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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 17, 2017 4:00pm-4:43pm EDT

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for his officers having to go through this again. this is not easy pointing blame on the children's mother and caretaker. first i want to show you this memorial made for the two little boys. the one little boy was identified as 5 years old and his brother was just a 4-month-old. and she is the one that drown and killed two children in their wilmington home. one of the victim is her 4-month-old and the other is her boyfriend's 5-year-old son. >> she is now held on $2 million cash bond. and the investigation continues. >> the scene of the crime at the could have beener of north adams and 9th street outside of the home a vigil is growing for the boys. it was around 8:30 a.m. when she herself called them and admitted right there what she had done.
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>> it was matter of fact. she said there were two homicides and a drowning. >> they came to the home and she met them at the front door. she told them again she had drown her children and the boys were in the tub. >> as for motive that is unclear but they told us about a previous incident at the home before the boys were found. that she called them because she was upset about her immigration status. >> an office responded at 4:00 a.m. and they talked to her and never thought the children were in danger. through interviews, they revealed how she did it. part of at rest report says she took the 4-month-old infant and dropped him in the bathtub and then went after the 5-year-old. she physically assaulted the 5-year-old before walking him to
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the bathroom. the memorial for the two little boys. the brother alex 5 years old. their father he is in jail he too was arrested on immigration related charges. reporting live in wilmington. channel 6 "action news." >> we'll continue to follow this devastating story online at all the reports from "action news" and raw video of police on the scene there. a deadly crash is under investigation in voorhees today involving an nj transit bus and a pedestrian. 2:00 this afternoon police were called to the scene and it all unfolded at the boss could haves at the town center and they roped it off with crime tape. and they are working with voorhees town police to figure
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out what happened here. a high school student shot last week in northeast philadelphia has passed away from his injuries. the 16 was in critical condition when the shooting happened. he was shot in the head on magee avenue in a fight with other teenagers. they arrested muhammad good, he is facing a number of charges including attempted murder that investigators could likely now be upgraded. now, to the latest of the deadly uprising at a delaware prison. they announced indictments on 18 inmates in connection with the inmates. those inmates took over a building at the prison in february resulting in the death of lieutenant steven floyd. this morning officials revealed the indictments handed out by a grab jury in newcastle county. all the defendants are current inmates. 16 are facing counts of first degree murder and the other two are facing kidnapping and counts
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related to the prison riot. all 18 of them are current prison inmates. this afternoon delaware governor, john carnie, hopes this is a step for justice for steven floyd. giving a measure of peace for his family. and the state is working on improving safety and security measures across the state. brand new now at 4:00 we got word that one of philadelphia's most active rec centers shutting down. the bear rec center on the 2600 block of morris street is closing indefinitely. officials have concerns about the structural integrity of this 100-year-old building everyone the outdoor spaces including the playground as the city works on a solution. in the meantime the center's youth and adult programs are being moved to other sites. now to accuweather on this tuesday afternoon. we have gained a lot in the sunshine department.
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if you stepped outside it's a bit a cold one. adam joseph has the forecast. >> trying to stay warm in the shade. it's cool out here and not that far below average for this time of year. but we are so spoiled with the extremely warm temperatures. right now the coolest spot when you look at these cities, in the eastern half of the country. 60 in philadelphia and 50s in the suburbs and 66 cincinnati be upper 70s for bismark, north dako dakota, they warm west as the atmosphere works to the east. we have the brilliant blue sky and that is repeated all the way back to the rocky. s and cold front in the northern central florida. and most of the country is quiet. future tracker 6 temperatures
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they tumble back tomorrow and late tonight 45 in reading and 47 in philadelphia. and 48 in millville. and by tomorrow morning. temperatures are dropping into the 30s for some of the suburbs near 40 for trenton and wilmington and physical. just a couple of degrees warmer than that. we'll chat about a big warm-up heading our way with the sunshine sticking around and you'll like that combo, warmth and sunshine coming up in the fur day at 4:00 forecast. >> not bad. investigators are looking into what cause aid fire that level all of this damage in cherry hill. katherine scott talked to people from the apartment build that evacuated overnight. >> from chopper 6 hd overhead you see the balconies melted and charred. signs of the fire overnight in cherry hill apartments. and restoration crews were working and repairs were being made. this viewer video shows the intense flames that broke out on the fifth floor of the six floor
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build agent 11:45 p.m. >> the fire was coming out of the balcony. >> the cherry hill fire department and mutual said responded. they began to knock on doors telling residents they needed to get out. >> and then they were like okay this is real. >> the officer banged on my door and told us to get out and i grabbed my children and ran and went around to see what was going on and it was a huge fire. really big. >> neighbors saw thick smoke and heavy flames and grabbed their kids and pets and maybe a few belongings and got out. >> we got the dogs out. they were outside thank god but our apartment had a lot of smoke in it. >> several apartments were damaged in the fire. one occupant was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. i feel bad about what happened to the folks living in that apartment. and they said that they were
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okay. >> there is fire damage to three apartments and the fire department says that residents from 16 apartments are being placed in other units for the time being. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. channel 6 "action news." well, one person was injured in a crash that caused a big backup on the pennsylvania turnpike. chopper 6 hd was overhead shortly after 6:30 this morning. right after first responders rescued the victim from the car. the vehicle got wedged under the back of a tractor trailer in ben salem township. and at that time only one eastbound lane was able to get by and the victim was flown to temple hospital. no word yet on that person's condition. and people have low water pressure today because of the water main break, the pipe burst overnight along the 30 hundred block of ryan avenue. about a dozen customers did not have water at all. and that will be restored once repairs are complete.
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time for a check of the "action news" traffic report today. lets go live to matt pellman. >> as you try to head home you'll have some company of course on a few of these roadways, 95 heavy in the northbound direction. right around tasker street through this point underneath the ben franklin bridge on up to the work zone at girard avenue, reports of a broken down vehicle in the work zone and at this point all the lanes are open. you are dealing with speeds like 7 miles per hour. and on the schuylkill westbound side in university city and just volume as the afternoon rush gets underway, we have volume and emergency construction in cinnaminson and big delays and speeds like 3 miles per hour. at riverton road at bears chocolate house, a couple of lanes are blocked. and river road is a good
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alternate. farther north along 130 in burlington township. a crash and downed wires approaching neck road. there you are without the right lane. a couple of good reasons to stay away from 130 in burlington county. in haddon heights the white horse pike is giving us problems and speeds like 9 miles per hour. a crash there along haddon street reports of accidents heading into the delaware memorial bridge you may be better off with the commodore barry bridge coming up in the next half hour. >> matt, thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00 wells fargo announces plans to pull jobs out of the the delaware valley. >> and senator john mccain reacts to the president's blistering comments made here last night in philadelphia. and a meeting with nfl owners we have the latest as they discuss the protest playing out during the national anthem.
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nfl owner s are huddling today in new york topping their agenda protests during the national anthem. before their regularly scheduled meeting the league's owner made an unprecedented move. they sat down to discuss the players kneeling for the national anthem. the goal is to come face-to-face and come up with a solution allowing players to continue pro testing racial inequality and justice and not alienate fans and sponsors that see the protests that see it as disrespecting the flag and military. the requirement is to be and the fold and that they should stand. >> malcolm jenkins is among the players at the meeting today.
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he said it was working together to create real change. >> in our communities we feel like that is the most american thing to do is use your platform and influence and with the stage that we have, as nfl flares and as a league in general we feel a responsibility to our country and our communities and we are working thruways to really have long lasting real change. >> not on the guest list today former quarterback, colin kaepernick, he started the controversial movement and he is suing the nfl. and in all the league and the playerses call today's meeting positive. the big question is will the players continue to take a knee? malcolm jenkins saying it is individual. >> a major topic gripping the nation. we have developing news right now, the latest version of president trump's travel ban is blocked. a judge in hawaii made the ruling late this afternoon.
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the ban was suppose to take effect at midnight tonight. hawaii argued that the ban is a continuation of president trump's quote, continuation to exclude muslims from the united states. and it could include iran, libya and south korea. and other states are waiving challenges to the same policy. and the president issued a subtle threat to john mccain. one day the senator issue aid rebuke of the president in philadelphia. at his remarks at the liberty medal ceremony. he implored america not to aband abandon u.s. ideals. in a radio many interview the president said this about mccain's speech. >> people have to be careful because at some point i fight back, i'm being very, very nice. but at some point i fight back and it won't be pretty. >> asked about the president's
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comments this morning, senator mccain says he doesn't respond to what the president says but to what he does. >> and republican lamar alexander says if passed it could extend payments to health insure cancer ance companies for lower income americans. today he signalled he may support this deal calling it a quote, short-term solution into former vice president joe biden went back to his college alma mater in delaware for a conversation about bridging it's political divide. a proud blue hen, he welcomed john kasich to the campus. the two stress that they get along despite having different views on government. and that it's important to focus
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less on our differences and more on what we have in common. the discussion is all part of a national agenda speaker series. a look at numbers now. the dow a record high closing up 40 and an and a half points and briefly touching 23,000 points and the nasdaq down slightly and s&p up 2 points on the day. wells fargo is closing a call sent fer bethlehem putting hundreds of jobs on the line. a bank spokesman says it's collect to close in a couple of days. and no word on how many employees would be impacted but it employees 460 people. and there is hope that the workers will be able to stay with the company in some other capacity. papers will be filed with the state tomorrow. the residential tower that
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shattered every real estate record if philadelphia is now open. people moved into 500 walnut. they unveil whad they described as the most exclusive luxury living and the penthouse sold for almost $18 million but the other units are not bad either, each one has three bedrooms and floor to ceiling windows and the own private balcony. >> people coming to this building have a chance to live anywhere they want and moving magnificent homes moving into center city philadelphia. >> want to see more of the inside. and own 35 families will live at 500 walnut amenities include row battic parting and a terrace on the roof. >> for $18 million you can see a lot of the inside. >> doing it yourself is so freaky. >> the robotic parking? >> yes. you leave your car and shut the
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door and it goes away. any way. total jettisons. looking good out there. a lot of sunshine and on the cool side. you see the deep blue sky over the ben franklin bridge, a cloudless sky today. and we are going to duplicate that as we move forward in fact we can thank high pressure that high pressure which is straight over head right now, that high is basically sinking air. that air that continues to push toward the ground is voiding the area of clouds. you need the updraft. the rising air to create the clouds and downpours and thunderstorms, but not so. we have a lot of pressure being pushed here on ground. if you have a migraine it may be because of the that high pressure. that continues wednesday, thursday and friday. three days of full sunshine and lack of clouds and temperatures warming nice lie. 2-tomorrow and 73 on thursday
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and friday 74 degrees. we gain 10 degrees tomorrow and then a degree more each day after that. as we look at sunset, that is a whole different story. this is not something you want to be wowed about. 6:18 this evening is your sunset. just a few weeks from now. daylight saving time will end and sunset will be at 4:53. i know -- just a few weeks from now. and by december 3rd to the 11th those are our shortest and earliest sunsets 4:35 in the evening and it will quickly be arriving and take advantage of the next couple of weeks. as we look at the temperatures, 60 trenton and allentown and reading and 58 in dover, and 56 in cape may, and again the lack of cloud cover this is the satellite and radar you will see day after day through the upcoming weekend. they little to talk about here. clear skies light winds, 38
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allentown and 37 in millville and frost advisories go into effect late tonight for interior sections and burlington county and atlantic county and cumberland county. and sunny and warmer and temperatures 40s to 50s, from 8:00 until 10:00. as we get into tomorrow afternoon. the in our day at 4:00 forecast, all the sunshine through the rest of the week as temperature goes back into the 70s that is well above average, and still pleasantly warm on saturday, just a few high clouds and temperatures of 74. it will get even warmer at the end of the weekend. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. >> thank you. as part of breast cancer awareness month, "action news" wants to help you beat the odds against this deadly disease. right now we are hosting a live video chat online with doctors from jefferson and abington jefferson. they are ready to answer your
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questions about breast cancer, to participate go to our website at this chat will be going on for another 38 minutes it lasts until 5:00 today.
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a five year veteran of the force is being recognized as philadelphia firefighter of the year. dana muller's valiant efforts dura tragedy led to these award. despite commanders evacuate he ran into a hopefully surrounded by fire last may in north philadelphia to pull a child from the fire. unfortunately the victim later passed away from the injuries. the department says that muller put his own life on the line giving the child a fighting chance and he was a navy veteran and was sounded by his family at today's ceremony. a union player gave back to
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the community. ray gatis gave out meals in chefrt. he walked the streets at lunch time approaching people in need. >> he came to me and said make a difference in the community. and i have been here for six years, living out my dream playing for the philadelphia union and when god blesses you he wants to you bless other people. i am not looking for recognition i hope that do an act of kindness. >> it was all donated by the restaurant honey grow.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a question. is it ever okay to ask someone to quiet their child on a plane? we have the research coming up. >> and they went from racing to boxing in the matter of seconds. and when you see the video it's hard to understand why it's not hard. what made one driver turn his car into a monster truck? and if you rather shut the door on your closet rather than clean it out. you want to see today's what's the deal. an expert shares ways to clear the clothing clutter. >> we begin in south philadelphia police are looking for a teenager that used his fists instead of his words when a stranger confronted him about
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his bad behavior. john rawlins talked to the victim and he joins us live from the scene of last month's crime. >> reporter: well brian, this was basically an unprovoked assault a brutal assault. it happened on south broad street. the victim reached out and wants to talk and more importantly he wants people to look at the videos the police released of the young man that is believed behind the brutal attack. >> i want the juvenile or the teenager to get caught so that he doesn't do it to anyone else. >> this man we'll call him san toe, he wants this video of the teen broadcast far and wide. 4:00 p.m. september 2nd. santo was outside of his car when a group of five kids in front of the store throws
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something. a pretzel comes over and hits the window where my girlfriend is sitting. i go across the street and ask why, what is going on? >> one of the young kids said why are you so close or something of that nature and before i could even say anything, i got hit and got knocked to the ground. the punch delivered with such force it shattered his jaw, wires and metal plates after $72,000 worth of hospital care. he believes the teens are local to south philadelphia. he wants people to look at the attacker and baffled by the violence. he doesn't remember him saying anything just throwing the punch. >> turn him in and maybe he will turn himself in and do the right thing. >> he needs help? >> definitely needs help. >> again, one of the things that baffles the 46-year-old victim was the unprovoked nature of
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this, he doesn't recall words being sent or signals from the individual that he was upset or would throw a punch but threw a sucker punch that broke his jaw in three places. if anyone recognizes that person on the video please call south detectives. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> get some justice in this case thank you. police in upper darby say that this man is responsible for at least violent robberies within a week. rahim rawlings turned himself in. he disguised himself with a long cloak beat up before taking anything. and in the third robbery he was armed and identified after tips from the public. he faces charges including aggravate the salts. >> in upper darky police there and septa police are
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investigating an accident at a bus stop. it happened at the 1500 block of landsdowne at 1:00 this afternoon. police say that a car crashed into at least two people at the bus stop and fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. pennsylvania state police say that something on i-95 flattened a number of tires in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. the debris was apparently laying on one of the northbound lanes a mile before the woodhaven road exit. at least five cars were left disabled. detectives are trying to figure out what damaged the tires. city council made an effort to stop future flash mobs. to order the free library of philadelphia and the parks and recreation to develop new rules and guidelines, the new rule comes after a series of summer time events at which teenagers became out of control.
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it's not clear yet what the new rules might be or when they might take affect. >> a westchester restaurant is using their business to celebrate bianca roberson. she was gunned down in a road rage incident back in june. they are holding a dine and donate event to establish a scholarship in her name. >> people are supporting us and we are about giving back to the community. we want to keep her name and memory alive. >> 28-year-old david desper was arrested for killing her. and turning to the forecast and chilly and sunny day we are having today. >> we like half of that. the sunshine. but adam says we'll warm it up. >> i don't mind the chill. it was kind of refreshing.
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>> said we don't love it. >> pollution free and humidity free and the sunshine will stick around and the chill you had will go away as we get into the middle and end of the week, 60 a popular number and trenton the atlantic city airport and wilmington 62 degrees as we look out the window there in easton live from the camera you can see that deep blue sky in northampton county close to the lehigh valley, and again really nice day out there. very fall like, it started on the very chilly side in reading especially in the northern areas. it started off in the middle to upper 40s and reading 37 and millville 39 and philadelphia we did drop down to 42 degrees. we'll chat about the big warm-up on the way and talk about a quiet seven-day forecast. although the temperatures will get on the verge of near 80 degrees. >> woo. i perked up over here. first responders in training
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rushed to the scene a staged school bus accident today. it was only a drill but it looked very much like a the real thing. students at the north montco technical career center practiced treating injured victims. roles played by their classmates and the experience will help the students in future careers in emergency medical services. one new jersey based company is the subject of several lawsuits now all over a product you can find in many drug stores and now a new twist in the multiple league fight they are facing. monica malpass live in the newsroom with the details on this one. >> johnson & johnson is the target of legal action between ties between talcum powder and cancer over the years and the very first award handed out in the series of lawsuits has been thrown out. why a missouri court decided that the multimillion-dollar ruling is now void. a local organization is marking
4:37 pm
a big milestone. new at 5:00 the success story that the group is celebrating during the important anniversary. >> we have more coming your way. and more than 400 local children bundled up in a new winter coat. david kelliher of chrysler jeep dropped off the jackets. this is just a fraction of coats collected during the drive led by local auto dialers, in all they help 50,000 kids stay warm in winter. the u.s. navy is in delaware looking to recruit the next class. recruiters were on the campus of the delaware academy in wilmington talking to the high school students and giving them a taste of what military life is like. to educate students about the opportunities for sailors. there were fitness displays and a virtual reality station set up
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starting with a video briefing followed by the sights and sounds of a real life simulated rescue effort. still ahead here today. eliminating a house of regret. that is not a line from a moody movie. it's what a local organizing expert is promising to help viewers do in what's the deal today. one minute they were racing and the next brawling, the reason one driver decided to settle the score by parking his race car on top of his opponent. and what do donuts and salad have in common? they are both part of a vintage recipe if you add prunes to the mix. and meteorologist, adam joseph, will be back with the full forecast from accuweather. when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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a run of the mill accident at a racetrack in indiana quickly got out of hand when two drivers lost their tempers.
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the collision sent car 33 and another vehicle spinning out. instead of continuingon the driver of the other car decided to confront the driver of 33, sean cullin and he did it by gunning his engine actually driving up on to colin's car and led to a knock down dragout fight on the track and they ended up using a taser on him. and he is charged with disorderly conduct. >> rough day at the track. a restaurant waiter is nursing painful injuries after he stopped a robbery. elijah arnold is bandaged and bloody and bruised when he described what happened at his texas ihop. he ted he got the job two weeks ago and desperate to protect the employer's cash. and he immediately stepped in when a thief came into the building armed with a crowbar.
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>> he swung the crowbar out me and i blocked with this hand and pulled him to the ground i don't know if i hit the register or i hit his face, i have a big old bloody nose now. police rushed to the scene an rested the suspect right there on the spot. big talkers now in north carolina a curous case grieving parents, their son's grave marker weigh repossessed by the company that made it. it's nearly a year since crystal and wayne buried their 5-year-old son jake after he lost a battle with leukemia, when they recently visited the grave the marker was gone. >> they repossessed it like it was a car. >> you buy something you got to pay for it. no matter what it is. >> apparently the family paid in full initially and made changes resulting in a bigger bill and
4:43 pm
they didn't know that and the company said they gave them a grace period and took action. >> are you on a plane and there is a crying child, what do you do? a crying child


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