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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 14, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute". >> oh, my gosh. >> a woman gets a tricked out new wheelchair. >> do the things she wants to do. >> the story behind the amazing creation inspired by the builder's own brother. quite a cast of characters in full-on chaos. >> now they are coming head-to-head. >> why they are about to go belly-to-belly. >> while there has been lots of sad things going on. >> after the intriguing letter, then it's time for -- >> confetti! >> see the real surprise that leaves a little girl speechless. >> plus, today's buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini, as we break down the best on the web, including the marvel
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universe traveling show. how the men of "rtm" transform into marvel super heros. lance is a fabricator, artist, designer, creative cat who just loves working with his hands. >> we enjoy making things. >> wheelchairs with mounted flame throwers. means everybody can play madmen. >> put together by the wizard of oz tv, focusing on lance's latest project and what he calls his wheelchair laps. >> people who can't find a wheelchair, can't find one, don't have any money, we have a special request named hillary, young woman, very active. what we did was came up with a four wheel drive chairund and f it the rest ourselves. >> nice. he thought of everything. >> he has, and had direction
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from the girl that requested it. >> and there she is. >> oh, my god. that is beautiful. >> this is hillary's new chair. she likes to lead an active lifestyle, but the chairs that are available to her cannot get her around to do the things that she wants to do. so lance built this. >> isn't it expensive to get something like this original fabricated? >> it is, but not for the person who needs it, because all of this stuff is gifted. hillary wastes no time, jumps right into her new four wheel drive off road monster. >> oh, my gosh, i'm so excited for her. >> the chair is everything i could have dreamed of. it has lights, it has backup, wheels so i don't fall over, which i have done before and hurt a lot. >> this is one of lance's more extreme builds, but lance got into this whole thing because of his brother. >> my brother several years ago found out he had parkinson's. >> scamp around carts, he
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flipped over one day. i was like [ bleep ], lance, sick of seeing him flip over in this thing. let's pimp him out a wheelchair. >> they built him something truly special and it took off from there. >> they took this challenge as a family so there are now so many other people can benefit from this. there's a beautiful relationship on the road between motorcyclists and vehicle drivers, except when you don't agree. like we are going to see in this video tha comes fro oklahoma, and immtely one of th mp front is having a moving argument with the driver of that truck. now, according to reports, that tr cut the motorcyclist off. there's a group of them on the road. but eventually they come to a stop, andhat is when things escalate to the nth degree. they are arguing, and as this
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happens, another truck pulls up. the driver punches the motorcyclist, they go off the frame for a littl but you see that they are punches. it snd like the othereople were just other drivers on the road that decided to stop when they saw this going down, and then you see the guy in the red truck gets out with a shotgun. >> the one right thing that's happening in this video is they are capturing it all on camera. issues.truck driver got he's gone crazy. he's seeing red. >> eventually you see that the rider moving. the driver in the blue shirt finally walks away and that's when you think maybe sense these people. >> may have just killed a guy. that was serious case of comes over to help the rider. asult. >> the drir of the red truck tries taking his helmet off. weonf he was just stunned or actually unconscious. >> he was a rag doll. a rag doll. >> the good thing is that eventually he does start coming
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to. the guy in the blue shorts is said to have taken the cell phone of one of the other riders who was apparently trying to take pictures of everyone involved, and as a motorcyclist who i believe is the owner of the cell phone tries to get it back, this happens. >> just like that, another brawl ensues. >> just ridiculous. >> and it's all over road rage. >> you cut me off. >> authorities are looking into this issue and investigating. we reached out to the sheriff's department but haven't heard back with more details yet. for three years this cutie pie has only wanted one thing. >> giant blue? >> no, she's got this envelope in her hands. that's her mom kelly filming all of this. notice the 7 year old pulls out the letter. cousin thomas steps in and starts to read it. >> for the last three years you have had a big smile on your
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face while there have been lots of sad things going on. >> they've lost their home, kelly's father was paralyzed, and then also her grandmother, which habs to be kelly's mother-in-law passed away. she's been a trooper through all of it and been an understanding kid and made their life that much better in the midst of these trials and tribulations they faced. >> you're often good at telling the truth, but now i have to tell you the truth. >> yeah, there's a secret. >> i have been lying to you, sorry. >> they hand thomas a pair of scissors and tell them to pop the balloon together. >> nice. >> confetti. >> oh, my gosh, what's that on the floor? ella? >> now, thomas immediately knows what it is. it's -- it's -- it's -- >> you're going to disneyland!
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>> she's speechless. she's just looking up with those big eyes and she's so happy. thomas is excited, because he already knew he was going to disneyland. surprise for him is ella, his cousin, who he's really close to, is now joining him. the surprise for her, she's going too! kelly does say that after receiving this ticket and this grand surprise that about every hour she'd walk up to her and just cry. she's just a sweet kid. have fun at disneyland, girl. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need thursday's buzz word, be a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini give away. lost. >> do you know where financial aid is? >> trying to find financial aid, but he has a phone in his hand. david, it's a phone, you can ask google. but --
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>> is that an iphone 5? >> no. >> that's even better. >> he's got no battery, needs to plug it in, but fortunately for him has a special charger. >> thank you, thank you. >> that's all you need to do, take the charger, share the energy. we know some technology can do that, that's pretty good, but this is a really, really good charger. >> starbucks? watch. real quick. >> cool. >> wait a minute. that's a cup of coffee he's charging it with. >> he's got an explanation. >> has the energy and it's the acid from the beans. >> acid from the beans that's not even touching the cord. >> obviously, bleeding through the cup and, therefore, charges the phone. there are many, many examples of how amazing, magic almost how this charger is. even with food. >> is this citrus? >> put it in just like that. >> the idea, bro, send me the
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amazon link to that. i have to have it. >> food, food has calories. same energy to charge the phone. >> this is so clever. >> these guys are riden around on their bikes, gets the guy to lift up the bike's front wheel, gives it a spin. >> holy crap. >> he's going to go try to charge his own phone after he leaves here and it's not going to work. >> maybe we need more people to try it. millions of people watching, let us know if it works. >> what are you charging? >> crap, it is charging. shadow the dog has had to carry around a little something extra. oh, my goodness. >> what the heck? >> can you imagine how that feels? >> see how losing the tumor turns his life around. and why this mountain biking 5 year old will blow you away. >> dang, little guy. brought to you by -- for
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...until we found a connection.
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you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hotline can help. call 800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) or visit closed captioning provided by -- one of the coolest 5 year olds i've ever laid eyes on, and i have a 5-year-old niece, sorry. she's the cutest, but julian,
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he's so rad. ♪ ♪ >> dang, little guy. >> right on, brother. >> this kid, he's been riding his mountain bike since he was 2 years old and now at 5 years old they've put this course in the backyard and julian is owning it. >> you know what, that is a parenting done right. they found a child with a passion and a skill and they are doing everything they can to help it grow. you wait, he's going to be 6 years old with red bull. >> who's running behind him? >> i think it's dad jason, because this is something they do together. yes, to your point, his son is clearly talented and loves this stuff. let's head over to montenegro, because this dude is more than toeing the line. >> this dude is insane. >> yeah, check him out. >> wait, he's on, like, a ten speed. looks like he's on a road bike. >> when they say build a bridge and get over it, i'm not sure
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this is what they were talking about. he's on top of the bridge on a very narrow side of the railing. >> if you ever wanted to test your balance, this is exactly how to do it. you can't fail. >> almost like go faster. balancing is easier when you kbo faster. but also don't. >> his name is victorio. >> you okay over there? >> how about that? >> guys, this is the kind of story that makes vet ranch so dear to us here at "right this minute." check out shadow's story. >> this is guy's name is shadow. >> oh, my goodness. >> what the heck? >> you can see a very large tumor has grown on that leg. it has been there for some time. she says that neighbors called somebody to do something about it and the dog ended up at vet
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ranch and now police are looking into the case. >> so the police getting involved because of neglect because the ownest didnrs didn' the dog to the vet? >> pretty much. she's worried it will be canc cancerous and that she'll have to amputate the leg. >> didn't just start like this. they had to notice something smaller as it grew. >> that's exactly why neighbors said, hey, somebody's got to do something for the dog, so they begin the surgery. she realizes one bit of news right away, she does not need to amputate that leg. >> that tumor is the size of my dog. >> did they say how much it weighs? >> it weighs a whopping 11.8 pounds. >> wow. >> up walking after this surgery, he's going to be so confused. just wow. this is so much easier. >> you can see him walking right here. having a little trouble, because he has two legs bandaged up, but still curious, still sweet. >> he's going to have a killer
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scar to show the ladies. >> let's check him out four weeks later. >> looking great. has a big scar here, but overall looking good. >> leg looks so much better, and one more thing, they were worried about this being cancerous. they got a report back. >> non, benign proliferation. >> benign, noncancerous. this is him 12 weeks later. hair is growing, so might not have a bad scar for the ladies. >> impressively covered. taking twins shopping. >> they have an opinion about everything. >> see them shop next "right this minute." and still to come -- some familiar faces met up with the marvel super heros. >> they had a full-on mission for us. >> see what happens when we play with fire and become part of the show. >> can't see how stupid i look right now.
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last week i got called to a very important meeting downtown, but i was horribly unprepared. but i don't know anybody, don't know who i'm going to talk to. i really hope i don't embarrass myself. >> what are you doing here? come with me. i need your help. >> cool. >> it's very cool. you' to love it. >> jegender reveal? >> no. >> proposal? >> no, no. rmg >> are you pregnant? >> no, no, but it's cooler, i promise. i need help with names. >> so much cooler than a gender reveal. >> had a meeting with some very important super heros. unfortunately, i don't really know my super heros very well. >> hi, hi. this is black widow. >> nice to meet you. >> that was the costume i wore
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last halloween, black widow, but she's way cooler. >> wait until you see what she can do. >> is this going to be dangerous? do i need a helmet or something? >> first, jake ginn, one of the stunt performers in the marvel universe live show took us aside to get us trained up on fighting techniques we were going to need for our mission. learned how to do a dip maneuver and hand spin, and, of course, the next pass. >> nailed it. >> now that we have this, obviously, very well perfected, we do need to step it up a notch a bit, gayle. start to perform our newly learned maneuvers with fire. oli went first. >> i got eyes on you. face. >> oli is a super h clothing. >> let's see yours. >> i get to do the same thi. because we were s they
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t us right show. can you see >> >> look at us. we g finally play with fire look at right? >> the universe live show is a show, goes across the country. you r check it ouo so, get your tickets now. it's time to give another ipad mini. >> you'll need t buzz at legal resident. ander the buzz facebook, twitter, or both. you can enter on each reveal thursday's buzz word, it's script. >> get on to
2:54 pm, click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word, script. >> good luck, everybody. a woman opens the fridge, but -- >> she's not there for pizza. she's there for something else. >> why she's about to get
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small fries. >> oh, my god. refrigerators, that magic box that we just wish was a bit more magic. you know, when you go late at nit, nothing in, five minutes later, still notng in. you wish something cool would appear. guys, i found a magic refrigerator. she goes to the fridge, opens it up. >> really? >> it's a bag. gets out the bag, a box, opens the box, and then you might want to put your fingers in your ears.
2:57 pm
immediately gets a ring out, slips it on her finger and jumps on her man. thank you very much! >> i'm going to stick to my diet so much better if i found jewelry in the fridge. i'd be like, who needs carbs? i got karats. >> dang, girlfriend. is this a proposal? >> no, in fact, they make clear why she needs this ring. >> she lost her old wedding ring, apparently that morning, and she's been tearing apart the place. wow, that's some lucky timing. >> i saw your ring this morning. >> really? >> but it was for a good reason, because he brought this upgrade ring. stole the old one in the morning so she'd freak out, but then gave her the bling later in the day. >> happy anniversary. >> thanks for joining us today. has a lot of fun stuff to check out. or catch the next ♪ end of throat surgery. guided you through recovery. joe tastes just as sweet to us, as it does to you. we join you.
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