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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 12, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." ♪ ♪ the leader of the band has tide and his eyes are growing old ♪ >> a father and daughter enjoy the moment during the wedding song. >> a month later they receive life-changing news. >> how music is making the medicine go down a little easier for dad. >> doesn't appear to be slowing him down. a driver's forced into a high speed swerve. >> watch it from this second angle. >> the frightening scene, as passengers went flying. >> it's tedious, every day.
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>> a man who beat his addiction, wants people to know that it is possible. why his experience could save your life. and no doubt about it. >> looks like that guy knows what he's doing with a soccer ball. >> see how he gets schooled with ace lesson in how the ladies get it done. >> you play like a girl. >> exactly. >> the father/daughter dance is a very special moment for a bride, and her dad. but amber and her father, dave, decided to put their own special twist on it. ♪ >> there she is single dan fogelberg's "leader of the band" a song dan wrote as a tribute to his own father. he was in a classic christian rock band, she has a beautiful voice and they bond over music. ♪ the wedding and reception
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happened back in june but little did they know after this heartfelt moment, a month later they received some life-changing news. dave was diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer and spread to his brain, liver, lungs and spinal cord. since july he's had brain surgery, radiation and the cancer has spread to his central nervous system and he can't walk so he's been placed in a wheelchair. >> doesn't appear to be slowing him down. >> notice this this video he's moving right along, they're moving along as a family. >> he's still got his rock 'n' roll gear on. i'm ready, hand me my guitar. >> he is still going about his life as best he can. his other daughter callie was recently married in october and like they do, they put their own spin on things. you see him in the wheelchair, sitting on dave's lap. in november a benefit calling rockin' out cancer with dive and they'll be rocking out. that's what he loves to do. seems like he loves life and
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music and he's going to continue to live it to the fullest. all will be used to renovate their home to make it wheelchair-accessible and for medical expenses. if you'd like to support dave and his family head over to and click on tv show or use our mobile app. this video is a terrific reminder to always wear your seat belt. this video comes to us from china. you can see this bus driver got everybody on the right side of the road. look at that white car. it swerves. the bus driver swerves, too. >> oh! >> but watch it from this second angle. watch that girl over there to the right. she's not wearing her seat belt. the bus is hit, swerves, she goes flying. >> looks like the bus has gotten tossed over to its side. people are hanging in their belts. >> you are absolutely right. look from the third angle after the white car swerved into the
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bus the bus swerved trying to avoid it and turned onto its side. the woman was injured but all the other injuries were not called serious. make sure you know the track before you get on it, that's what the driver of this audi rs3 says. this is the old grand prix track in belgium. they discontinued it due to safety reasons so most of this totally uneventful. when the car is going straight -- >> oh! dude! >> he's going 124 miles per hour. >> was he still on the track at this oint or did he accidentally drive outside of the track? it looks like he was in some neighborhood. >> no, this is the track. and you could see it in slow motion, came to a stop sign and boom. >> jumped almost all. did you see that? >> yes. >> they stopped using it in the grand prix in the '70s, so who knows what's changed around but that's the car afterward. >> whoa. >> they were able to pretty much walk away from this but man, he
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wasn't ready for that 90-degree turn. if your idea of fun is staring at the leather buttocks athlete, i have this for you, the music festival in wash warm. apparently america's only gravity music festival. you'll enjoy this run by gabe holmes. it is absolutely magic. ♪ part of the fun of this video honestly not just the visual it's the sound, where at times all you can hear is just the rush of the wind, but while you were also enjoying the talent of gabe, i want to you also appreciate the talent of the person who is capturing the video as well. mike. he had to get so close to the back of gabe, and what he then does is maneuvers his way around
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in front, back, around, behind and capturing this run from every angle, the whole run is absolutely on the money. watching this, there will be no surprise that gabe won the incline category pretty much hands down but i'll give the photography category to mike here. i think mike knows how well he did on that run. >> unsung heroes of the action sports world, right, the photographers that capture it all. just october 4th, big day. >> really? >> or what? >> no? nobody? >> national cheeseburger day? what? >> all right, maybe it was just a big day for frank huntley. >> hello. my name is frank huntley. some people know me as pill man. today is october 4th of 2017. i can happily say this month i've been clean four years. >> yeah! that's excellent. >> that's why october 4th is so special to frank.
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he posted this on our facebook page and considering the climate in america today with the opioid addiction and this huge epidemic that's sweeping the country this message seems to be more important than ever. frank is clean and he just wants people to know that it is possible. frank's story is extreme. he started using pills back in 1998, got himself addicted to oxycontin and methadone and basically says in these videos he posts on his facebook page that he was in his bedroom for the better part of 15 years. >> 15 years, every day, the only thing i cared about were my pills. i didn't do anything else without my pills. and i mean anything. and my kids missed a lot of events. i missed a lot of events. i missed out on my life. >> this is frank at the height of his addiction, pictured with his son, but he's regaining control of his life. >> with oxycontin and methadone there's never enough. >> check this out, he built
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himself pill man, just a small sample of some of the pill bottles he went through in the 15 years. you could see his before picture where he was at 125 pounds, and his after picture. it's great to see now that he's back enjoying life and having his mind focused on something other than pills. >> so this is for control. you're important, too. go ask for help. a taxi driver -- >> pulls up to this gas station while it's being robd. >> watch him take matters into his own hands. he's slamming that punk into the hood of his car. >> he is fighting like mad. plus, furious pete is about to chow down. >> he's in thailand and he's about to eat a whole lot of ice cream sundae. >> see if his sweet tooth pays off.
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icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. law enforcement officials never advise for local citizens to take the law into their own hands but when they do and it turns out like this, they salute them. taxi driver pulls up to this gas station while it's being robbed. you'll notice these two dudes step toward the door and they're swinging at him but he takes them on. >> they clearly have weapons pointed at him. look at him, slamming that little punk right into the hood of his car. >> he is fighting like mad and he takes them both on but he goes one on one with the dude in the black. >> his buddy was like bye! >> unfortunately they get away but his actions may have helped lead police to the perpetrateors. the one left behind a tennis shoe and a cap and his imitation
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firearm. >> when you leave something behind you'll leave a fingerprint. >> you leave your dna and that's exactly how law enforcement was able to forensically link one of the men. one pled guilty to robbery and possession of an imitation firearm and the other pled guilty to robbery and possession of a bladed article. let's move to australia, this video picks up and this fella is being transported from court. now this looks like a lobby area. he's headed into the elevator with the officer and the officer has his hand up against the wall chilling, waiting for the elevator to open when suddenly that man just, bam! punches that officer several times, knocking him to the ground. dude hops up, he punches the officer again and that's when two other officers rush in, and they take this dude down. the officer suffered facial injuries, cuts and swelling.
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he was taken to the hospital. the man pled guilty and was sentenced to jail for one year and nine months. if there is a 15,000 calorie food challenge, we only know a handful of men and women who can do it. one of those men is in thailand and he's about to eat a whole lot of ice cream sundae. >> i'm not going to sugar coat it. look at this thing. this is just a model, this is just a model of it. i can't even, it's hard to put this thing into like perspective, like look. >> oh a lot of sugar in there though. >> diabetic coma. >> ice cream sundae, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, into two weeks later could you feed off that. he gets it, it starts with two layers of scrumptious ice cream. >> look at that perfect layering. perfect lie layelayering. >> sounds like he's on "this old house" perfect layering of the
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foundation. the stuff he pits in there like -- >> cake? >> toast. >> toast? >> waffle. 22 scoops of ice cream, 15 flavors for the guy to choose from. >> quite well crafted. >> they're not strauss they're little cookies, little biscuits. >> i love what he says right here, this guy does food challenges. you put a whole bunch of food in front of somebody and they eat it on their own. this is a new one. >> i need lots of friends for this. >> he knows right away i can't do this alone. sharing is caring. so he encouraged other people to help him. the school girl shows up they get some. he says the best part is when you smear the ice cream on top of the waffle. he says that's the best way to eat it. people were taking pictures. makes me think of a giant brand y snifter, free scoops for all. >> things are not going well in this viral video because of that
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well right there. this say new one. >> the neighborhood soccer ball. >> no, it wasn't. in this case looking down t seems to be very skinny horse. now they've obviously got some big heavy lifting equipment in here. there's no way they were going to get this out with just muscle power but as it slowly starts coming closer, only now that i realize, yo, yo, what day is it? it's hump day, that's right. i don't know how, i don't know where, but i know they managed to get this wonderfully timed camel, because it is hump day right now, to get it out by the looks of it safe and sound and relatively unharmed. >> this is not funny. that's not why i'm laughing. i'm shocked that a camel, you're right, that is a new one. >> yes. we've never seen this one. >> that's a heck of a fall, too. it looks uninjured. >> it is truly peculiar. i do not have any extra
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information to fully explain what happened but what we do know is that a camel was rescued from a well and if we're playing "right this minute" bingo, we can tick this off. >> nothing is exempt. it is official. if you were walking, moving, breathing, you can end up in a well. would you like to look like a python? >> i'm just following along to watch how well she does it, because i'm not going to attempt this at all. >> see what you think of the final look. >> nailed it. >> and this teacher is sending a pretty clear message. the kids in the secondary school were called out to the track for a phone assembly where they saw this sxla of hammering and phone dunking. but see why this is more like a phone disassembly. >> parents are going to call and say you owe us money for those phones. >> there's rules. r. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns.
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i'm pretty sure you can hear me, even the ones way in the back, because you hear the people talking over the loud speaker in they are calling out the names of students whose phones those are. the kids in the secondary school were called out to the track for a phone assembly, where they saw this display of hammering and phone dunking. >> that's more phone disassembly. >> parents are going to call and say you owe us money for those phones. >> there's rules. if they've broken the rules honestly you've given up your rights to those phones. >> you're right, and you're kind of right, too. the school allows you to bring your phone. they do not allow to you use your phone during class. there are times and places where you you are allowed to use your phones. the phones destroyed were confiscated from students who did not follow those rules. parents, were they upset? not so much. many of the parents reportedly
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said good, this is the rules, we signed off on those rules, and you were aware of those rules, so this is what happens when you disobey. >> good for those parents. so many parents today side with their children, who are in the wrong, instead of the teacher and there are those who will say this is extreme. you can't damage people's property, but there are teachers around the world, some watching this show who deal with students with their phones every single day and they would love, i mean love to do just this. what do you think about halloween? it is good. >> we know mirana's work. instead of creating artwork for herself she created a tutorial for all of you halloween heads out there. she has a few friends joining her >> that was like movie makeup
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quality. >> voldemort's girlfriend. >> how to paint yourself to look like a python. she starts with a white base. >> i got that covered. >> and then she starts creating the outline of the scale. >> just simply use your art skills to draw a face that looks like a snake. i don't have the art skill. >> that's where she lost me. >> i'm following along to watch how well she does it. >> she continues to draw the scales and shading them and goes in with black paint. >> how would you grade on a scale of one to ten? >> a ten. she starts shading. >> she is creating that wide snake mouth. >> and the illusion where she doesn't have a nose. >> one she's finished shading everything in she adds yellow wig and yellow press-on nails and she's a snake lady. >> he's got some amazing soccer kills. >> this is guy is an italian
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legend. >> see what happens when he passes t
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there it is in the afireplace. hey judging people i have a book cover for you. this video starts on the left, looks like that guy knows what he's doing with a soccer ball because this guy is an italian legend world cup winner. on the right just some 18-year-old girl. but pass the fwul her and suddenly


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