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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 13, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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6:00. a mail truck robbed in southwest philadelphia. tonight, three suspects are in custody. it turns out they are 12, 12 and 11 years old. thursday night, the big story on "action news" is alleged preteen larceny. it could spell serious preteen trouble. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at headquarters. what's the story there? >> jim, word that a u.s. postal truck carrier was robbed broad daylight was scary enough. it was the age of the bandits that floored everyone. >> the scene is edgewood and chester. 5:20 a woman was delivering the mail on the black when they looks back and sees three young boys rum maijin rummaging throur
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truck. officers arrived quickly on the scene and arrived to see three young males opening boxes on the sidewalk. when they saw the police, two ran in one direction. one in a separate direction. >> police captured all three boys and recovered the other two boxes nearby in the bushes. they were astonished to learn that the two bandits were 12 years old and the other 11. >> you wonder where the parents are and what they are teaching their kids. >> parents on the block were shocked to hear how young the kids were that did this. >> it's terrible. kids don't care about life. they prefer robbing the next person to get what they want. it doesn't make sense at all. >> the three boys probably don't
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realize the serious charges they may be facing robbing a u.s. postal truck are federal offences which carry serious prison terms. southwest detectives, channel6 "action news." >> authorities have not yet identified the person who was struck and killed by a train this afternoon in norwood delaware county other than to say the victim was a woman. the amtrak was headed southbound to washington when the victim was hit at 4:30 near west wynonna area. the rail line was suspended during the investigation but the train service has resumed. >> for the second night in a row gunfire rang out in the city of chester. two people killed last night and a life hang in the balance tonight. reporter christie ileto is live at chester police. what is the latest there? >> jim, it's been a violent 24
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hour in the city that involves a handful of shootings and one person critically injured. all of this as the city's murder rate equals all of last year. >> pow pow pow pow pow. kept pulling the trigger. >> not wanting to show his face this man tells an all too familiar narrative from the city of chester's crime scene. a man was shot multiple times in broad daylight while working on his car. >> he was a great dude. >> devin roberts is frustrated with the bloodshed on the city streets. his uncle was shot the night before. police believe the 47-year-old and 23-year-old pulled guns on each other bringing the city's murder rate to 26, now equal to all of last year.
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>> the violence needs to stop period. >> the police department itself is doing what it can. we can't correct the lack of concern for human life. >> the city has increased the number of patrol officers and number of detectives investigating homicides. there are enough people doing their job. >> 30% of this years murders involved but police need the public to step up and stop the same violent script with different casts from continuing on chester streets. >> the department hopes to have at least half of the murders solved by the end of the year. that's if there are no more. anyone with information about the latest incidents are asked to contact detectives. christie ileto, "action news," wphl-17. >> jim? >> police need your help finding
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two bandits on a robbery spree. surveillance video captured them holding up convenience stores sometimes wearing masks, september 24th through yesterday so far. they often pose as customers before pulling a gun demanding cash and jets. >cigarettes.>> it felt like falt we have more summer-like weather. let's check with cecily tynan. >> jim, we have a cool breeze right now, temperatures in the 50s after being stuck in the 6 0s. philadelphia 57. 40s across new england. today we had a lot of cloud cover, areas of drizzle. satellite and radar showing that the clouds have given way to partly cloudy skies. it clouds back up through the day tomorrow. again, temperatures will be on the cool side. future tracker showing through
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the day tomorrow, 6 0s. saturday, mid 7 0s. if you look to the west in the south, you can see warmth building sunday back to the 80s. then a big change early next week. i talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> kelly elementary school will be closed again tomorrow as the school deals with a mold problem. it's 80% fixed so one more day will be needed. >> camden county police say 14 people overdosed on fentanyl yesterday in a span of four hours. rapid emergency response was able to save all of their lives, but officers arrested one man, alexander velasquez who they say was in possession of 28 doses of fentanyl for sale. tough days in radnor
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township. >> a judge sentenced bill springler to two years probation for groping a 103-year-old woman, the mother of his wife that died in 2007. the judge will file a motion to have the sentence reconsidered. it was just yesterday when another rad nor commissioner phillip ahr was arrested on child porn charges. the mayor is not budging on the city's sanctuary city status. philadelphia and three other cities were given a 27th deadline to comply with immigration "law calling" it their last chance. the attorney general is threatening to revoke money for public safety.
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that is being challenged in court. >> coaches have been working without a contract since last year. the teacher's union picketed outside of the administration building after if school board canceled a bargaining session scheduled for today. >> a high profile actress accuses harvey weinstein of raping her. we hear what he has to say about his behavior. >> the latest uprising that left two guards dead. >> and smoke and ash spew into the air half way across the world. this isn't enough to shut down their schools. >> i'm nydia han. if you have been double billed or receive a bad appliance, you will relate to tonight's troubleshooter report. >> a local basketball coaching legend begins a new season with a newly branded team, but it's
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really his old team. "action news" contin
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, we say, let's get it, america.
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>> movie mogul harvey weinstein is saying he needs help, he made a mistake. more women came forward including a well known actress that she raped her. rose mcgowen said he raped her but she was told it hasn't been proven. weinstein is reportedly now seeking treatment at a rehabilitation clinic. the death toll on the california wildfires has grown to 31. hundreds more are missing,
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190,000-acres are scorched. 21 large fires are burning tonight stretching firefighters to their limits. crews made progress today. high winds are expected this weekend to fan the flames. >> in elisabeth city north carolina prison employees were killed and several others escaped. one guard was attacked with a hammer. no inmateses escaped and tonight the facility remains on lockdown. >> president trump signed an executive order -- let's do this story first. i'm sorry. a pennsylvania woman, her canadian husband and three children are finally free. the taliban held them hostage five years. they were rescued overnight. caitilin and her husband joshua
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boyle went missing while traveling in afghanistan. their children were born in captivity. joshua talked to his parents on the phone today. >> it was the first time in five years we heard hit voice. it was amazing. he told us how much his children were looking forward to meeting their grandparents. boyle said they were in the trunk of the terrorist's car when the rescuers swooped in. president trump signed an executive order to get closer to repealing and replacing obama care. the order would allow short term premium insurance policies. the lower policies are designed for the healthy, critics say. >> the white house revealed an
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end to insurers that use the money to reduce out of pocket costs for low-income obama care customers. >> a volcano erupted in the southwestern part of the japan. ashes coating streets and homes. life continues on with students wearing helmets and masks. yes, they are on the way to school. >> the streets of paris may one day look like this. devoid of almost all cars with engines revving. electric cars and emission free vehicles would be allowed. the mayor has started bans and experimental car free days in the french capital. atlantic city casinos are playing a hot hand. they are taking the closed trump
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taj mahal out of the mix, revenue was up 8%. new jersey gaming regulators say business is building in atlantic city and the casinos are coming back from the brink. delaware reporting its first human case of west nile virus since 2015. 70-year-old kent county woman is recovering at home after a brief stay in the hospital. "the peak" time mid august to mid october for the illness. >> a revolutionary treatment for blindness developed in philadelphia has been endorsed by federal experts. the fda review panel approved something called lux turna from sparks therapeutics. in this case, it treats a rare eye disease that causes
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blindness. in trials done at children's hospital in philadelphia if treatment was shown to improve vision for nearly all patients. >> time for the "action news" troubleshooters, nydia han comes to the aid of a man double charged and a couple looking for a refund for an appliance. >> something is missing here. >> my microwave. >> you bought it and a month later it stopped working? >> it stopped working. >> nancy wanted the local appliance store where she bought it to pick it up, and give her a refund. >> vickie volunteers for the troubleshooters. she says after she told her story. >> the manager of the store called. i was stunned,over whelmed.
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that's a lot of money to throw away. now i have call for action's phone number on my speed dial. channel6 is my news channel. i love it. >> getting your car fixed is expensive enough, imagine being double charged. i was upset, especially when i called and i didn't get no help. >> despite a call to the district repair chain -- >> no money back. >> i felt i was lied to and jerked around. >> his money back the next day. >> thank you for your help. i appreciate it. if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have gotten my money back. >> if you are having an issue, the troubleshooters would like to help you. go online to fill out a complaint form or give us a call. i'm nydia han, channel6 "action news."
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>> let's get the accuweather forecast, cecily tynan. we have one more cool day? >> then we warm up. >> summertime again. >> then it gets cool. >> rollercoaster ride. live on sky six, a look at dill worth park set up for octoberfest and the made in philadelphia fall festival. lots of clouds today. i want to point out the photo that mel posed on my facebook page. we had breaks in the clouds. notice the rays. fancy word for inteems. sun beams. >> temperatures on the cool side this afternoon, only in the low 60s. we have drop today the 60s. cape main, 62. temperatures won't drop much. they could rise a bit the next couple of hours, up to 58 by
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early tomorrow morning, 56. the winds stay with us all night. that won't allow temperatures to drop much. satellite and radar showing we had a lot of clouds and drizzle. now the clouds breaking for partly cloudy skies. the clouds fill in during the day tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. your day planner showing tomorrow morning at 8:00, 58-degrees. 11:00, 63. temperatures struggling to make it to the upper 60s. 68-degrees, the average high for october 13th. that's where we should be under mostly cloudy skies. this is the set up. high pressure to the northeast. low pressure to the south. that funnels in winds out of the northeast. it's breezy tomorrow. then the weather pattern starts to change over the weekend. saturday, the low pressure disappears.
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low level moisture in place. winds shift out of the south, 7. sunday, ahead of the cold front, the strong southwesterly flow bumps temperatures to the 8 0s. to the link saturday, temple homecoming, mostly cloudy. temperatures not that bad, first quarter 72. fourth quarter, 76. the exclusive accuweather forecast, cloudy, somewhat damp with a high of 68. saturday, mostly cloudy. sun is back on sunday. 83-degrees. drink lots of water head today the aides walk sunday morning, a few showers behind the wind shift out of the northwest. that's the cooler dryer flow. monday, 68. tuesday, 66. wednesday and thursday, lots of sunshine, low humidity with afternoon high in the low 70s.
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a stretch of nice weather next week. tomorrow cloudy, damp, 68 will but warmer for the weekend. >> thank you, cecily. >> members of the business community were honored for providing an opportunity for teenagers. the west coast fellows gathered for their founder reception. sharrie williams was the m.c. the students learn about financial responsibility while working a paid internship. westville financial service also sponsors the program. >> matt tillman sponsored the event at the american public to raise money for helen's
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students took part in a pep rally tonight. this is the 51st season at the school. something's different. what is first is the coach of jefferson known until this year philadelphia university. the new team will be called the rams. eagle carolina football. carson wentz looking good as eagles win in the fourth quarter five minutes to go. wednesday three touchdown passes. one to nelson aguilar. jake elliot two field goals one 50-yards one 48-yards, eagles clinging to a five point lead. >> cowboy's ezekiel elliot faces a five game suspension.
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the court ordered the lower court to dismiss elliot's case all together. elliot has been fighting the suspension for a role in domestic violence case. more appeals are possible. >> the sixers have one more exhibition game to go this one played in kansas city. the sixers face the heat tomorrow night. they have been plaque advertising in lawrence, kansas. embid said he almost didn't come out in 2014. >> i don't think anyone knows the story, but i decided to stay because i love this place so much. i was pus personally, this was e it all started for me.
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i'm really thankful. >> it worked out. still ahead the flyers are set to honor
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>> the flyers are gearing up for their home opener. saturday night entertaining the washington capitals. flyers, four game road trip learned a lot about themselves on the road trip. >> we have a solid team. we are deep, i think. we can roll four lines, players
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six deep, successful key in the city, 82 game schedule. i think it's important to play every player on the team. >> right now, we can't change anything from our road trip. we have to play the same way and don't try to do too much extra. sometimes it hurts. >> ed schneider will be immortalized. the team's founder will be erected outside the wells fargo center to mark the 50th anniversary of the flyer's first home game. update on the eagles. jalen mills with the interception of kam newton late in the fourth quarter. they have the ball, eagles up 28-23. the statue will be great for ed schneider's family. >> big brother and big sister's took time to recognize business leaders that made a commitment
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to the community. this is the first annual building big ceremony in northern liberty recognizing local real estate companies investing time and resources to strengthen local neighborhoods. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline," guests jake hudson and ismael. you know him? he's your favorite? "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, david murphey and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪ ♪
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