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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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churning up florida's west coast. >> and we're live in florida with a look at the damage and where the storm is moving next coming up on action news. ♪ >> action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa mcgee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a day of destruction in the state of florida.
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hurricane irma made land fall with winds of more than 100 miles an hour in the keys. homes have been reduced to piles of wood. parts of the city of miami now under water. and now irma is targeting tampa. which hasn't been hit by a hurricane in 90 years. >> and tonight much of the state of florida is in complete darkness as the storm rolls through. nearly three and a half million people are without power thanks to irma. and we're told it will be weeks, maybe months before all the power is restored across florida. >> sunday night and the big story on action news is the devastating impact of hurricane irma. >> the storm has been battering florida all day long with the worst at this point right now in north florida. >> team coverage of the storm's impact. meteorologist melissa mcgee is tracking the path. >> and christie ileto spoke to a couple who survived the storm in the caribbean. but brian taff in naples once again that took the brunt of the
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storm. >> reporter: good evening. irma was a monster of a storm as she roared directly over our heads today. a strong category 3. sustained winds near 110 miles an hour. gusts topping 140 miles an hour. a center, very strong storm. it will only take until tomorrow morning to realize the full scope of the damage here. obviously it's dark tonight. this is the first it's been safe enough to walk outside. but earlier today we did try to find a few moments -- a few opportunities -- to try to convey to you the experience of surviving through something autolike this. here we are underneath the hotel. obviously that's our vehicle right here. we're in search inches of water. we are very well-protected from the winds coming from an easterly direction right now. and you see how that's manifesting itself. we are in what we feel is a very secure building. made of cement, build in the early '80s. it's with stood a lot of storms. the concern is these windows,
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single pane glass. there's a lot of fear that as the storm advances, the winds get stronger, the windows could pop out or crack. and in fact that's a fear that manifested early on in this weather event. take a look around the corner. i'll step out of the way. one of those windows gave way and you see why. it is just about 20 minutes after 3:00 now. we expect the eye wall to encounter us in about 13 minutes. we thought we would come outside and give you a sense as to what the elements are like out here right now. obviously the wind is gusting significantly. gusts up to 100 miles an hour or just north of that right now. as the eye wall comes ashore, comes over us, we expect the most intense wind we have seen so far. and then blue skies to appear above us. well, it's late, but hurricanes don't operate on human time. they operate very much on their own clock. this is the eye wall of hurricane irma. the strongest winds associated with this storm are happening for us right now.
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these winds are incredibly intense. gusting north of 120, 130 miles an hour right now. this is the eye wall of hurricane irma. and then the eye. a few surreal moments of calm. calm enough for people who had been holed up to venture outside. you guys make it out okay? >> we're all right, thank you. >> reporter: it is just about 7:00, a little bit before now. and just as we expected, once the eye passed us by, the winds picked right back up again. and in fact turned around and changed direction. we had to put those two box springs blocking the door to make sure no debris could fly in and break the glass. these windows are safe. as you see the winds are now heading in an easterly direction. check out these branches of these trees. they are just wind swept, torn apart. the leaves have been taken off. and they are now taking another beating. >> well, from the beating that you just saw there to a live
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look right now at the result of that. the second punch delivered from hurricane irma today. there are trees down just about everywhere we can see right now. and this is just one stretch of roadway that our camera can light up tonight. this is interstate she, leading from north naples to downtown naples. ordinarily a well-traveled road on a sunday night. not a human being in sight except for police officers and individuals walking and driving and eager to get back to their homes to assess the full scope of the damage. we are live in naples, florida, tonight, brian taff, channel 6 action news >> brian, excellent coverage today. thank you. irma is now headed into the tampa area, which has been called the most vulnerable american city when it comes to flooding. tampa hasn't take an direct hit by a hurricane in almost a century. but tonight its mayor says that city is bracing for disaster. >> we have for 90 years avoided
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this day. but i think our day has come >> scientists have been warning for years that a hurricane could devastate tampa half of the population lives less than 10 feet above sea level. the city will flood at 3 feet. it's likely the storm surge from irma will be double that, if not more. >> miami is under a mandatory curfew. much of the city without power. but the big problem is flooding. this is a street in the downtown area. you can see the water rushing through, devouring street signs. and this eerie video is from miami today from the 37th floor of a high rise. you can see that the lights are swaying back and forth as the hurricane hits. people there say the entire building has been swaying since last night. >> we are getting our first look tonight of some of the damage that irma left behind in the florida keys. this is video from isla mirada. severe damage. boats flipped out of the water and on to the road.
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many buildings are absolutely demolished. crews go house to house in the keys tomorrow looking for anyone in need of help. meteorologist melissa mcgee is tracking the path of the storm and joins us now live with the new details. melissa. >> yes, we'll recap what irma was and is right now. a couple of land falls today. the first this morning at 9:10 with maximum sustained winds at 130 miles per hour. it made land fall as a category 4 in the lower keys. it's been 102 years since we have had had two category 4 storms hit the united states. the first one was with harvey that battered the southeastern coast of texas. then irma made a second land fall at 3:35 in marco island. double scan radar 3d. you can see it's well inland across florida. we are finding weakening with this storm.
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still heavy rain bands for orlando. and a lot of sheer and weakening on the southwestern side of the storm here. here are the latest stats with irma. it has been downgraded. still a category 2. but the maximum sustained winds at 100 miles per hour. moving to the north at about 14 miles per hour. this will more than likely maintain its hurricane strength as it moves over the panhandle of florida. then eventual affecting the state of georgia as we get into monday. so as far as the peak gusts we have seen with irma, naples airport, 142 miles per hour gusts. marco island, gusts as high as 130. big pine key, 120 miles per hour. and in miami on the eastern side, gusts as high as 94 miles per hour. so the storm surge is a big concern throughout the rest of tonight. rainfall, widespread flooding and possibility of some isolated tornadoes. more details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> it's not over just yet.
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thank you. pico employees and contractors on their way south. departed from the station in delaware county at about 10:30 this morning. they are bound for the damage and destruction left in irma's wake. right now more than 3 million people in florida are without power. and that number is essential expected to grow. >> we know there's going to be a lot of work to be done. obviously, preparing for the worst, hoping for the best. but our crews are standing by. they're making their way down there and they're ready to respond where they're needed the most. >> and that team is just part of the 1800 utility workers heading south from our area. crews from pse and g and dell marva on their way as well. >> many americans evacuated from the caribbean island of st. martin. among them, a local family who spoke to action news about their harrowing experience. we have christie ileto with that part of the coverage. >> christie, it still hasn't sunk in that they survived hurricane irma.
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what was supposed to be a surprise vacation in st. martin, leisure, turned into a fight for their lives. >> we were scared that we weren't coming back. we just heard irma keeps beating and tearing down the building we were in. >> reporter: evacuated into the stair well, of the resort and spa, 185 miles per hour winds ripped away parts of the hotel. michelle bark and her husband's vacation became lethal. >> i was praying. >> prayed constantly for hours. >> reporter: at the same hotel, the stills say it was no easy feat once it passed. >> in the night, you could hear looters out in the street. the cars -- breakings into the cars. alarms going off. >> reporter: taken to a shelter, they were turned away twice at the airport until the air national guard was able to transport 24 people out of the ravaged island. >> you don't believe this sigh of relief. >> reporter: others like michael from west chester are
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stuck in the caribbean. >> the hospital, when it hit. then the whole fourth floor window blew through. >> reporter: a nurse at the schneider regional medical center in st. thomas, he made it to puerto rico where he face times with us, waiting for a flight to come home. >> there was chaos. there was, you know, nobody really understood what was happening. >> reporter: as for the barges, it's still sinking in they're back on u.s. soil. >> everything was going through my mind that we were going home. we were coming home to our -- to our family. >> reporter: clearly still very emotional there. now the state department says the evacuation out of st. martin resume tomorrow. and those wanting to leave should be at the airport by noon with passports in hand, ready to go, and to expect long waits. live, christie ileto, channel 6 action news. walter. >> meanwhile, we're happy that family is safe. thank you. and across florida tonight,
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from high school gyms to hockey arenas, thousands of families hunkering down and waiting out the storm. families with small children, even their pets, found themselves in the storm's path this weekend. state officials say more than 500 shelters are open and nearly 120,000 people are calling them home for now. nearly 6.3 million floridians were ordered to evacuate the state. >> there is still more to come on action news tonight. a local high school has heightened security tomorrow after a threat that referenced 9/11. we'll have the details. >> also an emotional reunion today between a philadelphia fire fighter and the couple whose lives he saved. and the eagles have a perfect season. >> exactly. so far, so good. >> so far, so good. jamie apody with sports when action news continues.
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annie mccormack is live on the scene. annie. >> reporter: walter, that's right. it was in this block that the 73-year-old was hit and dragged for several blocks and pronounced dead at the hospital. they were screaming at the driver to stop. they were ignored. it was here that police say the deadly collision course began. >> i heard him on the gate. he was swerving. it sounded like gunshots. >> when he came speeding down this way, he had a car right here. and then this car hit this car and he hit the person right here. >> reporter: just after 4:30 this afternoon, witnesses say a male driver hit not only the victim, but multiple vehicles. >> they were screaming across the street that they were dragging him. >> reporter: the driver reportedly kept going, but left the victim behind. >> he started to try to get up. and i told him, please stay down. help is on the way. >> what we did was protect him
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from traffic to make sure he wouldn't get hit. he looked in really bad shape. >> reporter: the suspect hit multiple vehicles along the route, even hitting a car head on and another at the intersection where he finally crashed. police took the suspect into custody there. late tonight, a woman who says she was related to the victim came to the scene and says he was leaving a friend's house and getting into his car when he was hit near mcgee and torsdale. >> i hope he goes to jail. i really do. i hope he goes to jail. because he killed an innocent person. >> and, again, that suspect is in custody. police do believe he was under the influence of something. but then the investigation is still ongoing. reporting live, annie mccormack, channel 6 action news. back to you. >> annie, thank you. central bucks high school west is taking precautions after a threat was found in the boy's bathroom referencing september 11th. police will be at the school tomorrow. a note was sent to parents
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saying absences will be excused as long as the parents send in an email saying that their child is staying home. local police are investigating. >> it was an emotional reunion today involving a fire fighter and the couple he saved from a burning building in philadelphia. sean swagum rescued bernice jones and her blind husband, richard, after a fire broke out in their home in march. today, during the annual fire fighter and medic recognition day, he received an award for his heroism. >> he was very calm. because i was terrified. and he just told me politely, and i said i would fall. he said he would catch me. i said don't let me fall. he said, i won't. >> today was everything that needed to do to remember why i do my job every day, you know? you go to work every day hoping to make a difference and hoping to put an impact on somebody's life and i was able to do it for a whole family. >> wow. great story. dozens of fire fighters and medics received awards ranging
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melissa back with another check of the accuweather forecast. you have been watching irma as it moves up the west coast, now into the tampa area. >> yeah, that's right. the heavy rain is moving into region and will continue throughout the rest of tonight. show the picture outside. back at home, sky 6 live in hd, looking at the center city skyline. mostly clear. dry and quiet across our area. in fact, another gorgeous day this afternoon. but all eyes right now certainly focused on the tropics. this is hurricane irma. it is a category 2 storm right now. and as you look, it is to the south/southeast of tampa at this hour. the sustained winds, 100 miles per hour. so we have started to see some weakening with the storm system as it is over land. it is encountering some friction. and it is starting to fall apart. a lot of wind sheer taking place
11:23 pm
as well. it's moving to the north 14 miles an hour. gusts at 120 miles per hour. show you the latest as we look at the rainfall totals we have seen so far with irma in florida. in fort pierce, 14.92 inches of rain. fort myers, 10 inches of rain. and some of these totals will more than likely go up as the storm continues to move to the north. fort lauderdale, more than 9.5 inches and miami, more than 8 inches. and cape canaveral, 7.81 inches of moisture. satellite 6 with action radar, the center of circulation over land as irma made two land falls today. the first one in the florida keys, and the other one in marco island. now the heavy rain affecting orlando on the eastern side of the state where that tornado watch box just popped up. and heavy rain feeding into tampa at this hour. we'll widen out the picture, because as you look, it's quiet across the ohio valley and the mid atlantic region. high pressure is dominating our
11:24 pm
area. and it's protecting us. it's shunting the cloud cover and suppressing that moisture to the south and west for now. tapping into the northeastern wind. quiet throughout tonight. in fact, earlier today, a high in philadelphia of 75. cooling down nicely. 62 in the city. chilly in the poconos. 46. 57 for allen town and reading. down in cape may, 59. so for the rest of tonight, mostly clear and cool. drop down to 47 in the suburbs and 56 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. you'll wake up tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine. it's a clear start to the day. and beautiful by the afternoon. so cool in the morning, pleasant by the afternoon. crisp at night. 78 degrees in philadelphia for the high temperature. 77 in reading. down in dover, 74. keep in mind with the northeasterly wind, there is a high risk for rip currents throughout the day tomorrow. here's the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast. mostly sunny and pleasant on
11:25 pm
sunday. high up to 78. tuesday, some sunshine. otherwise a high 80. then late in the tuesday, really tuesday night, a little bit of what's left of irma really the remnants of irma by that point working its way into our region. a few showers that's about it. wednesday, cloudy with spotty showers. a high of 78. thursday, clouds and some sun. at 80, still cloudy on friday. temple back at home. a high temperature of 80. saturday and next sunday, temperatures will be back up into the upper 70s. so dry across our area. but, of course, tracking irma as it presses into georgia by monday, guys >> thank you. >> check on sports, coming up. and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured.
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11:29 pm
all right. carson wentz, second season. mostly looked like the franchise quarterback we hoped for. escapability, and keeping the play alive, that surprised the defense because nelson agholor. and looked great in this game. second quarter, darby, the much-coveted brand new cornerback, dislocateses his ankle 18 minutes into his tenure. that's a huge hit. tight down to the finish. eagles up 5. fletcher cox picks up the fumble, takes it to the house. celebration all around. eagles force four turnovers, beat the redskins. and snapping a five-game losing streak. their first win in four years. >> finally the eagles win. how do the eagles celebrate? shower the coach with a gator aid bath. and eagles fans shower the stadium with eagles chants >> we
11:30 pm
win! >> e-a-g-l-e-s -- eagles >> so cool being out there. hearing the eagles chant at the end. they travel so well. so that made it a lot of fun. >> reporter: carson wentz from the eagles escape major trouble on the road. the talk about is about jeffrey and smith, it was actually go figure, nelson agholor who had the best day of his career >> today was a great opportunity to, you know, perform on a stage after all the hard work that myself and my teammates put in since spring. and we're not done. >> for him, this is a great first step to, you know, being the type of receiver that we know he can be. >> just kind of see it. just a new, confident player. and starting the season off the way he did today was huge for him. >> while he gets them on the board, fletcher cox seals it. the most dominant game by a
11:31 pm
lineman in nine years. >> come down here and take care of business. it's great for us. i think that, you know, the main part was, all week, it's making it about us. you know, it's not about them, it's about us. whack we do to come out and win the football game? >> for the eagles to be a good football team, the defense has to lead the way. they did just that. the d forcing three turnovers and holding kirk cousins to only one touchdown. with the eagles, jeff skversky, channel 6 action news. >> much more from the birds tonight on action news sports sunday. ducis rodgers and mike missanelli will break it down in a few minutes right here on channel 6. and highlights on that show too. >> all right, quick break. we'll be right back.
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action news sports sunday is next here on channel 6. action news continues at 4:30 tomorrow with david murphy, tamela towards. >> now for the entire action news team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a good night and a great week ahead. >> good night. action news is sponsored by... ♪ >> we have been talking all week about, you know, kind of getting the monkey off our back.
11:35 pm
>> now he fires downfield. caught. agholo. under the circumstances >> we haven't beaten them in a couple years. it's great for us. >> the play, and ertz opens up. >> really everybody that we all just kind of worked on it. i was in there and never quit out there. never quit. >> battle-tested. we saw it last year a little bit, and proven again today. break some tackles, big, strong, physical guy. eyes always down field. guys were able to make great plays. >> back goes cousins. he fires. and it's intercepted. mills picks it off. >> effort, effort, effort. and making plays and playing for each other. so as far as that goes, you know, i mean, i'm there, man. >> and out there, the eagles fans showed up in amazing form. hearing the eagles chant at the end. they travel so well. that made it a lot of fun. the


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