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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 27, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's no. 1 daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> a little girl's life saving transplant leads to app emotional scene. >> the heart of the woman, her son. >> how the family of a sweet little boy finally hear his gift of life. it's a beautiful moment. a daredevil apparently forgets -- >> all over the terminal and tracks. >> guess who was there to meet him when the joyride ended? a woman is alarmed when she sees those bees on the side of
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her home. why that's nothing compared to the honey inside the walls. >> take it to the nearest farmer's market. plus, the buzz word to win a new ipad mini. and why putting items in other peop every time. >> oh! even as a parent of two 9-year-olds myself, i cannot even fathon the emotional roller coaster these people must be experiencing. this is actually from back in june, and it's quite an incredible one. what's happening here, you can see, this is tabitha, she's 9, and someone is listening to the heart beat. she had multiple heart surgeries. eventually, she got herself a heart transplant, and that's what this video is about because the heart that this woman is listening to is her son's.
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her 9-year-old son, calvin, died of a fatal asthma attack back in may 2014, and what you're seeing here is the family's mom, dad, and sister, taking a moment to hear his heart, but also the magic of this moment that calvin gave up his heart so she could live. ♪ it's a complete meeting of joy and sadness at the same time. >> i can't imagine what they are feeling listening to their son's heart beat in this little girl's body. >> think about tabitha too for a moment, given this gift, and up to her to make the most of her life, carry on the gift she's been given. i got to believe that that's pretty heavy for her as well. >> calvin's sister as well, takes a moment to sit down, you can see the tears in her eyes, bli blinking it back, everyone feeling the emotion of the
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moment. >> good, huh? >> it's strong. very strong. >> everyone says it, it's a very, very strong heart beat. >> there's a facebook page, calvin's page, them reaching out to the people who received calvin's organs. the beauty of the organ donation, but connecting with those families where calvin lives on. that sinking feeling you get when something goes wrong, we all experienced that, like, oh? he felt the same thing right about here. >> oh. no. >> yes. >> like the top of the mountain. >> about 5,000 feet up in the bear tooth mountains in montana trying to ski down a narrow
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shoot when a ski pops off. the skis have the little brakes that pop out? well, the brake popped out, but that's not going to help when the ski is tumbling like that. >> you know, he's doing all he can do, just watching it and seeing his day get worse and worse. >> so this is where he slides the rest of the way down? >> partially. he had an ice ax in the hand, attached to the ski pole to lower himself down. that went hundreds of feet down the mountain and took him 30 minutes to precariously work his way down the mountain to get his ski. he got it back. he got it back. it didn't go all the way down the mountain, so silver lining. ♪ megan sutherland woke up one morning to a constant humming in her home. she couldn't figure it out, but then she went outside. >> oh, my gosh. >> she woke up, went outside her
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home, and noticed those bees on the side of her home. right there. once you go inside her home, you can see how invasive it was because -- >> oh. >> she had to take out the walls to see and uncover this. it's the entire wall. >> wow. >> naturally delicious. >> once they discovered what it was, she didn't want to cover it. >> of course not. those must have. there for years. >> so crazy. >> amazing. >> she's removed 30 killer grams of honey come, that's 66 pounds. >> make some money. >> take that to the nearest farmer's market. >> this honey comes from my walls. >> yeah. she has made a couple jars of honey, not enough to probably pay for the damage b, but that'a lot of work ahead of her. 9 news talked to keith, the
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president of the bee tenders association, and he says -- >> less trees around, replace by buildings. we find more and more cases of it. >> the name was pester? come on, you can't make this stuff up. mary dylan who watches on channel 7 in detroit is the latest winner of the ipad mini give away. >> you can win too. the buzz word is coming up in just a little bit. >> sound bar, everyone, for the rtm ipad giveaway. anybody call for a ride? no? this guy in australia decided to hitch a ride on the back of the train, and the train is moving swiftly, over 60 miles per hour. crazy part about this, not only was it caught on camera, but when the train pulled into the next stop, authorities were
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there waiting for the dude. >> of course, there's cameras all over the terminals, the tracks. >> yes. >> they are going to get the kid, glad they did. >> the transportation authorities acknowledge they don't normally catch folks in the act, but since they did, they arrested him for trespassing. here's the thing, in australia, there's no legislation against this, but don't do it, it's not safe. >> holding on to a windshield wiper? >> i'm not surings besure, but he didn't let go. going over to new york. >> this is like tried to get on the train, got caught as the train pulls out situation opposed to doing it for the fun of it? >> well, it's not quite clear, but here's the thing. this man is pressed up the side of the train. what happens with the tunnel? there's a lot of people calling this maneuver crazy, and there's not much information surrounding the situation, but others hop car to car and get hurt.
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something tells me he intentionally do it. >> if he missed the train, he would be, like, stop, help me out! >> if you miss the train, wait for the next to come. just don't be this guy. doug the pug has been in several music videos. >> only natural he hops in on the taylor swift craze. >> wait until you see the amazing looks. >> looks like he is regretting his life choices. and boat meets bridge. >> come on. >> wait for it. wait for it. oh, look, it's a slow-mo disaster. >> not a sailboat anymore. whole blends by garnier. legendary olive haircare. infused with olive oil & olive leaf extracts. it softens and shines for naturally-beautiful hair. garnier whole blends legendary olive. find every blend at walmart. your toilet is germ-ridden with mineral buildup. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match against limescale. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner has 10x more cleaning power
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dog, and he's been featured in quite a few music videos, celebrities love him, the interpret loves him, only natural he's in on the taylor swift craze. ♪ >> doug looks like he's regretting his life choices. >> in this case, doug is celebrating taylor swift's new song, chart topper, has all the looks from the video down, and everything a pug could want, but the pug is, like, really? we're here now. look what you made me do. >> he's cute. i love it all. he's not the only pug getting in on this. actually, the next person is not a pug at all. christian created a taylor swift doll, doing it all by hand, specializes in doll making. this is pretty dope, starts with the makeup. he shades every little detail in. >> wow.
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the smokey eye. most women can't do that for real. >> i know. it's pretty hard. this is a look from the look what you made me do video. lashes are on point. he did well with the outfit because he designed the outfit himself as well. this is the glove on the arm and paints the hands. took human hair from a wig and gluing is to the doll. >> so glad you ended it with a doll, human hair from a neighbor. >> curls the hair with chop sticks. there's the final work. >> awesome crazy. >> that's crazy. ♪ >> all going so well until it wasn't. boat meet bridge. >> oh. >> the story goes that the engine on this boat we want out right before they got to the bridge, so it's anchor down, call for help, and this is what
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happened after they fixed it. >> okay. they got the engine going, thinking, we have this covered, but, nope. >> you ain't got this. >> the viral videos, and you can know the first instance of pressing play what happens. this is one of those ones. nothing ever goes wrong when we start from the edge of water skiing. he gets in position. you know, he tenses up, boat goes, glides on the water like a god. >> like in the movies. it's possible we've seen videos of these. >> they can do it, but if he's never done it before, it's, like, not going to happen. ♪ >> oh! >> so bad. he just gets out of the skis, barely makes it one foot -- >> did they find them? >> 300 yards that way. another letter for his
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daughter. first heard from him with letters to my daughter when he sang to her in mommy's tummy. this is part four. ♪ growing up to fast ♪ it's amazing ♪ because i remember when she was just a baby ♪ >> couple more years, dad, you got an album. >> your shot to win an ipad mini is up next. ewwww oh eat it! lysol kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft and hard surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. you're lucky you're cute. lysol max cover with 2x wider coverage kills 99.9% of bacteria. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. brookside dark chocolate is for my smooth side. my sweet but not too sweet side. and my dive-right-in savor-every-delicious-bite side.
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this is letters tofour. she just turned two. look how she's looking at him, and you're a little girl, and your daddy's doing that, that's your world. ♪ i feel like i'm the perfect father ♪ ♪ i think you're the perfect daughter ♪ ♪ every time you lay that head on my shoulder ♪ ♪ any problem i had for the day is all over ♪ >> when are you going to write your daughter a song? come on. >> that's so sweet. daddies have a special place in daughter's hearts, and he's able to express this repeatedly, charity. i love when he sings to her, what he says about her. the reason i work, the republican i live, everything i do is about this little girl. ♪ watching over me while i'm in the streets making money because i got to make sure my baby eats ♪ >> he's an example to other fathers.
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♪ ♪ travel the world before you could walk ♪ >> couple more years, dad, you have an album. >> oh, yeah, he will. ♪ your daddy loves you >> time to make the -- pick one, pick a porsche. >> they are so good. this beautiful example, before you get all worked up, oh, my gosh, how irresponsible, reckless driving, don't worry. this is at the airport. this is the culmination of a porsche rally, a posh event, by the way, a lot of people throw out their porsches. the part of the airport was just murdering tires before they moved on. this next one involves a loud and shouty car. >> oh, yes. >> yeah. nice corvette setting there rumbling away. this video, though, captured
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something else. >> oh. >> i've been scared by a lot of stuff, but not that. he got all worked up, and picked up the busted phone. >> i'm a little selfish, but it looks a little setup. i don't know why they are shooting video and framing that guy in. i think it's a setup. >> i still like it because it's a corvette, so who cares. ♪ it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and legal resident of united states or canada. >> go not website and click on win ipad. >> find us on twitter, facebook, or both and do it each and every day. >> tuesday's buzz word is cell
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phone. >> enter the buzz word, c-e-l-l p-h-o-n-e. >> good luck, everybody. >> do you know anything about seafood, oysters, crabs, anything like that? >> creating a distraction, and when the shoppers are distracted. boom. >> see how the shoppers react to the randomize temperatu iztems . >> (barber) their outfield needs serious work.
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show, or check it out on the mobile app. ♪ chowing with the squad. ♪ like all great pranks, it's oh, so simple. jack and his partner in crime messing with people in the grocery store. not taking it, is he? >> quite the opposite, in fact. every time shoppers are
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distracted. >> which is better dhthan other videos we've seen where people take people's purses. this is the reverse. >> this is almost jep rougenero helping people with the shopping. >> sneaking around, trying not to be seen, like this, right here, right behind the guy, dropping in -- perfect, got it. >> and you get to the register, like, i didn't order all this stuff. >> the thing is jack is so good. he gets out of control, like, right here -- >> how about this right here? >> pretty much an empty cart, goes by, flips it in, but i wonder how much stuff i can get in there. he keeps going. more of this? this? how about some of that, too? just getting fuller and fuller. >> would be fun with one large item. >> with jack, size is no issue. gets the cat bed, got the guy distracted, and just waiting for the moment. goes for the


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