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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 10, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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>> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> a packed house tonight as
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parents accuse a south jersey school district of putting their children's health at risk. the schools are shut down for the remainder of the week to investigate potentially toxic mold. it's monday night. jim is off. i'm rick williams. the big story is the school trying to explain the impact on the children's education. bob brooks has the story from williams town high school. >> very rawk us. the board of education didn't calm anything. the main question was how in the world did the issue of hold get so far impacting the health of their children. the board of education couldn't give them a straight answer to that. >> it was a packed house at williams town high school that
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didn't stay quiet for long. the energy and passion tonight. all six schools are closed for the rest of the week. the decision comes after holly glen failed most standard tests and has to be contaminated. now every school in the district is being tested. daniel teefy urged unity. >> stay calm and worry about accusations and accountability later. >> that includes a task force of union leaders to relay information to the public. many left unis it is it a unsat. >> the main issue is how the administration let it get this far. >> these are our kid's lives.
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everyday something else is occurring. the board president said they didn't know anything was wrong until last week. parents say if that's the case that administrators put their children's health at risk and that is unacceptable. >> i'm a pediatric i.c. nurse. i see this happen to kids and wish they have their own ventilators. >> kids are getting sick. i feel let down by the administration. >> 6300 students go to school in the monroe township public school system. i'm told the district is going to treat it like a snow day and families are on their own for making adjustments while the kids are out of school. we tried to figure out when school would reopen but the
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board of education wouldn't answer that is either. rick? >> bob, thank you. a mold problem in the shelton ham school district as well. test results from a recent inspection found mold in the air and on the books. the district says the h vak system is self contained. visual inspections and testing will be done to confirm. >> to a developing story as wildfires rage across california. a state of emergency is in place with thousands of acres burning and the flames are zero percent contained. officials confirm tonight that ten people have died. the fire storm is shaping up to be one of the worst the state of
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california has ever seen. we have the latest from santa rosa california. >> what was once a hotel behind me looks like many of the buildings in sonoma county. the fire left a path of destruction. it looks almost apoc apocalypti. 1500 structures are gone. >> entire neighborhoods have been wiped out in santa rosa california. >> looks like a bomb went off. >> the fires ripping through a mobile home park and surrounding the hospital. staff rushing this gurney down the street as the hospital was evacuated. >> we are on a state of devastation right now. >> this is your life. >> tens of thousands told to evacuate having only minutes to
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grab what they need. >> i don't know if i'll have a home. >> multiple wildfires burn eight counties including napa and sonoma. >> we are a resilient county. we'll come back from this but right now, we need to grieve. the losses is significant. >> in southern california what started as a small brush fire in anaheim, erupting into a blaze within hours. firefighters will work through the night to get a handle on the flames. with so many fires burning in the state at once, resources are running thin. >> channel6, "action news." >> back here, let's check in with accuweather and cecily tynan for an explanation of what is fanning the flames in california, cecily? >> the santa anna winds begin in
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october and run through march. there is high pressure over the great basin. it funnels the wind offshore flow can yo gusting 40 to 60 mir hour. when air descends, it compresses, heating it up and drying it out. it dries out the vegetation sparking fires that are produced get spread quickly with intense winds and not expecting change of the pattern out west to alleviate the winds. back at home, we don't have wind but hot air. it's hot and humid. saturday, 84. yesterday and today 81. today dewpoints in the 70s. we have the tropical air mass. we had rain thanks to nate.
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philadelphia .66. wilmington, .9. closer to the coast, atlantic city airport, wildwood a hundreds of an inch. we have a few scattered leftover shadows. rick? >> cecily, we check back in later. we have breaking news now from texas tech university where a campus police officer remains shot to death. the campus at lubbock is locked down tonight. police went to a dorm room to cheblcheck on a student. he reportedly pulled a gun and shot the officer in the head before running away. a massive manhunt is under way. police killed a student while she was on vacation in miami beach.
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"action news" reporter christie ileto is live in the satellite center with the latest details. >> police say carrie ann was driving erratically, running red lights and when she tried to leave the scene of an accident, things took a deadly turn. >> temple university student carrie ann ran over a police officer. >> she started the car and ran away, over the policeman. >> the transfer student had been in miami celebrating her 22nd birthday. according to witnesses she was i inebriated when she hit several cars. police responded to a car accident when she hit the gas.
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the police started shooting. four or five shots. >> the 22-year-old student crashed into the white suv, the injured officer rushed to the hospital. >> he lost consciousness at the scene for a period of time. he is now at the hospital stable and alert. >> we are saddened to learn about the death of carrie ann. we send our thoughts and prayer to her family and friends. why the 22-year-old panicked and accelerated into the crowd, we will never know. she was majoring in political science with the hope of going to law school. rick? whew christie, thank you. an arrest in a handgun road rage on i-95. also a change in the timeline from the las vegas massacre. what the gunman did before
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opening fire on the crowd. >> and how the governor plans to borrow millions to fix philadelphia's budget crisis. cecily? >> the rain is moving out but temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s. one day it will feel like fall. >> wait until you hear the numbers thrown around for joel embiid to play with the sixers. a new contract. ducis rogers has the
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>> we have an update now to the collision today. a 40-year-old man was killed in the crash at bustleton avenue. an 11-year-old boy was among the victims taken to hospital for
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treatment. he is in stable condition. investigators are investigating the crash that sent vehicles in all directions. >> a 39-year-old man has been charged in the death of a community activist. winnie harris was killed in february. police say gibbons broke into her home and killed her. he has 15 prior arrests. police have arrested a 21-year-old for pointing a gun in a road rage incident 495 near hesseler saturday afternoon. he tailgated a driver and her 17-year-old sister in the passenger seat then pulled alongside them and pointed a gun. she has been released on bond. >> two families are grieving following a head on crash in
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gloucester, new jersey. richard mason collided with another camry in done lynn just before 5:00 last night inside the second vehicle, 43-year-old was behind the wheel killed with an 83-year-old and 77-year-old. also in the car, jack and betty. they are both in critical condition cooper university hospital. police don't know what led to the head on crash. investigators are asking witnesses to come forward. >> pennsylvania gorchler tom wolf is taking drastic steps on his own to deal with the $2.2 million shortfall. wolf sh says he plans to borrow against the expo center and expects to lease back maneuver
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to generate $200 million to be paid back over 22 years. so far it's up in the air if republican lawmakers consider the plans legal or plan to challenge them. meanwhile new jersey voters head to the polls to elect their next governor and "6abc" has a debate to help you decide between phil murray and kim guadagno. send us your questions and watch the debate tomorrow night at 7:00 here on "6abc." tonight we are learning disturbing details about the gunman in the las vegas shooting. stephen paddock stockpiled his
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car and had protection gear as part of his escape plan. he killed the security guard before firing on the people attending the concert. he shot at fuel tanks nearby but they didn't blow up. investigators don't know what motivated the massacre but there is no evidence that he was motivated by ideology or that there was another shooter. merril streep is speaking out saying she had no idea harry weinstein sexual assaululted women. she called the women that spoke up heros. actress kate winslet tells variety ma magazine the allegats are appalling.
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president trump weighed in saying he was not surprised. on health check at 11:00, the personal decision women make whether to have a mastectomy reveal a relationship breast cancer patients might consider taking into account in consultation with their doctor. women were twice as likely to stop working after a single mastectomy and three times more likely to stop work after a double mastectomy. >> fast and fun took center in springfield delaware county the girls night out to raise money for those battling cancer. among those walking the runway, there she is, our own cecily
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tynan with her phantom of the opera escort. is that jim gardner? probably not. they do a great work. they raised more than a half million dollars for breast cancer victims. a lot of the survivors were fellow models. and i didn't trip. we would have shown it. >> maybe next year. let's talk about the weather, live on sky six, a great looking shot of the center city scien line lit up in pink for breast cancer awareness month. we have a good amount of cloud cover. alexus took the photos. clouds thin out in the overnight hours. tomorrow, the sunshine returns.
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it's a warm day. highlights show showers ending. sunshine returns tomorrow. as we head later in the week, a lot of clouds moving in. we have a summer-like weekend on the way. even tonight, it feels like summer. the temperature, 77-degrees. the normal high 69. exceptionally warm, allentown, 75. cape may, 74-degrees. dewpoints tropical, 74-degrees. that's oh pressive, but if you look to the north and west, dewpoint in the 60s. tomorrow, dewpoints are gradually dropping. it feels more comfortable humiditywise. if you look across western pennsylvania, breaks in the clouds. sunshine mixed with cloud in the afternoon. tomorrow morning, areas of patchy fog. partly sunny and a humid start
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to the day. philadelphia, 70. as we head through the afternoon, dry air mixes in, dewpoints in the 50s. philadelphia a warm day, 83-degree. allentown, 81. cape may, 78. wilmington, 83. future tracker, wednesday, we start the day with filtered sunshine. as we head through the afternoon, scattered showers develop. thursday, bringing us one day of seasonally cool weather. one day feeling like fall. the forecast, warm, less humid through the day. a high of 83. wednesday, after peak peaks of morning sunshine, 75-degrees. thursday, cloudy, cool, the high 68. a normal high for this time of year. friday breaks of sunshine,
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74-degrees. for the weekend, don't pack away the shorts yet, you need them. 80-degrees for the temple game. sunday, 83-degrees, 15-degrees above normal. monday, partly sunny with a high of 76-degrees. one day of seasonal temperatures. i'm a summer person, but this is ridiculous. >> i want to decorate for halloween. i think we are going straight from summer to winter. >> homecoming celebrations this week by creating a world record. the world record for the most pairs of socks donated in eight hours. all goifn the joy of socks. that's an organization that provides socks for the homeless.
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>> stories that make us philly proud, find them on our
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>> time for sports. ducis is here. joel embiid probably celebrating somewhere tonight in center city. >> got a lot of cash now. joel embiid may not be clear to play yet but he's free to sign on the dotted line. he and tp sixers agreed to a mega contract worth $148 million. it could be worth $178 million if he meets certain criteria. the contract was set to expire end of this season. they didn't want to lose him. brett brown called his censer the difference maker. >> sixers and seltzer, cleans
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the glass. to the second, ben simmons penetrates 15 for him. sixers lose 113-96. >> the eagles might be shorthanded for's game against carolina. right track will going through the concussion protocol. carson wentz threw 304-yards and a career high four touchdowns. eagles are feeling handsome these days. coach pederson wants them to keep their egos in check. >> those are the things we have to guard against as we go, complacency. it's my job to keep them grounded and focused and come to work everyday prepared. it's what you are seeing even in the last couple of weeks.
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still ahead in sports, playoff
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>> an interesting name has surfaced in the phillies managerial search, but it's a familiar name, william amaro junior. he is currently the red sox first base coach. >> astros looking to eliminate
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boston, 5-4. rbi double, astros win 5-4. yankees won tonight to tie the series. the cubs beat the mets, 2-1. >> wayne simmons is off to a great start. today simmons was named third star of the week. it's nice. i have the opportunity to be named a star. i rely a lot on my teammates. we are playing really well. >> flyers preds coming up from
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nashville. >> ducis, thank you. "jimmy kimmel live" live is next. "action news" continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice night. we'll see you here tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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