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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  October 14, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this as the search for the driver continues. disturbing details about the las vegas gunman as investigators respond to questions about the shooting timeline. plus, following air quality concerns, the new reason a new jersey high school is keeping its doors closed to students. those stories and more in a moment, but first outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast, chris, is the sun coming out today, man. >> reporter: maybe a little bit late in the day, but i think you'll see clouds this afternoon similar to yesterday and the day before as we deal with an easterly breeze. the temperatures are milder this morning than where they were the last several morning. 61 in allentown. 63 in philadelphia. millville, 66. wilmington, 64. atlantic city, 66 and cape may, 65. here's an issue, though, we have a lot of fog that's starting to settle in across the outlying suburbs. reading down to 1 1/2 miles. allentown, 1.3. millville, 4 miles per hour. philadelphia, two miles, dover
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checking in at 3 miles per hour. everything is damp out here, widow showers first thing this morning. we're not expecting much in the way of sun. it should stay damp throughout the morning hours and cloudy and humid by afternoon. satellite and radar most of the moisture again is off the coast at this point and pulling north up into new england, places like providence, hartford, boston, you'll see the wet weather today. for us back home we're looking at mainly clouds. the call today, morning drizzle, lots of clouds, a muggy, 74 degrees. a quick check of the forecast for now, when i come back in just a few minutes we're talking 80 again in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and a ton of sunshine next week. i'll have the details in just a few. >> police are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man in the port richmond section and left the scene. medics were called to the 2100 block of allegheny avenue at 2:30 a.m. the unidentified victim was
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pronounced dead at the scene. at this time there's no description of the vehicle. if you have any information call police. police say a 28-year-old man was shot and killed overnight in the city's wissinoming section. the victim was found in the driver seat of his car on the 4,000 block of benner street around 3:30 a.m. he had several gunshot injuries to his chest. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. no word on a suspect or motive. a high school in new jersey was shut down indefinitely, parents were concerned about air quality inside the building. now there's a new concern over loose screws. "action news" reporter, jeff chirico attended an emergency meeting that was held to explain the situation. >> i'm happy with that. >> reporter: parents were upbeat as they left an emergency meeting where he this learned the pinelands regional high school will be closed until further notice. the acting superintendent said the decision was made after a
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screw from the roof fell on a student on thursday, he was not injured. >> we have to check all the screws in the roofing. the number of screws there's tens of thousands of them. >> reporter: this comes for a relief for some parents who called for the school to be closed during air quality concerns. air quality tests last week came back normal this woman was not sold. >> both of my kids were having issues, we thought was seasonal, but come to be it may not have been. >> reporter: high school students will go to the junior high for four hours in the morning and junior high will attend for four hours in the afternoon. >> if they don't have flexible jobs, who will watch your kids. >> they will get half the instruction time they are getting now. >> reporter: what do you make of that? >> i'm not happy about that.
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>> reporter: school officials say the classes won't resume until the roofing work is done. parents and students are glad classes will no longer be held in a construction zone. >> i believe it's better than being in the school. >> there are issues that will arise, but we're a community we'll come together. >> the acting superintendent said students will receive the legally mandated minimum of four hours of instruction daily. the roofing project was supposed to be complete in november, that will not happen. officials could not say when the school will reopen. >> in new jersey, most schools in monroe township, gloucester county will reopen on tuesday after being closed due to mold. holly glen elementary will remain closed. not clear when it will reopen.
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new information about the deadly shooting massacre in las vegas. investigators have revealed a terrifying new target for the gunman as well as the timeline for the deadliest mass shooting in america. excuse me for my emotion. >> reporter: a visible shaken las vegas sheriff revealing a new timeline after the deadliest mass shooting in american histo. >> correcting information given earlier this week saying hotel security officer was shot 9:56 p.m. 6 minutes before stephen paddock began his scricials assault. vicious assault. the hotel disputing the time lapse. loss -- las vegas authorities
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agreeing paddock shot the officer unleashinged hail of gunfire -- unleashed his hail of gunfire on the crowd below. >> he relayed that information via his can -- cell phone. >> reporter: for ten minutes hundreds of bullets rained down on concertgoers. 10:17 p.m. officers arrived on the 32nd floor. the sheriff with another stunning disclosure during the ten minutes of terror, the suspect turning his fire on the fuel tanks, paddock distributing responding first responders as they rushed to the scene. raw emotion as he spoke about their heroism. >> brady distained -- sustained
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a bullet wound to his shoulder, his bicep and his chest. he asked to go back to work today. >> the trump administration said they will stop making payments for healthcare subsidies for out of pocket costs for low income americans. the biggest move taken by the administration to make good on the campaign promise to kill the affordable care act. he called the 7 billion-dollars in question a quote payoff to insurance companies. president trump said the government cannot legally pay the cost sharing subsidies because they look a formal authorization by congress. pennsylvania and delaware have sued administration to enforce the subsidies. 400,000 pennsylvanians could see
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premiums spike 20%. new jersey, 152,000 people enrolled in the affordable care act receive the subsidies. $166 million in funds would bee. thousands of low income residents in delaware the governor said would be hurt by the president's move. there's a traffic alert you need to know about, a long stretch of the northeast extension is shut down so crews can replace a bridge over crackers sport road. crews demolish the old bridge and move the new sections into place. detours at the lehigh valley interchange and southbound at poconos interchange. i4676 she woulded to reopen at
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4:00 a.m. on monday. penndot is planning changes to the blue route between i-95 and the commodore barry bridge. the shoulder may be open to traffic at least part-time. an 8 million-dollar study of the plan is expected to take several years. there's still much more to come on "action news" for a saturday morning including shelter me. >> reporter: i'm matt o'donnell this is piony one of the cats rescued by the animal rescue, you'll meet piony coming up on "shelter me rescue of the week." >> house speaker paul ryan is saying about future aid to puerto rico. >> reporter: coming up in weather it's been kind of chilly over the last few days with the temperatures in the 60s with all the cloud cover and fog and drizzle. summer returns in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we have one day where we're
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talking 80s, maybe two, details coming up in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ start your day with a new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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everybody on a saturday morning, the time 9:12 a.m., temperature, 62 degrees, sky6 live hd giving you that gloomy, cloudy gray look over the commodore barry bridge. meteorologist chris sowers let's us know if well see the sun today. iran president firing back after president donald trump said he will terminate the nuclear deal with iran if congress does not toughen it up.
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iran saying the u.s. is alone in it's agreement and will not hesitate to respond if the country's interests are not serve. germany, france announced they are firm with the agreement an their shared national security interest. >> in puerto rico, three weeks after hurricane maria much of the island is struggling to survive. 90% of the u.s. territory is without power and a third are without fresh water. house speaker paul ryan surveyed the damage and promised more funding for recovery efforts. this after the u.s. house of representatives approved a $36.5 billion disaster package for puerto rico. let's get you caught up here, meteorologist chris sowers is helping you plan your weekend. is it fall, summer, i'm confused chris. >> reporter: it's fall today, summer tomorrow, fall on monday.
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let's get down to cape may. the water is somewhat rough we have breakers 3 to 4 feet. it's not a nice day to go boating or anything like that. tomorrow is much, much better. the call is mostly cloudy, an easterly breeze, 74 is the forecasted high. patchy drizzle around this morning. humid this afternoon. tomorrow, clouds and morning drizzle breaking for afternoon sunshine, breezy and much, much warmer, high of 82 degrees. radar is clear we're seeing mist and drizzle taking place, the precipitation is so light we're not picking it up on the radar. we had showers across southeastern burlington and monmouth county that has pulled away. 63 degrees in philadelphia. with a dewpoint of 61. winds officially at the airport are calm. the pressure is 30.25 inches that's holding steady. the numbers are very, very mild. remember the normal high for this time of the year is 67.
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that usually occurs between 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. we're showing 63. 66 in millville. dover 64, atlantic city, 66. beach haven, 66 degrees. a lot of roads are damp from the showers that pushed through this morning. now we're seeing problems with the visibility because the fog is starting to settle in. reading 2 1/2 miles, philadelphia two, the lehigh valley over a mile. three miles in dover, 1.5 in wildwood. satellite and radar it's this little, small system, that little counter clockwise swirl that's pulling away that's locking all the clouds in place. as that pulls away overnight tonight, the winds will start to swift out of the southwest that will clear everything out by tomorrow afternoon. this takes over. this is a high pressure system you can see what's going on. you see the darker shades of orange that's sinking air, that's dry air. the high regroups by the time we
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get into next week like this and the entire eastern seaboard is looking at wall-to-wall blue skies and sunshine. the cold front approaches tomorrow and the high settles off the coast of the quorl -- carolinas we get into nice stuff sunday around. today, clouds and morning drizzle, humid by afternoon. forecasted highs around the region. 74 in philadelphia. millville, 76. dover and cape may, 75. allentown, 73. leftover drizzle this morning otherwise mainly cloudy. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, very warm and breezy sunday, 82. here comes the high pressure, monday through friday, 60s and 70s. it's sunny every single day. gray. >> every single day? >> reporter: every single day. >> we love it chris, thank you. 9:16 a.m., visit the wizarding world without leave delaware, the delaware museum of
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so glad you stayed with us in today's technically speaking, twitter is about to make it easier to privately track and remember interesting tweets. the social media giant has announced a bookmarking feature save for later. i allows to find tweets again without publicly liking them. users can put the tweets in a private collection. the feature a prototype. the company has not said when it will be available to users. ge has come up with bake ware that will tell you when the cake is done. the pans have sensors that send alert to your smart device when the bake goods are ready. it's limited to a cake pan. they hope to expand it to corn bread and pies and other baked
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creations. the pan goes on sail next year. this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" featureses an institution for animal rescue in philadelphia. matt o'donnell takes us to the morris animal rescue. >> no animal has ever been turned away from to your doorstep. >> reporter: morris and rescue opened their doors in 1874 and operating in the original elizabeth morris house. >> elizabeth morris loved animals and wanted to care for them. >> reporter: the nonprofit shelter relies on the public's support. >> it's the heartbeat of our ocean. connecting them to different events and fundraisers. there are 6 annual pumpkin smash at city tap house in university city showcase the adoptable dogs. >> proceeds go toward morris to
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help the guys for the new kill shelter. >> reporter: benny came to the party, he was a newly discovered food allergy that was making him itchy. >> now he is ready to find an other than to can you recall up next to. >> ricky is an 11-month-old od mixed breed. >> reporter: he is eager for a new home. legallen was a stray along -- lemon was a stray along with her mommy. fitting for any feline fanatic. this is piony a 5 month old kitten she showed up on columbus day, she is spade -- spayed, and vaccinated and ready to go. if you would like to share your shelter success stores post them to the "fyi philly" facebook
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page and tells us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you we'll feature them on our upcoming segments. matt o'donnell channel 6 "action news." >> the sixers take on the heat in their final preseason game. don't go away, sports is next. z2e3tz z5yz
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>> 9:25 a.m., the sixers face off against the heat in the final preseason game. they travel to kansas, missouri. sixers up 19-so.
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simmon's passing may have been off, but his dunk on point. the sixers heading to the regular season off the win, 119-95. football now, the eagles big win at carolina thursday night moved the birds to 5-1 on the season. wow, that puts them at the top of the conference. carson wentz was on point once again, he threw three touchdown passes. wentz said last year the team would have struggled with the game. instead they finished strong. flyers are gearing up for their home opener against the capitals, the nhl was not too kind to the orange and black. their first four games were on the road. they came out of it, 2-2. they say they are ready to play in front of their fans. happening later today, temple football team plays ucon. temple football playbook comes your way during the 9:30 a.m.
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half-hour of "action news" do not miss it. right, so if you're looking for a way to stay in shape, but you're tired of the treadmill might be because you're not using enough treadmills. take a look at this. maggie thorn posted this piece of video of her running on not one, but seven treadmills looks at her go, she is training for different competitions like american ninja warrior. they calls this treadmill agility ladder drill. we call it quite impressive. she didn't fall, artery. >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. vineland police searching for young thieves. we'll tell you what investigators say they stole from an elementary school. designer fashion at a fraction of the price, ahead how to give your wardrobe a high end look without breaking the bank
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account. those stories and much more with meteorologist sourest -- chris sowers when we see you after the break.
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>> happening right now on "action news," saturday at 9:00 a.m., a a man is charged with stabbing his wife. what police say led to the violence. crews continue to battle a killer wildfire in california. we have details on the new problems crews are up against. plus a grim statistic in
9:30 am
the city of chester following the shooting death of a man earlier this week. those stories and more in just a moment, but first let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers for the accuweather forecast, chris, hey man what's going on today. >> reporter: it's the weekend we'll clear it out tomorrow. today is not bad, but we'll see clouds and it is kind of damp and drehery this morning. temperatures -- dreary this morning. temperatures on the rise. yesterday, cloud cover and 66. tomorrow once we break the cloud deck, the winds shift out of the southwest, all of a sudden tents are off to the races. it will feel like summer all over again. kutztown 58 degrees. media, 61. glass borough, 62. hammonton, 63. it's a mild start, as we take a look at satellite and radar
9:31 am
appears if there's not much in the way of clouds over the philadelphia area. that's how low the clouds are to the ground. they are only about 500 feet up, if you're at the airport and flying you'll hit the cloud deck immediately and stay in the clouds for five or ten seconds, that's how thick the cloud deck is. above it it is as clear as it can be. the winds will shift and clear the clouds. call from accuweather, 74 degrees, cloudy skies and drizzle this morning. cloudy and dry by afternoon. sunday, mostly sunny and breezy, high of 82 degrees. take a look at this. if we do hit 80 degrees or higher tomorrow. that will be four out of the last five weekends where we hit 80 degrees at least once in the city of philadelphia. this is air territory to see this kind of warmth for such an extended period of time, with that said i don't think there's too many complaints out there.
9:32 am
i'll be back along in 20 minutes or so, with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we have high pressure buildings in and sunshine and cool fall-like temperatures to talk about. >> a man is facing several charges after police say he stabbed his wife multiple times in their north philadelphia home. crews were called to the 2700 block of north orkney street at 4:30 a.m. they found a 29-year-old woman stabbed in the throat and chest and stomach area. the victim was fighting with her husband before she was stabbed. she was rushed to temple university hospital in serious condition. the suspect's name has not been released. it's another difficult day in california as crews continue to battle the deadliest wildfires in the state's history. right now, 17 fires are burning. 5700 structures have been destroyed. we've learned that at least 35 people are dead. lindsey janice in hard-hit santa
9:33 am
rosa with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, incredible images inside the initial response to what is the deadliest week in california wildfire history. the body cam on this sonoma county sheriff's deputy rolling as he races toward residents in the middle of the night. a wall of flames closing in. the deputy gasping for air as he helps a disabled woman into his car. watch your leg, watch your leg. >> reporter: massive fire engulfing the road. he rises -- races to safety using his megaphone to alert the community. the firestorm haunting hundreds of thousands of residents in the area who are bracing for more destruction. overnight the battle against the giant inferno intensifying with
9:34 am
strong winds and low humidity. this is a dangerous event. it is not over, stay away from the houses. >> reporter: firefighters scrambling to contain the 17 fires so far scorching more than 200,000 acres. >> this is pains taking work. >> it's very tedious, very hard you can tell by the incline of the slope those are the conditions we're working in, smoky, hot, low humidity, this is the meat and potatoes of firefighting. >> reporter: the flames claiming the lives of 35 people. hundreds more missing. so many homeless, like michael clemens a local firefighter. >> i wanted to get pie family out that's -- my family out that's all i cared about. >> a man was injured jumping from a third floor window to escape a fire in philadelphia. that fire was along leaper street at 7:30. he was taken to the hospital.
9:35 am
so far no word on his condition. in new jersey, firefighters there battled a two-alarm apartment fire in camden county last night. the fire started at the cedar court apartments on the white horse pike and cuthbert boulevard in haddon township. at one point the fire extended to a second apartment, but crews were able to get the fire under control. thankfully no injuries were reported. the red cross was notified to assist one person. the cause is under investigation. police arrested a philadelphia man in bucks county he is accused of raping two children. this man here 21-year-old ricardo sayes molested two children in falls township. the victims were both under ten years old when the alleged incident occurred. there is still 2 1/2 months left of 2017, the city of chester has surpassed its
9:36 am
homicide total for all of last year. a man was shot on the 200 block of sunny side avenue thursday has died becoming the 27th homicide of 2017. no arrests have been made in more than a dozen of those cases. time 9:36 a.m., the body found floating in the schuylkill expressway earlier this week has been identified. the body was found thursday near walnut street. the medical examiner confirmed the identity of the 58-year-old victim to be philip righten ower. he was on shark town behind the app emergency. he was $3 million in debt and being sued. the medical examiner has not ruled on the cause of death. police in new jersey searching for the people who stole more than $1,000 worth of technology from an elementary school. take a look at this, these are images of police from the
9:37 am
suspect. they stole 20 ipads from the elementary school in vineland. that theft happened monday night. you know whap -- what happened or any information call police. albright college has cut two football players for violating the unity of the team. backup quarterback continueded to kneel after the rest of the team agreed to stand up. gamblers in new jersey will be able to play online poker against people in nevada and delaware. three states agreeing to allow new jersey players to join in with poker once regulators in all three states approve an operator and game software. players in nevada and delaware
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have been playing against each other since 2015. pulling players will enhance annual revenue growth and attract new customers and create new opportunities for players and internet gambling operators. in what's the deal, high end designer, fancy items of real deal celebrities can be yours today for a fraction of the price. we got a sneak peek at the show happening in bryn mawr. >> it's an opportunity for women to buy high end clothing worn by the stars. >> reporter: they are bringing it all from tinseltown to bryn mawr. how friendly are the prices. >> you can buy channel, prada. in the 3,000 price range. >> reporter: he owns a store in
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l.a. we are the original green way to shop. we pay it forward. it's a hand me up. >> reporter: yes. retail recycle. he curated a few looks he is presenting this featuring an oversized cardegan. >> reporter: bring it on. >> designers are playing around with bold shoulder. it's a bold shoulder, it's a statement shoulder. >> the hot hue, light wine, bordeau. he calls it the new holiday trend color, chiffon dress retail would be $800.
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it's around $300. >> the owner said we can expect to see prices on the celebrity items slashed by up to 80% off. >> reporter: you never know who wore it before. >> it's a secret. >> reporter: and cameron will be on hand as a celebrity stylist the event runs today from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the boutique in bryn mawr. alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. every week temple university football player is picked to wear number one. look at who was selected heading into the game against ucon next on temple football playbook.
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♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time.
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9:43 a.m., the temple owls battle ucon huskies at the linc at noon. ducis rogers sat down with the owls head coach for temple football playbook. >> reporter: welcome to another edition of temple football playbook alongside coach collins, i'm ducis rogers. last week you had a great win, 34-10. how do you feel the team played in that one. >> reporter: we play one play at a time. we talk about going 1-0. the past is in the past, it doesn't matter now, we went
9:44 am
moment to moment, getting worried about the score board. we played every single play it has a life of its own. that's the way we'll go for the rest of the season. >> reporter: your quarterback did struggle, but he looked good in this game. >> five games he played good football, as a team collectively we ran into a buzz saw down in tampa. it's not all logan. we had a bad thing that happened early in the game. he recovered for it, the team recovered and put up big numbers and had a better game. >> it felt good to see the potential of offense and what can we do we executed the game plan well. >> >> reporter: it's not just the quarterback position coach, running game is better. >> it's a big challenge we've been saying we have to run the ball effectively.
9:45 am
the second half against houston we exploded, the entire game against east carolina, i thought the run game did well. nigh troa playing tail -- nitro playing tailback for us, 7 minutes 38 seconds was the last time the defense was on the field, offense consumed the clock. we took a knee, score could have been worse, but out of respect for their coaches and players we took a knee an ran out the clock. >> every week i hear about the depth you have on the team, david hood tells us it starts up front between the communication between himself and the offensive line. >> we're better as a team, it's all about kind of repetition, we started off slow and we're getting better at communicating and working together. >> ucon huskeries gave up 70
9:46 am
points last week, and 38 points in four straight games, how do you prevent your team from looking at this like it's a walkoff. >> we're trying to to go 1-0. we have great respect for what they do offensively and defensively. they are a conference divisional opponent. we talk about ourselves and how we'll get better every single week and the other team will bring their a-game and we have to compete as hard as we can. >> we know playing ucon will be big every year. this is two heavyweights going at it in the ring. they like to play the same style football we play. smash mouth. stop the run. >> ucon is a great team. they don't give up a lot of points really. they are a good team, their quarterback is very good. their running backs are good. they have good tighteneds
9:47 am
offensive line, they are a good team. we have to be ready to play. >> when we return on the temple football playbook we'll look at an incredible catch by a wide receiver and get to know another wide receiver, isaiah wright stay with us. ♪ lights, camera ♪ strike a pose your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production
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start saving today football playbook, coach it seems every week you have a stud wide receiver make an incredible catch talk about the one kirkwood made. >> reporter: it was a beautiful catch, the play outside the lines and brought in with one hand and ended up on sports center and game day. adannis jennings we had two guys playing at a high level and four receivers catching over 30 yards. it was a special game with a special group. i told kirkwood after he made
9:50 am
the catch i was going to take credit for that, it was going to be all coaching by me even though i am a defensive guy. you made a cool thing every week one guy gets to wear number one every week. isaiah wright got it, why? >> it's his work ethic, how hard he goes in practice, every single day else one of the top three players giving effort going hard and playing fast. they need to be rewarded and that's the way we do it. >> reporter: in high school isaiah wright like other athletes played all over the field. what makes him unique thanks to his freakiness athleticism he is still doing that. >> he is very explosive. >> side steps the tackler, down the middle and scores, touchdown
9:51 am
isaiah wright. >> he is a touchdown waiting to happen. >> he has a man wide open. >> coach called you the crown jewel of wide receivers. what is it about your playing style? >> i'm like a running back slash wide receiver,ic make the cut that the running back makes, i can catch like a wide receiver. >> it's caught, first down, airborne. >> whatever i can do to contribute to the team i will do, but if you give me the ball more, i can do that, as well. >> reporter: he plays tailback for us, there's a mountain he can do for this program is special. >> airs it out, what a catch, touch done. can you say sports center top ten. >> he can do front flips and back flips. he is going to wear the single
9:52 am
digit number one, because he is one of the top three players in effort sprint, sprint distance, just the effort he gives on a daily base trying to get better everything he does, gives for the betterment of the team. >> i've always been a hard worker. i think it's a mixture of me always being hyper and a mixture of me playing all the positions i played and my work ethic, i'm trying to do the bestic do and have some success with that. well i think we got our answer for why stan hickson calls him the crowned jewel of receivers. >> thank you so much, coach this is homecoming. what kind of atmosphere do you expect at the game. >> reporter: one of my favorite things about the place, the
9:53 am
student body, the fans, the bands, they are awesome. i've been around a lot of good places and seen a lot of good bands, ours is the best in college football. getting to be around the kids and getting to know them a little bit, they have great personalities and great musicians as well. temple football playing at noon today, i'm ducis rogers this is coach jeff collins, "action news" will be back in a moment.
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>> final check of the accuweather forecast before was
9:56 am
goodbye. we want to say goodbye to all the clouds, unfortunately they will hang tough again one more day. the call from accuweather, lots of clouds around throughout the afternoon. drizzle this morning and patchy fog. perhaps a few peeks of sun late this afternoon. a mainly cloudy day, 74 degrees is the forecast the -- forecasted high. gray are you ready for this, it usually takes ten minutes to put this graphic together, today it took one minute, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, every single day is sunny and breezy and nice, temperatures in the 60s and 70s. >> good stuff. 9:56 a.m., have you ever tried to eat when you're sleeping. the struggle was real for a little girl who want the to finish her ice cream before passing out. the girl's eyes are closing. looks like the ice cream was going to fall over. she woke up to get a few more
9:57 am
bites. she took her for ice cream after spending the day at the pool. not clear if the girl got to finish the desert before she fell asleep. >> too cute. jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight. we're back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's a look at the stories we're following for you. a big event to help you save lives from breast cancer. we'll be live at the making strides breast cancer walk. plus, she is one of the most female artists in the delaware valley. we'll take you live inside the exhibit honoring oakley. for chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, make it a great day. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." beaches aren't just popular with humans. reptiles, mammals, and birds all flock there, too. good night. heh. today, 5 of my favorite beach adventures. they're still coming down the beach. from south america-- sue, the baby's playing out here. look at this. to south africa-- it looks like a little army. to southern california. that guy's so big, i'd have run off. and later, my blooper of the week. this is the worst thing i've ever had on me. so grab your flip-flops and sun


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