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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 24, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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tonight, bad weather moving in, heavy rain, even thunderstorms. let's get to the forecast and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> a big turn around after a week of dry weather. a powerful system. you can see it almost looks leak a big comma. we have pressure moving north. then a trailing cold front containing heavy rain and ahead of it, we have gusting winds tapping to the low level jet. overnight, a wind advisory posted 1:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the morning for the far north and west counties, lancaster, burke and the poconos. winds could be gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour causing damage, pulling down halloween decorations. take the rain gear, windy and
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rain in the suburbs in the morning. 69 there. philadelphia, 70. this system will be tracking to the east as we head through the day tomorrow with the potential for thunderstorms, perhaps severe. we talk about that in the full forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily. join the morning team for the latest weather and traffic conditions as the commute gets under way. they'll be on starting at 4:30. residents are allowed back into an apartment building 47th and locust despite an evacuation because of series problems there. live on the scene, dann cuellar. what's the story? >> the fire department and lni are monitoring the building around the clock until the smoke alarm system can be repaired. residents say the alarms are just one of a number of issues.
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>> a fire broke out in the apartment last week but the alarms didn't warn her. >> i was walking to the bathroom and the heater tank is by my bathroom so i saw the fire. >> they provide low-income housing for 150 people. the building is in bad shape with among other things, mold growing out of the floor. >> residents say their children have broken out with various rashes from unsanitary living conditions. >> there are roaches and rats. the rats is out of control. at night you hear them jumping everywhere. they have to do something. they get the mothers to the shelter to help them and put them in this environment. why? the city is funding them to keep the parents and children so you
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are making money off of them but not giving them an environment at all. >> there is fire watch being established. this is a temporary solution until they can get the alarms working. >> until tomorrow morning. >> for the time being the tenants won't have to be evacuated. we tried to contact sgb management. so far they have not gotten back with us. channel6 "action news." dan? >> a philadelphia elementary school is dealing with a possible infestation of fleas. several people in the nicetown section of philadelphia have reported bug bites and a note went home with parents to tell
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them they are taking proactive issues. >> it is something from outside the school, however we have the responsibility to do the proper treatment, and we are doing it. >> the treatments don't require closing the school. two medical facilities are under federal investigation tonight. the fbi and derks a raided the advanced urgent care sites in bustle ton and another in willow grove. both facilities are owned by the same doctor who is in federal custody tonight. some locations were raided in 2015 under the charge of illegally selling precipitations. >> a 12-year-old girl was
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stabbed during a fight just before 4:00. the victim is being treated at einstein medical center. there have been no arrests. >> tonight the radnor township board of commissioners medical for the first time since president phil ahr was arrested on pornography charges. he is stepping down as president but intends to serve as the commissioner of the board. the board was not able to agree on his replacement as president tonight. >> authorities say 37-year-old radee prince shot five coworkers, killing three in maryland last week. prince was then accused of driving to a used car lot and shooting an acquaintance in the
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head. prosecutors in both states agreed to try prince in delaware first because there is no parole. tomorrow, seth williams finds out his fate. he could be sentenced to a maximum of five years federal prison. williams pled guilty to a single corruption charge in june. all other charges were dropped. he was just disbarred by the state supreme court last week. much of what goes to an eagle game happens before the game begins. with monday night football in town tonight, let's go live to annie mccormick. she got a chance to enjoy tailgating. hi, annie. >> i don't know how much i enjoyed it. it was nice to be around the crowd. tailgating starting early, eagle
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fans going into the game with high hopes. many leaving happy right now. >> outside the link, the late night game meant more time to tailgate. >> no one's better than us. w >> a mix of die-hard fans. >> 57 years. >> you have been through wins and losses. >> with impressive spread. >> it's about tailgating, good food, good drink. >> eagle owner jeffrey making the game tonight. >> our fans are obsessed and we are obsessed.
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>> also outside, small protests highlighted some of the nfl controversies from the washington redskins name to the take a knee movement. >> we are having a good time. we have an eagle player that donated his 2017 salary to charity. that's beer than taking a knee. this fan shared this, i am obligated to fan. i serve this country. i do fight for the people's family to do as they please. >> jim, eagle fans don't have long to wait to see the eagles play again. they take on the 49ers, on the 29th. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> philadelphia police want to know who vandalized a plaque honoring a slain officer.
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the memorial at 16th and south is dedicated to george l. williams, the city's first african-american detective killed in the line of duty in 1918. police officers came out themselves tonight to scrape the red paint off the plaque. there is no word on a suspect. >> attorney general jeff sessions is making the crack down on the street gang a priority. sessions made that speech to the international association of chief of police national conference. today's donation will open up funds for police cases. >> ivanka strump took the pitch to bucks county. during an hour long forum, miss trump advocated a plan to expand the child tax credit.
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>> a few dozen protesters demonstrated outside the senior center. president trump says 401ks are a-okay under his tax plan. he responded to plans to cap. mr. trump said there will be no change to your 401k. this is a great middle class tax break that works and stays. 55,000,000 americans utilize those retirement accounts. >> it turns out a bust sitting in the corner of a new jersey city hall was done by aguste rodin. no one knew that. we do now. >> this bust of napoleon set
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tucked away for 85 years in a madison, new jersey town hall only rumored to be a rodin. >> i thought if it was real someone would have done something about it. the signature was found at the base. because there was no paper work, it was confirmed real. >> it was gifted to the hartley dodge foundation and it was placed in this town hall. these works are traded in different points in history. >> this only proves hour fluid art history is. when you find something new, it may be something new in the ways of rodin and the way he
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approaches political figures like napoleon. the philadelphia museum of art along with residents are eager to see it arrive end of the month. >> his brother lived in philadelphia. it's a continuation of that. >> the timing couldn't be more perfect as the rodin centennial is in november. >> at the art museum, chris christie, "action news" at wphl-17. >> amazon reveals how many cities are competing against philadelphia for their new headquarters. a big number. and a timeline on the attack in niger. >> also, a new study looks into why it might be wise to treat
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children with medical marijuana. >> temperatures in the 70s, all ahead of a system bringing heavy rain, high winds. we have details on where and when the heaviest rain will fall. >> jeff skversky with the sixe it's time, america. there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy.
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strayer university. >> almost three weeks after the fact, there are reports that the american green berets were set up in niger. the attack that took the lives of four soldiers, has come to the attention of "action news,"
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the village elder tried to stall them as long as possible and then they were attacked. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says it will come. >> we do the families and american people transparency and we intend to deliver just that >> . we are waiting to find out why la david johnson was separated from the team. he was a beast, grabbing mechanics and firing at the enemy. >> joh johnson's widow went on d morning america" to explain why the condolence call from president trump upset her so much. >> i was angry at the tone of his voice. he couldn't remi husband's name.
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president trump presented a retired army captain with the medal of honor today. he had a secret four day mission in 1970. he was the only medic among green berets to participate in operation tail wind mission. >> amazon says 238 cities and towns are vying to become home to the second headquarter, philadelphia, delaware county, new castle and newark, new
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jersey among them. amazon didn't reveal the list of all of the bids, but there were 43 states, washington d.c., puerto rico, six provinces in canada and three states in mexico. a decision is not expected until next year. whew there are reports of parking tickets and people being pulled over for expired registration. state police tell "action news," it's okay to remove the old stickers to avoid problems but have paper work in the vehicle all the times. >> the study using marijuana on children is worth the use.
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children with cancer get the same relief adults do. it appears to work well for seizures. there is weaker evidence for turret syndrome. it will be available in pennsylvania next year. >> now to the full forecast with cecily tynan and accuweather. >> we have high winds, heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. clouds are in place. we have justing winds out of the south. earlier today, keith posted a photo out of buckingham township.
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this is what to expect, winds are howling overnight. we have a wind advisory until 8:00 tomorrow morning. the potential for gusting thunderstorms. this is a cold front, leading edge of cooler air. temperatures drop by thursday. tonight, step outside. it doesn't people like late october. the average high this time of year typically comes in the afternoon, 64. we are at 70-degrees. this late ate night warmer. reading and allentown, 61. temperatures running up to this much warmer. you see the comma shape indicating a powerful system. this whole front is slowly
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sliding in our direction. the bus stop forecast, it's warm. it's cloudy. rain at times especially in the western suburbs. future tracker timing it out. 7:00 in the morning, not much happening in south jersey and delaware. as we head around lunchtime, more spotty, drifting into south jersey and delaware by the evening. this is when new jersey is going to get hit. this is when we have the best potential for severe weather sliding off the coast 8:00. we have a risk of storms containing heavy downpours and hail. the exclusive accuweather forecast, find the umbrella,
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rain possible. 74-degrees. wednesday, 66. the high on thursday, struggling to hit 60. temperatures rebound nicely friday, 68-degrees. the weekend increasing clouds. eagle game sunday, we could be dealing with rain. the air mass bind that a high of 58-degrees. lots of rarain moving through tomorrow and much cooler air. >> a park in northeast philadelphia is getting a major makeover. it's a $306,000 project located on the 1,600 block of ellerman
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for people my age. see anything, doctor? looks great, doctor. and with cigna healthspring medicare advantage, you get a team of doctors overseeing your health. most preventive services are covered. so go, know, and take control of your health. oh... use mine, doctor. cigna healthspring. together, all the way. cigna healthspring. >> eagles redskins. here's jeff skversky. >> dominating in the fourth
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quarter. looks like they'll pull this one out. who saw this coming? eagles have the best record in the nfl trying to get off to their best start since 2004. up ten, late fourth quarter, carson wentz with the high. it's a 11 total touchdowns by carson wentz in the last three games. injury update, jason peters left with a knee injury. we have more on his status after the game. to say the sixer fans are tired of losing, it's an understatement. it's fair to say it's time for a win. jojo back tonight returning to the sixer lineup. o for 10. second quarter, embid only getting started.
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slams it down. 30 points for the big guy. ben simmons steals the show. a triple double, 21 points, 10 assists, 12 rebounds, third player in nba history to have a triple double this early in his career. sixers win 97-86 the final. >> it feels great that we won. we played well together, played the right way. we got the win. i'm happy we got the first one. >> flyers getting ready for anaheim at home tomorrow. 234r50eone of the highest scoris in the nhl right now. >> we are playing within the system. guys are having fun doing it. we know we can play better. we got more.
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it's definitely exciting. so far so good. still to come in sports, you think the eagles are red hot, penn state trying to keep
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>> penn state coach and buck's county native ben franklin would only give himself ap an hour to celebrate the win on saturday.
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that's long gone. penn state headed on the road saturday. they are trying to figure out how to contain barkley the best running back in the country. >> you have different ways of running backs. it's hard. the fact that they match up nightmares. that makes this guy -- be careful to say this, but he's good of an all purpose running back we have seen. he look looks drained talking at barkley. imagine saturday. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." guests george clooney. "action news" continues at 4:30 with the entire morning crew. cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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