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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 1, 2017 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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have a good night and a great week ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i had a pretty good day. some of the runs are unbelievable. >> that man's angry. >> one after another. >> how was he alone? >> i don't think he has anything to prove. it's the guy i knew back in the spring. >> the 15, the 10, the 15 -- >> i'm going to get a lot of tracks. >> he goes to smallwood for the touchdown. >> this team is beginning to believe in themselves. >> they can't stop the eagle onls. >offense. offense is bailing out the
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defense. defenses bailing out the offense. >> it's recovered by the eagles. special teams sometimes bails out everybody. >> 53-yards, three for three. >> the guys are resilient. they are warriors. great win today on the road. ♪ ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ >> welcome to sports sunday alongside jason westbrook, i'm jason rodgers. >> anytime the defense can't predict what's coming, you have the advantage. it has to be a run or pass. the defense has to guess. they did a lot of guessing. highlights today, chris long comes up with a defensive play. >> come off of the edge, strip the quarterback and recover the
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football. eagles get it at their 32-yard line. carson wentz to alshon jeffery, eight yard touchdown. >> we use thi him to score for . >> we go to the fourth quarter, chargers creep back in. through the heart of the eagle defense, 53-yard touchdown, chargers within two points. what happens on this play? >> we need jordan hicks to make the play. michael kendricks on the edge. he has to slam down and close the hole. we have to take good angles back end. too many people not taking the right angle. birds respond. la garrett blunt goes beast mode. second longest in his career. we brought him to run people over, make them plays.
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this is what he's capable of. we didn't see it in the preseason or second week, we are seeing what la garrett blount is about. >> smallwood with thee carry. >> he's doing a great job holding on to the football. >> lead 26-19, phillip rivers hits henry in the endzone. >> amazing catch. they kept scoring touchdowns. you can't give up the plays especially at that point of the game. eagles run out the clock. 26-24 to improve to 3-1. what aspect of the team has you optimistic about the birds going forward. >> i love that doug pederson decided we threw the ball too much. now we are taking advantage of the run, getting small involved, and clement involved. those are key factors. the running game travels over
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the season. that wins game. >> coaches learn from mistakes as well. jeff skversky has more on this victory from southern california. >> winning on the road and winning close games haunted the eagles last year. this is a different team. after a week ago, eagles win another close one, 2-0 in games decided by a field goal or less, another tight finish for the birds here in carson, california. >> last year we couldn't find a way to win tie ballgames. it's a big part of our characters. >> the character we built in all season training camp to overcome the close games and win at the end. last two weeks we are fortunate. >> we are winning this year, four games in. this team is really beginning to believe in themselves.
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>> it speaks to the maturity we have had in the team. >> two point game just under seven to go, eagles feel it. racking up 59 to 214-yards rushing on the final drive. >> finally seeing the runs like today, some are unbelievable. he was running angry. it was good to see. >> with the receivers we have, carson got us the right play. it will be hard to stop us. >> after the criticism about the eagle lack of running game, 407 combined on the ground this last two weeks and one team in the nfl has more rushing yards than the eagles. brian, ducis, back to you in the studio. >> let's stick with la garrett blount 106-yards on the ground, what did you see from him today?
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>> a big man running mad. we knew the charges wrntd good against the run. doug continued to feed him. he did a great job breaking stack wills. they didn't want any part of la garrett blount. we saw a lot of them today. this is the guy we want to see more of. this running game will help us later in the season. >> blount explains his mindset this afternoon. >> it's all about confidence, running hard, great guys having your back. all 11 guys doing their job. >> we fuel off the emotion, off the energy when la garrett is making guys miss. when you have the big plays, we use the energy and it fuels us. >> blunt didn't do it alone, carson wentz had a lot of pressure. up next, against the chargers.
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>> "action news" sports sunday continues right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to sunday sports sunday. carson wentz numbers don't always tell the story. how good was he delivering the football? >> carson is a confident guy, shows a lot of run but today he had touch. the receivers catch the ball and continue to run. nell sonelson aguilar doing a gt job. only the receivers catch it. confidence and concentration for nelson. look at this. it doesn't get much better than that. we have a young quarterback 19.
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this is a guy with a lot of room to improve. we should expect a lot of things for the quarterback. zach ertz is the only one who can catch the football. that's a great throw. >> looked like the eagles would roll the chargers. for the second straight week, they don't put them away. they let the team back in. why does this happen? >> schwartz wanted it interesting? i don't know. they gave us big plays. keenan is a big receiver. terrell williams a fast, big receiver. these guys got behind defense and we didn't do a great job of tackling. >> the defense nose it was not perfect out there today. >> we played well, especially earlier. there were a couple of plays here and there we had to clean up. we felt in control most of the
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game. good offense. one of those battles on the road. this was interesting to see. if you are an eagle fan great, charger fan, not so much. the stadium was filled with eagle fans. you could hear chants through the television set. as a player, how much do you feel that, appreciate that? >> you know it. i was there 2004. same thing happened. you feel the environment. you feel at home. that's a great welcome for the birds. >> birds say it was awesome and certainly helped. >> felt like a home game. that's what it was. it was awesome. stadium went big, our fans took over and motivated us. >> we came out, it was like a home game. it helped us today get up on those guys. they kept the crowd in the game. >> on the flip side, if you are a charger player, you notice it
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too. >> what's going on? why are our fans rooting for the other team? >> much more on the eagles ahead including jason peders and the phillies save the best for last, pete mackanin's final game as their manager. >> it's the rest of the day's sporting news on sports sunday. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> "action news" sports sunday, sponsored by audi. challenge hall givens. >> i'm meteorologist cecily tynan with the forecast. the first week of october is a beauty. monday 75-degrees. carbon copy tuesday, wednesday, 78-degrees. we bump it up to 82 on thursday before more clouds and a chance of showers friday with a high of 77. back to you guys. >> all right, cecily.
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thank you so much. we mentioned a large contingent of fans at the eagle game. left tackle goes over to sign the propers stees i prot stees . >> it was the highlight of today for me. >> i didn't know the guy was a veteran. i did it out of the kindness of my heart. he was yelling my name so i signed the prosthetic. >> how awesome was that? >> the big man helping out. he's a great man. it's great to see him do those type of things. >> made his day, solut absolute. let's check on the rest of the day in sports. we turn things over to jamie apody. >> you have to love the football teams, the chargers let the eagles take over and the rams
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beat the cowboys today. they had an 11 point lead and blew it. rams win 35-30, surprisingly 3-1 and dallas 2-2. giants taking on the buck, fourth quarter, eli manning, giving giants the late lead. they win it 25.3. giants are 0-4. redskins play the chiefs tomorrow night. >> panthers, one yard touchdown, tied at 30 but the panthers come back. carolina wins 33-30. knocking people out of suicide pools across the country. you are looking at a victim
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here. >> the philly season ended but they played final 76 games, scored the most runs they have since 2011. the announcers thought tbus it s gone. i thought it was gone. doesn't matter. an inside the park three-run home run. he would get a curtain call for that, shutting out the mets 11-0. pete mackanin final game as manager had this to say. >> i would like to thank the fans for the whole season. they came out in a mediocre season. we had a great second half, finished up strong. >> sixers are moving and grooving. joel embiid with a scrimmage today. 'em deeembid not cleared to plan systesimmons is.
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white team won, 124-122. >> sixers play the grizzlies wednesday. ducis and brian will be back with more right after this. ♪ ♪ >> stay tuned for more "action news" sunday. ♪ ♪ : new jersey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot: social withdrawal, financial problems,
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♪ >> welcome back to sports sunday. the eagles defeat the chargers by two points. eagles sit 3-1. got to admit coming in, dallas was the team to beat. how do you think the division shapes up now? >> i know you noticed the smile i have on my face. when you have the cowboys and giants both loose great day. now they take a step backwards,
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giants looked terrible. it's the eagles division to lose or win for that matter. both games won inside the division. that's important. now you have to finish the season the right way. they have a great chance. coming in, you think this is a hard part of the schedule. you have three of the first five games at home. now they are at home. how does that feel? >> it feels great. no time to let the foot off the gas. they have to allow the momentum to lead them to victory. they have a great chance to win because they are at home but they have to have their foot on the gas. >> next week they play the cardinals. they move the record 2 on 2 of the year. cardinals have carson palmer, 37 years old. is he a threat? >> he is a threat. we saw today he was a threat.
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carson palmer has the same ability, hall of famer larry fitzgerald on the football team. we have to guard them, get after carson palmer, making sure we have the receiver in front of us and take good angles when they catch the football. >> while we have you here, penn state and saquon barkley, how good is he? >> you don't see a lot of kids in college with the ability to catch the football, make people miss, 230-pounds all muscle, able to do jump cuts. he has speed. he's a great mix of characteristics you need in the running back. >> remind you of you? >> he's much better than me, bigger and better. hopefully more successful than i was. >> that does it for sports sunday. i'm ducis rogers. see you back here next week.
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>> i'm walter perez. >> and i'm jeannette reyes tonight/saturday on visions 2017. >> we are latino, we love baseball! >> the philadelphia phillies have added latino flare to their lineup. >> mexico. >> the beautiful game is bringing nations together for philadelphia's unity cup. >> listen to me. >> and jose garces is making an impact with local immigrants. >> that is my flag. >> plus, learn how the latino community is standing together to help puerto rico recover. we are united. >> welcome to visions 20-17, our celebration of latino culture. >> we are at taller puertorriqueno, in the barrio on north 5th street. >> it's a beautiful new space filled with arts and cultural programming devoted to latinos. >> and everyone throughout the latino community is standing together with thoughts and prayers for puerto rico. >> the devastation is so difficult to see after two hurricanes. >> and so, the hispanic community here in philadelphia has pulled together to do


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