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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now on 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. 3:00 a.m. and some will leave for local news but our coverage will continue on abc. and we are back now with the latest on that shooting that unfolded at 10 o 08 at the police, police still looking for the shooter's companion. we see her right here, marilou danley, be on the lookout for marilou danley described as the roommate of the shooter who is a 64-year-old white male. we do not know his identity yet but do know police searching for those two police cars as well and there you see the flashes from where the shooter had been targeting those at the concert. brian ross, 32nd floor, mandalay bay hotel. >> exactly. room 135 of the 32nd hotel. 4 1/2 minutes of sheer terror as
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he used an automatic weapon to shoot down on the crowd as they ran looking for cover and could not find it. >> bursts of fire, 0 to 35 seconds of size, more bursts of fire. >> changing magazines according to weapons experts. ak-47 would carry a magazine of 30 rounds and seems he shot off bursts of 30 rounds that lasted 17, 18 seconds and then a pause and then again and again and again and again. >> i want to go to matt gutman on the keen in las vegas all through the night and, matt, what we've heard -- apparently we don't have matt gutman right now. i apologize for that. let me go to former special agent brad garrett and what we've heard described by an eyewitness through the last several hours are not just those initial moments of terror but several hours of chaos. >> george, when these things happen and your adrenaline takes
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over and the sheer vulnerability of who is out there. who else will shoot at me. how do i get out of harm's way. this was fenced in. with an open air outside obviously so all of that kicks in and, you know, even people, george, that are trained to deal in these crisis situations will begin to panic. how can i save myself and hopefully others? it doesn't go away quickly? we heard the witnesses describe that and you sear others want to find shelter but brian claypool said once he was in the small room, he was brought back to those stories of orlando and didn't want to feel like a sitting duck. >> you will feel vulnerable anyplace and unfortunately, you're stuck in the proximity
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for several minutes before you can move and go into another area inside another hotel and flashbacks of what has happened in other locations overtake you being trapped in that room. what happens if the shooter kicks in the door, probably not rational but you are at an emotional fever and that's all that is driving you. >> we heard the scenes of panic where people were breaching the security at the airport which is close by as well. we see that video of people running for awhile there that the airports were shut down and now all the hotels in the area on lockdown. because of this initial concern about multiple shooters. >> we didn't know. we get reporting early on about three hours ago, multiple shooters dent know all their locations because what happens
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is people see behavior in their -- as they're in crisis mode -- they may seen plainclothes officers with weapons drawn thinking he or she might be a shooter. that's where it always comes from. it's consistent we get that multiple shooters maybe and a vast majority it ends up being one shooter. >> thanks very much. we do have matt gutman on the scene in las vegas. he's been there for several hours reporting on the shooting, talking to eyewitnesses, as well. this was pure chaos, matt. >> reporter: there were 10,000 people at that concert and on any given day las vegas hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors. 43 million visitors a year so you can imagine when the entire strip that you're seeing behind is on lockdown, the chaos that ensued and as brad mentioned when you see people in long guns often plainclothes police
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running in the street it only exacerbates that sense of chaos. and in that concert itself the scene unimaginable. automatic gunfire pouring down from 32nd stories and because of the canyon-like effect people didn't know where it was coming from and began trampling each other and people falling down all over the place. you mentioned it, 20 dead, 100 wounded. they were running right over the victims. friends were were trying to pull their vics to safety. literally hauling them over the fence of the concert venue to try to get them under a stage. mike cronk whose best buddy next to him, here on mike cronk's 48th birthday. took three bullets to the chest and heaved him over a fence and physically had to plug his wounds with their fingers. the victim himself actually helped put one of the fixes in the wounds. he survived but one of the men that were evacuated with who had
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been shot literally died right where i'm standing. that serves to show you how chaotic it was here, george. >> matt, we see the photos here and see the video of the scene. this is right in the heart of the las vegas strip. >> reporter: the mandalay bay hotel, bringing in automatic weapons, knowing how high to be up exactly what time to be there and bringing in a tremendous amount of weaponry. . that serves to exacerbate the horror. we are probably, what is it? about five hours after the event itself and we're still hearing ambulances stream across the city. there is still a very heavy police presence here. still very much a city on its toes and still thousands of visitors here who can't get back
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to their hotel rooms because most of that strip remains on lockdown. >> so many hotels, thanks very much. want to go to adam payne who was at the music festival tonight and, matt, i understand, sorry for this, a good friend of yours was shot? >> yeah, he was shot right in the stomach. >> is he okay? >> yeah, actually he -- as far as what his family told me he just came out of surgery. they removed the bullet and he's now in stable condition. >> tell us, tell us about your experience. >> me and my girlfriend, we were center stage a hundred or a hundred feet back from the stage. third song of the set. everybody having a good time and
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initial string sounded like a small chain of, like fireworks like firecrackers. there was maybe a 10-second pause between the first and second string. by the time the second string it got a little louder deeper and everyone started to run around. the performer even ran offstage. him and his band and started -- >> is that when you knew it was real. >> yeah, kind of right then and there, everything hit the fan, you realize it's not just fireworks. something has actually gone down. >> and how did you then -- you were pretty close to the stage. how did you get out? >> it was kind of a mess. everything happened with my friend actually was how i got out. when we turned around and started running out towards the exit and i just happened to glance down at the right time he was laying on his back so i stopped to help him and told my
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girlfriend to keep on going, get out. i'll find out when i get out and picked him up and as i was carrying him out everybody kind of got ahead of me. we just got really lucky that, you know, even that we were like some of the last people out. >> you carried him out? >> i carried him out as far as i could carry him until a paramedic came and took over for me. >> wow, and as you said we do know he's going to be okay right now so where did you go from there? how did you find your girlfriend again? >> that was actually a really long and hard process. everybody kind of split up, went opposite directions, some people went to the mgm grand. a lot of people ended up at the tropicana. i ended up at the mgm grand which is not where anyone i know ended. found a group of good samaritans that had a phone charger and i
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was able to charge my phone and get ahold of my mother which i have my girlfriend's phone number. i didn't have it on my phone. for whatever reason i don't know. but once i actually got ahold of my mom i got the phone number and got her mom's phone number and got in touch with them and it was probably 2 1/2 hours later we finally got ahold of her and figured out she was okay. >> where is she now? >> currently as far as i know there's several hundred if not at least a thousand people held up in the tropicana. i was told that there's like metro officers searching people once and they're having a second officer come back again and searching them twice before they're letting them go. >> so are you able to move right now or are you on lockdown at the mgm grand. >> no, i'm actually out of the area. i am now at sunrise hospital, the thomas center in hopes i'll be able to see ply friend soon
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but i'm not sure the chances are of that being tonight. >> so you're at sunrise hospital. describe the scene. we've heard reports from university hospital center. what's the ken like at the sunrise hospital. >> right here outside the trauma center there is a lot of metro, everywhere you look there's probably a cop everywhere you look. other than that, it's not too hectic. there's not too many -- actually there's none of like crazy emotions running around and everything. i think everyone that needs to be if with their family is with their family inside. only letting immediate family in right now. >> earlier this evening there had been a false report there had been a shooter at the mgm grand as well. when you're at the mgm grand. by that time had it all been cleared away? >> yeah, there was also false reports of suspicious packages
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at like the luxor and at the harris hotel. from everything i saw on the news and from what our local police chief was saying that they defused all the situations. they got everything under control and they're looking for two outstanding people, i'm not exactly sure what their relationship is to the incident but -- >> in those first minutes and hours you don't know what to believe. you don't know what the situation is like. >> oh, no. >> everything is a mystery. >> yeah, it was hectic enough to the point where i believed for awhile there was more than one shooter but they're saying it was a lone wolf kind of attack and everything that happened happened off the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino. >> and police say they have taken down the shooter who was on that 32nd floor.
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adam, thank you for sharing your story right there. we hope your friend is okay and hope you get in to see him as well as we take another look at that scene. as the shots were fired from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel right there. people running in all directions and brian ross, we know a little about the shooter now. he has not been formally identified by the police and what he was using. >> exactly. an automatic weapon of some sort. loading and reloading magazines to continue to shoot unabated for more than 4 1/2 minutes, george, by our count, some 200 rounds were fired from what was from his point of view a perfect vantage point to cause maximum mayhem and carnage. >> and i want to bring in brad garrett as well, former fbi special agent, brad, we heard matt gutman, talking about how this would take some kind of planning, some kind of
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forethought but not necessarily the kind of operation that would need a lot of help or a big team. >> or no help. i mean, if you have the ability, george, to acquire a weapon, know basically how to shoot it and you rent a hotel room and face these concertgoers and be up high enough to get the rounds off. that's all you need. so we tend to overstate how well these guys plan these shootings. they are premeditated and do think about doing them but with sort of minimal low chris ticks. the shootings we have talked about, from orlando, you name it, a lot of carnage but the idea that it took a lot of planning to walk in someplace or stand up and shoot down on people, it just isn't something that really does take a lot of planning. >> wouldn't necessarily need to be a skilled marksman when you
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have an automatic weapon and 10,000 people sitting below. >> right. and perhaps if he had it on a tripod of some sort to make the barrel more stationary as he's shooting will give him better control as far as the weapon going up and down which is a problem when you're hand holding a weapon shooting automatic. >> you talk about people with a grievance who have some kind of a trigger moment at this point but to take on kind of scene where you know you're going to kill or i guess hope to kill dozens if not hundreds of people to most of us that seems unimaginable. >> well, it does but in his mind whatever his vent might be, george, he's driven by those aren't people out there. they're part of the crowd that's made my life miserable. which, you know, makes no sense at all logically but these guys don't believe they're shooting you -- this is all about
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revenge. that's the key word in this, revenge, whatever his motivation might be. i will tell you, george, he's old enough to really have a lot of negative things to have occurred in his life. whether it's employment, domestic relationships, finances, children, whatever it might be, he may have a great big bag of grievances he's carrying around and finally said, i'm not going to take it anymore and you, you, society, are going to pay for it. >> revenge and attention. >> of course, attention and despite the fact that he is dead, he is famous for a number of hours or days and it's all about glory. maybes no sense because you're not alive but let's face it, somebody rational and logical is not going to commit an act like this. >> no one who commits an act like that believes they'll get out alive? >> typically not. i mean rarely do we have these situations where the shooter just lays down the gun and says, take me into custody.
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they either make the police shoot them or shoot themselves, i mean, that's typically what we see across the board and terrorist situations they love to get into shoot-outs with the police. you know, like we -- we have seen in a number of locations in europe. so my sense would be he wasn't going to walk away from this last night shooting. >> we saw that in at least with one of the brothers in the boston marathon bombing, although the other one ran away and tried to hide. thank you, brad garrett, with our chief investigative correspondent brian ross. authorities now zeroing in on the identify tv the suspect and have not released it. >> they have not madic public but looking for his companion, marilou danley, they've put out indications of the car she might be driving. we believe her last known residence was in the town of mesquite, nevada. >> how far away -- >> an hour from las vegas. >> about an hour from las vegas. do we know if the suspect -- not
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the suspect, the shooter lived there as well. >> he was listed as an owner of the residence she lived in. >> an hour outside, mesquite. they're described as roommates. they have not given us more information about their relationship. >> and we don't have the name from police of the shooter himself. we do know the shooter is dead. he unloaded as many as 200 rounds from his perch on the 32nd floor with a powerful automatic weapon. using bullets about 7 millimeters wide. they are extremely lethal. >> extremely lethal. want to go back to matt gutman in las vegas coming up on over eight hours ago this first happened. the first reports of shots around 10:08:00 p.m. las vegas time and so it's not eight hours, it's actually five hours ago, matt, what's the scene now in las vegas? >> reporter: you can see, one of the things that was show
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striking tonight, george, are the sounds of the strip. you know, typically when that attack happened, there would be dozens of planes about to land and mccarron is busy. the strip would be bumping and bumper to bumper traffic here and for the past several hours you're seeing traffic filter through but completely still here. it was almost eerily still because they blocked all the streets and begun locking down all of the hotels on the strip basically from thousands of people struck in the rooms. then the many chaos outside. still as gunfire rang out, people didn't know where it was coming from. the 10,000 people there.
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absolute chaos. people falling right and left as they tried to flee the scene. at first, george, so many thought they were hearing firecrackers. some people saw they thought confetti. they were side by side. another man trying to evacuate to get out of harm's way so they could meet an ambulance died in his arms. right where i'm standing. his friend survived. the numbers are astounding 100 plus wounded. those are likely to rise. unfortunately likely the dead because medical officials are telling us a number of those people are in critical condition still. everything is focused as brad
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and brian have been saying about the investigation. the planning to this attack was rather extensive. the shooter took to this room. knowing that it was facing this concert, that there are thousands of people below him. knowing he could open fire. bringing his automatic weapon and opening fire dozens of rounds fired into that crowd. people calling it a kill box, shooting fish in a barrel as you mention automatic when you fire a weapon automatic it is notoriously inaccurate but when you're firing it tens of thousands of people, it doesn't take great aim to do great harm. that's what we saw here tonight, george if we know for hours all the hotels in that area on lockdown. flights grounded at that airport. people had run in fear to the airport as well. >> reporter: that's right. it was sheer chaos here. and, again, the way -- so many tall buildings in this area because it is the las vegas
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strip and the way the echoes of the gunfire sounded between the buildings, this urban gunfire was very misleading for a lot of folks which is what led to all of these false reports of gunfire up and down the strip. people breaking into the fence of mccarron airport to try to flee the gunfire. there were thousands of people, think about it. everybody trying to find an escape route and one of the saddest an neck do its we've been hearing is that some of the victims were trampled over as others who were more able-bodied tried to make an exit and tried to get out of harm's way to take cover. absolute chaos and still what we're seeing ambulances go to the scene and dozens of police officers around checkpoints an you still can't go in there, active scene in that sense. >> matt gutman, thanks very much. want to bring in nick owen as well on our -- jake owen on the phone with us as well. jake, what can you tell us?
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>> it was a wild -- it was wild. i was on the stage actually watching jason play. i had just come off the stage previously and, you know, you could hear the bullets hit the roof the stage and people were screaming. at this point only way to go wherever -- just sounded like gunshots were coming from all around us. and this is before anyone knew it was coming from above. it was chaotic. like a bad movie that you've seen before but never thought it would be real life. >> so you were actually right on -- right on the stage? >> i was on the stage watching until about jason -- jason started running towards the riser to get out of the way. once he realized gunshots were being fired and the crowd started running. i mean, it was a bad scene. i mean there were people
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literally being shot. you could see blood everywhere. it was something that i don't ever -- wouldn't want to ever see again or wish upon anyone else. >> and it seemed like you play -- jason played for a couple of minutes and dropped the guitar and ran offstage. >> well, i think what a lot don't understand sometimes when we're out there playing we have those in-ear monitors so we can hear each other. i don't think at first he could even hear the shots that were going off until i think maybe someone in his group said, hey, you need to get offstage and run back here. i could tell he stopped and started running. at that point we were all not knowing what to do. >> we're glad you're okay right now, jake. jake, thank you very much for joining us. go back to brian ross, we know now the shooter. >> law enforcement said he is 64-year-old steven panic of mesquite, nevada, identified by two law enforcement officials, to abc news as the dead shooter.
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>> now know the shooter. also by police sheriff lombardo has a lone wolf. >> looking for his -- a woman described as his companion. not sure where she is, 62-year-old marilou danley, they've put out the indication of the kind of car she could be driving and they're looking for her to try to learn more about who this person can, what was his motivation. >> to do that pierre thomas, going to go through his home, his internet postings, everyone he came in contact with. >> reporter: i spoke with his official who confirmed the name. right now. they are using every available database to an this man's background. early indication, no ties to international terrorism. right now the las vegas police still the lead. the fbi is not the lead. they are assist. atf involved in the investigation as well, department of homeland security involved. right now again the key is to exploit any smartphones, any
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cell phones, any computers that this man has and critical to find the woman that he was apparently living with, as well to find out what she may have known about this horrific attack, george. >> and, brad garrett, as we see the woman there on the screen, be on the lookout right now. it doesn't appear from what we have right now, we remember back in orlando, omar mateen, the shooter called 911. was in contact with police, communicated with police. we knew something about what he had on his mind, so far with mr. pad dock we don't have that. >> you don't have that, george and it doesn't appear that this guy wants the attention. i mean, one of the reasons that islamic extremist shooters call the media is they want attention and want to wave the flag, so to speak from whomever they're following but when you get an older guy and it doesn't appear at least at this point that we're dealing with somebody that's maybe driven by some
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extreme religious idea, it's -- he's going to be pretty much self-contained. he probably got the weapon himself. maybe miss danley can shed light on his mind-set. i mean, usually people who go down this road, they're they are thoughts and images get dark enand darker. i would think we're going to find a fair amount of information but may not find it on the internet. >> you talk about revenge and grievance. different though from the kind of workplace shootings we've also covered so often in the past which seemed much more targeted, much more specific, not as general or random. >> right. yes, that's personal to that location because you fired me. you wronged me. you did whatever you did to me. now i'm going to go take you out. for doing that. this probably has i'm going to guess a little bit more of a
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global view than like a -- even a skilled shooter but workplace violence shooter where he is being driven by maybe just mad at life because of his state currently -- his current state employme employmentwise, domestically, et cetera, and it's like you have pushed me too far. now you'll pay the price. >> the revenge not necessarily directed at the victims. in that way it is a form of terrorism because you're trying -- you're punishing the innocent for something that was done to you. >> no question that this is a terrorist act. i'm only suggesting it may well be driven by something in his head, not by some maybe outside philosophy. we'll have to see. but it sort of has that flavor on the front end of it. the idea you can methodically shoot an automatic weapon for a period of time, four or five minutes, also would suggest
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somebody sort of measured more organized and more determined to pull this off and can shoot as long as he can shoot before the police get to him. >> and he was able to shoot. brian ross reported 4 and a half minutes. we're coming up on 6:30 and 3:30 in the west and also waiting for another police briefing from the sheriff. they're developing information rather quickly here. >> they are and have the name of the shooter. 64-year-old stephen paddock of mess yquite looking for a woman described as his companion and -- >> we've also been able to see, we've heard the moments where we did hear the explosion. >> we don't know what happened after that, whether he engaged in a shootout with police or
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killed himself or police shot him. we know he shot really unabated for, 4 1/2 minutes, with an automatic weapon, which is not easy to obtain even on the black market. >> it unfolded five hours ago, 10:08 p.m. las vegas time. a mass shooting on the strip, at the route 91 country music festival. police have reported more than 20 dead, and 100 injured. they have a suspect who has been killed. 64-year-old -- brian ross says -- steven paddock. his roommate is being sought along with two vehicles. both being sought out by police as we are waiting for law enforcement officials to give another press conference. early in the evening there had been other reports of multiple shootings. that turns out not to have been
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true. explosives as well. that was the scene. the shots fired from the mandalay bay. the 32nd floor down into this crowd at the country music festival. matt gutman on the scene in las vegas. >> reporter: hey, george. that's right. in the chaos that unfolded after that shooting broke out, dozens of shots fired right into that pit where there were thousands of people at the route 91 music festival. there was nowhere to run, and people called it a kill box because there was nowhere to move. right and left, people fell down as survivors scrambled for safety. they trampled each over sometimes. they even broke into the airport. such was the fervor, the need to get out of harm's way. many people sought refugee, and they administered first aid to some of the wounded there, and
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it has taken hours for the las vegas strip to come back to almost normal. some of the hotels are on lockdown. people in their rooms unable to get out. told they should shelter in place even though we understand there was a single shooter and he has been neutralized. we know his name, steven paddock, 64. out of precaution's sake, a lot of these people have not been told to leave the rooms just yet, and people continue to search for any clues that might yield more information about who the shooter was and what his motivation might have been, george. >> it was a scene of absolute chaos that unfolded for several minutes, and hours, one of the people on the scene was lindsay lee, and i understand you were trying to rescue people on the scene? >> yes. >> tell us what happened. >> well, you know, we just saw -- we heard, like, what
6:33 am
sounded like -- i don't know. we thought it was maybe an electrical problem, and we saw sparks and maybe thought it was fireworks and everybody was yelling to get down. we didn't have anywhere to go, so we all got down on the floor and then it just sounded like it was getting louder and closer to be honest with you. we're all looking at each other thinking that we're going to die, and that security guard got shot in front of us, and another guy right next to me. we thought we were going to die, and i called my mom to be honest with you. i was calling my mom to tell her i love her and good-bye. and finally, everyone starts getting up and running, so we're all just running and trying to get out of there. i was with a group of people that did end up in the airport and breaking into the airport. we were all hiding behind the hangar, and then finally, when, like, ten minutes when we felt
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like we didn't hear shots, we went back, and we started piling people into my truck. >> you were able to get to your truck and take the europinjured the hospital? >> yes. >> how many were you able to top? >> five injured so my truck was full of people. one guy did pass away. >> i'm so sorry for that. i'm afraid we have to break away for another police briefing. >> is he ready? where is he at? >> we're live. >> we're ready. >> all right. well, thank you for being here. i'm here to give you an update on the situation as i know it at this point. i think it's very important for you to understand that this investigation is going to be long and contracted before we
6:35 am
get to the bottom of everything soesh associated with it. one of the things i wanted to update you with, we have located the vehicles that i had put out in the first briefing and we believe -- we're confident, but not 100% sure we have located the female person of interest. so i want the people to feel confident and calm in that aspect, that we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time. now the number of injured, i do not know yet, but we are looking at an excess of 50 individuals dead, and over 200 individuals injured. i do not to give you an accurate number and be wrong, and that's where i'm portraying it in that manner. now the suspect i am going to provide you his identity at this point. his name is stephen paddock. last name spelled p-a-d-d-o-c-k
6:36 am
with a date of birth of 4/9/1953. as far as his history background, we haven't completed that part of the investigation yet, but we have located numerous firearms within the room he occupied and that as i stated earlier, will be a long and tedious investigation. now we're bringing in all the resources of the fbi to assist us in this investigation, in particular, to their victim witness advocates and their csi folks to help us process the scene and ensure we are getting all the evidence that we can possibly obtain. now furthermore, i want to provide you the phone number that i said i would provide in the first briefing. that number for family and friends to get an update on loved ones is 1-866-535-5654.
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obviously, this is a tragic incident, and one that we have never experienced in this valley, so what we are going to try to do is the best we can to get our first responders back on their feet and responding and conducting their proper investigation to ensure that we have the safety to this community at heart. my condolences go out to the loved ones that lost their lives and their families and we will do the best we can to make it as easy as possible for you to get information as we know it. i think it's important for you to see the fbi county fire and commission behind me. it shows we have full support of all the government entities to solve this situation as soon as possible. >> any sense of motive? >> no, not yet. [ inaudible ]
6:38 am
>> i don't know yet. because there is -- there are some officers from other jurisdictions that was attending the concert, so i don't have an accurate number of that yet. >> have you got an update on officers injured? >> one was critical, but he is stable, and one of my officers was off duty attending the concert and lost his life. >> can you tell us the firearms that were found in the rooms? >> i don't have the details. they were rifles and that's all i know at this point. we are executing the search warrant as we speak. [ inaudible ] >> we're holding up, and we'll do the best we can, and i don't want to say that's what we're paid to do. nobody is paid to do what we're experiencing right now, but in my preview of the police department, they are doing a fantastic job, and we're going to have to look out for their well-being moving forward. >> you said there were numerous other firearms found in stephen
6:39 am
paddock's room. in the room or at home? >> in the room of the hotel. we have officers at his residence, and we'll be executing a search warrant there also shortly. >> how does the city move forward after this? >> that's a hard question to answer at this point. it's too early in the process and please give us time so we can do a good job. thank you, and i would provide you an update on a regular basis at approximately a two-hour window at a time. as you can imagine, we don't get a lot of information all at once, so please bear with us when i provide you information. >> several people on social media are asking where they can donate blood and if they can, do you have any idea? >> the phone number that i provided, we'll get that information out, but right now, we, you know, i'm not comfortable providing that information because we're overwhelmed at the medical services in the hospitals right now, but the united blood services has responded and once they get their personnel on the ground and more people in place, we'll be able to provide that
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info. >> are people looking for their loved ones? are people responding here? >> two locations they have been spo responding. one is the south central area command near mandalay bay, and we would like them to come to police headquarters so they are not inundated with people responding in that area. thank you very much. have a good night. >> more invest comiformation co from sheriff joseph lombardo. that is the deadliest mass shooting in american history. more than 50 dead. stephen paddock started to fire on the route 91 country music festival at mandalay bays a 10:00 p.m. as we look at the scene, a lot more information coming in now from the sheriff.
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they believe they have located the vehicles they were searching for and the roommate of the shooter. >> they believe they have found the companion, marilou danley, and they are conducting a search warrant on the 32nd floor there, and they have found a number of weapons in the room already. >> this is the scene when the shooting began. brian ross has been reporting over 4:30, and bursting gunfire lasting 20 seconds, and then the shooter would reload, killing more than 50 people. police said they found numerous weapons, rifles, in the hotel room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel where they were able to take down the shooter. this is the moment where the police breached the room where the shooter had been targeting those concert-goers.
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>> i need everybody in the hallway to be aware of it. see if he is in here or moved somewhere else. >> the audience of the 32nd floor is breached and all units need to move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> that was the moment the sh t shooter taken down. let's bring in fbi special agent, braagen agent, brad garrett. >> immense carnage over five minneapol minutes. what's interesting about what the sheriff told us, that would suggest as i made a comment earlier, it sounded like there wun wasn't much of a break between shots. it takes awhile to reload. maybe he is dropping a weapon, and picking up another one so he had very little delay to get maximum number of rounds down
6:43 am
range before he got caught. >> it shows the lethality of these automatic weapons. >> there's no question about it, and particularly when you are shooting at people that really can't go anywhere, again, much like the orlando shooter. had them trapped in the nightclub, walked into the bathroom, and even shot them in the bathroom. so you have got sort of the same thing even though it's outside because people are confined and then once they panicked and they start to stampede, basically to get away, you have really got -- you have really now set something up where people are going to die that even aren't shot because they are going to get trampled from other people trying to get by them. but the point being they are not going to go anywhere for a number of seconds, and that's all he needed, george. >> you're not targeting people. you're just spraying. >> you're just spraying because they are literally on top of each other, so spraying -- one shot could even shoot two
6:44 am
people. you mentioned even if it's somebody earlier this morning. the person next to him got shot three times. if he has got him on automatic, you're going to get shot multiple times before the weapon moves on. i'm going to guess that most of the rounds he cranked off probably hit somebody. >> thanks very much. linsey davis on the scene of the university hospital in las vegas. we heard sheriff lombardo say all the hospitals in the area simply overwhelmed. >> reporter: exactly, and we're just trying to digest the idea of more than 50 idea and comparing that to pulse nightclub. more than 200 people are injured. here at umc, they have more than 50 of the patients and that number just doubled from the first time they told us to when we got the update here. we haven't heard yet an update on the critical patients. at this point, they are still standing firm at 12 critically injured at this location, and
6:45 am
two pronounced dead. i want to give you ai look at what i have been talking about here. i don't know if you can see down the street, but there is a line of police officers, and this perimeter goes around the whole hospital, and we have been here as family members have come up and they are turning them away, and as you heard the sheriff just say, they are asking family members to go to police headquarters. they don't want they want to come here, and so you just have to imagine how agonizing that is for the family members. you can see it on their faces that they are not only able to come to see their loved ones, but get an update on their conditions. >> terrifying to hear these numbers climb hour by hour. >> reporter: you have to imagine that this is just -- >> go ahead, linsey. >> reporter: you have to imagine that this is just excruciating, george, and we are not getting an update except that they are only allowing hospital personnel
6:46 am
in here. we have seen some people who pulled up. they are able to show they have cars in order to get here, and they are the only ones getting admittance into the hospitals, but the sheriff saying they are just overwhelmed and we heard over the scanner asking for additional beds at other hospitals. >> linsey davis, thanks very much. i want to go back to pierre thomas in washington right now. the latest news from the officials there on the scene. numerous weapons. >> reporter: george, this is the nightmare scenario. i have just been talking to some federal law enforcement sources devastated by this information, george. this is the thing they have been fearing for quite some time, that someone would take an assault rifle, an automatic machine gun and simply mow down people at some kind of soft target. in this case, a concert with people unsuspecting of what was to come. they are exercising every effort to find out what they can glean about stephen paddock's
6:47 am
background, and no ties to international terrorism so far. you can see the las vegas police have the leads, and the fbi will help with the gathering of evidence, and you can tell where the government is from the terrorism standpoint. george, law enforcement officials have been studying these kinds of active shooter scenarios which have been happening with increasing f frequency in recent years, and they are concerned this could be inspired copycat situations. >> completely devastated. they have identified the shooter and it seems that they have identified and are speaking with a companion as well. she would have crucial information. >> critical to talk to her, george, and again, the weapons that were found in the room, law enforcement officials are going to do a meticulous background check to see where the weapons are purchased to glean anything
6:48 am
that would give them a sense of how to deal with this in the future, but now it seems like if he didn't have a criminal background, if he augmented the assault rifle, and that's one possibility that's being looked at is you can in some ways, augment these rifles to make them fully automatic, and that will be looked at. if he has limited or no critical background, access to weapon are easy to get, and the situation from firing from a hotel vantage point high up and killing all these people is something that law enforcement again, had long been concerned could happen and it did, george. >> brian ross, they should be able to get a lot of information about this gentleman very quickly. >> we are getting more than we see, and a lawsuit filed against a hotel that would settled in arbitration. >> not the mandalay bay? >> no. he held a pilot's license. he was a pilot.
6:49 am
>> no indication yet -- >> no criminal record yet. no indication of that. >> no ties to international terrorism? >> none at all. not a person who appears to have been using much of social media. >> that piece of information, the lawsuit feeds into the idea that perhaps at some point, some sort of grievance. >> no question about it, and it may well be, george, it's going to be a grievance that you and i and others will look at ooeeach other and go, are you kidding me? you would shoot people over this? people like mr. paddock are so brittle that they are just waiting or looking for an excuse to launch a horrific attack, and whatever happened to him in the last couple of days was the trigger in event for him. probably small in relative terms, but not in his mind. >> what is happening in the moment for a killer like this? you're speculating, but you have
6:50 am
profiled so many. we have seen the stories about islamic terrorists, and others who describe moments of here you're dealing more with anger. >> and empowerment. what every mass shooter goes for. it's like intoxicating, i'm mad. i'm going to take it out on you. this is revenge. but now i've taken control. i'm controlling the situation and controlling who will live and die and that's really a big deal in somebody who feels powerless. because he's going to feel powerless for a number of reasons, employment, we could go through the list but the point being this is empowering, i'm taking control. i may be dead in a few minutes but before that happens, i'm in charge. >> empowerment but an absolute absence of any empathy. >> none, zero empathy because he believes the people he's shooting, george, are not human in his mind. they are just people who wronged him and made his life more troubling and they need to be --
6:51 am
we need to get rid of them or in his mind he needs to get rid of them. no personal. he has no clue who he is shooting. i'm mad at society and you're going to pay. >> and you're going to pay. pierre thomas, you know, we don't know the motive yet. what we do know is that we are seeing mass shootings like this not this bad, this one turning out to be it appears the deadliest mass shooting in american history but seeing mass shootings at workplaces, at schools, at nightclubs every single week, every single month in this country. >> sort of almost feels like that movie theater shooting in colorado from a few years ago. again, people packed in, nowhere to go. simply mowed down and you're right. the fbi has been studying active shooter scenarios. at one point we were averaging at least 16 a year which meant that every month more than once a month that people were showing up in -- as soft targets at
6:52 am
malls, schools and remember sandy hook and just killing the innocent and i can tell you that this incident right here will be examined from top to bottom, they will look at the shooter, they will try to determine the motive. they will look at how the weapons were purchased because this right now is emerging as a steady routine chronic crisis that explodes in our faces every so often, george. >> you talked to law enforcement offs every day at the federal level. what do they say they need to get a handle on this? >> reporter: one of the things they're talking about is more trip wires, informing the public to if there's someone who has a grievance and know those people have access to weapons, to not hesitate to call law enforcement to discuss your concerns. they're talking about more trip wires in terms of mental health. in terms of people that have issues. now, we just had a case just a week ago where a man showed up
6:53 am
in washington, d.c., not far from the white house, who had a vehicle with weapons, loaded to the teeth with weapons and who knows how that scenario could have unfolded so these kind of scenarios are happening more and more and can guarantee you, george, this will be talked about, discussed, examined at the highest levels of law enforcement to figure out what can be done about it. because, again, as far as we know this man had no criminal background, no significant criminal background to speak of, how do you stop something like this? >> that's the point. brad garrett, there would be nothing that would show up to prevent this man from getting a weapon. >> of course not, george. the idea that even if you're a convicted felon getting your hands on these type of weapons a little bit more troubled, can't walk into a gun shop and maybe buy it but there are so many different ways, i mean, we've got 300 million plus fireairports in this country and i realize that's an emotional issue for people. i get that but, you know, the
6:54 am
ready availability of these lethal type assault weapons, unfortunately, play into people that are troubled like mr. paddock and it's just so easy for them to get their hands on them and we end up having these horrible conversations about mass shootings of which you just said this may be the worst in recent years. >> assault weapons indiscriminate killing machines. >> no question about it. >> and brian ross, authorities now going through the background of stephen paddock, that was the scene earlier this evening, so far again we've said no ties to international terrorism that we can see of any kind and, of course, he doesn't seem to fit that profile. >> not at all, 64-year-old white male from a small town in nevada, mesquite. he had a hunting license in alaska, he was a private pilot. he had a lawsuit that was settled in arbitration against a las vegas casino five years ago. other than that, no criminal record, no indication and as to the weapon, you can tell from the audio we're hearing here
6:55 am
according to weapons experts he was firing a weapon that was fully automatic and those kinds of weapons are not easily available. >> not easily -- no, they're not. to steve gomez our consultant as well former fbi agent. steve, right now according to the details we just got from brian,not a whole lot for the fbi to go on. is steve with us? apparently we've lost steve gomez. let me bring that to brad garrett. some scant details coming in now on the shooter. >> yes, and what you're going to find, george, is that this shooter will -- i'm going to guess he's got a texas driver's license, you know, he's lived basically what i've been able to pull up in a number of locations in the last year. his most recent address in nevada was in june, so does that mean that he specifically went
6:56 am
back to nevada to commit this shooting? i don't know. i mean, he didn't pull that venue out of his hat. he went there for some reason. now, it could be just as simple as it was a mass gathering outside, made a vulnerable target and could make a big statement but we'll have to see. >> we did see that earlier this summer talking about that shooting at the congressional softball practice. the shooter had gone from illinois to the d.c. area. >> correct. correct. and that's not totally uncommon. i mean, you know, even the orlando shooter traveled -- he was in florida but he traveled a couple of hours to get to orlando to commit that shooting. so the idea that they're going to move to a venue where they think that they're going to, you know, exact their revenge is not uncommon and apparently mr. paddock may well fit that profile. >> brian ross, what they're looking for, authorities, that trigger event. what set him off. >> exactly. this was not as brad garrett has
6:57 am
said not somebody who snaps but for some reason over a period of days, weeks or months had decided he was going to do something evil and he did it. >> evil. built up quite a stockpile. >> and fired off more than 200 rounds based on what we can hear and police found a number of weapons this that hotel room, room 135 on 32nd floor to spray deadly bullets on that crowd if it appears he might have been dropping one weapon, picking up the other. >> exactly. we don't know. >> the shooting has unfolded in las vegas around 10:08:00 p.m. las vegas time. now the deadliest mass shooting in american history, more than 50 dead, 200 injured. our coverage is going to continue all through the morning here on abc, "good morning america" coming up in just a few seconds. right now we want to show you some of the eyewitnesses we've been talking to all through this terrifying evening. >> but we are looking in excess of 50 individuals dead and over
6:58 am
200 individuals injured at this point. ♪ [ gunfire ] >> it was very scary. it was frightening. it was confusing. you can't even explain what happened to us. >> just started going pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, it kept going and it was nonstop. hundreds of cops coming down. >> heard a series of pop, pop, pops in a row and at first thought it was bottle rockets going off. didn't sound like gunfire or anything.
6:59 am
a lot thought it was just bottle rockets and saw them yank jason aldean and all the performers offstage. >> i saw jason aldean drop his guitar and i'm like, i'm out of here. okay. one of those things that is surreal. you don't realize that what's going on and how life-changing it can be just in that moment so i'm just thankful for all of our friends getting out and hopeful for anyone that got hurt that they have a good, quick recovery. >> people still didn't understand like when the shooting started that a shooting was happening. they were like in that frozen moment and i was like, oh, man, i hope these people don't get hit. >> the audience on the 32nd floor, breach. everybody needs to move back. all units move back. >> breach, breach, breach. >> announcer: this has been a special report from abc news.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news, deadly rampage in las vegas. a shooter opening fire killing more than 50, injuring over 200. that's the sound of bullets taking over the arena at a country music festival on the strip. the shooter taking aim from high above inside the mandalay bay hotel firing rapid rounds for 4 1/2 minutes. >> it just kept going and going. >> chaos erupting. thousands scrambling running for their lives. trying to take cover. some hiding under the stage for the spray of bullets. >> i heard these pop, pop,po, pop, pop,


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