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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  September 23, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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home. >> family helps in the good times and bad times. >> ron is a plumber. >> he's looking for work. >> i am a plumber. >> diane is a waitress. despite losing it materially, they have their health, family and their dog mee miko. it's devastating. what are you going to do? you push forward or stop. there's no stopping. we have to push forward. >> if you want to help them head to our web page. we have a go fund me link to help them get back on their feet. bob brooks, channel6, "action news." >> moving on to puerto rico and the damage from hurrican hurric. the death toll stands at seven. officials were not able to make contact with every town
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downstream as they rushed to evacuate 70,000 people in the path of a failing dam. it's been three days since maria sent flood water cascading through streets. nearly all of puerto rico's cellphone towers are down and it could be months before power is restored. a 6.2 earthquake hit mexico today. people recovering from the other earthquake earlier in the street were forced to the streets. the after shocks could be felt 450-miles away. those in tuesday's quake claim the government is ignoring them. >> they don't want to help. they only have ordered to give a show to the media. >> we have more on the rescue
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operations coming up in a full report in our next half hour. ♪ >> breaking news to pass along from north philadelphia. gunshots were fired at officers there. it happened at 10:00 p.m. 13th and york street. we are working to get more details as to what happened. we know no one was hurt. police are looking for two men who reportedly fled the scene. more coming up on "action news." police in philadelphia are looking to track down a repeat bank robber in china town. this person is violent. annie mccormick is live at police headquarters with the full story. annie? >> walter, today marks the third armed bank robbery in recent weeks. authorities are seeing similarities in the description and also when he strikes and how. authorities are investigating if this man is behind multiple bank
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robberies in china town in recent weeks at abacus savings bacsavingsbank, one on saturdayr september 19th, the suspect a black male, 5' 10 with a thin build was seen wearing a hat with philadelphia written on it and another time wearing sunglasses with gold siding. today just before noon park bank was hit. police have not released surveillance videos but the assailant fits the same description down to sunglasses with gold siding and he hit midday. >> china town businesses see wanted posters up. in one case, he threatened an employees life. authorities consider him armed and dangerous. >> china town is not just a
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business area. it's a resident area. we have community members leaving here, so many that doesn't speak english and live in the area. i'm concerned about them. >> the fbi and police department violent crimes task force are handling the case. call if you have tips. you can remain anonymous. outside of philadelphia police headquarters, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> a suspect has been taken into custody link toad a deadly hit and run this morning at 1:00 a.m. on north broad street and glenwood avenue. a 47-year-old was crossing the street when he was hit by the suspect that fled the scene. that victim died at hospital. >> earlier this morning a
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23-year-old was crossing 8th street and tioga when he was hit. police don't know the make or model of the vehicle. >> from the delaware newark home, police are investigating a victim there. the victim suffered injuries. no other information has been released at this time. >> 18 workerers at the duponte warehouse were transported to a local hospital. there is no word what substance they were exposed to. local heros came out to thrill the crowt at the wells fargo. this was part of the 63rd annual
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hero thrill show. the show raises scholarship money for the children of police and fire personnel killed in the line of duty. jimmy bins and grand marshall honor the family of highway patrol officer patrick mcdonald who was killed nine years ago. >> much more to come, millan ya trump makes her first appearance out of the country as the first lady spending time with prince harry. >> the eagles get ready for their home opener against the giants. jeff skversky has news when "action news" comes right back.
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>> first lady melania trump met with prince harry at the invehicle ta games, the brain child of prince harry who served as an officer with the british hearm. last year they were held in orlando. 550 competitors take part in the games over the next week. talented women from the field of journalism and entertainment gathered today in philadelphia. they were here for the conference in northern liberty. this year's guest of honor was
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san ya sanchez. the theme was adequacy and leadership. >> there was a special event for those with autism and their families at the king of prussia. the response teams hope to help them feel comfortable in an emergency. supporters gathered at the link today to honor the 344 firefighters lost on 9-11. the stair walk was conceived by commissioner adam teal. 110 stories many firefighters climbed at the world trade center before they collapsed. those who worked at ground zero,
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commissioner teal explained why financial support is still important 16 years later. >> there are new york city firefighters, ems workers dying from 9-11 illnesses. there is a huge need for family, treatment, care. >> those who could not climb the stairs walked around the exterior of the link in a show of support.
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>> there was a parade this evening, making its way to tenth and cherry. the festivities continue tomorrow 9:00 to noon. >> time for a check on the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. today it was hot and tomorrow hotter. h-o-t-t t- t-e-r. >> folks are out and about on this saturday night. comfortable conditions and warm. looking at the center city skyline, we have clear and calm conditions. hotter on sunday. we have a preview of the eagle
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home opener tomorrow with dangerous rip currents at the shore. right now at philadelphia, 73 after a high temperature today of 88 in the city. typically, we should be close to 75 for the high. 71 allentown, 68 in reading. in cape may, 72. satellite 6 along with action radar showing not a lot to track across the mid atlantic region as well. high pressure dominating the area, unsettled weather through the great lakes and midwest as well. for the next 12 hours, mostly clear, warm and 62 in the suburbs. 69 in philadelphia for the overnight low. for the next few days, we have a summer like people on the way. feeling like july by sunday.
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you can see the jet stream lifting north. tomorrow over the next several days, temperatures 10 to 15-degrees above average. down to the tropics, a close eye on hurricane maria, winds 115 miles per hour away from the be bahamas and staying offshore. looking at the track of maria, northwest about nine miles per hour. the track and speed of the storm will more than likely decrease. as it does so, the intensity of the storm changes as well. monday morning, category two. tuesday afternoon, a category one storm. still giving us a concern with rips and rough surf, something we are tracking into early next week. back here at home, it's all about the eagles. kick off 1:00. temperature, 87. fourth quarter, we have a number of 90-degrees.
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exclusive accuweather forecast, doesn't feel like fall this weekend. high and humid tomorrow. high of 90-degrees. then 10 to 15-degrees above average. 88 for the high, humid on tuesday with sunshine around high of 84. warm wednesday with a high of 8. thursday, partly sunny, isolated showers, high of 82. finally, we are refreshing friday. it's 75. that feels like fall. cooler next saturday, walter with a high of 68. we are up and down this week. >> for now, summer is in the bonus round. >> i like it. >> thank you, melissa. >> coming up, jeff skversky has sports. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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ood perspective 87 everies gave it their best shot. time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here against the home openers, the giants owned over the last five of six years. eagles think this will be a tough one tomorrow at the link. the eagles may not be perfect but the giants are a mess. they are winless, barely scored and coach eli manning under the bus. the fans, they'll be ready. running out of that tunnel, we know how it will be coming down hire. >> our guys are eager to play. they are better than 0-2. this is a dangerous football
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team. tremendous defense. our work is cut out for us. >> fourth ranked penn state dominated scoring 50 points per game adding up to the highest margin of victory in the country. tonight, they are scratching and clawing in iowa. in iowa city, it is rocking with penn state down at the half. they don't score an offensive touchdown until second half. day quan barclay with 448 all purpose yards. penn state up 15-7. how good would he look in an eagle's jersey. blocking a field goal, second touchdown with under two to go. penn state down four.
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for the win from the seven, no time left, trace mcstorely to johnson from glassboro, new jersey, the touchdown, penn state wins at the buzzer. walk off at iowa, 4-0 for the second time under james franklin. >> the environment here was tremendous. so much respect. our team believes. we have done this two years. we didn't play the way we want today play. they made us earn it. >> we have a good one here as well. villanova on the road against albany. game delayed because of pink smoke. three seconds left. from the three, the shovel pass. nova ties it. we go to overtime. fourth and one, the fumble
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recovery. villanova loses 19-10. sixtieth meeting between penn and lehigh. will fisher accounts for four scores. penn scores twice to go up seven at the half. brooks four scores as well including the pass. penn winning in the shootout, 64-67. they are 2-0. we are back with more. ♪ ♪ end of throat surgery. guided you through recovery. joe tastes just as sweet to us, as it does to you.
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the phillies have not lost their sense of humor. players dressed up as
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from greece and sang greased lightning. phillies go up 2-0. back come the braves. louise garcia, to margo, pinch hit two run double. phillies lose 4-2. it is their third straight. they'll try to avoid the sweep tomorrow. >> thank you, jeff. much more "action news" still ahead. stick around. ♪ ♪
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kim guadagno isn't >> ♪ ♪ >> "action news" continues. ♪ >> saturday night. here's what's happening on "action news." another earthquake rattles mexico. another trump administration official is under fire for trips on a private plane with taxpayers footing the bill. the philadelphia opera festival brings a free outdoor event to old city. a 6.1 earthquake rattled mexico adding insult to injury. we have the latest from mexico city. >> in the heart of mexico


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