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tv   Action News 7pm  ABC  September 30, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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makes the catch. 6 seconds left. you can throw it anywhere because you got a time-out left. >> tommy: yeah, this has to be in the end zone. a hail mary. and what a better group of safeties to have, florida state, to defend a hail mary. these guys are big, tall and can jump. i like wake forest, too, both teams have really played hard today. you hate to have a loser in a game like this. but somebody has to lose. wake forest just made too many mistakes in the kicking game and a couple of turnovers absolutely killed them. >> mike: you mentioned the florida state defense earlier, they have put in a hole so many times in this game. and have been able to hold wake to 19 points in the process.
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>> tommy: we talked to charles kelly earlier in the week, his deal was coming into this game, eliminate the big plays and you got to get turnovers. and they have two turnovers this game? >> mike: yep. >> tommy: that's going to end up being the difference in the game. you have to give credit to charles kelly and all the guys on defense. he has a loft athletes and a lot of depth. >> mike: do you take your shot here with six seconds to go or do you try to get a ten-yard out and then take it? >> tommy: no, i think you go to the end zone. about a 45-yard throw. throwing it for washington. >> mike: tipped away by the all-american derwin james. and the clock shows triple zeros. heartbreak for wake forest. good grief.
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they played so well and so hard. and jimbo fisher is going to walk out of here. he'll have a smile on his face. on the way home. and dave clawson is going to feel like he's krushdz. >> tommy: they played their hearts out. wake foreake forest was 4-0, th weren't -- watch the deep throw here, they're going to the one receiver route. you got two guys. you got number 3, who has all kind of ball skills. he had the ball in his hands. but derwin james had tknocked i. don't tip it up in the end zone. >> mike: we didn't talk enough about dave clawson because he's done a remarkable job here. this is his fourth head coaching job, he's worked his way up through the ranks and wake
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forest is now competitive with all the facilities they've built on campus. these guys, you'll have to deal with them in the acc for years to go. >> tommy: you will. they created a sense you can win here at wake forest. dave clawson has come in and picked up where jim left off and they're building facilities that are unbelievable. we saw those yesterday. they've got facilities to recruit, the opportunity to be in a power five league and the way they played today i know they're disappointed. they got a big chance, opportunity to win a lot more games. >> mike: let's go down to carc. >> paul: coach, it wasn't always easy, what was the biggest challenge in that game in and getting your confidence back, you had two losing. ton of mistakes that we got to clean up.
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>> paul: confidence in making a play let's talk about your true freshman quarterback james blackman, he had 31 yards heading into the fourth quarter and you called that play. what gives you the confidence in that kid this early in his career in. >> right field position on the first down call. we thought they would play the run. we had our big guy, tate back in, very limited today. james saw it and went to it. >> paul: thank you, coach, congrats. >> thank you. >> mike: we had more to talk about in this game than the last month. i mean, there was one huge play after another. and you've got to take your hat off to fsu. they were outplayed by wake forest most of the game. but they sucked it up and won the game in fourth quarter. >> tommy: wake forest they know they can compete now. they got a good football team. they got a lot of games left in
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season. you got florida state who had a big disappointment against alabama. they come home after the hurricane, lose two games because of that. they had the letdown against north carolina state. they showed a lot tonight. but, you know, they got work to do. rick trickett with his offensive line has, you know, obviously find some fillers. here you see blackman in the situation where he started slow, you know, he got people in his face. he flushes out. he doesn't turn the ball over. and then he turns it on and he starts finding receivers. he gets more time. line. he'sding plays, working out of the pocket. of course that route right there was the game-winner. you learn a lot from that. of course, everybody, everybody learns a lot. >> mike: coming up tonight, number 2 clemson, number 12 virginia tech on abc. for tommy tuberville, paul
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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist medical list a magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez, search is on for person who shot a man at penns landing. we are live with the very latest on the investigation. plus almost time for six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade and floats are already on the move , getting ready for the big day. but the big story on "action news" is crisis in the caribbean. millions in puerto rico are trying to simply survive many still lacking food, water and power, president trump spent the morning tweeting. first attacked mayor of san juan and lashed out at media, again.
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but people on the island are not even aware of what the president is communicating, many are also still without a way of communicating with the outside world. we will get the ratees from abc chuck steve even son. >> reporter: as millions of the american citizens line up, desperate for food and fuel, and thousands of troops officials, and volunteers, raced to hand out life saving supplies. >> it is a life or death struggle. >> reporter: president trump launched his twitter tirade at mayor of san juan car len cruz whom he says was very complimently only a few days ago and has been told by democrats that you must be nasty to trump. such poor readership ability. cruz respond to the president 's new tweets during an interview on ms nbc. >> i told him i was asking for help, i was than the saying anything nasty about the president. we are moving ahead. that is what it is all about it is about saving lives. it is not about politics. it is not about petty communities. >> reporter: cruz has stepped up her criticism of the speed of the administration's response after hearing acting secretary of home land
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security, say this. >> i am very satisfied, it is, really a good news story, in terms of our ability to reach people. >> this is not a good news story. this is a people are dying story. >> reporter: cruz has been out in her cities flooded streets, locating survivors, greeting residents, handing out supplies. fema is also on the ground, all ready distributing more than 700 load office relief supplies, including more than a million meals. and some 10,000 commercial cargo containers are sitting at port. >> there is no way that we can move this cargo, without truck , and just no way that, trucks can move this cargo without people. >> reporter: ten days after hurricane maria slammed in the island, gas and generator robberies are rising. >> you don't know when somebody will pull out a gun and shoot you for gas. >> reporter: longer it takes to get help, the more dangerous it becomes. chuck stevenson, for abc news, new york. back here in the delaware valley police are investigating an early morning shooting on penns landing.
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investigators say victim was parking his car at an apartment building when someone shot him repeatedly. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at the scene with the details, bob? >> reporter: well, walter good evening. as far as we know this man was simply trying to get in his garage and then attack shot multiple times and as a result , nearly killed. police say that the 30 year-old man in this cadillac suv was shot multiple times in the neck, arm and shoulder. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. at penns landing, 300 block of water street. it left neighbors in this quiet some what secluded part of the town with plenty of new real estate going up scratching their head how and why. >> it is really scary. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: motive is something police said little about. what we are told is victim's girl friend lives around here. he parked his suv to go inside and get garage keys. his girl friend tells police he never came back inside. >> his girlfriend came outside to see what was taking so long and she would find him still in his cadillac shot multiple
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times. that is when she called 911. sam says he is a member of the liberty sailing club that building right here on the corner. >> thinks a nice neighborhood small street, busy street here , would you not think this would happen here at all. >> reporter: despite that one of their members was attacked close by. >> one of our club members was mugged rit here on, the boulevard, columbus boulevard, to weeks ago. >> reporter: after two incidents he hopes that this does not become a trend. >> is there more residents going up here so maybe, people are thinking it is, you know, plenty easy victims or something. >> reporter: and we hope this is last time that this happens in this neighborhood. right now, no word of a motive in, word of a suspect. if you know anything call police. as for that victim he is in critical condition. reporting live from penns landing, bob brooks, channel six "action news", walter. >> thanks, bob. from our delaware news room police are searching for the driver who struck a woman crossing the street and then took off. that woman was pronounced dead at the scene this happened at 12:30 this morning, on kirk wood highway and fairing drive-in mill creek.
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investigators say the striking vehicle was dark colored and pickup truck. victim was 50 years old but her name has not been release. sad procession through the streets of the cities strawberry mansion section today, as fire fighters said good bye to one of their own. fire fighters escorted body of the lieutenant kennett green, senior, to deliverance evangelical church this morning. lieutenant green died on duty earl they're month. u.s. army veteran served the department for 23 years. circumstances surrounding his death have not yet been released. much more to come on "action news" tonight, encouraging news, regarding those lingering tensions over north cover re, new report indicate u.s. and north korea leaders are talking. count down is on to the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. today our first look at this years floats, adam. cloud clearing out which means temperatures will drop quickly overnight, cooler tonight possibly in five months.
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we will have those numbers in the accu weather forecast. also, the eagles getting ready to take on the chargers in california, i still cannot get used to that, in los angeles, ducis rodgers has a preview when we come right back.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says today that the u.s. is opening direct channels of communication with north korea tillerson says u.s. officials are examining, north korea's willingness to talk. he made those comments in chine for a meeting with top
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officials there. tillerson reiterated that the u.s. will not recognize north korea as a nuclear power but he also says that the trump administration has no intention of ousting kim jong un. a street in west kensington had been renamed after a long time community activist and local pastor. officials along with family and friend of reverend martha lange unveiled the sign along 900 block of north seventh street. lange was pastor at mount tab or ame church and founded lange cyber village housing center. lange died three years ago at the age of 71. another church community turnout in force today to honor reverend albert glad stone from mount calvary baptist church in ardmore. the pastor had been serving that community since 1982 and over the years, he helped develop programs to address the social, emotional and spiritual need of his church. he has also been a very vocal advocate for need of his community. if you were out and about today in south philadelphia you may have thought it was
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thanksgiving. floats for this years six abc thanksgiving day parade made a big move to a brand new storage location. action cam was there by land and by sky six, to follow their trek. chopper 6hd was overhead as 15 floats were pulled on trailers from virginia silt in the navy yard to the warehouse in southwest philadelphia. >> all of the floats you see here were built by us, they are on trailers, so they are very stable. >> reporter: john manhearties the parade coordinator and say bright sculptures are made primarily in new orleans and then shipped here to be assembled and painted. from the beach float to a giant walrus a patriotic theme and little bit of rock and roll as well, is there something for everyone and this year they will see new additions as always. >> always something new every year that keeps the parade fresh. >> reporter: this started in philadelphia back in 1920, it is oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. >> ♪ >> reporter: and each and
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every year the scores of parade volunteers, are what make it such a wonderful event , year in and year out. >> it is a beautiful parade. we have been very lucky. we have a slew of drivers, local drivers, that have all volunteered to do it. they bring their kid. everyone has a good time. >> and we cannot wait here at six abc. see floats, singers, dancers and much more on november 23rd , of course, six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade hosted by our very own rick williams and cecily tynan, only on six abc. we will be right back. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. gallbladder problems have happened in some people. tell your doctor right away if you get symptoms. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, indigestion, and constipation. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. okay, ducis in for jeff with sports and the eagles are on the road to face l.a. chargers, i still cannot get used to saying that. >> they cannot draw flies out there so far for these games, two-one eagles against zero and three l.a. chargers.
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sounds like a mismatch. let's not get too over confident. they will be without fletcher cox and jaylen watkins and corry graham. kick off is set for 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. the eagles are coming off that thrilling victory over the giants. bird will have a few obstacles to overcome and not just west coast travel. the chargers are better then what they appear on paper. >> they are a good team. it is a long flight. we are looking forward to going on the road game and getting another road victory. >> you are not your average zero and three team. this is a team that, missed field goal here or there from being in the same spot that we are in. so, you know, we just want to take everything that we got to go in there and get a w. >> penn state has been tested just once this season, last week at iowa today fourth ranked lions hosted indiana. poor hughessers. penn state goes to the alternate uniforms. different element of the uniforms throughout the stor ied history. opening kick off saquon barkley that can only mean one
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thing, watch this, he takes it back nine will yard for a touchdown. his first career kick off return for a touchdown just like. that 14 seconds in penn state lead seven to nothing. now 14 to nothing later in the first quarter penn state punt ing, irvine charles from paul the sixth high school forced fumble, nick scott scoops it up. 14-yard for a touchdown. twenty-one to nothing. barkley half back option pass to hamilton, his third touchdown of the game. hamilton becomes schools all time receptions leader and penn state wins easily 45-14. temple was hoping a home game against houston would be exactly what it needed to get back on track. hope is often, fleeting. owls trying to get their swag back. coming off a 36-point loss no score owls opening drive, logan martin takes a 24-yard sack, and intentional grounding penalty. >> oh, no. >> out of the field goal range , and they get no points on the drive. third quarter cougars up 13 to
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nothing and adding. bonner gets a 9-yard touchdown pass. temple down, 20 to nothing. temple tries to run a come back in the fourth. david hood scores a 1 yard touchdown. temple down by 10. now down 20-13 inside two minutes. fourth down, it is incomplete the throw. owls lose 20-13, they fall to two-three on the season. rough go for new head coach. >> one thing to lose and another thing to lose by mistakes. >> yes. >> thanks, ducis. >> up next meteorologist adam joseph has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, stick around.
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well, it is time for final check of the accu weather forecast, it is a little chilly. >> we had cloud today but we will get rid of the cloud and sunshine will win out rest of the weekend. lets look at almanac that high temperature just 66 degrees, well below normal of 72 degrees. low this morning 57, at 5:00 in the morning a little below that normal of 54 no where near record of 88 degrees setback in 1881. we are all ready in the 50's in philadelphia, and it is just about 7:30. fifty-nine, 57 in trenton. fifty-six in allentown. forty's in the poconos. and a couple of 60's still holding on from wilmington, millville and cape may which is 62 right now. we have pretty strong winds out of the northwest today that front came through and that little low but notice how cloud continue to collapse here and will lose the cloud overnight tonight and as that happens, in the winds will relax, we will get good radiational cooling meaning a lot of the heat, the heat,
7:28 pm
that we got today, will escape in the atmosphere where the stars take over, which means a very chilly night n fact if we fall to that 49 as predicted for philadelphia it will be coldest start to our morning tomorrow, since may 14th, nearly five months, 40 in the suburbs, and so yes, a chillies in the air. as we look at your forecast here 3:05 p.m. sunday afternoon phillies and mets. fantastic finish, weather-wise , to the season, sunny, warm your furnishes pitch 69 degrees. by the ninth inning, 67 degrees and it all compliments of high pressure and that is high pressure that will continue to build here, as we go into sunday and monday, and that high is a dynamite, and it is really not moving all that much. we will have a bubble of blue meaning blew up stairs a few cloud and a little warmer come monday as those temperatures go back up to 77 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 71 tomorrow, sunshine will win out here, and, even the union
7:29 pm
looking good as well for tomorrow, lots of sun, mild on monday, again, 77 with a view, sirus cloud and tuesday the same, pretty sunny day, 75 it comes down a tad because of the win coming in off of the atlantic and then it is dry, very warm again, on wednesday, 78, summer is encore, on thursday, 82 degrees. next front comes in on friday with cloud maybe a shower 78 and then we are still above normal on saturday warm and breeze which temperatures in the 70's. >> not bad. >> thanks, adam. >> visions is ex-here on channel six. don't m10 on phl17 tonight. then we are back here again on at 11:00. for adam joseph, ducis rodgers, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez. we will see you after the game >> ♪
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>> i'm walter perez. >> and i'm jeannette reyes tonight/saturday on visions 2017. >> we are latino, we love baseball! >> the philadelphia phillies have added latino flare to their lineup. >> mexico. >> the beautiful game is bringing nations together for philadelphia's unity cup. >> listen to me. >> and jose garces is making an impact with local immigrants. >> that is my flag. >> plus, learn how the latino community is standing together to help puerto rico recover. we are united. >> welcome to visions 20-17, our celebration of latino culture. >> we are at taller puertorriqueno, in the barrio on north 5th street. >> it's a beautiful new space filled with arts and cultural programming devoted to latinos. >> and everyone throughout the latino community is standing together with thoughts and prayers for puerto rico. >> the devastation is so difficult to see after two hurricanes.o, the hispanic community here in philadelphia has pulled together to do everything they can to help.


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