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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 4, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> leaning hard. >> a paraglider follows instructions from below. >> it was part of the plan. >> see the terrifying problem when things don't go according to plan. >> oh, no. proof you shouldn't run with scissors and -- >> you shouldn't play with them either. >> what happened at school to cause this. >> oh! >> wow, dude! >> oh! function and fashion statement? no problem. >> oh, that ain't fair. >> the hybrid footwear for the well-heeled woman. as christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle break down the best on the web including a young artist who is sharing his talents with "rtm." >> oh my goodness.
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>> 11-year-old tyler shares the story of his huge success with a shout out to mom. >> you're still his favorite artist. >> i am. and i'm better than him. he's not better than me. [ laughter ] nobody forgets their first -- crash that is. for example this fella up in the skies over turkey, beautiful, blue skies actually, having a grand, old time and while he's up there, he's actually getting instruction in his ear. >> the sky is clean for you. >> everything is going perfectly fine until he gets his instruction. >> park the brakes, reach in, lean in hard. >> he leans in hard, but then half his wing collapses. we can go back up to his point of view, see what happened. >> oh, no. >> you saw him grab a handful of those lines. when he pulled it, he starts doing what was originally the plan but now that wing is looking all kinds of wrong. >> was that instructor telling
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him to intentionally stall the wing so he could learn how to recover? >> it was all part of the plan, it just didn't go according to plan. >> one thing to get instructions but you got to actually calm down and do it. >> woo! >> he keeps struggling for a little while until he gets this instruction. obviously he hears it, we can see his reserve comes up. the reason for this being he's running out of altitude. that becomes clear very quickly. >> woo! >> wow, that's terrifying, too, you got to get that levy gear off you and try not to get tangled underwater. >> fortunately we can see from this angle just after the impact when this ferry moves out the way, you can see these guys are johnny on the spot. there's the rescue boat heading right towards him. fortunately, though, you can see from his angle they get right to his side, super quick. you can actually see in this part they're right here, he's pulled onto the boat. he obviously was well prepared. he's got an inflatable around his neck so i think he was going to be just fine.
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>> they say you shouldn't run with scissors. well, you shouldn't play with them either. >> dang, dude. >> that's what one teacher in peru says what happened. she says this 14-year-old boy and a female student were playing with the scissors in class. they got thrown, and this happened. >> wow, dude! >> oh! >> that looks like somebody deliberately stabbed him in the head with those scissors, not tossed them and they just happened to stick. >> you know what, charity? the students in the class say oh no, they weren't playing, that was deliberate, so the teacher has been suspended. the young man was taken to the hospital to take an x-ray to make sure that that had not pierced his brain. >> oh! >> came awfully close, didn't it? poor little edward scissorhead. >> they say it scratched his skull but did not penetrate through. he's going to be okay. the school is investigating, and the girl could possibly be in
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trouble. >> possibly? if you stab another student in the head with scissors, you need to go to jail. >> accusations are not a guilty verdict. little sundar here she had something weird happen. she was playing with an umbrella. her mom was cooking, heard a piercing scream, turned around and saw umbrella stuck in her daughter's throat. she was taken to a hospital but after a two-hour surgery, she is recovering. >> it's bad luck to use an umbrella inside. >> this is proof. >> mom's handling this pretty calmly. check her out. she's like yep, sitting on the curb here waiting for my ride to the hospital. >> when it rains, it pours. it's mating season and you know what that means, battle of the beasts, my friends. starts off slow, slowly turns around. >> there it is. it's just like a street fight.
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no, no, we're cool, we're cool, and then crack. >> they are just going at it. >> has anyone screamed yet? >> no, but they should because this gets out of control quickly. >> one's clearly bigger. is he going to win the fight or is he the older, salty dog? >> they're scuffling around, horns are locked and they go behind the bushes a little bit, come back. >> he's getting gutted right there. >> that's nasty. oh that's nasty, oh, almost took away his bits and pieces there right up there. >> it's not looking good. oh! >> oh, dang! he's not going to be mating for the next six seasons. >> throw in the towel! >> one has the other up against the trees and branches and he goes and charges. all right, all right, all right. looks like that moose has had enough. >> woo. whoever's taking this video, i hope they have protection. >> looks like they stayed far enough away. the one moose heads one way, the other looks dead into the camera. >> look, jentgents, there's no ladies around watching. what was the point? >> we suspect the lady is behind the bushes.
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>> hi. this is the living, breathing, walking definition of fabulous. oh you got video of me this morning? ♪ >> girl, okay. >> this fabulous woman is marawa wamp and she's made a name for herself because of cool roller skates. >> they have the ankle support and these don't but i could see these in music videos. >> she doesn't need the ankle support. look at her go up the stairs. >> i think she was a star by that last name. ♪ wamp, wamp, wamp >> she skates all over the world and believe it or not she holds the guinness book of world record. >> i believe it. >> some are held while she does this and hula hooping. check this out.
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>> come on! that ain't fair. >> don't you hate her a little bit but you love her more than that. >> work girl, work. >> you can see why this video is getting so much attention. it's gone viral. hundreds of thousands of views, actually kind of into the millions. the dog spots something scary, so -- [ barks ] see what wins in this mini drone standoff. and models pose for a calendar that's -- >> apparently quite coveted. >> the story behind the fishing project catching eyes in. they lured oli in. >> hook, line and sinker. "right this minute" is brought to you by ashley home store. this is home.
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closed captioning provided by -- salicylic acid controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. in the world of red bull competitors, let's be honest, they are a pretty elite group, but if i were to take part in anything, i think i could get into this discipline. road racing, because i feel like i've been training for this my whole life. it's like video games come to life. this is from the red bull dr-1 in spielberg, austria, where 18
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teams from 40 countries came to face off this particular course inspired by wind, earth, water, fire. wind is licking at the drones as they go past and apparently air jet, the poster drone off and maybe sort of make them crash. there's water as well and of course the earth would be hitting the ground. >> there's much more than just the obstacles that we can see. >> there was so much to this. you can see another drone there sort of chasing each other. apparently another part of this event is pit stops. you've got to bring them in, switch out the batteries and send them back out again. >> that can mess up your time. >> exactly. >> so this is like nascar with steeplechase and a little bit of equestrian stuff all in one. >> it's like nascar, but they also turn right. even the competitors were saying this one is set apart because it's a really long race as well, and to concentrate at this level it's amazing. someone who is not a fan of drones, the shibu enu.
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[ barking ] every time the drone moves she starts [ barking ]. you walk around it with your hand, i'm done. they put it away so she could learn to trust them again. this is the time of the year where 2018 calendars are going to start hitting the shelves. you can buy them online. this one happens to be quite the 2018 calendar, apparently quite coveted especially in germany. this is the fifth year that a company that sells fishing equipment has put together this calendar. >> they've lured oli in. >> right. >> hook, line and sinker. >> yep. at first, it was just a goofy idea to get cute girls with fish. it became a success in germany, and now it sounds like the u.s. is becoming quite interested in these calendars. >> meanwhile, the poor fish is like --
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>> you'll be relieved to know, you can see it in the video there are a couple of assistants there that are making sure that the fish don't get too fishy. they spend eight weeks creating this calendar. the owner of this company went out and caught the fish, they posed, they asked different models to serve as the different months of the calendar. >> that necklace is cute. >> oh, there was a necklace. >> clearly we use calendars to promote just about everything but something about this is just odd. >> but apparently people love weird because i'm telling you, this thing -- >> no, people just love boobs. that's why it's selling. >> you'll somebody prur id surp it's called the carp fishing calendar, from its inception five years ago, it looks like they have fans in america as well chipping out some cash, about $20 for one of these calendars. big surprise gift for these two kids. >> cute. >> see it, next "right this minute."
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and still to come -- this 11-year-old's amazing paintings have made him a viral sensation. but now -- >> wait a minute. holy cow! >> why some of his latest art features some familiar faces. could i just point out he started with the eyebrows on mine? plus ryan williams is back, has us wondering -- >> what are we going to see this time in. >> the new tricks that will knock your socks off. wow! when it's time to move to underwear toddlers see things a bit differently thanks to pampers easy ups while they see their first underwear you see an easy way to potty train pampers easy ups our first and only training underwear with an all around stretchy waistband and pampers superior protection so you'll see fewer leaks and they'll see their first underwear pampers easy ups, an easy way to underwear pampers i'm going on a target run..
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promotional considerations provided by -- with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. if there's one guy that sends it big, it's ryan williams. he's on the nitrocircus tour and every time he goes out, he tries to pull off something new and something huge. >> okay, so what acrobatic are we going to see this time? >> here he goes on the scooter. >> what? >> seems like he's up in the air forever. >> did he do it in slow mo, too? maybe that's why it looks that way. >> wow he's good. >> it looks awesome to us, the untrained eye but eyian is not
2:49 pm
happy with that. >> of course i would slit my foot. that was perfect extension, but you know what? you can't win 'em all. >> he's really unhappy with his performance so he tries another trick and again, doesn't quite nail it, but the crowd obviously still loves ryan. so do we. he's his own harshest critic. >> just keep going when you're performing. no one's going to know you made a mistake. >> and he does. here he goes on the bmx bike. >> wow! >> again, he doesn't quite stick it but still rides it out and still mad at himself pour that. the one trick he closes all of his shows with is this one. he created it years ago. no one else has been able to replicate it. tosses the bike in the air, flips it over, and nails it. ♪ >> something i really love about "right this minute" is getting exposed to good talents. 11-year-old tyler gordon, he's
2:50 pm
painting all of these people, they put time lapses together and he's just so talented. he's actually uploaded a few new videos as well. see if you can figure out which celebrity he's painting. slowly but surely a face is going to start appearing. >> wait a minute. holy cow! that's me! >> that's gayle! and her big old smile! >> wow! >> not the only video. there's a whole series of these guys. watch as he goes along participating each and every one of our faces. look at that, krchristian. >> my goodness. >> this kid is good. >> i know, each and every one of us got immortalized in a tyler gordon original and if you want to say thank you live, via skype "right this minute" we have 11-year-old tyler gordon! [ cheers and applause ]
2:51 pm
>> woman come to the show, tyler. you are quite a talent. but before i ask you for first question, guys, he didn't just send us videos. all of them. >> no way, my goodness. >> these are incredible, each and every one of us have been sent our own tyler gordon original. tyler, first of all, thank you, from all of us, but when did you figure out that painting is what you wanted to do? >> in sixth grade. >> where did it come from? >> my mom. >> your mom paints as well? >> yes. >> who is better, you or mom? >> me. >> do you have a favorite painter already? >> my mom. >> oh. >> well done. >> you've painted a lot of celebrity faces before. of all the paintings you've done, do you by any chance have a favorite? >> yes. >> who? >> who is the favorite? >> kevin durant. >> oh! >> have you sent kevin durant
2:52 pm
any of your artwork? >> yes, he bought three and he ordered ten more. >> wow! >> mom, what do you think about tyler's talent? >> i think it's unbelievable. i've never seen anything like it. he picked up a paint brush for the first time ten months ago and blew me away. i asked him is this what you want to do? he said yes. i have aben pushing to try to get him everything he need. >> what kind of support have you got online, help contribute to buy some supplies? >> oh, my, we've had people donate canvases, brushes, paint, everything you can imagine they've donated to him. we've all been grateful. >> tell us about that moment when you first noticed his talent. what did that feel like? >> at first, i was mad, because i said it took me 37 years to get to the point i'm at, and he's like overnight. >> but you're still his favorite artist. >> i am. and i'm better than him. he's not better than me. [ laughter ]
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bobby flay is giving this guy a cooking lesson. >> you whisked it? >> sure. >> you did whisk is it t? i didn't hear it. >> see i we just moved in about four months ago,
2:54 pm
but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy.
2:55 pm
us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. we love it! back in and wouldn't you know it, the flies are able to fly once again. this dog has manners. he's gotten a cooking lesson making crab cakes. >> last time, two out of ten, what do you think you are now? >> 2.5. >> this time he's in the bon appetit kitchen with bobby flay for another edition of "back to
2:56 pm
back." they don't get any visuals. he has to listen to the instructions and carry them out. >> today it's chili rieno. >> let's see how he does. >> sign me up for this one. >> a fun challenge. >> can you identify those? >> i can. >> he does successfully coat them in oil. blacken the pablano pepper, step one. slice the mushrooms, step two. how about the garlic? >> crush the garr rick and salt together. we want it pulverized into a paste so when it cooks it dissolves and becomes part of the mushroom. you got it? >> i got it, it's crushed. >> not looking like a paste. >> close enough. the flavors will be there. >> it's time for a dredge station. cornmeal, rice flour, and a rice flour batter. >> stir the rice flour batter because the rice flour is actually settled to the bottom. >> check out shane. >> okay. >> i'm thinking if peta. >> make sure you're covering that completely. from there into the yellow
2:57 pm
cornmeal. >> oh, it looks like it's rotten. >> he does get some batter on there. let's give him a point for that. >> let's go. >> they fry it up. let's just go right to the plating. >> this is where i think he does a good job. >> make it look like abstract contemporary art. >> that's not bad. you got to admit, that didn't look so bad. >> a biology book. >> fertilize the egg. >> now he plates it. >> i'll show you mine, you show me yours. >> that's it. >> wow. i've never seen chili riano like that before. here it is, ladies and gentlemen. >> ugh -- it's just different. >> mushrooms are good. >> if bobby flay says your mushrooms are good that's a win. >> who cares about presentation? as long as it tastes good. thanks for spending part of your day with us. we appreciate it. check out to tune in to lots more fun stuff or
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