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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 6, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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>> this one's really going to scare you, you guys. >> she says that every time. >> i'm with you, show me the ghosts. >> says that every time. >> this, my naysayer friends, is security camera at a very old high school in ireland. did you see that? unexplained. there's nobody here, because right about here, the locker just starts shaking back and forth. is it going to fall over? >> that's the kid they stuffed in there and forgot about. >> that was me. >> just seconds later, a locker swings open. papers and notebooks fly out from inside it. >> always does that. >> ghost or no ghost. >> keep an eye on that wet floor sign. >> i'm going to give credit where credit's due for this video, but this is where i'm suspicious, not because of its ghostiness. look at the top, you can see a security camera mounted right at the top of the wall, whereas
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this security camera is, obviously, mounted right in the middle of a wall. that's not where people put security cameras. >> they need different angles. >> that's as high as the tripod could go. really the best they could do. another scary situation, this one in china. >> is he having night terrors? >> he is, charity. he suffers from rem sleep behavior disorder, which essentially makes him act out physically the dreams he is having during rem. when he's dreaming that maybe he's fighting or running, his body wants to actually move like that, except he's been doing this, according to reports, for about ten years. he's punched his wife, he's pushed her out of the bed, she's about had it with him. >> he's got no control and now it's a situation where his marriage is going to break up because of something that happens while he's asleep. >> he also did agree to get therapy and treatment for this. it may save his marriage.
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>> that is crazy, but i have therapy for his wife. just do it back a few times. >> suddenly they both wake up with broken noses. that's all for today's episode, but there's endless content on to watch and share or catch the next all new "rtm". mistress to get an abortion. >> reporter: this pennsylvania republican caught in a sex scandal, congressman tim murphy effectively gave two weeks' notice. he's ot he's out of congress effective october 21st. >> i think it's appropriate that he moves on to the next chapter of his life. >> reporter: he is known for his anti-abortion views. >> i don't know if women who go in for abortion really know what happens. >> reporter: but this week, the pittsburgh gazette posted messages between him and his former mistress, making it clear that while he's against abortion he wanted her to have one. in january, she took him to task
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for posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week. he texted back, expressing remorse. turns out, it was a false alarm. but the affair became public as a result of her divorce proceedings, much to the congressman's embarrassment. the congressman is married too, he says he'll take personal time to get help, as he and his family sort out their difficulties. abc news. and a top democrat on the house oversight committee is calling on the fibi to investigate e-mail accounts set up by jared kushner and ivanka trump. >> the couple claims those accounts were never used for classified information. and now a bizarre story from the aftermath of hurricane irma. we know it brought so much destruction to the florida keys but also brought this buoy to
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south florida. >> it's 12 feet long and weighs 1200 pounds. the russian writing on it suggests it floated all the way from cuba to a beach near ft. lauderdale. that writing says the buoy was once the property of the hydro metralcal. >> that's a far trip. >> cuba? it has russian writing. >> still, thanks, irma. coming up, jerry seinfeld's big come back. hear why he's admitting he had to relearn all of his old jokes. i know probiotics can often help. try digestive advantage. it is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it surivies a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. get the digestive advantage.
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♪ i have never seen "seinfeld." >> what? say that again. >> i have never seen it. >> he has never seen an episode of "seinfeld." >> is it good? >> yes. you have work to do, ron claiborne. i file like we should be sitting at the diner because of the music, but it has been nearly 20 years now since the end of "s n "seinfeld." >> seinfeld is reinventing himself on netflix, bringing his classic brand of stand-up comedy
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to a whole new generation of viewers. >> you live in the city. people ask you where you live, you live in the city. you don't live on the city. >> reporter: that city, new york of course. seinfeld's city. his classic show was set here. >> yada, yada, the best part. >> reporter: his special was shot here at the comedy club where jerry launched his career. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: and when we got together to talk. >> hi, george. >> reporter: what's happening? >> how are you? >> reporter: i wasn't expecting this, but it will work. >> this is how i get around. >> reporter: seinfeld picked a classic piece in new york. a park bench. i fieel there should be a plaqu. >> when i was 21 years old and left my parents ahouse i got an apartment on 81st and columbus, which was the address we always used on the tv series for my apartment.
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i sat here with my parents, and i said i'm going to be a comedian. >> reporter: and you haven't been on this bench since? >> no, i actually have not. >> in the '70s, we were the new hot thing. >> reporter: here in this special, you went back to your original stand-up routines. >> mm-hm. mm-hm. >> reporter: is it true you actually had to relearn some of the jokes? >> all of them. >> reporter: i was surprised, too. >> there's a little joke in there about the cotton balls. >> you go to the doctor before you get the shot, he puts the alcohol on there with the cotton, i go for one of mine. he goes for his, and i said maybe you could use this one. why was it funny? there's a certain timing and a move with your hand and a look on your paface. all those things have to be there or it doesn't work. >> reporter: it's not just what's on the paper? >> no, that's 2% of it. 98% is the way you do it.
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>> reporter: so i could read one of your jokes -- >> it's probably not going to work, no. >> reporter: as the title says, the special takes us back to jerry's beginning, way before the megasuccess of "seinfeld." tell us how it happened. you have an office. >> so i still dot sa the same t. same pen, clear barrel blue and just wait. i don't just wait. because i have things i want to talk about. like i want to talk about when you're texting the three ghosty dots. so why are we so anxious. if before the phone rang it went ra -- ra -- >> reporter: after the biggest comedy success why a special
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now? >> this is a brand-new kind of experience. worldwide, on tuesday, taiwan, hong kong. romania. they're watching it. >> reporter: where was the biggest? here, i suppose. >> here. hong kong in eastern europe, taiwan? india? >> reporter: have you ever done india? >> no, but i'm going to. going to. and they've had my series for years. it's hugely popular there, and it's all bootlegged. >> reporter: so you're not making a dime. >> not a dime. so that's going to change. i'm going to go over there and get the money. >> jerry before "seinfeld", is currently available to stream on netflix and run, they also have episodes of "seinfeld" streaming on netflix that you can watch. can we get the short list of other shows you haven't seen? >> i'm not going to go there. >> long. not a short list. it's long. all right, coming up, the "blade runner" sequel has
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finally arrived. >> with ryan gosling and harrison ford, what could go wrong? insomniac theater is coming up straight ahead!
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nice. cascade.
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♪ time now for "insomniac theater." >> this morning. it is time now for "insomniac theater." this morning we start with "the monday tape between us." kate winslet and indridris elba two strangers stranded after a plane crash. together they have to trek through hundreds of miles of wilderness. >> do you actually think we're going to make it? >> no. instinct tells me that we're going to die out here. but we do have a choice.
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we're still alive. >> without giving it away, they turn to cannibalism and the movie ends in 45 minutes. >> no, it doesn't. >> really weird. just kidding. that's not what happens, but the critics consensus is a no. a 53% splat on rotten tomatoes. it's not the acting. michael salve the san francisco chronicle says quote, we end up liking the characters very much even if we aren't simultaneously in love with the movie. >> ah. >> and another viewer hints at "titanic", hinting that kate winslet has rotten traveling luck. >> i'll never let go, idriss. they have failed it. "blade runner 2049" stars ryan
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gosling who uncovers an old secret that has the potential to ruin all of society or what's left of it. so he sets off on a quest to find harrison ford's character, a former blade runner who has been missing for 30 years. ♪ >> i had your job once. i was good at it. >> things were simpler then. >> critics are loving it. it has a certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. this is a movie that takes itself very seriously but saves itself by taking its subject even more seriously. ethen sacks highlights the visual experience. it sure is a beautiful place to visit. beautiful indeed. >> and joining us live now on the set is ryan gosling from that
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this morning on "world news now." other soft targets the vegas shooter may have been looking at. >> and still without a clear motive for the killer's rampage, investigators are searching for new clues. meanwhile, the nra seems ready to come to the negotiating table along with democrats and republicans looking to regulate the firearm add-on that the gunman used. and we're watching hurricane nate. states of emergency have been declared and this storm is already deadly. and the nfl star under fire. the sexist remark that carolina panthers qb cam newton made to a female reporter. the sponsor that's already cutting ties and what newton is now saying in a video posted to
3:01 am
social media. and where playoffs are under way and a hero has emerged, hitting three home runs last night. we have our playoff predictions and a look at how some of those players are trying to take our jobs. it's friday, october 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." and a very big welcome on this triffriday for the one andy ron claiborne filling in for kendis gibson. welcome to the show, ron. >> keep it going. keep it going. >> you got real applause. that usually doesn't happen. great to have us with you and we have a lot of news to get through this morning. we're starting to get a clearer picture of the movements of the las vegas shooter. >> they believe he scoped out targets in chicago and boston that drew massive crowds. the massacre prompted a rare concession of the nra,
3:02 am
announcing support for restrictions on bump stock attachments. and this morning, the motive behind the shooting still remains a mystery. >> thousands gathered for a memorial service for charleston hartfield. the father of two was off duty and enjoying the concert with he his wife when he was gunned down. matt gutman has more on the investigation. >> reporter: we boarded a helicopter here in las vegas for the first look into steven paddock's smiepniper's nest. the other window was partially blocked by plywood. but inside, investigators carefully die secretaryissectin. down below, they don't want to miss anything, a single bullet fragment or single piece of evidence. >> reporter: this is the
3:03 am
aftermath. but new video gives new insight into the chaos on the ground. that gunfire triggers hysteria, confusion, shockingly, people seemed unable to process what's happening. >> run! those are shots! run, don't walk! >> reporter: police officers yelling at them that they're under attack. >> everybody go! >> reporter: right there, there's a woman on the ground at crowds run past her. >> let's go! >> get up, run! >> get up on your feet. >> let's go! >> on your feet! >> thank you. >> reporter: that video shot by ray page who went to get his truck nearby driving it back into the kill zone, turning it into a makeshift ambulance. >> right here, come in here. >> reporter: the wounded loaded in one after another. >> get in the truck, get in the truck. any other wounded people you can
3:04 am
take. >> reporter: he jumps behind the wheel, drives them back down the strip to paramedics. >> i've got five wounded. >> please, please. >> reporter: from high above, evidence of a massacre still frozen in time. it doesn't look like a concert was there but that a tornado swept through. overturned lawn chairs, strollers, walkers, evidence of just the absolute chaos. and we're learning that stephen paddock may have scouted other targets as far away as boston and chicago. according to sources briefed on the investigation, he booked rooms at chicago's blackstone hotel in ah, the same dates as the louisiaa la la palooza fest. paddock never checked in. law enforcement sources tell us his phone shows a google search for hotels around fenway park in
3:05 am
boston. that ballpark's capacity nearly 38,000 people. but no evidence he traveled to boston either. instead, he stayed close to home, holing up in one of the casinos he knew so well, looking down on that helpless crowd. investigators say that paddock was seen with a macetystery womn his last days. she was not his girlfriend, mary lou danneley. they're trying to figure out who she was and what she knows. investigators now say they cannot rule out the fact that he had an accomplice. matt gutman, abc news, las vegas. and we're getting new details about a purchase made by the gunman and his girlfriend in the weeks before the rampage. >> the shooter wrote a check for $14,000 for a car at a reno dealership. marilou danley said he had saved
3:06 am
her from a violent marriage. and investigators are still stumped about a motive. they've ruled out money problems and links to antigovernment or anarchist groups. and the use of bump stock attachments have ignited a firestorm on capitol hill. they allow weapons to fire bullets like an automatic weapon. they are signaling a willingness to consider legislation banning bump stocks. the nra is calling for a review on whether they comply with federal law and says they should be subject to additional regulations. >> what the ennra has said, we need to take a look at that, see if it's in compliance with federal law and it's worthy of additional regulation. that being said, we didn't say ban. we didn't say confiscate. >> the president weighed in on possibly regulating bump stocks as well, saying it's something
3:07 am
he'll be looking at are o looking into soon. one republican senator from florida isn't waiting fwoor tha. and louisiana is under a watch tonight. hurricane nate is already blamed for 20 deaths in central america where it's dropping heavy rain. nate could make landfall in cancun tonight. and then the models show it picking up speed and heading to new orleans where it's likely to become a category one hurricane. and puerto rico's governor says 91% of the island is still without electricity. and slightly more than half of the residents have access to drinking water. as of thursday morning those statistics are no longer on fema's website. a fema spokesman did not explain why the information is gone, instead noting that those
3:08 am
updates are available on puerto rican governor's website and in daily news briefings. and on wall street, rising shares pushed the s&p index higher for an eighth straight day. the longest winning streak in four years, the dow and nasdaq also pushed higher. some investors are concerned that even in the healthiest markets what goes up often comes crashing down. and the monthly jobs report later today will likely show a drop in hiring. money will be streaming out of netflix users' pockets. they are raising prices on the standard tier from $10 a month to $11 a month they are pumping up prices from $12 to $14 a month on the premium plan. the increases take effect next month. ochb . and a baltimore school has discovered you can have too much of a good thing. fien it's pumpkin spice.
3:09 am
>> the school was evacuated for a while thursday afternoon. students and teachers were worried about a strong odor. a hazmat team was called in. >> the source? a pumpkin spice-scented aerosol plug in. five people were treated for upset stomachs. i guess they're not big fans of pumpkin spice. barring any other problems, the school should be in session today. this happened on the same day that starbucks offered pumpkin spice whipped cream on top of the pumpkin spice latte. >> nobody got sick at starbucks. >> not that we know, but perhaps there's a conspiracy. the birth of a social media star. we're taking an encloser look at the thumbs down guy. he's been adopted by the yankees as a mascot. plus, the video apology issued by cam newton.
3:10 am
what he is saying about the sexist comment he made to a reporter. and remember to find us at wwn and twitter @abcwnn
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. game one of the new nfl week did not bring any kneeling during the national anthem before the game. members of the new england patriots stood with their arms around each other's shoulders before they took on the tampa bay buccaneers. as for the game, it had as many missed field goals, three, as touchdowns. within of t one of the scores came when tom brady hit hogan. he didn't actually hit him. he connected with hem onim on a. it came down to one play. tampa bay had the ball deep in new england territory. that pass fell incomplete. patriots winning 14-18. turning now to something that happened off the field. the nfl star who sparked a
3:14 am
firestorm of controversy with a single comment to a female reporter during a news conference. >> after at least one sponsor cut its ties with cam newton, the carolina panthers quarterback has issued a video apology. >> reporter: cam newton apologizing. >> what i did was extremely unacceptable. >> reporter: the fallout was swift. >> this is my go-to snack. >> reporter: dannon pulling their ads. it's all because of this ex-check with a reporter. >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routs, like, it's funny. >> reporter: that reporter, 25-year-old jordan rod reeg shot back on twitter.
3:15 am
newton immediately drawing the criticism for the comments many felt were sexist. but rod reeg also in hot water. >> if you look at everything that has added up, the domestic violence issues, the national anthem controversy. they're having trouble with ratings. this is not something that the nfl needs. >> reporter: but the nfl with nearly half its fan base now consisting of women saying the comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> it will be interesting to see if fans, some fans, accept that apology. quite a bit of hot water that cam newton got himself in. yes, he did. and coming up, the hot water that one hollywood producer is in. but first, we're talking baseball playoffs. we'll get ron's take on who to watch. that's coming up next on world news now. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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♪ we are very excited to have our own sports export. ronny baseball is in the house this morning. just as the major league baseball playoffs get under way. >> that is the new york yankees song. we have two division series already in the books. last night it was the yankees, the bronx in cleveland. facing the indians, the tribe was already up 1-0 when bruce hit a two-run home run in the fourth inning. >> meanwhile, the indians pitchers were in control, holding the yanks to just three hits. and it that was more than enough. the indians take game one 4-0. game two is tonight also in cleveland. >> no joy in mudville or the bronx for that matter. earlier, it was the red sox of boston and i was going to say
3:19 am
houston. and it wassal about jose al tu bay. not only did he hit a solo home run in the first. >> and then again in the fifth and the seventh. those made altuve the fifth to hit two homers in a post-season game. they beat boston 8- 2. game two is in houston this afternoon. >> a great hitter. >> little guy with a lot of power in those arms. so ron, we've had 162 games throughout the regular season, i know you've watched many of them, but this is what it really comes down to. let's take a look at the american league picture. what's your take on who advances here? >> i'm a hume, huge veteran hard core yankees fan. >> you're not alone here. >> cleveland is tough. cleveland is a team as far as i
3:20 am
can tell without any flaws, without any weaknesses. so it's going to be tough for the yankees to come back. >> i thought we had an understanding here. >> i think cleveland's going to take it. i'm hoping for the yankees, but i think cleveland's going to take it. and look, houston demolished the red sox's best pitcher, chris sale yesterday e . it doesn't bother me. i'm looking for houston to advance and cleveland to advance. that would be fantastic. >> more fantastic if the yankees are in it. let's move on to the national league. you have the chicago cubs taking on the washington nationals, the diamondbacks facing the dodgers, what do you think? >> dodgers have a terrific team. they were really hot mid season. i think they are better than arizona. >> they haven't lost their mojo? >> arizona's very good.
3:21 am
cubs, washington, flip a coin. i'll go with the cubs if i have to. cubs, l.a., cleveland. >> can we go back? even if you don't like the yankees as a baseball team, they've been doing some things lately that just has to put a smile on your face. check out a new way they are celebrating home runs. they hold this fake news conference in the dugout, and it start the with just some players holding cups of gatorade. they have their own flag, the tow night show. all the teammates crowd around and pretend like they're interviewing him. they hold the water keerl as co the camera. >> it's another yankees tradition, the thumbs down celebration started with a mets fan, actually giving the thumbs down. now it's been picked up by the yankees. yeah, there he is. yankees have adopted it now.
3:22 am
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. say something. >> all right, it is -- i'm going to wait for the cue, if that's all right with you. >> you're right about that. >> it is time for the mix and ron is going to make his big debut here with a story. >> i got a great one. this is an extreme sports athlete, travis pastraw know. he went to london with his motorcycle where he's going to leap on the motorcycle, 75 feet and do a back flip between two barges in the river thames. check this out. woo! he made it! how about that, huh? >> that's like a perfect ten landing. >> he did it once. this is a replay, not a second team. >> i want to see it again. wow! >> obviously very dangerous. his role model tried it in 2006
3:26 am
and failed and was seriously injured. >> well, brave man. >> what you got? >> check this one out. a hamster, the most spoiled hamster ever. he gets sung to sleep with a lullaby every night. and my favorite part is the hamster has a teddy bear. sha booyah the hamster. polka time. ♪
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note ♪ ♪
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the breaking news this morning on "world news now." tropical storm nate's deadly toll and the forecast showing a direct hit to louisiana, possibly as a hurricane. we have the latest update from the hurricane center just ahead. and we have new reporting out of las vegas, nevada where investigators are piecing together the profile of the killer by looking at his girlfriend. new details ahead. and explosive allegations involving one of the most powerful men in hollywood. >> allegations against harvey weinstein that are just coming to light. how he's responding. >> i promise.
3:31 am
>> it might be one of the most memorable moments in hollywood history, but did it really have to happen that way? what one scientist is now saying jack did wrong. that's in "the skinny," this friday, october 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'm in for kendis gibson. i locked him in his apartment. he's trying to get out to be here. we'll see about that later. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin this half hour with tropical storm nate. it is drenching rain right now in parts of central america and already responsible for 20 deaths. >> the storm is on the move heading for mexico's yucatan peninsula. it could make landfall in cancun tonight. >> forecasters say nate is making aim at the gulf coast, stretching from louisiana to
3:32 am
florida, likely hitting sunday as a category one hurricane. >> and the projected path has new orleans once again preparing for a direct hit, less than two months after hurricane harvey. the city is under a state of emergency. the mayor says power outages appear to be a greater threat with this storm than widespread flooding. >> and evacuations are under way from some coastal locations, barrier islands and oil platforms in the gulf. >> and justin povick joins us now with nate's timeline. >> diane, ron, good morning to you. tropical storm nate back over the very warm waters here of the northwestern caribbean. and we're going to be looking at strengthening as we go throughout the day. a hurricane watch has been posted for the eastern portion of the yucatan peninsula. expected landfall later tonight. but then further north we have hurricane watches in effect currently throughout pourtions f louisiana and mississippi.
3:33 am
timeline for you. nate emerges into the gulf of mexico this weekend and landfall early sunday, again, as a category one hurricane near the mouth of the mississippi river. we're going to be talking about impacts here in terms of damaging winds, flooding rains and isolated severe weather. ron, diane? >> justin, thanks. and relief supplies are slowly making their ways into more remote areas of puerto rico hit hardest by hurricane maria. >> members of the police force hand-delivered food and water where some people lost everything. the governor says getting help to those areas is a top priority. >> we established a priority. 50 municipalities across the middle of the island that are more likely to be incommunicative, so we can get there with priority. food, water, fuel and security services. you know, deployed for them. >> and the governor says nearly 55% of island residents now have water service. >> but restoring electricity is proving to be more of a challenge. only about 9% of the island now
3:34 am
has power, and the governor warns it could take until next march, march of next year tor the entire island to get power back. and now to the latest in the las vegas shooting. investigators say the gunman may have been eyeing potential targets in other cities before attacking the country music festival on the vegas strip. >> in august, the gunman booked rooms in a hotel near lalapalooza in chicago. about 100,000 people attend it each day, but he never did check into the hotel e >> and the gunman's phone shows a google search for hotels around fenway park. which holds nearly 38,000 baseball fans. but there's no evidence he traveled there either. and investigators are combing through every inch of the scene as they struggle to find a motive in all of this. >> the open field there in las vegas is frozen in time. you can see overturned lawn chairs, strollers and other belongings scattered across the grass left behind when everyone ran for their lives.
3:35 am
>> and the gunman's girlfriend is still under scrutiny. we're learning about a purchase they made before the shooting. >> reporter: new insights from an unlikely place, the reno car dealership where he bought this car on august 1st, paying cash with a check for $14,411. not a sign of someone with financial problems. employees told us the fbi questioned them about exactly what happened with paddock and his girlfriend, marilou danley when they came to buy the car. >> marilou wanted to get a lexus, and he said he wasn't going to pay more for a car with the same equipment. >> reporter: she told the female salesperson that paddock had saved her from a troubled marriage. >> she said she had a bad relationship prior to him and he had turned her life around and really helped her out. >> reporter: danley's relationship with paddock has now become a key focus of the investigation. she told fbi agents paddock was a caring man who showed no signs of violence.
3:36 am
and the fbi wanted to know about the more than $100,000 that paddock wired to the philippines for danley before sending her there two weeks in advance of the shooting. her lawyer read her statement. >> i was grateful, but honestly, i was worried that first the unexpected trip home and the money was a way of breaking up with me. >> reporter: four days into the investigation, the fbi says it has ruled out money problems and ruled out any connection to anarchist groups, to anti-government groups, to overseas terror groups. a full four days into the investigation and authorities say they are still stumped about the motive of stephen paddock. now they're drilling down further on his computer, his finances and mental health. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and the massacre prompted a rare concession from the nra, announcing support for more regulations of those bump stock attachments that can convert
3:37 am
semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic. but the organization is making it clear they are not calling for a ban. a growing number of lawmakers and president trump have signaled their willingness to consider restricting those devices. and the president is raising some photo eyebrows. during a photo op, he called the moment the calm before the storm. take a listen. >> you guys know what this represents? >> tell us, sir. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm? >> we have the world's great military people in this room, i will tell you that. and we're going to have a great evening. thank you all for coming. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. thank you, everybody. >> the president was asked three or four times what he was
3:38 am
referring to as the calm before the storm and he would not answer. so far the white house has not clarified exactly what he meant. meanwhile, a request shows that john kelly's personal cell phone was compromised. politico reports that the suspected breach may have happened as long ago as last december, and this raises concern that hackers or foreign governments may have had access to data on that phone while he was director of homeland security and after he went to work in the white house. the report gives no indication of who may have breached that phone or how think did it. russian hackers, meanwhile, are accused of using a popular antivirus software to steal secrets. it was compromised when a contractor took it home and put it on his personal computer. hackers allegedly identified the
3:39 am
highly-as soon astive sensitive documents from the kaspersky labs software. the incident apparently occurred in 2015 but was just discovered last spring. and the tsa says this past summer was the busiest in the history of the tsa, which is 16 years, more than 239 million travelers and crew members were screened. between the wednesday before memorial day and the day after labor day. the busiest day was the friday before the fourth of july. it was also a number four all-time at 2.6 million screenings. >> wow. and holding a meeting on space exploration can be hard, using a high-priced escalator to get to that meeting is harder. >> saudi arabia's king salman had a little glitch. the golden escalator there leading from the 747 came to a grinding halt. >> ah-oh. >> the king and his aides look a little puzzled. what do you do next? you walk, right? >> what do these stairs that
3:40 am
don't move? they're just stairs. after about 20 seconds they finally decided to walk the rest of the way. >> don't you hate when that happens? >> i wonder at what point they thought, okay, just another second, they'll get it working. >> maintenance, it's all about maintenance. coming up, we're check in with jeopardy's newest star. can austin keep his win streak going? >> we'll find out. but first, the new reaction from one of the biggest power brokers in hollywood amid allegations of decades of sexual harassment. you're watching "world news now". you're watching world news now. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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try digestive advantage. it is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, so it surivies a hundred times better than the leading probiotic. get the digestive advantage. a north carolina driver is facing charges this morning after a violent case of road rage caught on camera. watch as the driver of the pickup truck takes a couple swings at that cyclist. another driver at the scene gets involved. the attacker eventually drives off but police did catch up to him. he was charged with simple assault and reckless drive. and now the bombshell out of hollywood and allegations of sexual harassment out of one
3:44 am
of hollywood's most powerful moviemakers. >> the allegations against harvey weinstein stretch back decades from assistants to an emmy-nominated actress. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: explosive allegations about harvey wine stain, known for producing block buster movies like "pulp fiction." >> because i am so much crazier than you. >> reporter: he has been lauded repeatedly. by male and female oscar winners alike. >> harvey weinstein. >> my friends at mere max, especially harvey. >> reporter: now he says he's planning to take a leave of absence to deal with the issue head on. the "new york times" describes several sexual harassment allegations, including from ashley judd who said she was sexually harassed by one of our industry's most admired-slash-reviled figures. she did not name him at the time but variety describes how he
3:45 am
kept summoning her to his hotel room and tried to get judd to watch hem ta watch him take a shower. weinstein reached settlements with at least eight women. he said he came of age in the '60s and '70s when all the rules about behavior in workplaces were different. i appreciate the way i've behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and i sincerely apologize for it. attorney lisa bloom is advising weinstein and released a statement calling him an old dinosaur learning new ways but also says he denies many of the allegations as patently false. weinstein lawyer's tells abc news they plan to sue the "new york times," saying it is full of defamatory statements. the "new york times" says they are confident in their reporting. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> in that statement, it was, weinstein took a rather strange turn, too. he's apologizing, kind of defending himself.
3:46 am
and then he turns and starts talking about going after the nra. >> for lisa bloom, this is odd coming to his defense, because she's normally the first attorney defending women in these cases. >> which may be why he hired her. >> it will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. when we come back, we have another controversy to discuss. >> i bet it's titanic. >> the titanic controversy. why a scientist is picking apart the most famous scene. "the skinny's" next. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> time now for "the skinny," starting with a titanic controversy, regarding leonardo dicaprio. >> it's become one of the most famous parting scenes in history. jack holding onto that floating door in the frigid north atlantic. >> i'll never let go, jack. i'll never let go. >> now astro physicist says it's
3:49 am
not whether jack could fit on top of the door near kate. the question is, would he really have given up on living that soon? he says no. he says the human survival instinct is way stronger than that in everybody, especially in a character like jack's. >> he was freezing cold, though. >> all right. >> he added that if that character was matt damon from "the martian", he would have made an outboard motor and saved everyone. that is how science can help you. >> myth busters did a study on this, they couldn't both be on the board. they would sink it, but if they took kate's life vest and put it under the board they could have floated. >> they should have thought of that. >> that's siecience for you. now we know the next time we're floating in the north atlantic on a big board. >> there you go.
3:50 am
now we know the next time we're floating in the atlantic. next, it could be the most we've ever seen of marilyn monroe. >> 12 intimate photographs up for auction in new york city. >> a lot include her sleeping swimming naked in color and in black and white. >> in addition, there are photos of the star sparkling her birthday with sparklers and a birthday cake. one is believed to be the last taken of her before her death in august 5th, 1962. >> the photos are expected to fetch $35,000. >> how do they know how much? >> we have experts for these things. and then we talk about it again. now a jeopardy update. austin. the bartender from new york city scored another big win last night. >> ronl are -- rogers appeared on gma.
3:51 am
>> if you watch enough, you'll see things repeat. if it says sculptor, it will be august rodan. if it says american sculptor,. >> i'm taking notes for my big day on jeopardy. >> his win gives him an eight-day total of $306,900. here's a fun fact. this guy doesn't even own a tv. >> that's why he's so good at trivia. >> get a tv, man, taking away my job! >> check out his style right there. quirky hair and the beard. you see him on gma, he got a haircut. if you're superstitious, i wonder.
3:52 am
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than the leading probiotic. get the digestive advantage. i do mean it. it's been a pleasure to have ron claiborne with us this morning, especially given it was a very busy week of news, but one story dominated the headlines. >> that's right. this portion of the show is usually reserved for the friday rewind, but this morning we have a special look at the heroes. >> here's a look back with a rendition of "amazing grace." ♪ amazing grace >> what happened to your shirt? >> we used it to compress my
3:56 am
buddy's wounds. we tried to keep our finger in the hole to keep him from bleeding. >> there were many going over there, their wives, their girlfriends to block them. there were lives saved. >> and i rallied everybody out of that room. these girls aren't going to die. i'm not going to die. i need to get home to see my daughter. this is not happening. not happening. ♪ but now i see >> i jumped on my friend. she got hit in the back. i put my arm around her. i got shot in the arm, i'm glad i did. >> he said to me i've been shot. i need to help him. i said okay. he drop the tailgate on some random truck. he took my belt, tied off my leg and kept me from bleeding out. i would have died. ♪ how precious did that grace appear ♪ >> you know, you were hit hard as well. how did you make it out?
3:57 am
>> took off his shirt and started applying pressure. and his girlfriend just kept talking to me as i was still in shock. and we were running, running, him and his girlfriend like changed the way i look at life. >> you saw so many people who didn't even know each other just grab each other and go. >> some hero came saved me. >> if it wasn't for that cabdriver, i wouldn't be here. >> everyone was communicating and working together. you got this person, i got this person. it was absolutely horrible but amazing to see all these people come together.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, bracing for nate. >> we're going to hunker down and get through this and be fine. >> the killer storm moves north with states of emergency in effect from louisiana to florida. see where the watches and warnings are right now. ♪ >> and the emotional tribute for the officer killed in the vegas rampage as details emerge about the other city the shooter may have considered. plus the nra's new statement about gun regulations. bombshell allegations against one of hollywood's most powerful men. a star actress is among his alleged victims. hear how the legendary producer is responding. the strange sight on radar. even the weather service couldn't explain it.


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