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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, ambush fallout. growing questions about the deadly attack killing four american special ops soldiers in niger. republican lawmakers say there are conflicting stories as one of the fallen is laid to rest. killer on the loose. police taking extreme measures as they search for a possible serial killer. three victims shot in the same neighborhood. why authorities are looking for this mystery person seen on surveillance video. caught in the storm. devastating tornadoes ripping through the heartland, tearing the roof off of a casino. the crowd at a concert, including the governor, forced to evacuate. new harassment accusations. the movie director facing allegations from dozens of women. and the new bill o'reilly bombshell, reportedly paying $32 million to settle a claim. why he says he's the victim.
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and, top secret. thousands of classified documents about the kennedy assassination, about to be made public. the day conspiracy theorists have been waiting for. good evening. and thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the fallout over the deadly ambush overseas and the deaths of four american special ops soldiers. conflicting reports surrounding the ambush and how the four soldiers died two weeks ago. sergeant ladavid johnson laid to rest. his family at the center of a public battle over what his family says president trump said during a condolence call. the war of words involving the president's chief of staff, john kelly, and florida congresswoman wilson, who claims general wilson owes the american people a policy for lying about statements she never made.
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meanwhile, republicans and democrats demanding answers about the mission from the trump administration. the white house yet to publicly respond. david wright leads us off. >> reporter: in florida, a tearful good-bye. sergeant ladavid johnson's widow kissing the casket. their two young children there as well. sergeant johnson, one of four u.s. soldiers killed in niger october 4th. >> we have conflicting stories. we want to get the full, accurate story and get it right. >> reporter: republican lawmakers say they're not getting a clear picture of what actually happened. >> we don't know exactly where we're at in the world militarily, and what we're doing. i didn't know there was 1,000 troops in niger. >> reporter: reports that the mission was seen as routine. the risk so low, the soldiers did not use armored vehicles or
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have a drone overhead. months before this attack, the military's africa command warned congress of about rising threats. and complained about the lack of helicopters and drones. and 20 to 30% of its intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance needs were being met. "this limits situational understanding, support to operations, and fails to offer threat indications and warnings." >> mr. president, did you authorize the mission in niger? >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: president trump has yet to offer specific comments, but he continues to feud with the congresswoman who accused him of being insensitive. today, the president called her wacky congresswoman wilson, the gift that keeps on giving. the congresswoman calls niger trump's benghazi. >> david joins us live. now there are concerns the tax
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plan may affect retirement plans? >> reporter: yes. the plan under consideration may severely restrict the amount people may save in their 401(k)s. currently, young people can save up to $18,000 pretax, older people, slightly more. now, reports they're considering cutting it to $2,400 per year, making it far more difficult to save for retirement. and senator john mccain will be the guest on "the view" tomorrow. next, new developments on the manhunt for a possible serial killer on the loose in tampa. three victims in less than two weeks. authorities looking for the person seen on video. hoping they can give information leading to an arrest. victor oquendo is in tampa. >> reporter: tonight, police blanketing the neighborhood where three people were gunned
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down within two weeks and ten blocks of each other. >> this is our worst nightmare. >> reporter: no leads, except for this video of someone wearing a hoodie. >> i was sitting in my living room, i heard the shots. >> reporter: the first shots claimed the life of benjamin mitchell on october 9th. four days later, a body was found down the street and around the corner. and the most recent victim, anthony naiboa, killed last thursday, 200 yards north of the first shooting. we met naiboa's family as they brought flowers and balloons to the spot where he died. >> it's a shame, i won't be able to see and talk to him no more. >> reporter: residents being told when they leave their homes, not to walk alone. neighbors marching together over the weekend, letting the killer know he's outnumbered. >> we're in this for the long haul. we're going to find this person. >> victor, joining us live now.
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police are taking no chances when it comes to this killer. they have specific instructions for the residents? >> reporter: police are telling neighbors to stay vigilant, and don't take any chances. anyone seen walking alone at night will be stopped and questioned. tom? >> victor, thank you. next, in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal, new allegations against a famous movie director. the los angeles times reporting james toback has been accused of sexually harassing 38 women over the years. james toback, the writer and director of "black and white" and "bugsy." here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, a new bombshell. hollywood director james toback now being accused by at least 38 women of sexual harassment and assault. the "l.a. times" speaking to women who say he approached them in an array of places, new york city's central park, in line at a bank, or even at a
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copy center. some accusers claim toback, who wrote the 1991 film "bugsy," would use the film as a pick-up line. >> let me guess. i'll bet she lives her life faithful to her one and only, who lies about it through his teeth. >> reporter: others claiming he would brag about actors he worked with like robert downey jr. >> every woman i've liked and given great satisfaction to, started off as a great stranger. >> reporter: echo danon, who acted in toback's "black and white" movie tweeting, if you were involved in the film business in the '90s you knew that harvey weinstein was a sexual predator. another one was james toback. toback denies the allegations, saying for the last 22 years it has been biologically impossible due to diabetes, and a heart condition. >> john besh's family table. >> reporter: tonight, the wave of sexual harassment allegations expanding -- >> we're going to start with a
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cast iron pot, high heat. >> reporter: new orleans celebrity chef john besh now accused of allowing a toxic culture in his restaurants, from the kitchens to the front offices. female employees speaking out, one writing in a complaint filed with the equal employment opportunity commission that she was sexually harassed, and verbally assaulted almost every day. another woman claiming besh continued to attempt to coerce her to submit to his sexual overtures. anthony bourdain tweeting, the beginning of the end of institutionalized meathead culture in the restaurant business. besh responding to the claims admitting to having a consensual relationship with one member of his team. saying i have been seeking to rebuild my marriage and come to terms with my reckless actions. the wall street journal reporting a fidelity investments employee has resigned. a spokesperson saying the firm "simply will not, and does not tolerate this type of behavior.
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>> eva, thank you. in oklahoma, a confirmed ef-1 ripping the roof off. the governor attending a beach boys concert in a crowd, among those forced to evacuate. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: lightning lighting up the skies over oklahoma. this twister dropping down next to the interstate, just one of more than 50 reports of severe weather tormenting tornado alley last night. this kfor news crew in norman, ambushed by an ef-1 tornado packing winds over 85 miles per hour. >> that's a tornado, dude. >> reporter: that same twister assaulting the riverwind casino, packed for a beach boys concert, rain gushing through the roof, spilling into the auditorium. outside, power lines and trees toppled. this building shredded. torrential rain blinding drivers trying to get around. large hail blanketing the ground near elk city, and tonight, that
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system moving east, causing flooding along the gulf coast. >> let's get right to rob with forecast. you're tracking the storm tonight? >> the storm is moving east. we have rain all the way to chicago, but the heaviest rain in the gulf coast. that rain will be heavy at times tonight. and dry, no rain out west, we have an extreme santa ana event, triple digit heat, it's rare to get that hot. monday and tuesday, critical fire danger. >> rob, thank you. next to the alleged terror plot foiled in miami. kaukt caught in an undercover fbi operation. he's accused of planning his attack with a weapon of mass destruction set in a mall. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: the fbi arresting an alleged bomber in an
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undercover sting operation first reported by the "miami herald." tonight, 53-year-old vicente solano in federal custody after allegedly planning to blow up a huge shopping center with what authorities call a weapon of mass destruction. solano had reportedly targeted the dolphin mall just west of miami. authorities say solano acted alone. obtaining a fake bomb from undercover agents. later talking with a confidential informant who contacted the joint terrorism task force about the attack plans. authorities say there's evidence online that solano made pro-islamic state videos, but no indication he was directed by terrorists. the dolphin mall confirmed to abc news that the fbi is conducting an investigation, but would not comment on this case. the source also telling us solano never had access to any real explosives. the suspect will appear in court tomorrow. tom? >> adrienne, thank you. next, the deadly police shooting in ohio. officer justin leo shot and
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killed, police responding to a domestic call. authorities say there was a brief conversation before the gunman opened fire. the suspect shot and killed by officer leo's partner. no one else was inside the house. next to the jfk files revealed. after decades of secrecy, and countless conspiracy theories, thousands of documents about to be made public. president trump tweeting he's allowing the documents to be released. congress, in fact, mandating the timetable back in 1992. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, the mother of all conspiracy theories reignited. >> president kennedy has been shot in dallas, texas. >> reporter: with president trump tweeting he will allow the documents to be opened. the release of 3,000 secret documents set into motion by congress in 1992.
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the documents may reveal more answers about the shooting, and the killer, lee harvey oswald. >> the lack of evidence has never stopped conspiracy theorists. >> reporter: the most recent abc news/"washington post" poll finds 62% of americans still believe others besides oswald were involved despite the film, and even the warren commission. the commission of course finding oswald fired from his perch at the book depository, but the question that has been at the center of the conspiracy, was there a second gunman on this grassy knoll? also fueling decades of speculation, texas nightclub owner jack ruby's shocking murder of oswald on live tv. and questions about the role of the russians, the cubans, the mafia, even the cia. >> what we will find out is possibly what the fbi and the cia knew about oswald, and didn't disclose to the warren commission, the original investigating body, or never told the public over the years. >> reporter: congressman joseph p. kennedy tonight saying he was looking for more than just a tweet from the president. >> it would've been nice if there was some communication between this administration, and members of our family.
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>> kenneth joins us live. what are experts telling you about what they think the documents may show oswald was doing in the weeks leading up to the shooting? >> reporter: they say it could show that the cia had critical information that oswald was potentially dangerous seven weeks before the assassination. it's something that would be quite embarrassing for the cia. president trump has until thursday to decide he will keep some documents classified. tom? >> kenneth, thanks so much. and there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. why firefighters say this massive fire will take days to put out. and the hidden dangers that may be inside of your home. are you missing recall notices? how to find out. and why police say it's all in the family for this mother
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those boots could make a unicorn cry. yeah, tears of joy. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money. welcome back. now to the recall dangers in american homes. do you know what products are putting your family at risk? how not to miss the next recall. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: this 2-year-old, killed. crushed by a dresser that fell on top of him. jozef dudek's family says they had no idea that piece of bedroom furniture was recalled nearly a year earlier. ikea, issuing that recall in 2016 after at least seven other deaths. >> he was the light of our lives. >> reporter: all linked to dressers like this one. toppling onto children. >> we do not think that ikea is doing nearly enough. >> reporter: ikea telling abc news the recall "offered consumers a choice of several remedies which are still available today, and which we have communicated via our website, through social media
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and e-mail campaigns." but with some families still unaware of recalls from ikea and other brands, some now question whether more can be done. >> companies need to spend the same time, energy and money they spend to sell us products to get them out of our homes once they're found to be dangerous. >> reporter: experts say check consumer safety protection sites for recalls. also, register items when you buy them. >> that little white card that comes with any big ticket purchase, send it back to the manufacturer, because if there is ever a recall, they will alert you. >> reporter: and another tip, before you buy items second hand, check to make sure they haven't been recalled. tom? >> marci, thank you. up next, the major health alert. vegetables that could potentially have listeria. and the headline about bill o'reilly and the report of a major settlement worth tens of millions of dollars. stay with us. almost 75,000 veterans experienced homelessness.
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time now for our "index." the update on that massive blaze in west virginia. the smoke billowing out of a huge warehouse fire along the ohio river. firefighters using river water to put it out. the 400,000-square-foot facility full of plastics, expected to burn for days. the major headline involving bill o'reilly. the "new york times" reporting he settled a sexual harassment claim for $32 million. just before renewing his contract with fox. he was fired after reports of five similar settlements that were made public. o'reilly saying his investigative team has done a superb job in exposing the lies and smear. i will speak with you on monday. now to the nationwide vegetable recall over listeria concerns. trader joe's kohlrabi salad mix, the latest brand added. the company says bags with a best before date between october 14th through the 16th, throw it out or return it for a refund.
6:53 pm
mann's vegetables shipped across the u.s. and canada and store brands sold at walmart, aldi, and safeway also part of that massive recall tonight. to long island, where police arrested a whole family for a string of local robberies in the last month. the 21-year-old son accused of holding up a dunkin' donuts with a knife this weekend. his mother allegedly behind the wheel of that getaway car. his older sister implicated in six of the previous jobs. detectives now saying the family that robs together, will go to jail together. up next right here when we come back, the blue angel widow with flying feet, in the race of her life, in the name of love. stay with us. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives.
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finally tonight, one widow's salute to the marine and pilot she lost. rising to her feet in the name of love. at the marine corps marathon today, wives of the blue angels pulling off their own maneuver, finishing in formation to help a fellow wife. >> i feel exhausted, glad i'm done, and really, really, really accomplished. >> reporter: that's christina kuss, her husband jeff, the father of their two small children was a blue angels pilot. he died on june 2nd last year doing what he loved. an incident covered right here on "world news." >> a blue angels f-18, crashed near nashville, at least one killed. the team was prepping for an air show this weekend. >> reporter: before the accident christina says her husband had a challenge for her. >> jeff and i had a conversation shortly before he passed about whether or not i would be interested in running the marine corps marathon, and i initially said no.
6:58 pm
after he passed, i said, i think i'm going to go run the marine marathon for him. >> reporter: christina feels as if her husband guided her through the rigorous training. >> i have this thing where the number six pops up from time to time. it was pouring pretty hard one day, and i went underneath an awning, and pulled out my run tracker, and i was at mile 6.66, and i was like, hey, honey, still doing it, still running. >> reporter: and that training paid off. christina finished the race, and though her husband couldn't be there, she could still hear his voice. >> he's really stoked for me. yeah, he'd call me hoss. >> our congrats to christina, and so many who ran for a special cause. thanks so much for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. and david muir is right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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