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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 10, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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. from hollywood, chris >> jimmy: thank you, everybody! thank you very much. thank you for visiting us. i don't know if you thought about this but we're now three weeks away from halloween which is a tricky thing for parents of young kids. halloween is one of the rare
11:36 pm
times a toddler gets to make a big decision. what are you going as? the problem with that is, little kids change their minds every 11 seconds. you can order a paw patrol costume and then she wants to go as mcstuffins. i have two olders kids so i know this. my wife asked our daughter, what do you want to be? and she said i don't want to be a princess for halloween. i want to be wonder woman. no one ever megsed being a princess. and even though he wonder woman does not wear a cape, we were excited. she's tough. we ordered the costume on amazon and four seconds later it arrives at our house. we open the box and you know, we showed it to her. here's your wonder woman costume. do you want to try it on? she said no, i don't wonder. i'm not wonder woman. i'm jane. i don't wonder. [ applause ]
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now we're wondering what the hell we're going to do for a costume. my older daughter went as a door. i made her a door costume with a knob and everything. the neighbors would open the door and see another door. that was a good costume. meanwhile, another toddler news, president trump continues to -- with his own secretary of state. last week we learned that rex tillerson right-hander to trump as a quote f-'ing moron behind his back. trump tweeted the story was false. clearly this is still eating at the president. this morning in a new interview with forbes magazine, they asked him about it and he said i think it's fake news. if he did that, i guess we'll have to compare i.q. tests and i can tell you who was going to win. rex tillerson, right? [ applause ] it has to be him.
11:38 pm
no intelligent person would get into an i. qushs contest with his own secretary of state, right? just that rules you out right there. at this point i'm not sure donald trump could finish the maze on the back of a denny's kids menu. do you think he's ever even taken an i.q. test? i would definitely pay $100 to watch rex tillerson and donald trump take i.q. tests against each ooflt make no mistake. and i guarantee the next day, kellyanne conway would be saying that the lower the number, the better the score. just one of many battles. the nfl, trump is fighting with bob corker, the republican senator. today he tweeted the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up by recording his conversation was made to sound a fool and that's what i am deal with. if you don't know how to spell little, don't start an i.q. battle with anybody.
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trump and rex tillerson had lunch today which i'm sure was a lot of fun. you have to cut the president some slack. he is very smart. the reason i know this is because he says it over and over again. is donald trump an intellectual? trust me. i'm like a smart person. number one. i'm not stupid. i can tell you that right now. and i was a good student. i understand things. i comprehend very well. okay? better than, i think, almost anybody. i'm a very smart person. i went to the best school. i went to an ivy league school. i am very highly educated. i know words. i had the best words. putin did call me a genius. people say i'm the super genius of all time. i'm really smart. i'm like a smart person. i'm like a really smart person. i'm a smart person. i'm a big thinker. i'm a man of great common sense. i'm one of the smartest people in the world. >> jimmy: and also one of the
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most humble people in all the world. this is an unsettling and terrifying item. a company in london, a broad band company worked with an evolutionary biologist to figure out what the human hand would look like if it evolved around a smartphone. what if our hands adapt to make it easier to text and what not. this is what they came up with. the human hand. can you imagine hitchhiking with that hand? a pointy index finger for better navigation, pads on for grip, a crooked thumb and pinky, and an indented palm so the phone can rest on it. the least bleebl thing is the smart watch. i feel like our hands should at least be fatter, right? if after all these years, men's hands still haven't adapt to masturbation, i don't think the smartphone will get there first.
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[ applause ] we have a strong show tonight with vance joy and whitney cummings, and chris hemsworth is here. and in honor of the show tonight, you got hammered tonight. the premier is right across the street tonight. we have an exclusive clip from the movie to show you. it is a big day for nerds. last night during monday night football, a new trailer for the new star wars movie was released and they even had storm trumaners on the field. at first i thought the president sent them in to crack down on the protest but it turned out -- we dodged one there. tickets for star wars went on sale right after the trailer finished. and unfortunately, if you didn't
11:42 pm
get them last night, you're too late. it is completely sold out forever. you'll have to wait to see it on tbs or something. the new movie is called star wars, the last jedi. it is not technically a sequel. that was a prequel to star wars the new hope. the last jedi is a sequel to the force awakens which itself -- you don't care? anyway, the new trailer has lots of action. the thing everybody seems to be going nuts over are the porgs. these are cute little creatures that live on the island luke sky walker has been hiding on and they're the toy we'll be beating other people over the head for at target this christmas. in the trailer, you couldn't make out what the porg was saying. but we were able to get the enhanced audio and i think you're going to like it. that's the porg.
11:43 pm
p-o-r-g. how they come one these names, i don't know. but i'll sure that word will be part of our lives like awok and wookie. this is a huge phenomenon online. we went on the street today one night after the trailer premier and asked people, have you looked at porg? >> do you look at porg? >> no. >> you're sure. >> okay, yes. >> what have you watched? >> mixed. >> do you remember the first time you saw porg? >> no, i don't. it was so long ago. how old were you the first time you saw porg? >> if i had to recall, i was probably 12. >> have you ever cleared your browsing history to make it look like you haven't watched it? >> yes. >> what kind of genres do you like? >> hot guys in general. >> what did you watch?
11:44 pm
>> black, women, sometimes a little bbw. >> how many times a week would you say you look at porg? >> three or four times. >> have you ever watched porg? >> once or twice. >> i feel like i'll watching it right now. ? >> 3d? >> actually, my friend in high school was in porno. besides that, no. >> what was hers about? >> she did it for $500 because she likes sex and she loves money. that's the only porno i've ever seen. >> how do sex and money have to do with porg? >> because you have sex for money. >> pork? >> porg. >> what are you talking about? >> so it's popular. very popular. >> jimmy: one other thing i want to mention. frank sinatra's former manager, a gentleman named elliott wiceman called the way it was with frank sinatra. in it he tells a story of the
11:45 pm
heated exchange frank sinatra had in 1990 with a casino owner named donald trump. the story goes, he was working a deal with frank sinatra to do 12 shows to open are. taj mahal and trump city. this guy wiseman was working with died in a helicopter crash. since the deal hadn't been finalized yet, trump brought wiseman back in to renegotiate the terms to try to pay sinatra less than they had agreed upon. when frank heard the new lower offer, wiseman said he told trump to go f himself and even offered his personal phone number in case trump wanted to hear that directly from him. it is amazing. people are rising from the dead to curse at donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know if the story is true but it does come from a reliable source. if only there was a way to verify whether or not this really happened. like if there was some sort of -- ♪ doobie doobie
11:46 pm
>> jimmy: whoa! >> jimbo! are you looking for me? i'm ready to ring a ding ding everybody! >> jimmy: the ghost of frank sinatra. >> you're damn right. i'm busy banging ghost broads. >> jimmy: i wanted to ask you about the story of donald trump. >> oh, that guy. he is a doobie doobie douche bag. >> jimmy: is it true you told him to go f himself? >> i sure did. and i was just getting started. >> jimmy: what else did you tell him? >> allow me to elucidate, jimmy. i said to him ♪ to the moon i'll stick my boots right up your ass ♪ ♪ grab you by the [ bleep ] you think with no class ♪ ♪ in other words
11:47 pm
♪ kiss ♪ in other words you're a loser ♪ ♪ [ bleep ] to the moon ♪ i would like to sock you in the snout ♪ ♪ if you were on fire i wouldn't be there to put you out ♪ ♪ in other words you're a chump ♪ ♪ in other words f-u-trump ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in other words you're doggie doo ♪ ♪ in other words [ bleep ] you
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>> jimmy: louie armstrong! oh, boy, there they go. right back up to heaven. how about that? we'll take a break. chris hemsworth is here. posting hashtag yeehaw. hashtag i have no signal and i still can't post out here. woah! look out, coming through. hey thomas. howdy there joy. see joy's got the new iphone with verizon unlimited. you bet i do. best phone, best network. america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. she can post out here like she does in the city. hey twelve likes. what? likes won't get you didly around these parts. yaaw! (vo) when you really, really want the best, get the new iphone on the best unlimited with plans starting at $40 per line for four lines.
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mmm. good, right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. and now, try our real sour cream. it's delicious. >> jimmy: hello and welcome back to the show. tonight, a very funny woman and author of this new book called "i'm fine and other lies"
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whitney kumings is here with us. and here we go. this is his latest single. a big single. it seems unnecessary that a single would be this big, doesn't it? it is called lay it on me. vance joy from the mercedes-benz stage. a very long song. tomorrow night our guests are rene zellweger, mark maran. and next week we'll be in brooklyn, nosh, for a full week of shows. sadly we have no tickets left. we had 10,000 tickets, 2,000 each night, and more than 100,000 ticket requests. if you do have tickets, our guests will be amy schuller, howard stern, david letterman, tracy morgan, woody haralson, arnold schwarzenegger will be with us, lcd sound system and more. please join us for all those
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shows. our first guest is the god of thunder down under who you can see alongside his buddy the hulk. opening across all nine realms november 3rd. please welcome chris hemsworth! [ cheers and applause ] how is it going? i like this suit. this is the hulk combined? >> or the riddler. >> jimmy: old school ridler. >> i have a riddler interview after this. would you allow even being part of the d.c. universe? >> it depends on the cost. >> jimmy: it depends how much they beg you. by the way, i saw the movie last
11:55 pm
night. this might be the best marvel movie. i don't know how they keep doing it. it is unbelievable. >> jimmy: he did such a great job with this movie. >> we all had the same sort of wanton need and passion. and i'm in a meeting early in the process and he said, let's just break everything we know and destroy it and rebuild it. >> jimmy: like the hotel room? >> first the hotel room. and then the character. and then every day was about exploring the unknown and trying something different. i got pretty bored of myself as that character. and so did he. maybe a few people out there. so let's do something different. and every day was improvised and a journey. >> jimmy: was thor getting a hair cut part of that conversation? >> it was.
11:56 pm
partly due to i didn't want to spend two hours a day putting hair and a wig on. >> jimmy: you also shot it in australia. was that planned in advance or you said hey, i live in australia. you now need to bring the movie to my house. >> a little of that. i felt like i had done my time. i had done five films with marvel at that time. and i heard that robert downey had pushed the film to locations that he wanted to be in and i said, maybe this is my opportunity. we've got this little country, australia. this great crew and cast available. maybe we can shove there. and we ended up shooting there. >> jimmy: how far were you from where you live? >> about 45 minutes. >> jimmy: very nice. >> very manipulative. run home for a sandwich and then go back to work. >> same bed, it was wonderful. >> jimmy: do your kids get
11:57 pm
excited about the fact daddy is thor? >> one of them. >> jimmy: okay. >> so one out of three is good for me. one of the things that is really cool, and i come home from work. papa, did you fight monsters at work? yeah. doing press all day. plenty of monsters. and the other two are on the fence. it's whatever. >> jimmy: is there a dressing up as thor for halloween or anything? >> i tried to push it, definitely. >> jimmy: i feel like after the movie comes out, they're going to want to. >> i hope so. i want them to see there one. it is dad having more fun than he's had before. >> jimmy: i think you brought your whole cast here with you. who did you bring with you? >> backstage? >> jimmy: yeah. >> we have a few of them. >> jimmy: the director. >> mark who plays the hulk. >> jimmy: the hillary ulk is be
11:58 pm
in this version. and i liked the previous versions. you know what i'm saying. sometimes the hulk can be too fake looking. >> and then the technologies advanced and they said don't do what we've done before and mark on many occasions said it. >> jimmy: i think wave camera backstage. hey, mark, how are you doing? >> jimmy: you're a great hulk. i love this hulk. this is a beautiful hulk you've put together. it is weird to see you in clothes. usually you're naked. >> it's strange. i have a loin cloth. >> jimmy: you guys must be pals for mark to come along with you. this is like work for mark. >> oh, yeah. we're close. >> hold on a second. >> jimmy: hold on a second.
11:59 pm
let me talk here, get the camera away. >> this is the director. >> jimmy: how are you doing? you did a great job on this movie. >> thank you. this is a real dream come true to sit in the green room in the back of your show. >> jimmy: i'm sorry about the interruption there. but i did want to say -- it's the mighty thor, not the mighty bore. maybe take a walk. i'm so sorry. he is not supposed to go into the guest rooms. he has his own area that he is supposed to stay in. >> we have snacks in here. >> it was great making this movie. it was a lot of fun. only 16 hours away from my house. >> jimmy: is there a rivalry are between people from new zealand as you are and people from australia? >> yeah. sadly there is.
12:00 am
it's been going on for thousands of years. >> jimmy: has it really? >> this is getting ridiculous. you're not on the show. >> i'm on the show. >> jimmy: this does not count as being on the show. >> this is what movie actors look like right here. riding adam's coat tails. >> jimmy: okay. enough already with that. >> i didn't invite him. i'll friends with him. >> jimmy: why are you friends with him? >> i feel sorry for him. he has nothing. >> jimmy: it's very sad. >> i saw a friend in need so i decided to extend a handshake. >> jimmy: is it true you go on vacations with him? >> he turned up at my house in australia. uninvited. >> jimmy: is that right? >> but i'm an open person. >> jimmy: he likes to go to things that no one wants him at. does he stay in your house? >> unfortunately, yeah. and his kids as well. >> jimmy: i don't hold it against the kids.
12:01 am
>> yeah. the kids are fine. >> i'm on the show. >> how does that even work? >> i hacked into the system. i've been here a really long time, jimmy. i learned a lot of stuff. >> jimmy: go backstage and eat the duty potatoes that we made for you. you know what? put up the screen saver. the emergency screen saver. and you do nothing. what do you -- go take care of him. get security. thank you very much. i'm so sorry, chris. when we come back, we'll hopefully see an exclusive never before seen -- [ cheers and applause ]
12:02 am
>> jimmy: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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helmet. it gave me the ability to fly. >> they ride you on your back. >> no, no. i spindle it really fast. >> oh! >> ground. it would pull me off the ground and i would fly. every time i flew it, it would always come back to me. >> it sounds like you had a good relationship with it and losing it was almost comparable to losing a loved one. >> that's a nice way of putting it. >> jimmy: that's chris hemsworth. >> that's our director. and thstemmed from that. and it the went mental on the artistic collaboration and all sorts of ridiculous weapons. we were laughing about it. what the hell is this thing?
12:08 am
we started improving it. and that was the tone of the movie. encouraged improvisation. >> jimmy: it kind of takes the piss out of the super hero gwen re. jeff gold blum was in the movie. >> my brother warned me about the love and affection i would have. >> jimmy: he's great in the movie. >> he does the best jeff goldblum in town. >> jimmy: he's very george goldblumy. >> jimmy: and it is played by sir anthony hopkins which is pretty heavy. i want to ask but this. he posted this on instagram and you, i don't know how much later, you posted the same photograph. but somehow the sweat has been
12:09 am
removed from sir anthony hopkins. >> you are very observant. >> jimmy: thank you very much. as a good human being, i thought, i'll going to have someone remove the sweat marks. >> jimmy: so you're saying he is not a good human being. >> no. i think someone threw a bottle of water on him. >> jimmy: you did the right thing and he did the wrong thing. that man is an international character. congratulations on the film. people are going to love this movie. it opens in theaters and imax on november 3rd. chris hemsworth, everybody. we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. on vance joy is on the way. our next guest is a comedian actor, writer, producer, and now an author, too. her new book is called i'm fine and other lies.
12:16 am
please welcome whitney cummings. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ that's a beautiful dress. >> thank you. this is a tricky dress. it is a tricky dress. >> jimmy: that's good for the viewers at home. >> i have to do some adjustments. >> jimmy: do you want me to shield you? >> yeah. i need something down here. this is -- >> jimmy: come on. let's give the people at home what they came to see. your legs. i'm sorry. that was very rude. >> i don't know. i don't want to give them an exam. >> jimmy: does this book title mean you're not fine? >> i know this might come as a shock to some people but i don't have it together, folks. >> you don't? you seem to me like you do. >> really? i'm hanging by a thread. >> jimmy: i didn't gather that.
12:17 am
you seem to be, well, you're very successful obviously. you have a lot of jobs as far as i can tell. you're working on things, you're producing other people, you're writing for other people and yourself, you write a book, you're touring. >> i'm hilarious. are you done? >> jimmy: that's the reason that all of these things come together. because you are very funny. you don't feel like it, huh? >> that's very nice. i think i wanted a book that revealed all the flaws and insecurities and the mistakes. so many of us appear to have it all together. you go to instagram and it looks like that. i wanted to make it socially acceptable to talk about our not so great moments, our shameful moments, i did that with this book which means i'll be single fore. >> jimmy: is that genuinely a concern? it sounds like, are you worried about -- >> yeah. yes, i revealed so much in this book about eating disorders,
12:18 am
addiction, i don't know why you're not laughing. it has made a lot of things very weird for me. like people just in general, i feel like they think that i'm a safe place to admit all their weird secrets. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> and shameful behavior. people come up to me in airports and blurt out weird things they do. >> jimmy: like what? >> i had a woman run up to me in an airport and shegss, i go to stores and i buy clothes i don't even want just so other people can't have them. >> jimmy: wow! >> i was like, i'm going to go get a cinnabon. >> jimmy: that's one of the craziest things i've ever heard. >> i had a woman yell at me across a driveway. she goes, hey, whitney, i can't stop stealing. [ laughter ] cool! i don't know what to tell you. >> jimmy: do you advise them at all? >> i'm not a psychiatrist.
12:19 am
i think that's pretty obvious. i'm a clown, a comedian. there is a lot of helpful information there. i tried to make a self help book. most are weak and boring and they make it worse. i wanted to write a funny self-help book so you can laugh and cry. >> jimmy: do you get into medical things? >> did i this one thing. i added some things in there. my therapist realized that i have an issue with co-dependence. it manifests in, i have an inability to speak, first of all, but also to see red flags in men. you've met some guys i've dated. you know. my picker is off. >> jimmy: yeah, okay. i know what you mean. >> okay. you know. molly knows. your wife knows. but my brain will automatically turn a negative into a positive just to justify being in a
12:20 am
terrible relationship. >> jimmy: that's not a good thing? >> it's bad. it is aging me. like i'll meet a guy and i'll go, he's married! oh, no, not afraid of commitment. like that's how my brain works. my therapist was like, you can't be trusted out there on the streets. so she made me start giving a quiz to the guy that i date to find out their subconscious, to find out who they are. and my producer said i could do it with you. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. may i ask you a quick question? do you do this, do you do it on the first date? >> i try to do it on the first date. >> jimmy: that won't help anything. if i got quizzed on the first date, i would be like, i'm going to the bathroom and never coming back. >> well then i learned everything i need to know. >> jimmy: give me the quiz. >> do you have a pen he? >> jimmy: i have paper.
12:21 am
we've got everything here. jimmy, you failed. so the idea is -- >> the idea is freud, came up with this test. it finds out things about someone's subconscious. we all pretend to be people we're not. i pretend i'm dirty. people pretend a lot of things but this is the way to get the truth out in a sneaky way so you don't find out two years into a relationship that they have a secret family. >> jimmy: now i feel like there's a lot of pressure. >> molly, i hope you're watching. >> jimmy: i'll try to answer honestly. >> the first thing i need to know is what your favorite animal. >> jimmy: a monkey. definitely. >> i need three reasons. they fling poop. >> and try to do adjectives. >> jimmy: okay. smoking. i like when they smoke. they're the only animal that smokes.
12:22 am
>> like what about the monkey? >> jimmy: i like, they're funny, i think. they seem intelligent. and they are a little bit crazy. funny, intelligent, crazy. >> crazy and fling poop. okay. what is your favorite article of clothing? it can be a suit or a pair of socks. >> jimmy: of my own. >> it can be anything. it can be a wedding dress. >> jimmy: yeah, a wedding dress. >> it can be underwear. >> jimmy: i know what it is. i have a tank top that has the colors of the jamaican flag and i wear it only because my wife hates it so much. [ applause ] and i don't know what this says about me but i bought like 12 of them. because she throws they will out immediately. and then i just produce another one and she doesn't know where they keep coming from. >> okay. what are three adjectives to describe it? hideous? >> jimmy: hideous would be one
12:23 am
of them. ridiculous. annoying. >> annoying. >> jimmy: i think i failed the test already. >> no, no. i'll tell you what they mean in a second. the final one is what is your favorite body of water? it can be an ocean, a swimming pool, a glass of water, a stream. mine was the flew river in virginia. i went white water rafting. >> jimmy: i know what mine is. silver creek in idaho. >> okay. tell me three things to describe that creek. >> jimmy: it is placid, clear, and troutful. is that a word? troutful? >> bountiful with trout. >> jimmy: yes, yes. >> so it's a -- is it moving them? >> jimmy: a little bit but not much. >> moves a little bit. okay. so what this does is it helps you understand the way you perceive yourself and the way others perceive you. the first one tells you how you
12:24 am
perceive yourself. >> jimmy: as a monkey. right. >> funny, intelligent, crazy and flings poop. would you say that's how you perceive yourself ? >> jimmy: if you have hairy in there, practically my twitter bio. >> or your tinder bio. >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> and then your article of clothing is the way other people perceive you. >> jimmy: okay. oh, boy. >> pisses off your wife, ridiculous, annoying. that was not, i don't know. i don't know. i would have pushed you to go for something besides the tank top but i wanted to hear so much about it and envision you in it that i went for it. the third one is the way you view sex.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: really? [ laughter ] >> placid, troutful. >> jimmy: wow! >> and moves a little but not much. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you've been spying on me! let me have that book. all the secrets the life are right in this book. it's called i'm fine and other lies. whitney cummings, everyone. we'll be right back with vance joy. where are we?
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>> jimmy: i told you we would have music and i would never lie about something like that. here with the song, lay it on me, vance joy! ♪ i'm so gone anyone could see that i'm wasted ♪ ♪ you cut through and i just wanna know what's in your head ♪ ♪ write it on a piece of paper honey mmm hmmm ♪ ♪ put it in my coat before i go ♪ ♪ hidden in a place you know i'll find it oh ohh ♪ ♪ later when i'm sitting all alone ♪ ♪ let me in
12:32 am
everything starts at your skin ♪ ♪ so new your love's always finding me out ♪ ♪ oh who am i kidding if all my defenses come down oh baby ♪ ♪ will you lay it all on me now ♪ ♪ lay it all on me now lay it all on me now lay it all on me now ♪ ♪ snow comes down everything is new and different ♪ ♪ i found you hidden in plain sight
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why'd it take so long ♪ ♪ write it on a piece of paper honey mmm hmmm put it in my coat before i go ♪ ♪ let me in everything starts at your skin ♪ ♪ so new your love's always finding me out ♪ ♪ oh who am i kidding if all my defenses come down oh baby will you lay it all on me now ♪ ♪ lay it all on me now lay it all on me now lay it all on me now lay it all on me now ♪
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meet steve sweeney. he's a double-dipping pension padder. double-dipping pension padder! he had two government jobs, two paychecks and padded his pension along the way. he's a double-dipping pension padder! now he's making over $300,000 a year as a lobbyist and a senator. double-dipping pension padder! so he's all set - thanks to you, the taxpayer. which is why steve sweeney had no problem voting to raise your taxes 145 times, including the largest gas tax hike in history. sounds about right, coming from a.... double-dipping pension padder!
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sold for eight thousand five!? hundred "unicorn in rouge." congratulations, sir. when you need help fast, call us with td asap on the td bank app and skip to the front of the line. hi alex, i have your account pulled up. how can i help? oh, uh... great. are you seeing this charge from an auction house? that doesn't look right. i'll take care of that. oh good. thank you. because when you need help, you need it asap. >> jimmy: i want to thank my guests. i will not apologize to matt damon. he was inappropriate tonight and i didn't care for it. a special edition of "nightline" that harvey weinstein will absolutely hate is next. thank you for watching. good night, everybody.
12:37 am
he returned in nothing but a robe we the front open and he was buck naked. >> i said no a million times. >> he was in the bathtub. he attempted to convince me to get naked. >> tonight we're going inside the scandal that has rocked hollywood. a growing chorus of women speaking out with harrowing allegations of sexual harassment. some even claiming rape. by one of the most powerful men in hollywood. harvey weinstein. these are just a few of the women who have come forward in recent days. among them, three oscar winning actresses. angelina jolie, gwyneth paltrow and mirra sorvino. the story of one woman as they investigated h


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