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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 18, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> now on "action news," tracking jose, the wind and the waves are picking up at the jersey shore as the storm churns up the coast. developing this morning, teachers are about to go on strike at a district in montgomery county keeping thousands of students home from school. >> messages of hate a university investigates a racial slur smeared on a dorm room door. >> good morning, everybody, it is monday, september 18, david and karen what do you have for us. >> reporter: tropics are keeping us busy. >> reporter: maria later on, and right now it's jose. we have a tropical storm up and
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down the jersey coastline this kicks, the biggest issue will be later on this afternoon and through the day tuesday and into wednesday morning we're looking already at the outer cloud bands of jose pushing in from the ocean and in some cases interacting locally. we could get some sun today especially early, i do think there's a chance we cloud up a bit as the day goes on. tomorrow we get the wind later today and tonight and building through tomorrow we get wind down the shore and a little bit of storm surge, too. 69 degrees currently in philadelphia. 67 in trenton ahead of all the issues. 68 in wilmington, 66 in allentown. 69 in cape may. a little bit on the muggy side. as we roll through the day, 68 degrees by 7:00. there's a chance of fog around this morning, be careful of that, we'll talk about that in a moment. noon, 74. 79 by 3:00 p.m., with a high of 80 around 4:00 p.m. today the way things are looking. the kids on the bus stop this morning are looking at, there we
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go, a little rise in the bus there, that was interesting. 63 degrees, partly cloudy on the the bus stop. look at that, here we go, yes! 63 in the suburbs, 68 on the bus stop. humid and dry. let's check out the fog, because the visibilities are starting to go down in some spots including lancaster county and allentown, 3 miles, not too bad. this is going to be a developing situation over the next couple of hours, though, if you see fog slow it down, karen. we'll have the latest track from hurricane jose that's coming up next. >> reporter: let's hit the roads and get the week started. looking outside live on the schuylkill expressway no problems out there, just some construction. you can see the flashing lights turnpike and the blue route that's heading toward center city. the left lane is blocked. that should wrap up in half-hour. it's not causing a delay something to watch for as you head out early.
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on the turnpike between 29 and valley forge we have construction crews blocking the right lane. we have the green traffic flow through all the construction zones eastbound fort washington, two left lanes block there. live on the schuylkill expressway eastbound and westbound all the ramps open and clear. we have crews blocking the left lane eastbound past willow grove on the turnpike. new big accidents. >> the jersey shore and delaware beaches are bracing for impact. hurricane jose is making its way up the atlantic coast. the storm is already making its presence known. katherine scott is live in atlantic city with more on conditions there. we can see the winds blowing your hair, katherine. >> reporter: it is a bit windy here, it usually is along the coast. we did see light rain erl, it has subsided for now. we'll see the effects along the
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shore especially tonight as it comes to jose. we're in atlantic city north maine by madison. we can see the water crash over the side here, i have to watch my back to make sure i don't get it. jose is expected to bring rough surf and dangerous rip currents. between tonight and wednesday expect heavy wind gusts. you will feel more along the shoreline. they won't be as strong inland. we can see rain and growing wave heights and pounding surf is expected to bring beach 'erosion, as well. there could be minor coastal flooding around high tide. if you're in town stay out of the water, the rip currents can be dangerous. at the moment, walking around here again, it's breezy, normally is by the coast. we're seeing rain on and off, again, the rip currents the water that's where you want to watch out. we're live in atlantic city,
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katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. the waves are crashing down on north wildwood, the action cam was along the shore last night. waves could get up to 15 feet in the next few days. we're live in methacton high school in eagleville with teachers will go on strike. >> reporter: good morning, matt, the teachers union and the district negotiated until the early evening yesterday that was continuing negotiations that happened throughout the weekend. no deal was reached this morning, classes are canceled this is exactly what parents and students were dreading. we are told this will be the first day of the strike. no word on how long it will last. a standstill in the bargaining process led to the announcement by the methacton education association. teachers will go on strike beginning today after no deal was reached with the district. the union represents 400 teachers and professional staff.
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the issues salary benefits, class size and student/teacher ratio. gosheses were productive, but after that, the union said dramatically increasing the employee's share of the healthcare premium while not increasing salaries is unacceptable. the state mediator is involved in coordinating the change of proposals. the picketing begins at 7:30 a.m. at the high school. the district will keep you informed on their social media account. matt. >> cabrini university is investigating racist graffiti written on an african-american's
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disarm room door. she noticed the marker etched in the door saturday night. >> i don't know if this will ever go away off the door, every time i look at it, it will be a reminder of someone's hatred toward me. >> she said she is meeting with the dean of students this morning. the university released a statement saying cabrini does not tolerate any hate speech or racist language and we make sure our students feel safe and supported. >> president trump is in the new york city to attends the u.n. general assembly this week he plans to meet with benefit gentleman men netanyahu and manual macron. he will address the full u.n. tomorrow. topics rising nuclear tension with north korea and the paris
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climate accord. new jersey governor chris christie is expected to talk today about a drug initiative. he plans to spend $200 million to improve the way the state approaches substance abuse. chris christie has made battling the opioid addiction centerpiece of his second term in office. he is working with the white house to battle drug addiction. >> it will not make landfall, probably push out? >> reporter: it will be close enough here to give us problems down the shore. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're mainly dry and we have low cloud cover that could give you drizzle on the windshield. as we look outside, we have dry conditions in center city on sky6 live hd obviously, not much wind, not much of an effect at all yet from the storm.
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69 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. 66 in allentown. 65 in reading. 68 in wilmington, 67 in trenton. 69 down the shore in cape may. satellite shows you out to the west a little bit of cloud cover, what we're watching is the cloud cover off the coast, you're seeing bands from jose beginning to get closer to the coast interacting with our local environment and cloud cover. overall i expect clouds and sun, humid, high of 81. we can't totally rule out a sprinkle or shower today, but it's not the order of the day. mostly cloudy at the shore, sprinkle or shower. rip currents worse and worse tonight 76 degrees is the high there. 80 is the high in philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies and sun at times. humid conditions winds out of the northeast 6 to 12 miles per hour today as the center of the storm is far away. remember the biggest impacts from the storm will be down the shore. mostly cloudy and humid, 68
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overnight. by morning there could start to be rain pushing in especially down by the coast. there's the latest satellite infared imagery of hurricane jose category one storm off cape hatteras. as you can see sweating into tonight and tomorrow, the storm comes up to our latitude as category one and spins around and becomes a tropical low and it's not much of an issue for us. as long as it's out there, we'll get the heavy surf conditions and other impacts, as well. let's start with rain, doesn't look like there will be a lot of this in the wee hours of the morning. we're on the air early once again 4 to 9:00 you're looking at shower act tft coming -- activity coming through and bands of rain. by 6:00 a.m. we're looking at that, later tomorrow evening there could be a bit more. the bigger impacts will be from the winds and the waves coming
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in. one to three foot storm surge is possible down the shore in new jersey and delaware. waves up to ten to 15 feet. rip currents and beach erosion the problem. here's the biggy, 40 to 45-mile an hour gusts at times. that could be a problem for loose objects awnings tree brancheses. the biggest impact would be the closer you go toward the coast. 87 degrees warm and humid, sprinkle around mostly dry. home, jose wind and rain. the rain not a big deal. the wind won't be a problem inland, but down the shore you have objects blowing around and maybe damage to the looser attached structures like carports. 75 degrees is the high tomorrow. 80 on wednesday, clouds breaking if we see a shower it's early in the morning and things dry out. 84 degrees on thursday. lots of sun there, the rest of the seven day looks good. friday mostly sunny, 84.
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# 83 on saturday and sunday. >> hello warm fall. to start at least. 4:42 a.m., police in st. louis make dozens of arrests as protests continue over an acquittal for a police-involved shooting. >> reporter: construction is starting to clear on the schuylkill expressway eastbound we're moving better, traffic partially blocking a left lane there, we'll take you to exton, chester county we'll take you there coming up.
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taking a live look at center city philadelphia as we start a brand new week. we have triple 4s on the clock
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people, you know what that means? >> no, what does it mean? it means it's 4:44 a.m., karen. >> reporter: it means you can make a wish. >> you know what my wish is? >> reporter: we all have the same wish. commerce drive, exton, chester county. no problems this morning, looking good coming in from pottstown, or phoenixville you see traffic moving nicely, route 100 at commerce drive no big problems we're dry, as well. not looking at any fog right there, we're watching for it inn a couple of spots, have sent -- seen it in the cameras. county line road road is closed until october 12 it will be a while. instead of lime kiln pike use county line road it will bother you a little bit it will continue to bother you this morning. let's look at the area bridges
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we have a live look at the ben franklin bridge, nothing going on. web traffic coming up into the city. you can see pretty clear conditions from here, as well. as we look at the fog through the area, it's a bit of an issue 3-mile in allentown. 2.5 in lancaster. 10-mile at philadelphia international. so, the fog not a problem if you're flying out, to the north and west a little bit of an issue. let's check the temperatures, it's a warm and sticky, 69 degrees heading up to 80. mostly cloudy skies and humid and staying above average. >> police say two killings in louisiana were likely racially motivated. two african-american men were murdered in bat nl -- bat -- bat ton rouge last week. the suspect, kenneth wilson is
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the suspect. police arrested people overnight who vandalized businesses. the gatherings were peaceful in the daytime upward of 1,000 people they are upset over the acquittal of a white former police officer in the killing of a black suspect. there's a second arrest to a subway attack in london. they are lowered the terror threat from critical to severe. 30 people were hurt when the blast ripped through the famed tube system at the height of the morning rush hour on friday. both suspects in the attack have been questioned but neither charged or identified. two well dressed criminals are wanted for attacking and robbing an 87-year-old woman in center city philadelphia. neighbors saw the pair behind the home on south 20th street yesterday morning. the man in a suit, the woman in the dress as they knocked on the
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woman's back door and forced their way inside. one of the intruders was armed and threw the woman to the ground and took all her jewelry. >> it's unnerving to think somebody would come into your house and do such a horrible thing. >> the woman was not injured, but her daughter took her to the hospital to be checked out. >> kevin hart posts an apology to his pregnant wife and children why coming up. >> parts of the carribean are getting ready for hurricane maria.
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>> welcome back, the storm warnings are going back up in the caribbean. hurricane maria is gaining strength and expected to follow a path that will take it near the islands already wrecked by hurricane irma. we're keeping our fingers crossed and sending prayers up for all those people. >> if it gets hit again, it will be devastated. >> reporter: i was listening to some of their stories driving in on the radio, it was awful. let's check the roads, we're clue -- dry anticipate clear. no issues on the roads.
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we have mall functioning traffic lights city avenue at monument. watch for that. mass transit everything on time and looking good as you head out the door. it's a monday morning, we're starting the week off right with no big issues. satellite showing we're dry through the region right now. >> reporter: dry for now, maybe a sprinkle or drizzle here and there from low-lying cloud cover. that would be it. you can see the outer bands of jose getting closer to the coast. we're looking at low-lying cloud cover and clouds with sunny breaks. jose beginning to impact us in a minor way. warm and humid today, high highf 80 degrees. we'll hit that around 3:30 p.m. or 4. 76 by 7:00. a sprinkle around him tomorrow a better chance of rain with jose off the coast. >> philadelphia's own kevin hart has decided to air out
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dirty laundry before someone's does, he posted an poll guy to his tow owe an apology on his instagram. someone was seeking financial gain over his mistakes. a video emerge of hart earlier this summer looking cozy with a bruin net in the back of a car. a patient from saint jude's research hospital served as honorary coach of memphis football team on saturday. the tigers went on to upset the ucla bruins. deal plays several sports, his provisional goal to be coach or sports announcer.
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>> the federal corruption trial of u.s. senator bob menendez heads into its third week. he is chargessed -- charged with accepting bribes from a florida doctor. he make up -- maintains it's evidence of their friendship not corruption. harvey rothenstein has lived in his home for 47 years. the george w. bush federation of philadelphia -- jewish federation of philadelphia and habitat for human helped -- habitat for humanity helped harvey make home repairs.
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>> we'll make sure he spends his time in his house when it gets cold. >> stars step out for the biggest night in television. >> eagles prepare for a professional foe after running into the red hot big red machine. local college student attacked with acid in france we'll have the late he is on the investigation.
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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., monday, september 18. >> coming up in the news, hurricane jose heads up the coast creating the potential for rough surf and beach erosion, accuweather has the latest track. >> new this morning, police in bucks county investigate an attempted child luring days after a series of similar incidents in philadelphia. >> teachers go on strike in methacton. we're live in the montgomery county school district where students will be hanging around the house today. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers, david has his eyes on jose and karen has traffic. >> reporter: we have a nice day today, but watching jose carefully. >> reporter: the issues will be at the coast, we are not expecting an impact inland, but it will be the coastal counties that expect the strong wind gusts, tuesday into wednesday. down the shore, the wind and rough surf and slightly high water creating some


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