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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., sunday, september 24. in the news a car window is shot out after a woman is wounded while sitting on her porch in philadelphia. details on this overnight shooting. it's president trump versus the athletes, the commander-in-chief reacts to the rhetoric and he doubles down on his stance on taking the knee during the national anthem and tells the popular player he is in the welcome at the white house is. >> is it fall or summer? , the calendar says one thing, but mother nature clearly has
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not gotten the message. let's go over to meteorologist chris sowers with more. you don't like this kind of heat. >> reporter: i don't like it in october. the normal high for this time of the year is 75 we're sitting at 71. you know it will be a scorcher when we are starting out this warm. 62 in millville, millville, -- 2 in reading, 65 in millville. 71 in philadelphia. there's a slight increase in humidity this afternoon. with high temperatures in the low 90s you add the humidity it becomes increasingly more uncomfortable as the day wears on. satellite and radar nothing going on a huge area high pressure planted over the mid atlantic states today. forecast for the eagles taking on the giants. home opener, it will feel like
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the milled of july, sunny and hot. first quarter temperature, 87, 4th quarter 90 degrees. the humidity increases, as well. we'll focus on hurricane maria and her track up the eastern seaboard. >> president trump is creating more controversy falg -- following a rant of about the nl and the nba. the president's view of athletes during a political rally that was held friday night. president trump said novel coaches should fire players who take a knee during the national
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anthem. steph curry found himself at the front of the firestorm when he said he wasn't sure he would go to the white house to celebrate their nba chip. president trump tweeted, going to the white house is a great honor for championship teams, steph curry is hesitating, invitation withdrawn. the warriors say they will use their trip to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion. roger goodell and several team owners are standing by their players to defend their peaceful protest. jeffrey lori reads in part on the statement. we at the philadelphia eagles firmly believe in this difficult time of division and conflict it is more important than ever before for football to be a
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great u.n. fire. eagles wide receiver, tory smith tweeted this, if the person wants the privilege of the united states, he must not disrespect every minority group in the country and say dispiewpt owe stupid things. >> fans weighed in on the discussion. >> in they want to stand they should instant. if the owner doesn't have a problem with it. >> stadiums are emptying, they are becoming an political agenda in the sports arena. >> i feel like when he is telling private companies which the nfl is, you guys should fire them, what's next? what's the next step to that,
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fire somebody because they deponent vote your way. >> the president's remark comes ahead of the third football sunday of the season, some fans will have an eye out for reaction for players during the game. "good morning america" will have more on the backlash president trump's intense speech on players kneeling. "good morning america" weekend is following "action news." police are looking for a person who fired a shotgun in front of the house in germantown wounding a 30-year-old woman sitting on the porch. the action cam was on the 5600 block of stokes street before midnight. the pellets hit the windows and hit the victim. the woman is in stable condition. no arrests. the action cam was at 13th and york street where two men were taken into custody after gunshots were fired.
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police were investigating a stolen cell phone report when they heard the shots. they arrived on scene and came across two men with guns. the men were taken into custody. nobody was hurt, the investigation is on going. your time 6:06 a.m., if you're just waking up with us, philadelphia police are working to track down a bank robber who pulled off several crimes. investigators say the bandit committed three crimes in the chinatown section and he is violent. they want him off the streets as soon as possible. annie mccormick has the details. >> reporter: authorities are investigating if this man is behind multiple armed bank robberies in chinatown in recent weeks. surveillance video captured the man with a knife during two recent robberies, one on saturday, september 9, after 1:20 p.m. and monday, the 19th
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before 12:30 p.m. the black man was seen one time wearing a distinctive hat with philadelphia written on it, and another time sunglasses with gold siding. police have not released surveillance photos, but the assail antifacilities the same description down to the -- the assailant fits the same description. the man threatened the employee's life. authorities consider him armed and dangerous. >> chinatown is not just a business area, it's a resident area, we have a community members living here, so many community people who doesn't speak english and live in the area i'm concerned about them. >> reporter: annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> from our delaware newsroom a
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dozen workers were treated to exposure at a dupont facility 18 workers were overcome by fumes at dupont in talleyville yesterday. they are in stable condition. crews are investigating what chemical they came into contact with. >> the 5th annual women in media at vo casey and -- advocacy and leadership. be heard and be hold it celebrates outstanding women in media. this year's guest of honor was writer activist and former temple poet in residents, is an i can't sanchez. join tamala edwards for this important discussion on a wide variety of topics, including
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sexual discrimination and how to advance your career. it's a special inside story at 11:30 a.m. 6:09 a.m., there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. if you're looking to drop a few pounds we'll explain why you may want to grab a handful of those. hurricane maria hit the caribbean and now sets her eyes on the northeast coast, how you can help those in puerto rico. coming up. >> reporter: i'll have the track and the impact in the lehigh valley. high temperatures today, the average 75 degrees, we're at 91 along with that the humidity begins to increase. i will be back along with the unusually hot weather and how long it last in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast >> a 6.1 magnitude earthquake
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shook mexico, the second to hit in less than a week. it was located in the southeastern area. two people were killed, researchers say the latest earthquake was an after shock of an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit september 7. search and rescue operations following tuesday's quake in mexico city continues. people along the mid atlantic coast should expect
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dangerous surf from hurricane maria. while the storm makes its way toward the east coast, residence in puerto rico deal with the aftermath of hurricane maria. 15,000 people are in shelters. federal aid is making its way to the island. shims brought a million gallons of water and 23,000 cots and food. more aid expected to arrive in days. organizers of the philadelphia puerto rican day parade event will be used to raise much-needed money to help those impacted by maria. this year's theme is the rhythm of our culture. you can watch the parade right here on 6abc beginning at 12:30. it's a great parade especially meaningful this year. you're tracking hurricane maria and the impact it's having on the east coast. >> reporter: actually the heat, that's a big issue, too.
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let's get you outside, starting out with beautiful sky6 live hd the twilight there overlooking the ben franklin bridge. clear skies, high pressure firmly in control. yesterday even though we topped out at 88 degrees, it was warm and the humidity is not all that bad. that's going to change, especially monday and tuesday. the headlines looks like this morning, we're tracking the heat and humidity it's some of the warmest temperatures we'll see in sometime, sweltering heat for the eagles game. home opener against the giants. the temperatures in the on thes with increasing dewpoints. uncomfortable by the 4th quart. humidity increases, relief arrives next weekend. we have a fall-like front coming through. that will put an end to the heat and drop temperatures into the 60s and 70s and we're watching maria approach the eastern seaboard. allentown, 62, philadelphia, 71. 65 in millville.
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trenton, 68. atlantic city, 69. cape may, 68 degrees. just like yesterday morning not much going on, high pressure in control that means we'll steer clear of any cloud cover auto there today. sunny skies from start to finish. believe it or not, it's this heat pump high this ridge is the saving grace from maria. otherwise maria as it makes it's track toward the north if this high was not here it would make landfall and slam cape hatteras up to 120 miles per hour. that high will be the saving grace enough to keep the storm off the coast and bump it out to sea. the only downfall we'll be sweltering over the next few days. the latest on hurricane maria, it's a category two storm, winds are down a little, 110 miles per hour with gusts 120.
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well-defined eye, the eye wall is compact and intense. it is moving toward the northwest at 9 to 10 miles per hour. most of the spaghetti plots as the approaches the coast, it will hook a right and pull out to sea because of that huge area of high pressure, that heat pump high anchored across the mid atlantic states. for us what we're looking at with this storm whatever you experience with jose cut it in half. we have 16-foot waves, maybe 6 to 8-foot waves with the storm. there were areas of minor flooding, same thing maybe you have minor coastal flooding,le as well and dangerous rip currents. probably no rain or cloud cover with the storm as it is out to sea. some minor impacts tuesday and wednesday this week. hot and humid, sunny skies, 91 degrees this is what we see in july. winds out of the northeast at
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are 5 to 10 miles per hour. you have to pace yourself out there today. especially if you're doing yard work or heading to the eagles game, because we have not experienced temperatures like this for quite sometime. 1:00 p.m., 89. 4:00 p.m., 90. 7:00 p.m., 85 degrees, overnight tonight, mainly clear warm, 70 degrees is the overnight low. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, relief is in sight, but you have to wait a little bit it's going to come by the end of the week. 91 today, warm and humid, 89 tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, quiet days, temperatures in the mid 80s, sticky out there. friday, 75. saturday, sunny and cool, high of 70. nydia. >> local men in blue thrilled crowds at the wells fargo center this weekend. they showed off cool motorcycle manuvers as part of the 65 annual hero thrill show that raises money to fund scholarships for the children of fallen police officers and
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firefighters. this year the family of highway patrol officer patrick mcdonald was honored. he was killed nine years ago. >> health check this morning,
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world health organization is sounding the alarm in antibiotics there are not enough in development as drug resist absent bugs grow. 33 of them target the bacteria that pose the greatest threat to
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human health. because it's a slow process, it's likely the drug-resistant bacteria will develop before new drug drugs are approved. researchers in the uk found the quantity and quality of your sleep can lead to an increase in pain. the huge study analyzed 16 cases of 60,000 adults from ten countries. researchers found that sleeplessness causes biomarkers in the brain to send signals of pain and fatigue. researchers have found a vaccine to give kids all the shots in one session followed by boosters at a specific time. the next step is to test the step in patients. some parents are concerned about
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the number of injections in their young years. those who eat nuts are more likely to shed pounds. nuts are an energy-dozens high fat food.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, time 6:24 a.m., sports the eagles are hosting the giants for their home opener at the linc this afternoon. the phillies are hoping to avoid a sweep as they wrap up their series with the braves in atlanta. here's jeff skeverski with all your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: the eagles may not be perfect, but the giants are a giant mess, they are winless,
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their coach threw eli manning under the bus. will the eagles take advantage in the home opener against the giants. carson wentz said the eagles fans will be electric at the linc in the home opener at the 1. the birds have won three straight against new york at the linc and they plan to keep it going with an electric atmosphere this afternoon. they are 0-2, but they are a good football team. they are good football team, we're excited they are here for the home opener. he hopefully we quick -- kick it off the right way. >> the giants will come here and try to beat us, we have to do what we do and take no opponent lightly. no matter how beat up they are, they have come to play. barclay racks up a school
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record 358 all purpose yards including 211 rushing in a thriller in iowa. what a crazy finish. penn state down 4, one final play for the win. no time left, trace mcsorely to johnson from glassboro, new jersey. penn state wins it the walkoff winner, wow, they are 4-0. the. >> environment here was tremendous, so much respect our team believes we've down this for two years, we didn't play the wanted to play today. iowa played unbelievable. they made us earn it. >> in atlanta, the phillies dressing up and dancing for a different reason. players in wigs doing their best
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john travolta impression. reese hoskins can sing and dance and hit. how about the rbi double in the first, 46rbi. phils go up 2-zip. garcia gives up 3 runs. oh, no, pirnlg -- pinch a two-run double. phillies lose 4-2. they hope to avoid a sweep in atlanta later today. that's sports i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> if you miss hearing muffin man and valley girl you may have your chance. a form of frank zappa is hitting the road. he passed 24 years ago, but his hologram is going on tour. the zappa family announced the new experience. his son said he is thrilled about the project that includes his father's hologram on stage with his children and the
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if you have symptoms of ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction. symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. other side effects are sudden kidney problems, genital yeast infections, increased bad cholesterol, and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. philadelphia warehouse overnight. details ahead on the damage. >> american fighter jets make their preference none along the north korea border as the rhetoric between president trump and kim jong-un escalate. feeling like summer, than fall. don't put away the shorts just
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yet. you will want them for the eagles home opener. so glad you stayed with us, meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'm not happy about this forecast. >> you think football you think fall. >> reporter: you know what it's going to reminds you of, 4th of july weekend you take your son to the phillies game that's what it will feel like, not football weather. it's a contrast between the west coast and east coast, it's snowing out west, we're sweltering here on the eastern seaboard. a heat pump high is firmly in control. we're in the 90s today. tomorrow, some of us may reach 90 again tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday, things cool down. 88 degrees thursday, friday, 83. yesterday, 88 degrees, but there was no humidity over the last few days, it was comfortable even though the numbers are way above seasonal averages. the humidity was nice and low
6:31 am
and comfortable. that changes this afternoon. we get into the 90s. the humidity increases each and everyday through wednesday afternoon when fall like front gets in here on thursday. millville, 65. trenton, 68. just like yesterday we'll have full sunshine, bright blue skies high pressure is planted right about there, east of pittsburgh, the air sinks underneath the areas of high pressure, that means wall-to-wall blue skies, lots of sun. forecast for today, accuweather says hot and humid, sunny skies, 91 degrees. gray? >> thank you for the update. folks 6:31 a.m., new information to tell you about this morning. a monster of a fire look at this, gutted a south philadelphia warehouse. the action cam at the scene, the 1700 block of water street. firefighters got to the scene, 89 one-story buildings was engulfed in flames, took about 40 minutes for crews to get the
6:32 am
upper hand on the fire. no word on injuries or cause. america is putting on a display of its military might as tensions continue to escalate with north korea. >> yesterday, the yoga nation said targeting the u.s. mainland was quote after mr. evil president president trump escalated the rhetoric. president trump said just heard foreign minister speak at u.n. if he echos thoughts of little rocket man they won't be around much longer. u.s. fighters jets flew near the coast in a show of force. the pentagon said the fartherrest north of the demille at demille -- demilitarized zone.
6:33 am
iran tested a new missile saying it is capable of carrying multiple warheads and traveling 1200 miles. the iranian president said they will press ahead with the military defenses. president trump tweeted a response criticizing the nuclear deal saying it's not much of an agreement. >> "good morning america" will have more on the threats of north korea and the missile tests from iran. "good morning america" is next following this broadcast at 8:00. >> police took a suspect into custody in connection with to a hit-and-run in north philadelphia. the incident happened early yesterday morning on north broad and glenwood avenue. police say a 47-year-old man was crossing the street when he was hit by a car. that vehicle did not stop. the victim later died at the scene. neither the victim or the suspect has been identified. police arrested this man
6:34 am
michael williams for setting a fire to a home in bear, delaware, this weekend. firefighters were called to the unit block of sar -- saratoga drive, the residents got out safely and are being held by the red cross of delmarva. there's no word on a possible motive. it is has been more than a year since a widow from chester county was found beaten to death inside her home. her family is asking for help to catch the killer. here's rick williams with the this morning's crime fighters report. >> my sister denise was probably my best friend. >> reporter: mike mcdonald said his sister 62-year-old denise barger was a wordsful woman to all who knew her. >> she was the type of person who was fiercely loyal to her friends. has been a terrific model and terrific person to all her
6:35 am
nieces and nephews. >> reporter: mcdonald's daily routine was to go to her house every morning. >> normally i would take our dog over there, denise would watch our dog everyday. >> reporter: that's what he feels doing friday friday, 2016. >> i want over there, to drop the dog off, the doors were locked. >> reporter: when he let himself into the house he called foreand did not get a response. when he searched he found her body on the floor upstairs. >> somebody broke into the house and beat her to death and whoever the coward is still walking the streets. that's wrong. >> at this time we believe mrs. barger knew her attacker, and nothing was taken from the residents. >> reporter: the citizens crime commission is look offering a $30,000 reward for the arrest an
6:36 am
conviction of the person responsible call 215-546-tips. >> if you know something about the circumstances i implore you to call. for crime fighters i'm rick williams, channel 6 "action news." >> this morning it is the president of the united states against nearly every professional athlete at this county. this is video of oakland as camper, bruce maxwell taking a knee. >> the african-american player has become the first major baseball player to take an action. it follow the controversial marks. mlb officials released a statement following the game saying they respect and support all of their players constitutional rights and freedom of expression. >> this of course, comes after president trump's remarks during a recall in alabama on friday in which he said players who take a
6:37 am
knee during the national nationm should be fired. it caused controversy across the athletic world. steph curry said he was not sure he would attend a white house invitation to celebrate the team's nba championship. the president was quick to responds saying he was recinding the invite. basketball great kobe bryant tweeted,- meanwhile, a new abc washington post poll shows after 8 months on the job, president trump is mired in historically low approval ratings. 39% approve, 57 disapprove. it's the lowest for any president in polls dating back to harry truman's president.
6:38 am
former president enjoyed 54%. george w.bush had a 90% approve in his presidency. >> happening today, the mayor of the city of wilmington will declare september 24 as a day of remembrance. a house fire in wilmington led to the death of three firefighters lieutenant if i can if i can -- jerry fickus, and two others were killed. an order will be signed declaring this date a day of remembrance. it will be a day all city first responders who routinely place their lives on the line. volunteers roll into norristown for a special community eventful weekend the convoy of hope came in to give families everything they need. parents had an opportunity to get their children's photo
6:39 am
i.d.'s can a cards to be used in case of emergency. convoy of hope cuttings similar events across the country. if you find you have one too many while cheering on the eagles this season, there's an offer for you to get home safely and it is free. >> plus a castle california home is obliterated by an explosion, wait until you hear what officials believe calls the blast. plus, meteorologist chris sowers returns with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast as we take a live look via, sky6 live hd from our temple university camera. we'll be right back.
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>> two police officers and a woman were shot at a home in new haven, connecticut. officers were responding to reports of a shooting as they were fired upon when they arrived. the officers shot back and shot the suspect who is in serious condition. the officers were shot in the arm and not badly hurt. a 55-year-old woman was shot in the home several times during a domestic dispute. she is in critical condition. an explosion at a mobile home in california critically injured four men. neighbors saw the men crying for help. the blast burned off their clothes. one man was flown to a hospital. investigators believe the blast was caused by honey oil a form of concentrated marijuana that requires explosive and volatile ingredients to produce.
6:43 am
>> if you're just waking up with us, meteorologist hasna aitboulahcen the exclusive accuweather seven-day -- meteort chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, if you like summer good for you. >> reporter: i didn't pack up the flip flops or the scandal. temperatures topping out in the 90s. the humidity starts to increase. you will think it's july all over again. unfortunately the heat will stick around. 91 degrees that's the forecasted high today. look at the normal. 16 degrees above the seasonal average. low temperature, 70 that's close to the normal high, 71, allentown, of 2. poconos, 64. wilmington, 67. cooler to the west, reading, 62. lancaster, 63. satellite and radar not much to talk about, high pressure in control. it's going to anchor itself over the mid atlantic states over the
6:44 am
next few days. future tracker, all we're tracking are the cloud cover, the northern edges of the cloud cover from hurricane maria as the approaches the carolinas later this week. monday morning, clear skies after a beautiful day today, all morning is clear, the cloud cover approaches the coast by midday or so. the jersey shore tomorrow afternoon probably will go mostly cloudy as the huge storm gets closer and closer to cape hatteras and north carolina. hurricane maria was a category five now a category two. it's holding winds 110 miles per hour, with gusts up to 130. the winds field is impressive, just not as intense as irma. it's moving to the north, 9 miles per hour. the pressure has come up a little bit, that's why the winds weakened.
6:45 am
948 millibars, 530 miles per hour east southeast of cape hatteras which is right there. it will approach the coast by wednesday morning and hit the heat pump high right there. that's the saving graduation of this -- saving grace of this whole thing. once it hits the high it will work out to sea north of bermuda this upcoming weekend. the jersey shore we'll see impacts even though the storm is making the right. we'll see rough surf wednesday and thursday, dangerous rip currents and maybe beach erosion, all this is is not expected to be as bad as jose which is not too bad to begin with here. whatever you experience with jose cut that in half is what you will see with maria. you have ten foot waves maybe you get five to six foot waves. 91 in philadelphia. 91 for lancaster, reading and allentown. trenton, 90.
6:46 am
wilmington, 90. cape may there's relief there. 80 degrees and on the boards in atlantic city, 81. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, so it stays fairly summer like over the next four or five days, the numbers calm down a little bit, even tuesday, wednesday, thursday, 84s and 83. it's sticky out there, you will not feel any relief until we get into next weekend. 91 today, 89 degrees, very warm and humid tomorrow, 84 degrees as we head into tuesday, wednesday, it's humid. 84. thursday, humid, 83. friday, mostly sunny, 75 that's the cold front coming in here, saturday and sunday high temperatures in the up err 60s low 70s. that's a little bit better. it will be a scorcher out there today. are you sure it's fall? a 6th grader doing her best to help those who had lost
6:47 am
everything in the hurricanes. the word got out and social media kicked in they have 1,000 books and the number is growing. >> books are a way to bring back normalcy to their lives. >> brooklyn's mother has connected to a houston elementary school where most of the books will go, we're back after the break. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools...
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...with pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful.
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with us, 6:49 a.m., kohlss said it will accept returns from amazon. they will pack and ship items back to amazon after they announced they will sell amazon brand devices to a dozen stores. federal regulators have accepted walgreens plan to buy up half of rite aid stores. the deal is worth $4.4 billion.
6:50 am
walgreens gained two thousand stores in the deal. the deal has been in the work for two years after they tried to buy out rite aid flat out. if you think you're saving money pie buying an economy ticket for the next flight. several airlines are charging passengers to check the bag at the gate. if you have a basic economy ticket you can't use the overhead bin you have to stash the bag under your seat if it doesn't fight you have to check it at the gate. fit doesn't fit it will cost $50. airlines collected a record $7 billion if fees. consumer groups complain the growing number of fees is making it harder for travelers to compare prices.
6:51 am
travelers who ended up paying for one checked bag was more than bundled prices that included baggage. we'll be back in a moment.
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every great why needs a great how. back everyone, 6:53 a.m., sunday morning. let's talk about hurricane maria and its track as it approaches the carolina coast. this is the counter clockwise spin that's the upper level low, this right here is the remnants of jose. what's going to happen, the winds blow counter clockwise around the upper level low. that is steering maria closer to the coast. let's do it this way because the colors are starting to blend in here. the upper level low is right here, the upper level low steers maria to the coast.
6:54 am
just as she gets close enough it will run into the heat pump high right here. right over top of it. that's why it's 90-plus today and 90 tomorrow. as it heads toward the coast it hits the high and goes out to sea. the heat we're experiencing, i know a lot of you don't like this hot weather, it's the saving grace and will keep maria out to sea and prevent a direct hit. hillary clinton's book what happened sold 100,000 copies in one week. it has sold more digital audio copies in any book. it chronicles her thoughts on her failed bid for president. bass lee leased a week and half ago and shot to the top of the best sellers list it's number
6:55 am
one on the new york times best sellers list. when it comes to fitness and physic bar classes are not for ballerinas any more. >> they stepped up to the bar. alicia vitarelli explains. >> reporter: they are trained to tackle, not tuck, but these quarterbacks and linebackers lining up at the bar. >> it will help my range of motion make me a better athlete. >> reporter: to strengthen their game on the field, the five captains are trading their plays for plies plies. also the idea of football players take notes from ballerinas is not new they need range of motion and flexibility and strength. >> they don't get to hit the
6:56 am
small muscles around the big muscles. jenny is a bar instructor at lifetime athletic in mount laurel. >> we pull our core in and tuck it in, work it the whole time. as we work our bodies we are on the field we can feel a dinners. >> reporter: the captain was skiddish going in. >> you guys are tough. >> i don't know about this kind of tough. >> reporter: they toughed it out. >> lift your heals up. >> reporter: lift your heels up. >> reporter: while they cracked a smile they got their game face on. >> you're breaking a sweat. feeling the burn. >> i feel the burn. >> reporter: the beer company and ride sharing app are teaming up to help you get home safely if you enjoyed yourself a bit
6:57 am
too much while watching an eagles game or a holiday party. budweiser and lyft will share a code on facebook or instagram you can use thursday, friday, or saturday night. the code is only good for three days. here's one for you, starbucks has a new coffee that gives you the flavor without the buzz it's a whiskey flavored brew, yummy, that sounds good. there's no alcohol in this coffee it's made by pleasing unroasted coffee beans in empty barrels that once had whiskey inside. they are available in select starbucks reserved bars across the country. i want one of those. >> that's rights up your alley. there's another hour of
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"action news" straight ahead. can you save thousands of dollars using at home fertility tests. hear from who women who have given it a try. firefighters and regular citizens are climbing the stairs there, no football game, but we'll explain it's for the special souls lost on 911. >> chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll be back right after this our veterans have given us the rights
6:59 am
and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
7:00 am
7:00 a.m., sunday, september 24. in anther news a car window is shot out after a woman is wounded sitting on her porch in philadelphia. details on the overnight shooting. president trump versus the athletes, the commander-in-chief ratchets up his rhetoric on those taking a knee during the national anthem and tells a popular player he is not welcome to the white house. >> is it fall or summer, the calendar says one thing, mother nature has not gotten the message was we look at this beautiful shot over camden. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chris this is bizarre weather. >> reporter: feels lik


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