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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 25, 2017 1:37am-2:11am EDT

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south philadelphia where two 16-year-olds have been shot to death. a gunman is still on the loose. witnesses tell police investigators they heard some sort of argument leading up to the shooting at 12th and the writner just before 8:30. the teens were left to die on the street. police officers picked up the teens before ambulances arrived and rushed them to the hospital. >> more breaking news frs the hunting park section of philadelphia where the manhunt for the handcuffed shooting suspect who escaped police custody led police to a warehouse filled with drugs and weapons.
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dann cuellar is live at 10th and russel. the story is evolving. what is the story there is >> a shooting investigation led police to a heroin distribution center, large cas cache of weaps and money. witnesses say the 19-year-old man had been tranc transported o st. christophers for a gunshot wound in the chest. the gunman reported to be driven na white car by this man with a tattoo that says family. he handcuffed him and put him in the back of the police car. they then chased the alleged gunman. that's when things got weird.
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police went back to the vehicle where the 17-year-old was placed. he was not in the car. he was able to get out of the vehicle. >> canines were brought in and they followed his scent to a warehouse. that's where police found a major hi heroin operation. >> they are cut and weighed for bundles of street sales. >> it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there's more. >> they went to the second floor and found a cache of weapons and uncut heroin. >> right now police are getting ready to tow away the get away
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car in the operation. swat is on location, heavily armed swat officers called to guard the warehouse in case the operators decide to come back for the cash and drugs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. dann cuellar, channel6 "action news," back to you. >> a 25-year-old woman is in critical condition while philadelphia police look for the hit and run driver that struck her. a portion of the crash was captured on surveillance video. a dark colored minivan was fleeing the scene at 4:40. police don't yet have a description of the driver. the sentence has been set for seth williams. he will spend five years behind
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bars. outside the courthouse is "action news" reporter christie ileto. >> the final effort that seth williams defense team made before he was sentenced. he apologized for his behavior but that did little to sway the judge who called his contrition a campaign speech. >> seth williams admitted falling short of what he was elected to do. >> i am truly sorry. >> the two-term district attorney pled guilty to one of 29 corruption charges accepting bribes for favors. this did little to sway the judge. >> i do not find your contrition
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sincere. >> it was a request to see his mother before serving his sentence that brought a serious dressing down from the judge. >> the english language doesn't have a word to describe that word. he stole from his mother and dumped her like a sack of potatoes. >> i requested that for his mother and his daughters. the court denied the request. >> he defrauded his mother of $23,000 intended for her nursing home care. >> he did not make a mistake. he engaged in the crimes continuously. >> judge diamonds recommends
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williams be placed in a prison close to the area and has been ordered to pay $100,000 restitution. jim? >> thank you, christie. the major candidates vying to be the next district attorney faced off in center city. they explained their vision for restoring integrity to the office following the seth williams scandal. >> two political consultants have been indicted on bribery charges. they are accused of or orchestrating a scheme to get a fellow democrat to drop out of the race. federal law imposes a $2,000 limit from one campaign to another.
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moore and his campaign manager pled guilty. representative brady claims no wrong doing and has not been charged. >> in a surprise move, arizona republic senator jeff flake told his colleagues in the senate he will not run for reelection in 2018 because there is no room for someone like him, a traditional conservative in the republic party. flake said we must continue the degradation of politics is normal and he had this to say about donald trump. >> i have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so, mr. president, i won't be complicit or silent. >> this came hours after republic tennessee republic bob corker continued his feud with
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trump. >> the nontruth telling, the name calling. i think the basement of our nation will be what he's responded for. trump responded to corker tweeting that he is incompetent and couldn't be elected dogcatcher in tennessee. trump came to capitol hill to have lunch with republic senators. the talk there was almost exclusively about tax reform. the "washington post" reported that the clinton campaign paid for research for the dossier for christopher steel with allegations about donald trump's possible conclusion with russia. >> our unseasonal weather streak is about to get snapped. let's go outside to cecily tynan for a look at the forecast.
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is it time to break out the fall jackets? >> it is. it will be a shock to the system after we have been warm so long. the past week, temperatures in philadelphia have been in the 70s. today, 75-degrees. in the past week, nine degrees above normal. a cold front moved through earlier today bringing rain and peak wind gusts of 47 miles per hour ushering in cooler air. the front has pushed offshore. we have a few showers brushing the coast. that front continues to ease east and as it does, it shifts the winds out of the south today with warm air overnight out of the southwest. in 23eu8d righ philadelphia rig, 64-degrees. we talk about not one but two cold shots and weekend ray in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily.
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winslow township school number one will be closed the rest of the week because of a fire. smoke damage from monday's blaze is so extensive it will take three days to thoroughly clean up. the district expects to reopen monday. >> they cut the ri ribbon to the high end hotel market atop the fmc tower on the west side of the schuylkill river and with her feet on the ground is "action news" reporter annie mccormick. it sounds spectacular. what does it look like? >> i almost jumped in the pool you are about to see in the story. it's a combination of hotel and residences with amenities out of this world. it's a competitive market for buildings like this. the city hopes that means more businesses will come here. >> aka holding the grand opening
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tonight at 9th and walnut in the fmc tower. raising the bar in luxury living with city views from the pool and terrace, even a 3d golf simulator, movie theater and the list goes on. >> it's nice to have amenities of hotels you have been to in your apartment neighborhood. you can eat, dine, sleep, entertain all in one. >> according to the greater philadelphia hotel association, the city is seeing a boone with four opening just this year and 15 in the planning stages. >> we are looking at a 25% increase in our room inventory. we have to make sure we market the city properly and make sure
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positive changes at the convention center stay in play. >> the city is vying for amazon's second headquarters. >> i think amazon will see the investment made. there will be more competition in the city. these good for all philadelphian philadelphians. to come in and build high quality real estate projects like this, that's what we are hoping for. >> residents and hotel guests were let in january 2017. it's the completion of the 28th floor that made for the night's grand opening. the building is complete. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> still to come, the generosity of the tristate area was on
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display after people respond to carson wentz and the young cancer patient nicknamed the dutch destroyer. a south district school district plans a shakeup to help students get more sleep. cecily? >> i'm here. the cold front that moved through today is bringing showers along the coast. they exited. get ready for cooler air and over the weekend, a stronger system. we have details on that in the seven-day forecast. >> target plans to let you return unwanted gifts before they are shipped to you. jamie apody has more on the eagles
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strayer university. >> the story of carson wentz and
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the cancer patient nicknamed the dutch destroyer is going across the country. they have raised a hundred thousand dollars since the story aired the past two days. lucas lost his battle with cancer this summer but not before meeting his football ic icon. the proceeds go to the fight against childhood cancer. the burlington school district will push back the start times for middle school and high schoolers next september delaying opening until 8:00 a.m., 20 minutes later than now. school officials are heeding studies showing that later start times improve performance because students get more sleep. >> members of the delaware
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national guard are deploying to puerto rico to help with the relief effort. the 1,049th transportation company team is expected to be in puerto rico up to 60 days to transport supplies. a will with a emergency disaster funding for puerto rico was on the way to the president's desk after the senate overwhelmingly approved the measure. it provides $36.5 billion. more than half goes to fema, $16 billion to flood insurance. climate change is coasting american taxpayers billions a year and it's only expected to get worse. the accountability office is urging president trump to take corrective action. the report says it's impossible to put an exact dollar figure on
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the impact of climate change in extreme weather events. the country spent $3.5 billion over the last decade on flood and crop insurance losseses. that does not include hurricanes half lehigh valley, irma or maria or the california wildfires. a new movie about senator kennedy made a u.s. debut with the film festival tonight. director john kern was at the event center. in consumer news tonight, target is making it easier to avoid unwanted gifts for the hollandaise. a new feature sends an e-mail receipt to the person when the gift is purchased. the person can decide if they
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want it or change the color or size before it ships. they can also decline and get a gift card instead. some say this turns gift giving into an
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>> so is it finally time to say goodbye to this unseasonably warm weather? >> for the most part. we'll have another day in the 70s saturday. temperatures overall are starting to step down. for the most part. we have a few warm days. we won't have a lot of mild stretches like the past week. this october the warmest on record. the action cam this evening
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after a glorious sunset, bruce newman posted this, over looking philadelphia and the east, cumulus clouds reflecting the color of the sun set nicely. looking ahead, parts of fog over parts of south jersey overnight and not one but two shots of cooler air and looking at another soaking rain over the weekend, likely complicating the eagle game sunday. right now, temperatures down to the normal high, mild, 64 in philadelphia, allentown, 56 and wilmington, 62-degrees. action radar showing we have a few scattered showers lingering off the coast. this continues to push east as we head through the overnight hours, winds shifting out of the northwest. the problem is winds are light
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and with moisture on the ground in south jersey, we have patchy fog developing. trent reporting advisability of a third o of a mile, less than two miles in atlantic city. satellite and radar showing the front slowly pushing east, shifting winds so the commuter forecast tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid 50s. instead of getting to the 70s, we top off mid to upper 60s. the core of the cool air moving in thursday. tomorrow, 67. sunshine early and increasing clouds later in the day. thursday, clouds up, cools down, afternoon high 60 with the possibility of a sprinkle and it feels cooler with the winds. temperatures stepping down, 67
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tomorrow, 60 thursday. then we step up, 65 saturday, comfortably warm, 70. sunday, a strong cold front moving in bringing the potential for a soaking rain. bad timing for heading to the link for the eagle game. behind that, coolest air of the season, 57 monday, and a halloween chill, dry with a high of 59-degrees. >> for the most part? >> saturday, is in the 70s. >> all right. the eagles hosted special visitors of the nova care complex, members of the challenger division stopped by.
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linebacker joe walker took them through football drills like they do in practice. >> you two okay? >> without question. flyers, are they okay? >> not tonight. they have been home two weeks, a total of five goals. tonight they give up six. flyers host the ducks. second period one to forget, anaheim up three goals. that beats brian elliot. second on the powerplay, flyers fall 6-2. they lost ricky nolan patrick to undisclosed injury. eagles lost jason peters and jordan hicks for the season. hicks suffered his achilles
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injury. peters injured his mcl and acl. >> coming up, a lot of phillies fans for chase elliot. wait until you hear
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>> turns out markelle fultz is the perfect fit for the eagles. it's from a shoulder injury where he can barely move his arm. he had a court zone shot early october. what is strange, the sixers continue to play him through it. tonight clayton kershaw struck out 11 astros in seven innings. justin kershaw had the first home run series of his career. dodgers win 3-1. chase utley not in the lineup. the quickest world series game. 103-degrees.
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>> it's not often i show you highlights from a club soccer goal in thailand. tonight i'll do just that. great save but off the cross bar. that's a live ball. a for effort. that cost them the game. did you see what happened there, jim? you look confused. >> i got it. unusual to say the list. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards. for cecily tynan, jamie apody ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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