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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 6, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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the big story is breaking news. chopper 6 live over the schuylkill freeway closed both directions by a fatal accident. it happened near the zoo. an eastbound motorcycle flue flw over the divider on to the incoming lane. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the highway will replain closed for some time while police investigate. this is the second fatal accident on the schuylkill expressway today. a woman is assaulted in her own home. a neighbor is praised for fighting off the suspect in gunpoint. >> an attack happened on the 5800 block of marshall street in
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olney tuesday. christie ileto has the latest on the investigation. >> monica, the suspect sexual assaulted the 57-year-old woman, tried to steal her car when the next door neighbor came out, wrestled the suspect to the ground scaring him away. this man says that his neighbor wrestled off the would be neighbor. the suspect sexual assaulted a 67-year-old woman next door and was trying to steal her cash and car and phone. that's the stuff he tried to steal. the suspect forced his way into
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the victim's home. at gunpoint told her not to make a stand. >> she was walking across the street to get in her daughter's car. i said how you doing? she said all right. >> not knowing the extent of what happened, he combed the block for clues. >> i knew something was wrong. >> it's scary. i pray to god that she's okay. >> nobody can live in their house and be comfortable without someone bothering them period. >> neighbors say a number of other break ins happened on the block. the suspect is described at 6' tall, head fall of hair, african-american and wearing a sweatshirt with the word "fresh"
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on the back. >> thank you, christie. police believe the death of a man and wife started as a dispute over money. police closed in on the suspect on oakland road. he is 61-year-old john hand, the victim's cousin. 64-year-old joseph mullner was killed in the shooting in the 500 block of long acre drive lehigh township. now to the latest in the las vegas shooting. the gunman may have been scouting other cities to create carnage in too. stephen paddock booked another event in las vegas. he never checked in. he was searching for hotel rooms at boston fenway park.
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no evidence he traveled to boston. he rented an air b&b room in a high-rise direct line of sight to a different festival last week. investigators are under the impression that he did not plan to stop with the las vegas attack. he had explosives in his car and they think he had planned to escape. investigators say he was seen with another woman days leading up to an attack. >> the firearms lobby says the atf should re-examine the bump stocks, the attach med paddock used to convert his semiautomatic weapon to fire like an automatic weapon.
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legislation has been proposed in the senate by dianne feinstein. >> the "action news" morning team will be on with developments in the investigation. >> a new tropical storm is headed toward a landfill in the gulf coast. after that, it may make its way here bringing significant rain to our area. we have the latest from storm tracker 6 live. >> hi, monica. this is the time of year we look to the western caribbean for tropical storms to development. tropical storm nate was born, a depression yesterday. it's hugging the coast of honduras. maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour, skimming the yucatan peninsula. over the weekend, it gets to the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. this allows it to strength to a category one hurricane early sunday making landfall someplace
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near new orleans. hurricane watches posted there. likely the remnants will push into the region. you look at the track and see the center of the low moving in overnight monday. all of the rain is ahead of the system. this this is what to expect, we have rain pushing in monday and tuesday. before that, tropical humidity in the air. tomorrow the dewpoint 57. saturday, 60. sunday and monday, we have dewpoints in the 70s. that's the tropical air mass. with that, we get rain. main effect from the storm system ahead of the center of the low on monday. one to three inches can cause ponding on roads. this is good for us. we need the rain. i have more details in th theseven-day forecast.
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monica? >> thank you, cecily. two weeks after the storm hit puerto rico, there are other areas hit here. a combined effort between police, fema and the u.s. mill military brought food and water today. they went door to door handing out boxes. >> a hearing went late into the night. within the past hour, a gloucester county school board decided whether to close an elementary school over a mold issue. outraged parents say their children shall be getting sick. dann cuellar has the latest. monica, the monroe board of education has decided to shut
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down holly glen elementary after a mold problem was discovered. parents had questions and concerned. effective immediately, holly >>glen: glen will be shut down after tests came in showing a serious mold problem at the school. >> the school's 537 students will be temporarily relocated at three other schools until the problem can be remedied. the number of parents say the children have been sick since attending are concerned about the mold. others say they have been complaining about the mold for years but the board president claims they had no idea until
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now. some accused the superintendent of knowing about it and not telling the board about it. you should resign. you don't belong as superintendent. >> [applause ] >> i didn't know. >> you did. >> no, i didn't. >> should have, could have, would have. i'm going to do it. it will be done, ladies and gentlemen. it will be done. officials say it's unclear how long it will take to decontaminate. it could take weeks or months. i'm dann cuellar, channel6
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"action news." >> monica? >> thank you, dan. a traffic stop for tinted windows on a pick upturned into a major drug bust. inside they discovered six kilograms of heroin, $4 million worth. then they traced the suspects to their home where they discovered drug trafficking paraphernalia and $50,000 in cash. they are now facing charges. gloucester county officials accuse a emt driver in sexual assaulting a teenager.
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the fbi and philadelphia police are asking for your help finding this bank band it. it happened on the 66 block of caster avenue at 1:20. he gave a demand note to a teller. no one was hurt. still to come, controversy. hear cam newton's apology after causing outrage over what he said to a female sports reporter. >> and delaware hike in premiums under obama care. >> our high climbed to
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82-degrees, 12-degrees above normal. it's warmer over the weekend. we have the detail in the seven-day forecast. >> plus, the eagles get ready to host the cardinals. much more when "action news"
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>> we want to update our big story right now. the schuylkill expressway is closed due to a fatal motorcycle accident. the motorcyclist jumped the divider from the eastbound lanes to the westbound lanes where he was killed. it is now closed eastbound at girard and will remain that way while officials investigate. >> carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is apologizing for an
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exchange with a female reporter many are calling sexist. he said it was funny to hear females talk about passing routes. >> to the reporter and women all around world, i apologize. he said it was not his attention to offender anyone. > text messages between ex-lovers were published and murphey decided to call it quits. he says he will seek help with his family issues. >> with the new jersey elections
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a month away, phil murphey is turning to high-profile help. joe biden and eric holder will stump for him in the final weeks. and there will be a debate between murphey and kim gudono. >> send your questions to us at "6abc" action. that airs tuesday at 7:00, on "6abc." >> there is a 25% increase in premiums for those with the affordable care act. high mark requested a 33.6% rate hike but insurance regulators
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ruled that was too high. >> in language horn, st st. mars kicked off their party in pink. care givers enjoyed free food and a silent auction. dozens shopped, dined and mingled for in delaware county for the pink party against breast cancer. they raised money for research and patient services for the cancer society. two good causes. action cam looking at the more city skyline lit up with the cloud cover, we couldn't see the harvest moon. bruce went to vermont where the
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skies were clear to get a great shot of the harvest moon, the full moon closer to autumn. usually, we get them in september. it rose shortly after the sun set with a nice orange glow. heading into the weekend, not feeling like october at all. saturday, temperatures 85-degrees with dewpoint in the 6 0s. the 85 feels like 90. tropical air mass, clouds and showers. we have some isolated showers in parts of south jersey. it's not a lot. they are fast moving over millville, route 55. this is associated with a cold
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front. 70, the normal high for this time of year, it's a warm town. monday, kids are bundled up with temperature in the 40s and tomorrow, 60s. philadelphia, 67. shorts and tee shirts should be fine. afternoon high, 82. same as today. we have brighter skies in the afternoon as the system moves further to the north. saturday, this is when the heat peeks, 85, humid and the cold front moves in monday. helping to drop the moisture from tropical storm nate and
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brings us a much needed soaking. the exclusive accuweather forecast, nice day, mix of sun and clouds and sunshine. 85. humidity saturday, sunday, the clouds roll in. shower possible, 80-degrees for the eagle game. temperatures in the upper 70s. drink lots of water and stay hydrated. columbus day, 78-degrees. some of that moisture lingering into tuesday. we clear things out wednesday, 77-degrees for the high. thursday, mostly sunny, it turns cooler, 73-degrees. still, that is five degrees above normal. everyday for the next several days, saturday, 15-degrees above normal, feeling like summer. >> thank you, cecily. it was a beautiful night for dinner and drinks in southwest philadelphia. "action news" was invited to the
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qielt gala. the event serves as the largest fundraiser. they were recognized at community well being. the event raises must be for the dinner. >> "action news" continues our long history of highlighting positive news from around the
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delaware, lehigh
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>> a local football team got a hand delivered check from congressman bob brady for the overbrook football team. the anonymous donor asked the congressman to make the donation. it's not the first time brady helped these players. he raised $26,000 when equipment was stolen. >> coxe is dealing with a calf injury, smallwood has another injury. cardinals sit at 3-1 earning respect nationally. they say that's not their end game. >> our dream, plan for the team
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is way more than winning three games. 3-1 doesn't mean anything. we can't celebrate through long and look into the future to let what we have now slip away. to the ice, no rest for the flyers. flyer in l.a. to face the kings. andre kopitar with the shot on goal. right now, no score. we are in the second period. what a show for houston. not one, not two, but three home
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runs. it's the tenth time a player has done that in a post season game. astros win, 8-2. indians beat the yankees 4-0 in game on of that series. still the whole world...
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...until we helped him find his voice. my daughter was depressed... ...until we helped her find her passion. our family was drifting apart...
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...until we found a connection. you have the power to change your child's life. the boys town national hotline can help. call 800-448-3000 (tdd# 1-800-448-1433) or visit >> college football saturday, penn state visits northwestern. nittany lions 5-0, fourth in the
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nation but not satisfied with how they are playing. i think it's the exciting part. i think we can get better. we need to. we need to as the season goes on, no doubt about it. >> catch the penn state northwestern game saturday afternoon "6abc," coverage begins at noon. college basketball is on the horizon. owls open their season in six weeks. temple figures to field a young squad and plays in a competitive conference. >> weu67 ta state may be top ten. senate ancincinnati may be top . >> college basketball. where did the year go? >> finally tonight, the food truck night market. both ate from different food
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trucks. the goal is to support business owners from around the globe. tonight was italian food. jimmy. >> "jimmy kimmel live" follows us tonight. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for cecily, ducis, the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night tonight. ♪ ♪
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