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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  October 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, october 7. here's a look at the stories we're following for you right now on "action news." a car slams into a utility pole in south jersey leaving a neighborhood without power overnight. a philadelphia store owner badly hurt after she is shot during an attempted robbery. battening down the hatches, residents along the gulf coast preparing for the arrival of what is now hurricane nate. it could have an impact 0 on our region. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers who is tracking the weekend forecast, also hurricane nate. chris, what can we expect? >> reporter: right now we can expect more warm weather over the next couple of days and humidity levels will increase. it will not feel like fall weekend, it has not felt like fall this season. 66 degrees in slatington,
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kutztown, 66. malvern, 66 degrees. the numbers are not too warm, the fact that there's such an added feel of humidity out here right now makes the numbers feel a little bit worse than they are. glassboro, 63. 64 in cinnaminson. fortescue, 69. tuckahoe, 63. satellite and radar we have mainly clear skies up above. there's a lot of cloud cover to the west, some of this will increase as the day wears on. combination of sun and clouds, sunshine fading behind increasing clouds, it's warm and more humid this afternoon, 11:00 a.m., temperatures, 79. 1:00 p.m., 83. 4:00 p.m., 82 we're expecting a high of 83 in philadelphia, the normal just in case you're wondering is 70. we're a good 13 degrees above seasonal averages. here's the latest on nate, it's roughly 345-mile south of mobile alabama. it has maximum stained winds up to 80 miles per hour. it's a category one storm racing
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on by to the northwest at 25 miles per hour. note the wynfield -- note the wind field, it's a small impact storm. forecasted to make landfall around midnight tonight as a category 1 winds 80, 85 miles per hour. with that said it will produce a five to ten foot storm surge for places like mobile alabama and alabama/florida border. it will be a dangerous storm, it will not have the impact as some of the bigger hurricanes we saw earlier in the season produced. when i come back we'll look into the track of hurricane nate and what it means in our neck of the woods sunday and monday. >> we look forward to the update. folks along the gulf coast continue to protect their
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property boat owners are taking the extra step necessary, those living in the coastal parishes of louisiana have been told to evacuate their homes. the entire gulf coast region bracing fortunate's arrival. it's expected to make landfall sometime tonight. the city of new orleans keeping a close eye on the storm because of the city's fragile pumping system. louisiana has mobilized national guard troops ahead of the storm. the mayor is hoping to avoid the same problem that plagued florida following hurricane irma. >> it this to be set out clearly to all the nursing homes and the facilities in new orleans caring for the elderly, if you do not have a generator go get one, if your generator is broken call us, we're working with you, we expect the evacuation plans are working as you have told us they will.
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>> new orleans is preparing. nate slammed into central america yesterday, we learned that 21 people died. roads and homes flooded, many lost power and running water. this minder, "good morning america" will have more on hurricane nate and the preparations along the gulf coast for the storm arrives. "good morning america" coming your way at 8:00 a.m. power was knocked out in a south jersey community after a car crashed into a utility pole at 12:30 a.m. white horse pike egg harbor road in camden county. the police say the car slammed into a utility pole and brought down wires blocking the road for a while. the driver taken to the hospital listed in stable condition. utility crews were brought into make rea pairs -- repairs and
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restore power. a big rig collided with a motorcycle near the packer avenue exit in the southbound lanes. the motorcyclist was thrown from his bike. he was treated at the scene before being taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. time 6:05 a.m., if you're just waking up with us this morning, police are searching for a person who shot a woman during an attempted robbery in the mantua section. the woman was injured badly. >> reporter: 8:30 p.m., a customer went into freddie grocery to buy cigarettes, but realized something was wrong. >> she doesn't see the owner operator at the counter where she always sits. she see the owner and she can't talk and there was blood coming from her neck.
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>> reporter: the woman was rushed to be presbyterian medical center. the gunman was a black male in a hoodie who went in to rob the place. >> the offenders comes in and announces a robbery and she opens up the cash register and he shot her. >> reporter: they say the owner has been here for many years and highly regarded by residents. police do not understand why she was shot since she was complying with his demands. >> from looking at the scene, appears that the register was opened, but it doesn't appear that any money was taken. this is a totally senseless act where a person was going in here into a business a half-hour before closing, he has a gun and he fires the gun and puts the woman in this position. >> reporter: police are sorting through surveillance footage to get better handle, but again, he was wearing a hoodie.
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in mantua section, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> vice president mike pence is scheduled to visit las vegas today to take part in a ceremony honoring the victims of last week's massacre there. the vice president is expected to speak at an event this afternoon. it's the first time, the vice president has been to las vegas since the sunday massacre. when he gets there, there will be billboards who have information to call the fbi. investigators have yet to find a motive for the attack. they say the gunman stephen paddock left behind very little clues that led him to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. police are looking into whether he was with a prosecute in the days leading up to the shooting. police are looking into cruises he took and trying to make sense of a cryptic note found in the hotel room. archdiocese has lands a
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mass for the 58 people who were killed and more than 400 that were injured in the horrible attack on sunday. the mass and rosary are for the victims and families for healing and end to a senseless tragedy tonight at 5:15 p.m. at the cathedral about -- basilica of saints peter an paul. president trump is heading to pennsylvania to make a case for tax reform the visit comes as the republicans are trying to overhaul the tax code. this will mark his third trip to pennsylvania since he took office in january. the trump administration's response to hurricanes are showing in the poles. >> reporter: 24% of those poled believe the country is heading
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in the right direction. that's a ten percent drop since june. 67% of americans disapprove of the job the president is doing in office including one-third of republicans. the race for new jersey governor is hitting up. the lieutenant governor, met with members of the aarp to stress her commitment to seniors and democrats phil murphy hosted a round table on clean energy that happened in lawrenceville. we like to remind you that "action news" anchor jim gardner will monitor a debate at 7:00 p.m. send us your questions on twitter cruising the debate or #6abc action. much more happening on "action news" sunday morning.
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details on the never out of style crock. plus, some frightening moments for those on board when their plane made a rocky landing overseas. we have the details. >> reporter: coming up in weather, the october 80 continues, thursday reached a high of 82 degrees. yesterday we reached a high of 82 degrees. today we're forecasting a high of 80 degrees. the normal is 70. how long does the warm weather last? we'll have the details when we come right back. is to
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>> welcome back everybody, watch this as an emirates flight made a rough landing in germany. strong cross winds caused the double decker to veer side to side. the airline said the plane landed safely, thankful think, nobody was hurt. okay. >> reporter: i wonder why i don't like flying. >> sometimes you have to, chris. 6:13 a.m., chris sowers tracking the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. where is fall? >> reporter: he showed up for a day and said i'm out of here again. let's try to find fall. we'll start you out with a beautiful shot of the center city skyline. we're live, you can see for the most part, obviously we're dark, but you can see we're clear. not a fan of all that warm weather. 83 degrees is the forecasted high. you'll get a lot of high
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cloudiness, sun will beat through it, but it will be a milky white kind of sky. tomorrow, cloudy conditions and showers around early on, 79 degrees is the forecasted high. the normal is around 69, 70. we're way above seasonal averages. look where we are already, 66 degrees. it is 6:15 a.m., unbelievablably unbelievablably --ununbelievabl. latest on hurricane nate, we've got ad one, this is another big storm. it is not as big as some of the hurricanes we've seen earlier in the season, but nonetheless it is pacting winds 80 miles per hour. some of the gusts are as high as 100 miles per hour. the saving grace, the water out here is extremely warm, upper 80s, low 90s, that's a lot of fuel for the storm. the saving grace it's moving so
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quickly it will not have enough time to absorb the heat energy and strengthen into a category three or four storm. it's been the busiest hurricane season since 2005 that was the famous katrina season. 2005 we had 8 storms and three made landfall of category 3 to 5 strength. this year we have five storms, 3 to 5 strengths. it's been a very busy season. nate getting better organized, you can see the reds wrapping around the center of circulation. i was looking at the wave heights as high as 20 feet. that will pull inland across places like mobile, alabama, and the western portion of florida, pensacola is under the gun. it will go into the tennessee
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and ohio valley, monday it's nothing more than an overinflated rainstorm. sunday night through monday, one to two inches of rain, on and off type of stuff. there could locally heavier months west of philadelphia. generally speaking this is a good call, one to two inches. ponding on roads is likely. we're not expecting flooding with the system as it's been very dry over the last couple of weeks. 83 in philadelphia. millville, 83. 77 in cape may. clouds and sun, warm and sticky. dewpoints in the mid 60s. they will stay there this afternoon. it's feeling like the middle of august as opposed to the beginning of october. cloudy overnight tonight, shower is possible, upper 60s close to 07 for everybody. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. fall arrives later next week. we have a couple of warm days to get through. today, 83. tomorrow, sticky, spotty shower, 79. periods of rain, columbus day, 78.
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tuesday, 83. wednesday, thursday, friday, it turns a little bit cooler with terms in the 70s. gray? >> so fall does exist. we'll see, chris thank you. it was a gorgeous night for the philadelphia hotter cultural society pop up garden in center city. the event featured tasting menus from the city's top chefs and cocktails from the city's creative mixologists. melissa magee was there to lend her support and show off her emceeing skills we're back after this
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>> so glad you're waking up with us saturday morning, 6:19 a.m., 66 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you a beautiful shot of the commodore barry bridge. going to feel like summer once again. meteorologist chris sowers will let you know when it starts feeling like fall. it needs to hurry up. all right, so auto sales were up last month for the first time all year. they have hurricane harvey so thank for the boost. sales rose more than 6% in september. 1.5 million vehicles were sold. the only makes that did not see the increase in sales was hyundai and fiat chrysler. >> reporter: there are more style issue options for plus-sized men. retailers are aiming to make
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trendy casual looks available for those men. there's winston box that sends pieces to customers monthly for a fee. retail and apparel analysts estimates that the massive success is you say of women's plus-size clothing is what's making it available for the men. designer crocks have gotten a serious makeover from a luxury brand him models wore the shoes walking the runway in paris. the towering platform adds color and bling and flare. the designer style will be called the foam. no word on what they will cost you. we're back after this
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>> reporter: all right, welcome back everyone, 6:24 a.m., saturday morning, down to the tropics we go, gulf of mexico, this is hurricane nate booking along moving north 25 miles per hour. each spaghetti plot representing a different forecast model taking this over the border of mississippi and alabama. it's a good sign for new orleans, maybe not mobile or pens sola, but it's -- pensacola, but for new orleans it's a positive track. the right front quadrant is right there on that track, it will put mobile, alabama, pensacola, this area will see the tremendous mendsous storm
6:25 am
surge up and winds up to -- and winds up to 8090 miles per hour. all that -- 80, 90 miles per hour. on this track, mobile alabama, pensacola, florida get hit the worst. sports now, the sixers take to the hard court without a couple of key players as they face boston for their second preseason game. the eagles are gearing up for a battle of the birds at the linc tomorrow. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: good morning, the sixers second preseason game at the wells fargo center against the celtics didn't count, but it was nice to see how they will fair, they didn't have impede or fultz. they did have blunt no, wait he plays for the eagles.
6:26 am
embiid can't play, he will play eventually. watch the alley-oop to the point guard, benefit ben carson -- ben simmons, they did not have enough firepower losing 110-102. eagles and cardinal's set for battle of the birds at the linc, they have two quarterbacks both named carson. arizona has been good against the run, they are ranked 10th in the nfl. >> they stop the run, you know, i mean we got to be able to run the ball better than teams have in the past two weeks. try to diagnose the weaknesses and figure out what they don't do too well. >> reporter: 4th ranked penn
6:27 am
state travel to chicago to take on northwestern. you don't need to travel to chicago watch right here on channel 6. kickoff at noon, you want to see if they can stay undefeated. temple, 2, 3, they pick up their first conference win they travel to carolina. >> we need to start fast going on the road in this conference in our division, they have a great fan base and great student body. we have to start fast and play our game early and set the tempo of the game right off the bat. >> reporter: more with coach collins later on temple football playbook, among other subject we talk about the team snacks, i know you're curious about that. temple north carolina later today that's sports. >> we have much more coming up
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get your first prescription free at those who live along the gulf coast are suring up their homes and picking up supplies ahead of the expected landfall. we're expecting weather like summer, but nate may soon rain
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on our parade. let's go outside to chris sowers tracking the forecast. >> reporter: it's not a bad thing if nate rains 0 on our parade. it's been two weeks since we've had rain around the delaware valley and lehigh valleys. nate will provide us with one to two inches sunday into monday. in the meantime, where is fall? that's the big question. wednesday, 76 degrees, thursday, 82. yesterday, 82. today we're top out around 83. trenton, 65. allentown, 65. poconos 60. cape may, 69. dover, 69. millville, 61. it's the entire half of the united states that continues to deal with the warmth. 45 in bismarck. st. louis, 72. memphis, 72.
6:31 am
raleigh, 61. chicago, 68. we're showing 66. that entire area in the green, yellow and organs, those colors in the upper 0s, to mid -- 70s to mid 80s. we'll see an increase in clouds. today we'll start out with sunshine increasing clouds, warm and sticky, high of 83. i'll be back in just a few minutes and we'll talk about nate where it is expect to do make landfall and what we'll see here the impacts sunday night into monday. >> thank you for the update. hurricane nate is heading for the u.s. gulf coast it is expect to do make landfall tonight or early tomorrow morning. the mayor of new orleans issued a curfew at 6:00, communities not protected by the levy systems are under evacuation.
6:32 am
the storm has killed 21 people in central america. you can keep an eye on nate at you can see the forecast for the seven day and the path of hurricane nate. happening this morning, the search continues for a gunman in a shooting are that left a woman dead and a teenager injured. "action news" was on the scene of the shooting on the unit block of carver lane in trenton, yesterday afternoon. police say a 58-year-old woman was killed. a 14-year-old girl was hurt in the shooting. investigators have not yet said if the victims were related or the intended targets. federal versions -- investigators prevented a plot for a terror attack. they suspects were arrested a year ago they were busted by an
6:33 am
under cover fbi agent who convinced them he was an isis sympathizers. the news comes during the active investigation into the shooting in las vegas. the gunman, this man here stephen paddock may have hired a prostitute before the shooting. they are interviewing several before they look for clues for motives. vice president mike pence will go to las vegas to speak at an event held in honor of the victims of the shooting. there's a gun show in montgomery county. there's always plenty of debate about gun control and gun rights. >> reporter: dave at the greater philadelphia expo center called what happened in las vegas a heinous crime. he is passionate about his second amendment rights. >> if the politicians want to
6:34 am
pass feel good legislation that will not stop a massacre from occurring, that's up to the politician. i don't think you can legislate evil. >> reporter: since the mass shooting in las vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds more there are calls for tough gun laws. >> i don't think when someone criminally misuses an object you don't need to ban the object. >> you're always going to get the crazies. >> reporter: neither of the vendors sell bump stocks, the devices used in the las vegas shooting. they allow semi automatic weapons to fire faster. this this week nra released a statement calling for a federal review of the gun stocks. >> at this show there will be one or two vendors of the hundreds of vendors here that
6:35 am
have them, and until this came out in the news, i guarantee they go home with them. >> i don't find them easy to use, i consider them junk. >> reporter: a gun owner said she would be fine with the ban on a gun stock. >> i have no problem with that. it's not going to protect me. >> reporter: she was not the only one, we talked to several gun owners here who say bump stocks should be banned. gun organizes say they are here 6 times a year, and there was no talk of changing anything for the weekend in light of sunday's shooting. reporting in oaks, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> that gun show comes days before president donald trump makes another visit to the keystone state. the president is considering whether to back the the bump stock ban after the shooting in las vegas. the visit to harrisburg on
6:36 am
wednesday will focus on his plans for tax reform. he and the republicans are planning to overhaul the nation's tax code. this will mark the president's third trip to pennsylvania since he took office in february. president trump stirred up confusion with his comments quote the call from the storm amid growing tensions after north korea's escalating nuclear program. he said once again when it comes to the north korea nuclear plans all options are on the table. >> we'll do what we must do to prevent that from happening it will be done if necessary. >> president what did you mean by calm before the storm. what did you mean by that. >> thank you very much. you'll find out. >> there are new concerns over how north korea will respond after the president's response and he doubled down on his cryptic comments some say the storm could actually refer to
6:37 am
acran. sources tell abc news that president trump is expected to desert fie the landmark -- de certificate the landmark iran deal. this man here is accused of distributing child porn. officers say they found a hard drive that contained nearly 250 i will -- illicit images. he surrendered yesterday, he was released after posting bail. from our new jersey newsroom, more mold problems are plaguing stores in monroe township, gloucester county. holy elementary school was closed because of mold conditions. now there's concern in williams
6:38 am
town. the pictures inside the school triggered brief panic. >> my child has asthma. >> i'm perfectly fine on home, i come here, my throat is itselfing and i'm coughing. >> the kids are being sent to other schools in the area while the mold problem is being corrected. >> philadelphia police investigating an act of vandalism in fairmount park. icelandic hero was spray painted. the chinatown section of philadelphia is celebrating what was called an urban renewal milestone. city officials and community leaders broke ground on the eastern tower community center yesterday. the 57 million-dollar project at 10th and vine will include housing and retail space and the
6:39 am
first community center in chinatown. >> this project alone generates $23 million a year in economic development. 900 jobs from the development. it means is if -- it means more people will be coming here because it will be a destination neighborhood. >> if you're just waking up, 6:39 a.m., much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. decades later we'll have a preview of the highly anticipated blade runner 2049. new jersey strong, more than 1,000 state troopers heading to puerto rico to lend a helping hand. >> chris sowers tracking the weekend forecast we'll take a live look outside of the commodore barry bridge i believe that is. "action news" saturday morning that is. "action news" saturday morning continues after the break.
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the most common side effect is a temporary burning sensation. ask your eye doctor about restasis multidose®. savings card holders pay as little as $0 for three bottles. start saving today at start saving today puerto rico is struggling two weeks after hurricane maria disaimented -- decimated the area. dozens of new jersey state troopers left for the area. >> reporter: a group of state troopers is on is their way to puerto rico after it was
6:43 am
devastated by hurricane and maria. they are expected to work traffic and security. >> they will serve as security for gas stations and food and distributions points. it's a personal mission for assert torres who has extended family in puerto rico. >> i feel a duty to go, it's an obligation to help people out that are in need. >> reporter: 15 police cruisers will go by barge to meet up with the troopers. they are taking plenty of gear. an advance team has been in puerto rico since last week. >> we're preparing for anything. >> lieutenant dan englehart has three children. >> i'm going down to help going with a team of great professionals. it's a good thing to help the people in puerto rico. >> reporter: in the last month, new jersey has sent resources to
6:44 am
georgia, florida, and the virgin islands. >> when sandy hit us five years ago, we took in other state law enforcement agencies to help us, now it's our turn to return the favor. >> reporter: the deployment is expected to last two weeks and another group of troopers will be rotated in to help puerto rico. >> chris sowers is tracking the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, everyone is wondering where is fall, chris? [laughter]. >> reporter: i don't know, fall arrived for a day or two. >> it disappeared man. >> reporter: now mr. summer is back again, he will be sticking around this weekend. what a beautiful shot we're looking at cape may. we have fishermen on the beach. the waves are not too rough one to three feet. we have high, thin clouds
6:45 am
overspreading the skyline. it's going to be warm and nice. 66 degrees, a dewpoint of 63. the closer the numbers become, the more saturated the air is, that means there could be patchy fog in places. winds are light out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. pressure is steady. ocean temperature, mighty warm, 70 degrees. 60 in the poconos, reading, 65. philadelphia, 66. trenton, 65. dover, same number, millville, 61. satellite and radar this should be a quiet day all the green, the shower activity you seep to the north that will pass on by to the north an pull into new england later this afternoon. for us we'll get into cloud cover late in the day starting out with sunshine and high, thin clouds overspread the area. eventually they will lower and thicken and bring showers to the region later tonight and tomorrow, the moisture is associated with our friend nate in the gulf of mexico that is becoming better organized, it
6:46 am
strengthen into a category hurricane overnight and it has maximum stained winds of # 0 -- 80 to 90 miles per hour. it's moving at hurricane strength, and it is moving along quickly, if it was might have -g along at a snails pace it would grow into a category 4 or 5. it is maintaining category one strength, which is a good strong storm, bus stop not as strong as the other hurricanes we've seen. on this path it is the latest path from the national hurricane center. it takes the worst part of the hurricane away from new orleans. the storm surge will be around the mobile delta area which could be five to ten feet above the normal high tide level.
6:47 am
pensacola florida you're in the worst part of the storm, as well. the winds are this way, you're pushing the water away, you may get a storm surge as we get into the evening hours, but then most of the water should start to recede. it's going to be places like pen cola and mobile that see the worst. all this moisture gets siphoned to the north and we'll see the heavy rain move in monday night rainfall totals 4 inches. around here, two inches for the philadelphia area. remnants of nate, sunday night into monday, periods of rain, one to two inches expected. there will be ponding on roads, but for the most part we'll see steer clear of any flooding. sun and clouds, it's warm and quiet, 84 degrees is the forecasted high. increasing clouds, showers after midnight. 67 degrees, areas north ran
6:48 am
west, 70 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler air finally returns, but we have a good four or five days to get through before we start feeling like fall, 83 today, 795 spotty shower for the eagles game, monday, periods of rain, 78. another 80 for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, that looks more fall-like temperatures in the 70s. following week looks warm. it's going to be one of those patterns. >> i guess we can't complain about the rain -- because we need it. >> reporter: we have not had a good soaking for two weeks. these turtle are back in the wild. stranding mammal center in came may were left to go back into the ocean. one came from the oyster creek
6:49 am
area and the other one came from boston. we'll see you after the break. ♪ ♪
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65:12 a.m., hugh hefner died two weeks ago, there is already a bye -- bio perform -- biopic in the work. in the up coming film, heftner died at the age of 91 september september 27. blade runner, 2049 it will. indicate winslet is reuniting with james cameron for the up coming sequel to the record breaking film. no word if her character will be human or allen. the first of four avatar sequels set to hit theaters, 2020. there are several new films
6:52 am
hitting movie theaters, one film 35 years in the making. a couple of strangers must lean on each other to survive. and little ones take you to see a popular pony. here's the preview. >> reporter: we've bought crowferls a -- ourselves a war. >> reporter: the buzz is building for blade running 2049. critics love it and box office watchers expect it to win the weekend with $45 million or more. 100 million worldwide as it opens in most international >> reporter: roney's rejoys, my little poney is riding into the theaters. it is projected to debut from 12 to $17 million this weekend.
6:53 am
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passengers enjoy better food service and usb port at every seat. if you're interested in a custom consolely table but not the custom price tag. here's a do it yourself project that's a big penny saver. >> reporter: a large console table can be a great focal point in any living room. we have a way to custom build one cruising non-traditional materials for under $100. we'll build a console table. well have our table top and four chunky thick legs. these are fence posts. while it won't cost hundreds of thousand, it will fit the feel of your home. we're cutting the lumber to size including fence post and 2 by 4s and mds. we'll a attach the words to the
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lower base. >> it's fascinating to see how it comes together. sweet. go us, right. >> reporter: for the top of the table we're cruising planks of wood that will fit in with the i'll of the home that it's going into it. we gave it a weathered look by painting it white and adding a white wash adding brown paint. it's cost 80 bucks that's less than you would pay at a high end store for something similar. go to live well network it off. >> time 6:57 we have another hour of jack's coming your way way in in just a bit. how weight lifting may be
6:58 am
the key for woman as they age. a congressman seriously injured in an attack on a baseball field make a triumphant return. those stories and more when "action news" continues on a saturday morning.
6:59 am
>> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m. be saturday, october #. here's a look at the stories
7:00 am
we're following on "action news." a car slams into a utility pole in south jersey leaving a neighborhood without power overnight. and the philadelphia store owner badly hurt after she is shot during an attempted robbery. and battening down the hatches. residents along the gulf coast prepare for the arrival of hurricane nate. it could have an impact on our region. outside we go live to meteorologist chris sowers track the accuweather forecast. chris, it doesn't feel like fall. we're watching nate. >> reporter: we're watching nate down in the gulf of mexico. we'll see rain from nate sunday into monday, i'll talk about that in just a moment. as gray was saying i want doesn't feel like fall. numbers are in the 60s. the normal high for this time of year which occurs around 2:00 p.m., is 70. we're way above seasonal av


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