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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  September 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> kirk: good technique on the telly. >> chris: i thought i would give it a chance. >> kirk: i'll give you the pen next time, so, you can use that. miami looks good. did you watch them last night? >> chris: i did. >> kirk: their defense looks good. i thought the quarterback looked nice. >> chris: is this the year they finally get the seminoles? >> kirk: you are starting to see some mark richt intangibles and an attitude on that team. playing with much more discipline than we've seen in recent years. >> chris: are we allowed to open the mike of chris, the miami grad. i would like to know, bear, is this miami team, is it going to be ready to deal -- you know the history of this rivalry against the seminoles. >> kirk: he's already reverse psychology. >> it's been coulda woulda shoulda. they blew a lead last year, the year before that. so, they are going to be expected to beat florida state by a lot of people. that's a team that hasn't won a
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big game in a long time. >> kirk: how good did miami look last night? >> they looked like some old school miami there. >> kirk: looked like the clemson defensive line. don't know about that. >> kirk: they're starting to look like the way the miami defensive linemen used to look. >> chris: i love the turnover chain. that is just a wonderful, wonderful -- >> kirk: they're more excited about the chain than the turnover. >> chris: i'm more excited about it. >> kirk: they're in a full sprint to get over. genius by manny diaz and the guys. >> chris: fourth and nine now for jackson. stands in there, fires into the end zone, touchdown! it's savoy running free. and the hokies find the end zone for the second time tonight. that was a nice throw. >> kirk: really good throw. gives you a little bit of a field for what josh jackson can do.
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throwing the football. great read. good timing with the freshman savoy. >> chris: he scored both touchdowns tonight for tech. end around, and now this nice little post pattern. ryan carter finally does get beaten on a play when it's decided. >> kirk: two posts. and one of them is going to take the safety, denzel johnson, kind of affect his eyes. he kind of gets out of position. then he's slow to react. and what a window there for josh jackson to make that throw. well designed. great timing. puts it out in front of him. hits him in stride for that touchdown. >> chris: so many similarities, kirk, to the game we had a couple of weeks ago in louisvil louisville,y clemson came in, there were some questions, how would they handle the road environment.
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a comfortable win. the backups gave up some scores and the starters were very frustrated about some breakdowns late in the game, even though it's comfortably in hand. >> kirk: they take a lot of pride in their scoring defense. and also, they want to see those younger guys do well. should mention, by the way, remember, we thought when ryan carter went down on that tackle attempt, looked like maybe he had a shoulder that was bothering him it just noticed, he was part of the coverage team there, trying to keep savoy out. he, in fact, was lined up against him. so, great to see ryan carter, who we thought might be done for the night, was back out there. >> chris: slye, the ball falling off the tee as they line up for an apparent onside kick. kirk herbstreit, the total yards category is now in favor of virginia tech, 342 to 315, would that surprise you? >> kirk: yes. >> chris: misleading statistic, to say the least. >> kirk: again, clemson, their
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offensive plan changed dramatically after the lead. >> chris: onside kick is recovered, c.j. fuller on the hands team, collects it. week four "monday night football" match-up. redskins at arrowhead. kareem hunt, the rookie sensation, and the undefeated chiefs. "monday night countdown," serve at by applebee's at 6:00 eastern. >> kirk: how are your broncos looking? >> chris: it's interesting. paxton lynch, one of the guys that fuente worked with at memphis, he said that he still talks to lynch and andy dalton, and paxton has voiced some frustration, doesn't feel he is where he wants to be. i hope i'm not taking a conversation online that was private, but you know, listen, he's a young quarterback, still. and a lot to learn, but -- nothing easy about playing quarterback at the next level. short gain by etienne. ford wrapup after the game with cassidy hubbarth. as clemson will go on the road
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to a juiced up, hostile environment and come away a victor. eight straight now over ranked teams. 12 straight true road wins. >> kirk: i think we're done talking for the rest of the year about if kelly bryant and the clemson offense can go on the road without deshaun watson and mike williams and jordan leggett and artavis scott and win. i think -- that officially is put to bed. >> chris: i agree. cooper here to mop up in the final minute at quarterback. etienne, look out. look out. almost busted it. finally wrestled down inside the 30. and the true freshman very capable of punctuating this with another touchdown run. >> kirk: boy, he is just so close. known for his speed in the early part of his career, but his lower body strength gets him out of tackles. great balance. and they say -- he's one of these guys that within two steps
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can get to that full speed. >> chris: in the month of september, which has about 25 minutes left in it, clemson's going to beat a third top 15 team. we're saying it again, that's never been done since the a.p. poll came about. kelly bryant taking a little video to mark another successful trip on the road. and the acc champions in this rematch of the championship game win it by 14. outgained, but misleading. three takeaways for clemson were huge tonight. let's go down to tom rinaldi with dabo. >> tom: chris, thank you. dabo, a lot made of the atmosphere here in lane stadium. you prepared your team well for it. what did they show you tonight? >> well, they were ready to play. fourth quarter game. we had some missed opportunities in the first half. but you know, i thought we complimented each other well. we got off to a good start. we were ready, right out the gate. i think we had a three and out. we got some points. came back with another
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touchdown. we just played a good game. had a couple of miscues. this is a good team. i mean, we had no, you know, crazy thoughts that we were going to come up here and just, you know, not have a tough fight on our hands. this is a well-coached team and proud of our guys. great defense the whole way. we got that last one right there, but really proud of the team effort. >> tom: first team to beat three teams in the top 15 in the month of september ever. >> is that right? >> tom: that's true. what has taken shape so fast -- >> how many teams have played top 15 teams? probably not many, so -- we'll take it, though. >> tom: what do you take from that, about the early stages of this season, when so many questions were after deshaun? >> well, we're got a good culture in place, you know, and guys, they care about that paw. they care about, you know, the foundation of our program and we've talked a lot about that, but you know, just speaks to our preparation, you know, how we prepare in the offseason, how we prepare in camp, how we develop our players.
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it's everything. but the biggest thing is, we're battle tested. and, you know, we love opportunities like this. just hats off to our guys to come on the road in a really tough place like this and, listen, we may have to play these guys again. this is a great team. justin's doing a heck of a job. got a lot of respect for virginia tech. great september. and that's it. they going to make us play october and november last time i checked. so, we got a ways to go. >> tom: well done. appreciate it. >> thank you, man. >> tom: maria? >> maria: we have austin bryant here, and you were apart of a defense that was able to get three turnovers in the second half. what was the mentality coming into this game? >> we knew last year we didn't finish the game like we were supposed to. that was a big emphasis, to come out in the second half and really put it away in the third and finish in the fourth and that's what we were able to do, create three turnovers in the last half of football. >> maria: one of those turnovers was created by you. we all thought you were injured, you come back in and get a turnover. walk me through that play. >> it was crazy, because the play before, it was the same
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situation. i missed the bubble screen and i was like, i never get an opportunity like that again and the next play i got another shot and i was able to capitalize on it and just thank my teammates for being in position and it was a great play. >> maria: the defense has been the heartbeat of this team. how do you continue to grow and mature as a unit? >> we're still early in the season, still a lot of football left to be played. so, we just have to continue to work and practice. continue to take coaches, go through the process and not take anything lightly and just play each game like it's our last. we do that we'll be fine. >> maria: thank you for your time. >> all right, god bless. >> chris: thank you, maria and tom. the hokies are still strong contenders in the acc coastal. >> kirk: yeah, that side of the acc, wide open. but again, just a great performance. clemson on the road, takes care of business and has he said, it's september. we still have a long way to go before we accomplish our goals. >> chris: it's all about the paw at the end of the night. tigers, 31, hokies, 17.
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game produced by bill bonnell. directed by derek mobley. we'll see you in the big house, michigan/michigan state, 7:30 eastern. now to the ford wrapup show and cassidy hubbarth. clemson doesn't face another ranked team in the remaining regular season schedule, creating quite a favorable path to the acc title. mean while, can anyone stop the team in front of clemson? the alabama crimson tide. and they were taking on ole miss. . and the tide's defense joining the party. wallace gives bama its first nonoffensive touchdown this season, after having 15 last year. tide are rolling over on espn. auburn still a likely challenger to the tide in the west? well, they tyook care of busines against mississippi state. jarrett stidham, two scores. 39-10 win. in the s.e.c. east, jake
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prom continues to impressive meanwhile, this sums up tennessee's day. the punt deflected out of bounds shy of the line of scrimmage. georgia blanks the vols 41-0. number 21 florida hosting vandy. late in the fourth quarter. gators up. fourth and one. malik davis, bye-bye. florida with five rushing tds in the 38-24 win. the big shocker in the s.e.c., number 25 lsu trailing troy. last chance for the tigers. lsu's 49-straight nonconference home game win streak snapped. unlike lsu, number ten wisconsin was able to overcome a halftime deficit and avoid the upset against northwestern. number six washington, also remained unbeaten as the huskies roll to a 42-7 win over oregon state. meanwhile, penn state's saquon barkley keeps up the oohs and aahs. 205 all purpose yards.
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he added a 98-yard kick return in this 45-14 win over indiana. thanks for watching the ford wrapup, presented by the new 2018 ford escape. 2018 ford escape. always unstoppable. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for those who know what they're really building. always unstoppable.
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with jeff skversky and walter >> president trump spent the morning tweeting after being accused of dragging his feet in the rescue of puerto rico. a dozen tweets in all. neither that message or others are being heard there since so many have no communication in the outside world. >> i'm walter perez. the big story is the condition on puerto rico. 95% of the island remains in the dark. tonight thousands of troops are racing to get life saving supplies there. more supplies are trapped in the cargo containers that tr
11:47 pm
sitting at the port that can't be moved because the trucks that haul them have no fuel. the president unloaded a barrage of tweets saying that the mayor is being told to be nasty to him and criticized the leadership saying the people there wasn't everything to be done for them. the president tweeted a dozen times prompting san juan's mayor to say she wants help. >> officials are scheduled to hold an update on the response and military support efforts. >> it's not just troops. volunteers from across the country are heading to the island to ease the suffering.
11:48 pm
dann cuellar spent much of the week in puerto rico on the mission to help. >> there are growing concerns in puerto rico. there is difficulty to supplies for rural area or debris clogged roads. they estimate it could take months before the power is restored. it is why they applauded when first responders from new york and new jersey answered the call and arrived this weekend. first responder ares were not the only ones answering the call to help. good samaritans arrived on their own with much needed supplies. >> we did a drive. we got free tubs from home dee e
11:49 pm
depot. we brought 300-pounds and delivered it to the staff at united to deliver to the communities. >> monday morning four of us are flying back down bringing 12 more giant totes of the list of what the staff gave me of what they need. >> you are not just sitting home saying oh my, look what happened. you are doing something about it. >> we are paying out of our pocket. >> we need to be telling more people that they as individuals can do something. get up and do something about it. >> it's an amazing story, good hearted people spending their time helping the people of puerto rico.
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you can't say enough about theme like them. san juan puerto rico, "action news." here in philadelphia people are coming together to help those affected by the hurricane. donations will be sent directly to the christian community center in houston. >> moving on to other newses police are investigating a shooting on penn's landing. the victim was parking his car when someone shot him repeatedly. bob brooks has the story. it's like you see now. quiet calm but this morning that changed. the man in the cadillac was shot in the arm and shoulder, nearly killed. it's disturbing news for those
11:51 pm
that live around here. >> i had to think about it and look at google maps. that's where i park. >> that's neighbor bob turk. he's calling for neighbors to be more vigilant. >> sam martin is a member of the sailing club on the corner. he says one of their members was recently attacked blocks away. >> he briefly parked to go inside to get garage keys. >> his girlfriend came out to see what was taking so long. that's when she called 911. more men are hoping for a police presence now.
11:52 pm
i have to venture out looking over your shoulder. this is terrible news. immediately call the philadelphia police. bob brooks, channel6 "action news." >> from ou police are looking fa driver that hit a woman and took off. investigators say the striking vehicle is a dark colored pickup truck. the victim is 50 years old but her name has not yet been released. >> police are looking for a new
11:53 pm
castle man that grabbed a woman who was running. the woman was running when a man jumped out of the bushes and grabbed her backside. >> two students were among those injured. a crash just after 7:00 yesterday morning. the students were in a jeep that veered into traffic. a 16-year-old female is in stable condition. the students involved have not yet been identified. a 57-year-old man fell from a cliff in abington. police were called about a body floating in the creek. it appears he was on the trail when he tumbled off the edge. no word on the victim's
11:54 pm
identity. firefighters said goodbye to one of their own. firefighters escorted the body of lieutenant kenneth green senior to church this morning. he died while on duty this month. he served the department for 23 years. circumstances surrounding his death have not been released. >> much more to come. he is a familiar face to anyone that grew up in the '6 0s, '70s and '80s. people are mourning the losses of monty hall. adam? >> clouds moved out and temperatures are dropping overnight. the fall feeling is leaving us again. more summer like temperatures. >> also the eagles getting ready to take on the chargers on the
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road. ducis rogers has sports when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪
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>> check this out a fence in france collapsed at a soccer match in the 15th minute of a game there when a goal was scored. the fence couldn't stand the excitement as the fans swayed. >> tense moments for passengers
11:58 pm
onboard an air france flight o when one of the engines failed. the flight was scheduled to go paris to los angeles. it's not clear what went wrong. no one was injured and the crew handled the situation perfectly. >> secretary of state rex tillerson said the u.s. is opening channels with north korea, examining their willingness to talk. he made those comments while in china. tillerson said the united states won't recognize north korea as a superpower but the trump administration has no intngs ofn of ousting kim jung un.
11:59 pm
>> monty hall passed at 96 years old. >> there was a vigil and wreath laying ceremony at the amphitheater. the gathering was part of the mid atlantic fire survivors weekend, created to honor survivors and fallen officers and firefighters as well. >> along with getting a look at police cruisers and fire trucks, people checked out the bomb squad and learned how canines are used. >> a father of three is gunned
12:00 am
down hours before his family of three was scheduled to leave for disneyland. here's rick williams with the crime fighter report. >> jerry gets emotional when she talks about her late husband. >> we just had a baby. she was seven months old when he passed. she will never know him. >> if night started out normally. they put the kids to bed and packed to go to disneyland the next morning. >> he said i'll be right back, and that was it. >> police were called and found the body of


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