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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 12, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday september 12th. >> we're following breaking news. flames erupt at a home in wilmington, delaware, killing man inside. we are live on the scene. >> plus irma's path of destruction as the skies
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clear. we're getting a better look at the damage already created. >> and the delaware valley is buzzing over what some see and what you are seeing. >> oh, man. >> as an insect invasion. they're as big as deer almost. >> you wonder why the deer aren't -- i guess it's hard with a hoof or two to try to do this the whole time. anyway, let's go on over to karen rogers and dave murphy to take a look at your weather and traffic. >> we've had across the country wildfires earthquakes in mexico, hurricanes, flooding, i was expecting locusts not gnats. >> they're big gnats. >> yeah. >> as we take a look at the weather sent you can see a change today. yesterday the clouds were down to our south. as expected we're seeing those high clouds start to move in from the south. you see a lot of rain from the remnants of irma but most of this is falling apart to our south today. tomorrow we could get a spotty shower passing through. temperatures this morning aren't quite as cool as yesterday. we're at 52 in allentown, 55 in reading. yesterday we were in the 40's.
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62 in philadelphia at this hour. 56 in trenton. 58 in wilmington and 61 degrees down in cape may. as we roll through the day, expect more clouds than what we saw yesterday but it will still be warm and pretty comfortable. 76 degrees by noon. by 3 o'clock, 81. that's your high today. still holding close to 80 by 5 o'clock and by 7 o'clock 74. as we bring in that school bus keep in mind the kids are going to maybe still want a light jacket but it's really not too bad with light wind and no rain out there. 54 degrees is your temperature in the suburbs on the bus stop but about 60 in philadelphia with those high clouds continuing to move in. karen, as we look forward toward tomorrow, we do have more clouds. there is the possibility of a spotty shower and then it starts to get more humid. i'll have those details coming up in the seven-day. >> all right, dave. let's hit the roads right now and see what's going on. looking outside live on the schuylkill expressway approaching the vine street expressway, traffic's moving nicely on the schuylkill. the overnight construction is clear and no construction last night on the vine so good to go there. in lansdale montgomery county we've got a water main break
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and south broad is currently blocked south of allentown road. stick to church road or valley forge road to get around that water main break causing problems this morning. burlington bristol bridge expected to go up around 5:20. stick to the turnpike connector bridge instead. outside live in cherry hill camden this is route 70. construction here just cleared so if you're headed out on route 70 near kings highway you can see light volume. you're dry. good to go so far this morning, matt and tam. >> good to hear. thank you, karen. let's get to that breaking news. fire at a home in wilmington, delaware, left a man dead while a woman was able to escape the flames and jump to safety. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside this home on the 100 block of west 37th street. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt, we talked to the victim's daughter and she tells me her step dad went inside to get her mother, his wife of 30 years to try and save her. he ended up getting trapped inside of that home and as you mentioned, he has died. take a live look here behind me. this is the home they lived in
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for about 30 years. this fire broke out around 11:30 last night along the 100 block of west 37th here in wilmington. nearly 40 firefighters arrived on scene and were met with intense flames coming from the front door. they were told that one person was trapped inside and after they extinguished much of the fire firefighters did search the home and found that man. paramedics immediately began working on him. he was then transported to christiana hospital in critical condition. he would later be pronounced dead. his wife of 30 years was taken to the hospital in critical condition. she tried -- she jumped from the second floor window and her daughter tells me a neighbor tried catching her and so she did sustain injuries from that jump and that neighborhood sustained minor injuries. nonlife-threatening injuries. no word yet on the cause of this fire but we do understand the wilmington fire marshal is on scene investigating this fire. coming up at 5:30 we'll hear more from the victim's daughter on how she got the news of this fire breaking out at her parents' home. reporting live in wilmington,
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jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." >> all right, jeanette, thank you for that. what's left of tropical depression irma continues its destructive path now dumping heavy rain and creating flash flooding in the south. the cleanup will start today in south carolina and georgia both have been battered with torrential rain and dangerous storm surges like this you see here in charleston. irma has killed 10 people. people are in the heat and the dark without flower. in south carolina the cleanup is under way. in naples the historic winds toppled countless trees tearing apart numerous roofs and flooding both roads and parking lots in more than a foot of rain. >> my house is safe, my wife is safe, life is good. just some branches. >> good attitude. miami's mayor says the city will be opened for business today and officials in key
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west said residents will be able to return later today but much of the tourist friendly island chain is without power or water. and the cleanup and recovery goes on in the caribbean which was hit much more heavily. people in the delaware valley are gathering supplies to stoned fellow americans in the hurricane ravaged u.s. virgin islands. irma struck saint thomas and saint john as a category five. the virgin islands relief group is collecting food toiletries first aid tents air mattresses and chainsaws. they will be atlantic aviation in northeast philadelphia later this morning. and help is still needed for those recovering from hurricane irma and harvey. so abc is joining other television networks to put on a benefit. beyoncé and blake shelton will be among those participating. that one-hour telethon is tonight. that's right here on 6abc. again, at 8 o'clock tonight. >> gunfire erupted in north philadelphia killing a man who was shot seven times. police believe the 29-year-old man was riding a scooter down
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the 2700 block of north 22nd street last night when he was hit by the hail of bullets. police have not released his name nor motive. funeral plans have been made for troy gentry who died along with the pilot in a helicopter crash in medford, burlington county. his life will be celebrated on thursday at the grand old opry house in nashville. just yesterday we learned the pilot, evan robinson, made a distress call before the helicopter crash on friday. gentry is from montgomery gentry. it is still unclear what caused the deadly crash. >> people in the delaware valley are bugging out and it's because of what appears to be an insect invasion. "action news" viewers from across philadelphia bucks and montgomery counties reported seeing flying insects or winged ants covering everything from trash cans to windows. this is video from medford, new jersey, last night where you can see the swarm of bugs. it's amazing that those deer are so calm.
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the bugs have also been s in other cities including detroit michigan. the ants reportedly pop up near the end of the summer to breed. >> initial thought is maybe the wet weather we've experienced had something to do with that. >> could be. not being an entomologist however i'm not sure. we are dry out to the south and west of us. a couple of sprinkles showing up on radar but it looks like those will fall apart before they get here today. as we take a look outside, we have sky6 and we are look, at the airport, couple of parked air monitors getting some service on the foreground and those getting ready to fly in the distance and we're looking at a dry nice month, to fly with light winds and cool comfortable conditions. right now in philadelphia we are at 62 degrees. up in allentown, 52, cooler, but nothing like yesterday when they were down into the mid 40's for awhile. 56 degrees in trenton. 58 degrees in wilmington and millville and 61 in cape may. a little cool but comfortable enough with light winds. you can see how the clouds
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have overtaken us overnight. we'll see some sun at times breaking through the clouds. we'll also look at these showers probably falling apart for the most part to our south and west today. by tomorrow, some of the shower activity will start to spoke through but it doesn't look like it's going to amount to a whole lot around here. up in the lehigh valley today, more clouds than yesterday. pretty easy to accomplish that. we had all that sun yesterday. 79 degrees is your high. it will be warm but not that humid today. more clouds at the shore, 73 on the beach, 71 in the ocean water but we have a high risk of rip currents today. so, definitely not a good idea to be in the water. 81 degrees is your high in philadelphia. more clouds, warm, winds are variable and light at about three to 6 miles per hour. tonight the phillies are back home. marlins in town. coming up from florida. lots of clouds, winds late tonight, 74 for the first pitch and 67 in the ninth inning, a little bit cool in the later innings of that game. mostly cloudy and cool overnight but not as bad as it's been the last couple of nights. we'll only get down to about 65 in philadelphia and with the light southwest wind it
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may start to feel a little bit more humid and then tomorrow, well, we've got that outer band of the -- what's left of irma which is now a tropical depression. it's going to be an extra tropical low a little bit later on and all we'll get is just a little spoke of energy coming up off the top of that storm and the air up here is dry enough where probably tomorrow all we'll see is a spotty shower especially through the afternoon, maybe a little bit in the evening so not much. hurricane josé a category one storm right now with 75 miles per hour winds. looks like it's still going to go do that loop and then start to cut up to the north. by saturday night into sunday morning. where it goes from there, well, a lot of questions on the models. some of these still want to take it up to bermuda, some into florida. i do think the most likely path is taking it up toward the east coast and probably off our coast but we'll have to keep our eyes on josé just in case it makes a little bit more of a turn toward land. 81 degrees is today's high, more clouds and warm. tomorrow clouds and sun with a spotty shower, 79 and then getting more humid on thursday with a high of 78 and there
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could be another spotty shower around. humid on friday, possibility of some showers at times but not a total washout and friday's high will be 78. then for the weekend saturday 80. sunday 79. clouds, some sunny breaks both days and each day could feature a shower. neither is a washout. >> thank you david. >> uh-huh. >> 5:11 now. we have a crash landing caught on video. see what saved this pilot from seriously being injured when his plane went down. >> new this morning, new jersey governor chris christie fires back after president trump's former strategist steve bannon reveals why he says christie didn't get a cabinet position. karen. >> our construction on the boulevard has cleared. we can see they kind of pushed it off into the median so the lanes are opened now on the boulevard here at broad street. we'll take you to bucks county see what's happening there when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here at the commodore barry bridge. it is 5:14 and 62 degrees right now. >> about a half hour ago karen you said things were going well. >> yes, they're still pretty good. >> okay. going toen i say in about go downhill. try to enjoy it now its a rollercoaster ride with your morning commute, right. so for now you're on the up swing. it's kind of quiet here. this is bucks county, i-95 at route one. people still waking up so not as many people on the roads just yet. northbound traffic there headed towards the scudder falls bridge t the overnight construction is clear. a lot of our crews are picking up and leaving that had been blocking lanes so traffic's
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moving better right here. also on the burlington bristol bridge overnight construction cleared as well but there's a bridge opening at 5:20 so you want to expect that. another six minutes. if you're about to head out take the turnpike connector instead of the burlington bristol. we have a water main break that's causing a problem so this is one issue that's new here in lansdale montgomery county blocked south of allentown road on broad street. is it ick to value forge road or church road to get around that. northeast extension construction blocks the right lane and the shoulder northbound approaching lehigh valley. let's look at these temperatures. it's 50 degrees in quakertown and pottstown, 62 in center city. remember, we were in the mid 40's here yesterday so a little better than yesterday morning if you don't like the chill. 54 in hammonton. it's almost 60 degrees already in dover, delaware. 58 degrees. temperatures compared to yesterday, between five and 7 degrees warmer than yesterday morning and, hey, we're headed up to 81 so kind of a nice day. more clouds but they're high clouds so you'll still see a
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good amount of sunshine, matt. >> thank you, karen. incredibly the pilot in this plane that that crashed in connecticut is okay. even though it crashed into that tree because that is actually what cushioned the landing. police in plainville released that surveillance video. you could see that the plane came in low over the parking lot, clipped the top of the tree, flipped over landing on its wheels maybe further cushioning the crash. the pilot was not seriously injured at all. >> new jersey governor chris christie is disputing comments from former white house adviser steve bannon made during a recent interview. bannon claimed that christie was reluctant to publically support trump after the release of video showing trump making vulgar remarks about women. he says that cost christie a cabinet position. bannon said he discussed the issue with christie but christie says that conversation never happened. some of president trump's legal team want his son-in-law
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jared kushner to step down. some believe kushner should have stepped as side before his report about his failure to disclose contacts with russians during the transition became public this summer. earlier this year kushner denied any sort of collusion with foreign officials. >> phillies back home to host the marlins. pivetta will be on the mound. phillies coming off a pretty good road trip. sunday's season opening win over washington came at a hefty price for some eagles players. tackle jason peters left the game with a groin injury. ronald darby dislocated his ankle. he doesn't need surgery but can still be out four to six weeks and kicker caleb sturgis is recover from a hip flexor injury. >> we don't want you to be flooded car next owners. >> how researchers say cleaning your house with readily available chemicals can put your health at risk.
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>> a florida police department shared this touching video of a police officer stopping to pick up an american flag that was scattered among the debris from hurricane irma. coral gables officer joseph schiavo is scenery treeing the flag. he holds it up showing how the flag is still intact. officer schiavo says it was the honorable thing to do in indeed. >> it certainly was. nice video there. let's take a live look outside at the ben franklin bridge this morning and you know what, we're looking good. in the clear on your area bridges right now, at least the ben looking good. remember the burlington bristol going up right about now a you're head and out. i want to show you mass transit because it's early to spot that delays. we've got a train on the wilmington/newark line that's 17 minutes late and one that's 25 minutes late already on the paoli thorndale. those delays, dave a starting
5:21 am
early today. >> more clouds than yesterday. we'll still see some sunny breaks and we're starting out cool but not quite as chilly. by 7 o'clock we'll be at 59, by noon 76 and this afternoon is going to be warm. we'll get up to a high of 81 around 3 o'clock. not much wind out there, some sun but a fair amount of clouds digging through. if you happen to be heading to the airport this morning we have no major delays in any of our big travel destinations. atlanta, of course is seeing irma related rain. everybody else is dry at this hour. tam. >> all right, thank you david. going on to health check, lots of people are proud of their once a week deep clean of the house but that disinfectant smell should make you worry. the use of preach has been linked to bleach has been linked of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by as much as 32 percent. the researchers called for enhanced guidelines to protect
5:22 am
employees whose jobs involve regular cleaning such as hospital workers. warning for people thinking about buying a puppy. the cdc investigating an outbreak of an bacterial infection that's been linked to puppies sold through the national pet store pet land. 39 people have got 10 sick in the past year. nine of them had to go to the hospital. pet land does have stores in pennsylvania. the puppies are carrying something called campylobacter. the cdc says after you have. contact with dogs or puppies in this circumstance you really should wash your hands thoroughly. >> 5:22 is the time. in the morning buzz next tim tebow poe is doing his part to help those affected by hurricane irma. you'll see who made a lasting impression on the athlete. >> also a pregnant teacher from maryland seems to have just vanished. what her father is calling a red flag but first up "gma"'s first look. >> in this this morning's "gma" first look, irma's florida flood didn't spare cars. this morning the owner of
5:23 am
kelly blue book is estimating between 200 and 400,000 cars in florida may have been flooded and that's on top of harvey's soaking of houston. >> is this unprecedented the number of cars. >> this could be an unprecedented year for the number of flood cars that are damaged as well as can be cleaned up and put back on the roads. >> some owners who may not be insured may try to how wide what's happened to their cars. customers hoping to trade in a flood vehicle. >> flooded cars can look great, they can run perfectly for the short term. but the long term and probably sooner than later those cars are going to break down because they're literally rotting from the inside out. >> we'll tell you exactly how to spot one of these cars before you buy it coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look, i'm david curly, abc news, washington. to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion,
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>> ♪ >> good morning. taking a live look at center city philadelphia. another day to get up and go and get things done. 62 degrees on city avenue. a lot of people could see 80 degrees today and it's dry. tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. speaking of getting up and getting some things done, tim tebow, the former football player turned professional baseball player is doing what he can now to help after hurricane irma. yesterday he spent time in a special needs shelter in florida many says he made a new friend. >> ♪
5:27 am
>> tebow posted this video of himself meeting a war veteran and then watching along as the vet played the harmonica. he joined florida governor rick scott and visited a shelter in jacksonville. great to see so many celebrities come out and do what they can to help and we'll see a lot of them on abc tonight when they take part in a broadcast that's meant to raise money and help people affected by harvey and irma. >> you can watch that tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. remembering a coaching legend. the villanova community and beyond says goodbye to coach rollie massimino. former presidential candidate hillary clinton getting real about the election and admits she made mistakes. we continue to follow breaking news. a deadly fire in wilmington and a daring escape. "action news" continues. >> ♪ ♪
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or whatever stage of life you're in. we believe that when it comes to health. you don't join us. we join you. >> ♪ >> braking now on "action news," fire tragedy in wilmington. a man is killed when he goes back into a burning home for his wifely. >> irma's aftermath.
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florida residents start to dig out and drain out while the weakening storm dumps more rain on the south. >> day in court. the engineer at the controls during that deadly amtrak derailment goes before a judge. we'll tell you why the defense is expected to make a case for getting the charges thrown out. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday september 12th. david and karen another pretty nice day, right. >> yeah, feels good out there right now. >> feels good. not quite as chilly as yesterday. you'll see one big change that's pretty obvious. yesterday we had the cloud cover down to the south but as expected that high thin cloud cover has started to filter up from the south and rain associated with what's left of irma no longer a tropical storm at this point is still down to our south and we think these showers trying to make a run at us are going to fall apart today. probably get a little thin band of that shower activity coming through. temperatures not too bad as karen referenced. 52 degrees in allentown instead of the 40's which is where we were yesterday. 62 in philadelphia. 56 in trenton at this hour. 58 in wilmington, also up a little bit


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