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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 3, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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got you $3,000. >> all right. >> and the next step is thethsh. $5,000. all the lifelines are there. >> all right. >> here's your question. born juaquin malphurs, what rapper's stage name was partly inspired by his childhood love of fozzie bear from "the muppets?" >> okay, well, uh... fozzie, if i'm not mistaken, used to go [funny voice] "waka waka" or whatever. [laughing] like, so... so, uh, i'm gonna go with the waka flocka flame. b. final answer. >> i'm sorry, what did he used to do? >> uh. [funny voice] "waka waka!" >> did you used to used to work for "the muppets"? >> uh, i don't know. if they're hiring... >> you got it right. [cheers and applause] >> $5,000, richard. >> all right. [audience whoos] >> being publicly embarrassed on national television
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was worth $5,000, right? >> totally, yeah, psshh. >> all right. $7,000 is what this is worth. [dramatic musical flourish] dubbed "breakfast for the 1%," a wall street-area denny's offers the $300 "grand cru slam," a normal meal with what expensive addition? >> okay. well, uh... i kind of have an idea of, uh... what this is, but i'm gonna go ahead and "ask the audience." >> final? >> final--yeah. >> okay. audience, if you would, pick up those keypads. we could use your help. enter your votes now. [percussive music] ♪ all right, richard, let's take a look at the results.
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>> [sighs sharply] >> 45% went beluga caviar. 38% b, dom pérignon champagne. >> okay, well-- >> what were you leaning towards? >> uh, i was leaning towards b, but i'm not--you know--i'm gonna ask my uncle who's my plus one.y help me with this. >> that's called burying the lead. he's a chef? >> yeah. i would, but i thought maybe the audience could help. i probably burned that one, but it's okay. >> it's all right. final? >> yeah, final. >> all right, chef, get down here. how are you doing? >> hi, how are you? >> pleasure. well, this should be right in your wheelhouse. >> i'm gonna say since we're talking about a additive to the meal--the grand slam--i'm gonna say it's the beverage. >> mm-hmm. >> so, b is what i would choose. >> that's what i was thinking. so, yeah, i'm gonna go ahead and choose b. and that's my final answer.
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dom pérignon champagne. >> if you're talking about a grand cru, you're talking champagne. >> yes! >> yes, you got it right. that is right. well done. the chef saves the day. richard, good job. you're at $7,000. we're gonna come back. we're gonna play more "millionaire" right after this. [dramatic music] ♪ fame sets the scene at planet hollywood resort & casino, home to headliners like britney spears and jennifer lopez as well as the fashionable miracle mile shops and dining hot spots by celebrity chefs like gordon ramsay. it's all at your front door when you book a bright, new modern room at planet hollywood modern room at planet hollywood in las having moderate to severe modern rplaque psoriasisllywood in lasis not always easy. it's a long-distance run. and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for nearly 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance
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where high heels are forbidden by royal decree of the queen. and my treats are only for me. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. allll mine. [dramatic music] ♪ >> welcome back to to "millionaire." richard banks narrowly escaping that last question, getting to $7,000. you needed a little help. >> yeah. >> but wisely so. that's what those lifelines are there for and you got to $7,000. you still have your "50/50" if you need it. >> yes.
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>> let's get back to your game. >> all right, let's go. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] all right, $10,000 is what this question is worth. [suspenseful music] becoming a fashion staple among young women, what brand was founded in 1978 by an australian surfer living in southern california? >> [inhales] okay. i have a pretty good idea on this one. um, i know that ugg boots--or i'm pretty sure that ugg boots were made by an australian and it's a pretty big deal. tom brady wears them, so... uh, i don't doubt that. so i'm gonna say a, ugg. final answer. >> if tom brady wears them, i'm in. you got it! that's right! [cheers and applause] $10,000, richard. >> all right. five digits--i got to it. >> you're at $10,000. we're about to give you a chance to double that. >> all right.
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>> $20,000 is what this question is worth. >> oof. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ though it starts and ends at sea level as it stretches from san francisco to new jersey, what highway reaches an elevation of 8,640 feet on wyoming's sherman hill? >> [inhales deeply] okay. i know it's not i-10. uh... i wanna go ahead and use my "50/50." >> okay. final? >> yes. final. >> all right, we'll take away two incorrect answers. i-80, i-90. >> okay. um... you know what? scare money makes no money. [laughs] so, uh... i'm gonna go ahead and uh... go with d, i-90. and that's my final. >> hate to say it, but it was i-80. >> ugh. >> it was i-80. richard, it was a pleasure
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playing "millionaire" with you. you're walking out of here with $5,000. head on up. [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] gotta respect richard taking a shot for that $20,000. good news--he's still walking away with $5,000. all right. let's give away some more money. let's walk up our next contestant from schenectady, new york--audrey watkins-fox. [cheers and applause] audrey, how you doing? good to see you. welcome. are you ready to play "millionaire?" >> i am. >> let me tell you how you're gonna become a millionaire. 14 questions. the money value is growing from $500 all the way up to $1 million. you have your three lifelines. if you're ready, i'm ready. >> i am ready, chris. >> then let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $500 question. good luck. "give food and water," "appear less threatening," and "offer space for... exploration" are all
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tips wikihow gives for how to gain the trust of what? >> all right. there only seems to be one answer that i think makes sense on the board here. i believe you would give food and water to--well, supermodel seems funny--but d, a cat, is my final answer. >> yeah, you would never give food to a supermodel. you're right--cat. >> all right. [cheers and applause] >> you got it. $500. here's your $1,000 question. instead of taking just one for the team, hughie jennings took 287, becoming major league baseball's all-time record holder for what painful ballpark mishap? >> all right. um, you know, i don't think it's burning his mouth on hot nacho cheese,
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however funny that may be. um, sounds to me like he has been beaned by the ball a few times, so i will say a, getting hit by a pitch, is my final answer. >> 287 times, yeah. you're right. >> phew! >> you think at some point you would just quit. >> right. >> i'm done playing. >> yeah, he's hurting. >> $1,000. $2,000 question right here. when the canadian security intelligence service joined twitter in 2016, its first tweet jokingly noted, "now it's your turn to" what? >> sounds to me like it would be c. now it's your turn to follow us. final answer. >> that's right. you got it! >> all right. >> there you go. all right, audrey. you're at $2,000, three questions in. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll get her to that $5,000 threshold.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> welcome back to "millionaire." audrey watkins-fox. we're just getting going in this game. we got ways to go, but you're at $2,000 already. you're playing a good game.
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you have all your lifelines. but if we're gonna get to the $1 million, we got 11 more questions. so let's get back to it. >> let's. >> let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ the next step is $3,000. here is the question: one day when aerobics teacher alberto perez forgot his music for class, he played his own salsa and merengue tapes, inadvertently inventing what fitness craze? >> let me just see here. alberto perez doing the salsa and the merengue. i believe he would have just invented zumba. b. zumba. final answer. >> it was an accident, but it worked. you got it! [cheers and applause] $3,000, audrey. all right, the next step, chance to get to $5,000, but also that first threshold. >> yes. >> so, here we go. $5,000 question.
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"the blues brothers," "the french connection," and "bullitt" are all represented on ign's list of the "best" what "in movies"? >> i possibly am admitting a faux pas here, but i have never seen "the blues brothers." >> [exhales] >> but, um, i am familiar with "the french connection" and "bullitt," and i'm pretty confident that they have some intense car chases in them. so, c, car chases. final answer. >> you got it right. you got it! [cheers and applause] but you gotta go see "the blues brothers." >> i know. i know! >> you gotta watch it. >> yes. >> you got to $5,000. that money is safe. can't be touched. so you're at least walking out of here with $5,000. but we're gonna do better than that. >> we are! >> all right? especially with three lifelines on the board. so, let's move on. $7,000 is what this question is worth. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪
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though it may seem gross to leave it there, many doctors recommend that you don't remove cerumen from your body. what is cerumen better known as? >> all right, um... i'm confident that i know this 100% that it is b, earwax. final answer. >> i'm not gonna ask you how, i'm just gonna say good job. good job, you got it right! >> [laughing] thank you. >> well done! $7,000. audrey, you are moving up the board. we're gonna see just how far audrey will go right after this. [dramatic music] ♪
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a bedframe with storage, to the softest linens, to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly. >> the answer to that question was april. [cheers and applause] welcome back to "millionaire." i'm here with audrey watkins-fox who's playing quite a game. this has gotten real good real quick here. you're at $7,000, and all your lifelines are on the board. >> okay, all right. >> so, we're looking good. so keep doing what you're doing. let's keep marching up the board to that $1 million. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ okay, five figures. $10,000 question right here. according to, which adjective is used to describe a person
1:56 am
who is socially conscious and politically aware? >> well, i honestly have never heard of sus before. um, turnt and lit i think are--means, like, you know, the party was happen. everybody's getting turnt. the place is lit. [laughter] um, so, i think that the correct answer for somebody socially conscious and politically aware, i believe that it is woke. somebody's woke. they know what's going on. um, c, woke. final answer. >> you are turnt and lit, and right! you got it, audrey! >> thank you. >> $10,000. [cheers and applause] all right. you got some cash in the bank now. and now i wanna double it for you. here is a $20,000 question.
1:57 am
[dramatic musical flourish] ♪ while the others were each home to two of the seven wonders of the ancient world, what present-day country featured just the hanging gardens of babylon? >> all right. >> all right, um, greece i believe had at least the colossus of rhodes and at least one other. and the--oh, okay, the gardens of babylon... where were they? hmm... [inhales sharply] well, so, obviously, i'm between a, b, or c. i'm ruling out greece. um, some other... [sighs] ancient wonders. hmm... pyramids in egypt. that's at least one, so the gardens would not be there. think that i'm gonna go with the "50/50" here.
1:58 am
>> okay, final? >> final answer. >> okay, we'll see if narrowing it down to just two answers will help you. let's take two away. >> oh, man! i knew i had a feeling that would happen. >> turkey and iraq. so, a and b is what you're left with. >> the others are each home to two of the seven wonders. so, i named three seven wonders. this is the fourth. which were the other wonders? oh, turkey. okay. [sighs] i really shouldn't have wasted any lifelines on this because i'm fairly confident that the lighthouse in alexandria slash constantinople was in turkey, so that would exclude that. and this is what i thought it was all along, i think. so, i'm gonna go with b, iraq. final answer. >> took you a little bit, but you got there! you got there, audrey! $20,000! [cheers and applause]
1:59 am
well done. well done. [horn blares] that sound means the time is up for today, but you're gonna come back and play more "millionaire" 'cause when we come back, next time, she's gonna try and get to that $50,000 threshold. thank you so much for watching today. for everyone who's been a part of this one, i'm chris harrison. we'll see you next time. [cheers and applause] closed captioning sponsored by: americans, 83% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short on getting key nutrients. let's do more. one-a-day men's. complete with key nutrients we may need, plus heart health support with b vitamins. one-a-day men's. only aleve can last 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. taken right before meals, from gas, with beano. it makes healthy gas causing foods easier to digest. take beano before and there'll be no gas.
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♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> you have seen the images and heard the sounds of panic, then perseverance among concert goers. a lone gunman opened fire from a hotel room 32 floors up, armed like nothing we have seen in history tonight it seems just as mysterious to answer the question everyone wants to know, why? monday night, jim is live in las vegas. i'm rick williams. 59 people are confirmed killed,
2:03 am
and a staggers 527 were injured. hundreds of rounds of ammunition were fired. those not struck were likely run over in the stampede to escape. country singer jason aldean was headlining the country musikfesc festival. stephen paddock is 67 years old, never had a problem with the law and has no known criminal organizations connections. his brother said paddock was a multimillionaire from gambling and real estate. inside his home investigators
2:04 am
found an arsenal of 19 guns, am know and welcome trong devices d ammunition. >> the distance, 1100 feet, three football fields away. authorities say paddock busted out the windows so he could fire into the crowd. once swateea room, they found pa paddock deaf gunshot wounds. jim, good evening. >> good evening, rick. i came here to find sin city
2:05 am
transformed to somber city. what else would it be half a block from where we are now. we are across las vegas boulevard from the mandalay bay. perhaps you can see the flashing rights from the police cars. they have shut down the street and the concert venue where a gunman killed 59 people and wounded 527 more. the las vegas strip is still the strip. when gamblers are inside the casino, the outside world tends to disappear. for the people that live here and work here, it's a very different story. >> the ark angel c cathedral was packed as another american city tries to come to grips with the
2:06 am
unspeakable violence the fabric of this american age. >> 22,000 concert goers became sitting ducks for a madman who had 16 weapons inside his room at the mandalay bay. two of them are from portia. katy expwrirred her foot trying to avoid the eastham speed trying to get away from it all. >> when you realized this was gunfire, what went through your mind? >> it was coming from every angle. all you think about is where i'm going get hit. you are ducking, trying to go behind buildings, whatever you can do to not get stuck in the crossfire. pure, utter, frightening,
2:07 am
possible death. everything goes through your mind, you know? where is it coming from? am i going to see all of theaters people in front of me get shot and drop? it's fight or flight. you really can't describe it in words because it's just every emotion that you have at the same time. katy from hor sham. we have learned there were 23 weapons inside the room in the mandalay bay, not 16 as reported before. the update came late tonight. i heard someone say something to put this into perspective for me. if you live here, you probably know someone who was at the concert or who was wounded or who was killed. if you don't, it's likely that
2:08 am
you know someone who knows someone. in this town, in this case, two degrees of separation is 360-degrees of agony. that's the story from las vegas tonight, rick. >> all right, jim. thank you for that report from las vegas. back here reporting on the deadliest shooting in america is coverage from annie tonight. mccormick and chris christie. >> rick, many people we spoke with were visibly shaken by what had happened. the white house hailed one philadelphia man's actions as heroic for what he did to protect those around him. >> i dove on top of 14 people, pulled a chair over them or table, said i'm a lot older than
2:09 am
you guys. >> mike mcgary sacrificed himself by shielding his wife and those nearby. >> i'm 53. they were 20. i wanted them to live longer than me. >> i think everyone would have done the same thing. >> you start crying. why did this happen? >> steve gold relived how he narrowly escaped the largest mass shooting in history. >> we had to climb and jump down. it was a nine or ten foot fence. so many people that weren't athletic couldn't get over it. >> it was da da da da da pretty much nonstop. he heard what sounded like gunshots per second. >> i thought any one tap could
2:10 am
be a bullet that kills me. it was terrifying. >> i went back up to my room. i could see the advantage point where the people were getting shot at. it was horrible. >> 24 hours of horror. families reunite at philadelphia international airport with tales of survival. >> the amount of emotion i'm going through, i never thought was possible. it's unreal. >> you have no idea. i can't wait to come home see my parents. i'm grateful we are home and safe. i'm truly, truly, truly grateful. >> you can really hear in their voices how relieved they are to be back home and safe. mcgary says his wife is the real hero. apparently she's a register nurse giving aid to those who were wounded. >> presi


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