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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 19, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> >> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, october 19 here's what worry following on "action news." >> the massive two-state manhunt for a killer is over, what we're learning about the suspect this morning. breaking overnight, a man is shot in the chest and able to briefly run for help and collapses. >> the competition is on as local cities compete for the new headquarters, will philadelphia win out? today is the deadline. >> first up weather and traffic, i think we're going to rename this f up -- fummer.
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>> reporter: i like that. another cloudless day we had. >> reporter: yesterday, yeah, today a few clouds out there. take a look at the weather center you have a little sweep in south jersey and pennsylvania. this is the stuff that will melt away as the sun melts over the horizon. 45 in in allentown. 48 in trenton. 52 in philadelphia. 60 in cape may. the numbers are milder than yesterday, but cool enough for a jacket. if you and fido are heading out for a walk this morning, good one. 7:00 a.m., 51 degrees, a couple of clouds, sunny through most of the day, 65 by noon. like yesterday we're expecting a high around 72. and holding 65 by 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 73 degrees, this evening, is not as chilly as yesterday. if you're dressing the kids on the bus stop not as bad as yesterday, but jackets a good
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idea. 43 degrees on the suburb in the bus stops and 51 degrees in philadelphia. we have the milder air coming in for the weekend and fairly bright conditions, too, i'll have the details coming up in accuweather. >> reporter: let's start the day off, let's check the schuylkill expressway looking live westbound at south street. the construction cleared a minute ago. we had a delay, a ten minute ride between the walt whitman bridge and the vine. as we switch our camera view and check out the ramp. we have the ramp from the schuylkill expressway westbound to conshohocken closed. it is scheduled to reopen now, and getting ready to leave the scene right now. the ramp from the schuylkill expressway westbound to conshohocken has been closed overnight for construction. this is i-95 as we look live near allegheny, southbound traffic heading toward center city. overnight construction is cleared. all lanes have reopened, so no delays justice yet. bucks county a different story
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here axe we see the flashing lights. we have a disabled vehicle over in the grassy median, we have police and penndot blocking the left lane. at times slowing i-95 near the turnpike overpass, i just gave you a camera view across the region. construction and disabled vehicle no major jams just yet. >> the man arrested for a deadly shooting spree going from maryland to delaware with murderous intent is expected to be formally charged today after a multistate manhunt, radee labeeb prince was captured in newark, delaware, across the street from glasgow high school. jeanette reyes is live at the wilmington police department with the full story. >> reporter: radee labeeb prince is familiar with law enforcement and the inside of a courthouse. in fact he has been arrested an astounding 42 times and 15 felony convictions. this morning he is once again off the streets.
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police say it's because of alert citizens and their tips. >> when he thought they had spotted him, he actually took off running threw the gun and they were able to apprehend him 75 feet later and recovered the gun. >> reporter: radee labeeb prince is under arrest after shooting five co-worker at a grant-- granite company in maryland. police say citizen tip led to his arrest. >> prince is a good dude. else not a bad guy, he did a bad thing, don't get it twisted, he did a terrible thing especially to jason. but he is not a bad dude. >> reporter: the 37-year-old ended up in delaware after driving up north to hunt down his last victim a man identified as rashawn ball along the northeast boulevard in wilmington.
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police say he knew his victims. with a lengthy rap sheet that includes 42 arrests and 15 felony convictions, people wonder how it was possible for him to roam the streets and carry out his vendetta. the questions are what reason prince was in the neighborhood he was ultimately captured. we're working to find that out. in the meantime he is expected to appear in court this morning. breaking from hunting park, a 24-year-old man made it to a friend's home after being shot and died a short time later. he ran to marshall and west pike street he was shot in the chest. medics took him to the hospital. they were unable to save him. no arrests have been made in the case yet. neighbors are on alert as philadelphia police search for a man who robbed four people at
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gunpoint around 25th and 27th street and popular street. police think the same person committed the robberies. we'll have a live report in the next half-hour. police busted five people for stealgd out of mail box -- stealing out of mail boxes in a philadelphia neighborhood. police arrested all five along the 7100 block of frankford avenue mayfair on tuesday, see the thieves wore reflective vest possibly as a disguise all from new york city, i of as people were using wire to fish mail from a mail box. 21 new surveillance cameras are going up along the schuylkill river trail in an effort to increase safety. they will cover 8 entrances from ranch to the south street bridge. installation of the $150,000 project began yesterday. the video feeds will not be watched live, but reviewed when incidents are reported.
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philadelphia is hoping that the skyline will feature a new amazon tower in the future. today is the deadline for philadelphia, delaware county new jersey and delaware to submit their bid for amazon's second headquarters. philadelphia launch a campaign this weekend and released several videos highlighted the city. new jersey is offering tax incentives. governor carney will talk about their campaign today. amazon said it will announce its decision next year. >> eagles defensive end chris long is donating this season's entire salary to charity. long who signed 2 year $4.5 million contract to the eagles is giving his final ten game checks to the new initiative. the campaign encourages others to donate to provide equal
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indication students for students in philadelphia, philadelphia and boston. in philadelphia, long has chosen summer search which helps low income kids get to college. he stopped by there last night. >> i feel good that i am spreading positivity, that i'm using my platform, at the same time if i played in the nfl for ten years and didn't help anybody and i had this flat form, i would feel like i waste the it. it is in response to the racial violence that occurred there last summer. be the same and be the example. >> he and malcom jenkins have done stuff to bring people together rather than push them apart. it's great to have them on the team. >> chilly to start out. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry, as we look
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outside, we're looking at the commodore barry bridge and stars out above. a few more clouds around popping up here and there this morning. they should not be around all that much longer. 45 in allentown and reading, as well. 52 in philadelphia. a few degrees above where we were compared to this 250eu78 -- time yesterday. winds are light. you'll want your shades as you dry around the region as the bulk of the cloud cover is up off the coast and i-80. lehigh valley sun and mild, 72 degrees, very similar to yesterday, a degree or two warmer. down the shore, 71. warmer than yesterday, sunny and cooler in the ocean water. in philadelphia, a southwest wind going to us up to 72 which is where we wound up yesterday. 7 to 14 miles per hour that's not much a breeze.
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overnight tonight cool skies, not as chilly as a a couple of nights ago. tomorrow we'll add a couple of degrees to the temperature. there will be a gentle flow out of the northwest as the air sinks out of the appalachian mountains it tends to warm, that happens when air sinks. 74 tomorrow, lots of sun tomorrow, winds on the light side. take a look at the calendar for october, all these orange boxes are days we've been above average it's been most of the month. we're running 7 1/2 degrees above average. it's warm lately and there are the numbers approving -- proofing it.
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tomorrow, 74 degrees, saturday, and sunday, 76, monday, increasing clouds, 77 is the high. there's a chance of a spotty shower developing at night. hopefully it misses the eagles football game. tuesday, clothed and rainy likely. 72 degrees. a lingering shower is possible on wednesday. otherwise it's clouds and sun, we start to cool down. 67 degrees. overall next week will be chillier than this week. >> 511 him-- 5:11 a.m., sixers are ready to take the next step in the contest. a cub scout said he was kicked out of deny for questioning a question of a state senator hear what we asked her. we had overnight
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construction in both directions 422 at 23, it's a dark ride. what you don't see is the flashing lights. the construction has cleared. we'll talk about an accident in montgomery county when we come right back.
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look there, philadelphia international. it's another chilly start to the day, 52 degrees, right now it's 5:14 a.m. >> what is holding up the early birds, karen. >> reporter: we have police and penndot creating a little bit of an issue helping a disabled vehicle. it's kind of hard to see because
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it's so dark. it's stuck in the grassy median in bucks county. the left lane is blocked. they have the flares set up. bucks county i-95 northbound at the pennsylvania turnpike overpass. we have disabled vehicle, police and penndot flashing lights. it's causing a little bit of slowing as you pass the scene. very light volume through the region, so not too big of a deal. we have construction in bucks county on the turnpike past bensalem blocking the right lane eastbound. watch for that on the turnpike. new accident pop up in franconia township, allentown road band berry drive. and one in gladwyn, block rock road at rock creek road, i found that hard to say all morning. watch for that one. it's a cool start beautiful clear skies, 42 in quakertown. 43 pottstown. 47 in malvern.
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are 52 in center city. suburbs in new jersey, showing oddly enough 60 in fortescue, that's the wrong number, 44 in glassboro. 45 in browns mill, 45 in dover, delaware. heading up to a nice and sunny 72. >> houston police are searching for three gunman who escaped a car jacking and deadly drive-by shooting. one man was killed and another wounded in the shooting. the three men ran after a silver van and ford the woman and her niece out of the vehicle, they were not hurt. a 4th man ran from the scene. a boy's questions to a senator got him killed out of the cub scouts. the aims asked the senator about
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controversial remarks she made in 2013 regarding african-americans fried chicken and poverty. marvel denied she ever made the comments. >> that was put out by the media. mayfield said her son was kicked out of the den days after the meeting. other dens have extended invitations for him to come join them. the sixers are on the court for real. this young team is out to make its mark despite not getting the win. joel embiid and ben simmons stepped on the basketball court together for the first time for the official nba game. embiid played 27 minutes pulling down 18 points and 13 rebounds. the sixers lose 120-115. the players are excited about what what's to come. >> i think we have a chance. we learned how to play with each
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other. >> for us to do that and we have a lot of stuff to improve on, we'll be really, really good. >> reporter: the home opener is tomorrow night against the celtics. 4-2 flyers face the predators tonight. they unveil a statue of ed snyder to mark the 50th anniversary of the first home game. it will stand outside the wells fargo center. >> a type of kangt
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club has captured on video. a police helicopter in australia took infared video a nighttime fight between kangaroos. the fight matched a minute, a third kangaroo watched from a distance. you're getting it. so fighting is common amongst
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male kangaroos as a show of dominance. >> reporter: those fight clubs are probably popular down there. >> they need a momma kangaroo to stop them. >> reporter: this is the ramp from the blue route southbound from the schuylkill expressway construction is partially blacking the ramp. traffic is squeezing by, it should be clear by 6:00 a.m. that's the biggest deal you're dealing with in the overnight. septa's route 11 trolley is shuttle busing between woodland and darby transportation center because of track work. last through october 29. we have a train that's 16 minutes late on the paoli thorndale. >> reporter: we're a few degrees moderate than yesterday. 48 in wilmington.
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as we head out to the subway stop and elsewhere across the region. we're looking at overall sunny conditions today. winds out of the southwest at 7 to 14 miles per hour and the numbers will bounce up close to where they were yesterday. i'm going for a high of 72 degrees, a little above the model. you can see by 7:00 we're back down to 65678 if you're heading to the airport trying to get out of town, it's all green aircraft no major delays and no sign of rain in our big travel destinations. in "healthcheck" drinking around your children could impact them emotional. a new study found parents who drink enough to become tipsy found them to be anxious and embarrassed. they found alcohol like sugar for adults and they think parents drink to solve their problems. how lego celebrates the women of nasa, how a key figure
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is missing or you should say hidden. a restaurant owner is called out for passing off a fast food chain's food as her own. that's coming up at 5:30 a.m., first up "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: this is not a normal house fire. safety standards for a slew of industries, the company is creating a controlled fire to show the importance of closing the bedroom do before you go to sleep. when you can't goat out, close the door between you and the fire it could save your life. a was saved during a house fire when she was ten. she believes the door saved her life. >> the door helped me to have clean air and figure out how to get out. >> reporter: how much of a difference can it make. we'll finite out on "g.m.a." igo
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dreams we had as children maybe becoming an fleet, police -- at,
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police rock star. these two brothers want to become a sanitation worker. they got to sit behind the wheel of a garbage truck. the hat and vests are part of their halloween costumes. lego is inspiring children to think about careers in the field of science. the picture depicts four female scientists who contributed to space exploration. sally ride and a computer scientist margaret hamilton. a key figure is missing, katherine johnson one of the inspirations for the movie hidden figures. the company said they could not get johnson's approval. >> i hope there's a later updateed set and get her to
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change her mind. how a new jersey family's beloved pet who they were told died ended up living for months with someone else without their acknowledge. residents of a fairmont neighborhood arrests after several people are robbed at gunpoint.
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>> now on "action news" a suspected killer in a shooting spree in delaware and maryland awaits his day in court. a rash of armed robberies have ramghtsed -- rattle a normal quiet philadelphia neighborhood. >> good morning, 5:30 a.m., october 19. meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers is here about weather and traffic. you have to think about your outfits, i can wear the car coat which will come off and put on the other jacket. >> reporter: a lot of cars have heated seats these days. >> reporter: we won't need it this morng


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