas to san juan, puerto rico but earliest he could get back home to west chester is tuesday. now that is almost a week after irma hit where he was. live from mt. airy, christie ileto for channel six "action news". sarah and walter. >> christie, thank you. for very latest on hurricane irma visit six abc .com/irma. you can read updates on the storm and take videos, photos from irma's path as well as watch brian taff's reports from florida. back in our area today it
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was a great day for eagles nation. birds pulled out a big win over washington in the season opener. >> jamie apody has the highlights, the report card is in. >> yes, we have got some great grade for defense. owe even if need work. season begins with the hopes and dreams of the playoffs and beyond. if you are an eagles fans there were points you were thinking super bowl, other points we were thinking here we go again n end a win is a win no matter how they got there, right. carson wentz starting his key second season. he looked like a franchise quarterback we hoped he would be. he threw for 300-yard. how about his escapeability, third quarter, wentz keeping play alive. that surprised the key fence. nelson agholor all alone. that opening up the scoring. 58-yard touchdown. last year's goat looked great in this game. it was tight. eagles up by five. ninety to play. brandon graham with the hit, fletcher cox picks up the fumble, the big man seals the deal. the play was reviewed. it was upheld. celebrations all the way around. eagles, force had turnovers
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beat the skins 30-17 snapping a five game losing streak to their nfc east rival, their first win in washington in four years. >> my hats off to these guys on defense, they battled, they hung in there, they kept our owe even if, you know, in good situations when we had to take the field. great job by our defense. >> how do you think the owe even if played today. >> just okay. we made some plays. a lot of them were broken play s. we've got to obviously look at film and make the corrections. it wasn't perfect. too many break downs in this crucial situations and some drive killers. >> right now, first place in the nfc east. >> i love it when big guys score it is the best. we will go live to jeff skversky coming up later in sports. >> jamie, thank you. much more to come tonight on "action news", we will return to our top story, hurricane irma, we will hear from local people who are at this hour, heading down to florida, power crews to help out. we will go live to d.c. for more on the eagles strong start when "action news" comes right back.
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back live, our coverage of the hurricane irma continues, as we are's looking live from the action cam here in naples, florida where the wind is whipping those palm trees around. they had the eye pass through, they are now in the back side of this storm, so they are seeing those heavy rain bands again and those high winds, soon they will see that storm surge. it could be very destructive. >> um-hmm. returning once again to our top story, of course, hurricane irma, 2.1 million people in south florida now without power at this hour. it could be days, even weeks, before it is all restored. >> local power crew from his our area sent out this morning for florida. here's "action news" reporter bob brooks. >> reporter: they loaded up what they can, water, gator aid, food but there is still so much unknown of what they are heading into.
6:14 pm
tonight, 200 peco employees and contractors are on their way south. they departed from a peco station in eddiestone 10:30 this morning, their destination damage and destruction sure to be left by hurricane irma. as we hoped for the best down south these crews prepared for the worst, maybe largest storm restoration project they have ever faced. peco communication specialist craig smore. >> we know that there will be a lot of work to be done. obviously preparing for the war, hoping for the best but our crews are standing by, they are making their way down there and they are ready to respond where they are needed the most. >> reporter: what you are seeing right there is last truck to pull out of this caravan of 30 trucks. greg, you said one of the things thermos proud office to be able to go down south and help those co that helped you during super storm sandy. >> absolutely, tremendous ability to be able to come down, repay favor and anytime that we're in need, we can call on those other crews as well, it is great to repay favor to those crews helped us in the past. >> reporter: it will go as far
6:15 pm
south as north carolina abe in the morning they will wake up and get to work. we were also there as teams left from pse pse pse&g, they sent sent 154 employees head to go florida. del marva power sent down help officials say this is their chance to give back to so many , who also helped them, with restoring the damage left by sandy. now crew is hearsay that they are in it for long hall, no matter what damage brought by this hurricane, they will still stay down and. reporting from eddiestone, bob brooks, channel six "action news". lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways.
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jamie apody has a check on sports. so far, so good. >> yes, i love that. >> we will take it. >> let's end the season right now. >> yes. >> eagles were three and zero
6:18 pm
last year, we know how that ended. >> okay. >> that is okay. >> just don't get too excited but week one win in the division begins a team they have not beaten in five straight tries is big. carson wentz is not a rookie anymore. he didn't look like one either he showed that he keeps play as live. who would have guessed it his favorite target would be nelson agholor. he started scoring. he moved on from last years disaster. eagles up seven to nothing. so, bird didn't go to do much in the running game but they le gar oath blount. wentz 26 for 39, 307-yard. thirteen to nothing eagles after the miss pat's. ronald darby with the eagles news coveted big time brand new corner dislocates his ankle, 18 minutes in his tenure here. huge blow to the secondary. toward the end of the half darby out kirk cousins hits, thompson who bounced off a bunch of bird to give washington a short lived lead. and mvp of the this game was eagles defense. fourth quarter bird up two. jaylen mills picking off a
6:19 pm
pass at the goal line. they cling to a five-point lead with 90 to go. brandon graham a hit, fletcher cox picks it up and takes it to the house. cox with a sack, forced full will; fumble recovery and touchdown. eagles win 30-17 snapping that five game losing streak to the redskins. jeff skversky is live at fedex field where the bird field like they got that monkey off the back, right, jeff? >> yeah, jamie the eagles win down here in washington for the first time in four years. it was such a long time coming , how about this, the eagles gave head coach doug pederson i gator aid bath typically resigned for clinch ing a playoff game but eagles said all week this was a big win, and a must win. >> this team really believes in themselves. we all feel like we can be a good football team. >> our confidence is great because i'm blessed. i get an opportunity to play this wonderful game. you know to day was a great opportunity to, you know, to perform on a stage, after all of the hard work that myself and my teammates have put in
6:20 pm
since spring and we're not done. >> defense has to lead this team in order to be good. defense has to lead this team. i think it starts with the guys up front. >> and they held, kirk cousins in check, they held redskins owe even if to only one touchdown, he has burned them in the past. fletcher cox coming out with a giant game today, by wait left tackle jason peters, he tells me he will be available to play next week against the chiefs despite leaving today with the groin injury. we are live at fedex field in landover maryland jeff skversky channel six "action news". >> jamie. >> caleb sturgis banged up too much more for the bird from "action news" sports sunday. ducis rodgers will be joined by mike missanelli to break it all down tonight after "action news" at 11:00 right here on channel six. while eagles were playing the skins phillies not too far away finishing up a four game set with the nationals. it was a pitcher's dual ben lively, got more hits in the sixth but made a couple of mistakes like a run scoring double from victor, and rookie struck out seven in his first
6:21 pm
career, in his game but phillies fell three-two to the nationals behind stephen strasburg, big day. what are you going to do. >> all right. >> we got that eagles win. >> thanks, jamie. >> up next on "action news" we will continue to track path of hurricane irma visit. taking a live look at naples, florida, you can see wind shaking camera as rain continues to come down and pound that region. meteorologist melissa magee has the latest when "action news" comes right back. guard your card? just like your credit card. nobody gets my number, unless i know they should have it. to protect your identity, new medicare cards without social security numbers will be mailed next year. visit stay sharp people! ♪
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encounter land because is there friction on. still a lot to track. we will show you west palm beach, we are live, looking at the camera there. lot palm trees just blowing, whipping in the wind. this is eastern side, of the state. we have land fall on the southwest coast of florida, but this storm is so massive, it is encountering a large chunk of real estate right now hurricane irma, and, as we look, at irma, and 110 miles an hour, moving to the north, at 14 miles per hour with max sustained wind gusts at 130 miles an hour, so just 30 miles to the south/southe of fort myers, florida. as far as what we can expect throughout the rest of the day , and storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing you center of circulation is inland just to the north of naples. so as this storm system pulls to the north we will get destructive winds and new we're starting to encounter that moisture that on shore push of moisture on the back
6:25 pm
side on the southwestern side of the storm. so, storm surge will be a major concern, and in fact, we are getting reports of the water levels, within naples, rising, within the past 90 minutes as high as 7 feet. so storm surge will be a big concern, as we go throughout the rest of tonight. here's very latest with irma, category two storm, winds sustained at 110 miles an hour moving to the north at 14 miles an hour. this will more than likely stay a hurricane, across the panhandle of florida, and then , weaken into a tropical storm as we get into early this week across area in georgia. as far as that storm surge we're talking about a rising wall of walter that is pushing inland, above the ground. so in tampa we can find storm surge as high as three to 6 feet high but in that naples , marco island area that storm surge anywhere from nine to 12 feet and some spots higher then that. satellite six with action radar showing you center of circulation as we track irma here with tornado watches to
6:26 pm
the north of tampa, tampa also included in that tornado watch as we go throughout the rest of tonight but we will widen out picture, reason why we're not tracking any weather is because high pressure is suppress ago this storm well to the south and of our region over next couple of days. right now in philadelphia, not as bad a day, 72 degrees. zero seven in allentown. sixty-one in the poconos. down in cape may 69. over in dover coming in at 70. for rest of tonight mostly clear, cool, pretty comfortable, 47 the overnight low in the suburbs and 56 degrees, in philadelphia. and as we go throughout the start of the workweek on monday, lots of sunshine, beautiful once again, temperatures a touch below average coming in at 78 in philadelphia. still nice, 77 in reading. down in dover 74. same thing at boardwalk there still a high risk for rip currents, however as we go throughout the day tomorrow. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you on monday mostly sunny, pleasant, a high of 78. some sunshine around on tuesday, high of 80. showers are likely, late
6:27 pm
tuesday night, and then that will be from what was once irma at that time so it will be working its way in the mid-atlantic region and much weaker fashion by then. wednesday, cloud which spotty showers, 78. thursday, cloud, sub in at 80. we're cloudy on friday once again a high temperature of 80 t saturday and sunday, guys. so quite a contrast, dry where we are but we're tracking tropics just to the south. >> melissa, thank you. abc world news sunday is next here on channel six with the very latest on hurricane irma. >> stay tuned for abc news special report on the storm, and it's affects, that begins at 7:00. >> for melissa magee, jamie apody, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." hurricane irma slams florida. the monster hurricane first making landfall in the florida keys. and then barrelling up the coast of florida. >> it's horrifying. it is absolutely horrifying. >> winds more than 100 miles per hour, spawning tornadoes. the hurricane slamming into markle island. then right here in naples. and the storm surge on both coasts. naples and ft. myers, on high alert for a 10-to-15-foot storm surge. trees and power lines down. homes battered across the state. the last minute rescues. but tonight, already some lives lost. finding shelter. irma's track, and the dramatic shift westward. leaving millions scrambling to evacuate. tampa will be tested next. into the evening, authorities say a storm this powerful for them hasn't been seen in a century.


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