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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 29, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a woman tries to deescalate a confrontation. >> it does not work. >> the story behind the miraculous escape after shots are fired. >> oh! oh my gosh! are you excited? >> yes. >> he wants to learn how to drive. >> in this first lesson. >> how his sister helps him get into gear and shift like a pro. it's the video that asks the question -- why the answer is startlingly silly. plus don't miss the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini, as christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle break down the best on the web.
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and dad takes their girls on a flying trip >> a trip to remember. >> they find out the journey leads to the happiest destination. what? >> well done, dad. >> there is a days agreement between the guy on the left with the black motorcycle helmet and the woman in front with the pink helmet. her hands are up in front of him trying to calm him down. it does not work. >> oh my gosh. >> he turns around, runs off, points a gun at another woman, steals her motorcycle, and gets away. >> what the heck is wrong with this guy? >> the woman was shot five times before this guy made his getaway but you'll be glad to know she survived that onslaught of bullets. in fact she was taken to hospital, had surgery and is already home. >> that's amazing, because it looks targeted. >> that was his ex-wife. >> oh. geez, come on.
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>> police caught up with jose paolo da silva riviera, he's in custody and indicted for attempted femicide, a hate crime against a bomb. because of the seriousness of the attack and charges, facing 6 to 20 years in the situation his excuse "i was drunk." in wales this was equally crazy. out of nowhere simon morris does this, turns to the guy next to him and clamps his teeth down on this guy's face. he's now biting at the guy's eyebrow away from his face. the people are gathered around to get the victim of this attack off. >> because of alcohol. that's the culprit, alcohol. >> what fueled this alcohol-driven attack? >> simon claims to have no memory of it whatsoever and was somewhat surprised when he was arrested and check out simon morris on the floor, on his
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jacket, on his face, the blood a result of the attack. the judge wasn't taking "i had a bit too much drink" as an excuse. he was found guilty of wounding with intent and is now going down for six years himself. when you're a teenager one of the coolest things you could do is learn how to drive. for nathan his family told him sorry, honey, you're not going to be able to do until you're 63. what are we doing now? >> practice. >> we're going to practice driving. >> yes! >> yes! he's going to get really good by practicing with sister jocelyn in this first lesson. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> first lesson, this is a burner. >> no, fortunately for him, they start with first gear. >> straight to manual, too. >> down. >> you can see him going to
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second, then to third. >> up. >> nathan learned very quickly. she explained in about five or six minutes how this whole thing works and he picked it up quickly >> down. >> tells him where to go and he does it flawlessly. he does a great job and you can tell he's super happy. >> he's having fun. >> she asks him how he's feeling. they believe that maybe in time they'll be able to let him sit in the driver's seat because they believe he is capable but it will take a lot of practice, lots of time but it's a gold they have as a family. they are two of six siblings that have had to learn how to take care of each other. their mother was diagnosed with quiari malformation which led her to have a couple of brain surgeries, multiple strokes. they had to step up to take care
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of each other. they're doing a great job. >> good job nate. >> this video is so precious it's getting a lot of attention from a lot of people and it's the kind of love we need right now. they're calling this the worst getaway ever and i'd have to agree. [ sirens ] >> you mean the get stuck? >> there's a lot more. this woman is trying to get away from the businepolice but she's into some problems. >> what is the reason for running from police? >> that's not her car. she was the passenger in that car. the person driving the car got out, went into the store, that's when she hopped into the driver's seat and took off. she damaged four other cars, including the one that she's driving. reports are she had five outstanding arrest warrants, so when they finally got her out of the car they arrested for her drunk driving, theft of the
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vehicle and the damage she caused. over to this helmet cam brought to you by viral video uk. >> no! >> yes. person on the bike he says he wasn't racing this guy. oh, oh, oh! >> wow. guy came last in a race against himself. >> the person on the bike pulls over, turns around, wants to make sure the dude's okay. dashcam video from california, he's got the right of way and as he goes to turn -- >> holy! >> hey! >> super close. >> where'd that car wind up? >> don't you worry. this dude is not happy so he turns around. >> no! no, no, this turns into road rage. you shouldn't do that. you were lucky in that moment. just let it be. >> now they're both at the stoplight. >> did you not see the red light? >> i didn't run the red light. >> dash cam, honey, i had a green arrow. you need to pay the [ bleep ]
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attention. you could have been very seriously hurt. >> he brought her attention, sounded like she thought she was in the right. >> but i think this was a teachable moment for this young lady texting and driving. he's right, it could have been fatal for both of them. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need to enter friday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. human or animal they always want attention from their mom. ike, definitely animal, eastern black rhino, and really wants to play with mom. >> mom, mom, mom. >> mom. >> the definition of trying to sleep in on a sunday morning with a toddler. this is what they do. >> they're so cute. look at how cute he is, he can do whatever he wants. >> he is adorable.
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2-month-old ike lives at the chester zoo in the uk. they're pleased of his birth because in the wild there are believed to be fewer and this 650 of these. >> he's cute. >> he really is cute. as is this elephant, lives at the elephant nature park in thailand and her name is tongae. in english we call her thong because she has an interest in sandals. her caregiver is wearing some. let me give it to her. we know girls like shoes. she's tried to put it on kind of like cinderella's step sister it's not fitting. she keeps trying but watch right here, she's got tricks. check this out, scoops it up, boom, pops it on her head. if she didn't shake it would stay up there. >> so adorable. >> the last one very cute in australia, this little man at the kangaroo sank tear in alice springs is learning how to do the first scratch. how cute when it's a baby. >> look, baby kangaroo scratching butt adorable.
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closed captioning provided by -- with allegra®. there are so many things to make your workouts count. he has his own little tip for what to do between workouts to are maximum gains, he says. >> what is happening? >> the striations of the muscleless but that's insane. >> he's 21 years old and a body builder and i've never seen anything like this before but he is able to make his chest muscles ripple. >> like mozart with his pecs like a piano is being played. >> i wonder how he learned ethi
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was a thing. >> at first i thought, because you can't see his hands movement or fingers it's connected but in this other video you get to see he puts his hand in a fist, moves his elbow back and starts rippling away. you can see other body builders in the area mesmerized by the fact that he can do this and they can't. >> i want to feel. >> also amazing what this other guy can do. he jumps onto the bar, lifts himself up and starts doing this. they are calling this battle of the bars. >> wow. >> but i feel like he's the only one that can do this. i feel like it's a one-person battle. >> everybody else is standing back there like this dude. >> i'm so proud of myself when i can do six chinups. heeeee! that's it. >> he posted another one also out on the playground where he's using the play equipment differently. >> crazy. >> i was feeling good about my
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gym this morning until i came to work. the work is obsessed. this family is no different. fast five decided to make a fourth and i heard it's a tear jerker. >> you're having a baby? [ screaming ] >> so starts just about the most adorable reaction could you expect from children. >> i love that they're all excited. there's always that one who is like, i'll have none of this. >> they're all on board the baby train. >> oh. and that's the thing. you heard her say they've been praying for this so this is something they wanted as a family. so the excitement is collective. >> you awe're having a baby. >> second welcome to the opposite. >> if it's pink it's a girl and
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if it's blue it's a boy. what does the letter say? >> look at that excited little face! >> open up, what color is it? >> blue. >> oh! >> oh it's a boy. how is she going to take that news? >> she's dressed for the occasion. >> it's a boy. >> i wanted it to be a girl. >> time for bribery. z>> suddenly she has a big smil. >> you can have it now it's from your little baby brother. >> yeah! >> you love your little baby brother? >> no. >> thanks for the candy, but no. >> love him a little bit? >> no. >> no, no, i'm just going to eat candy. don't love him at all. a skateboarding amputee with tons of skill. >> that looks cool. >> his inspirational story, next "right this minute." and still to come, stringing
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gold bond. brushing teeth -earance easy! of sun-damaged skin. new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. if you've traveled to a place called devil's pool, and it looks like this, like it's about to chew you up and never even spit you out, then you may want to take a nice vantage point and steer clear but not samuel volery. he'll stretch his slack line across devil's pool. >> it's like they're walking across hell. >> and they're going to do it the long way. check this out. this is really impressive. they're working with slacktivity on this one. >> i was thinking about all of the other senses being sort of assaulted while you're there, the sound of the whitewater, the spray coming up to break your concentration. clearly he's doing fine. >> and speaking of the spray, does it get what they're working
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on wet? usually it's in the desert somewhere in high rocks. >> i'm sure all of those things are coming into play but samuel's no dummy here obviously, if he fell into that, even though it's water it's dangerous. he's using a safety tether. at the end of it all -- >> that's so [ bleep ] intense. >> pretty intense moment for samuel but really fun video. crazy goats, pretty popular online. we love them around these parts, and it's because any time they feel panic, they freeze up for about three seconds and faint. >> greatest thing ever. my favorite things on the internet. >> what are fainting goats for people? >> too much movement. you got to freeze and drop. that's a better move. >> yes, this is j.t. sears and well, he's nailed the fainting goat/fainting human thing. >> i've felt like that a few times when pretty girls have
2:52 pm
come up to me back when i was a kid. oh you're pretty -- >> i love the way the dog is like what's this dude's problem? >> he's really getting into character because he ends one the arms and legs like stuck apart. it's really authentic, it's how they end up on their side. >> i think a lot of people can relate to this next one, any time you get a notice from the irs. that can be pretty shocking. >> will you marry me, babe? >> you got to give it to him for his physicality. because he's doing a lot of falls. those aren't anything he's like really breaking. >> heads up. >> the thing is, it's so ridiculous, but it's funny. [ mooing ] it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to
2:53 pm and click on "win ipad." >> enter the buzzword using facebook, twitter or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzzword. it's keyboard. >> get over to, click on the "win ipad" button and enter friday's buzzword keyboard, k-e-y-b-o-a- k-e-y-b-o-a-r-d. >> good luck everybody. dads take their daughters on a hike but there's a surprise. why the landing leads to something magical our website
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2:55 pm and click on "tv show" or check it out on our mobile app. the project meant that steve has unique and fun experiences and the great part about that he's able to take his family along for the ride as well. however, during a recent video they were shooting in vancouver his daughter, ef livelyn got bo. >> i promised the next time i
2:56 pm
took her flying we'd go somewhere extra special. >> only a kid gets to fly around in a cool plane. >> they fly from the bay area to l.a. but it's not as simple as it sounds. >> jason you need to do a recurrency check of the previous day. >> recurrency, recurrent train something faa mandated you keep going to requalify to make sure you know what to do in the event of an emergency. that's important. >> not only do we have to safely fly and navigate this thing half way across california but contend with a couple of interesting passengers. >> nothing more precious than their lovely daughters sitting in the back seat, they want to make sure everything's safe because this is going to be a trip to remember. so jason's going to be the pilot but steve has his own unique role. >> deicing. >> okay. >> because you always need somebody to take care of everything that suddenly needs to be taken care of when children are involved. >> we are back here. >> i never wanted to be a little girl more than i do want right. >> quick selfie and up in the
2:57 pm
air over california. they might be enjoying the spectacular view riding around in an airplane, eventually kids are kids. >> now can we watch a show? >> some very specific movies actually. disney. >> oh, nice. lucky girls. >> that would be cool if they watched disney movies on the way to disneyland. >> really? >> yeah, really, for real. >> what? >> well done dad, holy smokes, that is out of the ball park. >> fly yourself and the family to disney. >> it's all worth it for these reactions. >> thanks for keeping it a secret. >> yeah. >> before you know it, they come in for a landing. everyone has a grand old time. if you want to see more check out their channel, it's pretty cool. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see you on the next all new "rtm."
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