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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 27, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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distracted. >> which is better dhthan other videos we've seen where people take people's purses. this is the reverse. >> this is almost jep rougenero helping people with the shopping. >> sneaking around, trying not to be seen, like this, right here, right behind the guy, dropping in -- perfect, got it. >> and you get to the register, like, i didn't order all this stuff. >> the thing is jack is so good. he gets out of control, like, right here -- >> how about this right here? >> pretty much an empty cart, goes by, flips it in, but i wonder how much stuff i can get in there. he keeps going. more of this? this? how about some of that, too? just getting fuller and fuller. >> would be fun with one large item. >> with jack, size is no issue. gets the cat bed, got the guy distracted, and just waiting for the moment. goes for the handshake,
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distracted, now east the time, hurry! oh! and we're away. the most impressive, though, is the distraction. the partner in crime so good. watch what jack does to this one. >> reach down -- no, don't reach over, keep the back flat. just keeps going, feilling up with he can find to mess with the guys. they are not noticing. they have not noticed all the stuff put in there. >> i like what he's buying, though. >> at this point, like, wait a minute. they take it out, like, well, that's not hard, but the partner in crime decides to be really helpful. >> here, let me give you a hand. >> you need that? >> oh, that's not ours. >> puts it right back. and he continues. jack's not done. the guys are there, checking his phone, the shopping list on the phone. wait a minute. did i? yeah, i'm confused. hilarious video. to see it all, go to our website
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or use our mobile app, and out there somewhere are great shoppers. that's all for this episode, but we have enough for taken into c. and in florida, a pair glider crashed into power lines. he was either trying to land or take off. he's a firefighter and is hospitalized with electrical burns. nearly 40 homes lost power, which has been restored. equifax is searching for a new chief executive now that its embattled ceo is stepping down. richard smith has led the agency since 2005 but has been under fire since the company revealed a data breach that may have exposed up to 143 million americans. his departure is being called a retirement, but he won't receive his annual bonus and other benefits until a review of the
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hack is complete. and twitter may soon be giving us more room to express ourselves. the company is considering doubling the limit of 140 characters to 280. it's already testing it out on a small group of users. people tweet more when they don't have to cram everything into 140 characters. >> so yes, more tweets. yeah. let's turn now to a health alert, shall we? i don't know about that, jack. for a health alert for women undergoing routine surgeries from hernias to knee replacements. >> a new report suggests a growing number of women are being overprescribed painkillers after those surgeries. robin roberts has more. >> reporter: women are most at risk when it comes to opioids. 30% more prescriptions written for women than men. 40% more patient surgeries become consistent users, like this mother of three daughters.
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>> i did exactly what they said, followed up with my daughter. >> reporter: she says she was prescribed oxycontin after having a procedure to remove cysts from her ovaries and had never heard of the drug before but became addicted to prescription pills for three and a half years. overdosing twice before beginning her road to recovery. >> i hated what i was. and i was embarrassed and ashamed and was content that my family would be better off without me. >> reporter: that new report funded by pacira called united states for newspaper-dependence, finds patients undergoing seven common surgeries are often being prescribed far more pills than they need. >> what's startling and really bothersome in the study is the number of patients on opioids well after the surgery's been concluded. >> reporter: concluding 3
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million patients continued taking them three months or longer after surgery, and christina is not alone. 11.7 billion opioid painkillers like oxycontin and vicodin were prescribed in 2016. if you laid them end to end, they would crisscross the country 50 times. >> more people die from opioid prescription overdose than from heroin overdose per year. >> robin thank you. apparently women are more vulnerable bass they suffer more chronic pain than men, so they tend to be more overprescribed. >> amazing numbers there. coming up, we'll have the story of how a neo-nazi turned it all around. >> how he stripped the hate from his heart, removing the ink that serves as a reminder. you're watching "world news now." i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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♪ we're back now with the story of a man once filled with hate who's managed to turn his life around through empathy and love. >> he credits his parole officer for helping him do that. and he's now trying to get rid of some reminders of his past life. >> my name is michael. i'm here at fallen heroes to get a swaus particularstika covered. i've never, never been inside a professional tattoo shop. it's a lot different than prison, no guitar strings.
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>> it's going to be worth it. >> tell me your story. behind that shirt is a lot of ink. >> i was part of a skinhead group. a very violent group. my first tattoo was a racial tattoo was my white pride. when i got two swastikas, one on my chest. >> how long have you had that on your chest? >> over 20 years. >> talk about that transformation process. >> this is kind of a good story, but odd story. i got my case load transferred to a black woman. she just marched up to my house. if it wasn't for her, he probab -- i probably would have been deep down back into it. >> you feel like she's much more than a probation officer. >> much more than that, like family. >> i haven't seen him in over a year. he doesn't know that i'm here.
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>> hi, michael. how are you? >> she gave me a chance, and it opened my eyes. >> you two are unlikely friends. >> yes. >> yes. >> i had a german war flag. she says you need to take that crap down and put up more positive stuff, smyiley faces. so when you wake up you see something positive. before all this, i wouldn't work for anybody or with anybody that wasn't white. 13 people at work with me, i'm the only white person there. we have company parties or they have keynes yet at thats. >> i got a tattoo taken off. it was within of the people that helped me make this transition. >> i'm not here to judge him.
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that's not my job to judge. my job is to be the positive person in someone's life. make a difference. >> i'm getting choke the d up a. if you have people who believe in you in a positive way you can change. >> you're touching before and after now. >> did you ever think they'd come off? that you'd be a part of it? >> i would have never guessed that michael changed his life for the better. >> she gave me the strength and the courage to do what i'm doing and changing my life, because i know that she can do it, and she believes in people, the good in people, i know i can, too. >> amazing story and an amazing thing that she did there. >> that's pretty cool. he spent 20 years in a white supremacist group in arizona and within a couple years knowing her, boom. >> his tattoo, by the way,
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removed by redemption inc.
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♪ we have an exciting edition of "this happened." a little sports theme. this is ot of seattle, washington area. this is a high schooler who actually breaks ten tackles. ten tackles. we counted them all. and makes it all the way. >> oh, wow! >> he could. and he does. that's tommy gardner there who did that impressive touchdown. >> he did it! >> that is impressive. a little embarrassing for the other team. >> yeah, it is. some good defense there.
2:56 am
>> the giants and jets are both fighting over who's going to recruit that kid now. >> they both need him. and onto football. a ceremonial first kick. he was about to tap the ball, but instead, he goes on a sprint, runs past the stationary and very confused players and then does this. >> oh, and he scores! goal! >> of course no goal is complete without lifting your shirt over your face. >> although his body looks a little different than ronaldo's. >> the crowd is going wild. loving it. >> ah, yes. the agony of defeat. has nothing to do with that. this is the agony of defeat. >> oh, no. >> this was a family portrait. >> oh, ho, ho.
2:57 am
>> a family on holiday in san francisco with their dog. the kid there loved dad so much that the dog there, max, decided that he'd express himself and go in for the -- >> he sure did express himself. >> yeah, he did. >> did he try to leave the dog out of the picture and he got his revenge? >> yeah, that was exactly. this is the after picture. thankfully. it doesn't show below the waist, which i think requires some bit of surgery. >> oh, no! all right, over to orlando airport, shall we, where if you're experiencing delays, we might know why. southwest posted this video. can you see what's going on, on the right there? that, my friend, is a t-rex directing traffic. kind of tough with those little arms, i think. >> it's sort of like how we get our cues around here. >> he's very en
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this morning on "world news now," president trump goes on the defensive. >> he insists he's very proud of the job the u.s. is doing as puerto rican citizens beg for more to be done. and an upset as firebrand former alabama chief justice roy moore wins the republican runoff. and a quick-thinking bus driver narrowly misses driving into a group of kids on a sidewalk after being hit by a car. and don't let a flight delay get in the way of a good party. a woman makes friends and busts some serious moves.
3:01 am
just don't ask them to dance on the ceiling. but we might, on this wednesday, september 27th. ♪ come on and sing along ♪ forever ♪ come on and sing along from abc news, this is "world news now." >> to quote that great poet, well, my friends, the time has come. ♪ let the music play on, play on, play on, play on ♪ >> it is wednesday. we are going to start with the humanitarian crisis that is growing by the hour in puerto rico. and president trump is defending his reaction to the situation. >> the president is denying that he was preoccupied with criticizing the nfl rather than focussing on the devastation from hurricane maria. this after firing two dozen tweets about the anthem controversy and six about puerto rico, with some of them seeming critical of puerto rico. >> reporter: president trump in the rose garden with a message for puerto rico. >> we will get through this, and
3:02 am
we will get through it together. >> reporter: on the ground, total devastation, nearly the entire island still without power, more than half of it without water. but many say until now, the president's public response has been subdued. in a series of tweets, president trump emphasized puerto rico's massive debt, saying it owes billions of dollars to wall street and the banks which sadly must be dealt with. among those who called him out, the mayor of san juan, who said you don't put debt above people. you put people above debt. and nydia develop velasquez goi further. >> this is going to be mr. trump's katrina. >> reporter: is puerto rico getting all the help it needs from you, mr. president? >> puerto rico is very important to me, and puerto rico, the people are fantastic people. i grew up in new york, so i know many people from puerto rico. i know many puerto ricans.
3:03 am
>> reporter: the president highlighting the praise he's received. >> it's on an island in the middle of the ocean. you can't just drive your trucks there from other states. the governor said we were doing a great job. >> reporter: while brushing off questions about whether he's been preoccupied with his battle with the nfl. >> was i preoccupied? not at all. not at all. i have plenty of time on my hands. all i do is work. >> reporter: the white house released these photos to show it. the president in the situation room being briefed on puerto rico. and he says he will head to puerto rico on tuesday, but also headed to puerto rico, the u.s. navy sh navy ship "kvt comfort." people in puerto rico are begging for help. many elderly residents are in desperate need of medication. gas lines are getting longer and
3:04 am
hundreds are waiting at the airport for a limited number of flights. the mayor of san juan tells eva pilgrim that red tape is holding up aid. >> reporter: are you getting the stuff you need fast enough? >> no, no. but i'm sorry, that's not politically correct to say, but president trump, please, whatever you need to do. >> senator marco rubio is warning about the horrific conditions after going to puerto rico to survey the damage himself. he restrained from criticizing the president but said he hoped we don't siee katrina-like images. maria has been downgraded but is still a problem for the east coast. her 70-mile-per-hour winds will be kicking up rough surf and
3:05 am
dangerous rip currents from florida to maine. the biggest threat is a 4-foot storm surge for north carolina's outer banks. and looking ahead asth maria skirts the coast. fire crews are making progress on a major brush fire that has forced the evacuation of nearly 1,000 homes. the canyon fire burning in the santa ana is only 15% contained. a tractor-trailer was destroyed. the fire is burning dangerously close to the 91 flreeway, forcig the closure of two lanes. >> from a firestorm to a fire brand. breaking overnight, a major defeat in alabama for a senate candidate backed by the president. and roy moore beat luther strange in the state's republican primary runoff. but moore says he'll support president trump's agenda if he
3:06 am
wins the general election in december. abc's janay norman with more. >> reporter: voters in alabama have spoken. >> i'll fight for you, in the united states senate. i'll fight for the people of this state and of this nation who want to bring our country back. >> reporter: conservative roy moore, the gun-toting, horse-riding former alabama chief justice, winning the state primary tuesday night, beating out luther strange. >> this is not the result that we wanted. but i've congratulated judge moore. i've already talked to him on the phone. >> reporter: moore is a hero to the religious right to garnered the support of president trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon. the elections garnered national attention, pitting trump and bannon against each other and testing the political sway of trump's administration and those who put him in the white house. the president tweeting his congratulations to moore. trump admitting backing strange may not have been the right
3:07 am
choice. >> i might have made a mistake, and i'll be honest. i might have maidde a mistake. >> reporter: even as the senate leadership fund pumped $7 billion into the race. >> let's go again to make america great. >> reporter: republicans say they're moving on and focussing on reforming the tax code, but they say they will make good on that hallmark campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare. and republican leaders in the stat say they're moving on to tax reform after abandoning their effort to replace obamacare. mitch mcconnell made that announcement. they didn't have the votes to pass the bill after susan collins announced shy woue woule against t but one of the authors say the republicans need to keep working on health care. >> we'll get killed if we don't. can you imagine if we don't
3:08 am
fulfill this prom sn fulfill this promise? >> any agreement might be too late to avoid higher premiums next year. a long-time ally of the president has testified before the house committee. roger stone. and in a separate russia probe, robert mueller might start interviewing current and former white house staffers as soon as this week. those on mueller's list include former press secretary sean spi spicer who reportedly kept detailed daily note the and reince priebus. several people were arrested during a tension-filled rally at berkley. that was led by joey gibson, shoving and yelling matches broke out among patriot followers and protesters. student organizers canceled a so-called free speech week.
3:09 am
it was quite an unusual scene in richmond, virginia for many commuters. take a look. hmm. >> so that is a little small pig running around, crossing the highway. tying up some traffic. police were called out in an effort to keep the little pig safe. didn't want anybody to take him down with the car. and -- >> they shut down the highway. >> and the cops delivered. >> the little pig was eventually captured without incident. they're hoping for a smoother commute today. >> so basically, the cops brought home the bacon, you could say. maybe. >> wow. >> no? >> they did keep like 6 degrees from that bacon. >> that part i didn't get. >> kevin bacon? if you have to explain it, then it doesn't -- internal voice. the scandal rocking college
3:10 am
basketball. why the fbi swept in and arrested four coaches at some of the country's top division one programs and what they're accused of doing. and the new candidate for the world's hottest pepper. how hot is it? and is it actually safe to eat? >> is it good on bacon? >> i don't know. remember to find us on facebook and twitter. you're watching "world news now." today's critical, but i really need a sick day...
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police in hartford, connecticut are investigating after a crash nearly sent a city bus into a group of school children. the bus dash cam video shows an oncoming car crossed the center line which hits the bus that swerves, barely missing children on a sidewalk. police are trying to determine whether the driver of the car was distracted. o.j. simpson's release from prison appears to now be imminent. he's expected to be out as early's next week after he was granted parole back in july in nevada, but he will likely have to remain in that state for some time. he has yet to file paperwork allowing him to live with his
3:14 am
children in the sunshine state. and it's being called one of the biggest crackdowns on corruption in college basketball. >> the fbi has charged nearly a d dozen men including four choeoas and a top executive. >> reporter: a massive scandal rocking college basketball. the fbi announcing fraud and corruption charges against ten people, including four assistant coaches at some of the country's top programs. auburn's chuck person. usc's tony blarngsd arizona's book richardson and oklahoma state's lamont evans. it alleges coaches took cash bribes. >> today's arrest should serve as a warning to others, we have your playbook. >> reporter: among those charged, the global hid of march connect for adidas, jim gatto.
3:15 am
>> these defendants conspired to funnel to families of players. >> reporter: if the allegations are true, they are despicable breach of trust. coming up, new progress in the president's effort to strengthen border security. but first, keeping their politics on the down low, we're talking to trump supporters in california and democrats in texas. that's next in "world news now."
3:16 am
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♪ come on, people now
3:18 am
♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another right now ♪ let's all get together right now. apparently it is that rare sighting. you don't need binoculars for it, but there are republicans in lapgs county and democrats in deep red texas. >> so the question is, how are parents teaching their children to talk about politics, especially when their views aren't popular in their own communities. we're up all "nightline" with nick watt. >> reporter: politically divided, politically active. most americans believe their country is today deeply divided. and is there any hope? local democrats we talked with called this the reddest metro area in america. american dreamers, pickup trucks shall lushawns, thenyou reach this house. texans for hillary still stuck
3:19 am
in her lawn, rein bainbow stars stripes. >> my neighbor across the street had a trump sign. i would vote for her if i could again. >> reporter: living deep in a red state. ? there were kids in the cafeteria talking about building the wall. there was this kind of baiting that was going on. i'd get poked at and made fun of a lot for being the black sheep of the family. they're concerned that being a democrat means i don't have a relationship with god. >> reporter: over in deep blue southern california, we met republican women feeling similarly shamed. they meet on a private facebook page to chat without backlash. it's all republican moms. >> yes. i'm not going to say republican. it's if you support trump. that's where it's shifted to. it's gotten so bad for people. >> reporter: in the course of my
3:20 am
daily life in los angeles, i do not meet many trump supporters. >> people can't be out about it. it could jeopardize their career. >> reporter: we met these moms and their kids at the reagan library in simi valley. they did not want their last names used. do you like politics? >> yes. >> reporter: who do you like? >> i like donald trump. >> i voted for trump in our school's mock election, and when my friends asked me, i said oh, i vote for trump and they're like, you're a disgrace. >> reporter: you're a disgrace. >> i should have my own political beliefs. i don't harass you for obama. >> i find that a lot of people on the left are very vocal about their opinion, but when i'm vocal about my opinion i'm a racist, intolerant. >> reporter: l.a. county,72% for clinton, 22.5% for trump. >> i think it was divided in obama. pitting groups against others
3:21 am
and making inflammatory statements about police behaving stupidly or things like that. most people have a couple major causes. but the other stuff we have in common. >> reporter: how do we move beyond this? >> we have to be adults and have conversations that are hard to have. >> reporter: maybe we need to be a little more like kids, calm down an a little. >> i've seen on youtube people getting into fistfights. >> reporter: talk about other stuff as well. talking about fidget spinners and things like that. >> fidget spinners and -- are dead. >> reporter: nick watt in california and texas. >> i did not know that we are not up with what the kids are down. >> fidget spinners and dabbing. oh, yes. who knew. >> game on. coming up, the world's new hottest pepper. and the husband-proof shopping list. shall we do it one last time?
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it is time for your wednesday "mix." and there are two choices when you get to the airport and have flight delays. you can either get completely angry, tweet at the airline, complain, complain, complain or just party your way through that delay. >> now we're talking. >> this is what she did, she was stranded at the airport there in charlotte, so she decided to have some fun and make a little video. she missed her flight and got stranded overnight. she put it to a little lionel richie from 1983 and made some friends along the way, clearly, that's one way to get through your flight delays. >> that's awesome. i take it the hotel bar was open? >> yeah, i think so. >> well, that's good.
3:26 am
even more so. i do have something that may spice up the party, however. so apparently, there is a new pepper set to dethrone the carolina reaper for spiciest pepper. 3.18 million heat units. just to give you an idea how a jalapeno is between 10,000 and 20,000. this is 3.18 million. the current record holder comes in at 1.4 to around 2 million scovilles. let's take a look. you my remember dan childs got to take the current california reaper. his reaction. >> oh. oh, boy. ho.
3:27 am
militi oh, milk, milk, milk. >> do you think we should sign up dan for pepper x? >> it is not safe for consumption at all in its original. >> to. you can only have it in the form of a hot sauce. that hot sauce is already sold out. but why? how is the hot sauce sold out? why would you want to put yourself through this? >> clearly, exactly. by the way, we haven't seen dan since that appearance. >> that was like 2 million scovilles. >> this is the thing in the meantime that has broken up many marriages and relationships. the grocery list. and this one woman says she has found the definitive way. you see the couple here. ? they look happy. >> to make sure her husband has zero problem with the grocery list. she solves the problem by making a meticulous list, explaining how to pick the right veggies, illustrating what she meant by a medium-sized potato and not to opt for spinach with holes in
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now." a major defeat in alabama for the president as conservative, gun-toting roy moore wins the republican runoff for senate. defeating an incumbent backed by the president. president trump defends himself over puerto rico, insisting he's proud of the u.s. response post hurricane and not distracted by the national anthem crisis. this as the situation in puerto rico is getting dire with desperate pleas for help. we're hearing from people who found a month-old baby still strapped to a car seat. hear what police found when they tracked down that baby's mother. and just because you're a psycho doesn't mean you can't enjoy a song.
3:31 am
researchers are trying to determine what music psychopaths are drawn to. >> oh, boy. >> we're going to peel back the layers of the study and see if there's anything we should be concerned about on this wednesday, september 27th. >> we're fine, i'm sure. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hello, clarice. >> i'm scared. >> yeah, that's kind of an interesting study. >> i didn't now music could indicate whether or not you're a psychopath. >> or the contrary. we're going to dig into it in "the skinny," but we're going to start with the closely-watched race in alabama. and an upset for the president. >> voters chose roy moore over luther strange, who was endorsed by president trump. >> the president did tweet last night, congratulations to roy moore on his republican win in alabama.
3:32 am
luther strange started way back and ran a good race. roy, win in december. abc's tom llamas is in alabama. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. republican primary voters here in alabama sending a shock wave to gop leaders and to president trump himself. senator luther strange conceding to roy moore. now senator strange was endorsed by the president. senator strange saying the political winds right now are hard to navigate. >> but i'm telling you, the political winds right now are very hard to navigate, hard to understand. it will take a scorecard to sort all that out. a lot of agendas in this country. i'm going to leave it to the pundits to figure all that out. >> reporter: now this race drew so much attention because president trump had endorsed senator strange, knowing, though, that roy moore most likely would win this race, and he has. president trump says he will come back down here and campaign
3:33 am
like hell for roy moore who had this to say about his victory. >> together we can make america great. we can support the president. don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that i do not support him. and support his agenda. [ applause ] as long as it's constitutional, as long as it advances our society, our culture, our country, i will be supportive. >> reporter: the winner here in the senate primary race in alabama, roy moore will it take on doug jones on december 12th in the election. the last time a democrat won a senate seat here in alabama was 1994, senator richard shelby who two years later became a republican and still holds that seat. diane and kendis, back to you. >> and president trump is preparing to visit puerto rico next week as he pushes back against criticism of his response to hurricane maria. the president insists he was not preoccupied with the nfl anthem controversy and says he's proud of relief efforts that he
3:34 am
describes as amazing. the humanitarian crisis is getting worse as millions of americans suffer in the heat with food and water running low. but the president insists puerto rico is a priority. >> reporter: is puerto rico getting all the help it needs from you, mr. president? >> puerto rico is very important to me and the prime fantastic people. i grew up in new york, so i know many people from puerto rico. >> the president attended a briefing on hurricane recovery efforts. more than a dozen u.s. navy and coast guard ships are now in the waters around puerto rico and more are on the way. >> parts of the island remain out of reach a week after maria struck and many roads are still clogged with debris and communication is quite spotty, and you can see why. officials say it could be more than a month before power is fully restored. eva pilgrim has more from san juan. >> reporter: at this sweltering 14-storey retirement home in san
3:35 am
juan there's no running water. the only way out for the elderly residents, these stairs. here we meet elizabeth vasquez trying to care for her parents. who desperately need medicine. they were just treated for dehydration. hundreds at the airport. susanna gardner has been here for two days trying to get out. >> i have high blood pressure, and i'm not supposed to be in this heat. and it's not good. >> reporter: six days since the category four storm made landfall, 90% of the island has no power. long lines for gas. entire villages and towns remain cut off. are you getting the stuff you need fast enough? >> no. no. and i'm sorry that's not politically correct to say. >> reporter: san juan's mayor telling me bureaucratic red tape
3:36 am
is holding up relief efforts. >> president trump, please, whatever you need to do. let fema do their job. >> reporter: san juan, puerto rico. >> and the acting head of the drug enforcement agency is leaving his job. law enforcement sources tell the new york times that chuck rosenberg had become disillusioned with president trump and was convinced the president had little respect for the law. rosenberg was a holdover from the obama administration. the next set of the dea will have to deal with the growing opioid crisis. and we're learning new details about tom price's use of private jets. politico reports that he combined official and personal business on at least two occasions. he visited a vacation island in georgia where he owns property. on another occasion he had lunch with his son in nashville. those trips were reportedly among dozens of private flights that cost taxpayers about $300,000.
3:37 am
construction has started on several prototype models of president trump's border wall. heavy machinery was moved into a construction site in san diego. when the work is done, the prototype barriers for the border with mexico will be in place. each will be 30 feet long and 30 feet high. the effectiveness will be evaluated for several months before a final decision on which type will be used. each section costs about $450,000. and north of there, firefighters are battling a 2,000-acre fire. near the border of anaheim and corona. the canyon fire is only 15% contained as it burns close to the 91 freeway. forcing the evacuation of nearly 1,000 homes. residents say they had only minutes to get out. >> i thought for sure the house was a goner. it was literally here. the tops of our trees are burnt, you know, it was not even 100 yards away from destroying the house. >> this is the worse i've seen over here.
3:38 am
>> the whole canyon was lit up on fire. >> incredible images coming out of there. meanwhile, residents were forced to evacuate in the bay area. after a brush fire ignited in the oakland hills. 50 homes were evacuated. those homes are finally out of danger. former president obama is offering revealing comments about leaving his eldest daughter at school. >> he dropped off malia at harvard in august. >> he says leaving her there was a little bit like open heart surgery. so he made that comment at an event for the foundation of former vice president biden's son beau. >> so he took it fine. so mr. obama said that he didn't want to cry in front of his daughter, but he apparently couldn't hold back after leaving her on campus. he said the secret service did a good job of pretending not to hear him sniffling and blowing his nose. he knew it was tough and it was apparently. >> don't go. coming up, the heartbreaking news.
3:39 am
fans of fixer-upper are trying to make sense ever the hit show's hosts leaving the show. the emotional message is coming up in "the skinny". this might also make president obama cry. och ochlt. plus football fans upset over the nfl's protest are getting a refund on their tv bills. you heard me right. they're getting a refund on their tv bills because of this, but first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care. t than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. you might want to consider
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we're taking a look at tropical storm maria churning off the coast of the carolinas. maria's 70-mile-per-hour winds will be kicking up rough surf and dangerous rip currents over the next few days before finally moving out to sea. a rapper who just released his debut album last year is in critical condition after being shot at a popular tourist area in hollywood. l.a. police say 32-year-old young dolph was shot.
3:43 am
outside a hotel during a heated argument with three other men. so far police have detained one man for questioning. and aerosmith has canceled the last four shows of its tour in south america after the 69-year-old lead singer, steven tyler was rushed back to the u.s. due to undisclosed medical issues. he assured his fans he's not in a life-threatening condition. the band says he expects to make a full recovery and after proper rest and treatment will be back on his feet soon rocking the world. and we're hearing from good samaritans who rescued a baby from the side of an interstate in oklahoma. drivers in three vehicles pulled over when they spotted the three-month-old baby asleep in hess car seat in the grass, barely ten feet from the traffic. >> his prayer as he was walking up to it is please, if there is a baby, let it be alive. there was no sweat, no sunburn, and this was a 90 degree-day. >> police say they found a birth certificate, social security cards and cash next to the baby.
3:44 am
the child's mother was eventually located. authorities are still deciding whether or not to file charges against her. nfl fans upset over the protest are getting their money back. >> direct tv is offering refunds to customers offended by the protest. customers tell the wall street journal they were able to cancel the sunday ticket package. it costs nearly $300 for the season. >> another customer told the paper that he was able to cancel his subscription to the nfl-owned channel red zone. he says a representative told him, quote, everyone's calling about that today. >> i didn't know you could get a refund. >> i had no idea. especially for those particular ones. red zone is only, you can switch from one game to the next. >> right. >> when they get within the red zone, dealing with the national anthem. all right, coming up, another star booted from the ballroom. and songs for psychopaths. "the skinny" is next. psychopaths.
3:45 am
"the skinny" is next. ok, let's try this.
3:46 am
it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny
3:47 am
skinny time. we are leading off with another star shown the door on "dancing with the stars." it was latin night. >> and nobody screens latin lover more than malcolm in the middle, right? let's check out frankie munoz there, herking and jerking his way through his routine. he and whitney managed to cha-cha their way to a 25 out of 30. >> i was really impressed. i didn't know he had it in him. i thought he did a good job. i loved it. then over to nick lachey, doing the argentine tango. channeling his sexier side by remembering what his first date with his wife was like. >> nick ended up being in the bottom two. forced to sweat it out some more. but he was saved. >> yeah. for another couple not so lucky. debbie gibson, the '80 the icon, also to the tango, but the
3:48 am
damage had been done, apparently, from the night before. >> gibson, yes, said the experience was a thrill and that she feels like she got her life back. she's going to appear later on "good morning, america." i thought she was great. i thought she was good of the. >> yeah, she did really well. last night i didn't think she did badly either. i hope she sings some of her songs. bring'em back, debbie. next to shocking news for hgtv's hit show fixer-upper. brace yourselves. chip and joanna gaines have announced season five will be their last. >> woo! that's it. >> everyone was worried it was going to be a divorce announcement. no. they apparently say that part of the equation is fine. >> they built like a multi-million dollar empire from fixer-upper success, the new target line and a paint
3:49 am
collection. they've also faced those rumors that their marriage is on the rocks, but in a statement, they said, quote, our family is healthy and our marriage has honestly never been stronger. >> the gaines also just posted a message on their blog explaining the decision. >> i think the idea that we can step back and get fresh vision, get some rest, but also just hunker down with our kiddos. >> we want to take this time to really say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting our family become a part of your family. and the experience has been like nothing we could have ever predicted. >> oh, my god. that's code. their marriage is on the rocks, isn't it? >> no, their marriage is fine. >> they're done! >> their marriage is fine. they're just going to look for new ideas. the couple did leave the door open for something in the
3:50 am
future, saying, quote, we believe in our hearts that we are going to see you again, right around the corner. so stay tuned. ah, stay tuned. >> they might be going to another network. who knows. next to a new study that found out what types of songs psychos prefer. >> let's start with the song that scored lowest on that scale, shall we? ♪ >> so that is, of course, david gettis, "titanium." >> i love that song. >> in a study by new york university, it was most-liked by people who have the least psychopathic traits. >> so apparently, they compared people's scores on personality tests and music tastes to see if there is a correlation there. what they're trying to do is make it easier to identify seek paths or find a way to identify psychopaths without those people knowing. >> so us liking that song means -- >> we're not psychopaths. duh! >> check out the top song in that study that is enjoyed by
3:51 am
people with psychopathic traits. ♪ i like the way you work it ♪ no diggity ♪ i'd like to bag it up >> so if you like it, you're a psychopath? >> around here, that makes things awkward. ♪ i like the way you work it ♪ no diggity ♪ she's got -- >> thanks. >> i like the david gettis song, too. i can't help it, no diggity is a great song. that just makes me sane. >> it makes us want to bag it up. shoot me down. >> i like the way you work. i don't know if i was more
3:52 am
scared by the rollers or the song. >> oh, you don't like the rollers? i thought it was a good look. llers? i thought it was a good look. >> jack, you like ♪
3:53 am
3:54 am
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♪ tbh is running strong. >> to be honest. >> yes. finally this half hour, an
3:56 am
epic wedding story becomes an epic photo. >> yesterday we showed you those photos of the wedding photos turned rescue. now we're hearing from the hero groom who jumped in, saved the boy in a lake while his photographer captured the whole thing. here's david muir. >> reporter: this looks more like your typical wedding photo, clayton and brittany cook. this weekend in ontario. but this is what it soon looked like. that's the groom soaked nearly waist-deep in the water. >> i look over and sigh clay in the water and think, what is he doing? >> reporter: clayton noticed a boy had fallen in, and without hesitation left the photo shoot to save the boy. >> his face was under water and he was fighting. luckily he was only a little guy. i grabbed him like right here and kind of just sort of huffed him up. >> reporter: it was moments earlier they had begun to take those photos when the photograph
3:57 am
er noticed the groom was gone. >> i was shooting the bride by herself. the bride shouted out, oh, god, and i turned around. and he was struggling to swim. and i swooped the little guy by his arm, sopping wet, and the kid safely walking away while he's waist, into the river. >> reporter: the little boy is okay tonight, and so is the bride, saying that's the guy i married. >> this's clay, like that's clay to me. that doesn't even surprise me that that happened. it's something he would instinctively do. how different would everyone's day been if we weren't in the right place at the right time. >> yeah, indeed, the bride saying things probably would have ended tragically if they weren't there at that moment. >> they're so, so lucky they were there. apparently, the little boy was pushed in by one of the other children playing with him. so good thinking. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this wednesday morning -- the alabama senate candidate back by president trump losing in a special election overnight. why it's seen as major defeat for the republican establishment. millions of americans are pleading for help as thedy disaster in puerto rico grows worse. hear what president trump is now saying about washington's response. plus, the celebrities now stepping up, sending their own planes filled with supplied. we're live in washington. change in policy. the tv provider now offering refunds for customers offended by athletes kneeling during the national anthem. and the global reaction as the last country in the world to ban women from driving changes cows. course. and w


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