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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 5, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EDT

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♪ grrve
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> what is it? is it just something that i would fish with this? >> the in-laws get a gift of fishing gear, but -- >> they don't know what to make of it. >> the moment the hidden meaning finally sinks in. a helicopter drops a lifeline to a hiker trapped at a waterfall. that guy had to spend the night
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out there. the heartstopping journey as he finally sways his way to safety. >> i'm going one it, come on, come on. >> a university president learns how to get his hop on. >> he's a really good student. >> how he's connecting with moves that are cool for school. >> drop it, friend, drop it. >> and a little daddy/daughter pep talk. >> you're beautiful. >> i'm beautiful. >> see one sweet lesson in self-assurance. >> feeling good about yourself? >> yes. >> get in front of the mirror and give yourself an affirmation because it can make you feel better. i know i do. these are gummi bears, right? >> yeah, go ahead and try to eat them. >> the in-laws sitting on the floor, they have a gift basket. >> make sure you open them together. >> they get to this particular gift, and they still don't really know what to make of it.
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>> new fishing buddy coming soon. >> three birds, jewelry. >> what's that? that's point. >> he never takes the bait. >> even the mother, though, she read that out loud, it's like the whole of america knows what's happening. >> what is this like, just something that i would fish with this? >> yes you attach that to the end of your line to attract more fish. >> that's very cool. >> she continues to read the message. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> what? >> you don't even like fishing. >> she gives her a huge hug. dad, ding dong! >> oh! >> yes! >> delayed reaction. he's finally on board. >> that was the stupidest thing i kept thinking -- >> at least she's honest. >> i think she likes her gift. >> i think she likes it, too. over here we have hannah, abiga
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abigail, trinity and kayla, there's already five siblings. they'll find out the gender of their new baby brother or sister. >> what color water came out. >> it's a boy! >> is it a boy? >> woo! >> heads up, everybody it's a boy! wait, somebody is not amused. >> you wanted it to be a girl? >> i only have three sisters. i want another one. >> what do you think, abigail? >> awesome! >> abigail's pumped. >> what do you think, trin isn't it. >> trinity? >> i like it. >> i hate it. >> she is not having it. >> tabby, what do you think, do you want another brother? >> unh-uh. >> she's like hey, what are we doing out here again? >> you'll be happy to know the baby is due in february and she's finally on board with the fact she's having a baby brother but she still wants a sister. >> i hate it. search and rescue teams in lion's bay, british columbia,
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canada, doing a long line rescue. man had gone missing earlier the day before. he was hiking, decided to go off trail, hike down a creek and once he got to the end of the creek he realized, well, there's nowhere else to go. he was stuck at the top of a waterfall. this waterfall right here, you can't even see the guy. i can assure you he's right there. >> how the heck did they locate him? did he have some sort of gps device? >> miraculously, he had a cell phone and was able to call for help, but if you don't have that, or you have no signal, who knows? they had found the guy the day before this rescue, but they couldn't get to him in time before nightfall, so that guy had to spend the night out there. >> hey, buddy. >> this is the next morning. they wake up, handshake, the guy is in good shape. >> you just hook up and away we go. >> he had a plastic bag to tie around him for warmth. >> think about that guy on the other end of the line. you're over there, the helicopter takes off and you spend however long dangling
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underneath the helicopter until you get to the place to do the rescue. >> lifted off for a short ride at the end of a long room. he's he not injured, made it through the night. even though he got lost he did have some survival gear with him. >> you got to imagine if you do something like this, that you are prepared for it. clearly he can't be a rookie, just found himself in some trouble. >> you hope people are prepared. too often five people were woefully unprepared. they made it through without getting hyperthermic. we no injuries. he found himself in a situation he could not get out of. >> misdirection not just useful for magicians but criminals, too. he bought himself a bunch of clothes and put his car down there, gets the woman to run the card but there's an issue. >> that's so embarrassing. >> he's not embarrassed at all. hang on, how much do i owe you?
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drawing her attention down to the calculator. as soon as she totals up the right amount of money he goes into his wallet, pulls out this, which is supposed to be 200 euros, that's when he draws her attention back to the calculator and keeps saying what was this, what's going on. apparently okay, cool, bye, took the shopping and left. that wasn't 200 urose. >> what? >> he kept her on the back foot, able to take that and leave. on to the next video, a couple living la vida loca. another guy comes into the shot later that's his accomplice. there's trouble brewing. he gets his bag out and gets himself ready. takes something off the shelf and slips it into his bag, bing! stealing what, can you guess? >> coffee! but why? >> because it's expensive. >> if you get caught and go to jail over some coffee. that could be in the big house
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brewery for sure. >> you could say there's grounds for jail time. in fact, that's exactly what's going to be happening. they could be facing up to five years in jail. it takes little effort for a president of a university to show his interest in his students. let's go on over to the university of central arkansas where this have ideocomes from. ♪ >> i recognize the bunny hop made famous in the 2000s. a cool hip top line dance. >> you know the dance? >> i don't know the dance or the song, sorry. >> neither did president houston davis of the university that made it known to a group called dancers united at the university, i want to learn the dance. they were thrilled. he showed up to the uca family day and tailgate. they took the opportunity he's a
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good student. ♪ hop with it, come on, come on ♪ >> he threw himself into it and learned with an open mind. >> he is prepared for every wedding reception from in day forward. >> true. drop it, friend, drop it, drop it. >> he's got some pop. he really does have some pop. >> the next time he goes to a wedding he'll pull old school. hey, hey! >> bus has been in the hospital receiving treatment. sounds like some kidney issues have given him back issues that made it difficult to move around. >> are you all right? >> i'm not doing good. you can hear in the background bodack yellow. apparently the song has superpowers. the man feeling so ill walking, watch what happens when the song
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starts. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> i've seen dance moves for sure. >> it does sound like he's doing a lot better now so we hope that he's able to continue dancing. ♪ neighbors have been -- >> beefing a little bit over parking. >> but see why having a buff nephew pays off. and there's something in their kitchen. >> you need some backup, though. he's getting nervous. >> find out what's freaking this couple out. you don't want anything stopping you from doing what you love. for extra immune support, there's airborne plus beta-immune booster™. the only one made with vitamins and minerals,
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>> nope, nope, nope, nope. >> yes, yes, yes. yes, all of that. >> the driver ends up stopping right in between the gates on the tracks. >> why would you stop? >> no! just floor it! >> dude, don't worry about the gate now, you dummy. just go. >> that's the discussion on social media. some folks are saying why didn't he just go through the gate? forget it. well, instead he hops out of the bus and he's like hey, hey, to the train conductor. people on the bus are high tailing it out of there and well, here comes the train, just charging through and takes the back end of that bus with it. >> you even had a few more feet to pull that bus up. how has he been put in charge of driving a bus full of people around? >> what could his excuse possibly be? >> there is none and thankfully nobody was injured. let's move over to the next video. we've all had this dispute with our neighbors. the neighbors have been beefing a little bit over parking. >> this happened to me all the time back in the uk.
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there's no yellow lines to say you can't park there but a lot of people they park their cars on their property but now they can't get out and go to work. >> well, this fellow here in the black has had enough. apparently his aunt had parked on the neighbor's side of the street, and in retaliation instead of just parking in front of her house, they blocked her in the driveway. the little nephew here is not little at all. in fact he happens to be a power trainer. >> argh! >> who comes out of his shoes. >> he has crocs on, come on. >> the situation is under investigation for damages. he goes, i didn't damage the car. i just moved it out of the way. >> look at her wiping her hands, too, yeah, took care of that, didn't i? >> they're like -- >> that's definitely uk, by the way. i can predict that nick will say ooh, poor kitty in three, two, one. >> ooh, that, that cat's not looking quite right. >> oh, the poor kitty.
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>> however, dr. matt with vet ranch says the kitty's probably not in a lot of pain but that leg does need to be repaired. >> is it broken? >> oh yeah it's broken. >> it's breaking my heart. >> on the right is the normal femur. on the left is the one that's broken. >> it's pushing up on its little body. >> says images of the x-rays sent to an orthopedic surgeon to say hey do you think there's something that can be done. after about ten days the expert said yeah, we should perform surgery, like in 20 minutes. so that cat is prepped for surgery. they're going to put pins in, and some wire, so the kitty can grow up and walk on it again hopefully, if all goes well. several days later, four days to be exact, they give us a look at how her recovery's going. >> you can see her walking on it, which is awesome. >> you know what? a couple months you'll be jumping up on your counters. >> let's check her a month after surgery. she looks a little older, and she doesn't want to walk for him. the last time i was here you performed surgery, she's hiding
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from him. >> this is the worst video ever. >> check this out, after the surgery a month later, this is what the cat is able to do. you know all's well that ends well because once again thanks to donations they were able to help this kitty out and give her a new leg up. it's a scene familiar to many who have ever been in a relationship. boyfriend in a kitchen, with an implement to catch something, and the girlfriend on a chair. he is going to catch the terrifying animal insect murderous thing that is in the kitchen that is endangering her life. >> i am sure it's of a species we've never seen before that is terrifying the heck out of her. >> now, this is in australia. we can relax a little bit. this is in amsterdam but a scottish couple, david forsyth and girlfriend victoria. he's getting nervous. >> bash it. >> bash it, wow. this must be serious. the pressure builds as he gets closer and closer.
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she gets back up on her chair, and then he acts. >> ooh, i got it, i got it! >> he moves! suddenly goes back down to it. >> what is it? what is it? scorpion, tarantula. >> is that a mouse? >> it's a teenie, teenie, tiny mouse. >> why didn't they offer it a piece of cheese. >> at the end they're trying to figure out what to do with this. everything is fine. go to the description, no mice or humans were harmed in this video. >> yeah but their pride is it still intact after all that? >> it's going to need a little therapy. >> a little bit. >> ooh, i got it! i got it! he's getting ready for the perfect selfie. >> tell me you don't see it coming. >> yeah. >> but somehow, he didn't. >> oh! plus it's a bug puppet. >> this is a young but masterful
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these are predictable. this first one -- >> oh, my -- oh, come on! >> you know, if you're not careful with a cake, you're going to drop it. and johnny here had one of those fails, the worst part is everyone seems to be recording and has shared it for social media humiliation. >> that takes the cake. >> ooh, cake. >> it's not all lost though because as you can tell there are two other cakes behind him. >> wow, they obviously know him well. >> bring in the backups, guys. >> that was a backup to the backup, it was just the fact that they were celebrating three different birthdays so two people got their cakes, one didn't. >> this next one. >> trying to take a selfie. not only did it stop his slide. >> well done, mate.
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this video may bug you a little bit, just trying to figure out how it's happening. hey, look at that. a bug puppet? >> you got it. this is a young but masterful puppeteer by the name of barnaby dixon, 26 years old, lives in the uk, and this has become his passion. found himself in some stop motion, and then started to really enjoy puppetry. that's when he gave up everything else and focused on handmaking these individual puppets. this is his latest and it's a glow in the dark bug that he's incorporated with a drum pad. >> it's like the millenial version of the season from "big" with tom hanks dancing on the piano. >> it's pretty neat. he's got one hand in a black glove operating the legs and pelvis and his other hand is upside down operating the upper extremeities of the bug, and
2:36 am
when the lights go out and he blends into the background, it starts to look really, really neat. >> kind of looks like the charlotte hornets mascot. >> it does. barnaby's passion has caught on. some of his earlier videos have gone viral, millions of hits. people find it very interesting what he does and now i don't expect this video to be much different, because now he's not only incorporating a new puppet that he's recently created, but he's putting it together with this music that he's creating on the fly, and using a loop pedal to put it all together. >> would it be more on the bug? >> ahh! >> see what i have to deal with? self-assurance goes a long way. >> in front of the mirror and give yourself affirmations. it can make you feel better. i know i do. >> hear the encouraging words
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but really cool little project. one of my favorite father/daughter duos is back, apiando and his little girl tiara. >> you're beautiful. >> i'm beautiful. >> say you're gorgeous. >> i'm gorgeous. >> say, you're magnificent. >> i'm magnificent. >> so easy to say. let's be honest. >> say you're marvelous. >> i'm marvelous. >> say you're wonderful. >> i'm wonderful. >> they're so cute. >> they are cute. this isn't the first time we've seen them. he post this is to


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