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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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deadly wildfires continue across california and a controversial professor, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> the death toll has climbed to 15 while flames continue to burn in 17 different wildfires. that's the situation? california as newly homeless
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residents take stock of their shattered lives. >> the big story tonight, california on fire with firefighters calling for help from other part of his the country. news reporter dann cuellar is in the satellite center with the story. >> jim, the state of california has been declared a major disaster, communities on the brink and firefighters trying to get the upper hand. at least a dozen unstoppable wildfires destroying homes and businesses. families are left with little time to escape. >> we got our dog and supplies and took off. >> they returned to fire their home and neighborhood gone. the only thing left standing were the chimneys. >> there were a lot of tear. what do we do next? >> the devastation spreading
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through california with firefighters racing to get the upper hand. >> the fires, out of control, now twice the size of washington d.c. and still growing. in some cases, fire crews in santa rosa forced to let the homes burn because they didn't have enough water. >> the water supply is difficult. >> at least 15 people have parished in the inferno, hundreds of others missing. chris pond was devastated sifting through the rubble to find her most cherished possession. >> mike pence announcing assistance for the state. >> we'll be with you everyday until we put the fires out and stand with the families to rebuild the communities. >> firefighters in california are requesting help of
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departments out of state. dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." 50 thank you, dan. the cover of the wildfires continues on "6abc".com. we have the latest along with videos and photographs from the scene. other news, two people are behind bars for selling the makings of inc devices. the two were able to purchase a rifle, ammunitions and the makings of pipe bombs in an under cover buy. they face charges of unlawful possession of a destructive device and unlawful sale of a firearm. >> drexel university has placed one of their professors on leave for his safety and the safety of
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the community. christie ileto is live on the campus. what is the story? >> jim, it's no secret that professor mar is out spoken on twitter placing controversial tweets. his recent one is no exception drawing death threats and administrative leave. he voiced his thoughts about the las vegas shooting, claisming the narrative of white victimization was behind the massacre posting yesterday was the symptom of what happens when those that think they deserve to own the world think it's stolen from them. his account drew death threats at the school forcing him to be placed on administrative leave. we believe this is a necessary step to ensure the campus. >> it's the first amendment. what you say has consequences.
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if he says things that are unpopular, people might do death threats. >> ortiz is from las vegas and feels the professor crossed the line but shouldn't be punished for his opinion. >> i believe having the first amendment right is essential. i believe he should say what he likes on twitter though i don't agree with it. >> he shouldn't have said it. he should have been respectful over what happens. >> college campuses are places for political action. his tweets as a professor were not professional and were too incendiary. >> we spoke to a number of students that didn't want to go on campus but called the school's decision disgraceful. a lot of people feel he was calling out the status quo. >> sort of, but there are better
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ways of going about it. >> we reached out to the professor for comments but never heard back before his broadcast. it's not clear when he will return to the classroom t. >> a septa driver is recovering after being shot on a robbery attempt on the way to work this morning. the gunman confronted wongus at 31st and strawberry mansion after he was shot a good samaritan stopped and helped get him to the hospital. he doesn't know his name but wongus vows he will find and thank the man while police find the shooter. >> in our october hot streak, don't expect a repeat performance tomorrow. cecily tynan is here with the forecast. cecily, word is you are tracking rain. >> that's right, jim. double scan live, if you look to
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the left there are a few batches of rain. one out of ohio moving in tomorrow. they had to postpone the chicago cubs playoff game. future tracker showing it's clouding up into the morning hours. the comiewpt should be for the most part dry. we see showers and that continues into the evening commute. this is how to plan your day. the morning, lots of clouds, perhaps a scattered shower. take the umbrella on the way to work. half inch of rain. i'm tracking one day of seasonably cool temperatures on the way. i have details on that in the seven-day forecast. >> cecily, thank you. >> the pennsylvania attorney general is appealing a decision to throw out criminal charges in
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the amtrak derailment. the judge ruled that train engineer brendan bostian pointed to an accident and not a crime. charges of voluntary manslaughter and wreckless endangerment were dropped. >> berks county authorities are releasing few details about the murder of madison walb. the reading woman's body was found in a wooded area at reege will and green valley roads sunday night. investigators believe it was moved there. they are not saying how walb died, but they are asking anyone with information to tell police what they know. >> the vu surviving robber in a pizza hold up laps year will be going to prison. the judge sentenced him to 57
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months to ten years behind bars. he and his brother stormed into the restaurant in november and pistol whipped a patron. the patron had his own gun killing shown rose and wounding justin. the patron was not charged. >> the coatesville police department are investigating a potentially racial incident at the high school. this dark skinned baby doll was found fastened to a tie in the locker room. the school doesn't tolerate hate speech and will discipline anyone found to be involved. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the story from munich. >> phil murphey can't keep the
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promises he's made. >> you have been alongside governor christie. >> it was a feisty debate in newark. one of the big issues was property taxes. >> the $9 million is coming from you if phil murphey is elected governor. the people of new jersey are sales taxed enough. we need to provide them property tax relief and do it now. >> choices have been made by governor christie and the lieutenant governor every step of the way. they have chosen to give out taxes for $8 billion at the expense of the middle class. >> the debate included topics of marijuana, guns and immigration.
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>> i would not make it more dangerous for law officers and making new jersey a sanctuary state. >> you pit us against them. >> there was this from the lieutenant governor. >> i want to call phil murphey a coward. >> guadagno criticized him for not discussing harvey weinstein a high donator of democrats. >> election day is four weeks from today. in newark, i'm nora muchanic "action news." >> the led line to vote in next month's election, october 17th, one tbreek today. if you live in pennsylvania, the deadline is midnight tonight. because of the debate, jeopardy and wheel of fortune were moved
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to another time after "nightline" tonight at 1:05. >> still to come president trump names a new cabinet secretary and a secret plan to kill kim jungun, may have been exposed. >> on health check, a new report about fertility tests women trying to get pregnant should hear. cecily? >> the day's high, 84-degrees, 15-degrees above normal. i'm tracking seasonal temperatures for a while. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> trust the process, ducis rogers with details of joel embiid's signing on the dotted line when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ bones about it. >> david brings the a game when
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>> gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie are among the women that have come forward accusing movie mogul harvey weinstein of sexual
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harassment. paltrow says he tried to lure her into giving him a massage. angelina jolie says she had a bad experience with him and chose to never work with him again. he promised to green light a screen play if she watched him perform a sex act. >> he returned in nothing but a robe with the front open and buck naked. the taped encounter was presented to prosecutors in 2015. at the time they called the recording horrifying but insufficient to prove a crime. north korean hackers may have stolen classified war crimes from south korea including a joint effort with the u.s. to kill kim jung un, that report from a south korean lawmaker.
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defense officials said that north korea may have hacked the military network but wouldn't confirm details today. this just in late tonight, president trump named an acting health have the to take over for tom price who resigned amid the private plane scandal. eric will lead the department of health and services. >> the revised timeline for the las vegas massacre raises questions about whether better communication might have hey ald police to respond more quickly. stephen paddock took out the security guard six minutes before firing on concert growers. investigators say they are not
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sure what prompted paddock to take the guard's life. >> a bi-partisan bill has been introduced today. those are the accessories the shooter used to convert sis semiautomatic rifle to fire rapidly as an automatic. health check at 11:00, women having trouble getting pregnant pay close attention to results of fertility tests like hormones that can increase the egg count. those numbers may be misleading and cause women to lose hope unnecessarily. the study finds that stimulating hormone and low mh levels may not be tied to fertility at all.
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this involves women 30 to 44. >> camden county is getting ahead of a potentially bad flu cecilseason. there will be more clinics this week. i have heard from many sources that this could be a bad flu season. >> we can get flu shots at the station thursday. >> i didn't know that. i have been away. >> don't want you to get sick. >> thank you. >> welcome back, by the way. our weather is getting rainy. the action cam tonight, taking a look at a nice looking shot at the masonic temple on broad street. clouds are moving in. it's a warm night getting humid.
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the bus-stop forecast, get your kids to take a rain jacket. we are looking at clouds in the morning, scattered showers, nothing widespread. 60-degrees in the suburb, 65 center city. the afternoon for the ride home, more widespread rain. that's when they need umbrellas or jackets. right now, philadelphia 72-degrees. the normal high this time of year 69. trenton 66, wilmington 77. the high today 84. sixth day in a row of temperatures in the 80s. we have slightly cooler weather tomorrow. satellite and radar showing weak low pressure out of the ohio valley. this brings us a few rounds of rain tomorrow. future tracker showing 7:00 in the morning, cloudy, a sprinkle or two as we head around
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lunchtime, scattered showers developing. best chance around delaware and steadier for the evening, again, looking scattered, quarter inch to half inch of rain. a drop in the bucket, but at this point, we need rain. with the rain developing and clouds, on the warm side. 8:00, 67. anoon, 72. also humid. thursday, if you want that cool air, we have it for one day, high pressure to the north and low pressure to the southeast. that brings us the wind tunnel effect out of the northeast, a cool flow of air. bringing in a lot of clouds, 68-degrees, the average high for thursday. cloudy tomorrow with rain.
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thursday, lots of clouds, seasonal 68-degrees. mostly cloudy, late in the day. breaks of sunshine, 71-degrees. get ready for a warm weekend. saturday, 80-degrees. sunday, bump it up to 82. 15-degrees above normal. monday, possibility of showers with a cold front. 76-degrees behind the front. tuesday, a high of 69-degrees. another weekend, great weather for shorts. >> american red cross said thanks to its unsung heros showed volunteers in philadelphia. they paid tribute to the leader
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of the red cross after serving as ceo for six years. alicia vitarelli is event tonight. and the widow of a state trooper was on hand for honor tonight. the boys scouts presented an honor for cpl. stephen ballard killed in april while investigating a suspicious vehicle at a convenience store in baird. the online platform connects hospitals and patients with on demand, nonemergency medical transportation like uber or lyft for doctor's visits. the start up company has a spot on the global final challenge
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next month. >> "action news" continues the long history of highlighting positive news around the delaware and lehigh valley. stories that make us philly proud. find more on our website, "6ab "6abc".com/proud. ♪ ♪ t comes to
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no, was i supposed to get fios? mr. peterson. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. it's like it was invented to stream 4k movies and shows. how do you know so much about tv and internet? the internet. right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet with the 100% fiber-optic network. get fios, now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. >> flyers finished the season opening road trip. >> this game neither goal keeper will put this on the resume.
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flyer, two wins, three games. tonight, a buzz saw national. this is a wild game. two goal in the span of 15 seconds. nolan patrick, first nhl goal, flyers down 3-2. to the third period, 4-3 flyers. second goal of the night, 5-3 flyer lead. wheels come off the cart from there. scott cart nell beats brian elliot to tie the game at five. another opportunity for the preds. this one is ugly. flyers lose 6-5 after surrendering two goals in the final 7 77 seconds. >> the big guy is getting big bucks. sixers gave joel embiid an extension. a five year extension for
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$148 million. the sixer center healthy to play in just 31 games since 2014. the organization feels he's worth the risk given his talent. he says he's grateful. >> amazing position. i can't wait to go out and play for the team. i was proud. i was happy. i was amazed. i didn't know what to say, but i was happy. >> yes, indeed. still ahead, a huge blow for the men's international soccer team. plus, will he or won't he play against the panthers? we ask him directly. ♪
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>> the eagles have carolina on their mind. they hope fletcher coxe is on the mend. the tackle did practice today. it's uncan clear whether he will play thursday night. >> think you are going to make the trip? >> i don't know. i'i don't make those decisions. i have to be smart. you feel good enough to play? >> i'm not a doctor or a trainer. i was out there moving around a bit. >> u.s. men's national team, 36 minute, alvin jones from way out. 2-1, americans failed to qualify for the world cup for the first
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time since 1986. jay wright being recognized with the legend of coaching honor. the honor is given to the coach with personal success and integrity. it will be presented october 18th. >> that ceas's sports. next "jimmy kimmel live." "action news" continues at 4:30. cecily tynan, ducis rogers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪ ♪
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. from hollywood, chris >> jimmy: thank you, everybody! thank you very much. thank you for visiting us. i don't know if you thought about this but we're now three weeks away from halloween which is a tricky thing for parents of young kids. halloween is one


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