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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 10, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, fire emergency. >> we're all in a state of devastation right now. >> the death toll rising in california. more than 100 people now unaccounted for. thousands flee as trees are turned into torches. we take you to the front lines as crews race to save entire neighborhoods from an inferno in wine country as another burns near los angeles. breaking overnight an officer shot and killed on a college campus. the alleged shooter, a student. hear what police say they found in his room. war plans hacked. a bombshell from the korean peninsula that could give kim jong-un the upper hand in the nuclear standoff with the united states. were they asking for it. donna karan is defending herself after defending hollywood producer harvey weinstein amid
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harassment claim. >> how do we present ourselves as women? what are we asking? are we asking for it? >> this morning hear the reaction and how karan is responding. and sticking their neck out. a wild moment for safarigoers stopped in their tracks by a stampede of giraffes. a good tuesday morning to you. we begin with explosive wildfires tearing across california now blamed for at least ten deaths. >> more than a dozen destructive fires are burning in the northern part of the state. around wine country and a brush fire is raging out of control hundreds of miles away to the south near disneyland. 150 people were injured as they fled. >> 1500 homes have been destroyed and thousands have evacuated. abc's arlette saenz joins us now with the latest. arlette, good morning. >> reporter: california engulfed in a raging inferno from the north in santa rosa to down south in anaheim.
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intense wildfires scorching the state. nearly 90,000 acres incinerated. in northern california, at least 1500 structures, many of them homes singed beyond recognition. >> it looks like a bomb went off. nothing left, you know, of these homes. >> reporter: residents sifting through the ashes for what remains. northern california hospitals treating more than 150 people for smoke inhalation and fire-related injuries. the fires swept through shopping centers and mobile home parks. some hospitals directly in the crosshairs staff carefully evacuating patients on gurneys. tens of thousands of residents like jan krieger evacuated racing to save what they need. >> i'm in shock. this is your life. >> reporter: and in southern california, what started as a small brush fire in anaheim exploding with high winds. charring 6,000 acres in a matter of hours. kabc reporter lee ann suitor is
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there. >> on the front lines everybody trying to bring it under control. >> when we arrived it was chaotic. we had a fast-moving fire moving through, 20 to 25-foot flame length. >> reporter: flames sweeping through neighborhoods burning homes to the ground. a thousand firefighters on hands battling the flames. >> life is our primary focus and we need you to evacuate so we can protect you. >> reporter: 5,000 homes evacuated. parents rushing to pick up children from schools. plumes of smoke seen at nearby angels stadium and hovering above disneyland. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. or late, thank you. two more incredible images from those fires. this picture was taken from a plane flying between sacramento and san francisco. you can see that thick black smoke rising even above the clouds. and take a look at what's left of this home in northern california. the only thing still standing is a religious statue virtually unscathed in the middle of the
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ashes. breaking overnight one of the largest college campuses in texas placed on lockdown for some time following a shooting there. a 19-year-old freshman hollis daniels seen there led away accused now of shooting a texas tech university police officer. the shooting triggered the lockdown until he was captured. he shot the officers they say in the head while inside. daniels was taken after drugs were found in his room. >> they brought the student down to texas tech police -- to the police station and had a debriefing which is normal procedure. sometime during that debriefing the student pulled a gun and fatally wounded one of the officers. >> that slain officer has not been identified. classes are set to resume today. support services being offered for students and workers. we have new information about the las vegas shooting which is raising questions about how the hotel handled the crisis. at first it was reported that mandalay bay security guard
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jesus campos was the final person shot and interrupted the gunman ending the rampage. now police have revealed campos was the "first they killed my father" person, six minutes before the shooter started firing on the concert. >> okay, there's not this all encompassing answer associated with the information that we presented before. in other words, it's not completely inaccurate. but what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world. >> police say campos did report that he had been shot through the door of the gunman's room but security did not give the shooter's location to police. possibly wasting precious minutes looking for him. north korea has reportedly hacked a trove of classified military documents from seoul, south carolina, including con tick xi war plans that involve the united states. "the financial times" newspaper reports a south korean lawmaker says it was stolen what is year when hackers broke into a
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defense datacenter. the files are said to contain a joint south korean/u.s. operational game plan to be used in the event of an all-out war. today the head of the apa signing a proposed rule that would repeal limbs on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. scott pruitt declared the war on coal is over and said the obama administration overstepped its legal authority by trying to impose emission limits that power plants could not reasonably meet. >> the past administration was unapologetic. they were using every bit of power, every bit of authority to use the epa to pick winners and losers in how we generate electricity in this country and that's wrong. >> environmental groups plan to challenge it in court. new details about vice president pence's visit to indianapolis' colts game sunday. he walked out when players kneeled. the move as you know was planned in advance. abc news estimates the vice president's trip cost taxpayers more than $200,000 including the
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cost of the flights and security. the trump campaign has now sent out a fund-raising e-mail asking recipients to show their support for that walkout. spain is anxiously awaiting the speech by catalan's president. thousands have taken part in protests both for and against catalonia separating from spain. it's believed he will declare catalan's independence today. the prime minister threatened a rule allowing madrid to take over the region. back here in this country we take a look at your weather this tuesday morning. commuters in the denver area could be in for another rough morning after receiving their first snowfall of the season. several inches fell on the mile high city and even more in the surrounding areas and several major roads were closed as well including the major interstate 70. it's in the 20s overnight there so the snow and slush will be
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making roads slick. today's highs will be 49. the same as kansas city, we expect washington and atlanta to reach 85. not bad. coming up the severe turbulence that had passengers on a flight contacting their families because they thought they might die. also ahead the town that may send parents to jail if their child is a bully at school. big changes at walmart. the new and faster way you'll be able to return products. ♪ music
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12 oz new york strip, center-cut flo's filet, for a limited time, 14 ounce delmonico. the feeling. the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. police were led on a wild chaseout side detroit by a man who stole this ambulance from a hospital. at one point he veers off the highway, circles a park before deputies finally manage to cut him off and arrest him.
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luckily no one was hurt. the death toll at a florida nursing home that lost power during hurricane irma has risen to 14. this after two more deaths were confirmed overnight. now patients were evacuated after the power outage plunged the elderly residents into sweltering heat. the facility has since closed and police are treating the deaths as a criminal matter. we're hearing for the first time about what's being described as a flight from hell on a frontier airlines plane. frontier flight 1116 bound for cleveland took off from las vegas during a high wind warning on sunday. passengers describe a terrifying and chaotic scene with several people injured by turbulence that was so extreme, it forced the plane to make an emergency landing in salt lake city. >> praying, crying, lady behind us was just -- you could hear her try to gasfor air. >> i honestly thought that and i'm not being dramatic, we were going to die. like that's why i grabbed my phone and my boys. >> the airline says there were
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no reports of severe turbulence from the crew and it says the diversion to salt lake city was only for an onboard medical situation. an unusual move by western new york town deciding to punish the mothers and fathers of bullies. parents in north tonawanda outside buffalo could now be fined and put in jill if their kids violate bullying or other city laws. officials say that they want to hold adults accountable. two violations by kids within 90 days could cost parents $250 and 15 days behind bars. walmart is making returns faster and easier. starting next month customers can scan items they no longer want with their phones then just drop them off at the service desk. since there will be no need to wait in line walmart says the new return process through its app will take 35 seconds or less to complete. >> not bad. coming up the fallout after a longtime nfl coach is seen on video snorting a white powder. family feud. sharp words between the first lady and the woman now calling
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s. how do we present ourselves as women? what are we asking? are we asking for it? >> that's fashion designer donna karan responding to sexual harassment accusations against hollywood producer harvey weinstein. >> now, karan under fire after she came to weinstein's defense and seemed to suggest that his victims may have been asking for it by the way they dress. >> this comes as more top actors rush to denounce the man once considered one of the most powerful in the industry. this morning, hollywood heavyweights are speaking out against harvey weinstein and those bombshell allegations of sexual harassment george clooney tells "the daily beast" weinstein's actions were indefensible disturbing on a whole lot of levels and this is harassment on a very high level.
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meryl streep famously thanked him during her 2012 golden globe win for "the iron lady". >> i want to thank my agent kevin huvane and god, harvey weinstein. >> reporter: in a statement she's calling the women who have spoken up heroes and claiming she had no idea about his alleged behavior writing in everybody knew i don't believe that all the investigative reporters in the entertainment and hard news media would have neglected for decades to write about it. >> there's no question this was hollywood's best kept secret. >> reporter: meanwhile, fashion designer donna karan is speaking out saying her recent comments on the scandal were taken out of context. she told "the daily mail" that weinstein is a wonderful person who has done amazing things in hollywood and seemed to suggest his alleged victims may have been asking for it because of the way they act and dress. >> how do we present ourselves as women? what are we asking? are we asking for it? you know, by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality. you know, and what are we throwing out toregardless of thd
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needs to be dealt for once and all and apologized to anyone offended by her comments. a family feud may be brewing between president trump's first wife and current one. ivana trump is out today with a new tell-all book in which she takes full credit for raising their three children. don junior, eric and ivanka and even went further saying she not only has the president's ear but even puts herself ahead of melania. >> i have the direct number to white house but i not really want to call him there because melania is there and i don't want to cause any jealousy or something like that because i'm basically first trump wife, okay. i'm first lady, okay. >> ooh. that comment triggered a response from the first lady's spokesperson who said, quote here, there is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. unfortunately, only attention-seeking and
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self-serving noise. >> a new nfl scandal has the miami dolphins looking for a new coach. offensive line coach chris fo e foerster resigned after he was caught sniffing white powder. he is now getting help, he says. he also shows thousands of dollars in back taxes. a monday night football now, the vikings beat the bears, 20-17. >> in baseball's american league playoffs the astros and yankees were the big winners. let's get the national league highlights from espn. good morning, america. i'm scott van pelt here at "sportscenter." busy columbus day monday in major league baseball. from the national league where the dodgers move on to the nlcs. co cody bellinger hits a home run and what a season he had. austin barnes at the plate, top six. that's a solo shot and the dodgers sweep the diamondbacks,
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3-1. the cubs entered the seventh without a hit. then they get a base hit. then dusty bakers pulls back scherzer, albert mora comes up and brings in ben zobrist bris and everyone going bananas. rizzo up to bat. first base open and he was insulted they had the gall to pitch to him and he brings in the go-ahead and ultimate winning run. rizzo gets caught in a pickle but he says, hey, respect me. yeah. all right. all right. we respect you. cubs lead 2-1. jake arrieta gives them a chance to close out washington in game four. enjoy your tuesday. >> coming up, a giraffe stampede caught on camera. also ahead one man's frightening night floating in the dark hours from land. hear how he survived. princess leia is back in the new "star wars" trailer released overnight.
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♪ time for "the pulse" and let's start with the new "star wars" movie trailer. it debuted on monday night football and has been under a microscope ever since. >> fans looking for clues about new story lines. one we know for sure, old jedi master luke skywalker seems to be training rey. >> only once before have i seen this strength. it didn't scare me enough then. it does now. >> the new trailer also features adam driver as kylo ren flying around in a spaceship. the late carrie fisher also making an appearance as princess leia and chewbacca's new little friend is getting a lot of attention. >> it looked awesome. december 15th, of course.
4:23 am
>> now i want a porg, chewbacca's little friend adorable. a man is recovering after surviving 17 hours in the waters off long island. >> 56-year-old michael diaz was fishing when heavy winds capsized his kayak. >> he was swept eight miles into the middle of the long island sound, treading water all night until he reached a lighthouse off the coast of connecticut. he was rescued after another boarder called the coast guard. >> he saved my life. there's no question about it. i'm so glad. the idea of being able to tread water for 17 hours, i don't want to think about it. >> his advice don't panic. the odds of you -- the odds are you are going to be found. >> all right. and you've seen road signs for deer crossings but how about this road sign. that's a giraffe crossing at a game reserve in kenya. took the herd about 20 minutes to cross and we don't know why the giraffes crossed the road in case you were going to ask. >> so we're going to just stick
4:24 am
our neck out and say it's unusual to see a herd this big. >> okay. the sheriff's deputy in california used the full force of the law to propose. >> so deputy kevin bowes arranged for her to be pulled over for a dui convincing his colleagues to stage a sobriety test. >> yeah, but there he was behind her, surprise. he had an engagement ring at the ready. happy to report she said yes but would you? >> absolutely not. >> are you crazy? huh. this actually makes sense. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just.... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. yeah, that's great. being clear and upfront. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:27 a.m. and here's what we're going to have for you next on "action news." where emotions are running high in a south jersey community. this pack crowd squared off with the school board in the district that is battling a mold problem. plans to build a football stadium at temple university are expected to face opposition at a meeting today. new rules are coming for payday loans. we'll tell you what's changing and when. plus, a touch of fall and summer in the accuweather forecast and then maybe fall again and then summer next. >> ♪ of the eastern half of the country. the northeast, however, will be sunny, 65 in chicago. finally another week goes by, another pair of dancers
4:28 am
eliminated from "dancing with the stars." >> yeah, this week the dancers took inspiration from their most memorable years. our george pennacchio with the results. >> derek and sharna. >> reporter: derek fisher and his partner sharna burgess are the third couple eliminated from "dancing with the stars" this season. >> i love this journey. i'm sad it was so short. >> me too. >> this was short. >> i'm in shock, really. but i'm not going to let that take away from how positive of an experience it was. it hurts right now but there's nothing negative about what we've been through. >> reporter: len goodman called their jazz routine derek's best dance yet and while he won't take home the mirror ball trophy, derek still leaves feeling good about the entire experience. >> this is an amazing competition. i mean, it seems like it's just a dance show but it's really so much more than that and i'm better for it. >> reporter: jordan fisher and his partner lindsay arnold got the week's highest score, 29 out of 30. on this most memorable year
4:29 am
night, he danced to the night his parents officially adopted him. it became more memorable when he got the season's first 10s. >> that's huge. what week is it? week four? week four and -- >> is that all? >> oh, man. feels like we've been on this journey forever. i'm so proud. such a special moment. >> reporter: the ten remaining couples move on to disney themed dances next week and six of those tied last night. all with triple 8s. >> this season is unlike any other. >> i feel like every couple is a wild card. like anybody could go home. >> we're all there and it's all about people at home voting. i mean, the scores are so close, if not tied and, you know, it really is all about people voting at home. >> reporter: you'll see week five of "dancing" on abc next monday night. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> looking forward to the disney theme. >> looking forward to wearing
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. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday october 10th. >> and here's what we're following for you. >> a south jersey school board gets an earful from residents upset over mold problems that are keeping their kids out of class. >> a rash of wildfires in california has claimed 10 lives and winds are whipping the flames into neighborhoods. >> the leading candidates in new jersey's governor's race square off in a debate t


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