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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 13, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the white house makes a main decision overnight on obamacare moving to slash subsidy payments. >> this is crazy town. this is a decision that is opposed by every major medical organization. >> hear what's behind the move and who it affects. breaking news, deadly prison uprising. inmates set fire trying to pull off a daring escape. >> i've got ambulances inbound. please start setting up some sort of triage and mass casualty within the facility. >> two prison workers killed. several others injured. a community is placed on lockdown. the country music star playing when the vegas shooting massacre erupted returning with a message. >> every day that goes by we think about the 58 people that lost their lives. >> meanwhile, new doubts arise
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about the time line of the shooting. hear what the hotel is saying now. plus hollywood's widening sex scandal. another top executive suspended. and the new workplace trend. is the end of the briefcase? and we do say good morning. we start with breaking news from the white house overnight. president trump making his most aggressive move yet against obamacare. >> he's cutting off key sub si di payments that total billions and could undermine the insurance markets. this comes after the president signed an executive order aimed at tearing down other parts of the health care law. abc's lana zak has the new details from washington. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if republican critics were right and obamacare was previously on life support, the trump administration overnight may have pulled the plug. in fact, minority leader shuchu
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schumer called it a spiteful act of sabotage. with plans to repeal and replace obamacare in congress the trump administration announced a move that may kill it outright. the administration will no longer provide the $7 billion government payments to offset insurance costs for low-income americans calling them unlawful. >> this is crazy town. this is a decision that is opposed by every major medical organization, the doctors, the nurses, the hospitals. >> reporter: president trump's former chair of the economic advisers speaking on msnbc. >> that would be a catastrophic decision that will lead to millions of people losing their insurance. >> reporter: the cut threatened to plunge the exchanges into turmoil and can trigger a spike in premiums unless congress authorize identifies the money. earlier in the day the president had signed an executive order on health insuring and asked his administration to look into expanding health care associations across state lines. >> you will be hopefully
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negotiating, negotiating, negotiating and you'll get such low prices for such great care. >> reporter: and the president plans to undo another major action of the obama administration today. >> the iran deal -- >> reporter: expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal pushing it back to congress to decide what action to take. and congress will have 60 days to decide on iran. critics charge that iran has continued to maintain their end of the bargain and they say the president of iran says if the united states decides unilaterally to kill the deal it will be clear which country violates international rules. diane, kendis. >> all right, lana live from washington for us, thanks, lana. abc news will carry the president's speech live starting at 12:45 eastern this afternoon. >> now to another story developing overnight. two prison workers including a corrections officer have been killed after an uprising in north carolina. officials say inmates at the correctionfacility set a fire inside the sewing plant and
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tried to escape before they were caught. authorities are not saying how the prison workers were killed. three others are in critical condition. all of the prisoners have now been accounted for. and the wildfires in northern california continue to rage and they have now claimed 30 lives. making this the deadliest fire disaster in state history. >> two of the fires have merged threatening even more homes. hundreds of people are still reported missing and there are now questions about why authorities did not use an emergency alert system to warn people to get out. abc's maggie rulli has more from santa rosa. maggie, good morning. >> reporte diane and kendis, good morning. santa rosa, it's hard to go a block without finding a scene like this, complete devastation, in total they have wiped out more than 250 square miles. damaging or destroying at least 3500 homes and other buildings. nearly every one we meet is impacted in some way and still firefighters are facing an
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intense and difficult battle. this is not going to get any easier for them. dry air and high winds continue through the weekend. some gusts hitting up to 45 miles per hour. they are tackling them from the air, from the ground but still they need more resources. right now they have asked for and gotten 1,000 departments from san diego to oregon all here to join the effort. >> we have very few resources simply because of the number of fires that were burning simultaneously throughout northern california. fortunately we have many resources coming in from all over the state as well as five other states -- >> built 30 years my business and i'm not letting a fire take it. i am going to clear everything out. >> you can't pack the whole house up. i'm praying to god the house is still here when we come home tomorrow. >> reporter: in the chaos sonoma county is now saying they did not activate the emergency response system fearing it would ensue a panic and hinder relief efforts but now many are questioning that action.
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and, diane and kendis, in addition to this we're hearing more and more stories, many of escape and survival. one story of a couple who survived by jumping into their neighbor's pool staying there for six hours to survive these flames, diane and kendis. just incredible stories. >> whatever they needed to do to survive, maggie, thank you. the crisis in puerto rico and growing backlash after president trump treweeted this. we cannot keep fema, the military and first responders in puerto rico forever. his chief of staff and the pentagon have responded saying we will stay in puerto rico until the job is done but his comments are raising serious concerns in the storm zone. three weeks after hurricane maria more than 80% of puerto rico has no power. generators are in short supply. entire neighborhoods are cut off. people are so desperate for clean water, some are reportedly breaking into wells at hazardous waste sites and basic supplies
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are scarce. >> do you feel like you've been aband abandoned? >> 400%. >> reporter: 400%? >> reporter: victor oquendo is in san juan and says frustration and disappointment are building especially after the president's comments. >> that message has a lot of people in the area very scared. we walked inside that apartment building right here behind me where those residents, they only have power in their hallways for a few hours out of the day and there are only two power outlets in those hallways. >> reporter: outrage is building in washington. >> mr. president, do not send a message to any american that we will turn our backs on them. that is not fair, it's not right. >> for some reason he's taking all of his anger out on puerto rico. frankly, the big mouth of the president of the united states continues to add insult to injury. >> reporter: the president's chief classirify the goal
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is to get them back on their feet and transition to the rebuilding process. house speaker paul ryan is visiting the island today. the house just approved $36 billion in disaster relief funds. now a look at your weather for this friday morning. this is a rare sight for portland, oregon. a tornado right there in the middle. peak winds 75 miles an hour but enough to damage some buildings and flip over small planes at an airport. power lines were also brought down. but no injuries reported. temperatures in the northwest will be in the mid-50s today. a lot warmer than that across the entire south. 93 in dallas. 86 in miami. chicago will be above normal. 74 degrees, october is a reminder there. p our first look at
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the hero security officer at the mandalay bay who was first to respond to the vegas shooting massacre. also ahead the mystery attacks on americans in cuba. we're hearing the sound blamed for injuring u.s. diplomats. even cautioning brain damage. plus, new allegations against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein and now another top that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours
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i think the one thing that's probably going to help us more than anything is play for you guys tonight. >> that's country music star jason aldean back on stage for the first time since the shooting rampage that happened during his performance in las vegas. he told the crowd in tulsa he thinks about the victims every day. >> the hotel at the center of that attack is disputing the police time line. the owner of the mandalay bay has issued their own time line
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saying the rampage began 40 seconds after their security guard was shot. that contradicts a police report which said the shooting began six minutes later. police are expected to release a revised time line a little later on today. we're now seeing the first picture of hotel security officer jose campos injured in that attack second from the right holding a cane. you see him there earlier in the week. a recording has emerged of that mystery sounds that some u.s. embassy workers heard in cuba which reportedly caused brain damage and hearing loss. the noise sounded like crickets shrieking as was described but with an electric twang. the associated press enhanced the recording. they say it poses no risk coming through television speakers so take a quick listen. definitely not pleasant. intelligence experts analyzing this and other recordings say they have not figured out exactly what injured those 22 americans. and the government is now one step closer to clearing the way for a groundbreaking gene
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therapy aimed at treating a rare form of blindness and could lead to treatments for other diseases like even cancer. the injectionable therapy approved by an fda panel first made headlines when it proved ee effective for christian gar ddea gardenia. >> google pledged 1 billion to help americans train for high-tech jobs. the new initiative called grow with google will invest the money in nonprofit organizations in the next five years. the company says the goal is to allow anyone with an internet connection to become proficient with technology. well, when we come back, the male actor who is claiming he's a victim of sexual harassment in hollywood. also the american hostage and her family freed after years in taliban captivity but they're choosing not to return to the united states. later, fashion in the workplace. the trend that may doom the briefcase. diabetes pill proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event
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willing to kill women, to kill children, to kill whomever. >> that was caitlin coleman as she and her husband were held hostage by the taliban. >> now coleman, her husband and their three sons born in captivity are free. they had been held since being abducted in afghanistan five years ago but were rescued this week during a raid by pakistani commandos. >> in an exclusive interview coleman's father says he's thrilled to know his daughter is safe but questioning why the family is not returning to the united states but to canada. >> i don't know what five years in captivity would do but if were me and i saw a u.s. aircraft and u.s. soldiers, i'd be running for it. >> caitlin coleman was pregnant at the time of the kidnapping. her father says it was unconscionable for her husband to take her to such a dangerous place. he reforced to board a u.s. military aircraft after being fried. there is new fallout for
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harvey weinstein's production company over, of course, the widening sexual abuse scandal. leaders of the embattled weinstein company reportedly considering at least two crisis scenarios including selling the company or filing for bankruptcy. the comes as police investigators in new york and the united kingdom look into past allegations of sexual misconduct. >> and in a new development another hollywood executive is being disciplined over alleged sexual harassment as well. roy price, the head of samson studios has been suspended after a female producer of the hit series "the man in the high castle" went public alleging he repeatedly made lewd comments to her. meanwhile, sexual harassment is not limited to women. former dawson's creek star james van ber beek says he was cornered and groped by older powerful men during his younger years. terry crews made similar allegations. more than half a million car seats are being recalled. they were manufactured by diono.
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they say certain models may not offer enough protection from chest injuries. you can find more information on this on time now for sports. >> we have lots of baseball and football highlights from espn. good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett. neil everett. neil is talking nlds game five. >> this game was exhausting especially if you're max scherzer. mad max is going to leave mad. went from 4-3 to 7-4. scherzer unable to get it done. then wilson contreras who led baseball in back picks over to rizzo. it was originally called save. they went and looked at it. decided there was indisputable evidence. that's in dispute. that's dusty baker. good challenge by joe maddon. bryce harper, can he get it done? cubs, 9-8. champagne, we'll see you at dodger stadium on saturday. thursday night football, eagles and panthers from
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charlotte. let's go to the fourth. eagles up 21-16. carson wentz, nelson aguiar, later in the fourth cam newton picked off by jalen mills with the panthers down five. last chance for carolina after they got it back, fourth and one, newton into the ground before christian mccaffrey could get to it, eagles win it, 28-23. eagles eagless, 5-1. best record in the nfc. the most expensive home in the world hits the market. >> you won't believe the price. also, is the massive volcano under yelp lowtone national park going to erupt sooner than we thought? plus, roger goodell's secret admirer on twitter now revealed. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro.
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♪ time to check "the pulse." it appears roger goodell has a secret twitter admirer. >> according to "the wall street journal," his wife, jane skinner set up a since deleted account. she apparently operated under the handle @forargument. >> on the anthem controversy and a few other issues and the journal reportedly tracked the account back to skinner goodell. it was done out of frustration and love. >> it was a nice gesture. there have been reports this week that a super volcano that's located under yellowstone national park is in danger of blowing its top earlier than many scientists expected. but you don't have to lava-proof your house just yet. >> the volcano's last eruption was more than 630,000 years ago. researchers first thought the next blowup was centurys away. now they think it could happen within decades. >> oh, okay.
4:23 am
scientists say the odds of it happening soon are small. but you will have some issues if you're still around. it's expected to send out enough ash to cover the entire country. >> so i guess that depends on what soon really means. >> relatively. >> going to have to dig deeper into that. the most expensive home in the world is now hitting the market. an 18,000 square-foot mansion on the french riviera featuring 14 bedrooms, a ballroom and an olympic size swimming pool. >> also a man-made pond and 14,000 species of plants on the grounds. >> obviously. the mansion and its grounds can be yours for the bargain price of $410 million. >> but it's less in our roars, only like 330 euros. >> the exchange rate in our favor, good. maybe you noticed on your way to work, this is mine, more guys carrying backpacks. yeah, apparently -- >> it's not a murse. >> it's not a muse.
4:24 am
fewer briefcases. >> sales have grown steadily and many models cost hundreds of dollars. the most expensive nearly 3700 bucks. >> fashion experts point out the backpack is ideal for the multitasking smartphone user because of the hands-free design and also keep your posture straight compared to the messenger bag. this one can do the backpack thing, the business man suit thing. >> how many pairs of shoes do you carry in that. >> nine, pumps, six-inch heels. is committed to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing shield annuities, a line of products that allow you to take advantage of growth opportunities. while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so you can head into retirement with confidence. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial established by metlife.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, it is friday, the 13th. eagles come up with a big win in the late night game in north carolina. three teens face charges for stealing packages from a postal truck. sky6 live hd that's the commodore barry bridge, feels like fall this morning, but accuweather is tracking warmer weather on the way this weekend. david murphy has the latest from that, also a look at the road construction project and jams and whatever else is happening. "action news" is next. finally absolutely no one, the late
4:28 am
night comics are not laying off president trump. >> yeah, from reports of bickering with top aides to tweets in the news media it's in our "friday funnies." president trump went on a twitter rant about fake news and threatened to revoke nbc's broadcast license. america's like, hey, you can threaten our democracy but you do not mess with "this is us." >> you're coming after nbc? well, if they didn't take our license after that monkey hospital show they're not going to take it for you. >> trump said it's disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write. [ laughter ] when asked about the first amendmentment he said is that the one that says not to talk about fight club? i know that one. trump fired off a trio of early morning tweets saying puerto rico's infrastructure was a disaster before hurricane maria blaming them for their own financial problems and warning that the government won't be there to help them indefinitely and also those paper towels, he
4:29 am
wants those back. >> after corker criticized trump in an interview trump made fun of his height by tweeting this. the failing "the new york times" sent liddle bob corker up by recording his conversation. was made to sound a fool and that's what i am dealing with. donny made fun of bobby for being short. i'm not reporting things my 6-year-old saw on the playground today. i'm sharing news from the white house. donald trump met with top military officials and said he wanted a nearly tenfold increase in the nuclear arsenal. a tenfold increase? excuse me why i onefold into the fetal position. >> tenfold. trump would have gone higher than tenfold but he ran out of fingers to count on. >> i want it made more by this many. this many right
4:30 am
>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., friday, the 13th. tam is off, jeanette reyes joins us. >> here's what we're following for you this morning. carson wentz and the eagles come up big in a huge game bumping them to the top of the nfc. parts in the school district are waiting the results of mold testing. schools have been closed all week. 20 major fires are burning across northern california and they are not expected to die down soon. >> will the


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