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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  October 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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make sense of all of this violence they may find comfort knowing that suspect is locked up in jail. >> the image that has the community in neighborhoods in two states breathing a collective sigh of relief. taking radee prince into custody. accused of going on a shooting spree wednesday morning. five victims were shot wednesday in maryland where prince works and three of those victims died. after the maryland shooting prince drove to wilmington to the auto sales store and shot a man in the head and he is recovering in the hospital and "action news" caught up with the family friend of that victim. >> i spoke to his mother yesterday. and it's thumbs up. >> and he knows the victims and it came to an end when he was spotted near the high school and he tried to run and tossed out a gun. nobody from his wilmington home
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talked to us. we found a resident willing to talk if they concealed her identity. >> i am relieved and thankful they caught him. >> people were many panic mode not knowing where he would strike again. >> if he was driving around shooting people that is scary. >> we are asking all residents to shelter in place. this is the shelter in place call that went out and people are thankful that the danger is over. >> i put the lights on last night and turned on the news to watch it. >> back out live, many people really relieved tonight that the threat is now over, again the judge setting bail at $2.1 million and a court date is set for october 41st. >> thank you radee prince has an extremely long rap sheet in addition to the fact he was fired from his job earlier this
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year and reports were he scared the last employer so badly that employer tried to get a restraining order. chad pradelli is live at the scene of the shooting yesterday with more on prince. >> reporter: yes that rap sheet is long, nearly 200 arrested and convictions from yesterday's alleged shooting to crimes on the west coast. his brother robert says he is alert and talking. the young business owner took a bullet to the face and body. >> he came in and shot him in his face. >> the balls and radee bring have been friends. the attorney general's office says that the fight ensued between the two at this delaware home last year. >> and that ball told police he
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tried to flee in his vehicle because he thought prince was armed with a gun and they dropped the case due to a lack of eyewitnesss. >> i have never seen him go this far. you are young and have squabbles and stuff but nothing like this. >> radee prince has nearly 200 misdemeanor arrests in delaware and court records reveal more in the state of washington. the startling number has some questioning why prince was on the streets but widener law professor says it's important to separate arrests from convictions, it appears from court records all of the felony convictions in delaware relate to a guilty plea in 2003 for a string of burglaries and in that case prince was sentenced to 25 years but the sentence was a suspended one after two years of incarceration. >> when something like this happens we are all looking for an answer. but because of the lack of
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violent convictions i think it's hard in this case. and the lack of anything involving a weapon. i think too. makes it also hard. i'm live in wilmington delaware, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we urge to stay with for coverage of the office park shooting and updates on the survivors and videos and photographs from the scene. democratic candidate for new jersey governor phil murphy got big name support. former president obama rallied with murphy in newark. the event marked the first time obama stepped back in the political ring since leaving the white house in january and called on voters to reject
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politics of division and fear. he got a big hand and republican candidate kim guadagno held an event in old bridge, new jersey, to highlight the impact of murphy's tax increase and discussed the affordability of living in new jersey and called the tax plan devastating. soda companies and teamsters made noise today around philadelphia city hall and they have renewed their calls for philadelphia to repeal the beverage tax. the tax on sugary drinks when into effect in january and store owners saw a decline in beverage sales forcing them to lay off workers and he is not a store owner and he is the mayor and jim kenney says the revenue is crucial for funding universal pre-k and other programs. and maybe it was a prank but people at central bucks west are not lasting, this saturday is
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the big game between cb east and cb west and what was a prank sparked an investigation and extra security. sara bloomquist is live now. >> reporter: jim, a deer carcass was found hanging from the back of these bleachers here at cb west when student as rived for classes this morning. >> and there is now an on going investigation and the district is vowing disciplinary action for those responsible. this is the digitized image of the deer carcass hanging from the bleachers at central bucks west war memorial stadium. one of many images circulating on social media. >> i saw a bunch of snap chats with the deer hanging and people were freaking out. >> the deer was first discovered as students arrived to start their day at the doylestown school. police were called and the
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carcass came down. >> i showed up when we wethey w taking the deer off the stadium. it was heart breaking. they say there is no doubt it's about rivalry. >> no doubt about the game on saturday. the cw west bucks the deer is their mascot and they have a long history of pulling pranks ahead of the match-up and prior incidents of dead deer but hanging the deer this year went too far. >> it's hanging our mascot. >> how does that make you feel? >> bad. >> a sense of disrespect of us and the school. >> i thought it was over the top. in a statement the superintendant says that the district does not condone acts of vandalism such as these. if identified those responsibility will face disciplinary consequences.
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consider. b west students understand the message that any retaliation will not be tolerated. >> we'll take the high ready guess. not retaliating. >> the superintendant referenced the up coming game and in his statement he said that extra security will be put into place prior. live in doylestown, i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a new preschool is ready to prepare minds for a lifetime of learning and after months of planning and construction they cut the ribbon to mark the opening of saint david episcopal day school in wayne and interested families were invited to tour the building and learn more about the curriculum. there are classes for childrens ages 2 through kindergarten. coming up on "action news" tonight. a ground breaking for a facility that will train medical professionals from several area colleges and universities and how it will impact the city of
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camden. ducis rogers with the eagles injury report as the team prepares to face the red skins on monday night football. >> today was a carbon copy of yesterday. 72, 6 degrees above normal and warms up more over the weekend and then rain and a big pattern change in the accuweather forecast. >> when "action news" continues tonight. k.
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a new attraction fines its place in camden with two medical
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schools as partners many they broke ground today. >> reporter: the joint health science center will be a state of the art bio medical center for students. and it houses students from rutgers and rowan and camden county college in one site to train the next generation of health care professionals, we want to leverage all the health care institutions in camden and develop a pipeline for research of work or training. >> and it's a collaboration and great for science and great for students. >> a ceremonial ground breaking drew a number of dignitary, excited about the state funded project. >> what we have with this building is a focal point for both universities supported by camden county to do amazing things. >> this project is part of an
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overall plan to take medical and turn them into an economic driver for camden and the region. it's predicted that 24,000 health care jobs will be created in this region. >> the goal is to make sure that reads are workforce ready to work at many of these jobs that are being created. >> this is the cord dor, it's not s something that is going t be, it is. its happening now. >> governor christie says it's the latest effort in his mission to turn camden around and to invest in real projects that bring real jobs and hope again to this city. >> the join health science center should be open in the spring of 2019. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." the free library of philadelphia has revealed the next novel to be featured in the annual reading campaign.
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the novel, "other brooklyn" using for the one book one philadelphia campaign and author jacqueline woodson was on hand to introduce the book to readers, to promote literacy and library use through work shops and readings around this featured novel. 76ers rob covington helped to present a check for $20,000 to pay works pennsylvania today. they are supporting play works efforts to build safe and inclusive playgrounds and schools across philadelphia. the presentation was made at chester arthur elementary school in south philadelphia and he talked to the kids about the benefits of getting outside to play and shooting hoops with them as well. and played a little basketball. robert covington.
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paulsboro's a very proud community. it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education,
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there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back. strangely enough monday night.
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>> monday night the eagles taking on the red skins and has a big game feel to it. the eagles get ready for the key match-up. there is injuries, a player on special teams on special reserves with a knee injury. cart back ronald darby practices the first time since dislocating his arrangele in the season opener. >> and the birds are off to a 5-1 start and has the look of a championship team and has to keep their foot on the team. >> talked to the team about ownership and this is that time of year we get in that stretch of games, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven where teams separate themselves and we can't have any let downs, set backs, and we have to just be full steam ahead. >> lane johnson was a full
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participant at practice and he missed carolina with a concussion and he is happy do be back in the mix. >> how much do you hate missing time. >> i didn't like it at all to be honest. the much time i have been away from this building in the last two seasons and i feel fresh and rejuvenated and ready to get back out there. >> you are fresh? >> a different animal. >> we like that. we team up with phl 17. for free game at 8:00 and eagles washington 8:30 monnight. and the sixers have the night off tomorrow they face the celtics in the homeowner and the sixers dropped the season opener in d.c. and it was a solid showing and they lost but all five starters, ben simmons scored 18 points in his debut and brett brown left with hope and promise.
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>> this was the most encouraging opening day i have had since i have been here. the base is in place. and we'll grow from that. >> to the ice. the flyers will host the predators tonight and the orange and black have redemption on their minds, they gave up three unanswered goals last year. and today ed snider was immorealized. the sat you was unveiled outside of the wells fargo center. and the 50th anniversary of the flyer first home game. and penn state is itching for a rematch with michigan, they were embarrassed 49-10, and fans are camping outside for the whiteout and espn college game day will be there this weekend but the coach will not be distracted by any of that.
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>> the whiteout awesome but our focus is on our preparation our normal week of preparation, i feel like the players are locked in and a really good opponent coming to town. and great history and tradition like we do. and it should be a heck of a game. >> this team's big ten match-up is shown here on 6 abc and number two penn state and number 19 michigan. the coverage begins at 7:30. that is sports. >> thank you. coming up on "action news" cecily tynan, is she here? she is here. she is coming up next with the accuweather forecast. when you're a double-dipping pension-padder
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like steve sweeney, it's important to maintain a certain... lifestyle. that's why sweeney spent over a hundred grand of his campaign funds on high-priced meals and other gifts.
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we're talking fine cigars, fancy watches, pricey restaurants, and expensive wines - all to charm the type of folks who helped him raise your taxes 145 times. too many in south jersey are struggling. but steve sweeney's looking out for himself, not for us.
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still a bove normal but beautiful fall weather, 6 degrees above north carolinaal and we bump it up for the weekend. lets go live on sky 6 hd and it's fall and may not feel like it. but the sun has already set setting at 6:15 a beautiful silhouette shot of the center city skyline and earlier today loads of this joan posted this on my facebook page washington state park blue skies and sunshine and a great day for a walk or jog and more of it is to come. temperatures are mild slipping into the 60s. 69 in philadelphia and allentown 66 and trenton 67 and cape may 66 degrees as we head through the jove height hours, temperatures are slowly dropping down into the mid-50s before sunrise and then back up to 60 degrees and we warm up even a little more as we head through the day tomorrow. so satellite 6 along with action
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radar showing yet again we have clear skies and if you look to the north though, you can see some of these clouds across new york state and that is with the weak frontal boundary moving in overnight than brings us a bit of a wind shift and skies are clear and 54 in philadelphia. and allentown 47. wilmington 50 and cape may 56 degrees. so tomorrow the day planner, like yesterday like today. blue skies and plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm up about 2 degrees, at 8:00, 56 and 2:00, 72 and 5:00, 73 and reaching a high of 74 degrees, loads of sunshine and temperatures across the region should be in the 70s, allentown and trenton 72. and cape may 73. fall foliage how is past peak in northern new england and the laurel highlands but a peak in
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the poconos and a good weekend to head over there. and the northeast extension is not shut down like last weekend and the northwest suburbs, moderate color. if you head to the poconos take a sweatshirt for the evenings but during the day it's going be mild. saturday bright, beautiful and 73 degrees and on sunday filtered sunshine with high, thin clouds rolling in with a high of 70 degrees, and a pretty warm for october standards in the poconos. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the beautiful mild fall weather continues, tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine yet again and temperatures running a couple of degrees higher than today. and yesterday 74 degrees and saturday the high pressure in control of our weather moves offshore. and that brings us winds out of the southwest, it will pick up moisture in the form of high, thin clouds and not as bright as sunny as the past few days, and temperatures above normal. 76 degrees on saturday, that is 11 degrees above normal and we
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match that on sunday with filtered sunshine and high, thin clouds and 76 and monday temperatures climb up even a little bit more. 77 degrees ahead of a cold front, so as we head through the day the clouds will thicken and looks mild for the eagles monday night football game at the linc with temperatures in the 70s dropping into the upper 60s and the rain will be arriving on tuesday ahead of a cold front and the high is 74 degrees and wednesday any morning showers breaking nor afternoon sunshine and 67 and thursday partly sunny and temperatures for a change on the cool side with a high of 62 and cooler air later next week. abc world news tonight with david muir, is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and ducis rogers and coming up at 11:00, lets go one-on-one with senator john mccain. mccain was here to receive the liberty medal earlier this week
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and even during his speech, he lashed out at president trump calling his foreign policy half baked nationalism and i asked mccain if he thinks trump is fit to be president. >> the american people made a decision and for me to say the american people are wrong, is not appropriate. but if there is conduct by a president of the united states we have a way of getting rid of a president of the united states and it's call impeachment and humanous and self efacing but serious. john mccain one-on-one tonight at 11:00. i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00 tonight.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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tonight, the stunning and deeply personal moment at the white house. president trump's chief of staff, general john kelly, suddenly coming into the briefing room. what he said about president trump's phone call to the family of sergeant la david johnson. also tonight, the very rare move from a former president. george w. bush, who has shied away from the public eye, now breaking his silence tonight on what he's seeing in this country. also breaking, the state of emergency in florida, the white nationalist leader set to speak. and then, you'll see what happened today. just in tonight, the las vegas investigation, what we've now learned about those 12 minutes. new reporting tonight, what happened inside the cockpit as that passenger plane came so close to the tower. breaking now. what the lapd has just revealed about harvey weinstein.


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