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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 11, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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international airport. mike pence will take part in a ceremony in pennsylvania. >> a preview of weather and traffic. in our area, weather been kind of quiet >> beautiful weekend and two more good ones before we cloud up thanks to irma as you take a look at the weather center, satellites showing you cloud cover down to the south and west. we expect sunshine overall and there you see rain from irma, the center of the storm should be going towards atlanta and out to our west but there could be a couple of rain bands coming in wednesday that bring us occasional spotty showers. as we take a look at temperature, 57 in philadelphia, at 47 right now in allentown, 48 in reading, up in trenton be 53. 51 in wilmington, 51 at the airport in atlantic city and 57 in cape may. you might want a light jacket as you head out with some fors, especially where it's in the 40's. as we go no the afternoon, it looks good. 72 degrees by noon be by 3:00, 78 degrees. mostly sunny skies with a couple
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of fair weather clouds popping up. 77 boy 5:00 and 74 boy 7:00. here comes the school bus and we're looking at a chill one on the bus stop this morning, so keep in mind light jacket on the kids might not be a bad idea. 47 in some suburbs between 6:00 and 8:00 and about 55 in philadelphia. worry still watching hurricane irma, which is still giving us category 1 strength winds, which, of course, is down from category 4, which is what it was when the storm came in earlier in the weekend on the florida keys then a second landfall over the weekend in marco island, but a dangerous storm and pretty much taking aim on northern florida and georgia. we'll check out the future of hurricane jose. coming up in the seven-day. we're looking outside live and looking good on the schuylkill. this is at the blue route westbound traffic towards gulfs mills, the overnight construction is clear, both
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lanes reopened and moving a lot better, no problems on the schuylkill, on the big picture, we can see episodes mostly in the upper 40's and 50's. i95 you're all in good shape. let's look outside at the vine street expressway. here we are approaching the schuylkill, all lanes and ramps open, no overnight construction and none scheduled this week, looking good for now, construction does block the two left lanes on her in wilmington on i95 southbound. near mlk boulevard and that should be clearing pretty soon right now, we expect them to be picking up the crews heading out and no big accidents or issues headed out, tam. to the latest on irma, the storm weakened to a category 1 hurricane overnight. as it neared tampa. take a look at this, it is fill a fierce with 85 miles per hour winds be this is pictures coming from tampa and you can see the destruction, smashed its way through florida with heavy
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rainfall and powerful winds parts of georgia are bracing wondering how bad they will get hit. let's take a live picture from tampa. rain still falling. so far, to the left five deaths in florida have been blamed on irma. 4 million floodians are stuck in the dark in the humid heat without power, the damage across the region will take several days to assess, as flooded roads drain and downed trees and power lines finally are able to be cleared. irma made the second landfall on marco island near naples with 140 miles an hour winds-in miami, the usual busy streets were looking like that, that looks like a river, irma initially made land fall at cujoe key. right now the keys are closed for row entry until notice, officials are encouraging people to stay off the roads until able to get out there and get a lot of debris. as you might imagine, airports and places like miami, they're a mess, shut down again today, in
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atlanta's airport is warning passengers the flights will be impacted by irma today. catherine scott is continue, the coverage, she's at philadelphia international airport. good morning, catherine, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, irma's effect can be felt at multiple airports, the days leading up, we've seen cancelations in florida, in caribbean airports, we now know that miami airport did get a certain amount of damage from irma hitting. let's go to video from the days loading up to irma. you can see everybody at airports across florida. they were packed with people trying to get out. today, miami international, the florida's largest airport will be closed after sustaining significant damage. airport officials are saying they need to assess the damage before deciding whether flights will resume tomorrow. keep in mind operations outside
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florida could be affected. atlanta is warning passengers their operations will be impacted today. delta already cancelled more than 100 flights at its hub and warning more could be coming today. they're advising passengers to change on the website, southwest plans to operate at least half and return to normal operations tomorrow, as always, it's good to check with your carrier, there's been a lot of changes and there could be more coming today. live in philadelphia international airport. catherine scott, channel 6 action news. >> thank you. for the latest on hurricane irma's track, check out 6 abc./irma. we posted photos of saying how much damage irma done and brian taff's coverage from florida this afternoon. mike pence will participate in a 911 remembrance ceremony in
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western pennsylvania this morning. he'll speak at the national memorial to the victims of united flight 93. the plane crashed after passengers and crew members fought for al-qaeda hijackers preventing the plane from reach, the target in washington. 33 passengers and seven crew members died. philadelphia police rushed to shooting victim to the hospital but the investment later died from his injuries. investigators say the man was shot along the 2100 block of germantown avenue in the germantown seconds last night. the investment was shot several times in the head and torso. so far no arrests have been made. . the trial is expected to begin today for a man accused of serial child rape in bucks county. 58-year-old william thomas is charged with dozens of crimes involving six children over the course of four decades. investigators say they found more than 1,000 sexually explicit photos of children inside his trailer. central bucks high school west is taking precautions after
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a threat was found in a boy's bathroom resting 911. police will be at the school and that was sent to parents saying absences will be excused as long as the parents send in an e-mail saying their child is staying home. local police investigating. a new miss america has been crowned in atlantic city. here's the moment she found out she won >> your new miss america is ms. north dakota. cara mund is the new 2018 miss mark, a graduate of brown university. miss new jersey caitlin show pool was the second runner up. one of the first duty will be the annual toe dip in the atlantic ocean. >> i always love the pictures >> i love how the second place person has to look like thrilled for the winner. but they always do a nice job with that. >> they do. storm tracker 6 live don bell scan shows us we're dry,
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had a great weekend and continuing the nice stretch of weather today. taking a look outside. you have sky 6, little cloud cover, we do expect plenty of sunshine coming up over the horizon in a little bit. 47 degrees though, we are off to a very chilly start up in allentown. 48 degrees in reading. 53 currently in trenton. wilmington has slipped to 51. philadelphia down to 57. and 57 in cape may. a light jacket for some of you might be a good idea. there's not much wind out there. satellite shows you our cloud cover down to the south of washington is beginning to boil up past richmond virginia. this is cloud cover associated with irma and we'll talk more about that in a moment. we're not going to have to worry about significant cloud cover today, maybe high clouds tomorrow. no rain until wednesday. mostly sunny, noise and warm in the lehigh valley in his afternoon, a high of 78. down the shore, lots of sun, once again, we have a moderate risk of rip currents in the water. thanks to irma and also jose churning to our south, east 73 on the beach, but in the so
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great in the water. then at mostly sunny and pleasant in philadelphia, high up to 78. winds should be light and variable most of the day. a really pleasant one on tap. then tonight be a for you clouds here there and. but generally speaking, stars out and cool again. 58 the overnight low in philadelphia. some suburbs down to 52. maybe not quite as chilly. and hurricane irma still a category 1, in from the national hurricane center, it's pulling away from tampa but expected to make the cup up towards atlanta and we heard a little while ago about flight cancelations and what have you in atlanta and some other airlines, category 1 hurricane, winds down to 75 miles per hour. the core of those winds is fairly narrow but this is city hall a dangerous storm with lots of rain headed into northern florida and georgia. you can see how quickly the storm away from the water dough generates no a tropical system,
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and a low pressure center after that. don't want to forget about hurricane jose. this has diminished in strength. it was a category 4 now a 2 but it not will get hooked up by the high pressure center, it will loop around and by saturday night, could actually be heading back toward the northern bahamas and there's some concern this could have an effect on the east coast. a lot of possibilities still out there on the models, one -- a couple of them has them coming back in toward miami, the others may be up closer to us maybe give us rough surf, but there's other indication that is it shoots off no the atlanta and isn't a problem. 78 today, still bright and warmer tuesday, 82 and wednesday 76 and that's when we expect spotty showers from irma, thursday there could be more of that. thursday looks more warm and humid with a high of 80. then friday, probably still a little bit humid. we're looking at sunny breaks, a
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high of 80, another spotty shower is possible. 78 on saturday, 79 sunday, can't totally rule out a pop-up shower here and there but mainly dry this weekend. >> thank you, david. it is now 5:11 and our coverage continues, find out how you can help and make sure your money goes to victims of that storm. pope francis is supporting a black eye, he was injured in the pope mobile. >> the eagles beat washington in the season opener, we'll tell you who impressed carson wentz on the field. right 100 at commerce drive, no problems this morning in exton, chester county, we'll check out conshohocken and the blue route coming up next.
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. good morning, it is 5:14 monday, commodore barry bridge coming at you, sky 6 live this will be for many will be the first full week of school for the year. a big week. >> and karen, i know you're going to tell us they might need jeans or long pants but first up traffic. >> my kids will never wear long pants be even in isn't he storms, my son has been caught in shorts >> same problem. >> and i can't say anything, we're looking outside live, this is conshohocken on the blue route past the schuylkill, i can go on and on about my problems but i should probably do the traffic. moving fine be clear, dry, all lanes open. no issues out there. we will see more and more volume as we got all the kids going
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back to school. looking at northeast extension past quakertown, we do have construction that continues to block the right lane and shoulder right here, let's go outside in bucks county, construction is clear now. on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound past bensalem, no problems there. eastbound construction is clear on the turnpike. but westbound between downingtown and morgan town you still have the right lane blocked there. on the commuter traffic report. i found s rock 69er talking about animals near the road on the atlantic city expressway near has mmontohammonton. it's only 46, i needed a little jacket. 51 in malvern and media and 57 in center city. 50 degrees currently in hammonton, 47 in vineland 49 glassboro, you may want that sweater, but the afternoon is beautiful, mostly sunny skies and a pleasant high of 78. enjoy it. >> thank you, karen.
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going on now talking about north korea, it says it will make the united states pay a heavy price if the united nations security council imposes new sanctions. last ties, the u.s. drafted a resolution proposing the toughest ever u.n. sanctions include a ban on all oil and natural gas to the country and freeze foreign financial assets of the government and its leader kim jong-un. and the house of representatives is postponing all votes scheduled for today. lawmakers are concerned that hurricane irma would prevent some of them from returning to dc on time. the votes are being rescheduled until tomorrow night. so far the senate has not postponed anything from its monday agenda. pope francis is recovering after a hard stop in the pope mobile left the pontiff with a black eye and a cut above his eye, he hit his head against the pope mobile in columbia. appeared to be leaning outside
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and a panel in front of him when when the vehicle for some reason stopped short and his face made contact with the barrier, the spokesman said the pope is fine. the eagles beat washington in their season opener but the divisional win, quarterback ronald darby dislocated his ankle and will have an mri today. fletcher cox clenched by recover fumble 20 yards for a touchdown, carson wentz went for 307 yards and two touchdowns evaded a sack and threw to nelson agholor and that set the stage for a big day >> seeing a new confident player and starting the season off the way he did was huge. >> the eagles face the chiefs in kansas city sunday. the other nfc east rival rewas in arlington, texas. tight end jason whitend scored
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the only touchdown. to lead the cowboys past the giants 19-3. gyp .
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people remained in key west florida to ride out hurricane irma. a web camera captured this dramatic video of the moment a sight seer felt the sheer force of those waves. you can see the waves crashing over a wall at key west southernmost point landmark, knocking the man off his photo. perhaps he got video, hurricane irma is impacting wildlife. creating a dangerous low tied in braden ton florida and stranded two manatees, became stuck in what appeared to be knee deep mud. several were able to roll them on to a tarp so they could be taken to deeper water >> it's interesting how water
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sucks out of the bay before the hurricane, we saw a lot of that and came back with great force. let's take a look outside. we're live in woodhaven road approaching route 13, no construction out here, we're clear, dry. you're good to go this morning on woodhaven road. let's check mass transit sit for you. new schedule for warminster and a bunch of lines, regional rails new schedules took evict yesterday with significant adjustments beautiful weekend let's keep it rolling, 56, kind of chilly in philadelphia. by's 7:00, but by noon you're up to 72, in his day for recess outside. 78 by 3:00 for the walk home from school and for the commute home, 77 degrees. you'll need your shades as you climb under the car around 5:00 and 6:00. 7:00, 74 degrees, mostly sunny and nice maybe a few clouds popping up as the day goes on. if you have plans to travel out of town all green aircraft, we got rain in orlando and you may have problems getting in there,
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atlanta, 58 degrees, we're hearing about cancelations there. check with your airline on orlando because the storm is starting to pull north of tampa bay and you may things improve later on the key to getting a better night sleep may be just the presence of your dog. scientists from the mayo clinicic conducted a study and found that people who kept their dogs in their bedroom, let them lounge there, maybe a dog bed in the corner, they experienced better quality of sleep compared to people who did not. however, people who snuggled with their pet actually in the bed, they actually suffered from lower quality of sleep. so the benefit is only having the dog in the bedroom, not in the bed. >> so there's a point of no return where the dog is pretty much set in your bed >> he's not getting up. >> 5:22. kristen bell to the rescue in the morning buzz, how she was able to help hurricane irma
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evacuate es in florida >> we take you to an emotional reunion between a firefighter and the couple he saved. in this morning's gma first look, a once in a lifetime storm with an expected prase tag of 200 billion dollars. the may be the most expensive storm in u.s. history. one of the easiest ways to give is by texting irma to 90999. you can donate $10 to the red cross that way, experts recommend donating money to established organizations like the united way, salvation army and save the children and many organizations are asking to hold off on those material donation like clothes >> we recognize that's incredibly generous but slows us down, they need to be sorted and cleaned and we don't have time for that. >> coming up, the full coverage,
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abc news, new york. >> coming up, the full coverage, abc news, new york. but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through oers. ♪ that our time here can be deep beyond measure. ♪ no one who chose interdependence ever found despair. ♪ because what the world taught as weakness, is in fact our greatest virtue. ♪
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welcome backing a live look here view across center city looking look a gorgeous day today. it is 5:26, school starts you might want long pants and a sweater. matt? >> in the morning buzz, kristen bell is doing what she can to help hurricane irma evacuatees.
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she helped children while staying in a shelter over the weekend. ♪ . ♪ . >> that is the song for the first time from frozen, bell is in orlando to film a movie and wasn't able to evacuate. the actress told the crowd i hope some of those songs are running through your heads the rest of the day and will take your minds offer the hurricane. jj watts who has become an icon, he entered the nrg stadium waving the flag to deafening applause, helped raise $30 million to hurricane harvey relief efforts. also honored first first responders who served during harvey >> he deserve that is response. we're following breaking news, new information after seven possibly are chatty and killed inside of a home. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly crash, a pedestrian killed in the stow's tacony sections. and dozens in south jersey are
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paying tribute to the 911 terrorist attacks, those stories and more when action news comes right back.
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is showing ofsurgery, needles, or downtime? that's coolsculpting. coolsculpting is the only fda-cleared non-invasive treatment that targets and freezes away stubborn fat cells. visit today and register for a chance to win a free treatment. the tampa bay region weakening
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to a category 1 overnight but still packing a powerful punch >> and power is knocked out for millions across florida, hundreds of utility workers from our region are there to help. >> the country remembers one of its darkest days, the delaware valley joins everyone in marking the 16th anniversary of 911. it is 5:30 on september 11th, let's go to david murphy and karen rogers, good morning to both of you >> my daughter is singing the national anthem for 911 today. >> she has such a lovely voice, as we take a look at the weather center, another nice one, a continuation of that beautiful weather we had over the weekend. you can see there are clouds to the south and farther there's rain all because of irma, but that's all staying to the south, probably for another couple of days before we get any showers around here. 53 degrees in front be 51 in wilmington, 57 currently in philadelphia. pretty chilly as you step


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