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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 10, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." i invited a special guest for but >> 9-year-old jack is about to get a great surprise because -- >> that person coming from behind him is not a strange per. >> the reunion that's really a scory of hope and healing. >> i missed you. a bunch of people are hanging around. >> a bar, maybe a club in russia. >> the shocker when lighting a cigarette leads to lights out. >> ooh! oh my goodness! internet sensation caruso models everything from a cowboy
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to -- >> spider weiner. >> halloween costume inspiration. and think we'd play a real or fake without you? >> no. >> get ready to watch the videos and decide for yourself. >> underestimated her. jackson is 9 and he loves playing golf with his granddad alex. >> now you've got practice for golf? >> grandma pa has grandpa has a surprise. the person coming from behind him is not a stranger. >> all right, turn around. >> daddy! daddy! >> he's like forget that. dad! >> why hasn't he seen his dad? >> jackson hasn't seen his dad in two and a half years because his dad was incarcerated and in a treatment program because of a heroin addiction. >> i missed you. >> this is the first time he's seen him on the outside in the real world, and so as you can see there, he's really, really
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happy. >> that must be really awesome for the little guy to see his dad. hopefully it's life back to normal now. >> that's what granddad wants to happen, because granddad is the one that arranged the meeting like this. >> the family wanted people to see this video saying they believe in the power of sharing a message of hope that anyone's future can be turned around at any moment through the love and support of others. >> tcked you, huh? >> yeah. >> somebody else is getting a surprise. >> who is at the door. >> that lady wants to know who is at the door. >> are you kidding me?! >> wow, mom is excited, she hasn't seen her youngest who moved to california and then this happens. >> whoa! >> oh goodness! i look to charity sometimes because she gets really excited, she just like falls on her booty. >> mom did it on purpose. listen when she gets back up.
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>> she knew, a surprise! i'm going to prank you. >> i like you by the way. >> soul sister. >> well done, mom. well done. this video appears to have been captured outside perhaps a bar, maybe a club in russia. you see a woman here, and this man, she steps off to the side and tries to light her cigarette. she lights the match, and that's when the guy leans in, and blows it out. >> you've seen people do that especially if they don't want you smoking around them. >> or just trying to make jokes. >> i think she found him somewhat annoying so she flicks the match at him. watch what he does. >> ooh oh my goodness. he just laid her out. >> he could have killed her. >> he walks over to help her out but you can clearly see she is unconscious. >> do the people around do or say anything about it? >> it looked like people went over to help her and hopefully
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able to take care of her. no word what happened after or if any charges will be filed against this guy. in this next guy from viral video uk we came up on this argument, someone inside that truck holding what looks like a baton or some kind of a bat. someone outside of the door fighting with him and now both people are in the middle of the street fighting with each other. one of them loses his footing before getting back up and continuing to fight. >> so was it road rage? i see the other car parked up in front of the truck. >> what else is it going to be? >> it sounds like the driver of the truck was upset at the mercedes driver because apparently the driver was cutting him off. other people get out of their vehicles, try to get involved to put an end to this fight, but it doesn't really work. >> notice how the other people came and they're like baknock i off. you're not going to knock it off? back to my car. >> you can only watch this theatrics for so long before you got somewhere to go. >> you can see it in the video
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they say okay, bye. guys, i want to show you one of tyler's pictures followed by 19,000 more of tyler's pictures. this is tyler lillicose show reel, basically a demonstration of his work that he has spent two years crafting, and he. you the th put that together from shots across the u.s. and canada and one of the things that go gah, nature's beautiful. >> "national geographic" i got this guy's work i want to show you.. >> hopefully you're watching it at home on the big screen you truly appreciate the grandeur, the spectacle of our beautiful planet and what it takes to get this kind of look. it does take time. time to travel to these places, time to get into the back and beyond where people aren't crowding the space, where you have the perfect weather conditions, where you can sit and let the camera time lapse
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and let it do its thing. >> nature is so pretty. i just want to go out there and be like a her mitt in these places. >> some of these shots, can i put a blanket and lay under the stars? >> early mornings, late nights doing this while attending college full time. he also says feedback is appreciated so please, leave a comment. i think our comment is -- glsh ni. >> nice job, dude. >> you done it, son. from roger with the tugbot to t. pain with straight up auto tune we're familiar with the sound but can you tell when it is in use on the phone? >> it has that mechanical sound. i think i can. ♪ >> most folks think they can as well and the fella here who runs roomy official a singer and songwriter from sweden wants to put his other musically inclined friends to the test so he gathers andrew, dave and rob and he's going to give them some samples and he wants to know
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whether or not they can tell if auto tune is in use. >> all right. let's do it. >> so y'all get ready because i'll ask you, too. >> isn't this a guy that can make all kinds of music with all kinds of sounds and instruments? >> yes. ♪ >> the phone ringing was a melody but he's singing over it. listen to what he's singing and let me know if you think he's auto tuned or not. ♪ >> i say no. >> yeah, that was too simple. i could sing like that. ♪ >> that was close. >> that was not out of tune, y'all. ♪ yes >> just look at me. >> i feel like i hear a slight artifacting on the note, the transition between the notes were too good. >> i'm going to say there is auto tune on there. >> i think it was helped by auto tune. >> that is not auto tuned. >> wow. >> ding, ding, ding!
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one for me and gayle. >> all right, let's move on to the next one. ♪ i've gotta tell you that -- >> definitely auto tune. that's auto tune. ♪ i've got to tell you that i really like your look ♪ >> auto tuned. >> obviously auto tuned. it's got that mechanical sound. >> all of you say yes. they all say yes. let's see what the official said. >> that was auto tune. >> oh, yeah. how could you tell? >> there are talented people that can sing without help. >> but we didn't finish the quiz. if you want to take the entire quiz head over to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. there's a huge pothole, but this driver doesn't seem to mind. are thaw dumb? are you really that dumb? yep, pretty much. plus go big or -- >> go home. >> no, go to casey, illinois. and you're about to find out why. heck yeah, man.
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closed captioning provided by -- leep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. these videos are just bizarre. the first one you see that there is a huge pothole that a water main break caused. if you see something like this, you drive around it. it seems like the most common sense thing to do. not this person. >> are you that dumb? >> whoa, whoa. >> are you really that dumb? why would you drive into something you can't see. >> you see the other cars going way around. >> and not to mention all the water, rocks, mud and debris on the road. sorry, buddy, you're dumb. >> look at that. >> get swallowed up. >> people worked together to get two people out of the car, i presume, the driver and a passenger. >> wow. okay, well, don't do that again.
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>> doesn't make any sense. this one doesn't make any sense either. why on earth is this manage in russia using an axe to break that divider on the road? >> oh, i know. he was creating a dotted line so the next time he comes through the area he can pass. >> it's funny that you say that, nick, you're kind of on point. >> get outta here. >> reports say that this guy owns a cafe right across the way here, with that double line, cars can't just turn into his establishment. they instead have to drive down the road, make a u-turn and come back. he created a dotted line. >> see that makes sense because he's a business owner, because they are messing up the flow of traffic into his store. >> still doesn't make sense, dummy. instead of an axe get yourself black paint. >> the black paint would make it faster because he's going to be there all day. >> yes. go big or -- >> go home.
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>> no. go to casey, illinois. >> right behind me is the world's largest mailbox. >> this is big things in a small town hosted by can head, our good friend. the wizard of odd tv, can head is going through some of the huge wonders in this small town, only about 2,500 people but jim bowling the owner of all the exhibits and creator decided to put all this together to draw people in to the old small town. >> and it worked. >> darned right it works and so does the mailbox. if you drop a postcard into the box below watch what happens. >> that's cool. >> isn't' that neat? if you're into more than big packages check out the big shoes. >> they're made out of white pine, they are about 2,400 pounds each. >> wow. >> they are 11 1/2 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and five foot tall. >> you think your feet get tired in the heels. imagine walking around in these. >> finally a shoe that fits.
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>> size 161, once you kick off your huge shoes you need a place to kick back and relax. the world's largest rocking chair stands 56 feet high, weighs over 46,000 pounds and it received its world record in october of 2015. >> does that rocking chair work? >> it does work. in fact it had to work in order to qualify for the world record. >> how do you get up there though? >> i don't know how you get up there but took ten of jim bowen's employees to move the thing. once you're done relaxing play golf with the world's largest golf tee, the world's largest pitch fork, all there you if want to see it in casey, illinois. put this on your stops during your next road trip. time for real or fake. >> let's roll the clip, baby. >> getting it started with some eggcellent spatula work and a sub-zero brand.
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psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. another monday with the trickiest of them all, sometimes he's real, sometimes he's fake. welcome to the show, max. >> yeah! >> time for real or fake. let's roll the clip, baby. >> individuvideo number one. what the heck? what? get outta here. >> i heart this video. >> oh, wow. >> the key i guess is it was spinning. that's why it was able to keep the balance of it, but that is -- >> come on! >> that is extraordinary. >> that's next level. >> that move when he turns the spatula over and cracks it. >> it's real, man. >> i think it's real, too, and
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i'm going to take this video the next time so you can up your game up. >> everyone is real? >> yeah, for sure. >> yeah i'm with you guys on this one. that was some eggcellent pat lawol spatula work. >> video number two. no! >> that's not hot. i think that's cold. >> because you can see the air sinking. it's going to leave a burn. >> frozen skin, how long is that going to stay? >> i think that's frozen skin. i had a procedure where they freeze your ganglion cyst. this is possible. >> real for sure. >> i'll go along with it, too. >> that was a sub-zero brand. you're right. i this i that's the new way they're branding their cattle at this farm, 100% real, i do not recommend anybody try that one at home. >> video number three. >> let me see your jam.
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>> i landed one of those that's real. >> sounds like he's giving her boxing instructions and he's the pro, you could tell. he knows what he's talking about. >> at least he thinks he does. >> he underestimated her is what it is. >> girl what's wrong with you? >> i think it's fake. i think they were setting this up. that's why he's standing by the garage door to give that sound. he sold it well. i think it's fake. >> nah, i don't think he was expecting it. >> i'm going back the other way going yes she does make contact with him. his nose is wobbly. >> i can solve this for you guy but i need your votes before i show you this reveal. >> i'm saying real. >> real, too. >> like lots of women i change my mind, back to real. >> i'll stick with fake. >> so we've got four reals, one fake. what is it? >> i'm going to go with nick on this one. i this i this is a setup. it's fake. she barely hits him and overreaction into the garage door. >> atta boy that's a knockout
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clip there, mack. >> girl, what's wrong with you? ♪ caruso has more costume changes than diana ross at a special show. caruso is wearing to of our favorite looks. the owners say these are 20 homemade underlying costumes. i love the fisherman, the hat and fishing vest. >> this dog is patient. are you kidding me? >> you never saw that? oh, yeah, he is spider weiner, he's a weiner dog. >> he gets many treats to be this cute and awesome and so obey as much as he does. >> was that bob ross? >> yes, that was bob ross, the big afro bob ross wore. >> nice move. >> a great action halloween costume for afro, brown pants and white shirt and palette and you're done. >> the beekeeper e get out of here. not the obligatory hotdog
2:36 am
costume? >> that's old school, so last year. >> too obvious? >> he's already a hotdog. oh, yeah, but the force is strong with this dog. >> get out of here. >> darth vader. >> and obi wan. >> you got to love being a minion. if you want to watch the entire video go to and click on tv show or check it out on their mobile app. time to find out the gender. >> of his new baby brother or sister. >> he's not happy with the outcome.
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♪ easily it
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stopped. it's like eject! come down the stairs and hold the hand. >> these black balloons are becoming ubiquitous. they mean only one thing. birthday party! >> googoo dolls. >> somebody is turning 60. >> gender reveal. mom is holding the balloon. the sibling to be the big bro is about to find out the gender of his new baby brother or sister. >> what's that mean? >> i think it's pink and blue make purple, they're going to have, you get one of each? >> no, it's gender neutral. >> we're going to have a baby. >> they're going to have a girl, but the problem is little bro is not thrilled. >> it's not a boy! >> he needs to talk to my brother. >> is it he get a headache? >> in spite of the reaction you'll be


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