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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 4, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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cinnamon rolls. >> head over to or use or mobile app. someone's ready to roll. >> no one in the car. get up. there's no one in there.
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get down. ♪ >> the guys at epic life have the right name for their channel. they made their daughter a cape. she was feeling like a superhero. let's make her feel like a superhero. >> she has the force and uses that skill time and time again. doesn't matter if they're outside in the jungle gym on the slide, see her there with her cape and superhero mask on and dad is flying away from her. ♪ >> even on the swings, on the stairs and she's just tickled pink. her face every time she does it is like this is the best ever. ♪ >> she's going to end up with a broken hip if he's not careful. >> put themselves through a lot to get their kids to giggle.
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>> just a tough dad. >> imagination, of course. credit to mom as well for helping make that cape. >> good for them they have a pool to crawl into. >> i wonder how long this game went. >> oh. >> that's it, that's all, we'll see you on the next "right this minute." updating our top story, president trump heads to las vegas today to meet with first responders and survivors of the shooting rampage. overnight, the shooter's girl friend returned to the u.s. from the philippines. she's being called a person of interest. police had also released body camera video showing officers scrambling to locate the gunman. you see it here. they found 12 rapid fire devices that enabled rifles to shoot
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like automatic weapons. the shooter will also two cameras in the hall and one in his peephole to monitor the officers as they approach there. we're getting also our first look inside one of the trauma wards at a hospital in las vegas that faced challenges often seen only on battlefields. >> doctors were forced to take extreme measures. here's abc's david muirs. >> reporter: we head into desert springs medical center here in las vegas. where more than 100 victims were rushed in. this is a surgeon here who got the mm ca the emergency call at 11:00. >> there were 50 or 60 people. >> reporter: it sounds like there were so many patients you had no idea who they were. >> they basically triaged everybody and said this one's critical, this one needs this, this one needs that. and we just went -- >> reporter: four of the victims
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were pronounced dead shortly after they arrived here. so many of the patients with multiple gunshot wounds, and this surgeon tells me this time it was different. >> we saw different pieces of the machinery, artillery that were basically disbursed throughout the abdomen and chest. >> reporter: so it appeared as if the suspect wanted to inflict maximum damage. >> clearly, clearly. >> reporter: the surgeon takes us into sheldon mack's room, he was at the concert for his 21st birthday. >> it all happened so fast. seems surreal. i just keep seeing it in my mind still. it haunts me. >> reporter: you see it all playing out still? >> yeah. >> reporter: he showed me the video he took of the concert, moments before the gunfire began. ♪ >> reporter: and you were seeing people around you get hit first? >> a girl like two rows ahead of me got hit in the neck and went down. >> reporter: sheldon began trying to help the people around
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him and then he got shot, twice in the arm and in the abdomen. >> somebody throwed me and took care of me. >> reporter: do you know his name? >> i wish i did. >> reporter: and he came over to the hospital with you? >> yeah, he wouldn't leave my side. saved my life. >> reporter: he tolds he still wants to meet that hero and his mom and dad would like to meet him too. they still have so many questions. among them, why? >> why would someone do such evil? i have a life ahead of me. why does someone want to kill me and leave me lying on this field and everybody else. >> reporter: that are was mckenna perry, too, 19 years old, shot in the arm and it went straight to her abdomen. it was her boyfriend and good samaritans who helped save her, putting her in the back of a pickup truck. >> he had a two-seater truck. so i was lying in the back with my boyfriend. >> reporter: and it was open? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: whatever it takes. she can't get that night out of her head. >> it still hasn't fully hit me. it's trying, starting to, but not fully. >> reporter: it's hard to think about. >> i just know that there's a lot of people who had it a lot worse. so it's kind of just like hard to know that there's a lot of people dead from it, too. >> reporter: and her mother was at the concert, too. >> your daughter was saying the hard part is knowing that so many people didn't get out. >> i think that's the hard part for all of us. and seeing what we saw. and i, i think, as a mom, as knowing that they had to see that, and that's stuck with them forever
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>> it's got to be really rough for a parent to see their kid go through that. at least one trauma nurse says there was so much blood all over the place that the air smelled of iron. >> they said they received so many patients in the hospitals. they had pediatric surgeons operating on adults, obstetricians tending to trauma patients. it was completely an all hands on deck scenario. >> and the university medical center, which is the number one in all of that state, the biggest casualty event that they've handled in the past involved less than two dozen people. that night they had more than 100 people all at once. >> it was one of the big concerns, would the hospitals be able to handle this. coming up, the safety concerns following the las vegas attack. >> what police are doing now to protect so-called soft targets, next. [joy bauer] two thirds of americans have digestive issues. i'm joy bauer, and as a nutritionist i know probiotics can often help. but many probiotics don't survive
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the las vegas shooting is forcing authorities across the country to try to come up with new ways to protect so-called soft targets, events like sunday's open air concert. >> authorities are already
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trying to figure out what to do about new year's eve. but coming up in miami soon, here's matt gutman. >> reporter: route 91 harvest, billed as a three-day, feel-good country music festival. but on the last night, instead of the twang of music, the staccato of gunfire. eyewitnesses tell us they had bag checks, metal detector wands and a five-foot fence securing the perimeter. and on the face of it, it seems that it was well protected. you see the fencing around entire perimeter of that field. but what nobody could have expected is that the shooter would have been perched 32 stories up, blasting through that window and firing on that field. after an isis sympathizer drove a truck into a crowd of people in nice, france, they began protecting large areas with
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trucks filled with sand. on the eagles of death metal in paris, and ariana grande's performance in manchester also have experts rethinking security. sunday's massacre could be a threshold event, with authorities having to be in the sky as well. expect more hernlt helicopters drones. >> reporter: this is the las vegas strip, there are six of the largest hotels in the world. nearly 45 million people come here every year as visitors. and they have long been concerned that america's playground is also its softest target, abc news, las vegas. >> one of the big questions is how you do this. because an event like this, where the shooter is perched from above, there's not a whole lot to be done. metal detectors in the hotel, maybe a spotter, sniper on the roof. helicopters and drones, but
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people aren't necessarily ready for that. >> we do know new york city folks will be employing snipers. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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in the middle of the stories of horror coming out of las vegas, we're hearing stories of bravery, people who made it out of the carnage only to go back in to help save those trapped. >> one broke down a security gate and forgedmed a human chaio lead others to safety. and took a bullet. >> i ran back towards the shooting. there was one lady on the ground, i basically helped her up. and just told her, just to run. and basically just told here, we g -- her we got to go. she didn't want to move.
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at that point, more shots rang out. and i noticed there was three girls sitting behind like a black like suv. i basically told them, hey, there's an active shooter, stay down. we need to move to the back. the moment when i said there's an active shooter, i turned around, and that's when i got shot in my neck. i don't deem myself as a hero. i just deem myself as someone who was doing the right thing. >> well, a go fund me page to help jonathan with his medical expenses is now over $46,000. but the bullet that hit him is still lodged in his neck. we talked about him a little while ago. it's too dangerous to be removed at this point. >> it may get removed down the line, but for now is it still there. we heard a heartbreaking story from heather guz. >> she was working in the vip tent as huchndreds of people ra toward her bar tending station.
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and tom llamas shot down with her. >> you could hear everybody shouting "shooter, shooter." >> reporter: she helps carry a man out on this maintenance ladder. he's been shot in the stomach. >> the fingers kind of squeezed and then just stopped. >> reporter: that man was 23-year-old joshd 23-year-old jordan mcildoon. >> she said be honest with me, is he okay? i said no. i said he's passed away. he's dead. ankept thinking about if this was me, would people stay with me. would they make sure that i was okay? you know, that they tried to contact my family, and i couldn't go. >> so many stories like that. it makes you wonder, what would you do if you were in that same situation. i hope i would do the same as
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this morning on "world news now." new details in that mass shooting in las vegas. >> for the first time, the body camera video from officers who ran towards the gunfire, plus new images from inside the shooter's hotel sweet. h -- suite. and we ahave new details on the victims. the navy vet and country music fan, comprehensive coverage ahead. and the president and the odd visit to storm-ravaged puerto rico. millions of americans on the island still without electricity and drinking water, the president tossing paper towel rolls to those who came to see him, while he hints that their debt may be forgiven.
3:01 am
and the yahoo hack, 3 billion accounts affected. hear what you need to know on this wednesday, october 4th. the from abc news, this is "world news now." >> forgot i had a yahoo account. might have to check that out. >> that and your aol account, to make sure they're both okay. we're going so start things off with new video and dpriping new details on the killer's extensive planning. >> police released body camera footage showing the chaotic moments as officers surrounded the mandalay bay hotel trying to figure out where the shots wier coming from. >> a couple of officers hunkered down next to a patrol vehicle on las vegas boulevard when one of our officers gets shot. >> police there dictating that video, narrating it. just some of the video from 67
3:02 am
police body cameras being examined. >> the gunman had set up cameras inside and outside his hotel room to see when police were closing in. cops also found 12 devices in his room, capable of modifying weapons into automatic weapons. his girlfriend is now back in the u.s. >> and crime scene photos show the inside of the shooter's hotel room, scattered with weapons, including an assault-style rifle with a scope. lana zak has the latest from las vegas. good morning, lana. >> reporter: we're learning so many details about that shooter including how many guns he had in total. 47 in the course of three different locations. but still, the big question, his motive. it's a mystery. las vegas is still in shock. >> seems surreal. seems so bad.
3:03 am
i just keep seeing it in my mind still, and it haunts me. >> reporter: the survivors, many still in the hospital, are trying to make sense of it all. >> still hasn't like fully hit me. it's kind of starting to, but not fully. >> reporter: investigators have updated the death toll now to 58 victims. among them, hanna alers, a mother of three. and navy veteran christopher roybal. >> he went to combat and came back without being injured and goes to a concert and dies. >> reporter: and for the first time we're seeing that night through the perspective of the police. authorities releasing body cam footage from it that night and piecing together the timeline. >> he fired off and on for somewhere between nine and 11 minutes. >> reporter: they are also releasing chilling new details about what was happening in that room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. you can see it here, ammunition
3:04 am
and guns still on the floor. and in addition to what was happening inside, there's more information about what was taking place just outside that room. >> there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. >> reporter: and with so many questions still unanswered, authorities say they are very eager to speak with the girlfriend of the shooter. she had been out of the country, we believe in the philippines, when the attack happened. but she landed just hours ago at l.a.x. kendis, diane? >> yeah, that girlfriend now on the way to las vegas at some point in the overnight hours we believe. and what are we learning from vegas shorts vegas authorities in the meantime about the weapons the shooter used. >> reporter: they've expanded their search to this additional home outside of reno. that brought the number of weapons up to 47. and perhaps the most troubling thing and something that has caused a lot of people to really reflect on, is his ability to
3:05 am
buy legal semi-automatic weapons, and then modification kits that would allow them to function, in essence, like an automatic weapon. shooting off up to 100 rounds in a minute. it made it capable of inflicting tremendous damage. and we heard during that presser by authorities that it was completely legal to have both those semi-ought make the weapons and the modification kits on them that allowed them to function in a way that would otherwise be considered an illegal weapon. so they are looking at all these things, trying to figure out how he was able to do this. but in many ways, we know this is completely legal and those kits can be bought online. kendis, diane? >> quite a bit of debate. >> the coroner believes all 58 killed in the attack have been positively identify. and we expect an official anonsment this morning.
3:06 am
>> they had their lives cut short on a night so many were looking forward to. >> reporter: we're learning more about the people killed in the las vegas massacre. people like neysa tonks, from las vegas, a mother of three boys. denise burditus, married 32 years to her husband. she died in his arms. stacy the etch bar. she got separated from her husband, a police officer who told her to run so he could save lives. christopher roybal was celebrating his 29th birthday and excited for the country music festival. >> i hhe had joked that he was going to change his flight to come home early, but he wanted to sigh jake owen. the. >> reporter: jordan mcildoon was shot in the stomach. heather guz, a complete
3:07 am
stranger, tried saving him, then had to deliver the horrible news to his family and girlfriend. >> she said is he snokay? and i said no. and she said be honest with me, is he okay? i said no. he's passed away. he's dead. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc new, las vegas. >> and of course the president is heading there to las vegas a little later on today to console many of those victims and their family members. such a horrible thing. >> and this is all happening after the president returned from visiting puerto rico. he was there to see the damage left behind by hurricane maria. and to meet with victims hear. he said he heard only thank you from the territory's people. the president also said damage could have been much worse. but right after he left, the death toll was raised to 34, more than double the previous count. >> and he left puerto rico an hour earlier than scheduled. we get more on the strange visit
3:08 am
from abc's jonathan karl. [ applause ] >> reporter: at a church in san juan, president trump tossed paper towels to hurricane victims, as if he were playing basketball. >> there's a lot of love in this room. >> reporter: sitting right next to puerto rico's governor, he touted the death count as if he were keeping score. >> if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina, and you look it at the tremendous, hundreds and hundreds and hundred t hundreds of people who died. what is your death count at this time? 16 people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands. you can be very proud. >> reporter: but news the death toll has more than doubled to 34, even as he touted the federal recovery effort. >> the whole team has been amazing. >> reporter: the president couldn't help bringing up the high cost. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> reporter: also in the room, the mayor of san juan whom the
3:09 am
president has slammed relentlessly on twitter for saying puerto rico needs more than it's getting. afterwards, the mayor called the meeting productive. but on cnn, she dismissed the presidential visit as public relations. >> rather than commander in chief, he sort of becomes miscommunicater in chief. >> reporter: not far from there we met up with hector garcia. he had no idea the president was on the island, but he tells us he's happy he's here. he came here, garcia told us, because he knows we're in crisis. and here in san juan, the u.s. naval hospital ship comfort right behind me has just arrived on tuesday. it's got more than 500 medical staff and other personnel, something very welcome here on the island of puerto rico. jonathan karl, abc news, san juan. >> "comfort" will be heading to the southern part of the oointd in the next few days.
3:10 am
a top senate democrat wants to know if any trump official used private e-mail accounts to conduct government business. ben carden concerned about jared kushner's communications. a copy evof a letter was obtain by abc news. it's reported that kushner and ivanka trump rerouted their accounts through trump organization computers. baseball's playoffs are under way and they started with a lot of home runs. >> thankfully most of them by the yankees. but we'll start off with the twins who started with a pair of homers in the first, taking a 3-0 lead. new york tied the game with a 3-run blast. aaron judge adds to the yankees' lead with a two run. the yankees move on to the division series against cleveland with an 8-4 victory!
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i'm with you, jack. >> no. minnesota. >> thumbs down is one of their things this year. that's good. coming up, the former ceo of equifax faces new heat on capitol hill. hear what richard smith says were the prime culprits of the data breach. and the politics of guns. what we're hearing now from both sides of the debate. you're watching "world news now." my shoulders carry a lot of names
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one more way you've got what it takes to protect. we're back with other headlines now, and the ousted ceo of equifax facing a hostile audience on capitol hill. >> they were outraged that a company trusted with vast amounts of data failed to keep its security software up to date. smith apologized, and blamed it
3:15 am
on human error and technology failures. >> it happened on my watch, and as ceo i'm ultimately responsible. and i take responsibility. i'm here today to say to each and every person affect the by this breach, i'm truly and deeply sorry for what happened. >> he forfeited any bonus this year but still walks away with more than $90 million. in the meantime, the irs has just awarded equifax a more than $7 million contract to verify taxpayer identities and help prevent fraud. yahoo may now have earned the distinction of the worst hack in the history of the internet. the company has announced that a data breach from four years ago affected all 3 billion accounts on its service. anyone who uses yahoo should be diligent about monitoring personal accounts, even on other sites if you use the same
3:16 am
password. 3 billion yahoo accounts. who knew. meantime, regular americans are increasingly getting socked with bank fees. atm fees averaged $4.69 per transaction. but experts say they're easily avoided by sticking with your own bank's atm. coming up in the next half hour, the battle over gun control heats up as we visit the gun store frequented by the las vegas shooter. that's next. why do the best things in life create so much mess! tackle it all with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes you get an unbeatable clean. and now get 25% more loads then cascade® platinum™ switch to finish® quantum.
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in the wake of the las vegas massacre, democratic lawmakers head to capitol hill to hold a demonstration on gun control. >> they're angry with what they see as republican inaction on the issue. byron hitts visits one of the stores where the killer bought guns. >> reporter: owner chris michael woke up shocked by the news of the las vegas shooting and the identity of the alleged gunman. >> i recognized his name, i recognized the face.
3:19 am
i remembered exactly that he was a customer. i remember him coming in and purchasing a firearm through us. >> reporter: michael says he sold paddock a shotgun in february. >> everything lined up. everything was a normal purchase by a normal person. there was nothing that should out in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: but now the store owner is struggling with the idea that a gun he sold may have been used for the unthinkable. >> a feeling of guilt. what if, could have, would have, should have, all those things keep falling into place for me, is there something i could have done. >> reporter: sunday's shooting reigs nighting a fierce debate. jimmy kimmel with this fierce monologue. >> i don't know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen. >> reporter: those leaders once again divided in the nation's capitol. pro-rights republicans saying the things they so often seem to say after a mass shooting. >> i think it's premature to be
3:20 am
discussing legislative solutions if there are any. >> reporter: pro-gun-control democrats saying what they always seem to say. >> it is time for action. >> we can say enough is enough. >> reporter: chris murphy, democratic senator from connecticut has been pushing gun control since the catastrophe at sandy hook. >> it's a tried and true the tactic to tell advocates for change that we can't talk about change after a mass shooting. >> reporter: the horror in las vegas ripping off scabs not yet healed from the story we have heard and told too many times before. >> i am absolutely not a politician, but i am a physician who is sick and tired of being reactive, reactive to these gun violence incidents. >> reporter: william beg is an emergency room physician who lives in newtown, connecticut. five years ago he treated victims of the sandy hook
3:21 am
shooting. your gut reaction? >> my gut reaction was one of immense sadness for all those families and the victims. i quite honestly, i could not watch more than a few seconds of the tv, and then it turned to anger, because i do know that, and i'm passionate, that events like this are, in my estimation, prefectu preventible. >> reporter: he sees it as a public health issue. but through policy, he hopes the country will get on the right track. in utah, chris michael says it's not washington politicians but instincts and enforcement. >> the checks and balances for the paperwork that they go through, that the fbi database looks through. i'm still the first guy here and the last guy. >> reporter: byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> now there were some 47 firearms now that they've
3:22 am
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vicks sinex... breathe on. time now for the mix. and we start with quite a coincidence. a couple that just got married, it turns out, were born on the se same day at the same massachusetts hospital. they were kind of like twins, only luckily not related. but they got married. here's their wedding photo. they got married september 9th. both born april 28th, 1990 in the same hospital in taunton. they grew up in communities near each other, met through mutual friends in high school and found out pretty early on, they say, when they took the same driver's ed class that they have the same exact birthday. >> why not just get married on the seam day ame day as well, t.
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>> you already have one sit et gifts. you don't want to couple that with the anniversary gift. >> and nine months till april 28th. just saying. this is a day to celebrate in america. this is one of those great, great days. so we have a public service announcement. it is national taco day. tacos. where are the tacos? >> we didn't get any tacos? it's national taco day. still nothing. >> taco bell, today, for $5, you get four classic taco bell tacos. in tijuana flats, you can get the $2 tacos and mexican drafts. also known as dull la rita, at
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this morning on "world news now," the dramatic new body cam video. showing the chaotic moments of the las vegas massacre. authorities releasing the video hours ago, showing officers surrounding the mandalay bay hotel trying to figure out where the shots were coming from. and the shooter's girlfriend is back in the u.s. we're live in vegas. and president trump going to the disaster zone, meeting with officials. in puerto rico. and new this half hour, never before seen video showing a bomb exploding in the heart of new york city. the pedestrians running for cover. the new images as the accused bomber's trial gets under way. and we have the new images of o.j. simpson and a look at what his new life is like three days after leaving prison. it's wednesday, october 4th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is world news now. >> and good morning everyone on this wednesday. we start this half hour with a first look at the las vegas massacre through the eyes of the police. >> new body cam video shows the chaos and confusion unfolding as officers try to locate the shooter and keep concert-goers out of the line of fire. >> investigators are still processing everything they've found in the shooter's hotel room, including two dozen guns. and devices used to turn rifles into rapid-fire weapons. we begin with abc's matt gutman. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: this was the crowd at the harvest festival, 22,000 people joining together for "god bless america." but high above, another spectator was watching them, a mass murderer. they're learning how 64-year-old stephen paddock planned his attack.
3:32 am
he checked into the glittering mandalay bay resort last thursday. on september 28, he checked in, carrying multiple bags and likely passing a sign just like this. but paddock didn't just bring a weapon, he brought an arsenal, ten suitcases packed with 23 guns. abc news has obtained this video. weapons everywhere. and a pile of magazines. through the battered doorway, crime photos show an ar-15, outfitted with a scope and bipod. to stabilize the weapon. parts of what eyewitnesses call that "kill box", were a full five football fields away, a range of which would have been impossible had he been using handguns instead of long guns. he shuttered himself in his suite, taking in room service, say police, as the country music festival kicked off.
3:33 am
waiting. on sunday, that joy turned to panic, when at 10:08 p.m., he started firing down on the crowd below. shots coming for nearly 9 minutes. for the first time, police playing body camera footage at a press conference. >> everybody stay down! >> reporter: but as s.w.a.t. teams approach the 32nd floor, the shooter may have had eyes on him. police say he'd set up at least two cameras, one monitoring the hallway, seen right there on that service cart. and when officers finally broke down the door. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: paddock had killed himself. his body laid out near all those guns. the sheriff saying there had been multiple employees inside that room before the shooting, which begs the question, how it's possible, given the elaborate setup that paddock had in that room, with multiple
3:34 am
weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and of course those cameras, how it all went unnoticed. matt gutman, abc news, las vegas. >> amazing work that the police did in the wake of all that. and the police now say the death toll is 58 not counting the gunman. >> and they're calling his live-in girlfriend a person of interest. she was out of the country at the time of the shooting but now she's back. for more, let's check in with lana zak. who is live in las vegas at this early morning hours. what can you tell us about the shooter's girlfriend? >> reporter: good morning to you. marilou danley had been together with the shooter for several years, they had apparently met here in las vegas. they had two homes together. they don't know yet why he did what he did. the questions about his motive are still unanswered. and they think that she may be that missing puzzle piece. so she landed a few hours ago at l.a.x. and they are eager to ask her these questions. >> any word on what the next lead is on this investigation, what the next big thing they're going to be looking for?
3:35 am
>> reporter: well, certainly, they want to understand a little bit more about his financial transactions. there are some reports that he had transferred large sums of money over to the philippines. they want to know what that was about. and they really want to know more about what she understood. marilou danley, about why he had all of those weapons. remember, 47 weapons in the three different locations, including some modified guns that were semi, that functioned, then as automatic weapons. >> the girlfriend is now back in this country. and of course investigators will be talking to her in the next few days. lana, thank you. >> and we expect confirmation of the 58 people killed. some of those wounded on sunday night are also starting to tell their stories. >> one of them is sheldon mack who was at the concert, celebrating his 21st birthday. abc's david muir spoke with him in his hospital bed. >> it all happened so fast. it seems surreal, so bad.
3:36 am
i just keep seeing it in my mind still. it haunts me. >> reporter: and you were seeing people around you? >> yeah, like a girl two rows ahead got hit in the neck. and went down. >> mack was shot twice, once in the arm and in the abdomen. >> he is trying to find a man who got him to the hospital. they say he saved sheldon's life. and president trump is going to meet with the victims of the shooting and first responders. >> yesterday he made a trip to puerto rico to speak with victims of hurricane maria. and at one point he tossed rolls of paper towels out to the crowd. he said the island had gotten off lightly with only 16 dead, but shortly after he left the death toll was raised to 34. >> abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: president trump in puerto rico as consoler in chief.
3:37 am
>> we're going to help you out. have a good time. >> reporter: this during the president's first trip to the u.s. territory, two weeks after hurricane maria, as one emergency official put it, destroyed the island. president trump accompanied by the first lady, even handing out supplies himself, while praising fema and emergency responders. >> great job. great job. and to all of my people -- >> reporter: directly responding to critics slamming the federal response as inadequate and slow. >> this has been a category five, which few people have ever even heard of. a category five hitting land, but it hit land, and boy, did it hit land. >> reporter: the white house maintaining federal help has been delivered and continues to stream in, with thousands of troops and civilians on the ground, delivering more than 1 million meals and 2 million liters of water. the president, who earlier bashed some members of the puerto rican leadership in a barrage of tweets, seemingly making peace on this trip,
3:38 am
particularly with the san juan mayor with this handshake. but, again, raising eyebrows after scolding local officials on their budget crisis. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you've thrown our budget a little out of whack. >> during this trip, president trump did not visit the u.s. virgin islands, but the governor of that territory traveled to puerto rico to meet with the president. >> the president back at the white house for the overnight hours. thank you. and the u.s. has ordered cuba to withdraw more than half of its diplomats from washington. the 15 cubans have seven days to leave the country. the state department says it's in response to a mysterious medical problem affecting st u.s. embassy personnel. it's another sign of rocky relations. jim mattis says it's in the interest of the u.s. to stick with the iran nuclear deal.
3:39 am
that came out as he was testifying before the senate arms services committee. president trump has often dismissed the deal as quote, a disaster, but mattis is now the second senior national security team member to contradict him on this. the first was the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. former president obama had a surprise anniversary greeting for his wife michelle. it happened while the former first lady was taking part in a women's conference in philadelphia. >> she was speaking on stage with shonda rhimes when rimes interrupted the conversation and let the president wish his wife a happy 25th anniversary. >> it's no wonder that when people got to know you the way i know you that they fell in love. and it is truly the best decision i ever made to be persistent enough, asking you out for a date, that you finally gave in.
3:40 am
and i hope that, i hope you feel the same way. >> and michelle obama posted a picture from their wedding day, calling her husband her best friend and the most extraordinary man she knows. >> 25 years. mere kids, the obamas. coming up, the new surveillance video showing the moment a bomb detonated on a packed manhattan sidewalk, as the trial gets under way for the man charged in the worst terror attack since 9/11. and new details about o.j. simpson's parole, but first here's a look at your wednesday forecast. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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police body cam video outside of indianapolis capture an officer firing off a shot at what he thought was an armed robber backing out of a bar, but it turns out that map was an actor, shooting a scene for a movie. thankfully no one was hurt, but the bullet came close to hitting the actor in the head. prosecutors say no charges will be filed. the police department says it was never notified about that
3:44 am
movie production. there are new clues in what might have triggered the death of a university student during a possible hazing incident. search warrants indicate that the pledges may have been forced to drink alcohol during a drinking game that was referred to in text messages as "bible study." police say 18-year-old maxwell gruber died of an apparent alcohol overdose one day after that incident. new surveillance video has been released of the moment a pressure cooker bomb was detonated last year. >> it comes as the trial of the bombing suspect gets under way. >> reporter: this is the moment a pressure cooker bomb exploded in new york city, burning the faces of stunned pedestrians who turned to run. a saturday night instantly chaotic. the shrapnel spewed all over the block into buildings, cars and three dozen people. police believe it would have killed had it not been left near this dumpster that absorbed much of the blast. >> i think it's just miraculous
3:45 am
no one was killed. >> reporter: surveillance video played at the trial of the alleged bomber, shows ahmed rahimi. he walked four blocks north to drop the second device. it never went off. police believe these two men who admired the bag inadvertently disabled it. rahimmi, who was captured two days later, faces eight counts, temming from the worst terror attack in new york since th9/11. >> he was like anyone else moving through the transit hub and then through the streets of new york. >> reporter: rahimi's trial began on monday. and the dramatic images of the bombing and the aftermath were just the start. the jury saw his bloodstained journal which predicted "the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets." and now to life on the outside for o.j. simpson.
3:46 am
>> we're getting our first look at simpson since his release from prison sunday morning. he spent the first few days of his parole laying low, brushing up on his golf game and lounging by the pool. he also spent quality time with his 48-year-old daughter arnell. can't believe arnell's 48 already. >> when we come back, the actor set to play hugh hefner. against limescale. so switch to lysol. what it takes to protect.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> you know, every time we have one of these tragedies as we've had in las vegas, there are so many people who are giving their support and tributes, and the celebrities we're going to start "the skinny" with are doing the same. many tributes pouring in after the shooting. >> donnie osmond and his sister marie have a long-running show in las vegas. and here's what donnie had to say. >> we are not going to allow this tragedy to stop any of us from entertaining audiences in that great city. >> celine dion has a residence
3:49 am
at caesar's, and is continuing her shows as well, and tweeting her support. saying praying for all the innocent victims and their families. >> and taylor swift, here's a cool one. she sent flowers to a los angeles police department after she heard that one of their officers had been injured in the shooting. >> that's really nice. and this is one of the smaller arrangements that you saw there. >> and the music world continues to mourn the loss of tom petty. he died in his home after suffering a cardiac arrest. he's being remembered for his ability to reinvent himself through the years. >> the rock 'n roll hall-of-famer influenced so many singers that we know of today. coldplay, rem took to the stage to honor him. ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ free falling
3:50 am
♪ i'm free ♪ free falling ♪ >> coldplay on the stage there in portland, oregon with the ultimate tribute to tom petty. >> well, they say imitation is the best form of flattery. tom, wherever he is, is feeling very flattered. the estate of the late beatle, george harrison tweeted, he had a rocking chair wisdom that brought everything back. we can hear that in his lyrics. >> even actor rob lowe said tom petty was on my mt. rushmore of rock heroes. the writing, the voice, the band, heartbroken. understandably so. it was a shock for so many of us. he was so young, just 66 years old and had played concerts just days prior.
3:51 am
>> and inspired so many artists to go into music and produce the kind of music that they did. >> absolutely. well, moving on now. it wouldn't be "the skinny" if we didn't have a celeb possibly testing political waters. so this time it's billionaire businessman mark cuban. >> yeah. so the sometimes shark tank investor said tuesday he's considering a run, but he isn't ready to commit just yet. you may want to grab the popcorn if that does happen, because he and president trump have made no secret of their dislike for each other. >> they hate each other. >> yeah, pretty much that. >> so this will be us. >> jared leno set to star as hugh hefner. in an upcoming bio pick. he's known as immersing himself in his roles. and going full method, as they say. >> yeah. we heard pretty interesting stories from "suicide squad", when he was playing the joker. makes you wonder what his method
3:52 am
will be for portraying hefner. hugh hefner said he slept with 1,000 women. so it's only acting. >> okay. y. ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is.
3:55 am
taking a look at some of the vigils and memorials we've seen all over the country and the world for that matter following the tragedy in las vegas over the weekend. >> and we're also hearing stories of bravery as the bullets started flying in the air. here's linsey davis. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: the city of lights, radiating spirit that can't be dimmed. ♪ that saved a wretch one giant embrace for the wound the, tourists and residents alike. hundreds waiting for hours to donate blood. take a look at how many people are out here. all to help people like anthony who was shot in the leg, hit by shrapnel in the face.
3:56 am
as he shielded his friend from a shower of bullets. >> two inches to the right and i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: tears and generosity both flowing. the go fund me donations still grows, more than 50,000 people, raising more than $4 million. after the most inhumane acts, an outpouring of love for humanity. linsey davis, las vegas. >> our thanks to linsey davis there. absolutely an outpouring there in that community, from so far away. and we're seeing also the power of social media at play again. this image of 5-year-old adam hugheser was posted to facebook. he had been separated from his mother doris in the chaos. someone saw the photo and they ended up reuniting them with their grandparents. >> this one is from one of our own. a brandon chase on the ground in las vegas. he captured this moment. a mother and son walked up to a
3:57 am
police officer and asked if they could give him a hug. that's all. just wanted to give the officer a hug in a show of support. >> one thing we notice also involving the police officers, that they, someone dropped off pizza at the police station, to try to give them some support and much nourishment there in las vegas. and one of the things we've mentioned about vegas in the past, but it really is worth noting that it seems from somebody from the outside, a soulless city, because it is all about show business and tourists and visitors, but it is a large community, a massive city with many residents. >> and coming together in such a big way. they established a go fund me page to help the victims, they're up to $8.3 million the last time we checked with people all over the world donating. and we saw people lining up to donate blood, food, water. everyone is coming out to help in any way they can. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning the las vegas shooter's girlfriend returns to the u.s. overnight as police release video showing the chaos officers faced during the rampage. we also have new pictures from inside the shooter's room and how he kept tabs on police with cameras. >> new overnight, president trump speaking about the crisis in puerto rico. the potential cost to american taxpayers and the staggering needs on the island. >> drop the gun now. drop the gun. >> we're doing a movie. >> also this morning a movie mistake. police open fire thinking this was an armed robbery. hear why the actor says he's partially to blame. new details about what caused hugh hefner's death. the unexpected contributing factor.


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