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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 26, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's no. 1 daily viral video show "right this minute." >> nothing unusual with a woman strolling around with a baby near a hospital. >> other than the fact that's not her baby. >> what led to the reunion with a grateful mom and dad. it's an amazing scene as a drone flies down the tracks and through the really narrow gap under the train. >> oh! >> come on. >> now the pilot reveals the skills to hitch a ride from the sky. >> are you part jedi. >> no, but the force is strong with me. mom's birthday means a big surprise. >> this was a year in the making. >> the story behind the most special gift ever. >> oh, boy, wow. ♪ plus, the buzz word for your
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shot to win a new ipad mini. we break down the best on the web including a patient rushed into a new jersey emergency room, but -- >> if you notice, he collapsed down to one knee. >> what it took off to pull off a proposal fakeout. ♪ >> this is a scene outside the medical center, a hospital in columbia. if you see this footage, there's not much. you see like any other medical clinic, there's people walking around. there's a woman there with a baby, two and a half month old little girl, milling about, steps up to the camera, and just walks off. that's not anything up ordinary except for the fact that's not her baby. she's taken the baby from the medical center. because she was so calm about it, she just floated in and walked off and took the baby
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home. well, this was reported to authorities, released this footage, and they caught the woman. the baby, nice and healthy, and was reunited with her family. >> this is, to me, like, what if she had not walked into the camera. >> that's another story had that not been the case. the police officers with the parents, he told reporters he was grateful. the woman was prosecuted for kidnapping and abduction. she may have lost her baby months prior so she was filling that with this baby. >> how long was the baby missing? >> they found the baby within four, five hours, a quick turn around. grateful for that as well. oh, great, nick, another cool drone video, but just
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watch. looks like any other beautiful scenery video, but as it comes swooping down the valley, the train out in the distance, that train becomes this pilot's muse. ♪ >> cool. >> very cool. >> oh. >> this is getting impressive. there's a bridge. there's a bridge! >> oh, my gosh! >> well, okay, we'll land on top of the one of the boxcars. >> amazing. >> exactly right. >> i can't get over how well he handled it, how many tricks he does. how about we try this. you see the pilot sizing up the gap here, and then flies right between two cars. >> this is nuts. >> that boy is super good. >> super good. sizing up the space between the tree and car, a narrow gap under the tree, and come on!
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>> he did it. >> tapped the train a little bit, open boxcar. >> anybody in there? >> and let's land this thing and take your bow, my friend, you're the champion of the world. that's paul, and he's joining us right this minute. what's up, paul? >> hey! >> the video has me on the edge of my seat. were you, while you were doing this flight -- >> i was a little bit nervous, but you get shake and get nervous, you smack into things, you stay calm, but afterwards, you let the stress out, you aca see that in the video. >> are you a competitive drone pilot? >> professional drone racer, and when i'm not professional drone racing, i'm finding cool things to film. this was filmed in reno, nevada during the united states drone nationals in which i took second place. >> are you part jedi? how long have you flew drones? >> i'm not, but the force is
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strong with me, and i've been flying for three years now. >> that's it? >> wow. come on. >> how do you get -- >> i try to fly app hour every day to be one of the best pilots in the world. >> some guys like cars. how many drones do you have? >> within eye shot? six or seven that actually fly. >> if you stacked the drone, how much would you have lost? >> $900. >> well, you may not have taken first in the competition, but you got one first place video out of it. >> thank you for bringing me on to talk about it. >> thanks, paul. about to get a big surprise. her daughter, sammy, always brings great gifts. >> you know how i do random, unexpected [ bleep ] right? this o >> this is the big one. >> when i got your birthday, the tickets, this is better.
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>> better than that? >> something money can't buy. i want you to meet your son, dylan. >> wait, what? >> oh, my goodness. >> 18 years ago dylan was given up for adoption. this was the first meeting. >> i'm speechless. oh, my gosh. >> this was a year in the making. dylan reached out to sammy online kind of feeling things out, and they talked on the phone. it was a slow process of getting to know each other. sammy said she was patient. she wanted to meet when he was ready. he was ready to meet. sister and son made it happen. happy birthday, mom. a joyous time for all. awesome. >> now what do you get mom for christmas? >> you can't top that. one more parent surprise. >> did you have a good time,
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mom? >> oh, yeah. >> dad, did you have a good time? >> wonderful. >> mom and dad picked up from the airport. >> we're givening someone a ride home from the airport, is that okay? >> yeah. >> who is it? >> we're giving somebody a ride, is that okay? >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> it's the son that's been in china for two years. >> whatever's happening in your life, if you go home, your mom is happy to see you. >> talk about a cry. >> oh, my gosh. mary dylan who watched in detroit is the latest winner of the ipad give away. >> you can win too. be a legal resident in the united states or canada and 21 or older. soundoff for the ipad mini giveaway. video from texas getting a lot of attention. it starts ridiculously.
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they're in the car war. there's a dude in a chair, and he's covered in soap -- right now, i was thinking, maybe, i don't know, prank guy is being childish? >> looks like a hostage video. >> well, thing is, it's more sip steer that it appears. you see here, they come up, there's a power washes. these are insane. all the mud off the side of the car. well -- >> that could take skip off. >> yeah. >> they are using it on him. >> you will not believe the story behind this video. the guy there -- the pressure washer, this is his car wash, and that's one of the apprentices, an aparen sreprent being lazy, so to motivate him, he tied him to a chair, covered him in soap, and power washed
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him. >> that's a human being. you are treating a human being like garbage. >> the video was captured by someone, uploaded to social media, and once so, the authorities are now getting involved. >> they have to. that is like kidnapping, holing somebody against their will. he can't run away. a spider's hanging out with a lady, but he wants to get to know her better. what happens when it decides to get up close and personal? >> that's my moneymaker, girl, what are you doing? and -- >> they want to get in the pool. >> why this is going to hurt. >> oh, ouch. "right this minute" is brought to you by gardnier. hair infused with olive oil & olive leaf extracts.
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closed captioning provided by -- for those of you who need a moment to relax -- >> oh. cool. >> i don't want to stare at that, though. as you can see, they go
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exploring. they are common in the southeastern part of the united states because they like humidity. these are very, very docile. they moved it to an area that was more suitable for it. that face, that's your moneymaker, girl, what are you doing. >> it looks like the spider that bites you and you get a a superpower. >> making a three foot web. >> if you live in florida and you know you got a ton of bugs, mosquitos, you want this. this is your friend, man. >> we can be friends, but you can't be on my arm, face, my hair. if i could find somebody that had one, i would let it try. that's fascinating. i mean, i'm not afraid of spiders or the ocean or what's in this toilet in some girl's dad's office. >> oh, carl, didn't flush again, oh, carl.
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>> this is -- >> temperatun years i lived the. >> did they get it out or let it hang out? this is the second time the snake visited, so this is no. 2. ♪ >> kids, when they are younger, are like sponges and can learn just about anything. i have the video to prove it. this gets weird when you pan over and see the 5-year-old sitting there in the driver's seat. now, he was there with his dad, they are down in a local dirt pit, so he jumped in the dad's lap and learned the instructions sitting there with dad. last load of the day, he was so confident in his own skills, he want to try himself. >> easy. >> and dad, because he's dadding well, steps out, and it's so
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cool. >> so awesome. you know the guy's been playing with trucks and toys in the sand box, and to get his hands on the real deal at that age -- >> look at it, he's gentle with it, that whole time, just slow, slowly, gentle, gets it lined up. when he thinks it's in the right place, he commits. i didn't see one grain of dirt. >> good job. >> a beautiful hawaii ocean theme -- >> except people need to pick up their trash. >> next "right this minute." >> still to come, the pageant con tes tents strut their stuff -- >> grabbed folks attention. >> why it's making a big splash. that's next. pl there still time to score an ipad mini. stick around to get tuesday's buzz word for your chance to win next. got it. ewwww
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but not like this. >> no. no, that was -- that looked fake. >> i don't, for a second, believe she fell in. i think she was trying to get attention. >> yeah, well, it has grabbed folks' attention. >> it's viral. >> the swim suit contest is next. >> she is participating in the miss universe competition. >> offering her support, like, you got this, girl, you got it. >> they are clapping because there's just one more chance they can now win. my fake bell going off like crazy. >> i'm not buying it. >> watch her fall. >> yeah, exactly. >> i've seen worse plops on the soccer field, she's already. the next video, listen closely. they were hanging out on the
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balcony enjoying wine. looks like they were trying to get into the pool, zooming in, they decide, we'll just -- >> oh! ouch. >> sounds so bad when someone else falls. >> now they're going to need the hot tub for those muscles. >> tries to, like, shake it off, play it off. >> more concerned about getting in the pool. >> oh, a twisted ankle. normally, after a long life of service would probably be bound for the slaughter house, but not these ladies. >> move it along. >> yes, they are moving along from one farmer to a sanctuary. this was in ireland. cows belong to a farmer who is a ve
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vegetarian and said if they ended up to another farm ie slat she wanted something betterment she reached out to see if she could do something to ensure nay go to a sanctuary for a better life. this is sharon shannon, heard about the story, played for the cows, and as you can see, they like music. ♪ they started a go fund me campaign, and let's just say, it was successful. they wanted to raise $7700. they raised about $10,600. what the money was going for was vet care and transportation because there were 70 cows, some sheep and ponies, taken in by two animal sanctuaries. here they are. the first shipment of cows getting to go. they shipped 45 in the first bunch, then the next bunch, then the ponies and ship. >> that's it. made your milk, your cheese, your ice cream, but you're not going to make steak. >> they didn't want to milk it.
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exactly. they just get to retire. ♪ it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> know the buzz word, be a 21-year-old or older, and legal residents of the united states or canada. >> you can do this each and every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is cell phone. >> go to the website, enter tuesday's word, cell phone, c-e-l-l p-h-o-n-e. a nurse's boyfriend arrives in the hospital in app ambulance. >> when she sees it's him, she hops into action.
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hog. >> kind of messy. happy birthday, hugo. imagine being a nurse in the er at the hospital and seeing your loved one in an ambulance on a stretcher.
2:56 pm
>> oh, my god. >> that's lauren, that's her man on the stretcher. she high tails it into the hospital to get it ready. he had an allergy to peanuts, and was told there's a critical patient coming in. she sees it's him. >> invested interest in the patient. >> they all do. he's also a nurse there in long branch, new jersey. they are going to lift him up, looks like he's collapse iing -- >> you're okay. >> if you notice, he collapsed down to one knee. >> he's love sick. >> he pulled out the box we're so familiar with. >> oh, my gosh. >> he is not in any type of medical emergency. this was all coordinated by all of their coworkers and the ems team they work with at the hospital. >> will you marry me?
2:57 pm
>> oh. oh. >> they kiss, and there's not a dry eye in that room. she's so e emotional. >> you can imagine all the feelings she was experiencing, right, the adrenaline, the fear, the anxiety, the nerves, and now it's a proposal? to go from that to love? >> really happy they don't have to pay for that ambulance bill, though. >> congratulations! ♪ >> that's all for this episode, but right this minute has enough for a lot more. check it out or catch the all new rtm.
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