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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 24, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the old man's still got it. good morning, america. this morning, the president versus the players. donald trump doubling down in his attack on nfl players. refusing to stand during the national anthem. the league firing back. >> fired! >> the president also courting controversy with nba stars. lebron supporting rival steph curry. >> it's not something i can be quiet about. >> as protests spread to a new field. plus, what will happen today on football sunday? show of strength. american bombers and fighter jets buzzing north korea as the country's foreign minister lobs insults at president trump. leavinging traditional diplomacy far behind. desperate situation. this dam in puerto rico expected to fail at any moment. the rush to get to higher ground as thousands wait in line for
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hours for fuel. tempers flaring in the heat, as hurricane maria sets her sights on the u.s. coast. and let the games begin. >> hello, toronto. >> prince harry kicking off the invictus games. more than 500 athletes from 17 countries ready to compete. harry's girlfriend, actress meghan markle, right there in the stands. good morning. and good morning on this football sunday where we are witnessing an extraordinary mixture of sports and politics. >> not just football. trump at war with some of america's most popular athletes including nba stars lebron james and steph curry. >> to put this all in context, it all started friday night when the president used profanity to bash nfl players like colin kaepernick who kneel during the national anthem to protest social injustice against african-americans. instead of backing down, the president is just doubling down.
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this morning on twitter, the president tweeted, if nfl fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag and country, you will see change take place fast. fire or suspend. >> however, today, we're expecting many more players to join kaepernick. this is a shot of the first game of the day. ravens-jaguars at wembley stadium. now the protest is spreading to baseball. overnight, this is bruce maxwell from the oakland a's taking a knee. >> all against the backdrop of a new abc news/"washington post" poll. showing 66% of americans say that donald trump has done more to divide this country. yet the poll shows his approval ratings up slightly. >> we begin with mary bruce. at the white house. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the president this morning is picking the fight with two of the world's largest sports leagues and some of their most influential stars. and he is not backing down. over the last 24 hours, he's
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added fuel to the fierce debate in the country over race , intolerance, politics, and sports. this morning, the president versus the players. as trump sparks a political war with professional sports. it started with this jab and profanity about football players like colin kaepernick who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial and social injustice. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners, when somebody disrespects our flag say, get that son of a [ bleep ] out. he's fired. he's fired! >> reporter: the president tweeted if a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the nfl or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our great american flag or country. and should stand for the national anthem. if not, you're fired. find something else to do. the nfl fired back saying divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl, our
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great game, and all of our players. it's an unusual strong rebuke from a league whose owners collectively donated more than $7 million to trump's campaign. and it's not just football. trump staking on basketball, too. after nba champion steph curry said he would vote against a golden state warriors visit to the white house. >> i don't want to go. that's really. >> reporter: trump then beat him to it. disinviting him. tweeting going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. steph curry is hesitating. therefore, invitation is withdrawn. lebron james' response -- you bum. curry already said he ain't going. going to the white house was a great honor, until you showed up. for the president who promised to bring the country together -- >> i think i'll bring people together. that includes blacks, whites, and everything. >> reporter: -- now, he's again inserting himself into the debate over race in america.
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now all eyes will, of course, be on today's games. the president has encouraged plans to leave the stadium if players decide to kneel during the national anthem. others are encouraging the players to take a knee now more than ever. dan and paula? >> mary bruce at the white house. kicking us off. thank you. the intense response from players and fans. >> espn's ryan smith covering that part of the story from outside metlife stadium. where the new york jets will play a little later today. ryan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. at stadiums like these, sundays are for football. after president trump's comments and criticisms, it's about so much more. stars across the sports world are speaking out about what one called the president's divisive rhetoric. this morning, the president's fiery words setting off a national firestorm. >> he's now using sports as the platform to try to divide us. for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more is not something i can stand for and is not something i can be quiet about. >> reporter: overnight, bruce maxwell, the oakland a's
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catcher, became the first mlb player to kneel during the anthem. >> i can't remember the momentum building on something like this. >> reporter: nba star kobe bryant tweeting -- a potus whose name alone creates division and anger and whose words inspire dissengs and hatred can't possibly make america great again. and even celebrities outside the sports world chiming in. barbra streisand posting, the you're fired president thinks he's still in a reality show. he's the one who should be fired. a wide range of opinions shared by nfl fans across the country. >> for our president to say anything that everyone should stand for the flag would be ridiculous. >> stand up for your flag. it's your country. be proud of it. >> we have a first amendment in the country. i think that allows people to express how they feel in the way they need to express it. >> i agree with the president. we should be more respectful of the flag. >> reporter: meanwhile, former nfl star reggie bush tweeted he would rather take a knee for
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colin kaepernick before standing with donald trump. >> i would say that odds are that today you will see the most unified group of players kneeling for the national anthem that you have ever seen. >> all right, ryan, we have former nba player and espn host jay williams standing by to join in the conversation. jay, we're going to ask you to jump in in a minute. ryan, you just heard from darren rovell. he expects a unified presence from nfl players. what type of reaction might we expect at stadiums around the country today? >> i think darren hit it on the head. the idea is today, we could see more protests. of the flag than we have seen ever before at this point. i don't think anything specific has been planned yet. but i think what will be interesting is how the players respond. we have seen it online. we have seen it from stars and sports stars. all across the sports landscape. folks wanting to make their opinion heard.
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we could see it in a variety of ways today on the football fields. >> jay, let me bring you in. this has been a somewhat lonely quest for colin kaepernick. one poll shows nearly half of americans oppose what he's been doing. he's been unable to get a job, as a consequence, many people feel. are we at a point where because of donald trump we could see people streaming to colin kaepernick? >> yes. i do. i think first off, he's galvanized the whole sports community. it's funny, as an exathlete, you get this whole statement. stick to sports. now people say, donald trump, stick to politics. but he's opened the door for other sports athletes, i.e., lebron james, chris paul, stephen curry. the basketball community to come into this play as well. i think today will be a very special day. you're going to hear a lot of voices come to support colin kaepernick. >> and just kind of on that note, too, you said, stick to sports. you hear that all the time. people don't like it when sports are politicized. at the end of the day, do you
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think this will benefit the world of sports? >> it's interesting to watch the culture grow. it continues to be more divisive. if you say anything politically online, people automatically attack you. you think about the flag. you think about the american ideals. one of those is the first amendment, freedom of speech. you should be able to protest as long as it is peacefully done. i think people need to learn how to support and just respect each other. our president continues to pour fuel on the fire of the chaos. he loves to control the chaos. >> back to ryan for a second. it's hard to ignore the racial component here. the president went on this jag on friday night in front of a largely white audience. what is your view of the racial component here? >> well, i think there's a lot of talk now about coded language. you think about what he said. disrespecting our heritage.
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we, to that largely white crowd. a lot of people are saying, what are you really trying to say here? when you talk about if somebody doesn't do what i think they should be fired. if they're speaking a point of view, peacefully protesting, they should be fired? these players, they're not chattel. they are people. and they are people who have a point of view just like your ordinary citizen out there. so i think a hot of people today are responding to the idea of this coded language, that, just because you're making a lot of money, you don't have the right to say what you want to say. at the same time, not too long ago, he was respecting the opinions of others in charlottesville that many people thought were using very divisive terms. holding items that were scary for many people. >> and yes, they have ownership. but they're not products. on that note, most of the owners are conservative. i believe eight of them donated to president trump's inaugural campaign. what kind of predicament does this put them in? to choose between basically their political allegiance and their players? >> i think they'll choose their
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players. roger goodell said this divisive talk is not the talk that the nfl needs. you have no other direction to go other than to support your players. they're not doing anything malicious. whether you bring colin kaepernick back to a team, that's different. he brings a lot of media attention. even though his quarterback rating is better than all the backups and half the starters. he belongs on the field. it's about someone having the moxie to do the right thing. to bring a great quarterback back to the nfl. >> thank you both. we appreciate it. we turn now to the other war of wards in which president trump is engaged this morning. this one, with nuclear stakes. >> trump and north korea exchanging a fresh round of public insults over the weekend. all of this as the pentagon sent a message to pyongyang by flying bombers and fighter jets along the north korean coast. >> our new poll shows that child a record 82% of americans see north korea as a threat, only
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22% trust president trump a great deal to handle the situation. stephanie ramos is in new jersey. where the president is waking up this morning. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan and paula, good morning. north korea's foreign minister lashed out at president trump during a speech to the u.n. general assembly, saying trump's recent fiery comments puts the u.s. and north korea closer to war. this morning, there's even more tension with north korea after the president tweeted this overnight. just heard foreign minister of north korea speak at u.n. if he echoes thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. this tweet fired out after north korea's foreign minister slammed president trump for insulting north korea's leader, kim jong-un. saying he's committed an irreversible mistake. he says, in case innocent lives of the u.s. are harmed because of the suicide attack, trump will be held totally
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responsible. he called president trump a mentally deranged person full of megalomania and complacency. with his finger on the nuclear button. the insults between trump and kim jong-un are getting worse. not leaving much room for a diplomatic solution. >> what north korea wants more than anything else is a direct standoff or confrontation with the united states. >> reporter: in a show of mill day strength, u air force b-1 b bombers flew off the coast of north korea saturday the. secretary of defense mattis and secretary of state sillerson continue to say military options are on the table if the u.s. needs to defend itself. but those options would come at a high cost. >> any sort of military confrontation would be devastating in terms of the human toll. >> reporter: the aircraft that flew off the coast of north korea yesterday that's the farthest north of the dmz border any american flight has gone in a century.
8:14 am
the pentagon says that just shows how serious they're taking north korea's quote reckless behavior. dan? paula? >> stephanie, thank you. we want to bring in martha raddatz who is busy prepping for an edition of "this week." thank you for joining us. let's talk about north korea. we have witnessed an unprecedented war of words. rocketman. dotard. madman. are we headed to an actual war? >> i think no one can really answer that. this escalation is so alarming, paula and dan. i think especially when you think back at the earlier words with donald trump saying that the u.s. could totally destroy north korea. and then north korea comes back and says they will test a hydrogen bomb, possibly test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific. kim jong-un has made many threats. said he'll do things. test a nuclear weapon underground. he did it. test an icbm.
8:15 am
he did it. so if he does this, this will be a stunning and dangerous escalation. so i think that's what you have to keep your eye on more than anything. but these personal insults that go back and forth, too. especially the personal insults to kim jong-un. this is a man who has a cult of personality. that is his whole thing. in north korea. it is about him. it is about his personality. so when he's offended personally, he responds. he e responded for the very first time in his name this week. so that tells you something as well. >> picking you have what you're saying. if they do test -- do this hydrogen bomb test over the pacific, what options do we have to respond? >> well, i think there are a lot of options to respond. do you do some sort of preemptive strike? what did they have those bombers up there north of the dmz? they clearly want to spend a message that we would respond. donald trump's language about totally destroying north korea i
8:16 am
can't imagine that would happen. at this point. but, in many ways, you would have to respond given what the president said. given the dangers of an atmospheric test above ground test of a nuclear weapon that has not been done in decades. and decades, and decades, because of the danger. because of nuclear fallout. >> the problem is, one response can who knows where that leads? could be a slippery slope. martha raddatz. such a scary topic. thank you so much for your analysis. she's got a big show coming up. more on president trump versus the nfl and the latest on north korea. she'll talk with lindsey graham and bill cassidy. the senators behind the republican party's latest push to repeal obamacare. all cominging up on "this week." right here on abc. we want to move to puerto rico. concerns that a dam could fail at any moment. >> thousands of people under a flash flood warning. eva pilgrim is right there. >> reporter: this morning, uncertainty in puerto rico. many anxiously waiting and
8:17 am
watching the dam. authorities fearing it will collapse at any moment. water rushing through a partially collapsed spillway. nearly 8,000 people downstream being told to get out. all across the island, calls for help. >> call 911 five or six times. and they never responded. >> reporter: international red cross and aid workers now pouring in. abc news riding along with those crews into san juan on a delta relief flight to get help and much-needed supplies on the ground. one of the major hurdles, communication. cell phone service is minimal. what does exist is mainly in san juan. many families still not able to connect with loved ones in other areas. >> my family lives in the west side. i went yesterday trying to get there. but then, they -- the highway was closed. >> reporter: this morning, many families are desperate. focused on basic needs. with no power. most are using generators. now, days after maria made
8:18 am
landfall, they need gas to keep them going. creating long lines at gas stations. with no guarantees of actual gas. how long have you been waiting for gas? >> for three hours. >> reporter: are you going to try again tomorrow? >> sure. be here early as possible. >> reporter: and the governor here has extended the curfew indefinitely. he's telling people to stay off the streets from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. guys? >> eva pilgrim reporting. thank you, eva. it's time for the weather. rob marciano is in atlanta for us this morning. rob, you're so close yet so far away. you're making your way back from puerto rico. great to have you with us. >> hey, good morning, paula. hello, dan. good to be back on the mainland. we hitched a
8:19 am
fully connected open monitoring maria, five hundred files off the coast of north carolina, cat one, cat two. the cone brings it close to north carolinament forecast models want to bring it closer. that's a check on what's going on in the hurricane zone. it's time for the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. the radars are clear. what a gorgeous morning it's turning out to be. looking live over the commodore barry bridge not a cloud in the sky. temperatures climb today, 91 with the humidity feels like 92. the humanitarian starts to build as we head into monday and tuesday. 91 today. 89 tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday, 84. the fall-like cold front arrives by friday.
8:20 am
it feels like summer across much of the east coast. i'll talk about the record-breaking heat in the next half hour. dan and paula? >> remarkable here in new york city. rob, thank you. we miss you. we're down two key players. rob in atlanta. ron on vacation. in lieu of ron, paula and i are going to take a look at some of the news happening this morning. more earthquakes in mexico. another aftershock this morning. 1.57. on saturday, a 6.1 magnitude tremor measured in the morning. a smaller one just after 7:00 p.m. in the same vicinity. all this as rescuers continue to frantically search the rubble for survivors of tuesday's quake there. more than 300 people have already been reported dead. >> harrowing scene there. back in washington, health and human services secretary tom price announcing he won't take private jets until an investigation into his travel is
8:21 am
investigating price's use of private planes. politico reporting that the health is secretary flew 24 private flights since may racking up $300,000 in bills. and finally, america has a new eye in the sky. overnight, an atlas 5 rocket carrying a spy satellite was launched from vandenberg air force base in santa barbara, california. some people in the area reported a light streak in the sky, sometimes turning orange. as it broke through the atmosphere. the satellite's mission is classified. which means that just piques all of our interests. >> why are they allowing us to announce it? >> i don't know. we don't know why it's going there. now we want to know. >> of course. >> when we have more information, we'll bring it to you. >> or not. or we'll get arrested. >> or they won't give us more information because it's classified. coming up on "gma," several people hurt in a possible acid attack near a london shopping
8:22 am
center. why homeland security is warning of sill lar attacks. colin kaepernick is not the first high-profile athlete to take a stance on an issue. how other stars have used their celebrity to make a statement. and let the invictus games begin. prince harry, melania trump, and other dignitaries. plus his girlfriend sitting right there. welcoming the over 500 athletes ready to compete. we're right back on a busy sunday morning.
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good morning it is 8:27, september 24. i'm nydia han i sky6 live hd taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge. we have cranked the heat up in the past few days, today we'll get a blast of july. the calendar says september , chris. >> reporter: i think it does.
8:28 am
we're less than a week away from the start of october. we're talking 90, 91, sunny hot and humid, the humidity will feel like 92. tomorrow, 89. it will feel like 92 with the humidity. tuesday and wednesday we cool the numbers down to 84. it's very, very humid both days and uncomfortable. thursday night a cold front comes in here, 83. friday and saturday, that's more like it. 5 -- 75 ascertain 70. >> that's it for us, we'll be back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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we want to welcome you back to "gma." happening right now, war of words. president trump is doubling down on his attack on professional athletes, criticizing the nfl over colin kaepernick's national anthem protests. and slamming steph curry for not wanting to visit the white house. on this football sunday, many more players are expected to join kaepernick's protest with take the knee trending on twitter. it's election day in germany. chancellor angela merkel is vying for a fourth term in office on election day. she's clashed with president trump on various policies. including immigration. and back in business. key west is reopening its port to cruise ships this morning. two weeks after hurricane irma battered florida. royal caribbean's "empress of
8:31 am
the seas" is expected to be the first ship to dock. officials have set october 20th as the target date for the keys to be completely reopened. we're pulling for everybody in the keys this morning. >> we certainly are. also coming up, later in the broadcast. britain's prince harry front and center for the kickoff of the invictus games. his girlfriend sitting not too far away, the actress meghan markle. bob woodruff is there, too. with a look at the athletes. now, a frightening attack near a london shopping center. >> some kind of substance, possibly acid, injuring a half dozen people. raising concerns about similar attacks possibly happening here in the u.s. erielle reshef is here in the studio. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. the department of homeland security is warning those attacks are simple to carry out with household products you may have in your own cabinet. this could be an enticing tactic for terrorists to use right here at home. this morning, an urgent and
8:32 am
ominous warning from u.s. law enforcement on the heels of two terrifying attacks in europe. the department of homeland security says terrorists could be planning to carry out chemical spray and acid attacks against americans here at home. dhs advising -- homegrown violent extremists could find this appealing. >> the idea we could have attacks like those here is just -- really quite possible. >> reporter: in east london, saturday, a fight between two groups led to six people doused with a noxious substance. a teenager arrested. >> i think it's scary, disgusting, horrible that people can't just walk and be safe anymore. like, it's horrible. >> reporter: that frightening scene playing out less than a week after four american college students were sprayed with hydrochloric acid outside marseilles, france. all of them are now recovering. both incidents overseas are not believed to be terror-related.
8:33 am
officials say these day tax are hard to prevent. >> the short answer is, they're easy to carry out. the materials are readily available. you can't stop them unless you know about them in advance. >> reporter: the number of acid attacks has increased in britain over the years. authorities saying they're mostly related to robberies and gang-related violence. officials are saying isis are using lower-tech methods. like car-rammings and these crude chemical attacks could be the next trend. hard to predict. hard to thwart as well. >> hard to protect against. thank you. appreciate it. >> unpleasant to say the least. back to rob in atlanta, on his way home from puerto rico, where he spent this week covering hurricane maria. rob, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. it is going to take them months if not years to eliminate some of the scars and certainly a struggle in the next several weeks. not so much of a struggle in the eastern half of the country if
8:34 am
you like summer. it is seeringly hot. we're in the end of september. 95 in chicago. 93 in rock ford, illinois. green bay, 91. they are playing in the frozen tundra today not so frozen. him more summer-like heat expected records expected to fall. 91 in chicago. near 90 degrees in new york and philadelphia. we'll cool it down tomorrow, not really, feels like june or july. we'll get the cold front come in tuesday and wednesday, that will help kick maria out effortly. the temperatures not that cold. no need to bring out the jacket just yet. we'll watching heat building out west. here's a look at the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. no clouds out there and no precipitation on the radar. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny hot and humid, 91 is the forecasted
8:35 am
high feeling like 92. up to 89 tomorrow. robert. >> let's leave rob alone. rob, thank you very much. come on home. coming up on "gma," the role of social activism in sports. how its stars have made their voices heard throughout the years. years. enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients
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all morning, we have been talking about president trump tangling publicly with sports stars, especially nfl players who refuse to stand during the national anthem. >> we want to dig deeper into the history of how sports and social activism have become inter twined. chris connelly in los angeles with more. >> reporter: hi, how are you? we have seen a surge of late of activism by athletes. but heading back to the 1960s, especially in the area of race, there's ban history of figures in sports taking the lead. raising awareness. sparking discussion.
8:40 am
or calling for direct action. >> people call it black power. of course. i'm black. of course we're representing power. >> reporter: the 1968 summer olympics. this would be one of the galvanizing images of its time. u.s. medalists tommy smith and john carlos on the podium. >> it was a cry for freedom. here. notice me. i'm in need. what are you in need of? justice. >> this is a tradition across the country. we have always had athletes use their platforms to speak out around issues of social justice. >> reporter: also in the 1960s, it was muhammad ali. the heavy weight champion of the world. becoming a voice for black empowerment and dissent. stripped of his title when he declared himself a conscientious objector. >> you won't stand up for me in america for my religious beliefs. you want me to go somewhere and fight. you won't stand up for me at home. >> reporter: billie jean king would become a leader of the women's movement. advocating for equal rights and
8:41 am
opportunity in her sport and beyond. in 1996, mahmoud abdul did not stand for the anthem. later opting to stand and pray silently. 20 years later, it was the 49ers colin kaepernick doing so, joined by other nflers. and by soccer standout megan rapinoe. and an unprecedented role for lebron james. he's embraced social activism. in public statements. on social media. even on the court itself. >> lebron james has a sense of his social consciousness. >> it's time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what are we doing to create change? >> and as a result of that, he's using his platform to speak out around issues that's impacting the community he's part of. >> reporter: today, all eyes on the nfl's players to see how they respond to yesterday's developments. and on the league's teams. none of which has offered colin kaepernick a contract for the
8:42 am
2017 season. dan and paula? >> the historical context is incredibly important. >> thank you, chris. i was going say, none have offered a contract to colin kaepernick. even though what jay said before, his numbers are better than all the backups and some of the staerts. the kickoff to the invictus games. prince harry sitting with the vips. why his girlfriend, meghan markle, had to sit several rows away. s. why his girlfriend, meghan markle, had to sit several rows away. dollars with most insurance. alk right in and pay zero plus, when you get a flu shot at walgreens, you help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need through the un foundation. it's that easy to get your flu shot and make a difference. so swing by your local walgreens today. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy.
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♪ spectacular opening ceremonies overnight. i was trying to figure out what they were saying there. this is for the invictus games. in toronto. >> did you figure out what they were saying? >> nope.
8:46 am
>> a fitting tribute to honor members of 17 nations, the wounded members of the armed services and veterans ready to show the world their fighting spirit. bob woodruff joins us from toronto with more. hi there, bob. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you can see that last night's opening is the lead story in most of toronto's newspapers today. of course, much of the talk is about his girlfriend, meghan markle who lives here. her cable show "chutes" is produced here. they both sat in the stands last night. just not together. >> hello, toronto. >> reporter: a star-studded opening in toronto last night. the kickoff of the invictus games. >> invictus is about the families and friends who face the shock of learning that their loved ones have been injured or fallen ill. >> reporter: now in its third year, the games meant to inspire and recognize wounded warriors through the power of sport. >> i hope you're ready for some fierce competition. >> reporter: this week, 550
8:47 am
athletes from 17 countries competing in 12 adaptive sports. one of them, army colonel daniel dudek hoping to take home a medal for team usa. >> i want to beat my times. i'm going to do what i can to win. >> reporter: he suffered a spinal cord injury in 2007 when his vehicle struck an ied. leaving him with limited leg mobility. >> distraction is the best medicine. so sport is that distraction. >> reporter: he's serving his 26th year in the military and participating in his second game, has found himself in the company of prince harry. >> he's a warrior. i feel like he's one of us. >> reporter: his girlfriend, actress meghan markle, was in the stands. sitting far from prince harry. because, per royal protocol, they're not engaged. this is the first official appearance at an event where the prince is a royal patron. so her mere presence fueling rampant rumors that engagement could be imminent. first lady, melania trump, also in attendance. seated next to prince harry. at the opening ceremony. marking the first royal
8:48 am
engagement of the trump administration. today, the focus is on the mighty warriors. and supporting these athletes on and off the course. >> invictus, warrior games, things like this hopefully, can put a spot light on something that i love and i want other disabled people to love. >> reporter: this event is bigger than the invictus games last year. 150 more athletes. five additional countries. the closing ceremony next saturday will have more stars including bruce springsteen. paula? >> incredible. bob woodruff, thank you. for your reporting from toronto. they've done this for three years. they keep getting bigger and better. >> that's really cool. i don't know why he just said paula, though? why not paula and dan? >> because he doesn't like you. >> he did set me up with my wife, we should say. >> so you're indebted to him for life. >> forever. she, however, has different feelings. coming up on "good morning america," the east meets west. dumplings. they're a thing that are perfect for breakfast. find out why in "pop news."
8:49 am
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♪ i wish everybody could see adrienne when they start playing the tech know music. because she's just dancing. >> what do you do? >> you have to get a dance or a little singing in in "pop news." >> it gets us in the spirit. >> we're all in the spirit of good news and good music. music filled the air overnight right outside of studios here. pop met policy in new york's central park. the global citizen festival. people earned points to get in. this year's lineup included, the chainsmokers. the lumineers, and green day. >> and stevie wonder. ♪ to rally up the team >> you are right, dan. stevie wonder himself there performing. the iconic performer.
8:54 am
taking a cue from the conversations that we have been having of late. especially the president tweeting about nfl players making political statements. he said, he took not just one knee, but two. >> i'm taking both knees. >> a lot of people on both sides of the conversation likely also saying a prayer. that's what he said. he said he was taking both knees in prayer for our planet and our world leader. >> they need it now more than ever. >> yes,ky get an amen? >> i'll give you an amen. director ron howard is saying hallelujah. fans. clues about the new han solo movie. i know serve paying attention to this one. he shared this, shooting a scene about desperate and dangerous times in the galaxy. some fans think it might be something to do with the planet kessel, mentioned in "a new hope" famous for its spice mines.
8:55 am
earlier, he tweeted a photo that said spicey? >> it's in the air. >> it's like curry. a student taught a professor a thing or two about making yourself very, very clear. red telling his students in maryland at his community college class that for the first test of the semester, they were allowed to bring in a 3 by 5 cheat sheet. one student brought in a 3 by 5 foot cheat sheet. >> that's amazing. you have to specify. >> he didn't specify. i would think he was talking about an index card. almost as big as the cell phone screen. a traditional dim sum meal. pork, chicken, beef, shrimp. from pinch chinese in soho. bacon, egg, and cheese dim sum. >> what do you think? >> mm-hmm. >> sriracha sauce with them. >> you like it? >> mm-hmm. i do. >> i think it's national dumpling day? yes. on tuesday. we're celebrating.
8:56 am
happy dumpling day. go pinch chinese in soho. >> can i just celebrate bacon and eggs? >> you totally can. always time for breakfast. martha is back soon. with her big show. thank you for joining us this morning. see you later. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. fiery words from the president setting off a firestorm and at the controversy the nation's top athletes. how an annual event here in philadelphia hopes to make a difference in the hurricane in
8:57 am
puerto rico. >> reporter: i'll have the details on hurricane maria in time the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. enamel is the strong, white, outer layer of your tooth surface. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> good morning it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, september 24. in the news, president trump in
9:00 am
a new war of words with some of the biggest stars in sports. plus warehouse in south philadelphia goes up in flames overnight. >> have you seen this man, details on the string of robberies for which police believe he is responsible. those story and more in a moment, but first chris sowers is tracking the accuweather forecast, the calendar says fall, what it does say outside? >> reporter: eagles home opener today taking on the giants. it's the end of september, you would think fall-like weather, not the case today. it's already 77 the normal high for this time of the year which occurs at 3:00 p.m. is 75. we're higher than that. millville, 74, wilmington, 76. the dewpoints are starting to climb. all the numbers were in the mid 50s they are in the mid 60s, they will continue to climb from this point on. it's uncomfortable out there, you really


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